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The iPad has proven to be an all-around package that can pretty much do anything. Furthermore, the iPad has been added with a ton of new iPadOS 15 features that have amped up its arsenal. One of the things many owners use the iPad for is drawing and sketching. You could be an artist who is looking to put their passion and Apple Pencil to good use or maybe someone who is just starting out in this world. In any case, we have created a handy list of the best drawing apps for iPad you can use for your creative journey. Draw away!

Best Drawing Apps for iPad

This list not only contains the top-rated paid drawing apps for iPad but some amazing free ones. Use the table below to navigate to the app that draws your attention and read about it.

1. Procreate

Definitely one of the best drawing apps for the iPad out there, Procreate proves to be a complete package for artists who love to draw and manipulate their works in every which way. This crisply designed app is very straightforward in its purpose and provides ample canvas options and pre-made designs to jog your creativity and show you just what Procreate can achieve.

The built-in set of tools is very expansive and you get over 130 brushes to choose from, each of which has customizable perks. You can even customize your Apple Pencil‘s properties including size, bleed, smoothing, and even tilt. For artists who want to take their creativity to the next level, do check out Procreate.

Get Procreate

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

While there are newer options that have been made available by Adobe, Illustrator Draw remains a solid choice for users looking for drawing apps on iPad. This handy drawing app has a list of different formats to choose from including premade ones for the iPad in portrait and landscape mode.

Illustrator Draw’s design while a bit more simplistic fulfills its purpose nicely and the app even gives a quick 30-second intro before you start using it. There is multi-layer support that you can create quickly, customizable brushes that you can use to draw, and even a neat time-lapse feature that creates a time-lapse once you’ve been drawing for long enough. Furthermore, you can also send your designs that go up to 8K directly to Behance with the provided integration. For artists already in the Adobe ecosystem and looking for a new drawing app, check this out.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

3. Linea Sketch

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, Linea Sketch is a drawing app for iPad that provides both while still being fitting to give a good sketching and drawing experience. Much like Adobe Draw, Linea comes with a no-nonsense design that puts the tools on right and a color palette on the left. There is a pre-set of 5 layers that users can draw on.

The selection of tools is good with options to adjust stroke size provided right beside the tool. A handy thing Linea Sketch possesses is Color Sets. These sets range from a selection that contains Vivid and Dark Hues to App Design colors and warm/neutral grays. Artists can even create their own custom palette by combining their everyday colors. Moreover, you can flip your canvas horizontally or vertically and even lock it in place if you desire. Check out Linea Sketch for a simple and good drawing app for iPad.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Get Linea Sketch

4. Adobe Fresco

Furthermore, you can even import your work to other software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to give those touch-ups if needed. Adobe Fresco has a good mix of various tools including the pixel and vector brushes, smudge tool, and even shapes you can quickly insert. You can even insert text boxes and choose the font style and size accordingly. If an artist looking for a drawing app that works efficiently across platforms, give Adobe Fresco a shot.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Get Adobe Fresco

5. Affinity Designer

This iPad drawing app is a port of the famous desktop version that is used by a multitude of artists to create logos and designs among much more. Although a tad expensive, Affinity Designer for iPad lives up to the same professional mindset it has been designed for. The app features a wide toolkit that has over 100 brushes along with canvases that support up to 120fps of scaling.

Price: $19.99

Get Affinity Designer 

6. Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is a good example of a combination of excellent drawing tools, user-friendly design, and good integration. The insta launching app has over 190 brushes across its toolkit that range from legacy brushes all the way to designer and fine art. The app’s design is packed with swift animations.

You can seamlessly switch between tools, design, and layer editor with the tap of a button. Moreover, the addition of other tools such as a Ruler, Guides, and Symmetry add more power to Autodesk Sketchbook. Once you’re done with your drawing and sketching, you can easily store it onto Dropbox which is directly integrated. For Adobe users looking to import in their Photoshop files, Autodesk Sketchbook does that too. Give it a try.

Get Autodesk Sketchbook

7. Concepts

Geared not towards just drawing but also ideation and notetaking, Concepts is a drawing app for iPad that revolves around flexibility. Concepts is infinite in nature thereby meaning that you get an infinite canvas upon which you can create infinite layers and even if you mess up, you can undo infinite times.

The second part of flexibility comes in adjustability as you can adjust various shortcuts and tools around the app to fit your own workflow. We especially liked that the app asked if the user is Left or Right handed for accessibility.  However, be aware that the free version of the app gives users 16 brushes and 5 layers but thankfully your canvas is still infinite. The payment plans for Concept are quite affordable and there’s even a free 3-day trial you can take. Made for professionals and casual users alike, Concepts just might be what you are looking for. Take the trial and find out.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

8. Astropad Standard

You may be confused about why Astropad Standard is priced so high, but there’s a good reason for it. While you might believe Astropad to be just another drawing app for iPad, this does something else. Astropad Standard turns your iPad into a drawing tab for Mac itself. Using this app will allow you to use your iPad to seamlessly draw on it like a Wacom tablet while your results are being displayed on your Mac.

This way you can combine image editing on your Mac and drawing on your iPad without shelling out twice as much for a graphic tablet. Astropad Standard uses Apple Pencil to its full potential and helps artists draw directly onto apps like PhotoShop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and more. So if you’ve always looked for a unique app such as this, here you go.

Price: $29.99

Get Astropad Standard

9. Tayasui Sketches School

Besides having plenty of tools (20) and quick navigation to settings, Tayasui School has a whole set of learning lesson videos that teach the young ones how to draw while entertaining them at the same time. Sketches can be divided into various folders with colorful covers. The drawing area of the app has a bold design so children can find their way around easily and draw to their heart’s content. However, don’t be deterred if you think it’s just a children’s app. Use Tayasui School as free playing ground and let your creativity loose.

Price: Free

Get Tayasui Sketches School

10. Comic Draw

Do you only dabble in drawing comics on your iPad and have been looking for a suitable app? Well, you’re in luck as Comic Draw is based on just that. This iPad drawing app is solely focused on providing artists who draw comics a platform to unleash their creativity. While paid, Comic Draw comes with a 14-day trial that you can use to get started with your comic drawing journey. The app features a Quickstart guide and another comic that proves to be a nice reference point.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Get Comic Draw

11. ShadowDraw: Learn How to Draw

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw but never quite knew how to begin, now you will. ShadowDraw is based on the exact idea of teaching users how to draw from scratch while giving them ample room to make all kinds of mistakes. Think of the app as a digital tracing paper. Similarly, the Shadowdraw guides users through pre-recorded drawings that emerge step by step.

The user draws on top of those pre-set strokes and before they know it, they have a full-fledged drawing of a cat. Besides the free collection that features a mix of historical figures, animals, and education, there are paid courses that will have you draw Spartan warriors, the Neuschwanstein Castle among much more. The app, however, begins at the very basics and teaches important elements like shading, drawing in a single line, and step-by-step creation. ShadowDraw is a must download drawing app for iPad for potential artists.

Get ShadowDraw

12. Paper by We Transfer

Paper is another simplistic drawing app for the iPad that contains some neat functions. The app divides various sketches into journals that fall onto the iPad’s screen with a swift animation. The design of the app is a nice combination of childlike elements and professional design. The toolkit of Paper is decent with tools like Pencil, pen, and eraser provided among others.

However, a feature we loved is the two-tap rewind feature that lets users erase all their mistakes by tapping and then rotating their fingers counter-clockwise. To acquaint new users, Paper provides an interactive journal full of small videos that differ on every page. You can even buy Paper Pro and unlock even more features. For the casual artist who likes to draw without overcomplicating, Paper by We Transfer is a good drawing app for the iPad.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

13. Assembly: Graphic Design and Art

Do you love creating detailed drawings out of vector shapes and icons? Then Assembly is the right app for you. This drawing app for iPad combines a host of stickers, shapes, texts, and styles to give users the freedom to create illustrations of their own accord.

Much like its name, Assembly is based around shape navigation and lets users even create and customize shapes according to their needs to create the type of art they want. You can also opt for Assembly Pro which provides you with greater functionality like PDF export, custom fonts, and over 1,000+ design shapes to choose from. So if you want to create a design, consider Assembly from this list.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Get Assembly

14. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Get Photoshop Sketch

15. Art Set 4

Art Set 4 comes from a line of Art Set apps and the latest iteration boasts even a greater set of ultra-realistic tools and animations along with as the company puts it, “as calm and easy to use as possible.” True to words, Art Set’s design is super clean and organized. The various tools included in the app feel very vivid to use on paper and range from Oil pastels, oil paints, watercolors to biro pens, wax crayons, and more.

Among the tools, there are also various types of canvasses one can use as a backdrop to draw on and vary in nature. The color palette in Art Set 4 is also massive as the selection of color pencils is large. Moreover, this drawing app for iPad has a list of editing options and adjustments that will come in handy to manipulate your work. If you’re an artist looking for ultra-real drawing software to work on, give Art Set 4 a try.

Get Art Set 4

16. iPastels

Wrapping up the list with another lifelike drawing app for iPad, iPastels is focused more on painting and caters to professionals and newcomers alike. The app’s design is a bit reminiscent of the old painting tools you might have used sometime. Some users might find it dated but we like it. iPastels like the name has lifelike pastel simulation and it applies to the various pastels whether they are oil pastels or soft pastels.

The same also applies to the various canvases that are provided with the app. The app also has pressure sensitivity so your stroke size will directly respond to how much pressure your finger or pencil is putting on the screen. Furthermore, iPastels has been developed entirely using Apple own’s Swift programming language. Check out iPastels for a competitor to Art Set 4.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Use these Best Drawing Apps for iPad

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How To Manage Your Notifications On Your Ipad – Ipados 16

Even though your notifications can get it of control, you still need them, or you will miss out on essential things. There are many devices where you’ll need to control your notifications, and the iPad is one of them. The iPad offers you various useful options for managing your notifications. You can change how you get them and what you don’t get notifications for. If you ever change your mind, you can make the necessary changes by returning to Settings. That way, you add your personal touch to your notifications.

How to Access Your Notifications on iPad

To start managing your notifications, you’ll need to know the steps to get to that section. Tap on the Settings app and swipe down the options on your left until you receive notifications. Tap on it, and you’ll see various options you can change to help you manage your notifications only on your iPad. The first option you will come across is the Scheduled Summary option. If you still need to set this up, your iPad should show you a summary of what it does when you first access it. It summarizes your non-important notifications at the time you specify. You choose two different times of the day. For example, you can get one first thing in the morning and when you finish working.

Suppose you want to see as much information as possible about your notifications. In that case, you can also edit how much information you can see. You can choose from options such as:


When Unlocked


If you’re open to suggestions, you’ll also see a suggestion for Siri to suggest notifications for specific apps. Not to worry about getting notifications for apps you don’tdon’t need since you can toggle on which apps you want to get notifications for. You can toggle on the Time Sensitive Notifications for the more important notifications. They will stay on your Lock Screen for an hour, so you remember them.

How You Get Your Notifications

It may be a short list of options, but at least you don’t only have one to choose from. There are three options to choose from getting them on your Lock Screen, notifications center, and as a banner. You can have the banner be temporary or permanent. The notification options continue by having them appear as badges, and you can also disable the sound for the notifications. Having a preview of your notifications is very useful. Still, they can be annoying if you get them at the wrong time. That’s why, under the show previews option, you can have the notifications always appear, never, or only on your lock screen. By default, your iPad will have this option set in always.

So you never miss out on a specific notification, you can choose how your notifications are organized. You can choose from options such as automatic, by app, or turn it off. If there are other options you’re looking for that, you don’t see on your iPad; you’ll see an option at the bottom where you can access the settings for a specific app. Hopefully, you’ll find the notification you’re looking for when you open the app’sapp’s settings.

Further Reading

If you’re still in the mood to continue reading about iPad, why not read when it’s time to upgrade your iPad? There are also various apps you can install on your iPad. For example, here are some wellness apps you can try to get rid of that stress. And since every usually needs to get various things done at the same time, here are some multitasking tips as well.


10 Best Period Tracker Apps For Iphone And Ipad

1. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker  – Editor’s Choice

Clue is one of the most well-known period tracker apps out there. It gives you ovulation, period, and PMS predictions along with over 30 different tracking options to determine how your cycle affects your energy levels, mood, craving, and skin.

Its Analysis Tab provides a detailed analysis of your period length, typical cycle length, and its variation, so you’d know when something is amiss and when you’re likely to ovulate.

Clue doubles as an ovulation tracker app that helps you track your ovulation and fertility data like basal body temperature (BBT), cervical fluid, and ovulation tests to make your fertility predictions more accurate if you’re planning to get pregnant.

gives period, ovulation, and PMS predictions for your next three cycles

comes with curated educational articles and menstrual health topics

exports data to the Health app


Gives period, ovulation, and PMS predictions for your next three cycles

Comes with curated educational articles and menstrual health topics

Exports data to the Health app


FDA-approved birth control contraceptives and in-depth analysis of cycle patterns are only available in the paid version called Clue Plus

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


2. Flo – Best for personalized data

It’s also a fertility tracker, giving you information about your fertile window and peak ovulation days. Flo also helps you track over 70 symptoms and activities to provide the most accurate AI-based overview of your body patterns and monitor changes across your cycle.

Flo has an ovulation calendar that tells you your most fertile days and gives tailored insights to help you with your personal journey to motherhood.


Comes with Secret Chat, a digital environment that allows you to discuss with other Flo users a variety of topics anonymously

Exports your data to the Health app

Affordable in-app purchase for Flo Ovulation & Health tracker


Limited features are accessible on the free version

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $7.98)


3. Cycles – Best for tracking with a partner

Cycles is a period and fertility tracker with a simple and clean yet intuitive design, giving you everything you need to know about your period. It allows you to track everything—including when you had protected and unprotected sex, to provide you with tailored predictions about upcoming changes to your body.

It is the first app to introduce partner connect, a feature that allows you to share your cycle with your partner to keep them in the loop of your cycle to make it easier to plan vacations and intimate moments around your cycle.


Comes with Partner Connect

Gives predictions on your mood and body based on where you are currently in your cycle


Insights, Partner Connect, and Forecasts are only accessible in Cycles Premium

Price: $2.99


4. Glow – Best for flexible tracking

Unlike all the other apps designed to be an all-in-one app for reproductive health, Glow is one in the family of four apps. Glow allows you to plan better by tracking your cycle with its ovulation calculator.

Like Flow and some other apps, it allows you to choose a goal from getting pregnant, tracking an existing pregnancy, or tracking your cycle. 

While Glow covers a lot of symptoms and health signals, there are also other apps that every woman must have that are not covered by Glow and other period tracker apps.


Gives you a forecast of your chance or risk of getting pregnant


Cycle patterns are limited

Only basic insights and a BBT chart is available on the free version

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $15.99)


5. Apple Health – Best for customization

If you’re an iPhone user, you don’t have to go too far. Your iPhone’s Apple Heath is built with its own menstrual cycle tracking with Cycles Tracking.

The feature allows you to customize what you what to be tracked by making you select through a list of symptoms. Along with the symptoms, you can choose other factors that you want to log, including:



Cervical mucus quality

ovulation test results

sexual activity

Apple Health has a lot more features in store for you. Read our guide on how to use Apple Health on your iPhone for more information.


Takes into consideration Pregnancy, Lactating, and Using Contraceptives as factors that can affect the timing and length of your cycle


Price: Free


6. Eve – Best for easy symptom tracking

Eve is a savvy period tracker with bright, colorful icons for your symptoms, mood, and other logs for a quick and easy way to track your period and menstrual patterns.

It is compatible with the Health app, which allows you to use your tracked Sleep, Steps, Walking+Running, Height, Weight, and menstrual data for a more holistic recording of your overall menstrual health. 

Eve also has a thriving community, allowing you to learn, ask questions, and make friends. 


Supportive community

Quick, easy, and intuitive health log


Comparative Insights, Premium Content, and Private Messaging are hidden behind the paywall

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $29.99)


7: Fertility Friend – Best for fertility tracking


Does all the calculations for you

Gives daily suggestions and insights, and predictions based on your input


Data and charts can feel overwhelming

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $9.99)

8. Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker – Best for quick glance data

Ovia is similar to the other fertility and ovulation apps in this list, except that it gives you a neat dashboard containing stats and data about your fertility score, menstrual phase, days until fertile window, and days until your next pregnancy test.

Aside from allowing you to track different fertility data, it also gives you daily TTC tips, health summaries and statistics, and real-time health alerts based on the symptoms you log. 


Available through health plans

Allows you to sync and export your data with your partner

Available on-demand health coaching services


Many great features are only accessible through paid subscription

Price: Free (Subscription available)


9. Natural Cycles – Best for pregnancy prevention

Natural Cycles is another FDA-certified and HSA, and FSA-eligible tool that checks your BBP to determine if you are fertile or not. The NC Plan in pregnancy mode learns the unique pattern of your cycle to give you personalized insights about your fertile days.  


Marked by FDA and CE as a medical device


Does not record mucus or other cervical symptoms

Users do not receive significant information about their BBT readings

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $12.99)


10. Life – Period tracker calendar

Life Period Tracker lets you track your period and track health trackers like weight, sex, nutrition, fitness, medication, and more! You can also access the app to write in your personal diary, capturing salient details that cannot be measured or tracked.

You can use the app to remind you of your birth control, regardless of the method (pill, ring, patch), late period, and fertility. Like Apple’s own Tag feature, the app has a Tag feature that allows you to create your custom tags and filter your content using it.


Innovative calendar that allows you to track symptoms and periods in calendar view


Most features, like trackers, reminders, and customization, are available behind the paywall

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $2.99)

How’s your journey?

Menstruation is a complex bodily process that affects every woman’s body differently. This makes tracking ovulation and fertility tiring and discouraging for people trying to conceive.

Modern technologies like apps can make your journey a little easier and adds a ray of hope and excitement to the process. Are you using a period tracker or a fertility or ovulation tracker we didn’t list here? What is it, and what sets it apart from the rest? Share it down below!

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Rachel loves anything Apple —from iPhones, to Apple Watches, to MacBooks. She is also a medical writer and a ghostwriter for various publications.

Best Ar Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Augmented Reality, a.k.a. AR, is often quoted as the next big thing. Thanks to this technology, iOS device owners can bridge the gap between their Reality and imagination. If you like to explore AR, you will surely love and enjoy this list of the best AR apps for the iPhone and iPad. Using the power of AR, these apps overlay virtual items onto the world around us in a fun, creative, helpful, and compelling way. From measuring things, creating 3D models, or place an animated GIF around your place, they are primed to augment your real world.

The world’s most popular navigation app, “Google Maps,” has jumped on the AR train as well. Dubbed as Live View, you can use Google Maps AR mode to navigate to your preferred navigation by adding virtual signs and directional arrows.

However, the feature is still in its beta phase and only available for limited locations that support Street View. So, if Live View is available at your end, it worth a try. Looking at Google’s track record and the possibilities of the technology, I do have high hoped for the feature.

2. Google Translate

On the risk of sounding like a Google geek (I don’t mind), I also nominate Google Translate. AR integration has made the app even more useful and user-friendly.

Just snap a photo of the text you don’t understand, and the app will translate the text in the picture in real-time. What’s more, if you have downloaded a specific language pack, the conversion can happen offline as well!!

Whether you are traveling or living in a new place, this app can surely give you a hand to resolve your language-related pickle.

3. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather had already been one of my favorite weather apps. But with the introduction of an AR user interface, it’s become a certainty on my device. With this app, you have quickly access current, hourly, and daily forecasts.



 – 2D/3D floor plans

Looking for a better app to let you create the floor plan more comfortably? You can’t get better than magicplan. Using this app, you will quickly create job estimates, plan DIY projects, view your space in 3D, and even furnish your home to your best liking.

By adding photos, objects, taxes, product price lists, and annotations, you can give the desired look to your project. It allows you to convert your favorite project in several file formats including PDF, JPG, DXF, PNG, SVG, and CSV.

Even better, you will view them in 3D and also share them with your friends.

5. GIPHY World: AR GIF Stickers

GIPHY World has brought GIFs and stickers into your real life too! This AR app allows you to add the animated GIFs around you; this feature allows you to record the video of your creation and blast it on social networking sites.

6. TapMeasure – AR utility

TAPMEASURE is designed to be a handy spatial utility app which anyone will find very useful. However, it can be one of the must-haves for interior designers, architects, contractors, real estate agents, appraisers and others.

What makes this app stand out is the ability to let you create quick, nearly accurate 3D models and measurements. It accurately detects rectangular objects such as doors, windows, artwork, and then quickly add them to your model.

Another notable feature of this app is that it automatically keeps picture frames and artwork perfectly leveled. Even better, it lets you export 3D models of rooms as SKP files.

If you are after an AR personal planetarium, look no further than “Night Sky”. The app works effectively in helping you identify stars, planets, satellites, and constellations just by holding your iOS device and Apple Watch to the sky.

Boasting more than 60 million stars and the 8X high resolution for light spectrum textures, Night Sky is a treat for those who dream to travel to the sky and explore it. Not to mention, it’s also got really cool sunrise/sunset effects and the daylight mode which adds some fun elements into the whole affair.

8. Holo

The one word that can ideally describe Holo is “Hilarious!” This app allows you to add a hologram of animals and people into your world. It lets you resize, rotate, and even move holograms so that you can place them flawlessly.

You will be able to walk around the character very much like the way you do in the real world. That’s not all; you can also capture the photo and video of it to share with your friends.

9.Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk employs AR to develop a powerful remote guidance app. It used live video, audio, and real-time AR to connect two people. In some way, it’s like making a FaceTime or any other video call.

But you can mark or draw arrows at the real-world objects you both are looking at through the camera. These markings can be seen by both parties involved.

Imagine an expert is instructing a field technician what and how to do specific steps via annotations on the live camera feed. What’s more, the chalk marks accurately stick to the object, even when the camera is shaking or moves around.

10. LEO AR

This one looks primed for shutterbugs. Yeah, you heard it right! Probably the best part about this app is the ability to create a fun-loving augmented reality video by selecting from a variety of interesting objects.

Not just that, the app also allows mirroring of other scenes to make the surroundings more beautiful. With the special effects like money falling and balloons flying at the disposal, it ensures you have the needed ammunition to add the x-factor to your story.

And just in case you are fond of exploring cool videos, you can explore a ton of clips shared by other users. Moreover, you also get the option to share your favorite content on social networking platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

What’s Your Favorite?

Rest assured, I will keep on adding more exciting apps to this list so that you can quickly pick a stunner for your iOS device.

You might want to scroll through these posts as well:

Author Profile


Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Best Musicians Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

While writing the lyric of a song, you get stuck thinking about what could be the perfect phrase to express a specific emotion. Even after spending hours, you fail to touch the chords of those elusive feelings. Likewise, you wish to rock out the entire band but don’t get the desired inspiration to perform in the top-gear. Whether you are a seasoned artist or the one who aspires to be the next-gen king of pop, you must have the luxury of the best iPad and iPhone apps for musicians to help you break the shackles with the touch of innovative ideas.

1. Yousician

Yousician is what you should pick to learn piano, guitar, bass or ukulele in a fun way. The app keeps an eye on how and what you play and offers valuable inputs to improve both your timing and accuracy.

Designed by expert music teachers, the curriculum can be enormously helpful for musicians of all levels. So whether you are novice or pro, you will find this app spot on.

You can watch step-by-step video tutorials to learn how to play perfectly. Even better, you have more than 1,500 missions and exercises that will not just offer better practice but also keep you motivated to put your best foot forward.

Price: Free


2. PlayScore 2

Playscore 2 is a full notation music recognition app that’s a great addition to every singer’s toolkit. Just use your iPhone or iPad to take a picture of a music score or sheet music, and the app will play it back for you. You can even import music from PDF files.

There’s a lot that musicians can do with this app. For instance, you could create backing tracks by silencing the instrumental parts that you want to play. Or, you can create rehearsal parts for different voices in a vocal arrangement. 

What’s more? It offers plenty of features and flexibility, such as the ability to loop sections of a track, change the tempo without affecting the pitch, and adjust volume, instrument, and transposition for each staff.

Moreover, you can create custom score documents that anyone can play using the free Playscore 2 player. This makes it easy to collaborate and rehearse with others on a song.

You can even export any score as MIDI and MusicXML. This makes it a handy tool for visually impaired musicians to import the file into a Braille music transcription app.

The user interface is relatively straightforward, and the app is easy to use. The free version lets you play and interact with PlayScore playable scores, listen to your part on its own, play music n 1 or 2 staves from a photo, and create and share single-page playable documents.

For full functionality, you can go for PlayScore’s Productivity or Professional subscriptions.


3. forScore

A digital sheet music reader as impressive as forScore deserves to be on your radar. You can fully customize it to use as a smart file digital sheet music library. Use the app to create links to take control of repeats effortlessly. Play along to an audio track to ensure you stay in sync.

You will also be able to use the half-page turns to view the bottom half of the current page and the top half of the next one simultaneously. Furthermore, you can connect to cloud storage services like Dropbox to quickly import or export files. This App is compatible with iPad only.

Price: $9.99


4. Tempo

I have always rated Tempo very highly as a metronome app. It continues to run even in the lock mode, thereby being a very useful aid for live drumming. Tempo features 35 different time signatures such as compound and complex meters. You have six rhythm patterns for simple meters and three for compound meters.

You can ideally personalize accents or turn beats off to make complex rhythms. Depending on your requirement, you will also be able to control setlists, tempo, and playback with AirTurn, iRig BlueBoard, PageFlip Cicada, etc. That’s not all; it has pitch pipe to let you elegantly play all 12 chromatic pitches.

Price: $2.99


5. Cleartune

Get the most out of this chromatic instrument tuner and the pitch pipe to perfectly tune your instrument with the help of top-quality microphone of your iOS device! Cleartune is a fine tuner that features “note wheel” interface to let you effortlessly find your pitch.

There is also a highly responsive fine-tuning meter to let you discover an awesome tune. It has the support for multiple custom temperaments, transposition, notations like solfège, and adjustable calibration.

You can use Cleartune to tune an acoustic or electric guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, tympani and more. And yes, don’t fail to check out the built-in temperament for violin instruments.

Price: $3.99


6. Music Studio

Packed in with a piano keyboard, 123 studio-quality instruments with sustain, a 127-track sequencer, extensive note editing, reverb, it ensures you have all the tools required to compose great music. Oh yes, there are also ten real-time effects add the x-factor to your music.

It has categories like symphonic, classical, band, electronic, world, drum kits to ensure your experiment has more freedom. Better still, you can record up to 24 channels at one go with CoreAudio (class compliant) hardware.

Price: $14.99


8. Hokusai Audio Editor

Hokusai has long been a great multi-track audio editor. If you wish to edit your music with ease, you shouldn’t look beyond this one. You can quickly record or import a track to edit it nicely. Trim the unwanted parts, cut, copy, paste or delete the songs you don’t want anymore.

Use the app to edit multiple tracks side-by-side and mix them to create magic. Besides, you have a suite of tools like fade in/out, normalize volume levels, reverse time, and basic synthesis to give your music the needed flair to win hearts.

If you ever feel constrained, you can upgrade the app to unlock more powerful features like new tools and effects.

Price: Free


9. GuitarTuna

GuitarTuna boasts more than 100 tunings for 15 musical instruments. Perhaps, for this reason, this app has been downloaded over 80 million times. Its speed and accuracy are also instrumental in making this app such a huge success.

When you pluck the strings of your guitar, Tuna detects the sound using your iPhone or iPad’s microphone. The app gives you visual feedback of your tuning. While creating music, the app cancels background noise with its noise cancellation technology.

Price: Free


10. ThumbJam

Lashed with 40 real top-quality instruments, ThumbJam can get the best out of you. With the availability of a great many scales, you have the liberty to play in any style– from the evergreen classic to the scintillating rock. Making the most tilt and shake, ThumbJam adds vibrato, tremolo, and note bends to deliver the praiseworthy outcome.

ThumbJam for iPad offers eleven simultaneous touches and up to 32 voice polyphony (iPhone five). The delay and stereo reverb bring in more depth to the sound, whereas the resonant lowpass filter further enriches the sound quality. That aside, you also have a large variety of scales to try out.

Price: $8.99


11. GuitarToolkit

Here comes an adorable app for the guitarist! GuitarToolkit is loaded with several guitar tools including tuner, metronome, chords, scales & arpeggios so that you have the maximum flexibility to create the mesmerizing tune.

Price: $2.99


12. Songwriter Pad

Songwriter Pad is a pretty good lyric writing tool. Apart from letting you write your lyrics and record your ideas, it boasts a number of highly user-friendly features to inspire your writing.

Make the most of Idea tool to let you artistically express your emotions. There is also a rhyming dictionary to help you find the perfect rhyme. Simply input your word, and the app will offer many good suggestions. Use chord notation to insert chords within your lyric easily.

Moreover, you can sync your entire lyrics and audio files to Dropbox to keep them secure and accessible from across the devices. This app is compatible with iPhone only.

Price: $5.99


That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

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Best Funny Weather Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

iPhone weather apps are something, you will check twice or thrice a day, but every time you see the app’s same dull interface. There are only numbers and forecasts for the day/week. To make weather predictions spicy, We’ve gathered some of the best funny weather apps for iPhone and iPad. Since the weather has lost its place in casual conversations, adding spice to its virtual avatar will encourage more people to talk about it. Weather apps listed here are hilariously funny as there are humor and sarcasm in them.

1. CARROT Weather

This award-winning app gives you an accurate and detailed weather report on your iPhone or iPad. To describe unpredictable weather, CARROT Weather uses dialogues, characters, and scenery change. Such a dynamic interface makes people wait for a blizzard or torrential showers to see how the app describes it.

If you go for a premium membership, the weather app sends severe weather alerts and daily summary notifications. Do you have an Apple Watch? You can get warnings about incoming precipitation.

2. Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather

Get the grumpiest forecast ever! This app gives you hourly weather information on your iOS device. Also get a seven-day weather forecast, which is presented on the animated radar. Know the weather in every corner of the world.

Tell your friends you are using a funny weather app; share weather forecast with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

3. What The Forecast?!!

Weather can be pleasant and unpleasant, so is your language to describe it. What The Forecast?!! not only offers you accurate predictions but gives you several offensive phrases to narrate the nasty weather. Turn on the profanity feature and use obnoxious phrases.

This perfect weather app provides the latest weather saying in different voices. Get weather alerts from NOAA for ten days and 48 hours.

4. HumorCast – Hilarious Weather

A weather report filled with humor! This is the beauty of HumorCast, which helps you start your day on the right foot. If you are pissed of the bad weather, you can use HumorCast’s rich library of 1000s of phrases to describe terrible weather.

This app boasts a state-of-the-art weather engine, which also includes NOAA. The entire technology is wrapped up in a lucid interface. You can use beautiful backgrounds created by world-renowned photographers.

Nearly four thousand rating vouch for the popularity of Weather Up. Open a window to current weather conditions in your locality and be ready to face the day ahead. The app gives you hourly and 10-day forecast. There are different icons for weather forecasts, but all icons are understandable to all users.

Instead of sending you unnecessary notifications, Weather Up shows you what you want to see. It is simple, powerful, and beautiful. There are in-app purchases, and you can subscribe for monthly and yearly subscriptions.

6. Weather Duck

Kids love to see how weather duck tells about climate changes in a day or week. Before you leave home, you must know what to wear – a T-shirt or a raincoat. You are always prepared to face the vagaries of nature when Weather Duck is on your iOS device.

The visual guide of this app interests the child of all ages. Next time when you go out, you know what to wear.

That’s all friends!

In all weathers…

A funny weather iOS app is your best companion in all weathers — no more boring weather forecast. Profanity control and social media sharing are two of the significant features weather apps have.

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