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Best 5 Free Visio Alternatives for Mac you Should Use




Flowcharts can be incredibly useful, and when it comes to flowcharts, the most popular tool for creating them is Microsoft Visio.

If you’re not a fan of the Office suite, today we’ll show you the best free Microsoft Visio alternatives for Mac.

Want to learn more about Mac OS? This dedicated Mac OS article has a all information your need.

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Microsoft Visio is a useful software if you need to create diagrams, but it’s a part of Microsoft Office, and many users don’t want to purchase the entire Office suite just to use Microsoft Visio.

Luckily, there are many free alternatives, and today we’re going to show you the best free Microsoft Visio alternatives for Mac.

What are the best free Microsoft Visio alternatives for Mac?

Edraw Max is a multi-platform diagram software, and it’s available on all major desktop platforms and as a web app.

The software supports over 280 types of diagrams, and it’s incredibly simple to use, so you won’t have any issues with it, even if you’re a first-time user.

Regarding compatibility, Edraw Max works with various file formats, including Visio formats, PDF, Office formats, images, etc.

The software can be used to create flowcharts, timelines, fishbones, UMLs, network plans, floor plans, and engineering plans.

There are 26,000 symbols and 2000 templates available, so you can immediately start creating flowcharts. Sharing is also available, and you can easily collaborate with others on your charts.

Edraw Max is an amazing flowchart software, with an abundance of templates and elements, and with its simplicity, it might be the Microsoft Visio alternative that you’re looking for.

Edraw Max features:

Compatible with Visio, PDF, Office, images and other formats

Can create flowcharts, timelines, fishbones, UMLs, network plans, floor plans, engineering plans

26,000 symbols and 2000 templates available

Incredibly simple to use

Available on multiple platforms

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is an application for creating diagrams on Mac and PC, and it’s one of the best Visio alternatives on the market.

Check price Visit website

Lucidchart is a web-based flowchart solution that allows you to easily create flowcharts and diagrams. Since the service is web-based, you can collaborate with others in real-time.

The service is incredibly simple to use, and thanks to the more than 500 templates and simple drag and drop interface, you can create flowcharts in a matter of minutes.

Lucidchart supports diagrams and you can import data from Excel, Zapier, Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and other services.

The service offers full integration with productivity platforms such as G Suite, Atlassian, Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office, which is also a major plus.

Overall, Lucidchart is great for collaboration and if you need to create flowcharts with your team, be sure to consider Lucidchart.

Lucidchart features:


Supports real-time collaboration

Can import data from Excel, Zapier, Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and other services

Offers integration with G Suite, Atlassian, Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office

⇒ Get Lucidchart

If you prefer using web apps for creating diagrams, chúng tôi might be a great choice for you. The service offers a great number of shapes divided into more than 50 groups.

All groups are sorted by categories, and you can easily add a group of shapes to your project simply by checking it. If needed, you can also create your own custom shape libraries.

As for the type of charts you can create, you can easily create flowcharts, process diagrams, network diagrams, organizational charts, UML diagrams, and more. is compatible with Gliffy and Visio files, so you can import them right to chúng tôi and continue where you left off.

The service also works with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, as well as GitHub and GitLab.

Overall, chúng tôi offers great features, and since it’s completely free, there’s no reason not to try it out. features:

Completely free

A wide array of shapes sorted into 50 groups

Can create flowcharts, process diagrams, network diagrams, UML diagrams, and more

Works with Gliffy and Visio files

Offers integration with cloud storage

⇒ Get chúng tôi

SmartDraw comes in two versions, a web version that you can use on any platform and the Windows desktop version. The software can import and export Visio files, so it can work great alongside Visio.

The service can create chart-based diagrams, graph-based diagrams, schematic diagrams, and other 70 different types of diagrams.

There is also a wide array of templates available, and all templates are nearly organized in 25+ different categories.

Regarding integration, SmartDraw works with Microsoft Office, OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, Trello, and Dropbox.

With its high number of supported diagrams and templates, and with great third-party integration, SmartDraw is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Visio on Mac.

SmartDraw features:

Can create 70 types of diagrams

An abundance of templates sorted into 25+ categories

Can import and export Microsoft Visio files

Compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Confluence, Jira, Trello, and cloud storage services

Available as a web app and Windows application

⇒ Get SmartDraw

Creately is another flowchart web app that can create flowcharts, diagrams, mindmaps, and more. The service offers real-time collaboration, so you can easily create flowcharts with your team.

The service offers thousands of different templates, and thanks to the drag and drop interface you can create your own templates quickly and with ease.

As for supported diagram types, Creately supports 70 different diagram types. Of course, you can use different themes and styles and ensure that your workflows and consistent and professional.

Regarding integration, the service works with Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, with support for Zapier and OneDrive on its way.

Overall, Creately is a great service, and you might want to consider it.

Creately features:

⇒ Get Creately

While Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular tools for creating flowcharts, there are many great free alternatives available for Mac.

In this article, we covered some of the most popular alternatives, and we hope that you’ll consider them.

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Top 10 Paytm Alternatives You Should Use

Paytm is one of the largest and the fastest growing internet based services in India. After the demonetisation, its vigorous push towards its adoption by small and medium size businesses has turned it into the next best thing. Now, chances are that most of the shops you visit keep Paytm as a payment option. Not only that, Paytm now offers a myriad of services on its platform including payments, money transfer, shopping, recharge facilities, bill payments, and movie, bus and air tickets among others. Heck, it even sells digital gold on its platform. Basically, Paytm has become a behemoth which does almost anything and everything. However, in its aspirations of growing fast and offering everything, it no longer is the best in class at most of the things that it does. For every service that it offers, there’s something out there which does it better, and today we are going to focus on them. So, here are the top 10 Paytm alternatives that you can use today:

Paytm Alternatives

Before we start, I just want to make one thing clear. As of writing this article, there is no other service which even comes close to Paytm, if you just take into account the sheer categories of services that it offers. If you are looking for a one stop solution for everything, you are better off with Paytm, as you don’t have any other option. However, as I mentioned earlier, for all the services that Paytm offers, there are apps which are better at them. So, if you are someone who can deal with multiple apps to get the best experience and the best deals, this list is especially for you.

Mobile Recharges, Bill And Merchant Payments 1. Mobikwik

If you are looking for a Paytm alternative for recharges and bill payments, Mobikwik is possibly the closest thing that you will find. Mobikwik can do a lot of stuff that Paytm does. For example, you can keep money in its wallet and use it for bill payments, recharges, and merchant payments. In fact, since its foray into the merchant payments segment, its reach has been increasing steadily. Now, the number of shops who accept Mobikwik as a payment method is rivalling that of Paytm. When it comes to mobile recharges and bill payments, Mobikwik is beating Paytm with its fluid and clean interface and instantaneous transactions.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

2. FreeCharge

FreeCharge is the service which made online mobile recharges and bill payment popular. It did that by providing a simple and smooth process along with various coupons which could be used at its partner stores to get discounts. When I used FreeCharge for the first time, I instantly fell in love with the service, that is, until it was acquired by Snapdeal for a whopping 400 million US dollars. Since then the service has seen a downfall as it strayed away from its initial vision. Initially, FreeCharge was a service where you could get the best deals while paying your bills or carrying out mobile recharges, not anymore. However, one thing that still remains in FreeCharge’s favour is its ease of use.

I have done uncountable transactions on FreeCharge (for mobile recharges and bill payments) and not even a single one of them has failed. Every recharge I made was successful and instantaneous. It also keeps the most updated version of the different plans and pricing provided by carriers for every state. If you are searching for your perfect plan (prepaid or postpaid), FreeCharge is the place to look for it. Also, FreeCharge has also started supporting merchant payments and although it’s not as widely accepted as Paytm or Mobikwik, the count is slowly but steadily increasing. However, for me, that and other additional features don’t even matter, as I am happy using it just for mobile recharges and bill payments.

Send And Receive Money 1. PhonePe

Although Paytm has evolved to become a payments bank to facilitate the transfer of money between its users, it still lags behind when it comes to adopting the latest mobile payment technology, which is UPI.

UPI or Unified Payment Interface is the initiative of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), to bring easy and instantaneous transfer of funds between the users. The best thing about this method of money transfer is that the money is directly moving between the users’ (sender and receiver) bank accounts. There is no digital wallet in between. Moreover, the users don’t have to input the account details of the receiver, they can transfer the money just by using their mobile number which is linked to their bank accounts.

Also, since you are not using an e-wallet, there is no restriction on the total amount of money you can transfer (with Paytm it’s INR 1 lakh/month). UPI also supports two-factor authentication which is more secure. So, in nutshell, UPI is better than using e-wallets in almost every regard. Today, if you want to send or receive money, UPI is the best method to do so, and PhonePe is the best app that supports UPI. Although almost all the banks have come out with their own version of UPI app, PhonePe is still the best among all of them. First of all, it supports multiple bank accounts. Secondly, its interface is refined and easy to navigate. Lastly, it also supports mobile recharges and bill payment with lucrative cash back offers. These reasons make PhonePe stand out in the crowd.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

2. Chillr

Chillr is another UPI based service which allows you to send and receive money utilising the Unified Payment Interface. It just works like PhonePe. You can send and receive money directly from your bank accounts without the need of using an e-wallet. Apart from that, it also does all the usual things like mobile recharges and bill payments. The hotel, flight and bus ticket booking services are coming soon. Chillr has included one unique feature which allows friends to split a bill between themselves. If you are someone who always goes out for dining in a group of friends, you will love this feature. Basically, the guy who paid can split the bill inside Chillr and it will send pending payment notification to all the friends. Friends can pay him back by authorizing the transaction with their UPI PIN. It is a small and yet a nifty feature to have.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

Mobile Wallets 1. Oxygen Wallet

Oxygen is also a payment gateway accepted by almost all online merchants in India. This has allowed Oxygen to tie up with these merchant sites and provide you with extra benefits. The service also lets you create gift cards for numerous merchants including Amazon, Westside, BookMyShow, KFC, and Cleartrip among others. So, next time if you don’t know what to gift your loved ones, you can just send a gift card and they can buy anything they want. If you are looking for an e-wallet application, Oxygen is the best one out there. I really love the ability to create virtual VISA Cards and Gift Cards. At the end of the day, I would prefer Oxygen wallet over Paytm all the time.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

2. ItzCash

ItzCash is a simple e-wallet application which has all the basic functions of an e-wallet. You can recharge your wallet and use it to carry out mobile recharges and bill payments. You can receive and send money in your wallet. It supports various types of bill payment services including DTH, gas, water, and electricity among others. If you are looking for a basic wallet application which gets the job done, this one is for you. There are no frills and whistles here. It is a simple e-wallet application which is fast and reliable. Paytm wallet has become a very complex product and if you wanted to go back to its simpler days, ItzCash is your best bet to do that.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

Online Shopping 1. Amazon

Recently Amazon has also launched its own e-wallet service called the Amazon Pay Balance. Although right now it’s in its nascent stage, there’s no doubt it will evolve into a great product. Amazon Pay is one of the best payment gateways used across the world. Integrating it with its wallet service in India will be not a great hurdle for Amazon. Even if Amazon has not launched its e-wallet service, it’s e-commerce service alone beats the Paytm Mall hands down. Once you factor in the Prime Video service of Amazon, it becomes a deal that you cannot refuse. If you are looking to shop online, Amazon is one of the best Paytm alternatives out there.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s first e-commerce platform and it’s still alive and kicking. While most of the homegrown e-commerce platform has been fighting just to survive, Flipkart has emerged as a winner. Flipkart’s product selection and service quality are rivaled only by Amazon. Anything you want to buy, you will get it here. Like Amazon’s Prime service, Flipkart has also launched its own F-Assured service which promises quality products with faster delivery. Flipkart is currently the market leader in India, with a 57% market share when it comes to online purchases.

Flipkart also owns Myntra and Jabong, the two biggest fashion e-commerce marketplace in India. When it comes to fashion, Flipkart has the market dominance hands down. As a rule of thumb, I prefer buying electronics on Amazon and clothing and accessories on Myntra, because they are the best places to do that. Paytm has a lot to do if it wants to compete with these behemoths of e-commerce in India.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

Travel 1. MakeMyTrip

Their latest offering is intercity cabs services. Now, you can book cabs for all your intercity travel needs at really cheap prices. This is a good news for anyone looking for a weekend getaway. Basically, whether you are planning a visit, a holiday, or a weekend getaway, MakeMyTrip can help you do all that. Their pricing is one of the best in the market and their partners are also really good. This is one of the best Paytm alternatives for all your travel needs.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

2. Goibibo

Goibibo was the biggest competitor to MakeMyTrip that is until it was acquired by the later. Still, all the features which made Goibibo stand out are still here as it is still running as a separate entity. The biggest reason behind using Goibibo over MakeMyTrip is its cash-back feature. Just like Paytm, you earn cash-back on every flight and hotel booking. This cash-back lives in your account as GoCash and can be used for any future bookings. The cash-back offers vary from time to time and sometimes you can get unbelievable deals here. Goibibo offers one of the lowest pricing for flights and bus tickets in the market. You should always check this one out before you make a booking.

Platforms: Website (Android, iOS)

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The Best Paytm Alternatives Out There

Best Free Xampp Server Alternatives For Developers

Over the years, Xampp has been the first preference for a developer looking to build a local web server for testing. But it is not the only software capable of doing that, there are many other free Xampp Server alternatives. And that’s what we are going to find out in this article.

Free Xampp Server alternatives

These are some of the best Xampp Server alternatives:

EasyPHP Devserver




USB Webserver

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] EasyPHP Devserver

The first app on our list is EasyPHP Devserver. It is a simple application that automates the process of setting and maintaining the web server application for you.

They combine three things, Apache for the webserver, MySQL to manage the database, and PHP as a scripting language. So, we can say this application cover all the bases.

EasyPHP Devserver allows you to work with websites such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

They also have a WebServer that you can download from their official website in order to convert your device into a web hosting server. But it is in beta, so, if just want a web server then you should look for other alternatives as it can have some bugs that will eventually be fixed but as of now, EasyPHP WebServer is not our recommendation but EasyPHP Devserver is.

You can download the application from their official website.

2] WampServer

Similar to EasyPHP Devserver, WampServer combines Apache, MySQL, and PHP to give you one of the best PHP development tools in the market.

WampServer gives you flexibility between online and offline mode. One of its best features is PhpMyAdmin, it is one of the best database management systems in the market. They give you full control over the server. You can limit access to local-host or allow every user to use this app.

You can download the application from their official website.

3] Ampps

Ampps’s developers have made an effort to simplify things. This powerful software can be downloaded and installed easily on your computer and is ready to use the moment after. Using this software is effortless as well.

Unlike EasyPHP Deverserver and WampServer, Ampps is available on all three major platforms, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

So, if you are a developer and want a perfect Xampp Server alternative then you need to download Ampps from their official website.

4] SecureWamp

SecureWamp, as the name suggests, is a more secure version of WampServer. Just like the WampServer, it combines Apache, MySQL, and PHP to give one of the simplest and secure PHP development tools in the market.

One of the things that make users skeptical about using a secure solution is ease-of-use. But with SecureWamp you are not compromising on anything. It has a Central Graphical User Interface that takes care of all the settings, so, that you can work on the app development process.

So, if you are working on an important project and want to test your result then you should definitely download SecureWamp from their official website.

5] USB Webserver

Last but not least, we have a portable webserver called USB Webserver. The best part about this application is that you don’t have to install it on your device, just run it on the USB and you are good to go.

With USB Webserver you can use PHP, phpMyAdmin, Mini Relay, and Apache all at once to get a smooth web server that works perfectly for testing.

And just like any other Xampp Servera alternative on this list, USB Webserver works offline as well. So, if you want a portable solution then you must download USB Webserver from their official website.

Hopefully, this has helped you in finding the best Xampp Server alternative to test your product.

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6 Best Rss Feed Readers For Mac You Can Use

“Reach Site Summary” or RSS provides us with an easy medium to stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of the web. Today, we follow a number of different websites and blogs to get the desired content. It is impossible to visit every site individually to see if they have been updated. Here, RSS feed readers come to our help. Instead of visiting every site individually, users can subscribe to their RSS feed and get all the updates at a single place. When we are looking for the best RSS readers, three things that matter the most are integration, customization, and categorization. There are many “feed readers” which can help you subscribe to your desired websites, but there are few who excel at all the three qualities.

1. ReadKit

ReadKit is the best RSS reader you can get for your Mac right now. You can subscribe to websites individually, or, you can import the feeds from other online services such as Feedly, NewsBlur, Fever, and many more. You can even link “Pocket”, a very popular ‘read it later’ service, and get all your saved articles at one single place. It has an inbuilt ‘mercury parser’, which lets you read the articles in a simple text and image format without any distractions that are generally present on the host websites. You can also go full screen to enter ‘read only’ mode, which hides the side bars and lets you focus on the article you are reading.

Install: ($9.99)

2. Reeder 3

However, not everything is perfect here. It lacks smart folder creation and ‘read only’ mode which is important for me as a reader. Also, its lack of integration with ‘Pocket’ is a big drawback. It also lacks drag and drop feature to organize your articles. Although, it supports gesture navigation, they are usually hit or miss. These drawbacks kept Reeder from topping our list.

3. Leaf

Install: ($4.99)

4. Feedly

Feedly is a very popular RSS reader client on iOS and now it has an app for Mac too. It is the only app in this list which is present on multiple platforms including iOS, macOS, and Android. So, if you own multiple devices and want to sync your articles across them, Feedly is for you. However, its Mac client is not as feature rich as other clients on the top of our list. The service is very buggy and limited. It has no integration with any other online services, so you are dependent on Feedly to provide you with the desired feeds. Also, my main annoyance with Feedly is not the lack of features, but the fact that it follows a paid subscription model.

Most people prefer upfront payment over subscription model as they are a hassle to deal with. The free model comes with a lot of restrictions. It only shows up to 100 feeds at a time and allows you to share the articles to only a few social media websites. You will have to become a paid member to lift all these restrictions. You can check out the full comparison between the features here. The individual plan starts at $65/year.

Install: (Free/In-app purchases)

5. Newsflow

6. Safari

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Read Better With The Best RSS Readers for Mac

14 Best Microsoft Edge Flags You Should Use

After Microsoft adopted the Chromium engine for its Edge browser, things have taken a wild turn. The Chromium Edge has amassed a market share of 10.22%, taking the second spot after Chrome. It’s obviously clear that access to Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge, support for flags, and great battery life has made it a solid choice among the users. So if you have fully moved to Microsoft Edge, it’s time you learn some of the best Edge flags. In this article, we bring you the 14 best Microsoft Edge flags which can improve your productivity and add many utilities to your browser. On that note, let’s begin.

Best Microsoft Edge Flags (December 2023)

Here, we have mentioned the best flags for Microsoft Edge. Keep in mind, these flags are only applicable on desktop and not on the Android version of Edge. Microsoft brought the Flags feature to its Android browser four months back, but so far, there is only one flag available. With that said, here are the top MS Edge flags in 2023, follow the list below.

How to Enable Flags on Microsoft Edge

You can easily enable flags on Microsoft Edge. Just copy edge://flags/ and paste it into the address bar. Now, hit enter and you will land on the Flags page. From here, you can search for specific flags and enable them from the drop-down menu. Now, restart the browser and the flag will be applied.

List of Top Flags for Microsoft Edge 1. Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

And the best part is that the earlier issue of inverting the images has been resolved. So go ahead and choose “Enabled” from the drop-down menu and restart your browser to get the dark mode experience everywhere on the browser.

2. Tab Groups

Tab Groups is another Microsoft Edge flag that you must use to organize tabs in a simple manner. It’s one of the most useful flags for tab hoarders. With “Tab Groups” turned on, you can organize tabs into visually distinct groups. For example, you can organize a group of tabs in a common color so that you can easily move to that certain group of tabs. You can also assign colors based on their different set of tasks.

3. Desktop PWAs Run on OS Login

With the “Desktop PWAs run on OS login” flag turned on, the PWAs can start their services in the background just after your log into your computer. You don’t need to manually open Microsoft Edge and keep the PWA active to receive notifications.

4. Global Media Controls

One of the best Chrome features is the new global media controls and I am happy that Microsoft has brought the same feature to Edge as well. This makes media controls on MS Edge quite accessible and you can perform operations such as play/pause/change tracks from a single location.

Along with that, it also allows you to create a PiP window from the media control tooltip. After enabling this flag, you will find the toolbar on the top-right corner. As for the flags, you need to enable these two options.

Global Media Controls

Global Media Controls Picture-in-Picture

5. Compositor Threaded Scrollbar Scrolling

If you loved scrolling on the classic Edge because of its unique effect then you can get the same experience on Chromium Edge as well. Just enable “Compositor Threaded Scrollbar Scrolling” and “Smooth Scrolling” and you will find the new Edge behaving just like the classic version’s rubber band effect.

6. Heavy Ad Intervention

7. Enable Sharing Page via QR Code

8. Parallel Downloading

Parallel Downloading is a powerful flag on Microsoft Edge that can help you get better speed while downloading files. Basically, with the “Parallel downloading” flag turned on, it will accelerate download speed by breaking the files into smaller chunks, similar to how IDM and other download managers work. If you download heavy files regularly then this is an essential flag to turn on.

9. Sleeping Tabs

There are many users who keep a lot of tabs open and don’t close them even after many days. To save crucial resources on such tabs, Microsoft has brought something called Sleeping Tabs. It automatically puts idle background tabs to sleep to save system resources on your computer.

10. Quieter Notifications

We know how notifications have become almost a nuisance on the web. Almost every website abuses the notification permission and incessantly prompts a dialog box to allow notifications. However, with the “Quieter notification permission prompts” flag turned on, the notification prompts gets blocked completely on Microsoft Edge. How awesome is that?

11. Tab Hover Cards

Tab Hover Cards is a new way to identify and navigate through tabs on Microsoft Edge. It’s especially helpful when you are dealing with lots of tabs. If you enable “Tab Hover Cards” and “Tab Hover Card Images” flags then a preview image of the tab will be shown in the form of a hovercard when you move the cursor on a tab. I am using this feature on my PC and it’s absolutely great for seamless and faster navigation.

12. Pull-to-refresh Gesture

Thankfully, Microsoft has chosen to keep the “Pull-to-refresh gesture” flag on Microsoft Edge. It’s a simple gesture (two-finger swipe down) that works really well for instantly refreshing webpages. You can enable this flag and swipe down with two fingers to refresh the webpage. That’s cool, right?

13. FTP URLs

If MS Edge is throwing an error after entering a local FTP address then this flag will fix the issue. Just open the Flags page on Microsoft Edge and turn on “Enable support for FTP URLs” flag. Now, you can access FTP locations of your smartphone or other devices from Microsoft Edge.

14. Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches

Enable the Best Flags on Chromium Edge

5 Best Free Data Anonymization Software To Use In 2023

5 Best Free Data Anonymization Software to Use In 2023 Use specialized tools to create realistic versions of your sensitive data




If you’re searching for great software to protect your online behaviors, we have some solutions. 

There are many situations you will use the support of data anonymization tools, including using banking data online. 

It is also likely to utilize such programs if you’re conducting diverse analysis that involves personal data. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Data anonymization is a data protection process focused on privacy protection. The role of data anonymization is to encrypt or remove personally identifiable information from data sets.

In this manner, the people from whom the data was collected remain anonymous and you can run your study without any legal complaints.

You can find yourself in need of such tools, especially in study environments or research contexts where you have to cover sensitive data about individuals.

Moreover, it’s possible to perform statistical operations with the gathered data, thus measuring your indicators and objectives with the help of automatic support.

Data anonymization is often used in the medical field, as well as in data-sensitive statistics analysis. If you need to render the data you’re working on anonymous, you can use one of the tools listed below.

When talking about data protection when using a PC, the word Anonymity has become almost synonymous with the use of a VPN.

That being the case, there is no better way to secure your digital life than the best VPN that is currently on the market: NordVPN.

NordVPN gives you peace of mind each time you use public Wi-Fi, access personal and work accounts on the road, or want to keep your browsing history to yourself.

Nothing gets saved, and it doesn’t matter who is monitoring your activity, be it government officials, hackers, or the ISP itself, your data will be completely secure.

This VPN is incredibly versatile since regardless of which subscription plan you choose, you will get complete protection across all of your devices, be it Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

In fact, one subscription will get you simultaneous protection for up to 6 different devices at a time.

Those of you that are fans of good old-fashioned browsing will also love the encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


Hide all your digital traces by using this 1st in class VPN privacy suited for any device.

Free trial Visit Website

ARX is open-source software for anonymizing sensitive personal data. The tool transforms datasets into syntactic privacy models that mitigate attacks leading to privacy breaches.

ARX removes direct identifiers such as names from datasets and adds further constraints on indirect identifiers, such as email addresses or phone numbers.

The tools also provide built-in data import facilities for relational databases (MS SQL, DB2, SQLite, MySQL), MS Excel, and CSV files.

It can be used in a wide range of contexts, such as commercial big data analytics networks, research projects, which means it can easily handle massive datasets.

⇒ Get ARX Data Anonymization Tool

Expert tip:

The software detects faces, car number plates, and other image information in various scales and orientations and applies to blur filters to make the information unreadable.

The Anonymizer SDK is a standalone C/C++ library for Windows and Linux. You can use it to anonymize street-view photos, webcam photos, or any other photos for which privacy is a major concern.

It uses detectors fixed on sequential classifications constructed with automated learning technique based on the WaldBoost algorithm that grants a lightning-fast data evaluation.

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Next on the list is CloverDX Data Anonymization which is a specialized tool that turns sensitive data into anonymized information.

It has a peak original data resemblance and it can track relationships between numerous systems, obscuring the sensitive parts.

With this specialized software, not only you can reserve statistical distribution and real values including bad data but retain business logic in data as well.

Furthermore, it authorizes you to apply rules and anonymization policies and take control of the level of the use required.

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Imperva Camouflage’s data-making tool removes the sensitive data hindering tests, outsourcing, and analytics. The tool de-identifies sensitive data and retains the realism and functionality of the original data set.

The data categories these tools can work with include names, addresses, credit cards, SSN/SIN, phones, and more.

You can also try out this data masking tool for free or ask Imperva Camouflage for a quote by visiting the company’s official website.

Imperva Camouflage changes the values of the data while using the exact format to create a version that is impossible to decrypt or reverse-engineered.

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We’ll end our list here. As you can see, the tools mentioned in this article can be used for the same purpose in various fields. They help you to de-identify sensitive data, whether it’s coded in images or letters.

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