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1. TagCrowd

TagCrowd is a website that allows you to create a tag cloud from plain text, a link or even an uploaded plain text file with the words to mention in the tag cloud.

If you want to find out the most searched words of a website, just enter the link of a website in the URL bar and you will be displayed the tag cloud for that website with the most visited/searched words bigger than others, and the least visited/searched the smallest.


2. Wordle

Wordle is an online tool that allows users to create world clouds, or tag clouds in a more different fashion and layout.

As with TagCrowd, you can create a tag cloud based on plain text, a URL link or chúng tôi user name. Once you create the tag clouds, you can edit the layout, change the colors and even arrange the words in a different manner to bring creativity to your tag cloud and make it look more special.


3. ToCloud

ToCloud is an online website that allows visual representation of some text as a bunch of words based on a weight associated to each word. Using ToCloud on a blog, news website will allow users to find about topics that are being discussed.

Just enter the link to the blog/news page to find the tag clouds for that website, or enter the text you want to visualize in the tag clouds. You can even enter some “Stop Words” to filter out words that you do not want visible in the tag cloud – these may include abusive words, junk, etc.


4. Tagul

Tagul is a website that allows you to create tag clouds in a creative way.

Unlike other websites, you need to first start an account on Tagul. Only then you can enter the words or choose a website for which the tag clouds need to be generated. Once the tag cloud is created, you can change the fonts of different words, change the color and even the position of the words to arrange them in a manner to form a symbol or anything you want (heart, horse, etc).


5. Tagxedo

Tagxedo is another online website that allows for tag clouds to be created. However, unlike other websites, they allow you to create tag clouds from more than just URL links and plain text. Tagxedo is a website that even allows you create tag clouds from Twitter ID, chúng tôi and RSS (lookup).

You can choose the shape if you want to arrange the tag-cloud in one, or just choose the classic shape to arrange them in a normal way. You can further edit the tag-cloud later on if you want to.

Once done, you can save the tag cloud in an image format, a print format or for the web if you want to embed it on your website or blog.


There you have it folks, these are some of the five websites on the internet that allows you to create a tag cloud from different things – text, URL, Twitter ID and much more.

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Hammad is a Business student and computer geek who cover latest technology news and reviews at AppsDaily. Apart from that, I like to review web services and softwares which can be helpful for the readers.

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5 Best Platforms To Create Your Own Online Course

Thinking about packaging your knowledge into an online course? Well, it’s an excellent time to do so. The worldwide e-learning market is set to reach an astonishing $325 billion by 2025. 

In America, 77% of corporations use online learning. Not to mention the vast amount of citizens who take online courses in their free time. 

Table of Contents

Needless to say, there’s plenty of earning potential in the online course industry. All you need now is a platform that’ll make it easy to create an online course that looks and feels professional. Here’s a quick list to motivate you. 

Why not start with one of the more in-depth platforms out there today? Kajabi is a robust platform filled with all the right features to make creating, uploading and managing your course content simple. 

Plus, it allows you to evolve your business using tools like email marketing automation. Then you can grow your revenue by offering your students upsells and other digital products to purchase. 

There’s even blogging functionality you can use to keep your students engaged and to attract prospective students to your course. 

So what can you expect to pay for this all-in-one course marketing machine? About $119 a month which is the most popular option. However, there’s a cheaper basic plan, which runs you $149 a month. 

You’re thrilled about getting your course up and running, but you’re not ready to dish out the big bucks to do so. We’ve got you covered. 

Udemy is a platform that’s excellent for first-timers who are launching their first course. It’s a popular choice among students and instructors alike. 

There are currently over 24 million students enrolled in the courses published by roughly 35,000 instructors. To use this platform, you have to get approved as a premium instructor. 

The price? It’s free if you’re selling a premium course. Udemy works by taking a 3% cut for course sales made through instructor coupons. Then they take half when your course is found organically using Udemy’s search bar. 

Not really into sharing a percentage of the sales made on the courses you put your blood, sweat, and tears into? Then Thinikific is an ideal choice to create an online course. 

It doesn’t charge any transaction fees on any of its packages (paid or free). 

You can opt for a monthly or annual rate – of course, it’s cheaper to go with annual ($49 a month vs $39 a month for annual). There’s also a free option if you want to test the waters before diving in. 

It comes with user-friendly features and email marketing tools. If you’re plotting on charging your students monthly, then you’ll enjoy using its membership site integration for your course. 

Once you’re ready to start publishing more courses, you can upgrade to $99 a month (for up to five courses). Then if you want to become a full-time instructor and go all out with 50 courses, you should be able to afford the $499 a month package. 

Organizing, developing, and publishing a course is great. Yet, you won’t get far if you don’t have the support to build up your audience (and brand). 

You want to position yourself as an expert in the topic you’re teaching about. To do this, you’ll need to grow and nurture an online audience. After all, how can you be a leader with no followers?

With Teachable, you get a platform that helps you to design a unique look and feel for your course. Then you can use it to build a website that resonates with your brand. 

You can even build and launch landing pages for your course. Programmer-minded individuals will also be delighted to know they can mess around with the code. However, if you’re not tech-savvy, then you can always opt for the templates. 

Once you’re ready to go live, you can choose from a variety of payment styles. For instance, you can charge students a one-time fee, subscription fee, or payment plan. 

To help with sales, you can create coupons and a team of affiliates to promote your course. 

What do you pay for all of this? There’s a basic plan for $39 a month. With this, you get a custom domain, email, coupon codes, affiliate marketing, and drip course content. There’s also a 5% transaction fee.

It comes with similar templates, which makes the selection easier. For instance, each template comes with:

Creator bios


Content section

What’s included section

Course overview

After creating your online course and uploading it, you can publish it or do a pre-launch to gather emails for your campaign. It’s also worth mentioning that Podia integrates with Zapier. 

There are resources you can create for your students, such as ebooks, audio, checklists, cheat sheets, and videos. 

The plans start at $39 a month, and there are no transaction fees to worry about. 

Go From Expert To Instructor

If you look around the web, you’ll find thousands of people making a living off of online courses. It takes careful planning and the right tools to pull off. 

You already have the expertise in your industry – now it’s time to craft your knowledge into an easy-to-digest course. Using the above options, you can create your online course and take your piece of the market. 

Wpf Course (5 Online Courses Bundle, Online Certification)

About WPF Course

Course Name Online WPF Certification Course

Deal You get access to all 5 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 13+ Video Hours

Core Coverage

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone who is serious about WPF and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about C# Programming would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 5 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

WPF Course Curriculum

In this section, each module of the WPF Windows Presentation Foundation Certification Course is explained.

Sr. No.

Course Name

No Of Hours

 Course Description


WPF Beginners

2 The first unit of this WPF training course is primarily developed with the focus to make the beginners understand this subject. The video will begin with an introduction to Windows Presentation foundations. After the introduction, the educator will be explaining to you the jargon used in this subject so that you can find it easy to understand the further concepts. This unit is comprised of several examples that are selected carefully to give the beginners a real taste of how it is like to work with WPF. The examples will just cover the basics of WPF and together with the time, the complexity of example will keep on increasing. The educator will also explain to you everything that it takes to understand this topic effectively. After completing this unit you will be able to understand how this technology works and its real applications.


WPF Intermediate

3 In the second WPF certification unit, we will be covering the intermediate topic that falls under this topic. It is going to be a three and a half hours long video where the first two hours are devoted to giving you theoretical knowledge while the other half will consist of the practical part. Similar to the first unit, the second unit will also be having various examples which will cover the intermediate level topics. The important part is, you will see how this could be leveraged to develop the production level application. You will see how the errors are handled in this unit and also various kinds of issues that are populated while developing the application using this graphical subsystem. Once this unit is finished, you will be able to leverage almost all the medium level concepts if this topic to develop the interface of the application.


WPF Advanced



Project on WPF – Students Information

1 This is the final unit that has been introduced to give you hands-on experience on this technology and also make sure that once you are done with the unit you will be able to implement your knowledge in the production environment. This project will be based on a student information based application. You will be implementing everything that you have come across so far in the last three units. You will see how the errors are handled in the real working environment to develop the application. You will also be learning how the components have to be selected to develop an efficient interface. One this unit is completed, you can repeat things over and over to be cognizant about this topic.

WPF Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?

This WPF training course has been developed to make the trannies cognizant about Windows Presentation Foundation. Anyone who opts for this course will be learning how to leverage this Microsoft developed graphical subsystem to design the application which is expected to have an interactive user interface. As this has to be used with .net, they will also learn how to use it together with .net programming language so that they can become able to implement this technology in the application that has complex logic written in .net. They will also learn how to select the components that could suit the users’ requirements so that the end-user can find it convenient to use the application. In addition to that, anyone who completed this WPF certification course will also be able to use Winforms to develop the application as it also works the same way as WPF does.


To grab the concepts of this topic you will be expected to have basic ideas about some of the technology. There is nothing that can be considered hardly as a prerequisite but having an idea about them will help you to understand this subject. The very first things are .net programming language. As this graphical module is developed by Microsoft, it has been designed to work with .net. Knowing .net will help you to understand the working of this technology. You will lake comparatively less time to learn it. The next technology you should be aware of is the graphical interface. So that one can realize which components of graphical interface could be used. Though we have included these topics at the beginning of the units, you will also be expected to have an idea about them. If you are new to these technologies, you are recommended to go through them before beginning this WPF training course.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn this WPF training course could be the best target audience for this. All the folks related to application development or more specifically, applications frontend development can learn this WPF training to get an edge. The developers who are either working as a full-stack developer or as user interface developers can be the best audience for this WPF training course. They will learn how to use the technology offered by Microsoft to make the user interface more interactive. In terms of their growth, they will end up opening several doors for new opportunities to grow professionally. The students who are in development and want to be the full-stack developer can also be the best audience for this WPF training course. They will get privilege in internship and interview over the other students who merely know the traditional technologies of development. The trainers who are teaching user interface development to the trannie can also learn this to me enhance the domain of their teaching.

FAQ’s How long it may take to learn this WPF course?

To learn this, one usually has to give two to three months of regular practice. Also based on how familiar one is with the .net framework, it may decide the time they are going to take to learn this technology. You are supposed to give around two hours daily if you are willing to master this technology at the earliest.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

As we discussed earlier that in the contemporary approach of application development and design, this technology is used very often. The developers who know how to leverage this technology to develop the interactive interface will always be preferred over the other developers. The current job market is already having lots of opportunities for the frontend developer who deeply knows this technology. Even if one wants to be the

full stack developer

, they are recommended to learn frontend development using the latest technologies as well. If you are looking forward to a better and brighter future in the domain of application design and development, you can opt for this WPF training course to get ready for the upcoming opportunities.


WPF Training Certification – Clear and very good!

I did this course to improve my skills. I found it very useful and interesting. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to use WPF to create applications. Usually, the courses do not go into specific courses and tricks to follow, but this course is very detailed.

Galina Daryl

To the point and interesting

This course is packed full of useful and relevant information. The instructor is easy to understand, explains the why behind what you are doing and is nice to listen to. I did not have any issues with the videos nor the audio and it was easy to follow the instructor on screen. All in all, I think this WPF certification would be great for anyone starting as well as anyone needing a refresher.

Samir Ahmed

Nice lectures Simone Taylor

10 Online Tools And Apps To Improve Memory For Seniors

Computers aren’t the only thing with memory leaks. As people age, they tend to become sluggish and forgetful. The human brain needs to work out like any muscle to stay in good shape. Whether you’re taking classes for seniors to learn new skills or playing games on your smartphone, it’s important to keep the brain active.

Self-improvement and mental health are important, so in this article, we will show you the best tools and apps to improve memory for seniors.

Table of Contents

Lumosity is probably the oldest app developed in the brain-training category. It has over 100 million users of various ages. It doesn’t specifically target seniors or older adults, but they are the demographic that benefits the most from it. The app was developed by scientists who took their lab tests and turned them into 40+ fun-to-play games to improve your cognitive skills. These games focus on problem-solving, processing speed, memory, logic, vocabulary, and many other skills.

The unique thing about Lumosity is that the app adapts to its user. It learns your weaknesses and strengths and challenges you appropriately. The games you play are different every day, so Lumosity will keep you challenged and entertained. The app will also track your progress. 

Lumosity is free to download, but its premium option will allow you to access a personalized training program for $11.99 per month or $59.99 per year. The app is available for Android and IOS, but the games can also be played in the browser on the Lumosity official website.

This app is named after eidetic memory, the ability to remember things by creating vivid and detailed mental images. Using the technique of spaced repetition, Eidetic will train your brain to recall whatever you want, from faces and names to phone numbers. This app can be a powerful tool for improving memory in seniors and those who have trouble memorizing information.

Eidetic uses three brain teasers: memory, picture, and survival challenges, each with a different number of levels. Each of these challenges will give you only five seconds to memorize things. You don’t have to experience a cognitive decline to enjoy the challenge.

Eidetic is a free app available for both Android and IOS.

Peak is an app available both on iOS and Android that focuses on exercising your memory, focus, mental agility, problem-solving, etc. It contains over 40 short but intense brain games designed to put your brain to work. This app will also allow you to track your progress, discover your limits and push them forward.

The game is unique because it works like a personal trainer with the job of creating a personalized brain training program. The developers understand that each individual is different, and everyone has different goals. The Coach will design new strategies tailored to your needs, and he will keep the games challenging. The role of the Coach is also to motivate you to keep on playing and developing your mental fitness.

Peak was developed by game designers who worked closely with neuroscientists to make this fun, challenging, and completely free brain-training app.

Elevate is another app that strives to improve the critical cognitive skills of seniors. However, this app has no age limit, and everyone can use it to boost their professional productivity, learning abilities, mental sharpness, vocabulary, and mental agility. 

This app features more than 40 brain-training games and puzzles that focus on memory, math, precision, and comprehension. You can also measure your performance and track your progress through weak reports. Use these metrics to customize your brain workout and challenge yourself to push your cognitive limits.

Elevate boasts the capability to make its users better readers and writers. The app focuses on written clarity, correct spelling, and punctuation. As a result, elevate can help seniors read faster and understand better.

Elevate’s basic version is a free app for both IOS and Android. You can upgrade to a PRO version at any time. The cost is $4.99 for 1 month or $39.99 for a year.

Another free app designed to train cognitive abilities, Fit Brains Trainer is designed to build a higher IQ. With around 360 games and puzzles, the app targets different brain functions and helps seniors memorize. 

This app is entirely designed by neuroscientists who paid special attention to devising the tools to improve the mental aspects of the games. Some of the games you can find within Fit Brains Trainer are also designed to help seniors improve their emotional intelligence. 

That doesn’t mean that the mental aspects such as focus, memory, concentration, and other cognitive abilities were put aside. In fact, tracking your data will help you customize and adjust the challenges to your needs and allow you to target the cognitive ability you wish to train.

This app is completely free and available for both IOS and Android.

CogniFit Brain Fitness is an app specially designed to help with memory and concentration in seniors. It was designed with the help of neuroscientists to offer its users a series of learning games such as memory puzzles and various cognitive challenges. 

This app is medically recommended for seniors because of the extensive research done during the development of these games. CogniFit Brain uses verified psychometric and psychological tests that can help identify if the user is at risk of cognitive impairments such as memory loss, trouble concentrating, or inability to learn new things.

 NeuroNation is a brain training project available both as an app for iPhone and Android devices and a website. This project originates in Berlin, Germany, and is involved in government-funded research to treat cognitive impairments. Although NeuroNation was started back in 2011, it uses all the latest scientific research to continue developing brain exercises.

The benefits of NeuroNation are various. They range from memory improvement and development of logical thinking to better quality of life and increased thought process. The project also offers personalized training that can be used to prevent or rehabilitate impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

This project is completely free for all users, and its brain training sessions are available in eight different languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

This app is worth your time as it is very functional in helping older adults exercise their brains. By playing the 40 games offered by Mind Games, the seniors will improve their face memory, attention to detail, mental flexibility, and arithmetics. 

The games within this app are designed to challenge the users with various cognitive tasks and help them train their processing speed, short-term memory, and overall brain power. The Mind Games will allow you to keep track of your scores, so you always know which areas you need to improve.

The App is available on App Store and Google Play for free. But if you want an unlimited, ad-free version, you will need to purchase Mind Games Pro for $4.99.

Sudoku is a well-known puzzle game loved by many. It’s a classic number game that will train your brain regularly if you play it. Sudoku can help you improve concentration and memory, develop problem-solving skills, enhance your working memory, etc. It is a game that helps reduce anxiety and stress levels and promotes general well-being. 

The app version of the Sudoku game offers thousands of puzzles with different difficulty levels, designed for all ages. An online leaderboard makes it possible to track your score and promotes healthy competition. If you or your senior loved one enjoys puzzles, the Sudoku app is a perfect choice.

Sudoku is free both in the App Store and Google Play. There is also a web version for those older adults who are not prone to using mobile phones or tablets.

BrainCurls is a website with a large variety of different games designed to get your brain working. This website has everything from memory games, word games, various puzzles, and logical questions. The website even features a chit-chat game that will help you train face recognition and memory that can help you in future social interactions.

BrainCurls can help develop and maintain skills such as learning, face recognition, concentration, short-term memory, logic, processing speed, and verbal abilities. The games on this website are designed for all ages, but they will train all the skills that seniors need in their day-to-day lives.

BrainCurls is a straightforward website that the elderly would find easy to use. All the games it offers are fun, brain-building, and completely free of charge.

5 Tools To View Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments

Tip: Learn how you can download videos from reddit.

1. Unddit 3 Ways to View Deleted Comments Using Unddit 1. See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments Using the Unddit Bookmark

Go to Unddit.

2. View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments by Editing the Reddit Post URL

Alternatively, you can edit the Reddit post URL to see deleted content:

Go to the Reddit post with deleted content you want to view.

Change the “re” in the Reddit post URL to “un,” then hit Enter.

Your browser will be directed to the Unddit website.

3. View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments Using the Reveddit App

The Reveddit Android app offers Unddit support. You can download it for free on Google Play. To use Unddit through the Reveddit mobile app, go to a Reddit post with the deleted content, and share the post to Unddit.

2. Reveddit

You can also download a non-affiliated Reveddit Android app from the Google Play store. This isn’t Reveddit’s official app, it only offers easy mobile access to Reveddit’s features.

Go to Reveddit.

Tip: Tired of the Reddit’s site? You can create your own Reddit with Teddit.

3. Wayback Machine

Here’s how:

Go to Wayback Machine.

Copy the Reddit post URL with the content to retrieve.

The results page will show how many times the web page was saved and when. Make sure to select older dates to find deleted content.

4. Resavr

Go to Resavr.

5. Google Cache

Copy the Reddit post URL with the deleted content.

In the URL bar of your browser, type “cache:,” then paste the Reddit post URL right after the colon. Hit Enter.

When you get to the snapshot of the web page, you can check if the deleted content is viewable. If not, that means the available snapshot was taken after the content you’re looking for was deleted. You can access older snapshots using Wayback Machine.

The top-most part of the cached page will show the date and time the snapshot was taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, if an individual were to use deleted content to defame or blackmail another person, legal implications may arise.

How can you delete your own Reddit data securely to keep it inaccessible from archiving tools?

According to the people behind Unddit and Reveddit, if a user wants archived content they authored removed, they should contact and request deletion from chúng tôi an external service they use to fetch archived Reddit content.

Image credit: Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Natalie dela Vega

Natalie is a writer specializing in tech how-tos and gaming. When she’s not writing, she plays PC games and travels. Here at MakeTechEasier, you will see her write about guides, tips, and solutions for Windows and iOS.

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Family Tree Maker Free Genealogy Software And Online Tools

Gone are the times when we used to draw the family tree with pen and paper. Modern genealogy is all about tech. The family tree today is made using software and online applications. Many Family tree maker freeware and online tools are now available on the web, which let users create their family tree online. Also, you can trace if any of your ancestors are tagged in some family tree online.

You can use the free online family tree tools or download a piece of family tree software for the same. Online tools allow you to share your family tree with others or add contributors to your family tree. The downloadable software is also a bit tricky to use, especially for beginners. In this post, we will learn about some good Family Tree maker freeware and online tools.

Family Tree maker free software & online tools

Here is a list of some tools that you can use to manage your family tree.

RootsMagic Essentials freeware

Family Tree Builder freeware

Ensure you try each of them to find out what works best for you.


WeRelate is one of the best-known websites to make the family tree online. It has a simple interface and is best suitable for beginners. You need to upload your GEDCOM file with all your entries, and the website integrates the information into a family tree. There are different tabs here like Overview, People, Families, Warnings, Places, Sources, Family Matches, Updates, and Imports.

The ‘People’ tab shows the list of all people added to your list, and the ‘Families’ tab shows the list of husbands and wives with their marriage date and links to the possible matching pages on WeRelate genealogy. However, users are allowed to exclude the wrongly matched pages. The ‘Warning’ tabs warn you if there are any errors in your data input. Users have to resolve the warnings to continue with the data upload. ‘Places’ tabs show the countries and cities in my data. However, it is not necessary to add the places. It is an optional feature. The website also notes if there is a matched place in the chúng tôi database. Sources is again an optional feature that shows the information sources added in your GEDCOM file. Family Matches is an essential tab as it helps you trace your family tree in the chúng tôi system. The system will link you to the matched family pages with matching information and details according to your data. Users can, however, look and decide if the match is actually from their family tree or not. It checks for duplicate people and merges the entries.

Please note that all the information you enter here is public, and hackers can any time hack your account and change your family tree information; however, you can revert the changes at any time.

This is a sharing website that provides you a forum to upload your family details and information. Being a non-collaborative website, chúng tôi keeps your data safe and private. People seeing your family tree will get read-only access, and no one can edit your data until. It allows you to make your family tree private or public. The private family trees may appear in the search results, but the family details are not accessible to anyone. On the other hand, general family trees may provide unauthorized access to hackers.

As you enter your details, the Ancestry system starts looking for possible family matches. The website adds leaves to your family tree as a hint of potential matching discovery. The system claims to have billions of records and millions of family histories, so who know you might get a childhood picture of your grandma or great-grandma here. Users have to enter all they know, and the website will help them fining their family matches further.

Unlike WeRelate, this website has no feature of detecting duplicate people or merging identical profiles. The website allows users to make changes in the tree or delete it if required.

RootsMagic is a downloadable software that is easy to learn and use. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface and has an unlimited capacity for holding the data. You can enter whatever you know about your family and ancestors. Unlike most common family tree-making tools, RootsMagic Essentials has a feature of tracking multiple relationships like foster parents, adoptions, and more.

The explorer of this Windows freeware lets you find your family members in the system. You can add images as well as videos to make your family tree livelier. It has a vast database and comes with customizable listing options and web hints from genealogy sites. Some of the powerful features of RootsMagic Essentials include merge techniques, Soundex calculators, and potential problems lists. It is highly compatible and can import your family tree details directly from various popular genealogy sites. It is a free genealogy program associated with the award-winning RootsMagic family tree software. It is the easiest way to trace your family tree online. RootsMagic Essentials is freeware, and you can download it from here.

It is a genealogy freeware for Windows by the MyHeritage family tree-making website. This is an easy tool for beginners to create a family tree and map out their ancestors. This freeware comes with innovative match technology and record matching technology which automatically discovers historical records of your ancestors and helps users trace their family members. This tool uses a set wizard to add your family members and their details and finally comes up with a nice-looking 3D family tree. The detailed privacy features let users control every aspect of security and privacy.

What is the best offline family tree software?

Like everything else, there are many family tree applications, and there is no one best software. Instead, the best way to find out what works best for you to is to give it a try, experiment with sample data, and see if you like the results.

Do you use any? Any observations?

Update the detailed information about 5 Online Tools To Create Tag Clouds on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!