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Our Best Free VPN Recommendation

Best FREE VPNs for Raspberry Pi

ExpressVPN offers users a private and secure internet browsing experience. The first and primary goal of ExpressVPN is encrypting user traffic. Additionally, it masks customers’ IP addresses, making it difficult for any third-party client to monitor any online activity. ExpressVPN also uses some of the best encryptions and security to secure all customers’ data.

Because of its wide network of servers scattered across more than 90 countries that provide raspberry pi VPN servers, ExpressVPN can connect users fast and dependably from anywhere in the world. Users of ExpressVPN can get around geographic limits and access content that could be restricted in their area, in addition to its security and privacy features.

In general, ExpressVPN offers what one would expect from a VPN service provider, such as private and secure web browsing.

Key Specs:

iOS, Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS.

No of Servers: 3000+ Server Countries: 94 Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Pricing: Plans start at $12.95 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Huge network of servers: ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers across 94 countries.

No-logs rule applicable: The VPN tool does not track your online activity.

Split tunneling protocol for more security: Choose which traffic is allowed to go through the VPN and your standard internet connection.

Cutting-edge security attributes: With robust encryptions, your data is kept secure at ExpressVPN.


Anonymity and security at all times


Less simultaneous connections than other VPNs

30-Day Free Trial

NordVPN is a Panama-based business that offers virtual private network (VPN) with a wide range of security and privacy options. It makes use of top-notch encryption methods and the best security measures. This guarantees that user data is kept protected from cyber-attacks. It is also considered the best vpn provider by a lot of people.

Users of NordVPN can get around geographical limits and access content that could be restricted in their area in addition to its security and privacy features. Moreover, accessing streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which may have region-locked content, can be accessed with NordVPN.

Key Specs:

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch

No of Servers: 5000+ Server Countries: 60 Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: 6

Pricing: Plans start at $12.99 per month with 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Superior encryption for better security: Uses high-level security to increase security.

Has the no-logs rule: Does not track your online activity.

Quick and trustworthy connections: Provides quick and secure connections.

Dark Web Monitor: If your accounts are compromised and shared on the dark-web, NordVPN will notify you.


Provides fast-paced streaming experience


Issues with connectivity and speed on the mobile app.

30-Day Free Trial

As a result, people looking for a cheap, dependable service with high security and unblocking features may consider Surf Shark as their VPN of choice for Raspberry PI.

Key Specs:

Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android

No of Servers: 3200+ Server Countries: 65 Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Pricing: Plans start at $3.95 per month with 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!

Key Features:

Protocol Support: Supports VPN protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2/Ipsec, OpenVPN, UDP / TCP.

RAM-Only Server: Obfuscated RAM-only servers, meaning all log data is deleted with a server reboot.

MultiHop: Gain the ability to connect multiple servers at once.

Kill switch: Surf Shark will shut down automatically if your connection fails.

Enables users to bypass region-blocked content: Access content that is not available in your country.



May work slower during peak usage times.

30-Day Free Trial

Atlas VPN was established in 2023 and has rapidly grown in popularity due to its powerful features and affordable pricing. Atlas VPN also has one of the most competitive pricing plans in the VPN industry. It provides a limited features free-version of its service so users can test it out before committing to a paid plan. It is a free vpn raspberry pi.

It also places a high priority on user privacy, with features like no-logs policies and military-grade encryption. Furthermore, it provides a feature called SafeBrowse that blocks harmful websites and phishing attempts. As a result, clients looking for a solid, affordable service with great security and unblocking capabilities should strongly consider Atlas VPN. Thanks to its fast connection speeds, user-friendly UI, and extensive server network, it is an excellent choice for a variety of online activities, including streaming, surfing, and online gaming, and a great free vpn for raspberry pi.

Key Specs:

No of Servers: 750+ Server Countries: 38 Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Pricing: Plans start at $1.99 per month with 30 day moneyback gaunratee.

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


SafeSwap Servers: Atlas will rotate your IP address as you surf the internet providing an extra layer of security.

Data Breach Monitor: AtlasVPN regularly checks publicly leaked databases for its subscribers’ credentials and alerts in case of a breach.

No-logs policy: Atlas VPN will not track its users’ online activity.

Blocks fishy websites: It blocks any suspicious websites you may come across. It will also block malware.

Provides kill switch feature: The VPN will shut down on its own if the connection fails for any reason.


Support fast 4K live streaming optimized servers.


Services are not up to mark on the free plan.

30-Day Free Trial

As part of its commitment to user privacy, ProtonVPN has its headquarters in Switzerland, which has strict privacy laws. It supports AES-256 encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and DNS leak protection.

ProtonVPN is an excellent VPN choice overall for users seeking robust privacy and security features and multi-platform compatibility. For those looking to not spend any money, this may be the best vpn provider.

Key Specs:

Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux.

No of Servers: 1900+ Server Countries: 67 Split Tunneling: yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: yes Kill Switch: yes

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, iPlayer, YT

No-logging policy: yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: 10

Pricing: Plans start at $5 per month. Money-back guarantee within 30 days with no questions asked.

Free Trial: Lifetime Basic Free Plan Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Secure Core: If a VPN endpoint is compromised your IP address is not revealed. Because the traffic is routed via privacy friendly countries like Iceland and Switzerland.

User-Friendly Interface: ProtonVPN is easy to use with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Perfect forward secrecy: There is no way that your encrypted traffic can be decrypted later.

AdBlocker: Protects users from malware, trackers, and adware.

Connectivity up to 10 devices: Can connect with up to 10 devices at once.


Offers users to route their traffic through Tor


May not always be able to bypass region-restricted content.

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

How to Install VPN on Raspberry Pi?

Installing a VPN on Raspberry Pi on your device is not a difficult task. Morevover, you should know that all VPN clients differ from one another. Contact your VPN’s customer support to confirm the steps.

Here are some general steps we’ve listed for Raspberry Pi users that can help in installing a VPN:

Step 1) Select a VPN service: Both premium and free VPN services are readily available.

Step 2) Next, select a service that works with the Raspberry Pi and satisfies your requirements for security, privacy, speed, and other elements.

Step 3) Then, you’ll have to set up the OpenVPN client on your Raspberry Pi device.

For that, Type the command: “sudo apt-get install openvpn” will help you do so.

Step 4) Acquire the VPN configuration files: You may acquire configuration files for your Raspberry Pi from the majority of VPN providers.

Note: The parameters required to connect to the VPN are contained in these files. In order to get those files on your device, you’ll need to authenticate into your VPN account.

Step 5) Configure the OpenVPN client and enter: “.conf” file in the “/etc/openvpn/” directory and copy its data.

Step 5) Create a VPN connection: Simple type in the following command (in terminal) after installing the OpenVPN client – openvpn –config /etc/openvpn/your_config_file_name.ovpn

Step 6) A VPN connection test: Once you’ve established a connection, go to a website that checks your IP address.

Note: Ideally, the website should show the IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to.


Raspberry Pi is a line of compact, single-board computers created to offer hobbyists, scholars, and professionals a cost-effective and transportable computing platform. These little computers, which are quite small-sized, run Raspbian, Windows 10 IoT Core, and Linux.

Here’s what you should consider before choosing a VPN for your Raspberry Pi:

Level of security: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that security should be your main concern when selecting a VPN provider. If you want to secure your data, search for a provider that offers robust encryption and additional features such as a kill switch.

Price: VPN services range in price, and some of them are rather expensive. Keep your budget in mind before choosing any provider. However, know that the cheapest option may not always be up to your standards.

Speed: It’s important to pick a VPN supplier that offers quick connections in order to limit any impact on your browsing or streaming. VPNs can result in a slowdown of your internet connection.

User-friendliness: Different VPN services require different amounts of setup and usage expertise. To enjoy a hassle-free experience, search for a VPN that has a user-friendly interface and allows you to navigate easily.

Raspberry is not the most secure system to work on. However, a built-in user account system on Raspberry Pi enables users to create distinct accounts with varied permissions, which can aid in preventing unauthorized access to the system.

In this comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about the top five VPNs for Raspberry Pi. If you’re thinking about getting a VPN, you can choose from the ones listed above.

Best FREE VPNs for Raspberry Pi

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5 Best Vpn For Public Wifi To Protect Privacy ( 2023)

Our Best VPN Recommendation Best VPNs for Public WiFi Hotspot (Free & Paid)

Strongest Encryption Standards

ExpressVPN works well with public WiFi and effectively encrypts your connection. Thanks to its best-in-the-game 256-bit AES encryption, you can reliably use this VPN with any public WiFi.

From unblocking geo-restricted content to offering superfast speed, this VPN is a great partner for nearly all purposes. ExpressVPN is safe, fast, and secure. Along with offering a stable and fast-speed connection, it also comes with a range of leakproof cybersecurity features. It helps you to connect to any of its 3000+ servers based in 94 countries and safeguard your browsing experience on public WiFi.

Key Specs:

Best For: Streaming content from other countries without interruption Server Countries: 94 Server selection: Manual Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS, Microsoft Windows

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: 5

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


✔️ Security: ExpressVPN prevents any kind of leak by securing your device with industry-leading encryption standards, including the 4096-bit DHE-RSA keys, perfect forward secrecy, and SHA512 hash authentication. It also offers standard security features such as a kill switch and split tunneling.

✔️ Lightway Protocol: ExpressVPN operates on the OpenVPN and Lightway protocols that ensure a stable, safe, and fast connection throughout your session.

✔️ Privacy: ExpressVPN has a strict and twice-tested no-logs policy. This VPN for public Wifi is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is a safe haven for privacy-friendly laws.

✔️ Speed: ExpressVPN is remarkably fast. It averages a speed of 475 Mbps across all major locations in the world and offers highly satisfactory streaming, video calling, and web surfing experience.

✔️ Streaming services: ExpressVPN unblocks nearly every major streaming service, including the staples such as Netflix US, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, etc.

✔️ Compatible Devices: ExpressVPN makes apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. It also has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


Smart DNS proxy service that allows the VPN to work with devices like Apple TV and Xbox One


Allows only five simultaneous connections

How does the VPN protect against common public Wi-Fi threats?

ExpressVPN’s strong encryption standards prevent packet sniffing by creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the website server.

30-Day Free Trial

Blazing Fast Speed

NordVPN offers sufficient protection and works well with public WiFi. From security to privacy, this VPN has it all. Boasted with a strong network of 5500+ servers around the world, NordVPN offers premium encryption and high-speed connection to its users.

NordVPN has a uniform and easy-to-use interface across its apps and browser extensions. This allows the VPN WiFi hotspot to be set up by both beginner and experienced VPN users.

Key Specs:

Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS

No of Servers: 5000+ Server Countries: 59 Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: 6

Best for: Connecting double VPN, Onion over VPN servers, P2P.

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


✔️ Double VPN: NordVPN servers have the standard AES-256 cipher encryption. For extended security measures, you can install Double VPN and get your traffic through 2 independent servers at the same time.

✔️ Compatible Devices: NordVPN works with nearly all devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. It also has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

✔️ Privacy: NordVPN follows a no-logs policy and offers watertight DNS leak protection. All of the data is stored with RAM and is wiped out after each session. Additionally, NordVPN is based in Panama, which is one of the world’s leading privacy-friendly countries.

✔️ Dark Web Monitor: NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitoring prevents cache exploitation and secures your device from information leaks.

✔️ Obfuscated servers: NordVPN’s specially designed servers bypass VPN-blocking firewalls to connect with servers based in restrictive areas.

✔️ Speed: NordVPN offers blazing fast speed through its propriety NordLynx protocol. It also has the best-in-the-class WireGuard protocol to boost speed and provide a uniform and stable high-speed connection.

✔️ Streaming Services: NordVPN enables streaming of geo-restricted content from Netflix US, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

✔️ Compatible Devices: You can download the NordVPN app on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux devices.


Has in-built ad-blockers and sophisticated spam filters.


Limited bandwidth and data caps.

How does the VPN protect against common public Wi-Fi threats?

NordVPN minimizes the risk of hacking and Man-in-the-middle attack through its unique Dark Web Monitor and Threat Protection features.

30-Day Free Trial

Best Free WiFi VPN

Atlas VPN comes with essential security and privacy features which make it a decent VPN for WiFi. Even with a free plan, you get optimum speed, rock-solid encryption, a data breach checker, and built-in ad blockers.

Powered through 1000+ servers worldwide, Atlas VPN is a rapidly growing beginner-friendly VPN service. It offers multiple connection options with OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, and WireGuard. Although Atlas VPN is based in the U.S., it maintains a strict no-logs policy and adheres to other privacy standards.

Key Specs:

Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

No of Servers: 750+ Server Countries: 37 Split Tunneling: yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: yes Kill Switch: yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu.

No-logging policy: yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


✔️ SafeSwap: SafeSwap is Atlas VPN’s propriety privacy feature that enables the automatic shuffling of the allotted IP address. It’s IP addresses switch in regular intervals without any manual effort and add another layer of security while using public WiFi.

✔️ SafeBrowse: Atlas VPN’s SafeBrowse feature blocks malicious websites that are known for installing ransomware, spam, and crypto-jacking programs. This feature also hinders you from accessing blacklisted websites that can threaten your data and device.

✔️ WireGuard protocol: Atlas VPN operates on the WireGuard protocol that ensures fast speed throughout your session. Users can also pick from IPSec/IKEv2 protocols that are equally efficient and offer ideal speed.

✔️ MultiHop+: Atlas VPN’s MultiHop+ feature tunnels your connection by rotating it through multiple server locations. This adds several layers of encryption on a single connection. MultiHop+ comes in particularly handy when you’re using public WiFi.

✔️ Compatible Devices: Atlas VPN works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.


Built-in ad blockers for a safe and pleasant browsing experience


Limited servers around the globe.

How does the VPN protect against common public Wi-Fi threats?

Atlas VPN for WiFi eliminates the chances of security vulnerabilities or misconfigurations with its SafeSwap feature. This in-built feature automatically shuffles your IP address and adds multiple layers of encryption that safeguard your connection.

30-Day Free Trial

Most Affordable VPN

Surfshark is a feature-packed virtual private network that works well with public WiFi networks. The VPN comes with a wide range of fantastic security features, privacy policies, strong encryption, and cybersecurity features.

Users also get standard security features such as Avira-powered antivirus, webcam hijacking protection, and real-time spam scanning. Surfshark is easy to use, and its apps have simple and beginner-friendly functionality. It helps you to connect as many devices as you want and stream unlimited content on public WiFi with this VPN.

Key Specs:

Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

No of Servers: 3200 Server Countries: 65 Split Tunneling: yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: yes Kill Switch: yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu.

No-logging policy: yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Best for: Gaming, Browsing, and Streaming.

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


✔️ Encryption: Surfshark offers the market-leading AES-256 encryption that masterfully conceals your data and connection on public WiFi. It also protects your login details with SHA-512 encryption.

✔️ Tunneling Protocols: As a Surfshark user, you can choose from WireGuard tunnel, OpenVPN, and IKv2 protocols. Each protocol excels on its own in the speed and security departments.

✔️ Kill Switch: Surfshark has an automatic kill switch feature that blocks your IP address in the event of sudden VPN disconnection and takes your device offline. Hence stopping it from connecting to public WiFi in the absence of a secure VPN connection.

✔️ No-logs Policy: Surfshark offers a strict no-logs policy. This has been recently audited by Deloitte. Furthermore, it has reliable RAM-only servers that wipe out data after the end of each session. This allows you to maintain complete anonymity while using public WiFi.

✔️ Private DNS: Surfshark enables leak protection measures through Private DNS. Hence, every server protection is done using IPv4 stack to enhance user security.

✔️ Camouflage Mode: Surfshark’s unique Camouflage Mode conceals your VPN from your internet provider and allows you to stay private. This feature comes in handy when you are using Public WiFi.

✔️ Bypasser: Surfshark enables tunneled traffic through its unique Bypasser feature. This helps users in picking out the websites that need to be accessed through the VPN.

✔️ Compatible Devices: Surfshark has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. It also has user-friendly browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome.


Smart DNS feature that enables VPN on non-VPN-friendly devices .


Limited security and antivirus features in the standard subscription.

How does the VPN protect against common public Wi-Fi threats?

Password cracking is a very common threat for public WiFi users. Surfshark offers two-step authentication and protects your password and login details through its tested SHA-512 encryption. The authentication system negates the possibility of password hacking and protects the login credentials of your VPN.

30-Day Free Trial

Vast Server Coverage

PIA offers stable connections to millions of users with its dense network of 30000+ servers worldwide. This VPN has other perks, such as upgraded protocol options, automation rules, and customizable features. It helps you to make 10 simultaneous connections.

Key Specs:

iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. Total number of servers: 10,000+ Countries: 84+ countries

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth No-logging policy: Yes

Free Trial: No- 30 days money-back guarantee Simultaneous connections: 10+ Maximum supported devices: Unlimited

Split Tunneling: Yes Kill Switch: Yes Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


✔️ Encryption: PIA offers AES-128 encryption. This is a step below military-grade AES-256 encryption. But it gets the job done. The VPN also offers OpenVPN and WireGuard protocol options with its paid plans.

✔️ Open-Source Transparency: PIA’s 100% open-source and publicly available apps let people search for irregularities and lapses in security themselves.

✔️ Servers: PIA has fast-speed servers in 84 countries that facilitate lightning-fast speed. Users also get unlimited bandwidth with each subscription. Despite the heavy encryption, there is little to no speed throttling, which is a bonus while using public WiFi networks.

✔️ Dedicated IP: PIA offers an anonymous IP address that conceals your online activity without comprising on speed and browsing experience.

✔️ Compatible Devices: This VPN has apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux. It also provides browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


Offers a clean user interface and uniform app design across all devices .


Underwhelming speed as compared to other VPNs in the same price range.

How does the VPN protect against common public Wi-Fi threats?

Evil Twin is the practice of setting up malicious hotspots in the disguise of trustworthy public WiFi networks. It is one of the most common hacking practices in the digital world. Private Internet Access’ unique MACE ad blocker filters out malicious hotspots and blocks connection to shady public WiFi hotspots.

30 days money-back guarantee

How to Set Up a VPN for a Public WiFi

Here are steps to set up a VPN for public WiFi:

Step 2) Select a suitable plan from one of the three plans: a) 1 month, b) 6 months, and c) 12 months, and pay.

The VPN is now functioning.

Step 3) Install ExpressVPN on your device.

Step 4) Connect your device to a public WiFi network or hotspot.

Step 5) Log into the VPN from your device and enable kill switch.

Step 6) Select a suitable VPN server.

That’s all! Your device’s external connection is now encrypted with ExpressVPN.

Best Practices for Using Public WiFi Networks With VPN

Here are all the things that you must keep in mind while using a VPN with Public WiFi:

Visit only secure HTTPS websites and avoid shady and spammy websites while being on public WiFi.

Enable two-step authentication, as it drastically reduces the chances of password hacking and other cyber-attacks.

Disable auto login for your social media accounts and Google Drive.

Set the WiFi network to “Public” to conceal your device from hackers.

Disable auto-connect from your WiFi setting and connect to the public WiFi only after you’ve turned on the VPN and enabled the kill switch.

Don’t type any sensitive information and passwords or hop onto banking websites while using public WiFi.

Use strong and diverse passwords for different websites.

Erase your browser history and forget public WiFi details after the end of each session.

VPN for Public WiFi FAQ

Yes. It is crucial to protect your connection through a VPN. Connecting your device to a public WiFi is far more dangerous than connecting to your home’s Internet service provider. The former exposes your personal information and puts your device at risk of hacking and cyber threats. A VPN with powerful security features and privacy protocol can encrypt your data and hide your IP address. Thereby securing your connection.

There are hundreds of VPNs in the market. To choose the best VPN for Public WiFi, you must consider these factors:

Encryption: The VPN must have the highest encryption standards that can conceal your data from third parties. You must only consider VPNs that have AES encryption.

Security: VPN for public WiFi must have essential security features such as a kill switch, traffic obfuscation, built-in spam blockers, and threat detectors.

No-logs policy: The VPN must value user privacy by maintaining a no-logs policy. It shouldn’t keep any logs and must also ensure that no login data or website timestamps are ever shared or sold in the outer world.

Speed: The VPN must also offer optimum speed that isn’t throttled due to heavy encryption.

Supported devices: The VPN must be compatible with most devices. It should also have user-friendly and accessible apps for Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Linux devices.

Simultaneous connections: Lastly, a VPN for public WiFi must offer at least five or more simultaneous connections with one subscription.

It is risky to use a free VPN provider with public WiFi. Free VPNs compromise on speed, safety, and privacy. An unpaid subscription also provides lackluster encryption and does not block shady sites. The best VPN for WiFi is the one that is feature-packed and fits your budget, such as NordVPN and Surfshark.

You can, but only if the public WiFi you’re using hasn’t blocked HD streaming from sites like Netflix and your VPN is able to unblock Netflix. Most public WiFi networks block streaming sites to conserve bandwidth. You can pick any VPN that offers fast speed and secure connection and bypasses international geo-restrictions to stream HD Netflix content.

Nearly all VPNs work with public WiFi. If you’re unable to connect a public WiFi with a VPN, then it must be because of the public WiFi’s VPN policy.

Most public WiFi networks either block VPN traffic or heavily restrict VPN browsing activities. To use a VPN with public WiFi, you need to ensure that the WiFi isn’t blocking VPNs. You can also take care of some other steps, such as an unstable Internet connection or firewall blockage.

No. VPN connection to a hotel, cafe, or open-space WiFi is highly unsafe. A hotel’s WiFi is likely connected to hundreds of devices. This exposes your device to spam, hacking, cyberattacks, and other kinds of attacks.

Some of the potential consequences of using hotel WiFi are eavesdropping, stolen credit card numbers/bank information, malware attack, etc. To safely use a hotel WiFi, you can connect it with a VPN that encrypts your connection, protects your device, and enhances your browsing experience.

Best VPNs for Public WiFi Hotspot (Free & Paid) Conclusion

Now that you’re aware of the risks that come with using public WiFi without a VPN, you must immediately get a VPN that offers a secure, private, and fast connection.

ExpressVPN is the leading choice for a personal VPN, as it comes with best-in-class encryption and commendable privacy features. You can also consider NordVPN and enjoy fast, high-speed, and secure connection while using public WiFi.

Best Raspberry Pi Cases: Great Options To Dress Up Your Mini

You don’t have to buy a case for a Raspberry Pi, but doing so makes the experience that much nicer. That’s particularly so if, for example, you plan to use a Pi 3 B+ as a home-theater PC or even a secondary desktop.

The best Raspberry Pi cases Greased lightning

Retailer: c4labs Price: $15


C4 Labs sells a snazzy-looking wood case that has 1950s-style hot-rod flames and the Chevy Bel Air symbol. The case uses laser-cut birch wood, and works with the Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and model B+. The enclosure has appropriate access to all the various ports, including room for a GPIO ribbon cable.

If this case isn’t your thing, ModMyPi also has an interesting Helix case made from “flame grilled” medium-density fiberboard. It works with the Raspberry Pi 3, 2, and model B+. This case doesn’t require any screws, as it uses push fit pins to come together. The manufacture recommends that users avoid disassembling this case often, in order to keep from damaging the tight-fitting pins.

Official Rasberry Pi 3 Case

Retailer: Amazon Price: $6

Raspberry Pi Foundation

The official Raspberry Pi 3 case is pretty basic as cases go, but we just had to include it since it’s the “official” way to dress up your RPi 3.

Super Nintendo Case

Retailer: Pigmented (via Etsy) Price: $110


In addition to the case, you also get a stand for the device. Pigmented also sells an $180 version of this kit that also includes a Raspberry Pi Zero W (an upgraded version of the Zero with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support), the various wires necessary to work it, and a controller.

Pi Stacks

Retailer: ModMyPi ModMyPi

Sometimes a single Raspberry Pi just won’t do. For those times when you’re working on a dual-Pi project, the Multi-Pi Stackable case is a useful option. The case is basically two acrylic shelves for mounting your Raspberry Pi boards. There are no sides, allowing for an open air design to keep your hard working RPis cool.

Working with more than just two boards? You can buy more cases to stack on top of each other for a tower of delicious and affordable computing power.

Motion sensor

Retailer: ModMyPi Price: £16.00 ($20.71 at this writing)


The case’s purchase price includes the PIR motion sensor, but you’ll have to pick up a Pi Camera (and RPi3 board) yourself.

Super NES

Retailer: Amazon Price: $20

Kintaro / Amazon

Appeal to your inner retro gamer with this mini replica of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The case, called the Super Kintaro, features the same classic buttons on the top—and they’re functional. It also comes with a custom heat sink to make sure you don’t experience a meltdown during a Super Mario World session. This particular case is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 and 3 B+.

Lego NES

Retailer: RaspPiPC Price: €24.75 ($28.06 at this writing)


Spain-based RasPiPC has a Nintendo Entertainment System case. You can find all kinds of versions of an NES case online, but this particular model is made from Lego. It works with Raspberry Pi 2 and 3.

Be warned this case is for hardcore Lego fans, as you’ll have to construct the thing yourself. (Want an easier and cheaper NES-themed option? Try this $16 one made by Kintaro.)


Retailer: VagrantInd (via Etsy) VagrantInd

This 3D-printed Raspberry Pi case is for fans of the Fallout video game series. This option is a wearable replica of the Pip-boy personal computing device—a central part of the gear used by the main characters in the Fallout series. This particular model is based on the Pip-boy 3000 Mark IV from Fallout IV. Anyone ordering this case will need to supply measurements to make sure the item will fit.

To make this case into a true Pip-boy, you’ll also need a touch screen, the Pi Camera, the Pip Boy software, and your Raspberry Pi board (either the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3).

Commodore Amiga 500 Retro Raspberry Pi Case

Retailer: retropicases (via Etsy) Price: $32.56


This particular case snaps together, so you won’t need to worry about screws or other little fiddly parts. It also provides access to all ports.

Adafruit case

Retailer: Adafruit Price: $8 ($5 for the case, $3 for the lid)


Adafruit has its own line of polycarbonate cases for the Raspberry Pi 3 / 2 / Model B+ that are simple base units with snap-on lids. The base costs $5 and comes in a wide variety of colors that includes clear, gray, orange, blue, green, purple, and pink.

Puck Case

Retailer: theC4Lab Price: $15


Etsy is home to a variety of unique cases for a Raspberry Pi, and this one’s especially interesting. Compatible with the Pi 3 B+ and Pi 3, It’s a puck case with a radiation symbol on the top (unless that’s supposed to be a reel-to-reel tape) that looks quite compact.

Since this acrylic case with metal fasteners is made to order, it won’t be shipped out the day you order it.

Thor’s Hammer Pi Case

Retailer: 3dWholesalePCLLC (via Etsy) 3dWholesalePCLLC

Thor may have lost Mjolnir in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there’s little chance you’ll misplace the diminutive Raspberry Pi encased in this made-to-order replica.

The case is sold by 3dWholesalePCLLC but was designed by Darren Furniss. It features enough room to house the Pi, a fan, and a side door for the SD card. You’ll need a 2.5mm hex driver for the screws.

DeathStar Pi Case


Retailer: 3dWholesalePCLCC (via Etsy) Price: $50

Another pop culture special for the Raspberry Pi 3 from 3dWholesalePCLCC and Darren Furniss, this Death Star replica includes a Pi Camera hole right where the Alderaan death ray should be. There’s also a fan vent at the top for a 30mm fan.

Media Pi Plus

Retailer: sb components Price: $50

sb components

This case straddles the worlds of both Raspberry Pi cases and kits. The Pi makes a great media streamer when Kodi software is installed, and this Media Pi Plus case takes that up a notch.

The Media Pi Plus works with the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and 2. 

More Raspberry Pi cases

These are our favorite cases that we’ve found so far, but there’s a whole world of interesting Raspberry Pi cases out there for you to explore—especially on Etsy. Among the sea of gaming-themed options are aluminum shells and even custom-etched, mixed-material frames.

Best Vpn For Mac In 2023

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and as the name suggests it gives you access to the internet through a private network. Here we’ve listed some of the best VPN software for Mac that you should give a try. There are many free VPN software available in the market, but we prefer to list only paid ones as freeware usually comes with toolbars and other unwanted things. Without wasting any further time, let’s check out the list.

1. PureVPN

If you’re looking for an excellent VPN for Mac at an affordable price, PureVPN ticks all the boxes. It has a network of over 6500 servers across 140 countries that offer a stable and speedy connection.

Further, it uses AES 256-bit encryption for security does not keep data logs of your browsing activity, so you can rest assured about privacy.

It works like a charm to access geographically restricted content on Netflix, Disney Plus, and other streaming sites. Since you can use up to ten devices on a single account, it’s an ideal choice for families or small teams.

Moreover, you can get it at an affordable price $2.91* per month (for a 2-year plan). Don’t worry! there’s a 31-day money-back guarantee. Limited-time discount of 73%


2. Atlas VPN

An easy-to-use VPN service, Atlas VPN features 256-bit encryption (IKEv2 protocol) and over 700 high-speed VPN servers in its arsenal. Thanks to it, you’ll get a fast, stable, and dependable connection across the globe. 

The software is designed to help you experience the internet without limitations, i.e., no censorship, tracking, or geo-restrictions. So, you get to enjoy 4k streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc., without interruptions. 

But what makes Atlas VPN a great option is its competitive pricing. And if you are in it for the long haul, the three-year special pack will cost you just $1.39/month. Along with a claim of no hidden fees, the company also offers a 30-day full refund policy so you can test it without issue.


3. NordVPN

NordVPN tops the list given the security claim made by the company. The company says they are neither based on EU or US jurisdiction and thus, have no obligation of sharing any information to anyone. In fact, they claim they don’t store anything about your browsing, so even if you ask for history, they cannot provide it. In addition, military-grade encryption is used to deliver impeccable security.

With the paid version, you can secure up to 6 devices, regardless of the OS it uses. On top of that, there is a browser extension available that can come in handy on your Mac. Android and iOS app can help you secure your mobile browsing. The company has more than 5000 servers across 62 countries providing high-speed internet and also a wide range of location options. It is undoubtedly one of the best VPN apps for Mac.


4. Surfshark

Unlike many other VPN service providers, Surfshark stands out with its amazing features. And the glaring one is Netflix compatibility. While most VPNs allow US and UK consumers to access Netflix, Surfshark permits users in nine other countries to watch Netflix on their devices. And these countries are Australia, Canada, German, France, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

Since the VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, it doesn’t log your activities. The VPN service doesn’t collection anything except for your email ID and billing information. The service protects your IP addresses (incoming-outgoing), downloading or purchasing history, VPN servers, bandwidth, session information, connection timestamps, and network traffic.


5. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN service provider, which has installed its servers in more than 500 locations across 41 countries. Your Internet browsing is protected by this VPN with its Secure Core architecture. This architecture routes your traffic through a number of servers before it leaves your network.


6. Ivacy

The company also has a strict NO LOG policy, and that means, none of your browsing activity is logged anywhere. Lastly, there’s a 30-days money-back guarantee.


7. Cyber Ghost

When it comes to security, Cyber Ghost does not maintain logs and all the data is processed through 256-bit AES encryption. You can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously regardless of the OS they use. Lastly, there’s also a 45-days money-back guarantee available, if you are not happy with the purchase.


8. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is yet another famous name when it comes to VPN service providers. The company has 2000+ servers globally. It provides unlimited bandwidth, without throttling; you hardly notice any difference in internet speed. As long as security is concerned, this too does not maintain any logs of your browsing activity.

On top of that, it protects from hacking and surveillance with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, kill switch, and split tunneling. Lastly, there’s a 30-days money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the service.


9. IPVanish

IPVanish has 1100+ servers across 60+ countries with 40000+ shared IPs. With these resources, you’ll get high internet speeds without compromising your privacy and browsing history. The company, like all other service providers, does not maintain any activity log, and thus, your browsing activity is safe and sound.

This too uses 256-bit AES encryption, making sure the information you send is safe from hackers and surveillance. It supports up to 10 devices simultaneously with unlimited switching between servers.


10. Vyprvpn

Vyprvpn is a little different compared to others on the list. That’s because the company claims to run their own network with their own physical hardware and maybe that’s the reason the company has 700 servers across 70 different countries. Running their private network has its own benefits, they can optimize internet speed in a much better way compared to their counterparts.

When it comes to security, it uses strong encryption, protecting your details from surveillance and hackers. Lastly, you can customize connection behavior on a per-app basis on your Mac.


11. PrivateInternetAccess

When it comes to speed, it offers unlimited bandwidth at high speeds to give you a flawless browsing experience. Lastly, there’s a 7-days money-back guarantee.


That’s all!

Before few years, VPN was only for specific users as cyber threats were not so much. But now, it has become a necessity even for average internet users. Don’t let your private information float around on the internet, use a VPN now.

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How To Set Up A Tor Proxy With Raspberry Pi

What is a Tor proxy server?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary for clients that are requesting resources from a server, such as a file or website.

When you set up a Tor proxy server, all of your traffic gets redirected via the Tor network. Every packet of data that you send via Tor is encrypted and decrypted multiple times and redirected through several relays that are randomly selected from the thousands of relays that make up the Tor network. This way, you can conceal your location and activity from anyone who may be watching the network. This includes concealing the websites you visit, the messages you send, and any posts you make.

Many people access Tor via the free Tor browser, but this requires you to set up the browser on every single device where you access the Internet. If you want to use the Tor network across all your devices or surf the Web anonymously using your existing web browser, then it’s often easier to simply set up a Tor proxy server, which is what you will learn in this tutorial.

What you’ll need

To complete this tutorial, you’ll need:

Raspberry Pi that’s running Raspberry Pi OS

Power cable that’s compatible with your Raspberry Pi.

External keyboard and a way to attach it to your Raspberry Pi

HDMI or micro HDMI cable, depending on your model of Raspberry Pi

External monitor

Ethernet cable if not connecting over Wi-Fi

Getting started: set up your Raspberry Pi

To start, connect all the peripherals to your Raspberry Pi.

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to check that you’re running the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. Open the Terminal and type the following command:


apt update






If it does install one or more updates, then reboot your Raspberry Pi by running the following command:


reboot Install Tor on your Raspberry Pi

You can install Tor using a single Terminal command:





You’ll now have two new services running on your Raspberry Pi: tor.service and [email protected].

The “tor” service is merely a dummy service that only appears active. To check that the real tor@default service is running, use the following Terminal command:


systemctl status tor



If the Terminal returns an “active” message, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Configure your Tor proxy server

Set up your proxy server by making some changes to Tor’s configuration file. Before editing this “torr” file, it’s a good idea to create a backup:















Now that you have a backup, create a simple configuration that’ll expose the Tor Socks proxy service on port 9050 and accept connections from the local LAN.

To open the “torr” configuration file for editing, run the following command:









This file will now launch in the Nano text editor. First, specify the “SocksPort,” which is the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. You can retrieve this information by running the following Terminal command:



Take this IP address and add the port number :9050. For example, if the Raspberry Pi’s IP address is, then add the following to the Torr configuration file:



Add the following to the Nano text editor, making sure to replace “SocksPort” with your own value:



SocksPolicy accept












Once you’ve made the changes, save the file by pressing the Ctrl + O and Ctrl + X to close.

To restart the Tor service with your new configuration, run the following command:


systemctl restart tor


default.service Connect to your Tor proxy from any web browser

In this final section, you’ll learn how to connect to your Raspberry Pi server, using all the major web browsers.

Note that you’ll typically connect to your Raspberry Pi using its IP address. You can retrieve this information at any point by running hostname -I in the Raspberry Pi Terminal.

Mozilla Firefox

Let’s start by configuring Firefox to use your Socks proxy server:

1. In Firefox’s upper-right corner, select the three-line icon.

2. Select “Preferences.”

3. In the menu on the left, select “General.”

5. In the subsequent “Connection Settings” window, select the “Manual proxy configuration” checkbox.

6. In the “SOCKS Host” field, enter the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.

7. In “Port,” enter “9050.”

8. Make sure the “SOCKS v5” checkbox is selected.

Close and relaunch Firefox – it should now be using the Tor network!

Google Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers)

Are you using Chrome? To point Google Chrome in the direction of your proxy server:

1. In Chrome’s upper-right corner, select the three-dot icon.

2. Select “Settings.”

4. Select “Open your computer’s proxy settings.”

The next steps will vary, depending on your operating system.


Select “SOCKS Proxy.”

Close and then relaunch Chrome. When it relaunches, it should already be using the Tor network.


If you’re on a Windows PC, then Google Chrome should have launched the “Internet Options” window. In this window:

Relaunch Google Chrome. It should now be communicating with your Tor proxy server.

Apple Safari

If you’re using Apple’s Safari browser, then:

2. Select the “Advanced” tab.

3. Find “Proxies” and select its accompanying “Change Settings … ” button.

4. In the menu on the left, select “SOCKS Proxy.”

5. In “SOCKS Proxy Server,” enter the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.

6. In the accompanying text field, enter the port number “9050.”

Don’t forget to relaunch Safari!

Are you really using Tor?

If you’ve followed the instructions in this article, then you should now be using the Tor network – but it never hurts to check! In the web browser that you’ve configured to use Tor, head over to the Tor website.

If you see the above message, then congratulations – you’re successfully routing all of your traffic via Tor!

You have learned in this tutorial how to transform a Raspberry Pi into a Tor proxy server. If you find this too complicated, you can install Tor browser on your USB drive and bring it wherever you go. Alternatively you can make Tor faster with these tips.

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Jessica Thornsby is a technical writer based in Derbyshire, UK. When she isn’t obsessing over all things tech, she enjoys researching her family tree, and spending far too much time with her house rabbits.

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Best Mouse For Windows 11: 5 Top Picks For 2023

Best Mouse for Windows 11: 5 Top Picks for 2023




There are many different kinds of computer mice so it’s difficult to choose which is the best.

Take a look at gaming mice with tons of buttons and trackball mice for easier scrolling.

This guide breaks down the best computer mice for Windows 11.



Fix Windows 11 OS errors with Fortect:

This tool repairs common computer errors by replacing the problematic system files with the initial working versions. It also keeps you away from system errors, BSoDs, and repairs damages made by malware and viruses. Fix PC issues and remove viruses damage now in 3 easy steps:

Download and Install Fortect on your PC

Launch the tool and Start scanning to find broken files that are causing the problems

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

There isn’t a more important computer peripheral than the computer mouse. And because of its importance, you shouldn’t have to settle for a cheap or terrible mouse. Since its inception, computer mice have gone through radical changes.

Modern computer mice do much more than have two buttons and a scroller. The market for these devices is all over the place with vastly different prices, designs, and functionalities.

What is the best computer mouse?

It all comes down to what you’re looking for. Certain computer mice are better for certain situations. Gaming mice have a ton of buttons on them, for example. These types of mice are great for gamers but ultimately useless for an accountant.

Some people prefer to have a computer mouse that is inexpensive and light on features. They wouldn’t want something complex that can do a million things. Again, it depends on what you, as the user, are looking for.

This guide will break down some of the best computer mice that you can get on your Windows 11 computer. There’s no one singular best mouse for every situation. It depends on what you want, but there are some who come close.

What are the best computer mice available for Windows 11?

Long battery life

Connect up to three devices

Ergonomic design

Works on different systems

Wireless connection

Leaking anything special

Check price

Starting off the list of best mice is the Logitech MX Master 3. It’s a wireless mouse that connects to your computer via the accompanying dongle or through a Bluetooth connection.

It has a long battery life, up to 70 full days on a single charge. The MX Master charges rather quickly too with a one-minute charge giving you a full three hours of usage. The mouse can connect up to three different devices and three different operating systems.

This means that you can hop from a Windows 11 computer to a Mac to a Linux machine and not skip a beat. Another notable feature is how ergonomic it is, which to say, it’s very comfortable to use.

The MX Master 3 is shaped so that it conforms to your hand and does not have it bunched up over a small space. There’s a thumbwheel and buttons on the side for intuitive controls.

Price-wise, it’s pretty middle of the road. You won’t have to spend a whole lot for a solid mouse. All in all, it’s a decent package.

Low price tag

Wired for a solid connection

Easy to setup

No other drivers to install

Usable for right-handed and left-handed people

Slim on extra features

Check price

If you’re looking for a mouse that’s among the cheapest in the market, Logitech also has you covered with the M100. It’s a wired mouse that connects to your computer via a USB connection.

Unlike some of the other entries on this list, setup is easy and instantaneous. There are no additional drivers that you’ll have to install. It’s simply plug-in and use. The M100 is designed to be ambidextrous so it’ll work in whichever hand you use.

The M100 being a wired mouse is also a big plus. You won’t have to worry about your device dying from a dead battery because you forgot to charge it nor will you have to worry about a poor connection.

Poor connections are admittedly rare, but nothing is more annoying when they happen. Either way, you can rest easy on the M100.

Wireless connection

Great for wire management

Fits comfortably in your hands

Promote natural wrist rest

Comes in four different colors

Needs batteries

Check price

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is a great option for people who don’t want to deal with wires and have a comfortable device. Wire management can be a nightmare, especially if you have a busy desk.

Microsoft’s mouse fits comfortably in your hands with a thumb rest that promotes a natural hand and wrist position. That way, you won’t be twisting your hand in a weird direction.

The mouse also comes in four different colors. You have the standard Matte Black and Glacier White that adorns many electronic devices. There’s also the bright Pastel Blue and Peach for those who want more personality.

You can enhance productivity by customizing the three buttons on its side to app-specific commands. It runs on AAA batteries and, according to Microsoft, will last up to 15 months. The battery life depends on how often you use it and other computing conditions, however.

Like the M100 before, this mouse doesn’t go off to do anything crazy or add lights to the side. It’s a simple device for straightforward usage.

Tons of features

Remappable buttons

Ergonomic design

Lightning-fast response

Lightweight form factor

Can be hard to setup

Check price

For the gamers out there looking for a great mouse at a decent price, then you should check out the Katar Pro XT from Corsair. It’s a lightweight gaming mouse weighing only a few ounces. Its compact symmetrical shape allows for different types of grips.

Expert tip:

The Katar Pro is ideal for a claw or fingertip style of gaming. Speed is the name of the game as this mouse was also made with FPS and MOBA games like League of Legends in mind.

Even the buttons on top of the mouse were designed to be lightning fast. They have a spring-loaded design and a zero gap between the button for faster input.

It may interest you to know that there’s a wireless of the Katar Pro XT. It’s the exact same as the wired version in terms of speed and feature, although a little bit more expensive.

11 programmable buttons

Customizable lightning effects

Lights respond to games

26K DPI sensor to track movements

Fits comfortably in your hands

Has a high price tag

Check price

If the Corsair Katar doesn’t do it for you and you want a top-of-the-line gaming mouse, the Razer Basilisk V3 is the best for you. The most obvious aspect of the Basilisk is its rainbow lights.

The lights are called Razer Chroma RGB Lighting Zones and you customize each one from over 16.8 million colors and numerous lighting effects. The lights will also react to games that integrate with Chroma.

The Basilisk is jammed packed with features that are too many lists off in its entirety. So to go over them briefly, you have 11 programmable buttons that can be assigned to macros and other secondary functions like push-to-talk.

It has a 26K DPI sensor that will track your movements down to the slightest touch for pinpoint accuracy. The scrolling wheel can speed through content or enable tactile mode for greater precision.

And on top of all that, it has the ergonomics that Razer is known for. Your hand will be comfortably supported with your fingers in the optimal position for fast gameplay.

Works even on glass surfaces

Surprisingly comfortable in hand

Wireless via 2.4G USB

High DPI resolution for accurate tracking

Extra buttons to move through pages

Requires batteries

Check price

The Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse has a unique form factor and is unlike any of the entries on this list. In fact, you probably have never even seen a design like this before on a mouse.

Believe it or not, the Anker’s shark fin-like design is indeed ergonomic. It’s supposed to emulate the position your hand is in when you shake someone’s hand. Your arm and wrist sit in a natural position for smoother movement and less strain.

It is wireless and comes with a 2.4G USB receiver that you can plug into your computer to connect that way. The Anker mouse has a high DPI resolution rate for more precise movement tracking and works on a wide variety of surfaces.

A lot of mice have trouble working on glass tables, but Anker’s device doesn’t have this drawback. On the mouse are next and previous buttons that allow you to go back and forth between pages more conveniently than selecting the back arrow on your desktop.

Another great feature is the Anker mouse enters power saving mode after sitting idle for eight minutes, saving precious battery.

Easier to move around page with trackball

Wired for consistent connection

Scroll ring to up and down documents

Detachable wrist rest

Great for people with limited movement

Requires downloading software and drivers

Check price

The trackball is much easier to move around than a regular mouse and allows for easier scrolling. They’re great for people who have issues with moving a standard mouse around and want something easier on their wrist.

They’re not great for gaming, however. That said, Kensington’s rendition comes with a scroll ring that moves the web page or documents up and down with ease. These types of devices are ambidextrous so left-handed and right-handed people can use this with ease.

It also comes with a detachable rest for your wrist that cradles it in an ergonomic position. The Kensington Trackball Mouse comes with software and drivers that you can download to create a personalized experience.

What are other ways I can enhance my Windows 11 computer?

To go with your new mouse, you should look into getting a customized cursor. Windows 11 already offers a small degree of customization, but you can’t change the overall design or color of the cursor.

You should also look into Rainmeter skins for your desktop computer. Rainmeter adds an overlay to the main screen and can do a variety of things. You can add a GameHUB to serve as a central reservoir for your apps.

And if you’re a big gamer and would love to play Android apps, try out an Android emulator. The Amazon Appstore lets you do the same, but its options are limited since it restricts which apps you can get.

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