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As iPhone 8 starts OLED journey, Apple leaving nothing to chance

Apple is moving to lock down supplies of one of the most important components for its next-generation iPhone, reportedly pumping cash into LG Display in return for parts exclusivity. The Cupertino firm is, so South Korean sources are reporting, weighing a considerable investment into one of LG Display’s production lines, which would be earmarked entirely for Apple’s needs. In doing so, Apple could help further shift its reliance away from Samsung.

Now, though, that’s set to change with the iPhone 8, but Apple is leaving nothing to chance. The upcoming smartphone is believed to be the first in Apple’s ten-generation history to use OLED rather than LCD, and it’s locking down the parts it needs to avoid bottlenecks in production.

Currently, Samsung Display is Apple’s key OLED supplier, and indeed the primary supplier of OLED for the market as a whole. That’s down to both its production heft and its product quality. “Samsung Display is the only display maker that meets Apple’s strict quality criteria for now,” an industry insider told The Investor.

“LG Display is said to be meeting about 70 percent level of the requirements,” the source explained, “while Chinese display makers are still struggling to catch up with that of LG.” It comes as several display producers are investing in new facilities and machinery to build OLED, which supports fashionable features like smaller smartphone screen bezels and partial cut-outs like that of the Essential Phone. However, Apple’s requirements in return for a tipped investment are considerable.

According to the report, Apple could put as much as 2 to 3 trillion South Korean won – or $1.56-2.62bn – into LG Display. That would primarily be pumped into the company’s so-called E6 plant, which would in effect be dedicated solely to producing OLED screens for Apple’s purposes. These panels wouldn’t arrive in time for the iPhone 8, it’s believed, with the plant said to begin solely serving Apple’s by 2023.

With the “iPhone 8” expected to tease OLED, while the more mainstream versions of the smartphone – this year believed to be the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus – stick with LCD until the next update cycle at the earliest, such a deal would presumably give Apple the reassurance it needs that it can meet parts demand. The company has seen first-hand exactly what happens when individual components can’t be sourced in sufficient quantity. Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus, for instance, were constrained in 2014 due to Apple’s inability to get enough parts for the handset.

Unsurprisingly neither Apple nor LG Display are confirming anything at this stage. The insiders claim that there has so far been a tentative agreement on the investment, though that the schedule by which it will take place and the actual size of LG Display’s windfall are still on the table. A final decision is said to be expected after a board meeting later in July.

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This Week In Apple: Iphone 12 Launch Rumors As Well As Pricing Leaks

The top Apple news stories of the past week:

iPhone 12 series still on track, but just might be hard to get: According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s planned launch of the iPhone 12 series is still expected to happen at the usual time (likely September). However, there might be production delays for the new smartphones, which means they could either land in retail stores later than usual or launch at the usual time — but just be very hard to get.

iPhone 12 series pricing leaked: Speaking of the iPhone 12 series, we have our first pricing leak related to the new phones. According to Front Page Tech (via MacRumors), the lowest-priced iPhone in the new series will start at $649 — that’s $50 less than the lowest-tier iPhone 11. This is notable because we are fairly certain the $649 iPhone will have an OLED panel, which would make it the cheapest OLED iPhone ever.

Apple announces quarterly earnings, services big winner: Apple’s earnings report for the previous quarter showed that its bet on services such as Apple TV Plus is paying off. However, YoY the company didn’t do much better than 2023, which is unusual for the brand. One can only imagine what Apple’s next quarter will look like, but the company isn’t issuing an updated investor guidance — yet.

In-display fingerprint rumor pops up again: The old rumor of Apple possibly bringing an in-display fingerprint sensor to a high-end iPhone popped up again through Chinese news site Economic Daily News. While it does seem likely that Apple will eventually bring the tech to an iPhone, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be this year, despite the claims of this report. Instead, we expect to see it in 2023. Nothing’s set in stone, though.

The iPhone SE really is just a rebranded iPhone 8: Venerable teardown site iFixit tore apart the iPhone SE and found that certain major components of the budget smartphone are actually completely compatible with iPhone 8 parts. That means you could buy an iPhone 8 for cheap and use some of its parts in your new iPhone SE, should that be necessary.

iPhone 11 sales strong in India: Despite Apple’s historic habit of brushing off emerging markets, it looks like the iPhone 11 is making some headway in India. According to Counterpoint Research, Apple was the third-fastest growing brand in India’s smartphone market in the first quarter of this year.

Exposure notification now in an iOS beta: Apple and Google are teaming together to offer developers easy API access to smartphone data to help with the creation of exposure notification apps for the COVID-19 pandemic. That API is now starting to trickle out in a beta form.

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Snapchat Brings Lenses To Front Camera As It Starts Charging To Replay Disappearing Snaps

Snapchat today issued a refresh to its iPhone and iPod touch app in the App Store that enables a new software feature on your front-facing camera: Lenses. “Before you take a selfie, press and hold on your face for a surprise,” the startup teased.

Lenses are essentially animated effects that can be applied in real-time when taking a selfie, similar to Apple’s Photo Booth app on the Mac.

One new Lens will rotate in every day.

In addition to Lenses, Snapchat also rolled out virtual Trophies and announced plans to start charging $0.99 for three Replays.


Lenses are initially built in-house but Snapchat is planning on opening them up to third-party developers in the future. TechCrunch has put together a nice little animation showing Lenses in action, check it out below.

“When in Selfie mode, Snapchat will detect their faces, and users can then tap and swipe to add little overlaid graphics that let them puke rainbows, turn into monsters, and more,” explains the publication.

The following Lenses are available starting today:

Heart Eyes—Lift your eyebrows and hearts shoot out of your eyes.

Puke Rainbows—Open your mouth and a flood of rainbows drools out.

Old—Wrinkles appear on your face and raising your eyebrow adds a monocle.

Scary—Open your mouth and the screen goes black-and-white, and your face becomes demonic.

Rage Face—Open your mouth and the screen zooms in, your eyes go googly, and mouth expands.

Heart Avalanche—Open your mouth and a pile of hearts fall on you.

More Lenses will be added over time, as per the Snapchat team. As mentioned, one Lens will be added and one removed each day so there’ll always be something new to play with.

Will you pay for Snapchat’s most important new feature?

The firm is betting that die-hard fans won’t mind paying to replay disappearing snaps, but many angered fans who beg to differ took to Twitter to vent their frustration publicly.

The whole point of the internet is to NOT PAY for anything. GL@Snapchat

— Leilani Pips™ (@PipsToDollars) September 15, 2023

Regardless, that’s how Snapchat hopes to monetize its loyal fans.

Starting today, users of Snapchat in the United States can purchase extra Replays as In-App Purchases: three for $0.99, ten for $2.99 and twenty for $4.99. They even had the nerve to acknowledge that at these prices replays are in fact “a little pricey.”

“You can use a Replay on any Snap you receive, but you can only Replay any Snap once,” added the firm.

But Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel was unfazed as far back as this summer by the possibility of uproar stemming from introducing paid features.

“We think we can build really cool stuff people want to pay for,” he told TechCrunch back then. “The app is now a part of everyone’s day-to-day lives. That means that they will — I at least would — pay for a more unique experience.”

So, paid Replays are here, but will you take the bait?


In addition to paid-for Replays and Lenses, this edition of Snapchat includes a brand new Trophies feature for virtual rewards and stickers based on your usage of the app.

In one example, sending ten Snaps with your front-facing flash on unlocks a sticker. All trophies are listed on a dedicated page within the app, with a tiny icon turning yellow when a new one has been gifted. Users will also received push notifications when new trophies are received.


The app is localized in English, Arabic, Bokmål, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

Grab Snapchat free of charge in the App Store.

Source: Snapchat

Best Folio Cases For Iphone 8

A folio case is enormously user-friendly; it offers a complete suite for your device. Along with the needed protection, the case also provides the much-required privacy. Not just that, some of the best iPhone 8 folio cases also sport card and money slots. Tempted? Just scroll down to find the perfect cover. Whether you are looking for a premium or an affordable cover, our listing is going to help you through it.

1. Zover Genuine Leather Folio Case

Zover seems to be practicing black magic. Look at this elegant phone case made of cowhide. This premium top-grade leather creates mesmerizing effects when you see or touch the case. With its simplicity, this case becomes a perfect example of a minimalist masterpiece.

To make it functional, Zover has added three dedicated card slots to store your plastic money. Below the slots, you will find a pocket to put some cash. The foldable back converts this case into a kickstand.

2. SHIELDON Wallet Folio Cover with Magnetic Closure

SHIELDON showcases adorable workmanship that you would love to pick to give your smartphone a professional look. Thanks to the genuine cowhide leather, the folio case has a strong built-up that can effortlessly withstand impact. Front lip works as a reliable guard for the screen.

The smooth interior can keep scrape away by absorbing shock. Three slots for cards and a big compartment are enough to fulfill your basic needs. Besides, the wallet case also perfectly dons the role of a stand to let you watch movies at the optimal angle.

3. Twelve South SurfacePad Luxurious Leather Folio Case

This one sports a sophisticated, ultra-thin profile with the luxury leather construction. Beautiful perimeter stitching accents lend style and durability. In spite of having such a smooth structure, it is sufficiently reliable to keep scratch away and also endure minor bumps.

The case features two card slots, creating a minimal wallet. Besides, it also does the job of a landscape stand to improve your hands-free experience. SurfacePad is also compatible with wireless charging.

4. FYY PU Leather Folio Case

If you are looking for a fashionable accessory for your premium iPhone 8, FYY’s folio cases are the best choice. Usually, the FYY range of cases impresses female consumers, but you can also find some options for men. This rose gold folio case is crafted for ladies of discerning tastes.

One of the glaring features of FYY folio case is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which protects sensitive information encrypted on your plastic money. For the protection of your iPhone 8, FYY has used premium PU leather. This 100% handmade case can store three credit/debit cards and cash.

5. Slim Leather Folio Case from QIALINO

This is yet another high-quality leather case in this list. QIALINO boasts genuine leather structure in a slim form-factor. The handcrafted design with visible stitching enhances its look. With the exact cut-outs, this folio wallet case fits snugly on the iPhone.

With the enhanced grip, it reduces the chance of slip-up by letting you comfortably hold the device. The two card slots and a money pocket are sufficient for normal use. Magnetic closure works reliably in keeping your valuables securely inside. Above all, you get multiple color options to choose the most suitable cover for your iPhone.

That aside, you can pick this quality leather case in multiple colors: black, brown and red.

6. TUCCH Folio Case with Kickstand

TUCCH has a simple yet very practical design. Readied with the finest PU leather, it has a very smooth exterior. The TPU bumper empowers it to absorb shock.

With three card slots and a pocket for cash, it takes of your basic needs. And when you wish to make the most of your favorite movies, it also turns into a landscape stand. Additionally, this beautiful wallet comes in five colors like black, blue, brown, pink and red.

7. OtterBox Strada Series Folio Case

OtterBox gives you a guarantee of full protection to your iPhones. This brand has achieved many accolades by crafting extremely robust cases. This folio case is selected from OtterBox Strada series. Made from genuine leather, this is a pocket-friendly case as it flaunts slim profile.

OtterBox has used dual-materials to make this case sturdier; even if you drop your phone accidentally, you should not bother about scratches and scrapes on the phone. This 100% authentic case is easy to install and remove in a jiffy.

8. WenBelle Blazers Series Folio Case

Simplicity is the main feature of this folio wallet case from WenBelle Blazers Series. It may not look eye-catching, but it’s worth considering a look if you want a more formal suit for your device.

With the snap on design, it seamlessly fits on your smartphone. Picture-perfect cut-outs allow you to access all the features of your device comfortably. It comes with three card slots and a cash pocket. As for protection, you can trust it to endure impact. Black, blue and grey are three color variants of this case.

9. UAG Feather-Light Rugged Folio Case

Most of the folio cases are generally made from genuine leather or PU leather. But this one is a hard folio case with a rugged design. This is something different from regular folio cases. Given the make and design, it is tough and protects your device from falls and bumps. Also, it is resistant to water and delivers a solid grip while holding in hands.

The case is compatible with Apple Pay and also with wireless charging. It meets the military drop-test standard MIL-STD 810G 516.6, which is a great plus. Lastly, there are no color choices available.

That’s all! Hopefully, you liked exploring these cases.

What’s your favorite?

I hope you have found the right folio case for your iPhone. Which one is it? Would you mind letting us know the qualities you have liked in it?

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Should Apple Free The Iphone?

WASHINGTON — With the surge of collaborative technical innovation that has given rise to projects like Wikipedia and the open source software revolution, it might seem a little counterintuitive to argue that the technology industry is gradually shifting toward a closed-off, top-down model.

It might seem counterintuitive, unless you’re Jonathan Zittrain.

Speaking here at the office of progressive think tank New America Foundation, the Harvard University law professor took aim at what he described as a closed model of outsourced innovation.

Zittrain criticized the model where companies give a tentative embrace of the developer community, but retain strict control of the content and distribution of the applications they create.

“This is a fascinating hybrid,” Zittrain said. “Steve Jobs … says there are going to be limitations — limitations we are now starting to know.”

“If you want to write a program for the iPhone and give it to somebody … you have to be approved as an iPhone programmer and submit it to the App Store and see if they approve it. And then — and only then — will it be made available to people who want the software.”

But it’s not just the iPhone that concerns Zittrain. The same issues arise in many popular developer initiatives, such as the Facebook Platform and Google’s App Engine. For Zittrain, these programs are failing to unlock the “generative” potential of what is commonly called the wisdom of the crowds.

“It’s not only true of devices we use, it’s true of the so-called software-as-service, Web 2.0 platforms,” he said. “I am not only worried about the cost of innovation, but I see new opportunities for government regulation if our technologies end up being funneled and controlled by central sources.”

Regulation is not the first choice for Zittrain. But if companies continue to operate their developer environments with what he considers arbitrary kill-switch policies, he envisions the Federal Trade Commission enacting rules that would require an open app policy.

“There’s no way that I can buy the thesis that things are getting less generative today, that things are getting more tethered and sterile, and that we’re actually reaching the point where we’re in some sort of a crisis, and that something has to be done before we all end up boxed into this world of these sorts of devices,” Thierer said.

“Everything that’s out there today is opening up in new ways,” he said, citing T-Mobile’s recent launch of the G1 smartphone, an iPhone rival built on Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) open source Android platform. He also noted that for all of Zittrain’s demonizing of Apple’s iPhone policy, the professor carries the device in his pocket.

Thierer views a variety of devices with varying degrees of openness as a healthy market condition. After all, there are some people who are perfectly happy with the way their iPhones and Wiis and TiVos work as they come out of the factory.

“There’s always going to be the mere mortals who say, ‘I don’t want to have to load my own operating system up when I come in each morning to get it running,’ or ‘I don’t want to have to tweak my device to make it sing and hum. I just want it to work,’” he said. “And that is something that is happening today.”

A wireless parallel

A similar fugue is playing out in the wireless industry, where providers have been reluctant to open their networks so that they would interoperate with any device or application.

Skype, eBay’s Internet phone company, has petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to apply a 1968 ruling that the Bell companies had to open their wireline networks to other manufacturers’ telephones to the wireless industry. The landmark Carterphone decision paved the way for a host of innovative devices, such as answering machines, fax machines and dial-up modems, said New America Vice President Michael Calabrese.

“Despite the incredible success of Carterphone consumer choice, we are having the exact same debate today about the future of wireless Internet access,” Calabrese said.

This article was first published on chúng tôi

Apple Unveils The Iphone 7

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Apple lifted the veil off the new iPhone 7 today at its fall event in San Francisco. The device, which leaked early on Twitter, will feature a 12-megapixel camera and jet black design with stainless steel Apple symbol.

The iPhone will come in five colors, Silver/White, Gold/White Rose Gold, “Black” and “Jet Black.” The iPhone 7’s home button will be a force-sensitive home button, moving away from one that users can physically press. The new home button is reminiscent of Force Touch and 3D Touch on previous Apple devices.

Apple placed on emphasis on further improving the camera this year. The rear-shooter on both sized iPhone 7’s will see optical image stabilization. Similar to what we’ve seen on the iPhone 6 Plus, more stable photos will arrive to the iPhone in a lens that physically moves in its housing to help with the movement of users’ hands.

For Live Photos, Apple will now allow you to edit Live Photos, just like regular images. Along with JPG files, the iPhone will support RAW file format images. The front camera will now be seven megapixels, instead of five.

The iPhone 7 Plus will get a second camera lens. One lens is wide angle while the other is telephoto. In the iOS camera app, you’ll be able to tap the 1X button to 2X to use the telephoto lens to make use of optical zoom. The iPhone 7 will allow up to 10X zoom in total when combining optical with digital. The iPhone 7 will also use hardware of the 7 Plus and software to improve the depth of field abilities of the iPhone. The depth of field software will make its way to iPhone 7 Plus users later this year.

iPhone 7

The taptic engine comes to the home button

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 has been revealed

Apple also announced the death of the standard headphone jack in its new smartphone. Apple is shipping the iPhone 7 with Lightning-supported first-party earbuds, as well as a Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter.

Along with new headphones that will come with the new iPhone, the company also announced new, separate wireless earbuds called the Apple AirPods.

iPhone 7 earbuds

Apple new Lightning-connected earbuds

The updated earbud headphones will be two tiny little nubs without any cords whatsoever.

They’re also packed with technology, including a new “W1” microchip which Apple notes is its first chip designed specifically for connecting wireless devices quickly and reliably.

The Airpods will automatically nudge nearby Apple devices to pair once their case, which doubles as a battery housing, is opened for the first time. Furthermore, one the end of the earbuds are microphones that allow you to use Siri without a screen.

Apple AirPods

Apple’s AirPods

Unlike your old, lower tech earbuds, these puppies will have to be charged after 5 hours of use. The case itself provides 24 hours of charging power, according to Apple. And once that’s all spent, you’ll charge the case itself over — what else? — an Apple lightning cable.

As mentioned previously, the AirPods are sold separately and will ring up to a pricey $159.

Apple AirPods

Apple’s made pairing the AirPods as simple as opening the case

The iPhone 7 itself starts at $649 off-contract for a 32 GB model, with prices going up from there for larger storage and the larger-screen Plus models.

You can pre-order the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus online beginning September 9, and it will be available in stores on September 16.

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