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Adobe Premiere Elements 8 makes significant strides over its predecessor, Premiere Elements 7. Premiere Elements 8 ($100, or $140 with a chúng tôi Plus membership; prices as of 9/23/09) adds file organizing and keywording, plus greater integration with Photoshop Elements, while making it much easier to edit and use videos in style.

You can back up, share, and archive the Organizer database and media files–and even sync them with your other computers–using Adobe’s chúng tôi wizard from within Premiere Elements (assuming that your other computers have an Elements 8 program installed). Premiere Elements 8 comes with a Basic membership to Adobe’s photo-sharing site, chúng tôi plus 2GB of online storage at the site. If you pay $40 more, you get a Plus membership that includes 20GB of storage, as well as template and tutorial goodies.

The interface provides two ways to create movies from your video: Instant Movie and manual creation. However, the two aren’t divided processes so much as they are a workflow continuum. Instant Movie can use the new Smart Tags to create a movie, with music and transitions, based on your selected Flash template. Smart Tags attempt to guide the Instant Movie function away from using boring, blurred, or otherwise undesirable clips within the movie. In addition, Premiere Elements 8 offers more customization tools for Instant Movie, such as sliders to adjust the clip speed and/or the number of effects that will apply automatically. Like any automatic tool, Instant Movie doesn’t always produce great movies. The results do tend to be pleasant, though sometimes rough, with the clip order not always logical or smooth. You may prefer to use Premiere Elements 8’s manual tools to edit the Instant Movie, or to start your own from scratch.

Other automatic tools include Smart Fix, Smart Trim, and Smart Mix. Smart Fix attempts to automatically correct the imperfections–such as an underexposed clip–that Smart Tags has flagged. Smart Trim uses SmartTags to determine which portions of a video should remain and which should go, as well as to weigh the interest of various sections. You can set Smart Trim either to work automatically or to mark the areas of video it recommends for trimming; if you select the latter, you can then manually trim, adjust, or retain pieces, all in an easy-to-use timeline.

Smart Mix balances different sound sources so that the background music doesn’t drown out narration or dialogue. Again, you can override Smart Mix’s choices. In our tests, both Smart Trim and Smart Mix worked seamlessly, taking the drudgery out of critical video editing processes. Smart Fix tended to do a good job on the most obvious fixable problems.

In Premiere Elements 8, you can now add still photos to movies, even if you don’t have Photoshop Elements installed. The library of templates, effects, transitions, and graphics has expanded, and now includes animated clip art that you can drag and drop into a film clip. Afterward you can add the new Motion Tracking to move objects within the video, making an animated butterfly flit around the head of a skipping child, for instance.

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Fix: Video Driver Not Supported In Premiere Pro

FIX: Video driver not supported in Premiere Pro




The Video driver not supported message in Premiere Pro usually arises due to GPU incompatibility.

Updating the drives to the latest version is a quick and easy way to fix this problem.

You can resolve this Premiere Pro unsupported video driver issue on Intel adapters by changing your graphics settings.

Some users have told us about an unsupported video driver issue that arises for Adobe Premiere Pro. This happens immediately after they update the software.

Premiere Pro displays the System Compatibility Report window when the issue occurs, stating that this version doesn’t support your drivers.

This problem typically arises on PCs with dual graphics cards, and in today’s guide, we’re going to show you how to solve it once and for all.

Why does the Video driver not supported error appear?

This message appears when trying to run Adobe Premiere Pro on a PC with a dedicated and integrated GPU. The issue is caused by a driver conflict, but it can be easily fixed.

Keep in mind that this problem won’t prevent the application from running, since it just serves as a warning message, so you can choose to ignore it. However, if you do so, additional issues may occur down the line.

Should I use my dedicated or integrated graphics for Adobe Premire?

Video editing is a resource-intensive task, and you’ll need as much hardware power as you can get. While this process uses your CPU, certain aspects are performed by the GPU.

Therefore, it’s always better to use a discrete graphics card since it offers more power and better performance than the integrated one.

How can I fix Premiere’s Pro unsupported video driver error?

Downloading drivers manually can be a tedious process, but you can automate it with specialized software such as Outbyte Driver Updater.

2. Run Adobe Premiere Pro with your dedicated GPU

In case you can’t find your dedicated graphics, be sure to visit our second GPU not detected guide for quick and easy solutions.

3. Disable your PC’s onboard (integrated) GPU

Expert tip:

4. Disable the Unsupported Video Driver message What are Adobe’s Premiere Pro requirements?

The software has relatively humble hardware requirements, and it should be able to run on any modern PC without too much trouble.

Here’s a quick overview:

CPU: Intel 6th Gen, Ryzen 1000



Storage: 8GB hard drive space

Is Adobe Premiere available for free?

No, the software isn’t available for free, and it comes with a yearly or monthly subscription. However, you can download the trial version without any cost.

This will allow you to test the application and all of its features for 7 days. After that, you’ll have to purchase a subscription to continue using it.

This resolution stops the System Compatibility Report window opening but doesn’t necessarily resolve the unsupported driver issue.

So, that’s how you can fix the unsupported video driver error. Overall, it’s quite an easy problem to fix, so you should be able to have it sorted in a matter of minutes.

In case the issue is still there after trying all of our solutions, you can contact customer support via Adobe’s Customer Care page. If you have any other video problems, we suggest visiting our Adobe Premiere not exporting video guide too.

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How To Pick A Hard Drive For Video Editing On Ipad

Video editing on an iPad? Yes, the idea of doing any sort of serious content creation on Apple’s popular tablet may seem a little ambitious, but the truth is that these thin and light mobile computers are now capable of some serious video work. Unfortunately, they can sometimes also be short on storage!

Why not just get an iPad with a large amount of internal storage? Well, for one thing, if you already own an iPad you can’t simply increase the internal storage. This means that either way, you’ll have to buy a new tablet in order to get the capacity you want. The problem is that the high-performance, high-quality solid state memory Apple uses comes at a massive price premium. This means that it’s far, far cheaper to buy an external hard drive if you want to do iPad video editing with large media files or multiple projects.

Mechanical drives are of limited use

Mechanical external hard drives work just fine with the 2023 12.9-inch iPad Pro I tried it with, Wwich is great when you have to grab some documents or copy a small amount of information from an archival disk.

The problem is that the relatively low speeds become a problem fast. It’s not just how slowly video files transfer, for high-quality video files simply trying to watch or scrub through a clip can lead to stuttering.

External SSDs are almost perfect

We tried two different external SSDs with the 2023 iPad Pro via its USB-C port and the difference in performance is phenomenal. Of course, it’s not news that solid state drives are far faster than mechanical drives, but in this case, it’s the difference between making video file handling feasible and making it a waste of time.

The two drives we tried are a Samsung T5 500GB drive and a Seagate Fast SSD 500GB. The Samsung was a touch faster, but the significantly cheaper Seagate was also more than adequate. Previewing video files (even 4K files) worked flawlessly directly from the drive. Likewise, transfers to and from internal storage happen at breakneck speeds. These drives are in the 500 megabytes per-second theoretical ballpark, which means it doesn’t feel any slower than working from the internal memory. Which is where we get to the one major roadblock on the way to true mobile video editing.

Except for the software limitations

We tested these drives with the LumaFusion video editing app. At the moment this is the best-known “serious” video editing software on iOS. Until ports of Final Cut Pro or Premiere arrive, that is. LumaFusion works brilliantly and it does support external storage, but you can’t work with clips directly from your external drive. They must be imported to internal storage first. If you have an iPad with 64GB of storage or even the 256GB model, that means you’ll have to swap projects out on a regular basis.

So here are the key lessons I learned when trying to find the right drive:

Mechanical external hard drives are simply too slow for practical use in iPad-based video editing

Using a USB-C hub for drive-to-drive transfer, mechanical drives are still relevant for archival

External SSDs have become very affordable, especially compared to the cost of internal iPad storage

Video editing apps still have some catching up to do, but it’s already a feasible solution

There was little practical performance difference between the Samsung T5 and Seagate Fast SSD. Additionally, write endurance is less important in this scenario, since the external SSD is not being used as a media cache. In the future, should applications allow it, write endurance will matter on external drives if the media cache can be moved there.

Are you using an application like LumaFusion to edit videos on iPad? We’d love to hear about your own experiences with this rapidly maturing platform.

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8 Best Photo Editing Tips For Google Pixel 7 Series

Best Photo Editing Tips For Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro

Let’s commence with the Photo Unblur feature. As the name suggests, it helps you to fix accidental motion blur that hampers the photo quality. The best part is that it works on any picture be it shot on the Pixel 7, or with any other phone. The only requirement you need to meet is, that your picture has to be blurry in order to sharpen it and enhance the quality of the picture. Here’s how it works:

1. Open your Google Photos app and open the picture that you find a bit blurred.

2. Tap the Edit button, and you will get the option to unblur in the Suggestion menu.

3. Alternatively, switch to the Tools submenu, to access the unblur option.

4. Tap the Unblur button, and adjust the slider from 0 to 100, with 0 being the lowest or no changes and 100 being the highest or giving you the best unblur effect. You can slide and check what works for you.

There are two ways to use Magic Eraser:

The Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro can automatically detect unimportant objects in a photo and suggest for removal, or,

You can manually select and remove objects.

Follow the steps given below to know how to use it:

1. Open Google Photos and pick a photo that you want to use Magic Eraser on.

4. Tap on Magic Eraser, and the Pixel will suggest prompts to remove unwanted objects from your photo.

6. Within seconds the selected part will be erased from the picture.

Sky filters can be an interesting option if you are looking to give your photo a new look. It comes up with multiple filter options to choose from like Luminous and Stormy. Let’s find out what are the available options and to what extent can they improve your photo.

1. Open Google Photos and tap the edit option.

2. You will find the different sky Modes listed under the Suggestions tab. To have better control over intensity switch to the Tools tab and find the Sky option there.

3. You can experiment with different sky modes until you find your favorite one.

Ember Sky: Ember completely changes the mood of the pic to a sunrise. You can compare the original and filtered picture below.

Vivid: Vivid feels the most natural amongst all. It increases saturation and pumps up the blueness of the sky. Compare the pictures below to notice the difference.

Radiant Sky: The effect is somewhat similar to vivid but works best with sunset and sunrise images by changing their colors to dramatic tones.

Luminous & Stormy: If you enjoy the darker mood in pictures with a bit of murky effect then set these two modes to 100 and you can turn your image into a gloomy and doomy one.

This is designed to enhance a selfie or a picture that has been already taken. Have you ever taken a picture and realized later that there is something in the background that is distracting or affecting your experience? Now you can have the solution to that problem by adding portrait effects to your picture, months after it was taken. You can either use the auto portrait or you can also manually set the intensity on your own. Follow the steps given below to learn how is Google One photo editing feature works for free on Pixel phones.

1. Open Google Photos, and under the Edit option navigate to the Tools tab.

2. There tap on the Portrait Blur option, and adjust the slider to tweak the blur and depth intensity.

The Portrait light feature, adds a dramatic feel and gives life to the picture, as you can adjust the light source to enlighten one side of your face and add a shadow on the other side. With the help of an onscreen circle, you can drag it to get the right look, and there’s a slider to adjust the intensity too. Although it is a Google One feature, you get it for free on Pixel phones, and you will be amazed by looking at the pictures after using the effect. Let’s find out how you can use it:

1. Open the Google Photos app, and under the Edit option navigate to the Tools Tab.

3. You can adjust the intensity from the slider, and position the circle to set the light source.

Color Pop is yet another one of the most exciting and my personal favorite feature. It keeps the subject colored and turns the background to black & white. Although this is a Google One-specific feature with the Pixel 7 series you can enjoy it for free. Let’s find out how you can use it:

1. Go to the edit photo option, and navigate to the Suggestions tab.

3. A simple tap will desaturate the background, and turn it to black and white. You can see the original and edited pictures below to compare.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, where the range defines the light and dark tones of the picture. It allows the user to take bright photos with a wide gamut of colors and greater contrast. This is also a ‘Google One’ feature that can be used for free on the Pixel 7 Series.

1. Go to the Edit menu and you will find the option of HDR option under the Adjust Tab.

2. You can use the slider to adjust the intensity of the effect.

Dynamic is yet another innovative effect found on a Pixel phone. Below are the two images captured in Day-Light and night ambiance. Compare the filters to check the effect in both artificial light and bright light conditions. For non-pixel phones, it is locked behind the Google One subscription.

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Vita Video Editing App For Iphone & Android: Edit Videos For Free

In this age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven video apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels, people are looking to create high-quality video content quickly and effortlessly. The truth is there are thousands of video editor apps on the App Store that can help you do this to an extent. But one app that takes your mobile video creation to an elevated level is VITA App: Video Editor & Maker. It is entirely free with no in-app purchases. In this full review, let us see what it offers, how to use it on the iPhone, and is it worth your attention!

Features of VITA App – Video Editor & Maker

The first thing I wanted to clear is you can use VITA App: Video Editor for much more than just short, quickly consumable clips – like YouTube Intros, Halloween themed videos, vlogs, etc. There are tons of pre-made templates so that you can instantly and comfortably start creating (more on it later). Apart from that, here are some highlights:

You can use GIFs in your video from GIPHY.

Use copyright-free stock video clips for your projects.

Use your photos as stickers.

Have Picture in Picture video effect in the clip.

Capability to use texts in video with clean, professional pleasing fonts with various styles, shadows, and animations.

Use various video ratios like 1:1 (square), 16:9 (widescreen for YouTube, etc.), 9:16 (for mobile consumption), 3:4 (perfect for Instagram), and many more.

In addition to the above points, here are some more that are worth mentioning briefly.

Adjust Playback Speed

This lets you change the video clips’ speed. You can either slow it down (up to 0.1x) or accelerate it up to 10x. With a combination of slow and fast clips, you can create some breathtaking animations that can match professional bloggers.

Add Background Music and Voice Effects to Your Clips

Videos say half the picture, and good music compliments the other half. Without sad, romantic, upbeat, or catchy audio, the video fails to prick the right nerve. VITA App: Video Editor has a robust ‘Add Music’ section. You can use the tones it offers (impressive library), add audio effects, use DRM free songs locally stored in your iPhone Music app, or even extract the audio from a video and use it in your ongoing project.

Video Filters

Over two dozen video effects like retro, mood, food, vlog, portrait, travel, film, and nature make your creation vivid. You can choose multiple effects if you have several clips in the timeline or tap on ‘Apply to all’ and have the same filter throughout the entire video.

Stunning Video Templates

This is one of the primary USP (unique selling point) of the VITA app. Templates are abundant in number covering various categories. They let you jumpstart your project and (to be frank) significantly minimize the efforts. You can preview multiple templates and choose the one that feels right.

Full HD Video Support

The free VITA App does not cut corners and lets you export your videos in full 1080p for crisp quality. This makes them worth uploading to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else you wish to showcase your masterpiece. To change the resolution, tap on the Settings icon from the top right of the very first ‘Project’ screen.

The app has powerful editing tools that let you split the clip, choose start & endpoints, tweak the video speed, reverse the clip, add animations, rotate, change the order of clips, change or blur the background, and more. VITA App packages all these features in a clean, easy to use bottom row, which makes incorporating these tools quickly to your edits.

Now that you know about the app’s major highlights, here’s is a brief rundown of steps to create a video using it.

How to Make Stunning Videos with the VITA iPhone App?

Tip: You can copy, rename, or delete the video schemes from the ‘Project’ screen.

VITA App: Video Editor has the perfect blend of features, ease, and simplicity. The app takes a nuanced approach and makes the interface comfortable, pleasing on the eyes, and yet achieves the goal of giving you almost all the right tools you need for video editing.

New templates are regularly added. This shows that the people behind it are fully dedicated and wish that you have a fresh, rich experience as often as possible.

Also, if you have reservations about an app or product’s origin, let me state that VITA App: Video Editor is by SNOW Corp, a South Korean company (and not Chinese)! It is the same group behind the famous camera app B612.

I would conclude by saying that there is little to none to complain about VITA App: Video Editor. It is free, well designed, straightforward to use, and delivers excellent results. Take it for a test ride and start creating your next video jewel!

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5 Best Video Background Blur Software To Get Today

5 Best Video Background Blur Software to Get Today Hide unwanted details in any videos with our top picks of blur apps




Hiding an unwanted element in a video clip is easy with blur background software, thus you can add the blur effect to individual elements or to the whole scene.

The blur effect removes outlier pixels, or noise in the image, in a quick shift, resulting in a soft-focus in the videos you edit.

There are several methods for blurring videos with those programs; read on to find the one that works best for you.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Whether it’s for stylistic purposes or because you want to improve a poorly shot video with visual effects, the blur effect is clearly desired by many of you.

Are you confused with all those video background blur software options you may choose from? There’s no surprise that you feel overwhelmed, but we are here to help you make an informed choice.

These are quite a few remarkable video editing tools that will make each video edited more visually pleasing.

Once you use the right tool and learn how to implement background blurring in the process, your worries will go away.  So, don’t hesitate to learn more about each of these programs right away.

Adobe After Effects is a popular video editing tool intended for users who want to focus on making high-quality videos and editing them with ease.

It gives users a plethora of options when it comes to getting closer to impressive results.

It’s up to you to choose from exciting effects, create VR videos to keep your audience entertained, and set anything in motion with unique expressions.

Adding the background blur effect you’re after is also an easy task in the After Effects video editing software.

Then, thanks to the auto-save feature accessible in Team Projects, you may take the previously saved versions of your video and start new projects right away.

Here are some of Adobe After Effects’ main features:

Motion can be easily added to objects thanks to After Effect CC’s keyframes

JSON data files may be easily imported to add animations to the composition

Immersive virtual reality effects and immersive virtual reality titling/graphics are supported

GPU accelerated effects

Premium features are constantly rolled out

Motion graphics templates

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effect software often used in the post-production process of film making and television production, so blurring your background will work like a breeze when using this tool.

Best of all, anyone can learn to use this software, regardless of their skill level. So, don’t be shy and try it out even if you’re a newbie. Your videos will always look and sound fantastic.

Adobe After Effects

Get unlimited graphic and virtual reality effects for your videos with Adobe’s amazing built-in features.

Free trial Visit Website

Corel VideoStudio is a perfect choice for all videographers looking for a simple way to edit videos they want to share with family members or post on social media.

When a background issue holds you back, Corel VideoStudio steps in to correct it. To edit videos, all you have to do is to drag and drop your clips into an area at the bottom of the interface.

This video software includes a range of special effects that you can use when editing and creating videos.

Adding transitions to the timeline is merely a drag-and-drop procedure, while its special color correction tools let you fine-tune colors using HSL controls and Look-Up Tables. And that’s not all!

Let’s quickly go through some Corel VideoStudio key features:

Corel Video Studio Ultimate

An amazing video editing software to access a fully-equipped professional recording studio.

Free trial Visit Website

Wondershare Filmora is a great Adobe After Effects alternative you may as well consider using for background blurring.

Moreover, it’s the go-to software when looking for new ways to express yourself through your videos.

Finally, you can easily upload your project directly to video-sharing sites like YouTube or Facebook.

You may find this feature a great time saver if you have a tendency to post your videos to social media, yet don’t leave aside the option to burn your project to a DVD.

Expert tip:

The software also lets you edit and adjust the audio track of your video. You can easily cancel out background noises, add music, insert new audio tracks, and more.

Wondershare Filmora key features you’ll most likely find useful:

Amazing color grading presets

Frame-by-frame preview to make sure no errors ever occur

Editing support for 4K videos

Multiple effects to choose from, such as slow-motion and reverse

Creative filters and professional 3D LUTs at your disposal

Wondershare Filmora is a subscription-based service with dedicated plans for individual, business, and educational use.

Wondershare Filmora

Deliver high-quality videos with multiple effects and convenient, direct upload.

Free trial Visit Website

AVS Video Editor is a comprehensive video editing software tool geared toward novice and casual users.

It offers you a few professional video effects you’ll most likely appreciate using, including Blur, Gaussian Blur, and Motion Blur.

You can choose the one that suits you best and adjust the Blur level. By default, it is set to the maximum value and higher values always produce a more intensive blur effect.

However, the choice is yours, just as you may blur the entire video or the selected parts only.

AVS Video Editor includes other post-production features for quick and efficient video edits. It lets users rotate, split, cut, and trim video footage.

It also provides a set of effects and transitions. Plus, users can section their videos and organize the materials by adding menus and subtitles.

Because this software is geared toward the casual user, it lacks some of the features you may expect to get from a video editing program, yet it compensates with others.

AVS Video Editor key features you may enjoy:

Easy-to-use software

Make stunning slideshows that include audio tracks, video effects, and transitions

No less than 300 innovative video effects and transitions

Directly publish your creative work on social networks

AVS Video Editor is a licensed product. It is compatible with Windows operating systems starting with the XP version and going up.

AVS Video Editor

Create professional-looking videos within minutes with easy-to-use editing tools and effects.

Free trial Visit Website

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a program that does blur images. As its name suggests, you may use it to edit and enhance videos easily.

This includes blurring the background of your videos. In order to apply a basic video blur effect, choose between Blur – mild or Blur – intense, according to the amount of blur you want to add.

You may even add an artistic touch to your blurring. For that, give a try to the effects in the Bokeh blur series.

Different bokeh shapes – diamonds, hearts, and flowers – are waiting for you. This isn’t enough if you want to become the director of your own story.

This video editing software, although intuitive and easy to use, provides the necessary tools to produce professional-level video materials.

These tools include keyframe animation options, chroma key, and tons of effects for transitions, annotations, and more.

The software offers support for the video’s audio track, allowing users to record and insert voiceover materials directly from the UI.

Other Movavi Video Editor Plus key features you may find useful:

It is incredibly easy to install

Simple interface

Filters, captions, and transitions add a professional touch to your videos

You may instantly save and share these images on your preferred social networking platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp

Movavi Video Editor is a licensed product for Windows operating systems.

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