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8 Best Journalism Software in the World [High-Rated Picks] A journalist needs access to information and great editing software








Journalism reached the digital age, making journalism software the backbone of everything.

We’ve created this article to feature the best software for journalists to make their job easier.

The list of tools includes email extractors, image editors, workflow organizers, and more.

Most of the software have a free version or trial, so go ahead and see if they are worth it.

Fluency and tone evaluation

Automatic spelling and grammar suggestions

Checks formality level

Plagiarism detection

Word choice and synonym

Set up your writing game!

In this digital age, you don’t need an exorbitantly priced program to become a top-tier journalist.

Not every person can afford such perks. But that does not mean that you should abandon multimedia journalism.

As a matter of fact, the web is crammed with affordable alternatives that fit perfectly well in a journalist’s toolkit.

Which software is used for news editing?

Some of these tools used by journalists keep them up to date with every new info. And others enhance security and privacy by concealing their trails.

But the best apps for journalists are word processors. Then, you will need a good image editing tool and a great grammar checker.

In this roundup, we will introduce you to the best software so can stay on top of the game as a journalist.

A journalist’s work is as complex as they get and photo editing takes a great deal of their time.

As the world’s most popular photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop is the natural choice for the job and it should not miss from any professional’s kit.

Its complex, yet easy-to-use toolset makes everyday edits like cutting, cropping, and corrections simple and accessible.

Speaking about accessibility, another important feature is its cross-platform functionality. This is just another way in which Adobe Photoshop makes itself useful.

Since journalists are always on the road (and they should if they are to catch a good story before anyone else), starting a project on the desktop and continuing it from the iPad comes in handy.

Adobe Photoshop can be used with other Adobe products and be integrated as part of the Creative Cloud. You can try it for free for 7 days.

Let’s quickly go through its key features:

Lens Blur and Improved Content-Aware Fill

Object Selection Tool (to create fast and precise selections)

Enhanced Transform Warp (to add control points anywhere or divide your image with a customizable grid)

Improved Properties panel with convenient Quick Actions

Modern presets (easier, more intuitive, and better organized)

Adobe Photoshop

Edit pics on the go and get impressive images that weigh more than a thousand words to compliment your story!

Free trial Visit website

Grammarly is probably one of the best journalist writing apps. Its browser plugin corrects grammar mistakes and bad phrasing.

It is extremely helpful when you need to recheck a text written very quickly or when you need to edit somebody’s work. It also provides you with synonyms so you could diversify your texts.

This tool is the first on the list as a journalist needs, first of all, to write something from time to time and when this needs to be done in a short time – Grammarly is his best friend.

It is not so complicated to use it – Install it on your browser, restart the browser and you will have access to the best grammar-checking program available for free.

Other key features of Grammarly include:

Rephrase suggestions for premium users

Anti plagiarism tool

Tone adjustement support

Fluency assesment


Get a taste of accurate, stylistically appropriated, and plagiarism-free writing with Grammarly!

Free trial Visit website

Whenever massive amounts of data are involved, it is best to present the information in an attractive way so that it is more digestible for the audience.

Since journalists deal with a lot of information, finding the right balance between text and visuals is crucial in order to captivate the public’s attention.

And there is nothing better equipped for this task than sleek, impactful, high-resolution images.

Adobe Stock brings an impressive collection of such beautiful images that every journalist should include in his or her toolset.

Adobe Stock is a great platform to help you get inspiring materials from world-established industry experts.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Diverse libraries of high-resolution, stock assets and images

Gorgeous, royalty-free imagery for high-impact storytelling

Beautiful HD and 4K footage for motion projects

Numerous pre-made, professionally-designed templates available

Full compatibility with other Creative Suite products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and more

Royalty-free audio tracks and music

Adobe Stock

With Adobe Stock you will always find the perfect image to illustrate your article.

Free trial Visit website

Digitalization has laid its stamp on journalism as well and the future of this industry may depend on cybersecurity. Truth is that there is so much information that you give out when online without knowing it.

As a journalist, you will need Opera to research state propaganda and to file stories with non-state-controlled media without having to worry about the consequences of digging too deep.

Opera will greatly facilitate your online research with numerous features while also keeping your identity anonymous.

Other key features of Opera include:

Customizable themes

Built-in adblocekr

Comprehensive add-on shop

Quick access to social media platforms


Reimagine browsing and better your journalistic skills with the most powerful tool: faster, better, 100% private, and ad-free online research.

Free Visit website

Expert tip:

It’s a mixture of many apparently isolated items that come together to create a unique, informative, well-documented story that captures attention.

And this calls for a tool that can centralize all those activities and allow for the different persons involved in the story-building process to collaborate in real-time and make things happen.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Planning, tracking, and delivering capabilities

Fully customizable visuals and templates

Seamless integration with popular collaboration tools

Automate repetitive tasks and focus on important matters

Visualization tools to better organize and convey information (views, maps, timeline, kanban, and more)

Being able to stay in touch with the people that matter is essential for a journalist. And sometimes, this implies a good amount of tracking down those important persons.

Used by 2,000,000+ professionals around the globe, Hunter is well-known for its excellent capacities and lets you find email addresses in seconds.

What’s more, it has plenty of add-ons and countless integrations on which you can rely to complete your detective-grade research and create compelling stories.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

Domain search to help you obtain the email addresses behind any website

Powerful email-finding tool with efficient search filters and top scoring

Email deliverability checker tool

Extensive library of add-ons (Chrome extension, Firefox add-on, and CRM integrations)

⇒ Get

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9 Best Antivirus Software For Windows Tablets: High Security

9 Best Antivirus Software for Windows Tablets: High Security Discover top antiviruses that will keep your devices safe and sound








With so much malware found online, the antivirus for tablet has become a necessary software.

ESET and Avast are the top preferences for many users searching for the best antivirus for tablet.

Another viable alternative to a strong antivirus program for tablet users is to install and use Avira.

BullGuard is also very popular and it was considered the best antivirus a tablet can use. 

Windows tablets are in a class of their own thanks to the fact that they use Microsoft’s software. They are perfect for business and productivity purposes alike.

Just like their desktop counterparts, Windows tablets need protection against malware, even on iOS. Things are no different for Android tablets.

This is done through competent tablet antivirus software that acts as preventive medicine by keeping threats at bay, including viruses and ransomware.

Do Windows tablets need antivirus?

Malware and other online threats are constantly being updated, which means you can never be too prepared.

Even though Windows has its own security measures and apps, having an additional layer of protection provided by a paid or free third-party antivirus software will keep you the safest.

So, do you need virus protection on a tablet? Most certainly, if you are serious about your data being protected.

Doesn’t my tablet already have antivirus protection?

The antimalware software developed by Microsoft is called Microsoft Defender, and it can be downloaded for free on both Windows and Android devices.

Truth is, it offers enough protection for some users, however, if you value the safety of your device as well as all of your online accounts, you should invest in higher-quality security software rather than using the Microsoft Surface antivirus alone.

The varied antivirus solutions listed below allow for a very secure and prosperous experience both online and offline. That’s why we recommend them to all those looking for:

Antivirus for tablet/tablet antivirus – For the best antivirus software for tablets, we recommend BullGuard which edged out other popular solutions for the top spot.

Antivirus for Android tablets – BullGuard and Bitdefender are some of the world’s most trusted antivirus programs for Android. Take your time to check them out and make a choice!

Best free antivirus for Samsung tablets – Harmful viruses and malware may easily affect your Samsung tablet, so choose one of our previously mentioned solutions with no hesitation.

Windows ARM antivirus – For as long as the device is supported, Microsoft Defender will be able to assist in protecting Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems on ARM-based devices. However, the following antivirus programs can be installed to boost protection.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of the top antivirus software that you can install and feel 100% safe. Keep on reading to find out more!

ESET NOD32 is a powerful, fast, and yet light antivirus that suits perfectly the gamer and the normal user as well, offering first-rate tablet virus protection.

For which devices is the antivirus available? All of them. It runs discreetly without causing interruptions, being an excellent antivirus software for Surface Pro X as well as other tablets, along with Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Let NOD32 detect viruses and clean them from your tablet when you create presentations, play games, or watch movies.

It will not require many resources from your hardware and you will not experience any slowdowns in your activity, due to this tablet security software.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus does a great job of removing different online threats from your device. It detects and cleans viruses, ransomware, worms, spyware, and other types of malware.

ESET NOD32’s key features:

Remote security check of your devices 

Ransomware Shield

Advanced Machine Learning

Idle-State Scanning

Small System Footprint

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

ESET NOD32 Antivirus will keep your computer safe from malware including viruses, worms, ransomware, and spyware.

Check price Visit website

Bitdefender has been the talk of the town lately thanks to the pretty unique protection features it brings to the table.

While they are impressive nonetheless, they might not be exactly what most people would expect to read next. One of the greatest things about Bitdefender is the fact that it’s free.

Yes, that’s right, and no, you shouldn’t take that in stride. Antivirus software can amount to quite a pretty penny these days and they are actually a lot of folks that just can’t afford straight-up payment for protection.

Bitdefender’s key features:

Free antivirus for your tablet with cutting-edge features and tools

Makes online navigation much easier

Has a password manager

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender is a big name in the antivirus business. It is a wise choice for protecting your tablet!

Check price Visit Website

TotalAV is an antivirus solution that has won several awards and is capable of identifying and completely eradicating malware for multiple devices at once.

There are benefits to using TotalAV as a free antivirus solution for your tablet, but there are also some cons. Since its introduction in 2023, it has developed into one of the anti-malware applications with the most rapid expansion rate on the market.

A learning algorithm and proactive defense are utilized by TotalAV in order to provide complete virus elimination and protection against a wide variety of forms of malware.

Your experience shopping and browsing online are kept secure with TotalAV since the software scans each page for potential dangers before showing the results in the built-in browser window.

Additionally, it is possible to disable monitoring websites that utilize your personal information for marketing purposes.

TotalAV’s key features:


Keep your shopping experience and browsing activity safe with this amazing antivirus tool.

Check Price Visit Website

Avira Antivirus keeps your tablet connected and secured from various online threats. This friendly and powerful tablet antivirus software protects users from scams, financial loss, and identity theft. You can also secure your online activity using Avira’s built-in VPN feature.

Once you have downloaded, installed, and put it to work, Avira Antivirus will speed up and clean your PC. This will be the perfect moment for your device to attain peak productivity.

Use Avira and make viruses, malicious websites, and ransomware a thing of the past. Try its Speed Feature to enhance your tablet’s performance, and improve the security of your accounts with Avira’s Password Manager app.

Avira’s key features:

It safeguards you against fraud, identity theft, and financial loss

Secures your online activities with a free VPN

Optimizes and cleans your computer for maximum productivity

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus eliminates viruses and ransomware, protects you from dangerous websites, and speeds up your tablet.

Free download Visit Website

There are many things that recommend Malwarebytes, including the fact that it can make the differentiation between a known threat and just a threat that isn’t known but is a threat nonetheless.

What that means is that nowadays antivirus solutions must be able not just to identify threats, but to actively stop them.

When so many of its competitors are focused on enriching their databases, Malwarebytes steps outside the database confinement and judges threats by their actions rather than their names.

Malwarebytes’s key features:

A multitude of protection layers

Offers ransomware and exploits protection

Designed to accompany another antivirus on your device

Acts as a second control point between the Internet and the user

Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Malwarebytes is an efficient antivirus that keeps your tablet virus-free. Customize your security the way you want!

Check price Visit Website

This one is an extremely powerful security software tool designed to run even on low specs PCs, tablets, and laptops. On the market, you will find it a decent price compared to others.

We recommend that you take a look at Emsisoft if you are looking for an anti-malware application that provides you with increased control while maintaining an intuitive user interface.

It blocks all the trojans or malware from malicious sites you do navigate. Its dual-engine scanner will check all the downloaded or modified files and it has a behavior-blocking system that monitors your processes for unrecognized threats.

Emsisoft’s key features:

Offers 4-layer protection in real-time

Cleaning and restoration capabilities

Shows you extended logs to check the past actions

Emsisoft Anti-malware

Emsisoft Anti-malware blocks trojans and malware found on dangerous websites, while also cleaning and restoring your tablet.

Check price Visit Website

Norton is another veteran contender for the title of the best antivirus program. It has been around for a long time and it doesn’t show any signs of quitting anytime soon.

Norton’s antivirus solution is praised for its versatility and how easily it manages to handle different types of tasks at the same efficiency levels.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve on your tablet, Norton can assist with competent protection.

Norton 360’s key features:

Varied support portfolio

No strain on tablets or their performance

Great for cookie tracking and keyloggers

Has a preferential scan feature that allows users to exclude files from a scan

Norton 360

Norton 360 is a robust and reliable antivirus that protects your tablet against viruses, cookie tracking, and keyloggers.

Check price Visit Website

Kaspersky is one of the most popular antivirus solutions out there. Like it is available on all other platforms, it can also be used on Windows tablets.

It features the kind of tools you might expect from a service of its caliber, and it doesn’t fail to impress in terms of effectiveness.

It’s easy to see where it shines brightest, and that is in its raw removal prowess. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t do great in other categories though.

Kaspersky’s key features:

Removes any malware

Support for multiple versions of Windows

Anti-phishing protection

Safe banking feature

Kaspersky Standard

Kaspersky Antivirus is very efficient as it cleans and protects your tablet from malware, phishing, and keyloggers.

Check price Visit Website

Avast Antivirus has the main function of keeping your computer safe from viruses. Additionally, this powerful software will also keep your network safe from intruders.

Many antiviruses available nowadays will scan your computer for malware applications. Avast Antivirus contains this feature too, but it takes things a little further and monitors your existing applications to prevent them from getting infected.

Avast’s key features:

Verifies Wi-Fi network security

Avoids fake and unsafe websites

Secures against phishing sites

Stops PC remote access attacks

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Antivirus detects and eliminates viruses, monitors your home network and apps, and scans your tablet for malware.

Free download Visit Website

Are tablets more secure than laptops?

Because viruses are programmed to target PCs, portable devices such as laptops are more likely to get infected than tablets.

If you decide to buy a laptop, you should seriously consider investing in antivirus software to keep your documents and other important data safe.

Tablets, on the other hand, are also an area of concern. But, using good protection software, laptops, and tablets can be just as secure.

Are tablets safe for online banking?

With mobile banking, you can carry out many of the same transactions as with Internet banking by utilizing a mobile device such as a smartphone or a Windows tablet rather than a traditional computer.

By using one of the above antivirus software, your tablet will be more than safe for online banking. Rest assured!

Alternatively, you can look at our post with the 10 best antivirus software for online banking to stay one step ahead.

With so many great solutions available, it’s hard to see how many Windows tablets might have problems staying safe.

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Will The New World Of Software Doom Your Career?

By Gordon Benett

Let’s begin at the end. It’s a few years down the road, and Web Services have succeeded beyond all but the wildest evangelist’s dreams. Bandwidth is infinite, storage costs a penny per gigabyte, and Quake (with user-configurable music and avatars, of course) is a cell-phone app. AOL and Microsoft own the consumer Internet like Coke and Pepsi own cola.

In business, software is a mesh of self-describing services communicating via XML-based messages. Standard vocabularies exist for every common human endeavor, and most of the uncommon ones as well, with the implication that software development takes place on a very high baseline of assumptions and embedded functions. Establishing that baseline used to preoccupy teams of programmers for months. No longer.

To write an “application” — though no one would use that quaint term in these modern times — a business analyst drags lines between blocks that represent business functions, things like ebXML-based contract negotiation and supply chain disruption management. These blocks are themselves composed of finer-grained services, many written by high school kids and available for free. The analyst, who might as easily be working on a smart phone as a desktop, uses her business knowledge to set parameters that tailor the generic services to the problem at hand. Reuse is a reality; very little software is written at the code level.

Does this scenario depict a utopia or nightmare for today’s IT professional? One doesn’t have to give a definitive answer to realize that the success of today’s major IT initiatives — ubiquitious connection, near-limitless resources, tinker-toy software assembly — are radically changing the profession.

Just as the invention of the automobile did for makers of horse-drawn carriages, the shift from traditional application development to software assembly is challenging assumptions about how people add value. Whether you suffer or prosper as a result will depend on how you adapt to the coming storm. Here are couple of broad trends you need to reckon with.

Two high-value paths will remain, one deeply technical, the other broadly analytic. This isn’t so much a far-fetched prediction as a stated agenda for Java and other distributed computing paradigms.

According to the book J2EE Technology in Practice, edited by Rick Catell and Jim Inscore of Sun Microsystems (Addison-Wesley, 2001), one of the fundamental design goals of Enterprise Java is to “commoditize expertise.” In order to add value, technical experts will require an under-the-hood appreciation of software tools and systems in order to ensure the robustness and scalability of discrete Web Services.

That means experts in Web Services design will need to focus not only on qualities that make the application itself work, such as performance and transaction integrity, but also on design features like granularity and parameterization, to ensure that the services can be adapted by non-programmers to new environments.

Expertise of a different type will be required to assemble granular Web Services into powerful systems of business automation. Business architects will use technologies descended from today’s Unified Modeling Language (UML) to model their organizations and knit together systems that expedite both internal and partner processes.

According to Sun’s Catell and Inscore, companies will increasingly “focus on recruiting developers based on their understanding of the business needs of the orgnization, not just their ability to solve arcane technical problems.” Indeed, an organization’s ability to analyze its markets and execute in terms of reconfigurable software services will become one of its most agile and potent differentiators.

If the analytic track is your cup of tea, study modeling, specifically UML and XML Schemas. Design patterns are useful here as well, while the emerging field of analysis patterns holds promise. Investigate, and if possible participate, in your industry’s XML standardization initiatives. Most importantly, begin to think about what it would mean to model your business’ marketplace, stakeholders, and processes in terms of a software services architecture. Don’t look for a shelf full of books on the topic — they haven’t been written yet.

If neither hard-core technology nor business architecture suits your profile, don’t despair. There will be a growing demand for support specialists, especially in the areas of security, database administration, network management, and legacy integration. But commoditization of skills will be hard at work here, too, so delve deep and seek out challenging projects.

Gordon Benett is a technology strategist with over 16 years of experience with information systems. He is a senior research analyst with Aberdeen Group, where he follows the Enterprise Java and Middleware markets. In 1996 he founded Intranet Journal, an chúng tôi site, where this story first appeared.

These Iphone 8 Pictures Show Display On In High Resolution

These iPhone 8 pictures show display on in high resolution

The collection of photos of the iPhone 8 we’re about to show you basically spoil the whole phone reveal. While we cannot be certain that we’re looking at the iPhone 8 – or whatever it’ll be called – until Apple reveals it, there’s good reason to believe that the design (as it stands now) is right on point with the images we’re about to show. Some of these images are renderings, some of these images are photos.

The images shown above and below are based on rumors and leaks and insider sources alike. Until Apple reveals the iPhone 8 itself, we won’t know exactly what we’re in for in a final physical device. Now that the device’s leaked looks have remained the same for a few days, the conceptual designs can be refined a bit – and be allowed to shine a bit more.

Early designs made by trigger-happy case makers often show smartphones as relatively ugly pieces of hardware. It’s not until the renderers like the ones you see here get ahold of the specs that the real magic begins. Here you’ll see the iPhone shine in a set of colors that are inching ever-closer to what Apple will very possibly present this September.

SEE ALSO: iPhone 8 Prototype shows display size VS iPhone and Galaxy S8

Below you’ll find a set of specifications for the iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, iPhone Plus, or iPhone Edition – or whatever you want to call it. Note that these specifications are NOT OFFICIAL, nor are they in any way final. Apple has yet to announce anything, and until they do, everything you see is based on rumors, tips, and insider sources.

Apple iPhone 8 (OLED MODEL) (Hypothetical)• Dimensions: 71 x 143 x 7.4mm• Display: 5.8-inch OLED display• Processor: Apple A11 chip• RAM: 4GB• Internal Storage: 64GB, 128GB• Camera: Dual 12 MP, (28mm, f/1.8, OIS & 56mm, f/2.8), phase detection autofocus, 2x optical zoom, quad-LED (dual tone) flash• Front-Camera: 7 MP, f/2.2, 32mm, 1080p@30fps, 720p@240fps, face detection, HDR, panorama• Battery: 3000 mAh, Wireless Charging• Connectivity: Lightning Connector, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 3G, nanoSIM, NFC• Additional: Hidden Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Scanner, IP68 water/dust resistance

There’s still a question of whether the Touch ID sensor will be up front, embedded within the display, or around the back. If it will be around the back, the design will need to change once again. But again, remember that we’re dealing with leaks here – it’s not as if Apple itself has changed the design back and forth and back again – at least not publicly.

Compare this to the photos of the 3D printed piece of work above to see how extremely similar the art has gotten. Leaks and rumors have centered at this point – it’s difficult to see where else the final product might go.

The images you’ll see above first are photos from Twitter by Lewis from Unbox Therapy. He got the model from Venya Geskin, AKA Benjamin Geskin, who sells models of the iPhone 8 based on leaks and rumors for a cool $194.99 apiece. The second set comes from BGR and were made by the folks at Nodus. That includes the rotating 3D render, too.

Have a peek at the timeline below for additional information on when and with what the iPhone 8 will be appearing!

8 Of The Best Third

1. YMusic

Of all the third-party YouTube apps out there, YMusic (Android) is probably the most accurate at mimicking that YouTube experience (its default color scheme is green, but you can change this to red — something more reminiscent of old YouTube).

In the “Discover” section, you’ll have access to YouTube, from where you can search YouTube using the button at the top right corner, or browse via the categories of Home, Music, Recommended, Your Top Tracks and Library, where you can access your playlists, your YouTube channel (if you have one) etc.

One of the great features of YMusic is that you can listen to music and videos in the background, without having to stay in the app or leaving your screen on. You can also download videos as audio files by tapping the three-dotted menu icon next to a given video then selecting your Download option.

We also appreciate the feature to listen to locally download music, podcasts, whatever you like by tapping the menu at the top left then selecting “Library.”

As you can imagine, Google isn’t too fond of YMusic so you’ll need to download it from its own site. Once you have the app, you will get internal notifications when you can update it.

2. NewPipe

You won’t find NewPipe (Android) in the Google Play Store either. You can get it from F-Droid instead, which is a website dedicated to free and open-source software. Since NewPipe doesn’t rely on any Google framework libraries or the YouTube API and only parses the website to get the information it needs, the app will work on devices without Google Services installed, such as newer Huawei devices.

The app sports a minimal, ad-free interface that allows you to watch videos and save them or play them in the background with the screen off. You can instruct videos to play at your preferred quality and use the built-in picture-in-picture mode, which is quite handy when you want to watch a video and perform another task at the same time.

You don’t need a YouTube account to use this app, but you can still subscribe to channels as usual or import your existing subscriptions after exporting them via the YouTube website.

3. iTube 4. YouTube++

Those who download the app, which is not listed in the official app store by the way, will be able to also set video playback speed (0.5x – 2.0x), disable age restrictions and more.

5. YouTube Go

What makes YouTube Go a great choice is that it allows you to choose how many megabytes of bandwidth you want to spend when watching a video. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your data plan usage, using the YouTube Go app may be what you’re looking for.

6. SongTube

SongTube (Android) is another viable open source alternative for YouTube. You can find its code on GitHub. It boasts a nice-looking clean interface and offers quite a lot of features. It lets users download videos and audios, as well as playlists.

SongTube is ad free like one would expect, but you won’t be able to log in with your Google account and access your YouTube history since the app is Google services free. Overall the app offers a clean experience you’ll definitely enjoy.

For those using mobile data for music, SongTube has a nice feature which lets your turn the video off and plays only the song for you. It’s available in the music player window.

7. LiberTube

LiberTube (Android) is a new YouTube alternative that uses Piped (a YouTube front-end website), and so will never connect to Google’s servers directly. Even though the app is still in beta, some of the features that most users are looking for when switching to an YouTube alternative are available. These include watching ad-free videos, downloading clips, and choosing the format during playback.

Given that the app is completely open source, new features are bound to be added soon enough, like the Library one which already shows up in the app but is not functional yet. It’s not possible to log in to LiberTube with your Google account either, but you can create an account on the app so that you can subscribe to channels.

8. Brave Browser

This method is worth checking out, because you’ll be able to log into your account and have access to a purer YouTube-like experience. You can even enable “Desktop site” mode. However, you won’t be able to do things like play music with your phone’s screen off natively.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why aren’t there more alternative YouTube apps for iOS users?

Google does not approve of such YouTube alternatives, so many have been removed from the App Store. As for the remaining crop, most have garnered sub-par ratings from users. (Using modified YouTube versions is against YouTube’s Terms of Service, and so you won’t find these apps on the Google Play Store either.)

Also, developers creating YouTube alternatives tend to target the Android ecosystem rather than Apple’s, which is less permissive.

2. How do I install an open-source Android app or APK?

If it’s your first time downloading an app from F-Droid we have you covered with this guide that shows you how to use the alternative marketplace. On the other hand, if you have an APK, here’s how to install apps from outside the Play Store.

3. Why isn’t YouTube Vanced on the list?

In March 2023, Vanced was discontinued due to pressure from Google. The app’s developers received a cease and desist order, prompting them to take Vanced offline.

Even so, note that for those who already have the app installed on their device, Vanced still works. However, you can’t download Vanced Manager anymore from the official website. It’s still possible to get it as an APK file from various websites, although Play Protects now flags the app as harmful and will display a warning.

The current Vanced version will keep on working for a while, since it’s based on a recent version of YouTube, but that won’t be the case forever. Google will eventually make changes to its YouTube platform, and so some Vanced features you used to rely on will inevitably break down and you’ll have to switch to a YouTube Vanced alternative.

Image credit: Unsplash

Alexandra Arici

Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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Review: Analysing The Best Needelpoint Design Software

Needlepoint Design Software [6 Best for 2023]




A needlepoint design software is used in order to create patterns for embroidery in a fast and efficient manner even if you lack the actual skills to do so in real life.

Our today’s article contains one of the best embroidery software

 for Mac & PC

on the market today, so make sure you check it out.

A first recommendation comes from the Adobe suite that offers a great

needlepoint software for you to create visual elements from scratch.

Keep reading our article below to find the best

needlepoint design software equipped with a color guide for easy navigation, as well as DMC products for all your needs, so read on!



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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Needlepoint design software is a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that makes your designing seamless. You no longer need to stress your mind about manual drafting and meeting deadlines.

With a reliable needlepoint design platform, you can create your embroidery design using digital tools. Plus you can view your creation in a 3D display.

With this type of software, your needlework becomes easier, especially when you learned how to use the scales and measurements.

You have access to numerous templates and designs to follow to complete your task. And even if you are not a computer genius, a guide is provided for you to master.

Once you are done with your needlepoint design, you can preview your work in an accurate 2D or 3D view.

You will have a realistic display of your artwork, and you can easily sport what you need to be improved. Indeed, this software is excellent.

Adobe Illustrator is at the top of our list because it is by far the best tool that money can buy when it comes to graphics design, especially creating visual elements from scratch.

This vector-based image editor has all the tools both a beginner and an experienced user may ever need, so you don’t need to worry about spending money on other third-party tools.

This means that you can customize the way your Illustrator behaves based on your needs at any given moment, and this includes adding patterns and brushes that will help you with needlepoint design.

Take a look at its key features:

Widespread popularity means the file formats it works with are commonly used

Guides for using it are easy to find on YouTube

Integrates well with other Adobe tools, such as Spark or Photoshop

Versatile due to plug-in support

Can be tested for free by anyone with an Adobe account for 7 days

Adobe Illustrator CC

Illustrator can be enriched with a wide variety of plug-ins and library enhancements for all your needlepoint designs.

Free trialVisit website

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023 & Premiere Elements 2023 uses the Adobe Sensei AI technology that makes this software very intuitive and smart.

You can find automated choices that allow you to customize the designs, as well as add your personal style. It includes a guided edit instruction that has 78 steps. With this software, you can accomplish creating needlepoint masterpieces.

The images are absolutely clear, and you can create your own modifications to make your designs perfect.

Take a look at its key features:

Object removal feature

Pattern brush

Frame fill option

Adobe Sensei AI technology

Intelligent software

⇒ Get Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023 & Premiere Elements

The Embrilliance Essentials, Embroidery Software for Mac & PC allows you to merge your needlework patterns with nearly all formats. You can use the stitch recalculation feature in order to modify the size of the needlework designs.

And if you wish to add lettering in your designs, you can easily do so through three different modes of Circle, Monogram, and Multi-line.

Take a look at its key features:

Compatible with MAC and Windows OS

Merge embroidery patterns

Stitch stimulator

Printable applique templates

Add additional letterings

Excellent formatting texts

Multiple selections of elements and stock shapes

Expert tip:

The Cross Stitch on CD-ROM is designed for beginners, and it is available in multiple languages of English Spanish, Francais, and Espanol French. This software is equipped with a color guide for easy navigation, as well as DMC products.

It includes tips and hints of stitching that are conveniently animated and interactive. Plus, you will surely love the 100 designs included in this software.

And it helps that it is very affordable compared to other needlepoint software.

Take a look at its key features:

Very easy to use

Friendly to the budget

100 designs

⇒ Get Cross Stitch on CD-ROM

The Hobbyware Pattern Maker Cross Stitch Software, Professional Version is designed for intermediate and expert users. In every pattern included in this software, there are a maximum of 150 colors that can be used for the designs.

You can find multiple unique designs for stitching in this software, and it is compatible with Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, and 8. This needlepoint design software is proudly made in the USA.

Take a look at its key features:

Unique cross stitch patterns

Auto outlining

Exports to typical graphic formats

Easy to learn

Professional level

Intuitive software

⇒ Get Hobbyware Pattern Maker Cross Stitch

The Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software allows you to make one or multiple line designs in numerous fonts. You can easily customize your embroidery designs using this software.

It is quite seamless to add your own lettering design or utilize the embroidery of fashionable layouts such as the Vertical Text or Circle.

Whatever letter you want to create or embroidery pattern you desire, you can accomplish what you want through this software. Plus you save your designs in different formats.

Take a look at its key features:

35 fonts

Advanced color options

Realistic preview

19 thread charts

⇒ Get LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine

The needlepoint design software differs in many ways, especially their compatibility with the operating systems. You need to make sure that the product you buy is suitable for the computer in your home or office.

Take note that software with multiple compatibles is more expensive than those that fit one OS only. That is also true with a platform that caters to a higher OS version of Windows PC.

In your purchasing decision, always factor in the compatibility, functionality, reliability, ratings, and price of the needlepoint design software. Select a design software product that suits your every need, especially your budget.

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