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The latest versions of iPhoto (11+) and OS X (Mountain Lion+) support Photo Stream screen savers, this means you can have your Mac display a screen saver show that automatically updates the stream of photos based on pictures that are taken on the go with an iPhone, without ever having to manually copy pictures over to the computer or set them into folders like the old fashioned way..

You probably already guessed as much, but OS X Photo Stream screen savers rely on iCloud. If you somehow have gotten this far in iOS and Mac ownership without a free iCloud account, please take the time to

Step 1: Enable Photo Stream in iOS

You probably already guessed as much, but OS X Photo Stream screen savers rely on iCloud. If you somehow have gotten this far in iOS and Mac ownership without a free iCloud account, please take the time to set one up and enjoy the many benefits, including this snazzy screen saver. With iCloud taken care of, you can follow the simple three step process to get the automatically updating screen savers working.

To use the auto-updating Photo Stream screen savers in Mac OS X, you’ll first need to enable Photo Stream in iOS. Here’s how to do that in iOS, we’ll focus on an iPhone because most people use those to take pictures:

Go to Settings, then “iCloud” and scroll down to “Photo Stream”

Flip “My Photo Stream” to ON

You can also use individual shared streams if they have been shared and gathered by iPhoto.

Step 2: Enable Photo Stream in iPhoto for OS X

Speaking of iPhoto, that’s the next place you’ll want to look, because you need to enable Photo Stream in iPhoto as well. This allows the iOS device (iPhone in this example) to stream it’s images automatically to the Mac, with iPhoto being the receiver. From the Mac:

Remember you will need iPhoto 11 or later to have this feature at all, and iCloud set up must be for the same account as the iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch).

iPhoto will gather all pictures taken on the iPhone (or other iOS device) until this has been turned off, or until a new Photo Stream has been created. If you don’t want to use iPhoto for this purpose or for general photo management, you can also use the Photo Stream Finder access hack and then either hard link that directory to another, or copy the pictures into a folder yourself for the folder-based screen saver method, but that’s much more work than is necessary when iPhoto & Photo Stream do it so seamlessly with little effort.

Step 3: Choose the Photo Stream to Use as the Screen Saver in OS X

Now that iPhoto is going to automatically accept your photo streams from the iOS device, you can choose the individual photo streams as an option in the Screen Saver control panel:

Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu

Under “Recent iPhoto Events” choose the photo stream you want to use as the screen saver

Enjoy your new Photo Stream screen saver!

Wait! If you recall a prior tip, you can use the forward and back arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate photo screen savers, making the screen saver into a slide show as well.

This works very well. For a quick example, I took this picture of the sky with an iPhone and it took about 30 seconds to appear on my Mac screen saver:

This feature is also available on the Apple TV if you feel like decorating your living room a bit too.

One final important note: because pictures are automatically streamed in from the active iOS device, be careful what photos you take and save into the shared stream. A carefree moment or two with a camera could easily wind up with a potentially embarrassing situation when an ‘unexpected’ image turns up on your Mac screen saver! For that reason you may want to limit this to specific shared Photo Streams, or just keep this feature on home computers and avoid it on work or public-facing Macs.


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How To Live Stream Iphone/Ipad’s Screen To Youtube

For all those folks who had been craving for a much-awaited feature to live stream video directly from their iPhone/iPad’s screen using YouTube, there is good news! You can now stream iOS games and apps from your iPhone or iPad to YouTube without having to use any third-party app, thanks to Apple’s ReplayKit. To live stream ReplayKit apps, your iPhone must be running iOS 10.2 or later. Head over to get started with it!

How to Live Stream Apps and Games on iPhone and iPad Directly to YouTube


You need to ensure that your YouTube channel is verified.

Make sure you have no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days.

Make sure your channel has over 100 subscribers and must have the latest version of the YouTube app.

ReplayKit supports iOS device with a 64-bit chip. Hence, you won’t be able to stream your game through YouTube on devices like iPhone 5/5c or iPad 4

These are some of the ReplayKit-compatible apps such as Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Star Trek Timelines, Goat Simulator, Lumino City, Into The Dead, Procreate, Asphalt 8: Airborne, or Mobile Legends: Bang bang, etc.

Step #1. First off, you have to launch your favorite ReplayKit compatible app on your iOS device. In this test, I’m going to launch Modern Combat 5. Open this cool game and start a new mission. Then, tap on the pause button.

Step #2. Next, you need to tap on the broadcast button and hit Start Broadcasting.

Step #3. Allow the app to access your device’s camera and microphone.

Step #4. Now, you will have to select YouTube.

Next up, you will get a popup saying, “After your stream ends, you can go to Video Manager on YouTube to review the attached video on your computer and change the privacy setting and other controls.”

Step #5. Now, the YouTube app will open and tap on the capture button.

Then, it would help if you allowed the app to access your device camera and microphone. I asked you will have to verify your channel.

Step #6. Select GO LIVE.

Note: In case you don’t have a channel, you will be asked to create one.

Next, you have to create a suitable title and select the privacy setting.

Step #7. Next, you will get some optional settings.

You can add the description, enable or disable live chat. There is also an option to enable or disable age restriction for your stream.

You can also make it clear whether your stream consists of paid promotion. Check out the option to add a paid promotion disclosure.

Next, tap on the back arrow, and then you have to select next to capture a photo of your thumbnail.

You also get the option to stream in landscape mode. To do so, hold your iOS device in landscape mode. (You need to ensure that screen rotation lock is off on your device.)

Manage Your Live Chat: One thing you need to know that Live chat is enabled by default. It is located to the right of the video player when the event is on. Your viewers are limited to 200 characters and a maximum of 3 submissions every 30 seconds. Besides, they are not allowed to post special characters like URLs or HTML tags.

Sep #8. To share your stream, tap SHARE. To end the stream, tap on Finish, then OK.

Once the stream ends, an archive of the live stream will be created on your channel. Then, you can edit the privacy setting.

If you don’t like to keep the stream, you can delete the archive on my videos page.

Wrapping up

YouTube for Android has got the screen-streaming feature for quite some time. Google had to add support for the Apple ReplayKit API to YouTube to make this feature available on iOS devices.

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Set A Screen Saver As The Desktop Background On Your Mac

Here’s how to go about using a screen saver as the desktop background.

Make sure to keep that panel open while doing the following steps.

6. Type the following command into Terminal and press Enter. This is the command that sets the selected screen saver as the desktop background on your Mac.

As soon as you press Enter, you will see the selected screen saver replacing your current background image. As is the norm for screen savers, it will be an animated one that you can see moving behind the icons on your desktop.

In order to keep that screen saver as the desktop background on your Mac, you must not close the Terminal window that you used to issue the command. It must remain open for as long as you wish to see a screen saver as the background image on your machine.

As soon as you close the Terminal window, the screen saver will be replaced with your old static desktop background.

The best thing you can do here is minimize the Terminal window so that it does not affect your other work windows, and you can still see your chosen screen saver as your background.


If you have ever wanted to set one of those really cool animated screen savers as the desktop background on your Mac, the procedure above should help you do that. It will definitely make your Mac stand out in the crowd!

Mahesh Makvana

Mahesh Makvana is a freelance tech writer who’s written thousands of posts about various tech topics on various sites. He specializes in writing about Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android tech posts. He’s been into the field for last eight years and hasn’t spent a single day without tinkering around his devices.

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How To Stream Netflix On Discord

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Discord is a convenient way to interact and communicate with friends online, which includes streaming movies. Let’s take a look at how to use Discord to stream Netflix live.

How To Use Discord For Streaming Netflix – guide

To get started, you need to download the app on your Apple device or PC. You also need to install a VPN service on a PC. You can then sign up for an account with Netflix. After that, you should go to the settings menu and select the “My Account” option.

There, you’ll see the option to start watching movies and shows on Netflix. Now, you’re ready to start streaming Netflix on Discord.

Streaming Netflix using Discord is great as you can chat with friends at the same time as watching a movie together. This is a great solution if you live far away but still want to socialize. To stream Netflix on your Mac or Windows PC, open Discord and ensure it is connected to a server.

Stream Netflix On Discord with Audio

Audio issues are some of the more common problems among players and visitors on Discord. Discord requires administrative access to your computer to function properly.

If your audio drivers are not working, you won’t be capable of watching movies or being a part of the game.

If the audio drivers are corrupted it will result in images being seen but no sound. Screen share will be unstable, and even when working correctly, will create an issue with the audio. So always ensure the audio drivers are up-to-date.

Stream Netflix On Discord Black Screen Issues

To avoid black screens during streaming, make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. You should turn off your hardware acceleration settings, and clear the cache folder in Discord before starting a game or playing any kind of video.

If those still fail, you may need to reinstall Discord. Old computers can cause problems too, so you may want to get a new computer if Discord isn’t working properly.

Streaming on Android

If streaming on Android remember to create a login or account first then you can chat with your friends using voice or video calling. Public servers are great if you want to meet new players and learn new strategies. Private servers are better if you’re looking to play games with friends or watch movies through Netflix.

Streaming on iPhone

Discord doesn’t let iPhone users play games online while streaming. You can only use it to talk and make phone calls at the same time as streaming. Video and audio quality is great on all 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Watch Parties Firestick or Android TV

To watch Netflix with friends on Discord using a Firestick or Android TV you’ll need to set up the Netflix account first. Then, you’ll need to get an HDMI cord and plug it into your computer. That’s it!

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start streaming Netflix content to your TV. You can connect your laptop to the TV using an HDMI cable. Now select Cast device. Enter the IP address of your TV and press Connect. Your computer will now show up as a new tab on the screen of your TV. Select the app you want to stream from your computer.


So, that’s how to enjoy Netflix via live stream with Discord. You can also do this with other services such as Disney+, Hulu and HBO Max. Press play and enjoy!

Need more Discord help?

How To Stream Super Bowl Xlvi

Super Bowl XLVI (46) kicks off on February 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, and no matter where you’ll be that Sunday, you have plenty of ways to stream the big game to your PC, tablet, or smartphone so you can watch the Giants and the Patriots struggle for supremacy on your preferred device.

Watch the Big Game Online

For the first time ever, the NFL will stream the Super Bowl live on both chúng tôi and chúng tôi Both streams will be available for free in high definition on February 5, and will offer fans the option to switch between different camera angles and feeds. The NBC Sports website has been streaming Sunday Night NFL games to fans for free since 2008 with additional features such as a chat room and pause/rewind options, and we expect its Super Bowl stream will offer similar features.

Remember that kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. EST, so make sure you’re ready before the pregame show starts by updating your favorite Web browser and downloading the latest versions of both Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash.

If you still have problems streaming from NBC’s website, confirm that your browser is set to allow Web plug-ins for streaming video: In Firefox, navigate to the Options menu, go to Content, and check the Enable Javascript option; in Chrome, choose Options, Under the Hood, Content Settings, Plug-Ins, and check Run Automatically (Recommended); in Safari, go to Preferences, Security, and check the Enable Plug-Ins radio button; in Internet Explorer 9, open the Internet Options control panel, select Privacy, and dial your Privacy Zone settings down to Medium or lower.

The only potential drawback of streaming Super Bowl XLVI online is missing out on the biggest commercial opportunity of the year, literally: The Super Bowl commercials broadcast on live TV will be different from those seen by Super Bowl viewers streaming the game online. But online viewers will still be able to catch the TV commercials shortly after they’re broadcast.

Stream the Super Bowl to Your Smartphone

If you’ll be away from your TV or PC on Super Bowl Sunday, don’t lose hope: The NFL will also stream Super Bowl XLVI to your mobile device via its NFL Mobile app–but only if you’re a Verizon customer. If you are, you can download the NFL app to your iPhone, Android tablet, or other mobile device, and stream the Super Bowl live no matter where you are (though for optimal viewing we recommend connecting to a high-speed wireless network). The NFL Mobile app also includes live feeds of player statistics and play-by-play updates from the field, making it an excellent alternative if you’re not spending Sunday in front of the TV. If you aren’t a Verizon customer, you may still be able to stream the game from the mobile version of the NFL website by pointing your smartphone’s Web browser to chúng tôi but we won’t know for sure until game day.

Use a Third-Party Streaming Service

If none of the above options work for you, you may need to rely on a third-party streaming service for your Super Bowl fix. Diehard fans have been running unofficial Super Bowl streams for years, and even though the NFL is finally catching up with its own tech, you can bet that a few live Super Bowl streams will be available on popular video streaming services like Ustream and

These two services offer mobile apps in addition to streaming directly via their respective websites, and you may have to rely on these apps for watching Super Bowl XLVI on the go if you’re not a Verizon subscriber. Remember that these third-party streaming services provide unauthorized broadcasts that may not be legal, and by accessing them you could potentially end up on the wrong end of a copyright infringement lawsuit (for which PCWorld isn’t responsible). So be careful–we don’t think the Super Bowl is worth the risk.

Watching the big game in another country should be no trouble. While the NFL offers a variety of mirrors like NFL UK and NFL Japan that offer regional perspectives on American football, chances are you can probably stream the Super Bowl directly from the NFL website no matter which time zone you’re in. NBC is a different story; if you live outside the United States, you might not be able to stream video from the NBC website since the network’s broadcast rights may be limited to the United States. To watch the Super Bowl while abroad, you may need a proxy server or virtual private network (VPN) that is based in the United States and that can fool NBC’s website into thinking you’re watching from North America.

Of course, streaming video across a VPN can often degrade the quality of a stream to the point of rendering it almost unwatchable. However, a VPN, depending on your location, may be your only option for watching the big game. If that’s the case, the easiest way to get started with a VPN is to pay for access to a reputable VPN service like StrongVPN, and then connect to a proxy server in the United States. Many tech-savvy sports fans did the same thing to stream the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and the process is pretty straightforward. For more information and service reviews, check out our comprehensive roundup of three popular personal VPN services. No matter which service or streaming method you choose, you should be ready to watch the Giants battle the Patriots on your PC, smartphone, or tablet this Super Bowl Sunday.

9 Dance Workouts To Try At Home Or Stream From Anywhere


Zumba is a high-intensity dancing exercise that combines Latin-influenced dance techniques with joyful music. A desire to move and a sense of humour are all that are required for a successful Zumba exercise. Zumba classes are open to people of all fitness levels and generally consist of warm-up, multiple dance routines, and a cool-down. Zumba is a fun and effective way to work up a sweat to upbeat Latin music.

Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-hop dance is a high-energy dance form that draws on hip-hop music and culture for its varied movement vocabulary. Hip-hop dance, which includes styles such as breakdancing, popping, and locking, is a fun and demanding form of exercise that can be adapted to suit people of varying fitness levels. Hip-hop dancing is a great exercise requiring no special gear other than loose clothes and a desire to move.

Ballet Barre

Balancing Barre employs ballet-inspired exercises to strengthen and tone muscles and increase flexibility. All fitness levels may benefit from the program, which consists mainly of barre exercises but can also be adapted to include floor work. This exercise may call for equipment like a ballet barre and resistance bands. The ballet barre is excellent for correcting poor posture and developing long, lean muscles because of its emphasis on form and elegance.

Latin Dance

Latin dancing is a joyful and cheerful exercise that combines many types of Latin dance, such as salsa, merengue, and cha-cha. With its energizing rhythms and seductive motions, Latin dancing is excellent for your heart and body. Latin dancing is a great exercise requiring no particular gear, just the desire to get up and have fun.


Jazzercise is an aerobic exercise that combines jazz-inspired dance moves with joyful music. Jazzercise is a kind of exercise that requires no special gear other than comfortable clothes and the desire to move. Jazzercise is a versatile exercise program that can be tailored to meet the needs of people of varying fitness levels due to its emphasis on cardiovascular and strength training.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dancing is a high-energy genre that combines classical Indian dance styles with Western dance music and choreography. Bollywood dancing, with its upbeat music and bright costumes, is an excellent form of exercise that can be adapted to suit people of varying fitness levels and degrees of interest. For a Bollywood dancing exercise, you only need loose clothes and the will to move.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a kind of dance that employs a wide range of movements and techniques to convey meaning and emotion. Contemporary dance is an excellent kind of exercise for the whole body because of its emphasis on grace and fluidity. All you need for a modern dance exercise is loose-fitting clothes and the will to move freely.


It was in Brazil that the samba, a vibrant and rhythmic dancing form, first appeared. Samba is a high-energy dance form that can be adapted to suit a wide range of fitness levels and moods. A Samba dancing exercise requires nothing more than comfortable clothes and the will to move and groove.


Staying active at home or on the road can be a lot of fun with dance exercises. There’s a dance for everyone, given the wide variety available. Cardiovascular health, coordination, balance, and flexibility may all benefit from a dance exercise, whether your preferred style is ballet’s elegance or hip-intensity. hop’s

Changing up your dancing routine may be a fun way to mix up your exercise and give your body a new challenge. Streaming fitness classes from any location makes it simple to switch things up and try something new.

Finally, dancing exercises are a great way to get in shape and have a good time doing it. There are many different dancing styles, from Zumba to Samba, that may be adapted to meet the needs of people of varying fitness levels. So lace up your dance shoes and get going!

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