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Website design is a critical part of developing a new website as it helps to create a layout of the website. There has been constant evolution in website design techniques and methods that are making it possible to develop more beautiful and creative websites. Background videos are popular web design techniques, which are being used to enhance website UI/UX. Using videos as backgrounds in websites is a trend that emerged a few years ago and it’s still a subject of much discussion among designer communities. With the help of the right web design company, you can build a website with an attractive video background.

Video backgrounds are helpful to grab the attention of those online users who have little attention to begin with. Videos can run in background without being disruptive and promote high user engagement. However, for many designers, using background videos in a website is a sacrifice of usability in the hands of an appealing aesthetic. Moreover, video backgrounds can provide more dynamic and livelier UX when they are used wisely. In this post, we’ll explore the significance of using video backgrounds and their future.

Benefits of using video backgrounds

There are numerous benefits that you can reap with video in background for your website.

Aesthetically appealing

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Advantages of experiential marketing

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Improve SEO

If the visitors share your video on various sharing platforms, then it will have a positive impact on your site’s SEO. The more views and sharing your video will earn, the more it will help in getting the better search ranking on search engines. And, it is especially possible when visitors find your video worth sharing with others. Plus, adding the right keywords and transcript with your video will also enable the search engines read and discover your video properly. You can always hire a good web design company to build an SEO-compliant website.

Demerits of video backgrounds

Slow loading speed

Given the file format, videos embedded in a web page tend to slow down the loading speed of the web page. Though there are some ways to reduce this effect such as optimizing the videos for faster performance, they still load slowly as compared to images on a web page.

Nevertheless, the problem is that visitors leave a website that doesn’t load quickly as the attention span of a human being has become shorter than that of a goldfish. Therefore, website loading speed is important, and you should keep in mind while choosing a video background for your website.

Not friendly for mobile devices

Web browsers on mobile devices whether it is Android or iOS do not play videos automatically. On these operating systems this feature is blocked. Despite you create a trigger element to enable the video to play when visitors touch a specific area on the screen, it will still be ineffective. In fact, it will be an unexpected thing for users and they won’t respond properly to non-intuitive design. Further, a lot of mobile users use limited mobile data and videos playing online consumes more data bandwidth that will force visitors to leave your website due to such bad experiences.

Excessive elements on the page

Putting too much elements on a web page is bad design which not only slows a website’s loading speed but also make it confusing for the visitors. Similarly, if you put a background video which covers everything above the fold along with some non-readable text, then your website visitors will find it difficult to get your message. Thus, your site will fail to convey the message that it aims to. More and bigger is not always better as excessive elements on your site may spoil the impression that you want to create among the visitors. You can a web design company to get consultation and guidance to build the right UI/UX for your site.

Right strategy for video backgrounds

Using background videos can add value to your website or spoil it depending on how you use them on your site. However, they are not for everyone, and if you plan to use them because they seem a cool thing for you, then you should think about it carefully. If you still plan to do so then you need to make sure that you do it right. There are some tips below that can help you make the right use of background videos.

Pick videos that align with brand

Video is the medium that you use to deliver the message about your brand and present your offerings. Video you embed into your website should contain the subject matter that supports your brand offering. Make sure the content of the video is compelling and effective, plus it shouldn’t be too lengthy.

Video that only act as background

Video backgrounds are only used for backgrounds and they shouldn’t be the focal point of a site. This will create a distraction and you should choose an approach to reduce distractions. For this, you should use optimum transitions to avoid distractions to the eyes.

Short videos with better content

Instead of making longer videos, you must focus on creating short videos with compelling content. Lengthy videos will cause websites to load slowly as they have bigger data to fetch over the network and to be processed by a device. You should also optimize the video for mobile users.

Summing up!

Design is crucial for every website as it defines the layout of a website in terms of what elements it should have and appearance of those elements in it. The trend of video backgrounds brings a new way of designing website layouts by embedding videos as the backgrounds on home pages. While it may enhance your website user experience, it may have impact on its performance. Thus, you need to use videos wisely on your site to get the desired results. You can select a good web design company to create the desired website.


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6 Steps To Bake Seo Into The Web Design Process

Assuming you’ve passed the first challenge of letting your client know that you or your agency are fully capable of working with their web designer/agency, the path to creating an SEO friendly website lies in the ability to bake SEO into the design process.

Here are 6 steps to make that process as easy, enjoyable, and productive as possible when working with the designer who will ultimately create structural and navigational elements of the client’s website. It’s important to be involved in the design process from the start, as I’m sure you’ve got valuable nuggets to impart, right from the wireframe stage that sets the tone for the site architecture.

The Kick Off Phone Call – The purpose of this call is to affirm your role as a supportive entity that complements the web designer’s work. The call with the client and his/her web designer will help set deadlines, process, and types of communication between the project’s stakeholders.

Setup A Wiki or Similar Collaboration Resource – Email isn’t necessarily the best way to manage a project, and it’s often much better to establish a central resource for sharing information, wireframes, checklisted SEO recommendations, and similar files. It’s important to keep the access open to the client if they wish to see how SEO is being integrated into the design process.

Schedule Regular Phone Calls – Email is great to get communication in and out fast, but not necessarily when you want anything actionable to happen. You can’t file a scheduled phone call away, and it forces both the SEO and web designer to focus project milestones so that deadlines are met.

Explain Your Recommendations – While some might think it’s not worth the extra time and effort in educating the web designer, I’ve found that putting some rationale in your recommendations can speed up the work flow. Baking SEO into the design process asks the designer to make changes into their existing work habits, and change isn’t always easy to accept.

Review The Implementation – Don’t expect 100% of your SEO recommendations to be implemented. There are many reasons why they might not be implemented, ranging from time involvement, to the web developer not putting importance to any given recommendation such as relative versus absolute internal links. There’s often a trade-off to be had between design and SEO, but it’s important to be in control of what those trade-off’s are.

Close The Loop & Celebrate – There’s a fair bit of rinse and repeat in the phone-call, wiki, implementation, and review process, but at the end of the day you can be happy because your client is. Life is a learning process, and I’ve learnt more tricks of the trade in web design from the agencies I’ve worked with, as I’m sure they’ve learnt about SEO too from me.

Dev Basu is a regular contributor to Search Engine Journal. He owns Powered by Search, a full service internet marketing agency located in Toronto, Canada; and blogs about online marketing for small businesses, search marketing, and all matters in local seo and social media. Catch up with him at his blog, twitter, or connect on Linkedin.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Web Design Agency For Your Business

One of the most crucial aspects of making a business thrive is getting the right website done. We live in a day and age where having a digital presence for business becomes a must.

Are you a business seeking to build a digital presence of your own? Then it is highly important that you have the right people to come in and help you establish the perfect online presence.

When it comes to creating website experiences, nothing serves the purpose as remarkably as a website design agency and hiring the right one will ensure your business turns into a success story.

But how should business owners conclude which is the best web design agency to hire for the job? Here are a few prerequisites which I want to share with everyone.

By adhering to the following practices, you will surely be able to find the right web design agency.

Hiring a Web Design Agency for Your Business 1. Choose a Web Design Agency Relevant to Your Business

Most business owners are preoccupied with a series of tasks and they hardly have enough time to find out which web design agency is the best option for their digital businesses.

When it comes to website designing, they take the burden off their shoulders by hiring a professional website development company New york. They let them take the creative edge and build them a solution.

Hence, when you as a business owner aim to choose a website design agency, make sure you pick the one that equally compliments your business practices and know your niche for the better.

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2. Identify How Much Experience Does the Web Design Agency Hold?

So before you proceed with hiring a particular web design agency for your business, make sure to identify how many years of experience they have when it comes to creating websites.

Some work in the local market only, while others prefer to work in the international market as well.

Perform a thorough analysis of the web design agency before you conclude they are the right choice.

The more experienced your web design agency is, the more better they can understand the needs and wants of the average audience interested in purchasing a digital service from your platform.

If you find a web design agency which is famous then it’s a surplus for you.

3. Is the Web Design Agency Well Versed and working in coherence with the Modern Trends?

Just as much as creating a website is paramount, so is the fact that you create a website which compliments the modern day web design trends.

When you create a website design company which is in accordance with the latest trends, it increases the chances of your website to appear in front of your desired target audiences.

By leveraging the power of the latest technology tools and modern web design, businesses can easily capitalize on gaining more customers.

4. Understand the Type of Website Design Process they Follow

If you want to create an impact, focus on the procedure which is to be followed. Ask your website design agency what methods do they implement to create the website design for their customers.

When you are working with a stable web design agency firm, it takes you through an appropriate process. By becoming coherent with the design process, you get the chance of yielding extraordinary outcomes.

Some follow the agile methodology and split the website design in variable phases before they start with the development process. Similarly, many different organizations follow different processes.

By getting acquainted with such processes, a business owner can have the comfort and peace of working with a web design agency that is accustomed with the modern methodologies.

5. How Much Would it Cost and What is Your Website Design Budget?

When choosing a website design agency, make sure to consider both, how much are they charging you for the design job, and what is your overall budget limit? Ask yourself a series of questions:

How much do you think you’re ready to spend for the website?

Are they charging you by the hourly rate, or have they opt-in for a single-time payment?

Do they offer website revisions or is it just going to be a one time delivery?

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6. Ask Them to Submit their Previous Case Studies

Lastly, every experienced website design agency operating in the digital landscape has a list of successful client stories to tell.

If a design agency which you’re about to onboard doesn’t have a strong portfolio to show you, they are not likely the kind of people you’re supposed to hire for the site.

Ask the web design agency to show you some of their previous works. If you can get in touch with one of the clients, it can be better for you to understand their process of web design.

By analyzing their previous work, and by learning how they proceed, you will get a better idea on how things are done by them. You will ultimately be able to make more informed decisions.

So there you go, here are some of the prerequisites that you need to pay attention to when you’re hiring a web design agency to create you a thriving digital experience.

Reciprocal Linking: A Disturbing Trend In Search Engine Marketing

In the world of Internet Marketing, and Web site promotion, nothing changes faster than the parameters that rule good Search Engine rankings and placement.

This has led to a developed new science in the last few years, SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This new science, SEM, has been a boon to both Web Masters and the merchants that maintain Web sites as a way to increase exposure and revenue for their products and/or services.

SEM has become a much sought after entity, with SEM specialists, who focus on optimization of a site, routinely adding linking campaign management to their overall repertoire of services. This has resulted in a large influx of Web sites focusing on linking campaigns and reciprocal linking as it has been established that good, solid reciprocal linking campaigns increased traffic and visitors to a site exponentially.

However, like with everything else online, the idea of SEM and linking campaigns has spread like “wildfire”, with sites seeking links seemingly endlessly. This has led to what can only be termed, “linking explosions”, with many sites posting links to everything and anything in an effort to increase their Search Engine rankings and placements.

or placement of a site. Questions about whether linking campaigns increase revenue for a site are coming into play now.

The World Wide Web quite obviously has now become more utilitarian to consumers, and linking campaigns, as a result, may become more ineffective as time goes on. Linking campaigns, by their very nature, promote “browsing” and time-consuming “visiting” of many sites, before the product/item/service, is found by the consumer. As the Web progresses and consumers become increasingly discerning in their overall approach to the Web, they are now going right to the source, more often, via “search features” and direct navigation.

Accordingly, then, the “digging around” on other sites, has diminished over the past twelve months, and in all likelihood, will continue as a trend well into the future, hampering the effectiveness of linking campaigns overall. This trend reflects an international shift towards this method of finding information on the Web, and is not localized whatsoever, crossing many demographic and geographic barriers.

become more difficult for Web masters. In addition, the sheer volume of linking requests to pages with a high ranking, has also increased, to the point where higher ranked Web sites are inundated daily with linking requests, interfering with their ability to attend to their own business.

Web masters have now oftentimes taken to using any links whatsoever, as long as the links added have the appropriate Page Rank. Little thought seems to be given at times, to the theme of a links page or the relevance of links that have been added, leaving visitors to some sites confused and frustrated. This will in all probability lead consumers to turn to the Search Engines and direct navigation even more in the future, not less.

This could have dire consequences for many Web sites down the road, as those at the bottom of search listings could conceivably be forced out of business.

There are methods however that can aid in the retention of top rankings and listings with the Search Engines, in and above linking campaigns. These methods would also hold greater appeal for consumers in general, as they would add quality to a Web site, as well as content, something that will add “longevity of appeal” to a Web site:

1. The writing of good, content oriented copy which imparts value to a Web site. Good copy has always been utilized to establish good overall traffic and conversion patterns. Even Search Engines seem to understand this and routinely rank Web sites with good pertinent content, higher than other Web sites.

3. The submitting of a Web site to all possible, pertinent directories. Directories were always a good method of increasing rankings and placement, and they still, to this day, are a good choice.

rankings and placement.

5. The enhancement of traffic by offline marketing campaigns. This is one facet of Web site traffic management that many individuals neglect, but that can successfully increase rankings significantly.

7. The addition of keywords that are relevant to a site, throughout the copy, the title, and the meta-tags and any other text, such as articles and reports. Keywords are the “guides” that the Search Engines use to find a site and rank it. The addition of good relevant keywords always enhances rankings and placement.

Linking campaigns, as you can see, while having their overall place in effective rankings and placement within the Search Engines, are not the “be all and end all” of optimization or rankings. Many various fundamentally sound methods of optimization still exist, and should be utilized in any well-rounded Search Engine Marketing campaign.


What Is The Role Of Biomimicry In Design And Innovation?

blog / Product Design & Innovation How Biomimicry is Transforming Product Design and Innovation

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Imitation of the living and nature. That is what biomimicry means. Nature is the source of life and sustenance that nurtures, provides, and protects all living beings. But it can do more than that; it can also inspire marvelous human engineering designs and innovation. For example, if it weren’t for the study of bird flight or airflow over bird wings, the idea of inventing a plane would have probably never occurred to humans. This serves as one of the earliest examples of biomimicry and shows how nature can be a great source of inspiration for humanity and its drive to create. 

Today, biomimicry has become an essential tool for creating more sustainable designs and solutions that are inspired by nature. Let’s take a closer look at the world of biomimicry, and how it plays a transformative role in design and innovation today. 

What is Biomimicry?

The simplest way to explain biomimicry is that it is the science of examining nature’s processes, models, and elements and using them to create sustainable solutions. The concept was first popularized in 1997 by scientist Janine Benyus in her book, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. There are three main elements of biomimicry, which are:


This represents how nature works and our responsibilities toward fellow living beings


Leveraging natural principles to create and formulate sustainable design solutions


This reinforces the fact that humans and nature are deeply intertwined 

Biomimicry begins with a system or material found in the natural world that becomes the basis for design or innovation. In fact, the main goal is to see nature as a model and design sustainable products around these standards. 

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Examples of Biomimicry

Biomimicry finds applications across various industries, from architecture, transportation, design, and urban planning to medicine, agriculture, and technology. Here are some examples of biomimicry to help you understand its applications better. 

Wind turbines

are modeled after the tubercle-studded flippers of humpback whales

According to public-benefit corporation NYSERDA

, by 2030, the global gross domestic product from products based on beehives, whales, and seashells could reach $1.6 trillion

The shape of the kingfisher’s beak inspired the aerodynamics of the

Japanese bullet train

Antimicrobial surfaces

are created based on the presence of denticles on shark skin

How is Biomimicry Impacting Product Design and Innovation?

Biomimicry has become a viable tool for developing new sustainable products and technologies worldwide. According to a Statista report, the global biometric technology market is predicted to reach $18.5 billion by 2028. But how does this nature-inspired approach revolutionize design and drive innovation? 

Turning to nature for ideas on designing and developing products works well and is substantially cost-effective. Additionally, biomimicry takes sustainable innovation further by exploring how nature’s operating instructions can be harnessed to build and redesign products that can better support environmental sustainability. This is why many businesses worldwide are now tapping into biomimicry to bring about innovation backed by eco-friendly products that are sustainable in the long haul.

Many challenges humans face today, like depleting energy reserves, have already been explained by nature. Emulating nature’s unique ways of adapting and problem-solving can lead to developing some of the most significant product designs. Biomimetic integration, with its nature-inspired problem-solving approach, can be game-changing—even revolutionary—when applied in the right context. 

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Is Biomimicry Sustainable?

Since biomimicry is based on ‘solutions’ proven by nature, it enables the designing products that are in harmony with the environment. Mimicking nature’s processes is more efficient in protecting our ecosystem and can help propel us toward creating an environmental balance that is conducive to life. In fact, biomimicry enables innovators to focus on nature’s inherent sustainable strategies to create adaptable and multifunctional products.  

Learning, the Emeritus Way

Products inspired by nature can bring forth transformative change in how we develop, design, transport, and distribute goods and services. However, if you’d like to further deepen your knowledge of biomimicry and its applications, check out product design and innovation courses at Emeritus. In fact, you can equip yourself with the right skills to build a successful career in this emerging field! 

By Neha Menon

Write to us at [email protected] 

Best Zoom Backgrounds In 2023 (Free)

Best Zoom Backgrounds (Free) Why do we need Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom?

With this being said, Zoom Meetings are sometimes not the most effective way for a meeting simply because of the place you are sitting at. No matter how beautiful your home is, your living room can’t stay photogenic forever. Hence, people use Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom for extra aesthetics.

Also, in this holiday season, you can light things up with Zoom Backgrounds.

Best Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom: 1. Christmas and Hanukkah Free Zoom Background

Hallmark has a wide range of Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom available on their website. Best of them are these beautiful Holliday backgrounds for Christmas and Hanukkah.

To Download Hallmark style Christmas and Hanukkah Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom for free, Visit Here.

2. West Elm Free Zoom Background

You are probably lying if you know about West Elm and still don’t want their furniture in your home. West Elm Furniture is all about aesthetics and richness. Well you have to spend a lot if you want a home like they portray in their catalog, but it’s free for Zoom.

West Elm virtual backgrounds for Zoom are few of the most aesthetically pleasing backgrounds to use. To Download West Elm Zoom Background for free, Visit West Elm.

3. Airbnb Homes Free Zoom Background

Who doesn’t want to live in those extra cozy Airbnb homes in the most exotic of the locations around the world? Well you can now, virtually.

4. Golden Girls Free Zoom Background

Call Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose because you have the stage setup with these Golden-Girls inspired Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom.

5. American Idol Free Zoom Background

Was it your dream to be on American Idol stage and perform well to receive a standing ovation from everybody out there? Then now is your chance to get on the stage with this American Idol virtual background for Zoom. Just be prepared to sing a song or two if you dare to choose this as your Zoom Background.

6. Pixar Free Zoom Background

Have you ever been a fan of Pixar animation movies? Or have you imagined being part of anyone of those? I know I have. Well this is your chance if you too wanted to be in those epic Pixar Movies like Up, Incredibles, and Toy Story. To download Pixar virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Visit Disney.

7. Bloomscape Free Zoom Background

Plants are scientifically proven to relax your mind and calm your inner demon. Same goes with the virtual plants. Bloomscape provides one of the best Plant and green virtual backgrounds for Zoom Call. To Download Bloomscape Free Zoom Background, Visit Bloomscape Twitter Handle.

So, these are all our choices for the best Zoom Backgrounds available today. These virtual backgrounds for Zoom can lighten up the mood, make them more sophisticated, and help you hide the clutter of your living room. We hope you like each one of these. Do let us know your favorite, we love hearing from you.

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