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Over the past few years, we have seen several improvements within the security industry – one of which is automatic license plate recognition. ALPR technology works by reading registration numbers in seconds.

Firstly, the image is captured and enhanced with various manipulation techniques. Then, OCR (optical character recognition) is used to read the different letters and numbers.

While some of us may have seen a plate reader in action, not many know their different uses. From assisting the police force to collecting tolls – you would be surprised at how frequently we cross paths with them.

Want to learn more? In this article, we will talk about five interesting benefits of automatic license plate recognition.

Let’s get started.

24/7 Monitoring

If you pair it with video surveillance, you have even better security. All of which can be used to assist law enforcement (which we will discuss further below).


Alongside using ALPR to assist with breaches and monitoring, it’s also a great preventative measure. For example, most criminals are less likely to target a facility with sound technology installed.


We all know how frustrating congestion can be in a crowded car park. By using an automatic reader, vehicles will be able to enter at a much faster rate, improving traffic flow significantly.

Efficiency can also be shown in the requirements of security personnel. Instead of having to walk around the entire premises, they can easily monitor who is inside via included CCTV footage.

Law Enforcement Assistance

Law enforcement offices use ALPR in many different ways. As well as gathering evidence for cases, it can be used to check vehicle registration quickly.

It’s also important to note that these systems are incredibly accurate. Eyewitness reports aren’t always the most reliable, but with ALPR, you can easily find the license plate number, vehicle make, and color involved in a crime.

Cost-Effective Solution

While you might think that implementing this type of technology is more expensive, that’s actually not the case. In most situations, you’ll be able to reduce the need for physical security personnel, thus cutting down your wages.

Final Words

As you can see, many great benefits are associated with automatic license plate recognition. In fact, it will be interesting to see how far this incredible technology will go in the future!

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The Pros And Cons Of Automatic Updates

Computer system security is a journey, not a destination. The moment you think you have a secure system, you don’t. The process of securing a system includes constant monitoring for discovered security holes and vulnerabilities.

The objective, of course, is to find out about the newly unearthed flaw, obtain a patch and implement it before any maliciously minded individual discovers your unpatched system. To do so would seem a daunting task requiring non-stop attention. In a sense, that’s an accurate description.

At first look it seems like an excellent idea to have an automated mechanism for obtaining security patches for identified holes and exploits. Those who are in the best position to discover flaws and holes in an operating system are those who know it best; namely, its authors. There are mechanisms for security conscious system administrators to notify each other of holes, including NTBugTraq.

It is only the team at Microsoft who are in the position to create patches for these holes, since only they have all of the operating system source code. It is therefore they who are in the best position to notify you when both a vulnerability is identified and its patch is available. To this end, Microsoft came up with Windows Automatic Updates.

Automatic Updates can be found in the control panel in Windows 2000 and as a tab of System Properties in XP and 2003. There are four options available. It can be turned off, which is probably only really a reasonable option on a machine that is never connected to the Internet, or when there are several machines in a site, all of which will need the updates and you wish to conserve bandwidth by downloading only once.

When on, it can be set to notify you before downloading updates, to notify after downloading updates or to simply download updates and install them on a specified schedule.

The problem with an automated system is that the administrator can lose track of changes that are being made to their systems when those changes don’t actually require the administrator’s intervention. This may seem relatively minor, but consider this example; a recent security update from Microsoft was presented to systems by the automatic update even though it had a prerequisite of a particular service pack level that had not been met on the subject system.

When installed, the patch caused an incompatibility with a core DLL resulting in a system that would halt with a Stop error on restart (see Q318533 & related articles.) Had the install been performed manually, the administrator would have been clued right into the cause of the problem. Automatically installed updates may have been put in place a few days prior to the restart and would not be immediately associated with the error in the mind of the administrator.

As the number of threats increase, it is becoming more and more critical that hotfixes be applied in a timely manner. The same holds true for service packs. It can be a risky proposition to allow time to go by before patching your system.

Remember that those with malicious intent also subscribe to the NTBugTraq and MS Notification services. To them, these services provide a list of new things to look for and try. If your system is already patched when they come looking, they’ll just have to move on to the next one.

Highlighting The Benefits Of Being Bilingual

Three years ago, I had a hardworking student in my class whom I’ll call Jose. As I connected with him, I was glad to learn more about his past and found out that he had immigrated with his family to the United States from Mexico a couple of years prior. At parents’ night, Jose’s mother spoke to him in Spanish, which surprised me as he never spoke Spanish at school and had previously told me that he only spoke English.

The next day, I pulled Jose aside and asked him about his speaking Spanish with his mother. With his head hung low, he explained that he was ashamed of speaking Spanish because he wanted to be “more American.” My heart broke for him, and throughout the course of that year, it became one of my teacher missions to show Jose that the ability to speak two languages is a great asset.

Sadly, Jose’s story is not unique. As educators, it’s our responsibility to show bilingual students that the ability to speak two languages is a great gift. Bilingualism is an incredible skill—it can lead to stronger brain functioning, higher incomes, and positive health impacts. In many ways, bilingualism is a superpower. There’s so much research showing the significant benefits of speaking two languages, and it’s important to empower students by sharing this information with them.

Benefits of Bilingualism

Bilingualism makes executive functioning skills stronger. Researchers at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan studied brain scans of bilingual and monolingual individuals. They found that people who are bilingual have significantly more gray matter in the portion of their brain called the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). The ACC is one of the portions of the brain involved in executive functioning. 

Bilingualism makes people better at multitasking. People who are bilingual are multitasking without thinking about it. As a person’s brain transitions from one language to another, they are processing information and shifting between languages at the same time. 

Research shows that the ability to multitask linguistically translates to an ability to multitask in other areas of a person’s life because it strengthens the executive functioning skills in the brain. Researchers conducted a study looking at whether or not elementary school students could multitask; in this study, researchers had students perform multiple different types of tasks, and they found that bilingual students outperformed monolingual students on tasks that required students to multitask.

Bilingualism can increase math and reading performance. Several studies have shown a correlation between bilingualism and stronger mathematical abilities in students. In a large study of pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first-grade students, bilingual students outperformed monolingual students in mathematical reasoning, mathematical skills on word problems, and early number awareness skills. 

Along with increased math performance, there is also conjecture that bilingualism can increase students’ reading abilities. 

American University conducted a four-year study of Portland Public School students, comparing the academics of students enrolled in dual-language programs with those of students enrolled in traditional public schools. Students were enrolled into these two types of programs at random, and it was found that by the end of middle school, students in dual-language programs were performing one grade level higher on reading assessments than their peers who were not enrolled in these programs. 

Bilingualism increases earning potential and job opportunities. Research shows that employers from all career fields prefer to hire bilingual employees. Research also shows that among the millennial generation, bilingual employees earn more on average than their monolingual counterparts. It’s been reported that bilingual employees earn on average between 5 percent and 20 percent more than their monolingual peers.

Bilingualism can prevent negative effects of disease and brain injury. In recent years, a number of studies have been published looking at the impacts of bilingualism on human health. Many of these studies have surprising results showing the protection that bilingualism can provide to the brain. 

A study from York University found that people who are bilingual have delayed symptoms after a diagnosis of dementia; while bilingualism didn’t stop a person’s dementia, people who were bilingual exhibited symptoms approximately four years later than people who were monolingual with the same disease pathology. Another study that specifically looked at the impact of bilingualism on Alzheimer’s disease found that bilingual people with the disease had symptom onset four to five years later than people who were monolingual.

Another research study examined stroke patients and looked at the different outcomes for bilingual and monolingual patients. The study found that people who were bilingual were more than twice as likely to recover their cognitive functioning skills as people who spoke only one language.

Three weeks ago, I saw Jose in the hallway at school. He was giving a campus tour to a new student who had just immigrated from Oaxaca, Mexico. Jose was speaking with the other student in Spanish as he explained where the new student’s classrooms were located. I am proud to share that today he’s embracing his Spanish language skills and serves as a mentor for others. He now knows that bilingualism is one of his many superpowers.

Some Interesting Facts About Working Of A Search Engine Marketing Agency

You must contemplate the needs and requirements of entrepreneurs while implementing the agendas. Distinct benefits are associated with search engine marketing agencies, which entrepreneurs must investigate.

How do search engine marketing techniques work for your firm?

As stated earlier, this technique comes with a lot of use when you do it right. Irrespective of your firm’s nature and size, there is a lot that a search engine marketing agency can do for your venture. Hence, infer the following points in proper details

Things you must avoid while engaging in an SEO campaign

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Hence, there are some tendencies you have to abstain from while working with this strategy

Needy campaign structure: it is one of the biggest and common tendencies of entrepreneurs that lead to an impoverished campaign framework. Keep in mind that proper structuring of the campaign will provide you with an opportunity to increase flexibility and thereby control your audiences. It allows you to comprehend what is working and what is not.

Duplication of keyword: keywords play an integral role when it comes to search engine marketing techniques. It is an art that starts selecting the right keyword and, thereby matching it, with your campaign. For this, you have to focus on the theme as well as the group. If you use the same keyword for multiple ad groups, it will not work effectively. Hence, you have to be innovative while working with the keyword.

Apart from this, not following adequate policies, failing to test your performance, and lack of strategy is some wrong entrepreneurs’ tendencies.

Keep in mind that self-managed campaigns may look like a great way of saving money. However, the dynamism of the industry must be kept in mind.

There are SEM professionals available in the market to provide you with reliable assistance. All you need to do is, get in contact with them, and devise a proper plan for your venture.

It would help if you learned the working mechanism of SEO agencies to proliferate. Try to garner knowledge about the latest SEO techniques as it can help you grow considerably.

Trudy seeger

I am Digital Marketer with 6+ years of experience from different industries. I take a performance-driven approach and leverage my SEO expertise strategically to enable consistent organic growth and brand exposure amplification.

Learn The Example And Benefits Of Encapsulation

Introduction to Encapsulation Benefits

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Benefits of Encapsulation

Now let’s see what the benefits of encapsulation are in various programming languages as follows.

In C++, we can use encapsulation and hiding of data by using user-defined data types that we normally call class. Class is used to merge the information and function into a single entity, and the class contains the different members as follows.

Public: In which all objects of the class are able to access the information or, we can say, data.

Protected: This type of access is limited to some members of a class, or we can say that descendant.

Private: In this type of member, access is limited means within a class or function.

Internal: In which that access is limited.

Protected Internal: In this type, access is limited for the current class.

So these are some parameters we use in encapsulation to now let’s see actual benefits of encapsulation.

The main benefit of encapsulation is that we can hide the information from the user. That means we provide security to our data or information by using the above member function. Furthermore, by using encapsulation, we can give access to a specified level without any complexity. Therefore, we can easily handle the application and understand the application.

By keeping information hidden, or we can say that it is private in programming language and offering public obvious assistance techniques, the part of the object turns out to be obvious to different objects. This builds ease of use. Different objects know about the configuration to send messages into the object by using the public service. This is basically an agreement between the two objects. The invoker is consenting to send the message in the particular structure, including passing any of the necessary boundary data. The conjured object is consenting to handle the message and, if essential, return worth in the predetermined structure.

By using encapsulation, we can create classes in different modes such as read-only and write-only mode. Another benefit of encapsulation is that we reduce human error because we write code in a proper manner and suitable.

Let’s consider a simple example of a washing machine; in this scenario, we just switch on the machine’s power button, and the machine gets started, and after some time, we switch off the power button of the machine, then the machine stops. The final conclusion of this scenario is that we don’t know what happens inside the washing machine or what type of mechanism is used. Notice here we see this is a very simple mechanism to wash the cloth just by pressing the power button, but inside the washing machine, a different element or we can say that object works together to wash the cloth. This mechanism is called encapsulation; see here, there is no complexity to handle the washing machine in a similar way. Therefore, when we use encapsulation in programming, it minimizes the complexity of the program, avoids human error, and protects the information.

When we talk about a java programming language, the encapsulation provides some different benefits as follows.

The Java programming language provides the setter and getter methods to make classes read-only and write-only. It also provides the control functionality over the data, which means we can provide the logic inside the method per our requirement.

Examples of Encapsulation Benefits

Now let’s see the example of encapsulation in C++ to better understand the benefits of encapsulation as follows.



By using the above program, we try to implement the encapsulation in C++. First, we create the class name as Encapsulation_Benefits after that, inside the class, we create a private member function with variable y. Then we set the value to that variable by using a public member function. Then we just call the class by using objects as shown in the above program. The final out of the above program we illustrate by using the following screenshot.


We hope from this article you learn the Encapsulation benefits. From the above article, we have learned the basic theory of Encapsulation, and we also see examples of Encapsulation. From this article, we learned the benefits of Encapsulation as well as how and when we use Encapsulation.

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This is a guide to Encapsulation benefits. Here we discussed the basic theory of Encapsulation with its benefits along with the examples of Encapsulation. You may also look at the following articles to learn more –

6 Benefits Of Using A Residential Proxy

In today’s world, there are a variety of threats that pose a risk to anyone who connects to the internet. Users must ensure they remain safe online, which is why so many of them use residential proxies when surfing the internet. A proxy allows users to browse the web anonymously and keep their IP address hidden. 

The Inner Workings of a Residential Proxy and Why You Need One

A residential proxy is a tool that allows you to use its IP address to protect your identity on the web. The proxy acts as a middleman between you and the sites you visit. Your IP address, which is unique to you, can identify you, your computer, and what websites you’ve been accessing. 

The proxy works by routing your internet connection through it. When using a residential proxy, your computer will send any request to the server. The server then connects to the requested website or resource and sends the data back to you. You can check here for a supply of proxies in Germany and other locations.

A residential proxy service allows you to access another person’s IP address completely different from yours, leaving you anonymous. It means that if someone tries to track your IP address, they see the IP address of the proxy, not yours. 

People who want to safeguard their privacy while browsing the internet often use residential proxies. They’re also popular tools for businesses that want to conduct competitive research to aid their marketing decisions.

Here are some benefits that come with using a residential proxy in your home or when browsing on public Wi-Fi networks.

Privacy and Anonymity Better Security

Using a residential proxy can help you increase your online security, making it more difficult for malicious threats to access your device and network. Residential proxies usually come with encryption features, meaning malicious parties cannot see your internet traffic. A proxy hides your IP address from harmful threats and prevents hackers from accessing your data. With the high occurrence of cybercrime in today’s world, you want to avoid any chance of being a victim.

Protection From Malware

Residential proxies include malware protection that scans websites for viruses and malware. If a website contains malware, a proxy will prevent you from accessing that site. It gives you extra coverage when browsing websites that may have viruses or other harmful content. Some residential proxies also scan downloaded files and images from websites before they reach your computer. 

Access to Information With Government Restrictions

When you use proxies, you can bypass certain geographic restrictions. Residential proxies are usually hosted in different locations worldwide, which means you can access websites blocked in your country. You no longer have to limit your knowledge.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Residential proxies allow you to download and upload files with unlimited bandwidth. You won’t have to worry about exceeding your data limit and incurring coverage charges when you use residential proxies. They allow you to browse the internet faster, making them a great choice if you need to download large files or stream videos in high definition.

Circumvention of Blocked IP Problems

Residential proxies allow you to access sites, games, and apps that block your IP address. This way, you can continue using apps for social media and more, even with account and IP restriction issues.

Final Thoughts

When you use a residential proxy, you can browse the internet more securely and with more privacy. They help protect your identity and keep your data safe when you’re online. Most residential proxies are easy to set up, even for beginners. 

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