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In my review of the iPad Pro, I made sure to establish that it wasn’t necessarily a replacement for your Mac. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that it can’t replace your Mac, or that it doesn’t do some things better than a Mac can.

To be honest, the iPad Pro does quite a few things better than my MacBook Pro with Retina display. In this post, I’ll consider 10 reasons why the iPad Pro might be the better computer of the two for your workflow.

No fans

If you do any sort of intensive work on your Mac, then you’re likely intimately familiar with the fan noise that emanates from its aluminum housing. Fan noise is such a problem for me on my MacBook Pro with Retina display, that it slows down my entire workflow as I wait for the machine to cool off between takes.

The iPad Pro, like every iPad before it, uses passive cooling to keep the internals at a safe temperature. Apple already sees the value of this, as evident by the passive cooling solution in its 12″ MacBook, but it may be a while before we see such a strategy in the more beefier pro machines.

Battery life

The iPad Pro gets great battery life, and it’s super-easy to charge. Unlike most Macs, which require a physical connection to a wall outlet, you can easily charge an iPad Pro with one of the many third-party battery packs on the market.

Again, Apple is beginning to change this starting with its experimental 12″ MacBook. Like the iPad, you can use battery packs to recharge with ease via its USB Type-C port.

Cellular connectivity

This is something that no Mac has, which is kind of sad when you think about it. Cellular connectivity means that you’re always connected to the Internet, no matter where you go. Of course, you can always use your phone to tether to your non-cellular iPad or Mac, but nothing is as seamless as the built-in cellular connectivity on an iPad.


Obviously, some of the more power-packed Macs run circles around the A9X processor in the iPad Pro, but the A9X is no slouch. In fact, when it comes to processing power, it bests some of the 2–3 year old MacBook Pro’s, and easily tops the 12“ MacBook released just this year. With the iPad Pro, the line is beginning to come into its own and truly live up to Apple’s ”desktop class” architecture claims.

One sterling example of the power contained in the iPad Pro is seen when editing and exporting 4K video. The iPad Pro can handle three simultaneous 4K streams in iMovie, and can usually export a 4K video in approximately the same amount of time that it takes for me to export 4K video on my 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display.

It’s light and portable

Even though the iPad Pro is large and somewhat heavy when placed next to other models in the lineup, it’s still svelte and sleek when compared to most MacBooks. The iPad Pro is easily portable, which makes continuing your work in another location an effortless endeavor. Outside of the underpowered 12″ MacBook, you’d be hard pressed to find a more portable workhorse in Apple’s lineup than the iPad Pro.

A perfect iPhone companion

It’s something that can’t be overlooked—the iPad is a much better syncing partner with an iPhone than a Mac is. Tons of iPad apps are universal apps that work seamlessly with the iPhone, and sync using iCloud or DropBox. Don’t get me wrong, this is possible with quite a few Mac apps as well, but I don’t feel like you’re afforded the same measure of seamlessness that you get with two devices running the same OS.

For example, I started writing this post in Drafts on my iPhone, and easily picked right up where I left off on iPad, and vice versa. The syncing is so good that it’s almost transparent, and the control schemes and methodologies are all the same since it’s the same app running on the same OS on both devices.

No waiting

With the iPad Pro, there is simply no waiting. When you launch an app, it launches instantly. Under normal circumstances, there’s no need to close apps, and the iPad is always on and ready to go on a whim. It’s the perfect machine for sporadic workflows.

It’s a gaming console

The iPad can transform from a productivity machine into a gaming console in mere seconds. Just pair your favorite Bluetooth controller, and select from a wide variety of games. In fact, the iPad’s gaming catalog far outsizes the Mac’s gaming catalog, so it’s safe to say that you’ll find something that everyone can enjoy.

It does movies and television, too

I’m stating the obvious here, but I don’t think there’s anyone who will deny that the iPad Pro is a better media consumption device than the Mac. There’s Netflix streaming, iTunes movies and television, live streaming television via services like Sling TV, and so much more. There’s a virtual endless amount of entertainment options to be consumed on the iPad Pro, and you can do it all from the comforts of your couch, bed, car, or wherever else you happen to be.


Despite how hard it is to get your hands on an Apple Pencil, it is, without a doubt, the flagship feature for the iPad Pro. I’ve only had about 30 minutes of total hands-on time with the Apple Pencil (mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow), but even from that brief experience, I can vouch for its legitimacy. If you’re a digital artist, then the Pencil should automatically raise the iPad Pro a few notches in your eyes. It’s a method of hardware input that a standalone Mac just can’t compete with.

Not all the way there…yet.

The iPad Pro is the most competent iPad yet. It has the power and performance to do work much more efficiently than any previous model, and most importantly, it has iOS 9, which greatly increases potential productivity.

But the iPad is not an outright Mac replacement for everyone. The Mac can still do quite a few things easier than an iPad can do at this time. The divide is certainly getting smaller, but there remain areas where the iPad can stand to make improvements.

In a follow-up post, I’ll share with you my iPad Pro 2 + iOS 10 wish list, which includes some of the missing features that could improve the device and make it even more competent as a primary computer.

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6 Reasons Why Your Computer Is Running Slow On Windows 10

Home » Tips » 6 Reasons Why Your Computer May Run Slowly on Windows 10

Many of us welcomed Windows 10 when it first entered the scene. We anticipated a product superior to the universally hated Windows 8, and we got it. And while the new iteration of Microsoft’s famed Operating System is a big improvement, it’s not perfect.

From aggressive data collection to forced updates, Windows 10 has rightfully drawn a lot of criticism from both reviewers and ordinary users. Despite its sleek new layout and updated features, it can also suffer from slow performance.

If you’ve turned on your PC only to wait an absurdly long time to load your desktop, or have discovered applications are running slowly, don’t fret. You’re not alone.

I’ve been frustrated on multiple occasions by slow performance, so I’ve compiled a list of several reasons you may be having a slow Windows 10 experience and what you can do about it.

Reason 1: You Have Too Many Startup Programs

Symptoms: Your PC takes a long time to start up and even freezes up during boot.

How to Fix It: To fix this issue, you’ll have to disable some applications that automatically run on startup.

Reason 2: Corrupted Windows System Files

Symptoms: Your PC experiences driver errors, blue or black screens, and other problems that severely impact your daily use.

How to Fix It: The Windows 10 OS gives you two major tools to combat this issue. The first is the Deployment Image Service and Management Tool (DISM). The second is the System File Checker (SFC).


Step 2: Type in dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth in the Window which appears. Hit Enter and DISM will begin finding corrupt files and replace them.


Step 1: Open PowerShell from the Windows search bar. Make sure to run as administrator.

Step 2: Type sfc /scannow and hit enter.

This process will find and replace corrupt files. When it’s done, restart your PC. If corrupt files were the cause of your slow experience, your PC should run a lot more smoothly.

Reason 3: You’re Running Too Many Programs at Once

It may sound too simple to be true, especially if you’re running a powerful computer with a quad or octa-core i7 processor. There’s no way a few extra windows can be slowing down your PC, right? Check the Task Manager to make sure.

Symptoms: Slow browsing. Applications take a long time to start or load. Application screens freeze frequently.

How to Fix It: Use the Task Manager to find applications using too much memory and close them.

Step 1: Type Task Manager in the Windows Search bar and open it.

Also, close any extra tabs on your browser and quit any applications which are running in the background. This will free up RAM and CPU bandwidth so your PC will run faster.

Reason 4: Your Antivirus Software Is Extremely Active

Symptoms: You notice your PC slowing down at random times.

How to Fix It: Your antivirus may be taking up processing power while running a background scan. Change your antivirus settings.

Step 1: Open your antivirus software from the Windows Search bar. For example, I’m using Malwarebytes.

Note: This setting may be different depending on the antivirus software you use.

Step 3: Change the time and date of the scan to your convenience, as well as its frequency, if you’re given the option.

These screenshots demonstrate the process for Malwarebytes, but there are many other antivirus programs out there. However, the procedure for changing scheduled scans is similar to most of them.

Reason 5: Your Hard Drive Is Low on Space

Symptoms: Your PC can run as much as half its normal speed if your hard drive reaches 95% capacity. The lack of storage for temporary files used by programs causes your OS to run improperly.

How to Fix It: Find out what’s taking up the most space on your C Drive and delete or transfer those unnecessary files. You may use a PC cleaner program to speed up the process.

Step 1: Open Storage in Windows Explorer.

Open the subfolder.

A Windows Explorer file will open. Delete the files you don’t need.

Reason 6: PC Power Plan

Symptoms: Your laptop has a decent, even great battery life, but does not perform well when you use a lot of applications or browsers.

How to Fix It: There is a possibility your laptop’s Power Plan is on Battery Saver or Recommended. To maximize performance, you’ll have to change this to the High Performance mode.

Step 1: Type in Power Options in your Windows 10 Search bar. Open Edit Power Plan in the Control Panel.

This will boost your PC performance. As it increases your CPU speed, though, it will drain your battery at a faster rate.

General Solutions

There are times when you have no idea what the cause of your slow computer is. You don’t have too many tabs open in your browser, you have enough space on your disk, your antivirus is working perfectly, and you seem to have done everything correctly — yet for some reason, your PC still runs slowly.

Luckily, Windows 10 has two tools that can help you figure out what’s going on. The first is the Windows Troubleshooter. The second is the Performance Monitor.

Windows TroubleShooter

Step 1: Open the Control Panel through the Windows Search field.

Performance Monitor

Type in perfmon /report in the Windows Search box and hit enter.

The Performance Manager will automatically run a report and diagnose issues that are impacting your PC.

Luckily for you, it will also recommend solutions for each problem found.

Final Words

Using a slow computer is a frustrating experience. Hopefully, the tips provided here will make that an issue of the past. Some of these tips — such as deleting extra files, disabling Startup applications, and running Windows Troubleshooter — can also expose other issues you may not have seen, such as malware.

26 Reasons Why Your Mac Is Running Slow

If you recently noticed that your MacBook or iMac takes longer to start up, or frequently gets that annoying rainbow loading wheel, then your Mac could be running slower than it should be.

Should you care? Of course! A slow computer not only wastes your time, it is also bad for your health.

“So why is my Mac running so slow?” you may be wondering.

I’ve covered 26 possible reasons in this infographic. Each cause is either backed up by industry research, or based on my personal conversations with geeks in Apple Genius Bars.

Personal Habits

1. Uptime Too Long

Two years ago, my mid-2012 MacBook Pro was so slow I couldn’t turn it on (“black screen”). I had to line up at the Apple Genius Bar on Chestnut Street in San Francisco. After handing over the machine to a support geek, the Apple Genius returned it to me ten minutes later with the screen on.

The reason: I hadn’t shut down my Mac for a few weeks! I was too lazy. Every time I finished working, I simply closed the Mac, putting it in sleep mode. This is not good. The truth is even though your Mac is sleeping, the hard drive is still running. While running, processes build up, causing your Mac to slow down, overheat, or even freeze as I experienced.

Lesson learned: shutdown or restart your Mac on a regular basis to clear out defunct processes.

2. Too Many Login Items at Startup

Login items are applications and services that launch automatically every time you start up your Mac. CNET claims that having overloaded login or startup items can both have detrimental effects on boot time.

3. Too Many Applications Open At Once

You open a web browser, play Spotify in the background, and launch a few other applications so you can get your work done. Chances are, your Mac starts to respond slowly.

Why? According to Lou Hattersley, former Editor of MacWorld, if you have multiple programs running, you may find memory (RAM) and CPU space being devoted to applications other than the one you want. When too many applications are competing to use your system resources, your Mac will run slowly.

4. Files and Folders Stored On the Desktop

Fact: an overused Desktop can seriously slow down your Mac! Plus, a cluttered Desktop can make you feel disorganized.

However, for those users who process visually, using an Alias (or shortcut) on your Desktop gives you the icon without the system demands of that file or folder.

5. Too Many Widgets on Dashboard

Mac Dashboard serves as a secondary Desktop for hosting widgets — simple applications that allow you quick access, such as a calculator or weather forecast that you use daily.

But having too many widgets can slow down your computer as well. Just as running multiple applications does, widgets on your Dashboard can take up quite a bit of RAM (source: AppStorm). Try to remove widgets that you don’t often use.


6. Lack of Memory (RAM)

7. Underpowered Processor

A faster processor or one with more processing cores doesn’t always mean better performance. You may need a more powerful processor. Apple doesn’t always allow you to choose the processing power you want. If you use your Mac for heavy tasks, like encoding videos or dealing with 3D modeling, then a less powerful processor can certainly contribute to a lag in Mac’s performance.

8. Failing Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD)

A hard drive failure not only endangers the data you’ve stored on the Mac, it also makes your computer sluggish — or even worse, it won’t work at all. According to Topher Kessler from CNET, if your Mac regularly slows down or crashes, your drive may be on its way out.

Also, this Apple discussion reveals that if there are bad or failing sectors on the drive, which can substantially slow down read speeds.

If you regularly use your Mac for gaming, you may find the overall experience a bit choppy. This is probably because your Mac is equipped with an older GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). PCAdvisor suggests that you consider installing a new, faster GPU.

10. Limited Storage Space

You may have stored many huge video files, along with thousands of photos and music tracks on your Mac computer — many of those can be duplicate and similar files (that’s why I recommend Gemini 2 to clean the duplicates). Nothing slows a Mac more than having too much on a hard drive, according to iMore.

11. Migration between PowerPC and Intel

As a Mac fan, you probably know there are two kinds of Macs based on microprocessors: PowerPC and Intel. Since 2006, all Macs have been built on Intel cores. If you used an older Mac and decided to migrate data from a different mac CPU type, e.g. from PowerPC to Intel or vice versa, and it was done improperly, the result might be a slow Mac. (Credit to Abraham Brody, a Mac tech support geek.)

Third-party Software/Apps

12. Web Browsers Full of Junk Files

Every day you use a web browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, FireFox), you generate junk files such as caches, history, plugins, extensions, etc. With the passage of time, these files can take up a lot of storage space as well as impact the speed of your web browsing.

For example: by cleaning the junk files (together with other two simple tricks), Wall Street Journal columnist – Joanna Stern was able to make her 1.5-year-old MacBook Air run like new.

13. Slow Internet Connection

Sometimes when your web browser is slow to load the pages you want to view, you may blame your Mac. But most of the time you’d be wrong. More often, it’s simply that the Internet connection is too slow.

There’s a variety of reasons why you may be experiencing slow internet speeds. It could be an older router, weak wifi signal, too many other devices connected, etc.

14. Virus

Yes, the OS X operating system is more secure than Windows. But hey, it can get viruses as well. According to ComputerHope, as Apple Macintosh computers gain market share and are used by more people, viruses are becoming more common than they used to be.

Despite Apple OS X having an anti-malware system built in, known as File Quarantine, many attacks have happened — as noted in this Mac user report and this CNN news.

15. Illegal or Unused Third-party Software

There is a lot of bad software out there. If you download applications with unverified developers, or from non-authorized sites, chances are these applications can make your Mac slower by unnecessarily hogging the CPU or RAM.

Also, according to Apple, peer-to-peer file sharing and torrent software can turn your machine into a software server, which will slow down your internet connection.

16. Time Machine Backup in Process

The Time Machine backup is usually a long procedure, especially when it’s first set up. Many users report it could take hours. See this Apple support article for what to do when the backup takes ages.

During the backup process, if you run many other tasks such as an anti-virus scan, or open CPU-heavy applications, your Mac can become bogged down to the point where you can’t use it.

17. Improper iTunes Installation or Setting

This has happened to me before. Every time I connected my iPhone or iPad to my Mac, it started to freeze. It turned out that I’d enabled auto-sync in the iTunes settings. Once I disabled it, the hang-up disappeared.

Besides improper settings, a bad iTunes install — or one that isn’t properly updated for the system — may cause a slowdown as well. Learn more from this Apple support discussion.

Looking for a better alternative to iTunes? Go get AnyTrans (review here).

18. iCloud Sync

Similar to iTunes, Apple iCloud syncing can also decelerate performance. It can also cause several other linked services (email, Photos, FindMyiPhone, etc.) to run slowly. See this example as reported by Parmy Olson from Forbes.

19. Apple Mail Crash

Not long ago, Apple reminded users that Mac Mail might unexpectedly quit when displaying a message that is malformed or damaged. I suffered from this twice: once was right after an OS X upgrade, and the second was after I added a few more mailboxes. In both cases, my Mac seriously hung.

Jonny Evans explains how to rebuild and reindex mailboxes step-by-step in a ComputerWorld post.

macOS System

Every year or so Apple releases a new macOS version (to date, it’s 10.13 High Sierra), and Apple now makes it totally free. One of the reasons why Apple encourages users to upgrade is that the new system tends to run faster overall, though it’s not always the case.

El Capitan features speed improvements from 4x faster PDF rendering to 1.4x faster application launching, according to 9to5mac news. That means if your Mac is running a lower-end OS X, it’s probably not as fast as it could be.

21. Corrupted or Wrong Firmware

Tom Nelson, a Mac expert, says that Apple supplies firmware updates from time to time, and although very few people have any trouble after installing them, problems do crop up now and then.

22. Permission Conflicts or Damage

If the permissions on your Macintosh hard drive are damaged, everything could slow down along with unusual behavior. This kind of problem occurs more often on old PowerPC Macs. To repair such permission errors, use Disk Utility. Learn more from this post, written by Randy Singer.

23. Spotlight Indexing Issues

Spotlight is a great feature that enables you to quickly find and access files in the system. However, every time it indexes data, it can slow down your Mac. The impact is more obvious if your Mac is booted with an HDD than a SSD.

Mac users also report issues with Spotlight indexing forever. Most likely this is due to indexing file corruption. You’ll probably need to rebuild the index. Topher Kessler outlines how to determine when the index needs to be rebuilt.

24. Broken Preferences Files

Preferences files are important because they affect every application you use, as they store the rules that tell each app how it should work. The files are located in the “Library” folder (~/Library/Preferences/).

Based on Melissa Holt’s observation, one common cause for unusual behavior on the Mac is a corrupt preference file, especially if the symptom encountered is a program that won’t open, or one that crashes frequently.

25. Loaded Notifications

Using the Notification Center is a great way to keep yourself on top of everything. But if you have too many notifications enabled, it can also slow your Mac down quite a bit. (source: Apple discussion)

26. Unused System Preference Panes

Any System Preference Panes you no longer use can take up valuable CPU, memory, and disk space, thus taxing your system resources. You can speed up your Mac slightly by removing those unused items. Follow this LifeWire article for a quick guide.

What’s The Story of Your Mac?

The Bees Behind Your Morning Coffee Might Be In Big Trouble

The best coffee grows in the mountains, where it is cool. The plants need low temperatures to thrive, which is why growers often put shade trees in their fields. But the mountains are getting hotter. And the higher you go, the less room there is to grow coffee. This is one reason scientists predict coffee will suffer in a changing climate.

New research suggests the fate of coffee may be worse than previously thought. Earlier projections underestimated the effects of climate change, specifically in Latin America, and failed to consider the consequences for coffee-pollinating bees, according to the study, which appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This is bad news, and not just for coffee lovers. It portends economic disaster for vulnerable farmers whose incomes depend on the crop. Most coffee growers in Latin America are small farmers whose food security relies on cash earned by selling coffee. In countries like Guatemala and Mexico, coffee is an important source of income for indigenous communities.

“Climate change threatens the primary livelihoods of millions of people in vulnerable communities around the world,” said Taylor Ricketts, director of the Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont, and coauthor of the study. “In all, probably 100 million people are involved in its production, most of them rural and poor. So there is more at stake here than the price of a nice espresso in New York or Paris.”

The models also suggest that climate change will drive out multiple species of bees in some places. About 80 percent of growing areas “currently have at least ten [species of bee], and that drops almost in half in our future scenarios,” Ricketts said. Though, he noted that just five species are “likely to be sufficient.” This is the first study to examine the combined effects of both climate and pollination and how they will change under global warming “in ways that will hit coffee producers hard,” Ricketts said.

Coffee production depends on pollination, “so the question is whether we can still count on bees’ contribution,” said Pablo Imbach, an agronomist with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in Hanoi, and the paper’s lead author. “Productivity increases with the number of bee species.” Moreover, bees can offset some of the harmful effects of climate change by boosting coffee productivity, scientists said.

“It’s a David and Goliath situation,” Imbach said. “There is the enormously powerful force of climate change that the world is trying to rein in, but bees — these comparatively tiny creatures — can, in some areas, actually play an important role in limiting the impact of climate change on coffee farms.”

The findings were not all bad. The scientists projected a slight increase in coffee-growing suitability in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica, mainly in mountainous areas where the temperatures are expected to stay cool enough to support both coffee growth and hearty bee populations.

The study emphasized the importance of preserving tropical forests, which are habitats for bees and other pollinators. Many coffee-growing areas are located within a mile of tropical forests, researchers said.

The projected change in the number of bee species across Latin America by 2050 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

“Bees are vital to the integrity of coffee plots,” Imbach said. “Without the services they provide, coffee yields will drop, and this will directly affect the incomes of the smallholder farmers. If there are bees in the coffee plots, they are very efficient and very good at pollinating, so productivity increases and also berry weight.”

To improve coffee growth and bee pollination, the researchers recommended expanding bee habitats near coffee farms. Also, they urged that tropical forests be protected, and suggested more shade trees, weed strips and native plants that provide food and nesting for bees and other pollinators.

“Wild bees are a precious natural resource we should celebrate and protect,” Ricketts said. “If managed with care, they can help us continue to produce billions of dollars in agricultural income and a diversity of nutritious food.” Rickets stressed the importance of protecting pollinators from climate change. The consequences of not doing so could prove disastrous.

“Two-thirds of the most valuable commodities on earth rely on bees and other pollinators to produce well,” Ricketts said. “That’s easily worth tens of billions per year, every year. These crops also contribute essential nutrients to diets around the world. Ongoing declines in pollinators puts all this at risk. Pollinators are the essential and silent heroes of our global food system.”

Marlene Cimons writes for Nexus Media, a syndicated newswire covering climate, energy, policy, art and culture.

This 10 Year Old Girl Would Make A Better Seo Than You

In the video, 10-year-old Zia Terry stares down a K-40 ski jump. It’s very noticeably her first time doing so. Her voice shakes as she hurries a few questions about the jump to her instructor. At one point, her ski begins to slip much to her alarm.

She’s scared, but determined. She gives herself a pep talk.

Seconds later, after saying to herself, “Well, here’s goes something… I guess,” she takes a deep breath, leans forward, and begins barreling down the jump.

5 seconds later she hits the base of the jump, nails the landing, and celebrates her success with a series of hoots and hollers.

In the 1960’s, American psychologist John Atkinson conducted a series of experiments on children, tasking them with reward-based scenarios in an effort to test their motivation. From these experiments, Atkinson realized that the children divided into two groups: those that approached the scenarios with a “need for achievement,” and those that focused on their seemingly inevitable failure. The latter group exhibited an effect he termed the “fear of failure” due to their desire to avoid the public humiliation of failure.

It’s time you start doing the same in your career as an SEO.

A fear of failure plagues a lot of SEO’s today. This fear is so great that it immobilizes them. With the multitude of algorithm updates over the past few years — some of which had devastating effects on the work of white hat SEO’s — the day-to-days of many SEO’s are cast in doubt.

Now What?

It’s not that these SEO’s don’t know what to do, it’s that their fear of getting hit by an algorithm update is holding them back. Removing that doubt and executing campaigns that are motivated by what they know to be best practices is vital. SEO is tough. There’s no denying that fact.

For Zia, overcoming her fear, her idleness, was a matter of “trust yourself, know the plan and go.” Don’t focus on all of the potential negative outcomes that could happen. For SEO’s it’s the same.

Use What Does Work

Develop high value relationships with key bloggers in your industry and provide them something of value which may earn you a mention about your business. Earned links and social shares are exactly what Google — and people — want.

Take your content and make sure it’s in different formats so it can be digested by your audience wherever they live on the web. This could be a compelling blog post that is re-purposed into an infographic, or a video on YouTube that articulates your message and educates your audience on your service. Be noticeable where your audience is active and if you provide valuable information. It will earn you the right to a backlink.

Whatever you do, don’t remain paralyzed. Be like Zia and know that knowledge and trust combined with execution will ensure a successful run when you cross the finish line.

7 Video Game Remakes Better Than The Originals

When a video game gets a remake, this new version is bound to be compared to the original. Much of the time, the original game is still the favorite among fans. However, the whole purpose of a remake is to improve upon the previous game with a more modern take.

As such, there are plenty of video game remakes out there that were successful in this, whether it was for refining gameplay elements, upgrading graphics and visuals, or including additions to the game that made it better overall.

Table of Contents

This list includes games where the remake is better in more ways than one, and the best way to experience the game itself would be to play the remake. This list also spans multiple different consoles, and includes games geared towards adults as well as younger audiences. Here are some of the best video game remakes.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Inevitably, though, graphics and controls were bound to improve, and Ocarina of Time became stuck in the past. Eventually, when Nintendo released their 3DS handhelds, they decided to take one of their best games of all time and remake it for a new generation.

Ocarina of Time got a complete graphics update, as well as smoother controls which made playing the game more fun than frustrating, as the original could be at times. Overall, this remake made a great game even greater, so that it can continue to be remembered for its influence for years to come.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus was an amazing game originally released on the Playstation 2 in 2005. In 2023, the game received a complete reworking of the graphics based off the remaster that was made for the PS3 previously. This new remake was released to the Playstation 4, and along with the updated graphics, the game’s controls were also revamped. Every asset within the new game was changed, but the main gameplay is still the same as the original.

The PS4 version definitely improved upon the original, and it’s the best way to experience this game, with the beautiful art style, graphics, and better controls.

Super Mario 64 DS

There’s no doubt that Super Mario 64 is one of the most influential video games out there. Being the first 3D Mario game, and one of the earliest 3D games in general, it helped define and shape what 3D platformers would look like for years to come.

Eventually, Nintendo decided to remake this ground-breaking game for the DS, one of its most popular handheld systems. The results were fantastic, as the game simply enhanced what made the original so great. The controls were much smoother, and the graphics updated.

Some additions were also made, such as allowing you to play as Yoshi, Luigi, or Wario instead of just Mario.Nintendo also added a wireless multiplayer mode, new mini-games, and expanded on the story mode with new missions and bosses.

Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy series is a well-known RPG franchise, and it’s arguably Final Fantasy VII that really made the series take off. At the time of its release, it received plenty of praise for its gameplay, plotline, and music, and became one of the most popular Playstation games. Many remember it as one of the best games in history.

However, over time, the game has definitely become dated and a remake that was up to modern standards was a dream for many fans. In 2023, Square Enix did just that and delivered a phenomenal Final Fantasy VII remake. They stayed faithful to the source material, while redesigning characters and settings from the ground up. The game was released for the PS4 and was one of the fastest-selling games for the console.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Pokemon Gold and Silver were a fan favorite when they first came out, introducing the Johto region to players. The games were released for the Gameboy Color in 1999, and eventually became the third best selling entries into the series. Nintendo had already made a foray into remaking Pokemon games with FireRed and LeafGreen, and upon Gold and Silver’s 10th anniversary decided to remake these games as well.

This culminated in the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver in 2009 for the DS. These remakes were faithful to the original games, but updated the graphics for the newer handheld and added some gameplay features that were previously included in Pokemon Crystal. These remakes were highly praised and remain one of the best games in the franchise.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 was a horror game originally developed for the Playstation and was a pioneer of the survival horror genre. At the time of its release, it received lots of praise for its gameplay and design. Eventually, it was also ported to the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Windows, and GameCube.

Long after its first release, which has since garnered many fans of the franchise, Capcom went on to create a remake of the game for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows in 2023. It also became available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.

There were some big changes to the game in this remake of the original, such as switching the camera angle to third-person. Different difficulties were also added, each of which changes how the game is experienced. The graphics also got a massive overhaul. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the game or have never picked it up, the Resident Evil 2 remake is definitely worth playing.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

The Spyro games were an iconic series for the Playstation 2. The first three, which were later remade in Spyro Reignited, were Spyro the Dragon in 1998, Ripto’s Rage! in 1999, and Year of the Dragon in 2000. In 2023, developers Toys for Bob created a remake of all three games on one disc, and released it for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In 2023 it was also released for Windows and the Nintendo Switch.

Spyro Reignited includes a complete transformation of the graphics, while still sticking as close as possible to the original designs. All the level designs and settings are the same. The music and voice acting was entirely rerecorded to better the quality. Also, features that were added on in only a couple of the games were set to be standard across them all. Whether or not you’ve played these classic games before, Spyro Reignited is worth giving a try.

Experience New and Improved Favorites

The reason most of these games compare better to their original counterparts is due mainly to technical upgrades, like controls or graphics. The core gameplay and plotlines tend to stay the same, since those basic aspects are what make these games so great in the first place.

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