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Are you a marketer working off of a tight monthly PPC budget, just trying to get some ROI out of your Google AdWords campaigns?

We’ve all been there.

Sadly, data has shown that bigger AdWords budgets usually yield greater results.

How do we know this?

The findings revealed that big spenders see higher ROI.

Don’t toss in the towel just yet!

Luckily, success with AdWords isn’t just about throwing money against the wall.

Rather, if you look a little deeper, it turns out just being more active in your account, and putting in the effort to succeed, can yield a high ROI regardless of the size of your budget.

This makes sense, right? Big spenders laying out over $50,000 per month have much more on the line, and are naturally going to be more active in their accounts.

So what can you learn from those top spenders? What actions should you be taking?

Here are 5 data-backed strategies that yield higher ROI to steal from the big guys.

1. Big Advertisers Are Continuously Adding Negative Keywords

The big spenders who yielded high ROI spend time adding tons of negatives to their AdWords accounts.

On the other hand, 98 percent of top-spending accounts have more than 250 negative keywords!

If you’re bidding on the right keywords (i.e., high intent and relevant), but you’re struggling to gain conversions, it probably isn’t because your prospects aren’t interested. It’s more likely that you haven’t configured negatives, which is leading to irrelevant impressions. These faulty impressions are stealing your small budget from folks that are actually interested in your offer.

If you operate with a lean marketing budget, you can’t ignore negative keywords!

This is something that big spenders have figured out, and therefore they spend some time each week (or even every day) digging through their search query reports to identify new negatives for ad groups and campaigns within their accounts.

Take these learnings and devote time to visit your search terms report in AdWords, filter out terms that converted, and then sort by impressions; from there you’ll be able to discern whether a search query is making you or costing you money.

The search query report can be a great place to uncover new keyword opportunities for your account.

2. Big Spenders Use 4,361% More Ad Extensions(!)

Don’t let this happen with ad extensions!

Out of the 450 top-spenders we analyzed, they had (on average) 4,361 percent more ad extensions compared to the 17,587 low-spending accounts we analyzed.

Big spenders typically have 31 ad extensions for every text ad, where smaller spenders commonly operate on a one-to-one ratio.

Not only is there a plethora of ad extensions to choose from (think sitelink extensions, call extensions, review extensions, and the list goes on), they will also add additional conversion paths for searchers.

For example, if someone stumbles across your ad after searching for fall bags, your sitelink extension for “Fall Boots” or a BOGO sale might catch their eye.

Don’t let this opportunity go untapped. Configure these today!

3. Big Spenders Have More Landing Pages

Let’s say you have a beautifully structured AdWords account – well-researched keywords, ad extensions, eloquently written ad copy, conversion tracking in place, and the list goes on. This is wonderful and all, but it means nothing if you’re sending all of your traffic to a one generic landing page.

We found that more than 1 in 4 (26 percent) of lower-budget AdWords accounts have only a single active landing page, compared to just 4 percent of top spending accounts.

While this can seem like a big challenge for smaller shops who may not have design resources on hand, at the very least you can copy your current landing page template and make it more contextually relevant to your ad copy.

Doing this for each campaign that you’ve built out will instantly improve the searcher’s experience. Why? Because you’ll be able to make the language specific, and improve the relevance for not only your users but also for the Quality Score algorithm (leading to higher placements in the SERP’s for less money!).

4. Big-Budget Advertisers Track Their Conversions

Whether you’re spending $5 or $5 million on AdWords, you should care about conversion tracking. Setting up conversion tracking on your website is simple and completely free.

Learning how your money is being spent in AdWords should be a priority for you. This starts with conversion tracking.

5. Big AdWords Advertisers Are More Active

Strong performance correlates highly with taking actions in your AdWords account.

How are you going to improve anything if you don’t even look at your account for weeks at a time?

Unsurprisingly, we found that the $50,000-and-up crowd aren’t just spending more money in their accounts; they’re also spending more time there. Check it out:

The big spenders’ group is 1,196 percent more active.

That’s the real reason they’re getting better results.

What Does This Data Tell Us?

The main takeaway from this data isn’t that the key to succeeding with AdWords is having a budget of over $50,000, but rather that higher budgets equal higher responsibility.

Therefore, businesses that spend a lot, put more TLC into their accounts, and therefore see higher returns.

Whether that be diversifying your landing pages, spending more time identifying negatives, or configuring sitelink extensions, there are many steps you can take to make better use out of your budget, yielding higher returns without increasing spend.

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Screenshots taken by author, October 2023.

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Why Seo Content Writing Services Produce A High Roi

You may have learned a lot about search engine optimization (SEO) when creating your digital marketing strategy. SEO is crucial in building your brand and making it easier to find online, and content marketing is important to boosting your search rankings and drawing potential customers onto your site. 

Optimizing your content for SEO could give you an ROI of 22:1. You may not have time to stay on top of your content in-house, which is where SEO content writing services come in. With these services, you leave the content to the writing experts, saving yourself time while reaping the benefits of producing sharable, high-quality information. The creation of SEO content provides an affordable way to reach your target audience and potentially increase your profits without demanding significant financial investment or resource utilization.

What Are SEO Content Writing Services? 

SEO content writing differs slightly from other content in that it involves creating content with a specific focus on appealing to search engines and their respective algorithms. An SEO content strategy will involve crafting and publishing various types and frequencies of content on your website or blog or in external publications that promote your site through backlinks. 

Search engine optimization is an important component of digital marketing strategies because it helps you increase your search engine rankings. Most searchers (75%) won’t navigate past the first page of search results. If you’re not paying attention to your SEO performance, you could get lost (or buried) among the crowd in results pages. Just think, how many times have you traveled all the way to page 17 of Google for a query? Probably never. To rank higher in search, a search engine’s algorithm needs to establish your site as a credible result for your target keywords, which can be accomplished with SEO content writing services. 

Why SEO Content Writing Services Provide a High ROI

You may be tempted to write your own content, but using SEO content writers may be more beneficial for your business. Content tends to be pushed aside when things get busy, but a content writing service helps you stay on top of content marketing and benefits your business in a multitude of ways. It is a misconception that just anyone can write a blog post or service page, and it be successful. Quality content is the mixture of creative narrative and technical strategy coming together to appeal to both readers and algorithms — this is the specialty of SEO content writers.

SEO Content Is Backed by Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential step in creating SEO-driven content, but it’s easy to skip. It involves a series of tasks to determine the best keywords and phrases people use to find services and products that may relate to your company. To conduct this research, content strategists typically use an SEO keyword research tool such as Ahrefs, Surfer SEO, or SEMrush. 

Keyword research offers valuable insights into what keywords your business should target with your content creation. Strategists take into account keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, and more when creating a content plan. 

Keyword difficulty measures how difficult it will be to rank for a certain keyword. You may find yourself focused on a keyword or phrase with too high difficulty for your site’s domain rating. SEO content writing services will provide you with strategists who can determine the best keywords to target to yield the maximum results based on your business’s current digital presence.

SEO content strategists also consider monthly search volume on Google and other search engines. Together, these metrics help you prioritize your content marketing strategy in order to give your website pages the best opportunity to rank on the first page of search results.

SEO Content Increases Organic Traffic

Working with an SEO content marketing agency gives you access to strategists who can assess what interests prospective customers. Professional SEO writers can then create pieces of content around these topics to increase organic traffic to your site, helping establish a steady flow of online engagement with your site.

An SEO Content Strategy Keeps Content on Track

Even if your in-house marketing team isn’t pushing content aside, they are working on it while juggling other tasks. Working hand-in-hand with a content marketing agency provides you full access to dedicated SEO experts who can provide reader-friendly content that’s grammatically correct, informational, and provides unique value to users. 

With a content strategy, you can plan and connect topics for broader engagement. When you can see what you’ve published on a calendar, you can align it with social media posts or link it back to other pieces on your website. A content strategy also makes it easier to brainstorm seasonal content or align features with special events, launches, or new additions. 

Content strategists can also help you identify silos, which are a way to structure content into different themes based on seed keywords. This organizational structure makes it easier for readers to find articles based on their interests. It can also improve engagement since it helps readers navigate your site with ease.

Working With Professional Writers Brings Authority

If you’re not familiar with the Google algorithm, it’s based on E-A-T: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. The algorithm uses these factors to determine if a site is a credible response to various internet searches. Google also has a search quality evaluation team to help ensure that the algorithm classifies search results with these criteria in mind. 

When your content is authoritative and credible, it helps establish your website as a good fit for various search terms. You want to create trustworthy content so that people will see you as an expert in your field; and at the end of the day, you want to provide a satisfactory answer to the individual. Working with a content marketing agency gives you access to professional SEO writers who know how to write compelling content that ranks. 

Like other digital marketing trends, SEO strategy is an ever-changing landscape. Professional content writers stay on top of new trends and best SEO practices, so you don’t have to. A dedicated content team can create content that consistently keeps you at the top of search engines.

Optimized Product Descriptions Help Users Convert

SEO copywriting is not limited to just blog posts and articles. It can refer to any part of your website, including your company history and even your product descriptions. Instead of sticking to basic copy for your products and services, you can have an expert writer optimize them to improve your site’s online visibility.

SEO content writers can create compelling descriptions for your products and services, helping them rank in searches and persuading people to buy or inquire. These descriptions are often made to appeal to your potential customers, highlighting the benefits of your products or services. 

Getting creative with titles, meta descriptions, and meta tags helps you communicate your brand personality to prospective customers. It’s a way to solidify your first impression. Dedicated SEO content writers will highlight your value proposition and position each product as a potential solution to your customers’ problems. 

Optimized product descriptions also give users a better shopping experience. It allows customers to find the products and services they’re actually interested in. Since they can’t physically see and feel your merchandise, they rely on your copy to visualize the merchandise. These product descriptions also help shoppers compare various products and services more accurately. 

Quality Blog Posts Expand Your Reach

Blogging is still one of the best ways to expand your online reach — nearly 90% of marketing professionals publish blog content as part of a digital strategy. Hosting a blog gives you the option to cover a variety of topics of interest to potential customers. A high-quality blog helps establish you as an expert in your field and lets you build relationships with current and potential customers.

You can measure your blog’s ROI by assessing how much new traffic you get. Measure your conversion rate to see if it improves after you start posting blogs. Additionally, look at how many new followers you’ve gotten on your blog, email list, and social media profiles to assess potential increases in brand awareness. 

Competitor Research Gives You an Advantage

In an SEO content marketing strategy, competitive analysis isn’t limited to keyword research. SEO content uses competitive analysis to position your brand as the industry authority. SEO content writing service teams stay on top of what your competitors are discussing, allowing you to provide compelling content that draws in more users. 

Competitor research also helps you assess your competition’s most successful content and apply findings to your own. You may find they’re covering topics you hadn’t considered or thought wouldn’t interest your customers. You can also see where they may rank higher than you and apply these practices to your website.

You might find that a competitor’s website is optimized for local search engines, helping them show up in Google Maps and other related searches. Look through their site for localized headlines and keywords to see how you can improve your own. 

Elevato Digital’s SEO Content Writing Services

If you’re ready to turn your content writing over to the experts, trust Elevato Digital to help you reach your business goals. We offer a comprehensive selection of content writing services that effectively boost your SEO and drive traffic to your site. 

Our team of strategists will start by gaining an understanding of your business, your content goals, and the type of content you’re interested in. Next, we conduct a competitive analysis and keyword research to create an effective content marketing strategy. Professional content writers use this strategy to write original content for your website which is then thoroughly edited. Finally, we report back to you so you can see how the content is ranking and how well it converts. 

What Types of SEO Content Does Elevato Produce? 

When you consider content, you may think of blog posts, videos, and social media, but our team offers a full content strategy covering each part of your online presence. Blog posts can effectively draw people to your website, and well-written service overviews and product descriptions flesh out your services to your customer base. 

Our team helps you add value to your most loyal customers with whitepapers you can offer as an exclusive bonus. Or you can use whitepapers to go in-depth about a specific topic relevant to your core audience. Highlight customer successes, delve into a specific yet common pain point, and offer a step-by-step account of your solution. 

We can do an SEO audit of your website to strengthen each page, enhancing your online visibility. And we can round out your content strategy by helping you craft email marketing newsletters and offers that resonate with potential clients.

Stop trying to write SEO content on your own while you’re focused on running your business. Turn this task over to the professionals at Elevato Digital and increase your organic traffic. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about how we can help you improve your digital presence.

5 Ways Big Data Analytics Can Help Your Business

More and more businesses are embracing the concept of big data versus treating it like just another buzz-phrase.

Once heralded as “the next big thing,” adoption of big data analytics is at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With big data and business analytics software projected to reach nearly $200 billion in revenue by 2023, it’s clear that the business world’s decision to bet on data has paid off so far.

So, what’s the catalyst for such rapid adoption in the first place?

After all, not all data is created equal and the need for massive numbers varies from company to company. According to a 2023 big data survey conducted by NewVantage, the top reasons for big data initiatives include decreasing expenses, exploring innovation opportunities and launching new products and services:

Although big data has uncovered new opportunities for businesses to reel in revenue, it’s also created a slew of challenges for marketers.

According to analytics firm SAS, the most common problems presented by big data to marketers are three-fold:

Determining which pieces of data to gather: with so many moving pieces of any business, it’s natural for marketers to find themselves in a situation where they’re drowning in a sea of numbers

Picking between analytics tools and platforms: more data means more tools, which means more picking and choosing on behalf of marketers already saddled with time and budget constraints

Turning data into action: while it’s easier than ever to acquire mounds of data at a moment’s notice, the act of spinning that data into gold is easier said than done

Does that mean that all hope is lost for marketers looking to benefit from big data?

Absolutely not.

After all, data-driven marketing has become the norm of today’s businesses. Rather than trust assumptions or gut feelings, modern marketers are making decisions by the numbers available to them. In fact, spending on data-driven marketing was up over 60% between 2023 and 2023.

1. Better Analytics = Better Design

As noted in the NewVantage survey, some of the greatest value of big data comes in the form of decreased expenses and faster launch of new products and services. This is being played out in the design world, where data is helping machines learn how to create sophisticated branding elements.

Your logo is the anchor of your brand, but getting one created can be a costly and lengthy affair:

Do it yourself, and you risk missing key elements that designers have been trained to understand.

Online platforms like Tailor Brands are eliminating the need for expensive designers and creative teams, getting brands up and running quickly and inexpensively. They’ve discovered how to take a user’s subjective input about their brand, and apply that to the huge amounts of data collected through their user base to provide machine-generate designs in minutes.

The system makes artistic decisions around colors, typefaces and layout based on design best practices and user feedback, essentially providing access to a massive database of design knowledge. Because their system is set up to continuously learn from all user input, they are able to spot design trends and preferences too, continually improving results.

All of this means brands no longer face the expense of working with logo design teams and can get out there and start marketing in record time.

2. Perfectly Timed Content

Speaking of time, marketers today face some major pain points in regard to content. That is, squeezing the most out of each and every piece we publish is much easier said than done.

Fortunately, analytics can play a major role when it comes to timing and content distribution.

Consider how Growbots’ email marketing platform optimizes send times based on engagement and the peak activity of email subscribers based on data from over one million cold campaigns.

The results of their analysis are nothing to scoff at, either. According to Growbots, email delivery optimization has the potential to nearly double the conversion rate of any given campaign.

Collecting data on followers and subscribers ultimately teaches marketers the best window to reach them, time after time.

This same logic can be applied to the world of social media, too. That’s why solutions such as social scheduling tool Sprout Social created its “ViralPost” platform which automatically schedules tweets and posts in conjunction with the online activity of relevant influencers. This sort of scheduling clues us into both the power of data and automation for today’s marketers.

Big data often reminds us of a rather obvious detail of any given marketing strategy: we can’t be everywhere at once. With these tools on deck, however, the task of marketing around the clock actually becomes a reality.

3. Boosting Sales

Given the cost and legwork involved with leveraging big data, there should be a financial incentive for hopping on the bandwagon, right?

Luckily, there is.

Take the world of ecommerce, for example, where a keen attention to analytics could potentially make or break a business. As noted by Dataconomy, big data has huge implications for sales as it applies to…

Optimized pricing: by tracking purchases and trends in real-time, brands can ultimately identify patterns that result in higher profits (something that 30% of businesses fail to do year after year)

Demand: big data analytics can forecast needs for inventory and essentially prevent the need for a business to ever be out of stock

Predicting trends: keeping a close eye on industry data provides opportunities to determine which products are buzzing with consumers and what’s falling flat.

For marketers making digital sales, even the most minor details uncovered via analytics could result in major profits or losses. Again, the information gleaned by big data often represents points that many marketers wouldn’t think twice about until they were aware of where they might be going wrong.

4. Conversion Optimization

Yet the degree to which big data analytics can help accomplish these goals may be less obvious.

Bear in mind that 48% of big data is attributed to customer analytics, meaning that drilling deep to understand customer behavior should be a matter of “when” not “if”.

The rise of big data is a stern reminder for marketers to take a data-driven approach to conversion optimization. With variables such as headline and CTA copy to color scheme and imagery, there’s plenty to consider on any page of your site or store.

The more data you have to assess the behavior of your traffic, the better.

5. Promoting Personalization

 With so much emphasis on metrics in regard to big data, it’s easy to forget the people and relationships behind those same numbers.

The concept of big data creating more personalized experiences may seem like an oxymoron but just take for example how chatbots are being used to boost customer satisfaction.

For example, the more a fashion chatbot for a brand like H&M “talks” to a customer, the more it learns about their preference in terms of products. The bot is then able to come up with personalized product recommendations as a result:

While marketers aren’t expected to rely on robots, they are expected to regularly gather data from customers in pursuit of a more personalized experience.

Even beyond the world of bots, Amazon’s recommendation engine is a prime example of personalized recommendations via data collection. Considering that lack of personalization annoys nearly three-quarters of all consumers, the key is for marketers to deliver relevant recommendations only.

And although personalization is considered a must-do, 39% of marketers note that a “lack of data” is their biggest challenge toward making it happen.

Therefore marketers looking to get closer to their customers should learn more about them sooner rather than later. Through the power of big data analytics, that crucial personal connection is more than possible.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Big Data

5 Ways To Access Instagram From Your Desktop

According to Statista, Instagram has approximately 500 million active users as of June 2023. Just in case you’re not one of those 500 million, Instagram is a social networking app that allows users to share photos and videos from their mobile devices. The app includes various photo editing tools and has become a staple of selfie-obsessed teenagers as well as an invaluable marketing tool for individuals and businesses.

Instagram allows users to share their life by providing an instant snapshot of what’s going on in that exact moment. Hence the name, Insta-gram. For that reason, the developers of the insanely popular app have chosen to only focus on mobile platforms. While it is possible to view your Instagram feed from your browser, you can currently only upload images from your phone or tablet. That means any photos taken from your DSLR or edited in Adobe Photoshop are deemed unsuitable for Instagram sharing.

The benefit of uploading Instagram posts from a PC or Mac appeals to a lot of people, and just because it isn’t officially sanctioned by the folks over at Instagram, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, “Life, uh, finds a way.”

1. Gramblr

Gramblr is a popular third-party application that allows users to upload photos and videos to Instagram from their PC. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and features a similar interface to the official mobile app. Gramblr is simple to install and easy to use; however, glitches are not uncommon.

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks made a splash in 2011 when they unveiled their proprietary software, BlueStacks App Player. To put it simply, BlueStacks App Player is an Android emulator that runs on either Windows or Mac OS. While BlueStacks is particularly popular with gamers, the App Player can run roughly 96% of the Android apps available in the Google Play Store, Instagram included.

3. Running Android on a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is an emulation software that allows you to run entire operating systems within the Virtual Machine software. Think of it as a computer within a computer. Windows 10 has a built-in virtual machine in Hyper V; all you need is a copy of Android. Once you’ve configured your virtual machine, just download the Instagram app and start using it from your PC.

4. Andy/AMIDuOS

If the idea of configuring a virtual machine is a little over your head, you have other options. Programs like AMIDuOS and Andy package a virtual machine and the Android operating system together. These pre-configured solutions make running Android on your PC super simple. Andy and AMIDuOS aim to bring a fully functioning Android experience to the PC, which means you’ll be able to ‘gram to your heart’s content. Andy is free; however, AMIDuOS has a payment structure between $10 and $15 USD.

5. Dropbox

If everything above sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, Dropbox might be the answer you’re looking for. Simply upload photos or videos from your PC to Dropbox and transfer them to your phone. Then just fire up Instagram and start posting. It may not allow you to post to Instagram directly, but it works.

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Enter Network Password In Outlook: 5 Ways To Get Rid Of It

Enter Network Password in Outlook: 5 Ways to Get Rid of it We found the best solutions to this error




The Enter Network Password prompt keeps appearing for many, even after they enter the correct password.

It usually happens due to issues with the network connection or misconfigured Outlook settings.

To fix things, ensure the password entered on Outlook matches that for the email client or reconfigure settings, amongst other solutions.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Outlook is more than an email client, allowing users to create and manage tasks and note-taking, amongst many other features. Yet, many users reported that the Enter Network Password popup keeps appearing in Outlook.

The problem has been reported on all versions, including the Enter network password error in Outlook 2007. So, let’s find out how you can fix things.

What does Enter network password mean in Outlook?

The Enter network password box in Outlook 2007 keeps popping up when you have made changes to the account or migrated the profile. It usually acts as a confirmation medium, but when the error keeps appearing, it points to a problem.

Here are a few reasons you might be getting the prompt:

Incorrect password – The most common reason why the popup keeps reappearing in Outlook is that the password being entered is incorrect.

Misconfigured settings – In some cases, users found that misconfigured Outlook settings were responsible for the problem.

Corrupt Outlook profile – Even a corrupt profile can trigger issues, and the ideal solution here would be to rebuild the Outlook profile.

How can I fix Enter network password error in Outlook?

Before we head to the solutions listed below, here are a few quick tricks that might work:

Restart the computer and the modem router (wait for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on). Once done, verify whether the Enter Network Password error in Outlook is fixed.

Check if the Internet connection is unstable, and fix that.

Update Outlook.

Disable any third-party antivirus, firewall, or other applications designed to modify the network. In case that works, uninstall the program, and the error should be fixed for good.

If none of these work, head to the fixes listed next:

1. Check your Outlook password

Expert tip:

If you’re confident you didn’t change the password, try resetting the password and configuring your Outlook account again. After doing that, verify whether the Enter Network Password popup stops appearing.

2. Change your Send & Receive schedule

After making this change, you shouldn’t see the Enter Network Password error in Outlook 2007 for Gmail.

3. Clear the Credential Manager 4. Rename the Protect folder

Once done, the Enter Network Password prompt in Outlook should disappear for good. Many reported that can’t rename the folder, but that, too, is easily fixable.

5. Add the account again

That’s it! If nothing so far worked, adding the account again should fix things in case the corrupt cache triggered the Enter Network Password popup in Outlook 2007 for Yahoo Mail.

Before you leave, find out how to speed up Outlook in Windows.

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5 Ways To Extract And Copy Text From An Image On Iphone

In the past, if we wanted to copy text from a photo on an iPhone, we had to manually retype the text. Thankfully, things have changed. Whether you want to copy the text from a screenshot, business card, billboard, or picture on the Internet, you can easily do that on your iPhone in a few taps. Let’s check out five ways to extract and copy text from an image on your iPhone.

1. Copy Text From an Existing Image or Screenshot on iPhone

You can use the Live Text feature, the Google app, or the Google Photos app to copy text from a picture on your iPhone simply by selecting it with one tap.

Using Live Text in the Apple Photos App

Some iPhone models support a native feature allowing users to extract and copy text from an image using the Live Text feature. It can be used to copy text from photos and screenshots on your iPhone, as well as text from a physical document or card through the Camera app. You can also use it in the Safari web browser.

Once Live Text detects copyable text, you can draw context from it or surface actionable interface items using the “Look Up” feature. For instance, if your picture has a phone number or an email address, Look Up will allow you to make a call or send an email directly from the photo. Similarly, you can also activate GPS directions or define words in an image.

Note: Live Text requires an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or later running iOS 15 or later. Live Text is also available on certain iPad models and Macs running macOS Monterey or macOS Ventura.

Follow these steps to enable Live Text on your iPhone or iPad:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Scroll down and enable the toggle next to “Live Text.”

This is a one-time thing that you must do to use Live Text. After enabling it, follow these steps to copy text from a picture on your iPhone.

Launch the built-in Photos app on your iPhone and open the picture with text you want to copy.

Tap on the “Live Text” icon in the bottom-right corner. The text in the picture will be highlighted. Tap on “Copy All” to copy all of the text.

Alternatively, touch and hold on a word from the text that you want to copy. Move the selection points to manually adjust the selection, then tap on “Copy” from the pop-up bar.

Open any app where you want to paste the text, long-press on the text field, then select the “Paste” option from the pop-up bar.

Using Google Lens in the Google App

If your iPhone does not support the Live Text feature, Google will come to your rescue. You can use the Google Lens feature that’s baked inside the Google app to copy text from any existing picture or screenshot, new photos from the Camera Roll, or pictures on the Internet.

Follow these steps to copy text from a screenshot or any other image on your iPhone using the Google app:

Install and open the Google app on your iPhone, then tap on the “Camera” icon in the search bar.

Tap on the “Gallery” icon at the bottom to view the photos on your iPhone.

Tap on the picture with text you want to grab.

Tap on the “Text” tab at the bottom.

Tap the text that you want to copy and mark the selection using the selection bars.

Tap on the “Copy text” button at the bottom to extract and copy the text from the picture.

Pro tip: add the Google search bar widget on your iPhone’s home screen for faster access to Google Lens.

Using Google Photos

You can also use the Google Photos app to copy text from existing pictures and screenshots on your iPhone.

Install and open the Google Photos app on your iPhone.

Open the picture with text you want to extract.

Tap on the “Google Lens” icon at the bottom and select the “Text” tab.

Tap on the text in the picture to select it. Drag the selection bars to mark the text, then tap the “Copy text” button.

2. Copy Text From the Camera on iPhone

If you want to extract and copy text from a physical document, card, bill, etc., you can use the following methods:

Using the Camera App

You can use the Live Text feature in the default Camera app on your iPhone to copy text from physical objects. This method also works when using the camera inside other Apple apps, such as Notes or Reminders.

Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

Point the camera toward the object with text that you want to copy.

Tap once on the text from the viewfinder, then tap on the “Live Text” icon.

The selected portion will move to the forefront. Tap on the first word of the text that you want to copy and move the selection points to select the desired text. Press the “Copy” option in the pop-up bar.

Alternatively, use the “Select All” option to select all of the text, then press “Copy” to copy the selected text.

Using the Camera in the Google App

If Live Text isn’t supported on your iPhone, use the Google app to copy text from pictures.

Install and open the Google app on your iPhone.

Tap on the “Camera” icon in the Google search bar to open the Google Lens feature.

Point the camera toward an item, such as a billboard, receipt, document, etc., that has text that you want to copy.

Select “Text” from the available options at the bottom, then press the capture button.

The text in the picture will be highlighted. Tap on the text that you want to copy, then press the “Copy text” button at the bottom.

3. How to Copy Text From an Image in Safari

If you find an interesting quote or other text on an image on the Internet, you can use the Live Text feature in the Safari browser to copy the text.

Open the webpage containing the picture with the text you’d like to copy while using the Safari browser on your iPhone.

Long-press on the text in the picture to select it, then drag the selection bars to customize your text selection. Finally, tap “Copy” to select the highlighted text.

If the above step does not work, long-press anywhere on the image except on the text. When the menu shows up, select “Show Text” from the menu.

The text in the picture will be highlighted. Use the “Select All” button to copy the selected text or long-press the text to manually select it from the picture. Follow this by tapping on the “Copy” button.

4. How to Copy Text From an Image in the Chrome App on iPhone

If you prefer using the Google Chrome browser over Safari, or if the Live Text feature does not work in Safari, you can extract and copy text from any image on the Internet using the Chrome browser app.

Go to the photo with text you want to copy in the Chrome browser.

Long-press on the image and select “Search image with Google.”

The Google Lens website will open. Tap on the “Text” tab to highlight the text in the picture.

Long-press on the text and drag the selection bars to mark the text that you want to copy. Tap on “Copy text” at the bottom of the screen to copy the text from that picture.

Tip: looking for more ways to copy text using Chrome? Discover how to copy text from a blocked site in Chrome.

5. How to Copy Text From a Picture Using Google Search

If you enjoy using Google Search and happen to find an interesting picture with text you want to copy, Google offers a native way to do so.

Start by using Google Search in any browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) to find the image.

Tap on the image, then tap on the “Google Lens” icon at the bottom of the image.

The text will be highlighted in the picture. If that does not happen, tap or long-press on the text and mark the selection points. Tap on “Copy text” below the photo.

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Frequently Asked Questions Can I copy text from an Instagram photo, Facebook post, or WhatsApp status on my iPhone?

Yes! Take a screenshot, then use the methods described in the first section of this guide to copy the text. Read on to discover more options to copy and paste on websites.

Where is the clipboard on iPhone?

iPhones do not have a standalone clipboard manager app like other devices. You can only paste the most recently copied text or image. Long-press wherever you want to paste the text in the clipboard, then tap “Paste.”

Can I copy and paste between Apple devices?

Yes, you can easily copy something on one device and paste it on a different Apple device with the universal clipboard feature. Features like Universal Control and Stage Manager can also help you work more seamlessly between your Apple devices.

All screenshots and images by Mehvish Mushtaq.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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