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4 Ways to Make Your YouTube Thumbnails Visible Again in Chrome Get rid of missing or broken thumbnails issue on YouTube




Your YouTube video thumbnails play an important role in the reception you get from your audience. 

Issues such as internet speed, cached data on your browser, or simply not following YouTube’s policies on thumbnails could affect how you see these thumbnails.

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Facing the issue of Chrome Youtube thumbnails not showing can be a little unnerving for you if you are trying to upload your content on YouTube.

If you are familiar with YouTube, you know that other than the title of the video, the thumbnail plays an important role in attracting viewers to your content, and the same can be said about how your page looks.

Like many YouTubers across the internet, you have probably spent a lot of time and resources creating content for your audience. 

The last thing you want happening is losing views because of this issue we are talking about. Your custom thumbnail is missing or not showing may occur on Chrome, Edge, or even Firefox as well.

We are going to explore why your thumbnails aren’t showing and what you can do to solve this issue.

Why are YouTube thumbnails not showing?

YouTube thumbnails not showing errors on Chrome may occur due to several reasons. These are:

Corrupted cache and cookies

Poor internet connection

Your browser is not compatible

YouTube is having some problems generating or loading thumbnails

There may be other reasons too. But, if you can ensure that the above reasons don’t exist, you will be safe from this type of issue.

What is the recommended YouTube thumbnail size?

YouTube Thumbnails are snapshots that represent your content. They give viewers an idea of what the video is about. 

There are 3 ways to add thumbnails to your video: 

Through YouTube’s automatically generated thumbnails. 

Use a custom-generated thumbnail if you have a verified account.

Through the YouTube studio app on your mobile device. 

The size should be 1280×720 px with the JPG, GIF, or PNG formats. It should also be less than 2MB in size. If you choose the wrong size, the YouTube thumbnail does not show issues that may occur on platforms like Facebook and other social media.

YouTube also encourages users to try and maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio on all their thumbnails. 

Quick tip:

Chrome is known to use up quite a large amount of system resources, which can sometimes result in pages loading slowly and not being displayed correctly.

Opera One

Opera One is an excellent feature-rich, fast, and safe browser compatible with YouTube and its tools.

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How do I restore thumbnails on YouTube? 1. Check your internet speed 2. Clear your browsing cache

After that, go to YouTube and see if the thumbnails are still broken or not.

3. Use a YouTube Banner software 

If you are having problems creating a good thumbnail for your video, or if YouTube keeps rejecting your custom thumbnail, consider using YouTube banner software. 

There are several effective thumbnail makers on the internet today. 

These are professional tools that enable you to meet YouTube’s standards on thumbnails, allowing you to create content that is both visually appealing and acceptable. 

4. Use a YouTube thumbnail maker

Sometimes, the issue of Chrome YouTube thumbnails not showing won’t be your browser or the internet, but your thumbnails. 

It could be because your thumbnails don’t meet YouTube’s community guidelines or thumbnail policies for custom thumbnails.

When this happens, it is important to rely on a good thumbnail maker. This is usually a tool that allows you to create a visible thumbnail of the right size. 

Whatever you decide to have as a thumbnail, always ensure that you stay within YouTube’s policies regarding thumbnails. 

This article has shown you how to fix YouTube thumbnail not showing problems on Chrome and other browsers, not only for particular videos but for playlists as well.

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How To Make Apex Legends Game Chat Work Again In 1 Minute

How to make Apex Legends game chat work again in 1 minute




If Apex Legends game chat is not working, there could be a lot of reasons behind it depending on the platform you are playing the game on.

For PC, ensure that Apex Legends has access to the microphone, amongst other methods here.

On the Xbox, you can clear the MAC address, or try the two other fixes listed in the guide.

Also, check the solutions for PS4, though the issue is generally a lot simpler here.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

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Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

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readers this month.

Apex Legends is one of the most thrilling games on the market. Initially released in March 2023, it now has a considerable fan following and a high user base. But, several users reported that game chat is not working in Apex Legends.

The game is available on various platforms and gamers across these faced issues with the game chat. This likely indicates that the problem lies with the game itself, but in most cases, it is a malfunctioning microphone to be blamed.

And if you search the web for it, there isn’t a lot of information available. Read the following sections to understand all about the problem, find out the fixes and by the time you are done, the problem should be long gone.

Why is my Apex Legends game chat not working?

When Apex Legends game chat is not working on PC, it is likely that the connected microphone is not working, the game settings have been configured incorrectly, the necessary permissions have not been granted, or there are issues with the driver.

On Xbox, the problem most likely lies with the network settings, or MAC address to be precise. For some users, it was also an outdated controller firmware, and installing the latest version did the trick.

For PS4, it was generally a low Audio Microphone Level that caused that problem. Other than that, if you have selected the wrong devices for audio input and output, the other players would be able to hear you in Apex Legends.

If you can identify the problem, just head to the relevant fix and execute it. Otherwise, you can try the methods in the listed sequence to quickly fix the Apex Legends game chat not working issue. We have first listed the solution for PC followed by the ones for Xbox and PS4.

A true gamer needs the best browser

Complete your gaming setup with Opera GX. It’s a customizable browser designed for gamers, with a futuristic design and a game-focused interface. It includes optimization features for resource consumption: CPU, RAM and bandwidth limiters.

The browser has integrations with Twitch, Discord, and other messengers, plus a gaming newsfeed with a new releases calendar, tournaments info and other gaming events. Moreover, to keep your sight focused on gaming elements, Opera GX includes an easy to enable dark theme.

Opera GX

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What do I do if game chat is not working in Apex Legends on PC? 1. Check if Apex Legends has access to the microphone

After making the changes, restart the computer once for these to fully come into effect. If the Apex Legends game chat not working issue persists, head to the next method.

2. Reconfigure game settings

For voice chats, there are two modes available to users, Push to Talk and Open Mic. In the former, you will have to press and hold the T key to turn on the microphone and chat, while in the case of the latter the mic is always enabled.

Choose the desired setting here, restart the game for the changes to come into effect, and check if the Apex Legends voice chat not working issue is fixed.

3. Make your microphone the default device

If the device is not set as default, there’s a chance that it may not be detected, though that’s rare. But, to be on the safe side, try setting it as the default device and check if the Apex Legends mic not working issue is resolved.

If you haven’t updated your microphone drivers in a while and don’t have any driver updater software installed, it’s time you do either one of these things.

With each update, various new features along with patches for previously known bugs are introduced which may help eliminate the problem.

In case the Device Manager is unable to find a better version, you can also manually install the latest driver in Windows.

Expert tip:

After you are done updating, the Apex Legends game chat not working problem should be fixed. If not, head to the last method.

5. Reinstall Apex Legends

If nothing else has worked, you are left with no other option but to reinstall the game, since the problem most likely lies with the game files or the installation did not go through successfully.

What do I do if game chat is not working in Apex Legends on Xbox? 1. Restart Xbox

In most cases, it’s a minor bug that causes the text chat to stop working in Apex Legends on Xbox series X. If that’s indeed the case with you, restarting the Xbox console should help fix the problem.

This is probably the simplest and quickest of all the fixes, and you should try it first before moving on to the more complicated ones. After restarting the Xbox, check if the game chat now starts working.

2. Clear the MAC address

Issues with the MAC address have also been found to be a common reason behind game chat not working in Apex Legends on Xbox. The MAC (Media Access Control) is a unique number assigned to every device and can be found in the NIC (Network Interface Controller).

Simply clearing the MAC address should do the job and help eliminate the problem. If this too doesn’t work, head to the last method.

If the Xbox controller has not been updated in a while, chances are that it’s the outdated version of it that is causing the problem. Manually updating the controller should help when Apex Legends game chat is not working on Xbox.

Also, make sure to check if your controller can be updated wirelessly or has to be connected via a cable. Different models have different requirements, but you should be able to find this information on the official website.

What do I do if Apex Legends game chat is not working on PS4? 1. Restart your PS4

The easiest thing to do here would be to simply restart the PS4. Turn it off, unplug from the power source, wait for a minute or two, and then plug it back in. Now, turn on the device and you should be able to use Apex Legends game chat on PS4.

This method has worked for a lot of users and thus, should be your primary approach. In case it doesn’t work, the problem lies with the microphone level or the game settings, so try the other two methods.

2. Adjust the microphone level

Go to the Settings option.

Locate and select Devices from the options here.

Next, select Adjust microphone level.

Select Adjust Microphone Level.

You can now adjust the microphone level by dragging the slider. Moving it to the right will increase the level and dragging the slider to the left will decrease the level.

In most cases, it’s the microphone level that’s causing the problem. If you have it set at low, just make sure to increase it a bit. It’s recommended to keep the slider somewhere near the middle for best results.

After you are done making the changes, check if Apex Legends game chat now starts working on PS4.

3. Verify that the audio input device is right

Open the Settings on your PS4.

Go to Devices.

Now, select Audio devices from the options here.

Next, make sure that the Input Device and Output Device are correctly configured.

After making the required changes, save these, and you shouldn’t face the game chat issue on PS4 anymore.

4. Reset Apex Legends on PS4

Go to Settings on your PS4.

Select Storage from the various options here.

Wait for the PS4 to calculate the total storage, and then select Saved Data.

Next, select Apex Legends from the list of games.

Tick the checkboxes for the entries here, and select the Delete option.

Select OK to confirm the reset.

If the methods listed earlier didn’t work, there might be a problem with the game itself. In which cases, resetting it seems to be the only viable option. Once the game files are deleted, restart Apex Legends, and game chat should now be working on your PS4.

These are the most effective methods to fix Apex Legends switch voice chat not working, be it on the PC, Xbox, and PS4. One of these must help you eliminate the error and use the in-game chat feature.

Also, find out what to do if Apex Legends won’t launch on the PC.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Google Action Blocks Would Make Iphone Simple Again

Google Action Blocks would make iPhone simple again

Google Action Blocks was launched as an Android app in May of 2023, but it’s the latest round of iPhones and iOS 13 that stands the most to gain. With the latest version of iOS and most iPhones released in the last couple of years, Apple’s smartphone ecosystem’s become a bit of a new-user nightmare. Based on my experience as resident “looks like he’d be good with computers” tech supporter for several iPhone users Baby Boomer age or older, Google Action Blocks looks like a dream come true.

Google Action Blocks is an app that works on Android devices. It works with Google Assistant and the command-response features of the latest half-dozen years of Android updates to make Android simple. Android can remain as deep and powerful as you like, but with Google Action Blocks, you can set up a screen full of buttons for specific actions.

Say, for example, you’re the sort of person who only does about four things on their smartphone. You browse the internet, you like to watch cute videos on YouTube, you take some photos, and you like to send messages to your extended family. Google Action Blocks can turn several steps into a single step – one button tap.

Google Action Blocks (buttons you can add to an Android phone’s home screen):

• Play Video (Play x videos on YouTube, play x movie on Google Play Movies)

• Make Telephone Call (Call Mom, Call Jeremy on Skype)

• Play Music (Specific tracks, sorts of music, in Spotify, YouTube, etc)

• Set Alarm

• Create Reminder

• Open Calendar

• Set temperature (connected with smart devices)

• Turn on/off lights

• Get turn-by-turn directions

• Open app

• Send a specific text message*

*This text message button is particularly awesome. You can pre-set it to send a text message to a specific person with, for example, the following message: “Please come pick me up at the grocery store now.” You can pre-program this to send a message to your son or daughter to send a text that says: “Call me on video chat now”, or “Please turn down your stereo I cannot hear myself think.”

But why, you might ask, would I need a button to open an app? Can’t I just tap the app icon? Yes, you can, but Action Block buttons can be made large. Action Blocks creates Widgets, Widgets that are resizable – as resizable as you desire. You could open a specific app with a button that’s as large as your display – it could be massive!

Just think of the possibilities. A home screen with only 5 buttons, one each for the five functions you seek every day. Imagine using a system like this to configure a phone for your grandmother. One button as large as half the display that says PHONE, another button that covers the other half of the display that says TEXT MESSAGES.

Android can benefit from this new Google Action Blocks system right now, the app is in the Google Play app store right now, for free, for most Android devices. If you’d like something similar for iOS, you might need to wait until either Apple or Google decides they’re ready to allow the iPhone to be a slightly more friendly tool for people that only started using a smartphone when they reached the age of 60.

4 Ways To Trim Video In Windows

You don’t need to master video editing to trim videos on your Windows PC. From the built-in Photos app to the newly integrated Clipchamp, there are multiple methods for trimming videos on a Windows computer.

And all of these methods work more smoothly than any Android or iOS app video-trimming app, thanks to the more powerful hardware of a PC. So here are the four ways to trim videos in Windows.

Table of Contents

1: Trim Video in Windows Using the Photos App

The Photos app may not be a fully-featured video editor, but it can trim videos just fine. You can cut out a single chunk from a longer video file or trim multiple segments and combine them at the end.

The best part is that the app is present in all versions of Windows 10 and 11, so you don’t have to look for a new tool.

Open the


app by searching for it in the Start Menu.

By default, the app opens in the Collection tab, displaying your recently acquired pictures. Switch to the

Video Editor


A new video project will open, prompting you to title it.

Navigate to the folder containing your target video and select it. The video will now appear in your Project Library.

To start editing, drag the video to the


at the bottom.

Now you can see multiple editing options in the Storyboard tab. Select


to proceed.

The interface changes to display only the current video, with a draggable slider at the bottom and the current clip length on the right.

Pull the sliders to trim the video down to the size you want, and select



The Storyboard will now have the trimmed-down clip. The good thing about this method is that you can also combine multiple clips to create a combined video. Just drag down another video into the storyboard and trim them as needed.

When ready to export the results, select the

Finish video

option from the top right.

Specify a video quality, and hit


to save the video.

Once you select a file name and location, Photos will start exporting your video clip. This might take a bit of time, depending on the length of the video and your PC’s hardware capabilities.

The saved clip will start playing in a new window when the export is complete.

2: Trim Video in Windows 11 With Clipchamp

For those not in the know, Microsoft recently acquired the popular online video editor Clipchamp. And now, the app’s desktop version comes bundled with the latest update of Windows 11.

This free version lets you trim videos, apply animations, and export the final product without watermarks. It is much easier to use than the default Photos app and the perfect way to make clips if you use Windows 11.

After accepting the license agreement, the update will start downloading.

The installation will start as soon as the download completes. As most of the process operates in the background, you can continue working on your PC while the update installs.

To finish things up, you need to Restart your computer. Select

Restart Now

in the notification that appears.

Now we can actually start using Clipchamp. Open the app by searching for it in the Start Menu.

If this is your first time opening the app, you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft or Google Account.

After you log in, you will be presented with a questionnaire that you can choose to

Skip for now


The Clipchamp desktop app will now open in full. You can start with a bunch of video templates, though we will use the

Create a video

option for now.

The editing interface is similar to the Photos app, with a storyboard at the bottom and your added media on the left.

Use the


button on the top left to import a video. Clipchamp has far more options than Photos, allowing you to add photos from your phone, camera, or a cloud storage service. Select

browse files

to import a video present on the disk.

Your imported video will show up on the left panel, ready to be edited.

Like in the Photos app, you need to drag the video to the storyboard.

This will open the video, displaying a thumbnail slider at the bottom.

To trim the video, just drag the sliders in from the sides. You can judge the length of the clip by the time stamps displayed above the thumbnails.

When done, use the


button on the top right to save the clip.

Clipchamp will start exporting your video. You can also share the clip to various social media platforms from this page itself.

Once the process is complete, the clip will show up as a downloaded file on your computer.

3: Trim Video Online Using Canva

Clipchamp is already integrated into Windows 11, but there are other online video editors. If you are using an older version of Windows, Canva is a great option to trim videos through a web browser.

To trim a video with Canva, head to its website’s video editor and use the

Edit a video


If you haven’t logged in yet, Canva will now prompt you to do so. You can use a Google account, email ID, or Facebook account for this.

The selected video will start uploading, displaying a progress bar below it.

To edit the video, you must drag it to the storyboard panel at the bottom right.

The video will start playing on the top right panel, with a series of thumbnails displayed at the bottom. Simply drag the edges of the timeline to remove part of the video.

Specify a file type, and select


. The file size will depend on the length of the clip and the type of encoding you choose.

The clip will start downloading, accompanied by an ad by Canva. The actual browser download will start once this progress bar finishes.

4: Trim Video Offline With OpenShot

The problem with professional video editing tools is that they add a watermark to your videos unless you get a paid license. Fortunately, there are some incredible free video editors that you can use without shelling a buck.

Head to chúng tôi to download the free editor.

The tool is available for all PC platforms, both as an installer and a portable app. You can also get it from the Microsoft store.

Running the app opens a dark-themed window with the usual layout of a video editor.

The loaded video will immediately start playback on the right. Pause it from the video controls below the player.

To trim the video, drag the white arrows at the edges of the progress bar.

As the video starts exporting, its progress will show up in the


panel on the far right.

Once the process is complete, you will see a green check mark with the clip’s duration.

What Is the Best Way to Trim Videos In Windows?

The default Photo app is the simplest way for a Windows user to trim videos. It’s easy to use, good enough for this small task, and comes already installed on your PC.

For those running the latest version of Windows 11, Clipchamp is a better option. It comes with social media templates, stock footage, and various filters you can apply to a video. It also has a more user-friendly interface, making it a better tool for casual users.

Built-in apps aren’t the only methods either. You can try an online video editor like Canva or download a third-party tool like Shotcut. Any of these options will let you cut videos and export them without a watermark.

How To Make Pastries In Your Microwave


Microwave Cheese “Danish”

Maximum Flavor

Buy the book here

Though often maligned, the microwave is a great piece of equipment that most of us have in our kitchens. Microwaves work by emitting radio waves that enter the food and interact with water, fats, and sugars, causing them to vibrate and creating heat in the food. Thicker, denser foods cook more unevenly because it’s harder for the microwaves to penetrate their interiors. Microwaves still cook more evenly than conventional ovens because the heat can be generated throughout the food instead of having to work its way from the outside in. We aerate the batter for these “Danishes” using an iSi whipped cream dispenser, and the batter expands easily in the microwave, creating a spongelike appearance and incredibly light texture while still retaining the creamy cheese flavor of an actual Danish. We like to pair them with fresh berries because the contrast of their sweet tart flavor and firmer texture helps bring out the ethereal qualities of these wonderful little cakes.

Microwave Cheese “Danish”

Makes about 12 cakes

1⁄4 cup / 10 grams finely ground freeze-dried strawberries, for dusting the cakes (optional)


Put the milk in a blender and turn it on low speed. Sprinkle in the egg white powder and increase the speed to medium. Puree the mixture for 15 seconds. Turn off the blender and add the cream cheese, syrup, flour, and salt. Turn the speed to high and puree until smooth, at least 30 seconds.

Pour the batter into the 1-liter canister of an iSi whipped cream dispenser and put the lid on. Charge with one N2O charger and then shake to distribute the gas and allow it to be absorbed into the batter. Repeat with a second charger. The batter should feel and sound fluid in the canister. Take twelve 8-ounce (225-gram) paper cups and use the tip of a paring knife to make a slit in the bottom of each cup and 3 slits around the sides to let steam vent as the danishes cook. The batter will be thick enough to not leak through. Dispense the batter into the paper cups, filling each halfway. Working with one at a time, microwave on high for 30 seconds. Immediately remove the cup from the microwave and invert it (with the cake still in it) and set it on a plate or tray to keep the cakes from falling as they cool.

Once all the cakes are cooked, refrigerate the cups (still inverted) for at least 1 hour, until they are fully chilled and set. Use a paring knife to loosen the edges of each cold “Danish” from its cup and shake it free. Use a small fine-mesh sieve to dust them with freeze-dried strawberry powder, if desired, and serve immediately.

This article was excerpted from Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot’s new book Maximum Flavor: Recipes That Will Change The Way You Cook. The pair are the creators of the Kitchen Alchemy series on chúng tôi and blog at Ideas In Food.

5 Ways To Add & Use Notepad In Google Chrome

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to use a notepad in Google Chrome. It is simple, comes with no configuration, and just provides you with an empty tab to copy and write down information. But, it does not come with an option to save your notes, so always remember to copy information to another document before you close the tab.

If you liked the previous method of using a notepad in Chrome, but are unhappy with even the lack of basic features, then this alternative is for you. Litewrite is a simple note-taking website with an added feature to save your notes to the cloud.

Step 1: Visit chúng tôi

Step 2: You will be welcomed with an introduction text material, where there are general instructions about how to use the app. You can go through it to understand how it works.

Step 4: You will now be provided with an empty window to write your notes.

Step 6: Interestingly, this app also comes with shortcuts to quickly navigate through the note-taking process. In the image below, you can find a few shortcuts for the same.

Papier is one of our favorite ways to use notepad in Google Chrome. It comes with a neat interface, with more features than the previous two ways cover and we seem to love the design of this note-taking extension. It does have impressive reviews and is also a features extension on the Chrome Web store. Here’s how to install and make the best use of this extension.

Step 5: On the bottom left corner of the window, you get an array of options to customize your notes. You also do get a few ways to format text on your notes.

The best part about this extension is that it directly backs up your notes to Chrome without having to save them manually or connecting any cloud accounts.

If you want a note-taking app to allow you to fully format and customize text, then this has to be the best option. Not only is this a widely used extension to take notes, it almost seems like a full-fledged document writer integrated into an extension.

The Notepad Online Extension is one of our recommended ways to take notes on Google Chrome, and here’s the procedure to install the extension.

Step 7: The best part about this extension is the text formatting options. Be sure to select the checkbox for the same while setting up the extension.

Step 8: Turning on the feature will add a few options to format text on your notes.

The best part is that provided you are signed in on the same account across devices, Google Keep syncs everything, and you can never miss any of your inputs on the app.

Step 2: You can start typing in your notes in the Take a note.. window on Keep.

Step 4: As you take notes, you are provided with a range of features.

You can convert your notes to Reminders.

In the second option in the list, you can add fellow collaborators to your notes.

In the third option, you can customize the interface by changing the background color or even changing the theme.

You can also add images to your notes and make them more illustrative.

These are some of our five favorite ways to add and use notepad in Google Chrome. We hope the guide helps you explore all the options and choose the best option for adding notes functionality to the browser. Stay tuned for more such articles and guides to improve productivity as you browse the web.

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