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2023 iPhone 3D leaks smell like Android’s Tango

The latest iPhone 2023 leaks suggest Apple could present 3D-scanning features that Androids might find familiar. What with multiple cameras and scanners – including a laser-based solution – makes it seem like Apple just made their first Google Tango phone. Could it be – could we at last be looking at an augmented reality and 3D scanning set of features from an iPhone in 2023?

Remember when we were first talking about Apple’s dive into augmented reality? Remember ARKit? If you’re a developer of AR-infused apps, you probably still work with ARKit today. It’s Apple’s software developer kit for augmented reality applications. They’ve never stopped work on this kit since inception. The only thing that’s stopped – or at least nearly dried up – is the regular chatter about Apple’s AR hopes and dreams. That might all change with the new iPhone leaks this week – cameras, sensors, and all.

On August 3rd, 2023, I wrote and article called Apple’s next big thing is not an iPhone. In that article I showed how Apple’s inevitable next major release would include a whole mess of sensors on BOTH sides of the phone, not just the front. The front made way for Face ID phone unlocking. The back will make way for the AR apps we’ve been dreaming of.

Leaks this week added major clout to the idea that the iPhone XI (11, or whatever they’ll call it) will come with at least two, if not three cameras on its back. The “Max” version of the phone is the most likely place we’ll see a new multi-camera setup beyond the 2-camera arrays we’ve seen before.

Renders in the recent past showed us possible futures for the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max. The smaller seemed to have a pill-shaped backside camera array, and the larger a 3-lens camera system in a sort of chúng tôi thing. Much like my reaction to the first renderings of the iPhone X, I was caught quite off guard by these images. They didn’t look right – they didn’t look like the preconceived notions about industrial design I’d had in my head for Apple.

But I felt that way when they introduced the original major change to iPhone 6. Moving toward a rather HTC-looking set of HTC design language replicas. That, if ever did I suspect one, seemed like a real inspirational story.

If Apple delivers the iPhone XI Max with an array of cameras that make the original Google Tango dream a reality, I’ll be bummed. Not for Apple or Apple device users, but for those select few that invested time and/or effort into devices like the ASUS ZenFone AR (with Google Tango). That phone was released just as Tango was killed by Google in favor of a much more humble integration into ARCore.

I imagine fans of Tango, at this point, look a lot like Leslie Knope when she gets righteously angry. Next up, I hope Apple brings back the headphone jack. I hope they bring back the headphone jack JUST so they can get a kick out of the rest of the smartphone universe following suit. Especially those companies that hadn’t released a smartphone without a headphone jack before their first super courageous release. Right?

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Eleven 3D Touch Shortcuts In Messages For Iphone

There’s no question that 3D Touch really does make the iPhone’s Multi-Touch user interface multidimensional. By varying the degree of pressure applied to the screen of your iPhone, you can preview emails, websites, locations, messages and a variety of other items in Apple’s stock apps.

We have already covered new 3D Touch shortcuts in iBooks and today we’re taking a closer look at arguably the most-oft used iPhone app—Messages. In Messages, you can Peek and Pop most of the file types to your heart’s content without needing to jump between multiple apps, which can save a lot of time.

In this tutorial, we’re going to lay out 3D Touch basics in Messages before moving on to all of the items you can preview in your conversations.

1. Start chatting from Home screen

Press the Messages icon on the Home screen lightly, then tap the New Message option. This will take you directly to the message compose screen within Messages, with the cursor automatically positioned in the TO: field so you can start typing out a recipient’s name right away.

In addition, the Home screen menu includes shortcuts to your three most-frequently messaged contacts so you can choose one and continue your conversation.

2. Preview messages

Press a conversation in the Messages list to get a peek at the conversation, then press a little deeper to open it. If you press a conversation in the Messages list and then swipe up, you can quickly respond with canned replies (which are not customizable), or select the Custom option to type out your own reply.

3. Preview contacts

This is my favorite 3D Touch feature in Messages. If you press a photo of your contact in the Messages list, a translucent layer pops up with all the ways to communicate with that contact based on Contacts data. Just swipe to select a desired option to mail or message a contact or initiate a phone call or Face Time Audio/Video call.

To email his work address instead, I just release my finger over the down arrow and select his work email address. The menu expands, allowing me to choose between all his email addresses stored in my Contacts.

If you receive a message from a person who isn’t in your Contacts, this menu will provide options to add their phone number or email address as a new contact, add this information to the existing contact or message/call them.

4. Preview photos

If a photo is attached to a message, press it lightly to preview it and then swipe up to Copy, Save or Forward the image. Pressing the image a little deeper pops it open in Messages’ attachments browser (swipe left or right to cycle through all of the photos attached to this conversation).

5. Preview videos

Like with photos, press the attached video lightly in the Message view to have it playing in preview mode. Swipe up while peeking to Copy, Save or Forward the video clip, or press a little deeper to pop into Messages’ Attachments browser.

6. Preview voice memos and audio files

Audio files in  iOS-friendly formats (AAC, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV) and M4A files created by the stock Voice Memos app can be previewed as well. Just press the attached audio icon lightly and the audio automatically starts playing in preview mode. Swipe up to Copy, Save or Forward the file or press a bit deeper to launch it full screen in Messages’ Attachments browser.

7. Preview web links

In your conversation, press a URL lightly to preview a web page, or swipe up to Open Link, Add to Reading List or Copy the URL to the system clipboard. Pressing the link a little deeper pops it open in Safari. Messages automatically turns text URLs into blue actionable hyperlinks.

8. Preview maps

If someone shared their location or a Maps URL with you, press the link lightly to peek at it in preview mode. Strangely enough, swiping up while peeking won’t do a thing here. Press the preview a little harder to go full-screen. From there, you can tap Directions to Here at the bottom to access navigation in Apple Maps.

9. Preview flight information

iOS’s Data Detectors turn airline codes and flight numbers in your message exchanges into actionable links. Press the link lightly in your conversation to preview the flight, or swipe up to Copy the flight number to the system clipboard. Press a tad harder to pop open the flight preview in full-screen.

Flight previews include flight number, the departing and arriving airport and terminal, a zoomable map with projected flight trajectory, information about any delays, an estimated arrival time with to-the-minute accuracy, information whether the flight is arriving on time/early, has been delayed or landed—all updated in real-time.

Tap the departing/arriving abbreviation to reposition the map or hit the airplane icon to center it on how far along the route the flight currently is. You can also preview flight information in Notes and Mail. Keep in mind that preview flight information only works with most recent flights.

10. Preview unknown phone numbers

If you receive an unknown phone number in the conversation that isn’t tied to a contact, pressing it lightly lets you Call, Message, Add to Existing Contact or Create New Contact. You can also call, send a message to or email a contact 3D Touching their phone number in Contacts.

11. Preview dates

iOS’s Data Detectors pick up dates in your conversations and turns them into actionable links. Press a date lightly to peek at that day in your calendar, and then swipe up to Create Event, Show in Calendar or Copy the text to the clipboard. Applying more pressure pops open that day in the stock Calendar app.

Other Messages items you can and cannot preview with 3D Touch

3D Touch in Messages lets you preview the contents of other items and links, including links created by iOS Data Detectors. In addition, most of the file types supported natively in iOS can be previewed with Peek and Pop, including:

Images—JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and animated GIF

Microsoft Office documents—Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Web pages

iWork documents—Keynote, Numbers and Pages)

PDF files

Text files—TXT and RTF)

ZIP archives

For instance, here’s previewing a Pages document in Messages with 3D Touch.

It’s especially cool that you can preview contents of ZIP archives. For instance, I compressed a bunch of images on my Mac and shared them as a ZIP archive with myself through Messages. Then, 3D Touching the ZIP file in the Messages conversation launched a preview of the images within the archive.

Some of the items that cannot be previewed with 3D Touch in Messages include:

Apple Music and iTunes media links

iTunes U links

App Store and Books Store links

Web links requiring logins

Wallet passes

Audio messages created with Messages’ Tap to Talk feature

Icon files (ICNS)

Contact information (VCF)

As shown below, I can view Sebastien’s contact card received through Messages by way of tapping but cannot preview it with 3D Touch, which seems odd.

Apple hasn’t provided APIs for developers to make their own file types preview-able with 3D Touch across the system like macOS’s Quick Look plug-ins, but it’s reasonable safe to assume that expanded support for these features is in tow for future iOS releases.

This Week In Apple: Iphone 12 Launch Rumors As Well As Pricing Leaks

The top Apple news stories of the past week:

iPhone 12 series still on track, but just might be hard to get: According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s planned launch of the iPhone 12 series is still expected to happen at the usual time (likely September). However, there might be production delays for the new smartphones, which means they could either land in retail stores later than usual or launch at the usual time — but just be very hard to get.

iPhone 12 series pricing leaked: Speaking of the iPhone 12 series, we have our first pricing leak related to the new phones. According to Front Page Tech (via MacRumors), the lowest-priced iPhone in the new series will start at $649 — that’s $50 less than the lowest-tier iPhone 11. This is notable because we are fairly certain the $649 iPhone will have an OLED panel, which would make it the cheapest OLED iPhone ever.

Apple announces quarterly earnings, services big winner: Apple’s earnings report for the previous quarter showed that its bet on services such as Apple TV Plus is paying off. However, YoY the company didn’t do much better than 2023, which is unusual for the brand. One can only imagine what Apple’s next quarter will look like, but the company isn’t issuing an updated investor guidance — yet.

In-display fingerprint rumor pops up again: The old rumor of Apple possibly bringing an in-display fingerprint sensor to a high-end iPhone popped up again through Chinese news site Economic Daily News. While it does seem likely that Apple will eventually bring the tech to an iPhone, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be this year, despite the claims of this report. Instead, we expect to see it in 2023. Nothing’s set in stone, though.

The iPhone SE really is just a rebranded iPhone 8: Venerable teardown site iFixit tore apart the iPhone SE and found that certain major components of the budget smartphone are actually completely compatible with iPhone 8 parts. That means you could buy an iPhone 8 for cheap and use some of its parts in your new iPhone SE, should that be necessary.

iPhone 11 sales strong in India: Despite Apple’s historic habit of brushing off emerging markets, it looks like the iPhone 11 is making some headway in India. According to Counterpoint Research, Apple was the third-fastest growing brand in India’s smartphone market in the first quarter of this year.

Exposure notification now in an iOS beta: Apple and Google are teaming together to offer developers easy API access to smartphone data to help with the creation of exposure notification apps for the COVID-19 pandemic. That API is now starting to trickle out in a beta form.

How to switch from iPhone to Android: Sync your contacts, photos, and more!


The best place to start would be our guide on how to switch from iPhone to Android, which goes over all the basics. We also have more specific guides, such as how to transfer your calendar from iPhone to Android. We also have app guides that will give you the best alternatives to iOS staples, such as our list of best alternatives to FaceTime on Android.

If you’re looking for a great Android device to replace your iPhone, consult our list of the best Android smartphones available now.

How To Get Imessage Like Emoji Reactions Bar On Android

It’s surprising but it seems you can get the message-like emoji reactions bar on your Android device if you have the right tools and have enabled the right features. But importantly, you have luck on your side.

It seems Google has been pilot-testing emoji reactions, like the ones you find in iMessage, on its messaging app under RCS (Rich Communication Service) features. While multiple reports indicated Google will roll out the feature, there hasn’t been any indication as to when.

Are iMessage-like reactions available on Android?

Well, kind of. There have been multiple reports on Reddit where a few users have got the feature on their phones. They confirmed seeing “reactions” on their RCS conversations by sharing screenshots.

The users confirmed that they could react to a message, which includes thumbs-up, heart eyes, laughing, shocked, sad, angry, and thumbs down emojis. A long press is all you need to activate the Emoji reaction bar that gives a choice of seven emojis.

How to get emoji reaction bar on Android?

Although not available for all the users, you may get the emoji reaction bar on your Android with this trick. More than several users in the US on Reddit reported getting the feature today.

Download the Google Messages beta app.

An alternate way to install the Google Messages beta app is to download the APK from here and install it yourself (use this guide).

Once you have got the Google Messages beta app installed, open it, and make it your default messaging app. Make sure you have enabled the Chat feature. If you are in luck, the feature might be enabled for you now. Open any thread in the Google Messages beta app, and then press and hold on any message.

If you still didn’t get the emoji reaction bar, you may restart your device once as this might help. Also, clearing the cache of the Messages beta app may also help, but none of these tricks guarantee success.

What’s the status right now?

As mentioned earlier more people are reporting having reactions being available on all of their RCS conversations. This is a clear case of Google rolling out a pilot test on more and more devices.

With that being said, Google is working hard on spreading the RCS chat across even more devices in order to compete with rival messaging apps. This could signal a bigger and wider rollout of the reactions option across more Android devices and honestly, it is about time we got our due.

You can expect the feature to become available for the users of the stable version of Google Messages app too pretty soon, although we can’t give you an expected release date for this.

How will RCS help?

RCS is a messaging service that will make text communication feel more premium and feature-rich like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more. This will help bring texting standards up to date with modern levels.

We are all sick and tired of the prehistoric SMS service that doesn’t reward users the benefit of ‘Read receipts’, GIFs and animated stickers, group messaging, and more that is associated with the above said messaging apps.

Also, SMSes are contingent on the phone picking up a signal and do not allow messages beyond 160 characters while RCS has no such limit and can function as long as you are within a WiFi range.

Of course, you will have to be in a geographical location that will allow you to access the app and be paired with particular tele providers.

What Will Local Seo Look Like In 2023?

Local SEO will increase in importance over the next few years, making it tougher for local businesses to make it to the top of search results

The importance of local search will continue to grow with 46% of searches on Google already having local intent. Moreover, almost every local search converts into a sales either online and offline. This means, more and more businesses will try to make it to the top of the local search results, making local SEO tougher than before. Here are some things to consider:

By 2023, around 50% of searches will be voice-based so there will be less typing involved. This will give rise to a higher number of long tail keywords and hyperlocal searches.

Reviews will play an important role in businesses having more positive reviews ranking higher on the local search results.

User engagement will be the key. Google will give higher importance to businesses that receive the maximum engagement.

Now, let’s discuss the things that will remain same and what are the new changes that are set to impact the local search landscape in 2023 and ahead.

Integrated marketing 2023 guide

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Access the

Basic factors like the ‘RDP’ will remain the same

RDP stands for Relevance, Distance and Prominence. The basic RDP factors will remain the same and it will affect your overall business presence in the local search results.

Relevance means how well your business listing matches with the user’s intent. For example, if you are searching for a ‘Sushi restaurant’ then Google will return a list that only includes local restaurants that serve ‘Sushi’.

Distance measures how far the searcher is from the business when the search is made. Businesses nearest to the searcher will be ranked higher. For example, if you are in Dothan searching for ‘a shoe store near me’ and Google detects your location to be near the Wiregrass Commons Mall then shoe stores in or nearest to the Wiregrass Commons Mall will be ranked higher.

Prominence measures the popularity of the business both in the offline and online world. For example, if you are searching for Pizza then companies like ‘Dominos’ or ‘Pizza Hut’ will have an upper hand in the listings as compared to any other mom and pop Pizza shop.

Top factors that will make the biggest difference

Let’s discuss the top factors that will make the biggest difference for local SEO in the years to come:

1. Businesses With Exceptional Product/Service Will Have The Best Chances of Ranking Higher in Local Search 2. “Entity authority” will become a key factor

The authority of the entity (or business) will play a major role in Google’s local algorithm. An interesting article published on Tidings reveals that Google might determine the authority of the local entity based on the following factors:

Entity popularity

How popular is the entity? Are people discussing it on forums, in communities or articles? If people mention your site, your business name, your business’s geo-location but don’t link to it, it might get counted as an entity mention and help you get higher rankings in Google search. Bill Slawski mentioned this in his article. This means that brand mentions will become a key factor.

One of the best ways to generate a lot of brand mentions is to produce content that is locally relevant to your target audience. For example, the below graphic created by chúng tôi for the brand Trippy generated a lot of local business mentions and valuable backlinks. It featured 196 of the oldest bars in America. Publishers were able to find the bars of their area and share it with their readers. This was an amazing way of generating locally relevant brand mentions and backlinks.

Entity engagement

What is the reaction of the people for the entity? Do people love it or hate it? You need to make sure that your business receives the best engagement everywhere. Again, based on the Tidings article linked above, the following graph can be seen as the future of ranking factor where “engagement” is seen to be receiving a major share when it comes to local SEO.

3. New “engagement metrics” will come into play

Local search engagement metrics like how many people have saved the business as a contact in their Android phone or how many people ask for the location of the business using local maps will come into play.

Google is already controlling all the sources it needs to judge the popularity and reputation of a business so that it ranks the best at the top of the local search results. Google Chrome, Android, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Assistant etc. are all such services that are busy tracking user data. The user engagement metrics tracked by services like these will play a deciding role in the local rankings.

4. Voice SEO will play a dominant role

As per a survey performed by BrightLocal, around 56% of users have searched for a local business using a Smartphone in the last 12 months.

Moreover, the same survey revealed that restaurants, grocery stores and food delivery are the top three local businesses that people search for using voice.

This shows that voice has already started to rule the local search and businesses who are late in optimizing their presence for voice search will soon struggle to rank highly. Here are the steps you need to take to optimize your business for voice SEO:

Accurate business listing

Have a complete and accurate listing of your business on Google My Business. You must accurately mention your business name, complete address, business timings, price of the products, add proper images and videos, invite customers to add reviews and provide users with all the information they might look for when searching for your business on Google. Remember, Google displays an option to sort the local listings based on review, price and hours.

People may use a voice command like “find the best bakery store near me” and Google might take into account factors like reviews, mentions, entity authority and timing before suggesting the most relevant result.

Ranking for long tail (question-based) keywords

Research long tail keywords that users might ask to find your business on Google. Remember, most of the question-based keywords starts with what, how, when, where, which etc. Use tools like Answer The Public to identify potential question-based queries and create unique landing pages that answer the exact questions asked by the user. You can also take the help of Quora, Google related searches or scan your own analytics data to find even more questions that are already asked by your customers.

Getting your business listed under the knowledge panel

Google will prefer to list businesses that have a Knowledge Panel like the one given below. You need to add proper local structured data to your website in order to allow Google to correctly fetch all the details related to your business.

Optimizing for “near me” searches

Stats reveal that “near me” searches have increased over time. Hence, you need to list as many locations as needed in your Google My Business account. This will help Google to properly identify the business locations your company serves and return them as a search result when any potential searcher is searching for your business service in those particular locations.


Local SEO is certainly going to get tougher in 2023. More and more new businesses will try to compete with older ones making it difficult for marketers to gain the top spot in organic listings. Keeping the discussed factors in mind can certainly help to gain an upper hand.

12 Best Miui Themes To Make Your Xiaomi Device Look Like Stock Android

Love it or hate it, Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the best custom Android skins out there. The custom skin comes with plenty of interesting features not found in AOSP and it’s even better with MIUI 11. However, the overall look is too colorful, and some people, like me, prefer the look of stock Android. Well, if you’re someone who owns a Xiaomi device running MIUI but would rather fancy the stock Android look, read on, as we discuss 12 of the best MIUI themes that you can install on your device to make it look like you’re running stock Android:

Best MIUI Themes For A Stock Android Look

I’ve tried the following themes on my Poco X2 running MIUI 11. All the themes worked perfectly without any problems. Most of the themes will also work with older MIUI smartphones. With that out of the way, let’s get to our list, shall we?

1. Pixel Experience Dark

Pixel Experience is arguably the best MIUI theme on the official Xiaomi theme store. I say this for two reasons: the theme has been well designed keeping fonts, wallpaper and dark mode in sync with Pixel 4’s aesthetics. And secondly, it doesn’t slow down the device after applying the theme which is awesome. In addition, the icon shape has the Google Material design language and all are in uniform shape giving a very stockish look on MIUI. Above all, there are many customization options including the ‘text lock screen clock’ which is available on Pixel devices and much more. So to put it straight, if you want the best MIUI theme to have a Stock Android experience on MIUI 11 then Pixel Experience Dark is the perfect pick.

Download: (Free)

2. PixPie Dark

PixPie Dark is another heavy theme that completely changes the look of your MIUI device to a Stock Android device. In more ways than one, you would find that the theme is starkly similar to OxygenOS and also has elements of Google’s Pixel software. And I love the blend of two distinct and hugely popular stock Android skin. As I said it’s a complete theme– unlike other themes which only change your wallpaper and icon– this will change your lock screen, system elements like status bar, notifications, quick settings panel, icons and of course, the wallpaper. On top of that, PixPie Dark is an up to date theme and supports the new MIUI 11 version on a range of Mi, Redmi and Poco devices.

Download: (Free)

3. Pixel Q Light

Download: (Free)

4. Android Go v2

Android Go v2 is very reminiscent of the Android Go OS — a stripped-down version of Stock Android. Incidentally, Xiaomi has also released a device called Redmi Go which comes with Android Go OS. So if you want that simpler look on your MIUI-based device then Android Go v2 is a top-notch theme. It completely simplifies the UI with essential apps on the home screen and less-cluttered quick settings panel. Apart from that, it brings down the overall RAM usage to naught because it just has a memory footprint of 2.3MB which translates to better performance. I would say if you have a low-tier Redmi device then apply this Android Go theme for a stockish look and better performance.

5. Android 10 Dark DWM2

Android 10 Dark DWM2 theme is for those users who want complete dark mode but in Google’s Material design language. It uses a Stock wallpaper from the Pixel device and changes the icon shape to circular for a uniform look. Other than that, the home screen grid size is 5×5, but if you want more of a Stock look then you can enable the App Drawer from our article on MIUI 11 hidden settings page. Furthermore, the dark mode extends to other system apps as well like the Dialer, Mi Browser, Settings and more. This theme also changes the font to condensed Roboto font and it looks pretty good on a Xiaomi device. To put it straight, if you want the Stock Android experience in complete dark mode then do check out this theme.

Download: Open the Themes app and search for ‘Android 10 Dark DWM2’

6. Android P

Android 10 is here, so you can’t be blamed for looking for a theme that resembles the new look. The Android P theme is based on Android Pie, and as you can see, it showcases the same white and blue theme all over the place. In fact, the quick settings icons are so well designed that anyone would easily mistake your device as one running actual Android 9 Pie. If you fancy the whites and want your device to look like Android P, well, then this might just be the perfect theme for you.

Download: (Free)

7. Pineapple

Well, Android P turned out to be Pie and not Pineapple, but it is a great theme nonetheless. In fact, it is one of the cleanest themes of the lot and looks a lot like Android 9 Pie. The theme offers a clean dock, along with Android Pie styled quick settings toggles. The lockscreen, on the other hand, is slightly off the mark on my device, since the theme doesn’t support 18:9 ratios. Nonetheless, if you can look past the lockscreen, you get a near stock AOSP experience, which is kind-off what this list is all about.

Download: (Free)

8. Pure Android P

Download: (Free)

9. Android One

Android One is one of the cleanest forms of Android available to OEMs, and the same can be said for this theme right here. The Android One theme looks pretty similar to those found on Android One devices, boasting of the circular icons, folder icons, the Pixel widget, and much more. The icons in the status bar also resemble the AOSP ones quite closely. Personally, I fancy this theme a lot, simply because it does not add a lot of bells and whistles, but looks plain simple, just the way Stock Android should as well.

10. Android Origin

Origin is an open-source theme project that brings Android 8.0 Oreo’s basic look to your Xiaomi device. It’s free to download and comprises of the translucent dock, rounded icons, notification shade and lock-screen similar to stock Android. It brings about a change in the quick settings as well and looks pretty similar to stock AOSP. The theme also comes with a cool set of wallpapers, so if you’re looking for an MIUI theme that resembles AOSP perfectly, then Android Origin is easily one of the top picks.

Download: (Free)

11. Oxygen 999

Stock Android is great, but there are certain things I love about OxygenOS as well, especially with the way that it merges Stock AOSP with its own UI elements. Well, if you share the same emotions, the Oxygen 999 theme is for you. The theme provides you a stock Android Nougat homescreen, lockscreen and in-call experience. While you do not get any additional customization features, the fact that the overall look is the same as OxygenOS should suffice for most users. The theme literally makes your device look like the OnePlus 3/3T, which I personally fany a lot, but it does come with the cost of an ill-rendered lockscreen.

Download: (Free)

12. AOSP Extended

No no, I am not asking you to install the AOSP Extended custom ROM on your device, despite it being one of my favorite ROMs out there. Nonetheless, the AOSP Extended theme aims to give you pretty much the same “extended” look on your MIUI device. The AOSP Extended theme comes circular icons along with a dark grey/black theme all around. I especially love the quick settings in this theme, that offers a transparent look to the background. The theme is one of the most stable that I’ve used, and while it isn’t AOSP per se, it is quite better in every sense, thanks to the stability and the custom icons.

Download: (Free)

Rock That Stock Android Look on Your MIUI Device

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