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People with sweaty hands need to use the best mouse pad for hyperhidrosis.

Make sure to keep your mouse from excessive sweat.

Hyperhidrosis is the situation in which you excessively sweat, but not because of heat or exercise. This type of heavy sweating disrupts normal day-to-day activities.

How to clean your gaming mouse pad?

Even if you have the best mouse pad for hyperhidrosis, you still need to clean it regularly if you sweat excessively.

To clean your mouse pad, you can put it in a bath filled with warm water and soap. Then, you can use a sponge to rub the mouse pad surface gently.

One other way is to toss your mouse pad in the washing machine and add soap or detergent. You need to set it to cold and low tumble.

Easily washable

Non-slip surface fabric

Non-slip base rubber keeping mouse pad in place

Durable, smooth material

Emitting Polyurethane smell at first

Check price

Amazon’s Basics SBD86WD is one of the best choices for hyperhidrosis. It has a smooth fabric and comes in a variety of sizes.

Its non-slip surface helps people with sweaty hands have a more seamless time. This mouse pad is made of a durable fabric and can be easily washed.

Since it’s washable, there’s no risk in giving it a thorough washing every now and again.


Easily cleanable (with a wet towel)


Durable material

Might generate noise when using certain types of mice

Check price

Jedia mouse pad is another item on our list of the best mouse pad for hyperhidrosis. It is a double-sided mouse pad that can help people with hyperhidrosis not need cleaning for a long time.

You can use one side till it soaks with sweat, and then turn it around and use the other side. One side of it is made of aluminum, and the other is made of PU leather.

This mouse pad is waterproof; therefore, cleaning it would be super easy.


Easily cleanable


Optimized for all types of mice

Not double-sided

Check price

Next up is a mouse pad from Besky. It is 3mm thick, which can reduce uneven surface effects.

It is durable, waterproof and sweatproof, and easily cleanable. Using a wet cloth, you can easily clean your sweat off of it.

The material is natural and non-toxic, and you do not need to worry about it slipping on any surface. Also, its anti-fray material makes you not worry about it wearing out soon.

Not fraying after long usage and contact with sweaty hands

Fabulous performance for gamers

Easy to clean (moist cloth and shampoo)

Very heavy

Check price

Perixx DX-1000L is made of fabulous fabric, it will not fray, even if you put your sweaty hands on it all day long.

Its non-slip rubber base enables it to form a tight grip on your desk and reduces unwanted movement. Additionally, it is coated with water-repellent fabric.

It doesn’t matter how much you sweat or how many cups of coffee you spill on it.

Metal side will not be damaged by sweaty hands

Compatibility with all types of mice


The rubber base can slip with hand motion

Check price

Vaydeer ‎Xunli-0007 mouse pad with its double-sided design allows for longer time usage and less damage to certain parts of the mouse pad.

One side is made of aluminum and the other side is PU leather. Because it has a smooth metal surface, the user may use it for both gaming and work.

You can carry it in your backpack or even in your hands because of its slim and attractive design.

Splash damage resistant


Improved stitching

Not compatible with Aura sync

Check price

Alongside its improved stitching, this makes for an endurable mouse pad for those who suffer from sweaty hands.

Moreover, the RGB borders make it an excellent choice for gamers in search of a water-resistant mouse pad.

How to dry your mouse pad after washing it?

There are many ways to dry your mouse; however, you should go with the ones that do not damage or wear out the fabric of the mouse pad.

The best way is to let your mouse pad air dry inside after being washed. You can hang it out in the sun as well, but you should remember not to leave it there for too long.

If you are in a hurry and need to get back to your project or gaming soon, you can use a hairdryer to dry out your mouse pad.

However, you need to ensure that you are using the lowest degree of heat and that you distance the hairdryer from the mouse so that you do not damage the fabric.

If you do not want to pay more money for the best mouse pad for hyperhidrosis or take care of your sweatproof mouse pad, you can go for other solutions.

You can put up a fan in front of your hand to cool it and stop it from sweating excessively and ruining your mouse pad.

Furthermore, you can attach a small fan to the front of your mouse to make the fan blow directly at your hand when your hand moves around.

Check out this article if you’re looking for the best computer mice.

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Best Mouse For Windows 11: 5 Top Picks For 2023

Best Mouse for Windows 11: 5 Top Picks for 2023




There are many different kinds of computer mice so it’s difficult to choose which is the best.

Take a look at gaming mice with tons of buttons and trackball mice for easier scrolling.

This guide breaks down the best computer mice for Windows 11.



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There isn’t a more important computer peripheral than the computer mouse. And because of its importance, you shouldn’t have to settle for a cheap or terrible mouse. Since its inception, computer mice have gone through radical changes.

Modern computer mice do much more than have two buttons and a scroller. The market for these devices is all over the place with vastly different prices, designs, and functionalities.

What is the best computer mouse?

It all comes down to what you’re looking for. Certain computer mice are better for certain situations. Gaming mice have a ton of buttons on them, for example. These types of mice are great for gamers but ultimately useless for an accountant.

Some people prefer to have a computer mouse that is inexpensive and light on features. They wouldn’t want something complex that can do a million things. Again, it depends on what you, as the user, are looking for.

This guide will break down some of the best computer mice that you can get on your Windows 11 computer. There’s no one singular best mouse for every situation. It depends on what you want, but there are some who come close.

What are the best computer mice available for Windows 11?

Long battery life

Connect up to three devices

Ergonomic design

Works on different systems

Wireless connection

Leaking anything special

Check price

Starting off the list of best mice is the Logitech MX Master 3. It’s a wireless mouse that connects to your computer via the accompanying dongle or through a Bluetooth connection.

It has a long battery life, up to 70 full days on a single charge. The MX Master charges rather quickly too with a one-minute charge giving you a full three hours of usage. The mouse can connect up to three different devices and three different operating systems.

This means that you can hop from a Windows 11 computer to a Mac to a Linux machine and not skip a beat. Another notable feature is how ergonomic it is, which to say, it’s very comfortable to use.

The MX Master 3 is shaped so that it conforms to your hand and does not have it bunched up over a small space. There’s a thumbwheel and buttons on the side for intuitive controls.

Price-wise, it’s pretty middle of the road. You won’t have to spend a whole lot for a solid mouse. All in all, it’s a decent package.

Low price tag

Wired for a solid connection

Easy to setup

No other drivers to install

Usable for right-handed and left-handed people

Slim on extra features

Check price

If you’re looking for a mouse that’s among the cheapest in the market, Logitech also has you covered with the M100. It’s a wired mouse that connects to your computer via a USB connection.

Unlike some of the other entries on this list, setup is easy and instantaneous. There are no additional drivers that you’ll have to install. It’s simply plug-in and use. The M100 is designed to be ambidextrous so it’ll work in whichever hand you use.

The M100 being a wired mouse is also a big plus. You won’t have to worry about your device dying from a dead battery because you forgot to charge it nor will you have to worry about a poor connection.

Poor connections are admittedly rare, but nothing is more annoying when they happen. Either way, you can rest easy on the M100.

Wireless connection

Great for wire management

Fits comfortably in your hands

Promote natural wrist rest

Comes in four different colors

Needs batteries

Check price

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is a great option for people who don’t want to deal with wires and have a comfortable device. Wire management can be a nightmare, especially if you have a busy desk.

Microsoft’s mouse fits comfortably in your hands with a thumb rest that promotes a natural hand and wrist position. That way, you won’t be twisting your hand in a weird direction.

The mouse also comes in four different colors. You have the standard Matte Black and Glacier White that adorns many electronic devices. There’s also the bright Pastel Blue and Peach for those who want more personality.

You can enhance productivity by customizing the three buttons on its side to app-specific commands. It runs on AAA batteries and, according to Microsoft, will last up to 15 months. The battery life depends on how often you use it and other computing conditions, however.

Like the M100 before, this mouse doesn’t go off to do anything crazy or add lights to the side. It’s a simple device for straightforward usage.

Tons of features

Remappable buttons

Ergonomic design

Lightning-fast response

Lightweight form factor

Can be hard to setup

Check price

For the gamers out there looking for a great mouse at a decent price, then you should check out the Katar Pro XT from Corsair. It’s a lightweight gaming mouse weighing only a few ounces. Its compact symmetrical shape allows for different types of grips.

Expert tip:

The Katar Pro is ideal for a claw or fingertip style of gaming. Speed is the name of the game as this mouse was also made with FPS and MOBA games like League of Legends in mind.

Even the buttons on top of the mouse were designed to be lightning fast. They have a spring-loaded design and a zero gap between the button for faster input.

It may interest you to know that there’s a wireless of the Katar Pro XT. It’s the exact same as the wired version in terms of speed and feature, although a little bit more expensive.

11 programmable buttons

Customizable lightning effects

Lights respond to games

26K DPI sensor to track movements

Fits comfortably in your hands

Has a high price tag

Check price

If the Corsair Katar doesn’t do it for you and you want a top-of-the-line gaming mouse, the Razer Basilisk V3 is the best for you. The most obvious aspect of the Basilisk is its rainbow lights.

The lights are called Razer Chroma RGB Lighting Zones and you customize each one from over 16.8 million colors and numerous lighting effects. The lights will also react to games that integrate with Chroma.

The Basilisk is jammed packed with features that are too many lists off in its entirety. So to go over them briefly, you have 11 programmable buttons that can be assigned to macros and other secondary functions like push-to-talk.

It has a 26K DPI sensor that will track your movements down to the slightest touch for pinpoint accuracy. The scrolling wheel can speed through content or enable tactile mode for greater precision.

And on top of all that, it has the ergonomics that Razer is known for. Your hand will be comfortably supported with your fingers in the optimal position for fast gameplay.

Works even on glass surfaces

Surprisingly comfortable in hand

Wireless via 2.4G USB

High DPI resolution for accurate tracking

Extra buttons to move through pages

Requires batteries

Check price

The Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse has a unique form factor and is unlike any of the entries on this list. In fact, you probably have never even seen a design like this before on a mouse.

Believe it or not, the Anker’s shark fin-like design is indeed ergonomic. It’s supposed to emulate the position your hand is in when you shake someone’s hand. Your arm and wrist sit in a natural position for smoother movement and less strain.

It is wireless and comes with a 2.4G USB receiver that you can plug into your computer to connect that way. The Anker mouse has a high DPI resolution rate for more precise movement tracking and works on a wide variety of surfaces.

A lot of mice have trouble working on glass tables, but Anker’s device doesn’t have this drawback. On the mouse are next and previous buttons that allow you to go back and forth between pages more conveniently than selecting the back arrow on your desktop.

Another great feature is the Anker mouse enters power saving mode after sitting idle for eight minutes, saving precious battery.

Easier to move around page with trackball

Wired for consistent connection

Scroll ring to up and down documents

Detachable wrist rest

Great for people with limited movement

Requires downloading software and drivers

Check price

The trackball is much easier to move around than a regular mouse and allows for easier scrolling. They’re great for people who have issues with moving a standard mouse around and want something easier on their wrist.

They’re not great for gaming, however. That said, Kensington’s rendition comes with a scroll ring that moves the web page or documents up and down with ease. These types of devices are ambidextrous so left-handed and right-handed people can use this with ease.

It also comes with a detachable rest for your wrist that cradles it in an ergonomic position. The Kensington Trackball Mouse comes with software and drivers that you can download to create a personalized experience.

What are other ways I can enhance my Windows 11 computer?

To go with your new mouse, you should look into getting a customized cursor. Windows 11 already offers a small degree of customization, but you can’t change the overall design or color of the cursor.

You should also look into Rainmeter skins for your desktop computer. Rainmeter adds an overlay to the main screen and can do a variety of things. You can add a GameHUB to serve as a central reservoir for your apps.

And if you’re a big gamer and would love to play Android apps, try out an Android emulator. The Amazon Appstore lets you do the same, but its options are limited since it restricts which apps you can get.

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Best Folio Cases For Iphone 8

A folio case is enormously user-friendly; it offers a complete suite for your device. Along with the needed protection, the case also provides the much-required privacy. Not just that, some of the best iPhone 8 folio cases also sport card and money slots. Tempted? Just scroll down to find the perfect cover. Whether you are looking for a premium or an affordable cover, our listing is going to help you through it.

1. Zover Genuine Leather Folio Case

Zover seems to be practicing black magic. Look at this elegant phone case made of cowhide. This premium top-grade leather creates mesmerizing effects when you see or touch the case. With its simplicity, this case becomes a perfect example of a minimalist masterpiece.

To make it functional, Zover has added three dedicated card slots to store your plastic money. Below the slots, you will find a pocket to put some cash. The foldable back converts this case into a kickstand.

2. SHIELDON Wallet Folio Cover with Magnetic Closure

SHIELDON showcases adorable workmanship that you would love to pick to give your smartphone a professional look. Thanks to the genuine cowhide leather, the folio case has a strong built-up that can effortlessly withstand impact. Front lip works as a reliable guard for the screen.

The smooth interior can keep scrape away by absorbing shock. Three slots for cards and a big compartment are enough to fulfill your basic needs. Besides, the wallet case also perfectly dons the role of a stand to let you watch movies at the optimal angle.

3. Twelve South SurfacePad Luxurious Leather Folio Case

This one sports a sophisticated, ultra-thin profile with the luxury leather construction. Beautiful perimeter stitching accents lend style and durability. In spite of having such a smooth structure, it is sufficiently reliable to keep scratch away and also endure minor bumps.

The case features two card slots, creating a minimal wallet. Besides, it also does the job of a landscape stand to improve your hands-free experience. SurfacePad is also compatible with wireless charging.

4. FYY PU Leather Folio Case

If you are looking for a fashionable accessory for your premium iPhone 8, FYY’s folio cases are the best choice. Usually, the FYY range of cases impresses female consumers, but you can also find some options for men. This rose gold folio case is crafted for ladies of discerning tastes.

One of the glaring features of FYY folio case is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which protects sensitive information encrypted on your plastic money. For the protection of your iPhone 8, FYY has used premium PU leather. This 100% handmade case can store three credit/debit cards and cash.

5. Slim Leather Folio Case from QIALINO

This is yet another high-quality leather case in this list. QIALINO boasts genuine leather structure in a slim form-factor. The handcrafted design with visible stitching enhances its look. With the exact cut-outs, this folio wallet case fits snugly on the iPhone.

With the enhanced grip, it reduces the chance of slip-up by letting you comfortably hold the device. The two card slots and a money pocket are sufficient for normal use. Magnetic closure works reliably in keeping your valuables securely inside. Above all, you get multiple color options to choose the most suitable cover for your iPhone.

That aside, you can pick this quality leather case in multiple colors: black, brown and red.

6. TUCCH Folio Case with Kickstand

TUCCH has a simple yet very practical design. Readied with the finest PU leather, it has a very smooth exterior. The TPU bumper empowers it to absorb shock.

With three card slots and a pocket for cash, it takes of your basic needs. And when you wish to make the most of your favorite movies, it also turns into a landscape stand. Additionally, this beautiful wallet comes in five colors like black, blue, brown, pink and red.

7. OtterBox Strada Series Folio Case

OtterBox gives you a guarantee of full protection to your iPhones. This brand has achieved many accolades by crafting extremely robust cases. This folio case is selected from OtterBox Strada series. Made from genuine leather, this is a pocket-friendly case as it flaunts slim profile.

OtterBox has used dual-materials to make this case sturdier; even if you drop your phone accidentally, you should not bother about scratches and scrapes on the phone. This 100% authentic case is easy to install and remove in a jiffy.

8. WenBelle Blazers Series Folio Case

Simplicity is the main feature of this folio wallet case from WenBelle Blazers Series. It may not look eye-catching, but it’s worth considering a look if you want a more formal suit for your device.

With the snap on design, it seamlessly fits on your smartphone. Picture-perfect cut-outs allow you to access all the features of your device comfortably. It comes with three card slots and a cash pocket. As for protection, you can trust it to endure impact. Black, blue and grey are three color variants of this case.

9. UAG Feather-Light Rugged Folio Case

Most of the folio cases are generally made from genuine leather or PU leather. But this one is a hard folio case with a rugged design. This is something different from regular folio cases. Given the make and design, it is tough and protects your device from falls and bumps. Also, it is resistant to water and delivers a solid grip while holding in hands.

The case is compatible with Apple Pay and also with wireless charging. It meets the military drop-test standard MIL-STD 810G 516.6, which is a great plus. Lastly, there are no color choices available.

That’s all! Hopefully, you liked exploring these cases.

What’s your favorite?

I hope you have found the right folio case for your iPhone. Which one is it? Would you mind letting us know the qualities you have liked in it?

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

8 Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps For Windows 10

While dynamic wallpapers have been a thing on Windows 10, it took Apple’s foray into live wallpapers on macOS Catalina to bring a significant shift. Now, there are plenty of dynamic wallpaper programs for Windows 10 that not only offers macOS dynamic wallpapers but also brings the ability to create your own live wallpaper. So if you are looking for a way to get the best dynamic wallpapers for Windows 10, here you will find all the solutions. We have mentioned both free and paid dynamic wallpaper apps for Windows 10 so you can easily pick a suitable program. On that note, let’s go ahead and unpack the list.

Best Dynamic Wallpaper Apps for Windows 10 (2023)

What is Dynamic Wallpaper on Windows 10?

Dynamic Wallpaper is basically a live wallpaper on Windows 10 that features a background in motion. The dynamic wallpaper can change based on time, day, CPU temperature, and other such metrics. There are also some dynamic wallpapers that have interactive elements like a website or a program set as your desktop background.

List of Top Dynamic Wallpapers for Windows 10 1. WinDynamicDesktop

WinDynamicDesktop is my favorite dynamic wallpaper app for Windows 10 and it’s precisely for one reason: it works well and without eating system resources. The app brings macOS dynamic wallpapers on Windows 10 — from Mojave to Catalina and Big Sur. You can easily download the dynamic wallpaper pack and apply the live wallpaper within a few seconds. No need to configure or tweak anything.

The best part about WinDynamicDesktop is that it sits in the system tray and changes the background based on the time and day of your location. I have been using it for quite a few months and I can say that its location-based customization is absolutely great and quite localized. So to sum up, if you are looking for the best dynamic wallpaper for Windows 10, WinDynamicDesktop offers you the best experience.

Key Features: macOS dynamic wallpapers, location-based dynamic changes, easy to use, free for everyone

Install (Free)

2. RainWallpaper

Next up is RainWallpaper, a powerful dynamic wallpaper app on Windows 10 that allows you to set up a wide variety of customizable animated wallpapers on your desktop. The software supports both 3D and 2D live wallpapers and it also allows you to use videos and animated wallpapers that support mouse interactions. RainWallpaper also boasts of minimum CPU and RAM usage, which means that the dynamic wallpaper won’t have any major effect on your system’s performance.

In order to further prevent any impact on your system’s performance, RainWallpaper also includes the option to pause the dynamic wallpaper when any game or full-screen applications are running.

The software also includes a built-in wallpaper editor, allowing you to create your own live wallpapers, and it even includes a feature that will allow you to create a new live wallpaper using static images. The best part about RainWallpaper is that it’s free to use. All in all, if you want endless customization for dynamic wallpapers just like Rainmeter skins then RainWallpaper is the perfect pick.

Key Features: Endless customization, pause dynamic wallpaper while gaming, interactive live wallpaper, create your own dynamic wallpaper

Install ($3.99)

3. Wallpaper Engine

To conclude, Wallpaper Engine is a powerhouse of an app if you want to set and customize dynamic wallpapers on Windows 10. Having said all of that, keep in mind, the app does not have a free offering.

Key Features: Powerful program, Supports all sorts of aspect ratios, multi-monitor support, create your own dynamic wallpaper, feature-packed

Install ($3.99)

4. DeskScapes

To make sure that the wallpapers fit your setup, DeskScapes includes support for several resolutions, aspect ratios, and features multi-monitor support as well. What I personally like about the software is that it has a very intuitive and easy to use interface, which allows you to set a dynamic wallpaper in no time. Simply put, if you are looking for another powerful dynamic wallpaper app for Windows 10 then DeskScapes is surely one of them.

Key Features: Use your own WMV files, Special color effects, Intuitive interface, Huge collection of live wallpapers

Install (Free Trial for 30 days, $4.99)

5. DesktopHut

There’s also a huge selection of dynamic wallpapers, spanning from underwater live wallpapers like Watery Desktop 3D to trippy space-themed wallpapers like Space Wormhole 3D. The wallpapers worked exceptionally well and in my testing, I didn’t see any alarming resource hogging by the program. So if you want a free dynamic wallpaper app on Windows 10 that has a ton of collection then just go for DesktopHut.

Key Features: Wide selection of dynamic wallpapers, Not a resource-hog, Download and apply wallpapers, easy to use

Install (Free)

6. Chameleon 2.0

Basically, you can choose any of these factors, and Chameleon will dynamically change the wallpaper based on that metric. It even offers a wide selection of high-quality 4K wallpapers which is great. Not to mention, the app has a very tiny footprint and does not hog any resources. So if you are looking for something new to dynamically change wallpapers on Windows 10 then Chameleon 2.0 will take you right home.

Key Features: Change current based on various PC metrics, High-quality 4K wallpapers, New update, free to use

Install (Free)

7. Push Wallpaper

You can even set YouTube videos and animated GIFs as your desktop background. How cool is that? And when your computer is sitting idle, it also acts as a video screensaver which is great. Not to mention, the software also gives some customization options like adjusting the speed of particles in Space-based live wallpapers and more.

Key Features: Executable packs for dynamic wallpapers, set YouTube video and GIFs as background, Some customization options

Install (Free)

8. Windows 10 Slideshow

Frequently Asked Questions Q. Can You Get Dynamic Wallpapers on Windows 10?

Yes, there are several programs to get dynamic wallpapers on Windows 10. You can begin with WinDynamicDesktop and RainWallpaper to get started.

Q. How Do I Make My Windows Wallpaper Dynamic?

You can use Wallpaper Engine or DeskScapes to make your own Windows wallpaper dynamic. However, keep in mind, those are paid apps. If you want a free app then go for DesktopHut.

Q. How Do I Get New Dynamic Wallpapers? Find the Best Dynamic Wallpapers For Windows 10

Best Wireless Mouse 2023: Top Performers Rated

Wireless mice come with two rather obvious benefits: they eliminate the tether to your computer and they are travel friendly for when you need a mouse on the go—no one objects to carrying around one less cord. While you might pay a bit more for a wireless mouse than a wired one, the value of this kind of convenience is well worth it.

Want to pair your wireless mouse with a wireless keyboard? We’ve got you covered—see PCWorld’s roundup of the best wireless keyboards.

Looking for a wireless mouse specific to gaming? Take a look at our best wireless gaming mice.

Our picks for best wireless mice include innovative designs, ergonomic features, and multiple connectivity options. They also cover both casual and gaming uses, so you should be able to find at least one that suits your needs. You’ll find our tips on what to look for in a wireless mouse below our recommendations. Read on to learn more.

Updated 06/22/2023: We’ve added the Logitech G502 Lightspeed as our new choice for best wireless gaming mouse. Read more about this great new pick in the summary below.

Microsoft Arc Mouse – Best wireless mouse for travel


Travel-friendly size

Comfortable design

Good productivity performance


Limited customization options

Needs two AAA batteries

Might be small for bigger hands

Best Prices Today:

At just 5.17 x 2.17 x 0.56 inches, the Arc Mouse is easily the most portable mouse we tested. We also like that there is no USB receiver to worry about misplacing—the Arc Mouse connects via Bluetooth 4.0. Folks with extra-large hands might find it a little small, but for most people it will be a welcome addition to their gear bag.

Logitech MX Ergo – Best wireless mouse with a trackball


Comfortable ergonomic tilt

Solid build

Highly customizable


Right-handed only


Best Prices Today:

Trackball mice are an acquired taste, but the MX Ergo’s innovative design may have wider appeal. Its width and shape can accommodate most hand sizes and its responsive thumb-side trackball is easy to use and control.

A removable metal plate on the bottom serves a dual purpose. Its weight keeps the mouse perfectly still on your desk as you rotate the scroll wheel. And it can also be adjusted to tilt the mouse 20 degrees, an angle that puts your arm in a more natural, rested position.

The mouse has eight buttons—including a dedicated precision button that slows the cursor speed so you can make more accurate movements with the trackball—all of which can be customized using Logitech Options software. The mouse connects via an accompanying USB dongle or Bluetooth, and Logitech claims its battery can go four months on a single full charge. The only downer is it’s not ambidextrous, so southpaws will have to look elsewhere.

Logitech MX Vertical – Best ergonomic wireless mouse


Comfortable ergonomic design

Can cross-control multiple devices

Customizable button mapping


Has a bit of a learning curve


Best Prices Today:

If you have a history of mouse-related hand and arm discomfort, the MX vertical is a great option. Its upright position and contoured body puts your arm at about a 57-degree vertical angle, reducing the pressure on your wrist and creating a comfortable thumb rest. Despite the unconventional design, the mouse still offers familiar controls with split mouse buttons, a scroll wheel aligned to your first two fingers, and a pair of thumb buttons on the adjascent side.

The mouse supports Logitech’s Unified Receiver and Bluetooth connections. You can also wire it to your computer using the USB-C charging cable. You can use it with Logitech Options to customize button settings and with Logitech Flow to seamlessly control multiple computers with a single mouse.

The MX Veritcal is a high-performing productivity tool once you get acclimated to the vertical design, and one that may prevent pain and strain as well as ease them.

Logitech Lift – Best ergonomic wireless mouse for lefties


Comfortable vertical grip

Left-hand option

Highly customizable buttons

Smooth tracking



Angle of mouse better suited for people preventing or reducing mild wrist and elbow discomfort

Best Prices Today:

Logitech does it again with the Lift. What sets this ergonomic offering apart from the excellent MX Vertical is that this mouse is smaller, thus suited for small-to-medium hands, it can be had in a left-handed version, and it comes in fun duo-tone colors. It’s comfortable in the hand and can connect via Bluetooth or the included 2.4GHz wireless dongle. The buttons can be customized using the Logi Options+ software, so this mouse will meet your work-process demands as well as your demands for physical comfort.

Read our full

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse – Best budget wireless mouse


Compact, ambidextrous design



No programmable buttons

No ergonomic features

Best Prices Today:

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse runs on a single AA battery but since it uses Bluetooth Low Energy, you can expect up to 12 months of battery life. It’s available in five colors.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed – Best wireless mouse for gaming


Fast charging

Comfortable and attractive design

Removable weight system provides plenty of options


Heavier than some might like


Third thumb button is small and awkwardly placed

Best Prices Today:

We at PCWorld loved Logitech’s G502 Hero before it went wireless and was renamed the G502 Lightspeed. It has the same great comfortable design, well-thought-out button configuaration, and convenient dual-mode scroll. Logitech carried over all these features in the wireless update, but the G502 Lightspeed improves upon the original with its Powerplay compatibility—a feature we can’t speak highly enough of.

The Powerplay system trickle-charges the mouse as you play, which frees you from having to charge it manually when the battery runs out, and ensuring the mouse always has power (read more about Logitech’s Powerplay Wireless Charging System.) Logitech also redesigned the wireless G502 with a new rubber-coated wheel instead of the old metal one we saw in the wired version. This has further reduced its weight—now a featherlight 114 grams—making it the lightest version available.

The Lightspeed mouse comes with an 11-button selection, which places it in the sweet spot between mice like the 18-button SteelSeries Aerox 9 and the smaller 6-button HyperX Pulsefire Haste. This makes it ideal as a do-it-all mouse that won’t overwhelm you with command options, but doesn’t shirk on functionality either.

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Logitech G603 – Best budget wireless mouse for gaming


Adopts Logitech’s comfortable G703 scooped shape

500 hours of high-performance gaming off two AA batteries

Flashy one-piece battery cover and button design


Heavy, thanks to the dual batteries

Hard to say how durable the buttons will be over time

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You can use your main mouse for gaming on the road. But Logitech’s G603 is a better choice. This dedicated wireless gaming mouse features six programmable buttons, including the scroll wheel and a comfortable scoop shape that conforms to right-handers’ thumbs. Two AA batteries power up to 500 hours of gaming thanks to Logitech’s proprietary HERO sensor, which provides accurate performance with no smoothing, no acceleration, and no interference up to 12,000 DPI. 

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In lieu of a cord, wireless mice connect in one of two ways: via Bluetooth or radio frequencies. Most modern computers ship with Bluetooth support, so if you purchase a Bluetooth-compatible mouse, you’ll just need to pair the two devices to get up and running.

Wireless mice that connect using radio frequencies come with a USB-RF receiver that plugs into a USB port on your computer. This is a plug-and-play process and the mouse should talk to the receiver—often called a “dongle”—as soon as you plug it in. If you don’t or can’t keep the dongle plugged into your computer at all times—you only have so many USB ports, after all—you’ll have to vigilantly keep track of it. If you lose it, your mouse won’t be good for anything but a paper weight. For this reason, some mice come with a small compartment in which you can store the receiver when it’s not in use.

The main concern with wireless connectivity is latency. If your input doesn’t register onscreen nearly instantly, you productivity will quickly take a hit. A mouse’s responsiveness is even more critical when gaming, where quick reflexes can be the difference between virtual life and death.


Mouse use has been implicated in repetitive stress injuries for years, and manufacturers have responded with all kinds of quirky designs they claim will prevent or relieve wrist and arm pain. They have tweaked the mouse’s sculpt, button position, and shape seemingly every which way to facilitate a more natural angle for your arm when it’s moving and at rest. But just because the box says a mouse is ergonomic doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to reduce your discomfort. The only way to tell for sure is to use it for a period of time, and unfortunately retailers don’t typically allow test drives.

Still, for designers, PC gamers, and others who who spend continuous hours using a mouse, prioritizing an ergonomic model is probably worth it. Just remember, the type of mouse you use is only one factor in minimizing RSIs, and your habits may be an even more important factor.

Programmable buttons

While the functions of left and right buttons and the scroll wheel are clear, many mice include additional buttons on the side and/or top of the mouse that you can configure for custom tasks. Mapping these buttons to things like the back button of your browser, “cut” and “paste” commands, or other repetitive tasks can save you a lot of time in the long run. Typically, if a mouse comes with a half-dozen buttons, it will also include the manufacturer’s software for programming them.




Do all wireless mice need USB?


How do you connect a wireless mouse to a computer?

To connect a wireless mouse that uses a USB dongle, it’s as simple as plugging the dongle into your computer and then turning on the wireless mouse. Most likely your computer will automatically download any firmware required and then you’re off to the races. 

Best Belt/Holster Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Your slim Samsung Galaxy Note 8 probably met with an almost-fatal accident or you’re just someone who cannot risk the idea of having your phone fall out from your pocket. In any case, a great holster case can save you a lot of worry and stress regarding your phone.

There are some brilliant belt/holster cases available in the market and they all ensure heavy-duty protection. The list we’ve made has cases with different additional features or qualities depending on your specific requirements and needs.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 belt/holster cases

Let’s take a look at the best holster cases for your Note 8.


Legacy Defense

The Defender series is sturdy and built to last. Many users have been loyal to Otterbox for years because of the build and quality of its cases. It combines a solid internal shell and a tough outer cover to ensure that your phone remains protected from drops, dirt, and scrapes. Also, the cool holster doubles as a kickstand for viewing convenience.

Buy on Amazon: $24.94

SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster Case

The Real Deal

This rugged holster case has been constructed in two parts. It has a front protective piece with raised edges to keep your Note 8’s screen safe from scratches and a back piece that’s made of both shock-absorbing TPU and hard, drop-resistant Polycarbonate. Get this case for a combination of good screen and overall heavy duty protection.

Buy on Amazon: $19.65

Trianium Heavy Duty Protective Case

Triple Layer Protection

This case has a tri-layer construction of premium TPU + GXD drop resist material for shock absorbance. It also has a raised lip for front and back camera protection. The hard polycarbonate removable spine holds up really well against tough drops, scratches, and bumps. Users also love this case for its holster and good looks.

Buy on Amazon: $7.99

AGOZ Leather Pouch Case Holster Cover

Premium Leather Protection

This case works best as a holster carry case for your phone. If your Note 8 already has a case and just needs some extra protection for when you’re traveling or need to be hands-free, then this case is a great option. The PU leather does a fairly good job aesthetically and this case is pretty durable.

Buy on Amazon: $10.89

BENTOBEN Heavy Duty Case

All the right moves

This case by BENTOBEN ticks every single box for a great holster case. It has a wide and precise S PEN cutout, it allows full access to all the ports without having to take your phone out. There is a flap at the bottom that protects the headphone jack and charging ports. A great aspect of this case is that it uses a combination of hard Polycarbonate and soft silicone to give the finished look of a hard case but the shock absorption of a soft case. The holster clip is an add on so you can use it only when you want to. There is pretty much no flaw in this case.

Buy on Amazon: $12.99


Heavy Duty Belt Clip Case

Ultimate Protection

This case has a built-in screen protector, hard polycarbonate front bumper and scratch-resistant transparent backing. It also looks pretty stylish thanks to the frost-clear backing, accented protective bumper, and updated holster. Users swear by its heavy duty protection and durability.

Buy on Amazon: $21.99

Encased Galaxy Note 8 Rugged Belt Case

No nonsense protection

This case is driven towards everyday functionality with its protective armor design, robust dual layer protection, and a reinforced holster clip. It ensures heavy duty drop protection along with an easy and convenient grip profile. Users have reviewed this case post major drops and accidents with a five-star rating.

Buy on Amazon: $16.90


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