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Borderlands is a space-western / sci-fi /open-world / action-RPG shooter looter pasta. It’s a unique formula that includes four main games, several campaign DLCs, two collections, a VR game, and various spin-offs.

Gearbox Software created the series, and 2K is the main distributor. Their work amounts to 25 Borderlands entries.

The original game debuted in 2009 for PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, and Mac OSX. A 4K/HDR remaster came out in 2023 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

You choose one of four Vault Hunters to search a Vault on planet Pandora. The character fights his way across wildlife, outlaws, bandits, and two corporations for the alien treasure.

Borderlands introduced every element that makes the series unique: massive loot, the semi-open world design, cel-shaded graphics, and the oblivious CL4P-TP secondary character.

The DLC takes players to a new area, Jakobs Cove, for a new questline. The goal is to investigate a crazy doctor behind a zombie infestation.

The Underdome Riot features three arenas where players can fight increasingly difficult enemy hordes while introducing challenges like low gravity, no shield regeneration, or enemy health regeneration.

The third DLC is about finding a secret armory with end-game loot. Meanwhile, General Knoxx is hunting for the player.

The fourth DLC takes players to a new area to stop a robot revolution. It features a full of over-the-top storyline.

Borderlands 2 debuted in 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3, Windows, and macOS. It’s also available for PS4, Xbox One, and PSVita. It has four playable characters plus two DLC characters.

The story is about defeating Handsome Jack, leader of the Hyperion Corporation. He secured the Vault, and he’s using its technology to rule Pandora. Four years passed since the original game, and there’re rumors of a new Vault.

New Vault Hunters come for the treasure, whereas the original protagonists remain in the world as NPCs. You help them hunt the Vault and defeat the villain in a game that respects and expands the original gameplay.

Borderlands Legends was a squad-based top-down RPG mobile game that accompanies Borderlands 2. It debuted in 2012 for iOS devices, but it’s no longer available.

The story introduces sand pirate captain Scarlett. She works with the Vault Hunter to find a Lost Treasure of the Sands. So, the DLC takes players to a vast desert.

The campaign takes players to a new Vault within the “Badass Crater of Badasstitude.” The content revolves around a tournament where the Hunter can win high-end explosive Torgue weapons.

The campaign follows Vault Hunters, alongside Sir Hammerlock, hunting for rare animals in Pandora. Meanwhile, a lonely scientist is trying to create a Handsome Jack clone.

The last DLC puts the Vault Hunter inside a dark medieval-fantasy RPG, where you follow Tiny Tina’s tabletop storyline.

The gameplay is the same, but the enemies are ogres, wizards, skeletons, and other magical beasts. You fight evil forces with insane weapons (like sword-firing shotguns) as the crew deals with the loss of a particular character.

The Pre-Sequel! debuted in 2014 for Windows, macOS X, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One. The story happens between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, and there’re four playable characters plus two add-on characters.

The levels are intricate and creative. However, the gameplay is about the same, although it introduces zero-gravity areas.

The post-launch campaign has a new challenge arena with several missions. It also added a New Game+ feature with a level 60 cap and additional assignments in the main story tied to the “Tales from the Borderlands” spin-off.

The gameplay follows a choice-driven narrative with branching paths and multiple endings. The plot happens between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3, but it features original characters.

You can play the game as either Rhys or Fiona. Each perspective may bring different choices, paths, and outcomes. Rhys wants to replace Handsome Jack as the leader of the Hyperion Corporation. Fiona, a con artist, is there to weasel their way out of trouble with gangsters, bandits, wildlife, and corporations.

The second DLC follows a miniature version of the playable character going to Claptrap’s memories to retrieve a mysterious software. Gameplay-wise, the content introduced Glitch Weapons, which creates random effects on hits.

The Handsome Collection debuted in 2023 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It includes the Definitive Version of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. That means it packs all of the available DLCs for both titles. 

Additionally, the Collection improved split-screen co-op from two to four players. Other upgrades include high-definition visuals. Lastly, it has cross-save functionality. 

The VR version adds a Slow-Mo ability to set up attacks and movement. Also, players can Teleport for added mobility. 

Borderlands 3 debuted in 2023 for PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS, and Google Stadia. There’re also versions for Xbox Series and PS5, which includes free upgrades for old-gen owners. Then, The Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition includes the four available DLCs plus skins and weapons packs.

The new plot centers on four new Vault Hunters trying to stop the Calypso twins, a pair of new villains. The Crimson Raiders group (the original Vault Hunters) hired the heroes to contest the twins in the search for Vaults across the galaxy.

You explore the galaxy on a spaceship, Sanctuary III. It works as the game’s main hub, where you can talk to other NPCs, chill, select missions, and travel to planets. However, aside from new combat maneuvers, the gameplay is very similar, only much bigger.

The first Borderlands 3 DLC debuted in 2023 for the same platforms. The campaign is about stealing from an old Handsome Jack casino.

The following content focuses on Sir Hammerlock and Wainwright Jacobs. You must help them plan their wedding on a planet controlled by a dangerous cult.

The plot takes players to a new planet, where the Vault Hunters defend a town from the Devil Raiders gang. The outlaws seek to control a leftover technology.

The 2023 DLC features Psycho Krieg, a DLC playable character from Borderlands 2. Researcher Patricia Tannis has been studying the mind of Pandora psychos, and Krieg became her guinea pig.

Vault Hunters must enter the psycho’s fractured mind to find the sickness, a pattern that infects every psycho.

Gameplay-wise, the plot is an excuse to deliver the craziest maps in the saga. That’s saying something. As a result, many areas are akin to Doom Eternal or Doom 2023. There’s plenty of platforming involved in every fight, action is fast-paced, and mobility is key for survival.

The Legendary Collection debuted in 2023 for Nintendo Switch. It bundles Borderlands: GoTY Edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The three games come with all available DLCs.

Co-op changes on the Nintendo Switch, though. The collection allows up to 2 players instead of 4 on a split-screen configuration.

The One-Shot Adventure debuted in November 2023 for PS4, SP5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Windows. As a stand-alone game, it doesn’t need the Borderlands 2 copy to run.

This is the stand-alone experience of the Borderlands 2 DLC. However, it improves graphics and playability while adding more content.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands debuted in June 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Windows. It’s the second spin-off in the franchise, but it maintains the original gameplay.

Tina puts the character back into its tabletop fantasy, where she plays as the dungeon master. You create an avatar among six classes, but you can mix and match various skills to customize your playtime.

The arsenal includes melee weapons and firearms, so you will slash and shoot your way through dungeons and castles to stop the Dragon Lord.

Borderlands – 2009 

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned – 2009 

Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot – 2010 

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx – 2010 

Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution – 2010

Borderlands 2 – 2012 

Borderlands Legends – 2012

Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty – 2012 

Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage – 2012 

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt – 2013

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep – 2013 

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! – 2023 

Holodome Onslaught – 2014 

Tales from the Borderlands – 2014 – 2023

Claptastic Voyage – 2023

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – 2023 

Borderlands 2 VR – 2023

Borderlands 3 – 2023

Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot – 2023 

Guns, Love and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock – 2023 

Bounty of Blood – 2023 

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – 2023

Borderlands Legendary Collection – 2023

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure – 2023

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland – 2023

Main Borderlands games are similar. Rather than adding layers and systems, developers simply refine the original formula. These are the elements:

Vault Hunters: Every game presents up to six Vault Hunters. These are your classes, as each has three unique skill pathways plus an ability they can modify and enhance with the skill points.

Loot System: The game features randomized loot mechanics like Diablo games. Weapons, armor, and throwables are procedurally-generated.

Weapon Brands: The series has about 12 weapon manufacturers, each one delivering special functionalities and quirks to their weapons.

Storytelling: The story revolves around multiple gangs and interstellar corporations fighting for the treasure.

Tone: The general tone and art style is bombastic, over-the-top, explosive, and hilarious.

New Game+: New Game+ features allow you to play the campaign a second time with a bigger level cap, increased skill level cap, better loot, and higher challenges.

Multiplayer: Borderlands offers one of the best local co-op multiplayer experiences. It allows you to play the whole campaign with another player. It works offline (2 players) or online (up to four players).

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The 7 Best Gamecube Games Of All Time

Released in 2001, the GameCube followed the N64 and brought an impressive library of titles with it. It featured one of the best controller designs of all time (which is still used by dedicated Switch players today) but faltered due to a lack of online features and a limited launch library. 

Compared to its competitors, the Xbox and the Playstation 2, many players felt the GameCube lacked a certain something. That said, the system featured a library of fantastic games that are still worth playing today—if you can get your hands on them. 

Table of Contents

This list of best GameCube games are not easy to emulate or find in the wild, but if you do, they are well worth it. Also, check out our YouTube channel where we made a short video with some gameplay footage too:

Animal Crossing

Published in 2001, Animal Crossing has a strange concept: you live in a town and befriend your neighbors, pay off debt to expand your home, and live an otherwise simple, idyllic life. It’s also played in real-time, with the seasons in the real world reflected in-game. Sure, you could “time travel” by changing the clock on your GameCube, but doing so detracted from the point of the game. 

If you failed to save before turning off the console, the next time you started playing, a mole named Mr. Resetti appears and begins to yell at you. It developed a cult following that is still seen today, especially with the recent release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch.

TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 was one of the wackiest games in the GameCube’s lineup. One of a limited number of FPS titles on the console, TimeSplitters 2 had an odd single player mode whose story consisted of ten levels centered around traveling through different time periods and stopping an evil group from destroying history. 

The true value of the game lay in its multiplayer mode, however. It offered fun on par with GoldenEye on the N64, offering levels set throughout history with weapons to match. There’s just a certain charm to rampaging through early 20th century Chicago with a laser gun. The game also features a Map Maker for you to design your own level and characters that range from a fish bowl on a robot body to a Harley Quinn lookalike.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker breaks away from the traditional formula and teams Link with a sentient boat named King of Red Lions. The world of Hyrule is submerged in water, with only scattered islands remaining. The Wind Waker also departed from the previous title in favor of a more cell-shaded graphical style. 

Super Smash Bros Melee

Considered one of the greatest video games ever created – and definitely one of the best GameCube games – Super Smash Bros Melee took the phenomena that was Super Smash Bros and launched it to a new level. Melee retained all of the characters from the original games and introduced brand-new faces, including characters from Fire Emblem—a game that had never before been released outside of Japan. 

Super Smash Bros Melee introduced new single-player gameplay elements, trophies, and multiplayer modes that helped transform it from a fun mash-up fighting game to one of the most popular competitive fighting games in history.

Super Mario Sunshine

The Super Mario series has always distinguished itself with new gameplay elements and settings in each iteration of the game, and Super Mario Sunshine was no different. Forgoing the usual stomp-and-smash gameplay in favor of the F.L.U.D.D., a backpack that shot water that could clear graffiti left behind by the Shadow Mario. 

It all takes place on the Isle Delfino, a tropical resort that Mario, Peach, and Toad are vacationing on. Super Mario Sunshine isn’t as talked about as Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy, but it’s the best Mario game on the GameCube.


Pikmin is a game that blends puzzle and real-time strategy elements together for a result that’s equal parts adorable and challenging. The game is named for the plant-like creatures known as Pikmin, beings that inhabit an unknown planet the protagonist crash-lands on. 

You take the role of Captain Olimar and must befriend Pikmin and use their unique abilities to recover parts of your spaceship before your air supply runs out. There are several different colors of Pikmin, each with different abilities to utilize to help repair the ship.

Metroid Prime

The Metroid series has been a longtime favorite of fans, but until Metroid Prime, it was always a 2D side scrolling platformer. Metroid Prime re-imagined the series as a first person shooter but held on to the same feeling as the previous games. 

Metroid Prime is exploration-heavy, with many areas locked behind doors that can only be opened once you have gotten the right ability. You take on the familiar role of Samus Aran and fight your way across the planet Tallon IV, eventually encountering old fan-favorites like Ridley and a Metroid. 

While definitely a departure from Super Metroid or any of the 2D titles, Metroid Prime remains one of the best games in the series. Even now fans eagerly await the release of Metroid Prime 4 on the Nintendo Switch, years after the first three titles.

How To Show Records In Descending Order Android Sqlite?

   android:layout_width=”match_parent”    android:layout_height=”match_parent”    tools:context=”.MainActivity”    <EditText       android:id=”@+id/name”       android:layout_width=”match_parent”       android:hint=”Enter Name”    <EditText       android:id=”@+id/salary”       android:layout_width=”match_parent”       android:inputType=”numberDecimal”       android:hint=”Enter Salary”    <LinearLayout       android:layout_width=”wrap_content”       android:id=”@+id/save”       android:text=”Save”       android:layout_width=”wrap_content”       <Button          android:id=”@+id/refresh”          android:text=”Refresh”          android:layout_width=”wrap_content”       <Button          android:id=”@+id/udate”          android:text=”Update”          android:layout_width=”wrap_content”

   <ListView       android:id=”@+id/listView”       android:layout_width=”match_parent”

import android.os.Bundle; import; import android.view.View; import android.widget.ArrayAdapter; import android.widget.Button; import android.widget.EditText; import android.widget.ListView; import android.widget.Toast;

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {    Button save, refresh;    EditText name, salary;    private ListView listView;

   @Override    protected void onCreate(Bundle readdInstanceState) {       super.onCreate(readdInstanceState);       setContentView(R.layout.activity_main);       final DatabaseHelper helper = new DatabaseHelper(this);       final ArrayList array_list = helper.getAllCotacts();       name = findViewById(;       salary = findViewById(;       listView = findViewById(;       final ArrayAdapter arrayAdapter = new ArrayAdapter(MainActivity.this, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, array_list);       listView.setAdapter(arrayAdapter);          @Override             array_list.clear();             array_list.addAll(helper.getAllCotacts());             arrayAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged();             listView.invalidateViews();             listView.refreshDrawableState();          }       });

         @Override             if (!name.getText().toString().isEmpty() && !salary.getText().toString().isEmpty()) {                if (helper.insert(name.getText().toString(), salary.getText().toString())) {                   Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, “Inserted”, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();                } else {                   Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, “NOT Inserted”, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();                }             } else {                name.setError(“Enter NAME”);                salary.setError(“Enter Salary”);             }          }       });    } }

Step 4 − Add the following code to src/

package com.example.andy.myapplication;

import android.content.ContentValues; import android.content.Context; import android.database.Cursor; import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase; import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException; import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper;

import; import java.util.ArrayList;

class DatabaseHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper {    public static final String DATABASE_NAME = "salaryDatabase5";    public static final String CONTACTS_TABLE_NAME = "SalaryDetails";    public DatabaseHelper(Context context) {       super(context,DATABASE_NAME,null,1);    }

   @Override    public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {       try {          db.execSQL(             "create table "+ CONTACTS_TABLE_NAME +"(id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name text,salary text,datetime default current_timestamp )"          );       } catch (SQLiteException e) {          try {             throw new IOException(e);          } catch (IOException e1) {             e1.printStackTrace();          }       }    }

   @Override    public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int oldVersion, int newVersion) {       db.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS "+CONTACTS_TABLE_NAME);       onCreate(db);    }

   public boolean insert(String s, String s1) {       SQLiteDatabase db = this.getWritableDatabase();

      ContentValues contentValues = new ContentValues();       contentValues.put("name", s);       contentValues.put("salary", s1);       db.replace(CONTACTS_TABLE_NAME, null, contentValues);       return true;    }

   public ArrayList getAllCotacts() {       SQLiteDatabase db = this.getReadableDatabase();       Cursor res = db.rawQuery( "select * from "+CONTACTS_TABLE_NAME+" ORDER BY name DESC", null );       res.moveToFirst();

      while(res.isAfterLast() == false) {          array_list.add(res.getString(res.getColumnIndex("name")));          res.moveToNext();       }       return array_list;    }

   public boolean update(String s, String s1) {       SQLiteDatabase db = this.getWritableDatabase();       db.execSQL("UPDATE "+CONTACTS_TABLE_NAME+" SET name = "+"'"+s+"', "+ "salary = "+"'"+s1+"'");       return true;    }

   public boolean delete() {       SQLiteDatabase db = this.getWritableDatabase();       db.execSQL("DELETE from "+CONTACTS_TABLE_NAME);       return true;    }

Good Luck Getting Your Apple Order Shipped In Due Time

Arm yourself with patience if you’d like to order a new MacBook Pro or iPad Air.

Some Mac and iPad models are delayed until at least several weeks.

Build-to-order upgrades such as extra RAM also introduce delays.

The delays currently only affect Apple’s own retail stores.

Apple products that are currently delayed for new orders

Apple’s ability to churn out devices and get them out the door is under pressure due to the worsening Covid-19 situation—the Chinese government has imposed another series of lockdown. Doing so has severely affected the country’s contract manufacturers. As a result, many popular Mac and iPad models are listed with a wait time of several weeks, with some orders unavailable until as far back as August.

Journalist Mark Gurman broke down the shipping delays on the Apple online store by product in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter on Bloomberg.

MacBook Pro: Deliveries and in-store pickup of both 14-inch and 16-inch models have been delayed until as late as early August.

MacBook Air: New orders were delayed as late as early June.

iMac: New orders delayed as late as early August.

Mac Studio: New delayed as late as the end of August.

Apple Studio Display: New orders delayed as late as August.

Apple Pro Display XDR: Deliveries as late as early August, with no in-store pickup availability.

Mac Pro: New orders delayed as late as June.

iPad Air: New orders delayed as late as the end of June.

iPad Pro: New orders delayed as late as June.

What about Apple’s online stores?

Those products are not only hard to find in Apple’s own brick-and-mortar stores but also in the company’s online store as well. Read: How to chat live with Apple Support on the web or your device

And Amazon?

Other retailers don’t seem to be affected. Amazon has these products in stock, but that’s because Amazon operates the world’s biggest warehouses. Places such as Best Buy, Adorama and B&H Photo also had the aforementioned products in stock.

So why won’t Apple simply produce more stuff?

With Apple, there’s no warehouse—just limited stock in each store. That’s because Apple since Steve Jobs’s return has been churning out products on demand. Contrast Apple’s approach with Amazon, which typically puts out a large order for a bunch of Apple products to keep in stock and ship to customers as soon as possible.

When will shipping times improve?

That’s the million-dollar question. Apple in particular has felt the negative effects of the health crisis (and other world problems) for some time now. And just when we thought we were finally winning in this battle, Covid cases are on the rise in areas of the US. At the Apple Park headquarters, for example, workers show up in-person just two days of the week. Apple has delayed its return-to-office plans several times already, and it recently mandated masking within stores for its own employees.

How Covid is disrupting Apple all over again

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Covid is disrupting Apple again. Therefore, shipping times probably won’t improve before the pandemic eases. Until then, Apple will find it continually challenging to ship orders on time. Perhaps that’s why Apple has notified several suppliers and contract manufacturers that it would like to expand manufacturing outside of China. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple would like to increase manufacturing in India and Vietnam which could be one way to avoid the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns in China which have delayed manufacturing.

Dektops Y Equipos All In

*Los precios que se muestran para cada categoría de producto son los menores precios de configuración de chúng tôi de los Estados Unidos y antes de cualquier promoción o descuento disponible. Los precios varían según la configuración dentro de cada categoría de producto. Los precios de chúng tôi están sujetos a cambios sin aviso y todos los productos están sujetos a la disponibilidad actual.

La función «Sin parpadeo» se consigue eliminando el parpadeo de la pantalla mediante la integración de retroiluminación LED con atenuación de corriente continua.

Se diseñó este dispositivo para brindar óptimo rendimiento. Es posible que las actualizaciones del equipo afecten la cobertura de la garantía.

La tecnología de múltiples núcleos está diseñada para mejorar el rendimiento de determinados productos de software. No todos los clientes ni todas las aplicaciones de software se beneficiarán necesariamente con el uso de esta tecnología. El rendimiento y la frecuencia de reloj varían según la carga de trabajo de las aplicaciones y las configuraciones del hardware y software. Los nombres, las marcas y la numeración de Intel no son una indicación de mayor rendimiento. GHz se refiere a la velocidad del reloj interno del procesador. Otros factores, además de la velocidad del reloj, pueden afectar el rendimiento del sistema y de la aplicación.

La tecnología de múltiples núcleos está diseñada para mejorar el rendimiento de determinados productos de software. No todos los clientes ni todas las aplicaciones de software se beneficiarán necesariamente con el uso de esta tecnología. El rendimiento y la frecuencia de reloj varían según la carga de trabajo de las aplicaciones y las configuraciones del hardware y software. El sistema de numeración de Intel no es una medición de mayor rendimiento.

Se requieren contenidos con resolución Quad HD (QHD) para ver imágenes QHD.

Para unidades de estado sólido, 1 GB = 1000 millones de bytes. La capacidad formateada real es menor. Se reservan hasta 35 GB del espacio en disco para el software de recuperación del sistema. Los datos se dividen entre ambas unidades y pueden llegar a estar inaccesibles en caso de fallo de la chúng tôi unidades de estado sólido, TB = un billón de bytes. La capacidad formateada real es menor. Se reservan hasta 35 GB del espacio en disco para el software de recuperación del sistema. Los datos se dividen entre ambas unidades y pueden llegar a estar inaccesibles en caso de fallo de la unidad.

Se requiere un punto de acceso inalámbrico y un servicio de Internet, que se venden por separado. La disponibilidad de puntos de acceso inalámbricos públicos es limitada.Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) cuenta con compatibilidad retroactiva con las especificaciones 802.11 anteriores. Las especificaciones de Wi-Fi 6 son provisionales y no definitivas. Si las especificaciones definitivas difieren de las provisionales, se puede ver afectada la capacidad de la laptop para comunicarse con otros dispositivos de Wi-Fi 6. Solo disponible en los países en los que se admite 802.11ax.Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) no es compatible con Ucrania, Rusia e Indonesia, donde la configuración Wi-Fi se optimizará según los requisitos normativos locales (802.11ac).La conectividad Wi-Fi® con velocidades de gigabits se obtiene al transferir archivos entre dos dispositivos conectados al mismo enrutador. Requiere un enrutador inalámbrico, vendido por separado, que admita canales de 160 chúng tôi requiere un punto de acceso inalámbrico y un servicio de Internet, que se venden por chúng tôi disponibilidad de puntos de acceso inalámbricos públicos es limitada.

AMD es una marca comercial de Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Google, Chromebase y Google Meet son marcas comerciales de Google LLC

La información que contiene este documento está sujeta a cambios sin previo aviso. Las únicas garantías para los productos y servicios de HP son las establecidas en las declaraciones expresas de garantía adjuntas a dichos productos y servicios. La información aquí indicada no debe interpretarse como una garantía adicional. HP no se responsabiliza por omisiones o errores técnicos o editoriales que puedan existir en este documento.

How To Use Instagram’s New Chronological Feed (Android And Ios)

If there’s anything we learned from the controversial Twitter timeline update, it’s that most of us are not huge fans of algorithmic feeds. Addressing user criticism, Twitter rolled back its decision to force algorithmic Home feed to its users. Soon after this happened, Instagram started rolling out the much-awaited chronological feed globally on its Android and iOS apps. In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about Instagram’s new chronological feed.

Use Instagram’s Chronological Feed (2023) What’s New in the Instagram Feed?

Instagram’s chronological feed update consists of two new sections — Favorites and Following. The former lets you pick specific users and view their posts separately and in priority in your home feed. Whereas the latter allows you to browse Instagram posts of people you follow in chronological order.

The catch here is that you can’t set either of these new tabs as the default feed. Instead, you will have to separately go to Instagram Favorites and Following tabs from the feed switcher at the top-left corner of the app.

Difference Between Instagram Favorites and Following Feed

As mentioned above, the new Instagram update introduces the Following and Favorites tabs. With the Following tab, you can browse Instagram posts from people you choose to follow. In other words, you won’t see suggested posts in the Following tab, unlike the default Home page.

Posts from accounts on your Favorites list have a star icon at the right corner (shown below) and are shown first in your Home feed. Moreover, Instagram won’t notify users when you add them to or remove them from a Favorites list. We have included a dedicated section below with instructions to add someone to your Favorites list on Instagram.

How to Browse Instagram Posts in Chronological Order

To browse posts from accounts you follow in chronological order, you should tap on the Instagram logo at the top-left corner of the app’s home screen. Then, choose “Following” from the dropdown list. Instagram will now take you to a separate “Following” feed filled with posts from accounts you have chosen to follow over the years.

Note: The method to use the new chronological feed on Instagram remains the same on Android and iOS. We have included screenshots from an Android smartphone in this tutorial.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you set the chronological Following tab as the default feed at the moment. We hope Instagram follows Twitter’s lead and rolls out this option in a future update.

Add People to Instagram Favorites List

2. Though Instagram will present you with a list of suggested accounts, you can search the username of the account you wish to add to your Favorites list. Just tap the blue “Add” icon next to the account’s name. After choosing all the accounts, press “Confirm favorites” to add them to your list.

3. You can now browse posts from accounts in your Favorites list in the Favorites tab and in the Home tab. As you can see below, a star icon in the post header denotes that the post is from someone in your Favorites list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I set Instagram Favorites as the default feed?

No, Instagram currently doesn’t let you set Favorites (chronological) and Following tabs as the default feed. The default feed will continue to be “Home” with algorithmically picked posts and suggested posts when you run out of posts from accounts you follow.

No, Instagram Favorites refers to the new feature where you can pick your favorite accounts and see their posts in a separate list. Close Friends are for private Stories on Instagram.

Q: How do I manage my Favorites on Instagram?

You can manage accounts you have added to the Favorites list from the Favorites tab on Instagram.

See Posts from Friends in Chronological Order on Instagram

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