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Online platforms are increasingly popular due to the increasing number of internet users. Online platforms are becoming increasingly popular with small businesses looking to expand their customer base. With Custom Website Development, WordPress is one of the best options to help small businesses succeed. WordPress can host blogs, business websites, and eCommerce portals. It is used by millions of people, including well-known blogs such as BBC America, Sony Music, and Bloomberg Professional. Businesses can easily make an online presence with custom website development in WordPress.

WordPress has a wealth of plugins and tools that make custom website development much easier. This allows you to create websites with rich UI for a better user experience. This is why WordPress is so popular among small businesses that are looking for ways to improve their user experience with minimal investment.

These tips can help you meet your needs if you’re also interested in building a Custom Site using WordPress.

Choose an Appropriate Theme

WordPress has many themes you can choose from to create your website, but not all themes are equally appealing to users. A slight modification to the theme can make a big difference in how users accept it. This is your checklist for choosing the best theme.

So that information is easily found, make sure the layout is minimal and simple.

Responsive themes offer flexibility and are always a smart choice. This enhances the customer experience and

increases customer engagement.

Choose themes that work with all browsers and devices.

For a greater reach to your target audience, choose themes that are SEO-friendly.

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Choose The Best Hosting Option

WordPress gives you the freedom to choose your hosting provider. You should ensure that you choose the right hosting manager. This is important because the website must be scalable so it can handle large traffic without any downtime.

Here are some things to look for when looking for a host manager.

It already has WordPress installed

It is fully automated and provides periodic backups.

It provides automatic WordPress updates.

It is extremely robust and secure.

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Choose the Best Mix of Plugins

Leverage Search Engine Optimization

Ensure Security Measures are in Place

Security is important, especially when hackers are targeting small businesses. Security should be a top priority. Take all necessary measures to ensure security.

These tips will help ensure your WordPress Custom Website Development delivers the results you desire and helps you to get more business opportunities online. To get the best results, you should also search for the right technical partner to assist with building your Custom Website in WordPress.

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5 Best Browsers For WordPress

5 Best Browsers for WordPress [Editing, Development, Admin] Our researchers tested all the browsers in this list




WordPress is one of the best websites and blog-creation tools available online.

The article below will act as a list of the best browsers to use in order to make the most out of WordPress.

All the browsers discussed are great for Editing but our top pic gives you more flexibility for blog editing.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

The best browser for a WordPress editor is one that guarantees more security and quick response time. Also, a professional needs the ease with downloadable extensions, add-ons, etc.

Developers rely on tools like PHP, JavaScript, CSS editing, debugging sites, productivity tools, project management, etc. Whether you prefer using one or multiple browsers, here are some of the best browsers with compatibility for WordPress editing.

How do I make my WordPress site compatible with all browsers?

Cross-browser compatibility is essential because you can never tell where your website will be accessed. Because of this, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that the user gets the best experience regardless of the browser.

here are our recommendations for creating websites that are compatible across browsers:

Test across browsers – While most of your users will access the site with Chrome, during creation, you must test across as many browsers as possible and tweak the site design to be optimized for as many of them as possible.

Use simple and easy code – Ensure you consistently use simple code and keep the design to just what is needed and nothing more.

Set the HTML Doctype – This will help every browser to figure out the HTML version.

Set CSS reset rules – These rules will ensure your design code is not interpreted differently when new browsers are used.

With a slower connection, Opera One is one of the best browsers for editing WordPress, thanks to its exceptional Turbo mode. That’s because Opera One runs faster on the PC than other browsers.

Opera Turbo compresses web traffic to improve your browsing speed by patching the traffic through Opera One’s servers. Re-routing helps minimize data consumption and bypass ISP content restrictions.

Opera’s versatility and use of add-ons, plugins, and Chrome extensions make it an exciting option for editing WordPress sites.

More so, you don’t have to worry about regions where WordPress is not available since Opera One also comes with a built-in VPN that is completely free, has no daily limit, and allows you to choose from 3 server locations.

Here are some of the perks of using Opera One:

Ultra-fast and great for older PCs

Comes with a built-in VPN

Low CPU footprint

Fast loading times

Completely free

Opera One

Use WordPress at lightning-fast speed with the help of this lightweight and efficient web surfer.

Free Visit website

UR browser takes the lead in the pack due to its excellent features that make working with WordPress a breeze. You might be missing out on real value if you are a conservative, used to the already popular browsers. UR Browser is one of the best browsers for editing WordPress sites.

Its extensive features, add-ons, extensions, and built-in VPN helps make working with UR browser exciting. The ad-blocker and virus scanner help give you more peace of mind from attacks and infiltration.

With UR browser’s VPN, it ensures no restriction with opening blocked sites.

Additional features:

Ad blocker

Invisible tracker blocker

Third-party cookie blocker

UR Browser

A web browser that puts user experience upfront using website-creation tools like WordPress.

Free Visit website

With the recent re-engineering, Firefox offers great hope for bloggers and developers using WordPress. Firefox’s innovative approach has helped reduce the percentage of system resources utilized even with multiple tabs opened.

Other features include the Firefox open access to file extensions, flexibility, and strict privacy tools. And these are some of the things most developers on WordPress look for.

Additional features:

New tab page

Page Actions menu

Private browsing

Expert tip:

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for editing WordPress, with most of the market share running into hundreds of millions. Chrome offers WordPress users fast performance and the ability to utilize unlimited resources for WordPress editing.

Google Chrome makes it possible to install add-ons and Chrome extensions to make the website developer’s job easier. A WordPress user can install additional plug-ins needed for editing WordPress to enjoy maximum efficiency.

However, the drawback with Google Chrome is its heavy browsing requirements. That means systems with low Ram might have issues with speed when working with Google Chrome plus data management.

Additional features:

Video live captions

Extensions in incognito

Tab casting

⇒ Download Google Chrome

Microsoft has said that Chromium Edge offers 37% more browsing speed than Google Chrome and uses Metro software; therefore, it easily accesses other metro applications.

Its integration with Windows 10 and 11 gives it more flexibility and multiple tools to work with for WordPress editing.

Microsoft Edge browser opens pages fast and has a Reading mode. Lastly, the fact that it is built on Chromium also means it gives you access to the same set of extensions that you will have using google chrome.

Additional features:

Startup boost

Sleeping tabs

Browser sync

⇒ Download Microsoft Edge

Best browser for WordPress development

Firefox is an excellent developer browser, not limited to WordPress development or coding. A separate developer edition is integrated with best-in-class tools and CSS grid support for developers.

Best browser for WordPress admin

Google Chrome wins in this criterium. It is about the most robust web browser available. This means for an Admin; you can use new features because, in most cases, they are built for Chrome before they are adapted for other browsers.

Best browser for WordPress editing

Opera One has a slight edge over other browsers for editing. It comes with many built-in functionalities, which means you can test it against most of these native integrations while editing your WordPress site.

All the browsers we have discussed are supported for WordPress, but the list does not end here. These are simply the ones we love to recommend.

WordPress browser compatibility has become less of an issue as the tech improves, and almost every modern browser is compatible with the CMS. In the end, we hope your personal preferences and our guide help you choose the best WordPress browser.

Lastly, you always have the option of editing your sites offline; to do this, you must install WordPress on your Windows PC.

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7 Best Car Parking Apps For Iphone In 2023

Like your iPhone, you love your car the most. Every day, you drive to your office in your beautiful car. On weekends, you spend fun with your family at the beach; your car accompanies you wherever you go. But it is a lot challenging when you have to park your car alongside thousands of others in a multi-storied lot. The problem doesn’t stop here because finding a parking place in a crowded lot is equally tiresome. To exaggerate this problem, I would say that finding a needle in the haystack is better.

1. Parkmobile

Parkmobile is a smart parking app that ideally takes care of your needs. You can save your car and the related information to let you instantly book a parking spot.

The app also lets you change vehicle information for guest cars. You can perfectly customize the notification to remain updated. With the timely alert, it notifies you when your parking is going to expire. Even better, you will track parking expenses using the complete history of your parking sessions.

2. ParkWhiz

When it comes to providing the desired convenience for booking the right parking spot, ParkWhiz is on par with the very best. Simply enter your destinations, and the app will show you all the nearby spots.

Apart from letting you easily book a preferred location, the app also allows you to save up to 50%. With this app, you will be able to get the discounted parking at any location. You can get the lowest rates from its largest network of garages and lots.

3. SpotHero

The Apple Watch app adds more convenience into the play by allowing you to book, rebook or even pay the bill. What’s more, it also offers simple expense management and pre-tax benefits.

4. BestParking

BestParking helps you find low-cost parking facilities in 105 cities and 115 airports across North America. The app is the most convenient way to save many dollars. Also, app provides accurate data and they boast of their accuracy if you find any inaccurate info, you will get $5 Starbucks eGift.

The app is extensively covered by leading media agencies of the United States. Get every detail like rates per hour, per day or for the entire arrival/departure. Moreover, you can find specific parking needs like whether you can park your larger vehicles like van or lorry, where you can find the cheapest parking areas and others.

5. Way – Parking & Auto Insuranc‪e

Here’s an all-in-one app for your automobile needs. You can use it to book airport parking, hourly parking, monthly parking, city parking, and more. Further, it also helps you out with getting service and insurance for your car.

It has a clean and easy-to-understand interface that makes it a breeze to search for parking by city, event, or airport. You can even sort parking options by price, distance, or user reviews. It includes a parking map to make things convenient.

6. Parkopedia

If you find any parking app that gives you more than 60 million parking options in 8,000 cities around the world, what should you do? You should download this app immediately. Parkopedia Parkopedia, as the name suggests is perhaps the biggest source of parking info.

With the help of this app, you can search for parking using your current location or by entering the address. Get directions, check parking space availability in real-time, get to know opening hours, updated prices and payment modes and more; the app also provides filters like free, credit cards accepted, covered, etc. to zero in on choices.

7. Find Your Car with AR

Find your car wherever you parked it with the help of Augmented Car Finder app. The augmented reality view of the app shows you direction your car is located, the street address close to your car parked, how far your car is, and date and time you parked.

Among its many features, one of the most notable ones is 3D augmented reality technology. With this app, you don’t have to ask about the address you have to reach to; just follow a moving arrow, and you will get there.

That’s all!

What’s your pick?

Which one of these car-parking apps have you picked for your iOS device? Do let us know its name and the features you have liked in it?

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

Responsive Website Vs. Mobile App: Which Is Best For E

Due to the majority of the online shoppers that are making mobile phones for browsing, research, and buy any product, e-commerce is taking the place of m-commerce. When almost 50% of the e-commerce sessions are seeking a place on your smartphones, the mobile app or site is indispensable for the online merchants. You are in confusion about what is best for your responsive website or mobile app for your online store.

Advantages of Mobile Application User-friendly

Increase loyalty

By displaying the icon of your brand consistently, mobile apps will enhance the dedication of the customers towards your e-commerce store. The app will collect the data of the customers like shopping time, location, etc., and will offer a more personalized shopping experience. Rewards and expertise of the client will make the continued use of your mobile app. You can also implement loyalty programs to boost loyalty and will increase repeat purchases by online shoppers.

Conversion rate increased

It collects the customer data and gives the push notification quickly. The push notification will help you in recovering the 70% of abandoned carts.  The online merchants can send notifications about the new offers, discounts, and few pieces left in their stock to grab the attention of the customers towards them.

No internet access

Once the app installed, the mobile apps will make it easy for the customer to browse the products, even offline. It will permit the online shopper to view the products and the details without the internet.

Drawbacks of mobile application Cost of an app development

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Benefits of Mobile Website Cost-effective

E-commerce mobile app is that they need money for implementing a native or hybrid app on different platforms. It will also give solutions to these problems by providing cost-effective development. You can contact the top and reputed e-commerce website designing company for getting the mobile e-commerce site created with all functionalities at a reasonable price.

Access in smart devices

Mobile websites are also providing the all-device accessibility. You do not to be downloaded or installed on your device and do not require storage on the mobile even that it can be loaded anytime in the browser. The customers can browse the e-commerce site anywhere, be it on their Android phone, iPhone, or even on their laptop or tablet, the site will be easily accessible anywhere, anytime without any prior installation required.

Search Engine optimized Slower Loading

In comparison to mobile apps, responsive websites can be more reluctant to load. E-commerce websites have loaded with high-quality images and extensive descriptions, which will make the page slower while loading it. Almost 75% of consumers will be stating that a slower page load will create a negative impact on your website and drop down the sales.

No offline Accessibility

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You have the requirement of the skilled professional expert for constant maintenance & support. Images & videos of the product need to be optimized, require a monitored continuously, and SEO for the promotion of your site. There are multiple teams for the maintenance, which will cost a lot for the e-commerce merchants.

Elements Responsive website Mobile app

Compatibility Mobile version of a site is viewable on all browsers, despite the device model Need the development of several applications for the different platforms

Audience All types of device required an internet connection Only tablets and smartphone

Cost Payment for domain & hosting Require developer licenses in the app store

Ease of use Do not require installation & download Installation & downloading is a must

Offline work No, it supports on all gadgets It works offline also

Support, update and fixing It is easy to update, maintain and repair the bugs It is complex to update & monitor the application after download also. Bugs are set only in the next version

It is usage Average Better in compare to responsive website


By the benefits and drawbacks of the responsive site and mobile apps have their unique functionalities and features. Online vendors cannot substitute one another. For expanding your business, increasing sales, repeat purchases, a mobile app solution, and a responsive site is a must. The mobile e-commerce site will get you more customers, and the app will help them to turn into loyal and will fetch more sales.

Jitendra Kalal

I’m Jitendra Kalal, Digital Marketing Strategist working with Addon Solutions – An Mobile Application Development Company in India, I spend my spare time on the web to learn about the modern online internet marketing and love to share my knowledge with others through my content.

Is Cloud Hosting The Best Hosting Option For Your Website?

Every website needs a web hosting service. There simply isn’t any way that a website can exist without the server that hosts it. However, as is the nature of technology, there will always be attempts to create better, more efficient ways of doing things. Remember when virtual machines were created in order for computer hardware to be used more efficiently? That kind of change is constantly happening, and while not every attempt becomes disruptive enough to replace its predecessor, each attempt is a step in the right direction.

Cloud hosting

is a good example of such an attempt. It can pave the way for a more efficient use of physical servers, after all.

But before adopting a particular method, technology, or


, you first need to determine if it’s going to be beneficial to your objectives and goals. And when there’s a significant amount of money involved, you wouldn’t want to spend it just on a trial-and-error session.

So, you resort to the next best thing — gather information from other people who’ve had experience with cloud hosting. So, what makes cloud hosting so special ? In order to thoroughly understand this new technology, we first have to look at how traditional web hosting functions.

What Is Traditional Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows persons and companies to publish websites on the internet. A

web hosting service provider

provides the resources necessary for a website to function. These websites are saved on physical servers, which are what contain the resources necessary for a website to function. When users visit your website, they first type your web address on their browser, which will prompt their computer to connect to the server where your website is stored. This is when your website becomes viewable by the user.

There are three types of web hosting:

Shared – multiple websites depend on a single server. As you might imagine, this limits website performance and the failure of a single server could mean downtime for all the websites stored on that server. This, however, is still a valid option for websites that do not require a lot of resources to handle traffic because they aren’t as costly as other types of web hosting. There is also an innate

security risk

in a shared web hosting. 

Dedicated – dedicated servers provide the best performance and the highest degree of customizability among all types of web hosting. This is where a single server is dedicated to a single website. This also means that the very best of support would be made available to the website. This is an ideal option for websites that require a lot of performance to handle massive amounts of web traffic.

VPS – a

virtual private server

is a virtual machine that caters to the individual needs of a user just as a separate physical computer that is dedicated to a particular user. This means that resources are pre-allocated to each website that is connected to the server to prevent websites from pulling resources from one another. Several virtual private servers can be maintained on a single physical server, which means that if that single physical server fails, all the websites that rely on that server experience downtime.


What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting, much like many

other cloud-based services

, is a type of hosting service that makes use of parts of several servers to support a single website’s resource requirements and to ensure maximum website uptime. Because a website is supported by multiple servers in a server cluster, it will have the necessary resources needed for it to remain functional even when a single server in that cluster fails. So, in essence, the resources needed can simply be drawn from a different server in the event that one of the multiple servers fails. 

So, yes. Cloud hosting does sound similar to a virtual private server, but there are a few differences that set them apart from each other.

How Does Cloud Hosting Differ From VPS?

The primary difference between cloud hosting and VPS is their approach and scalability. Remember that cloud hosting servers make use of server clusters, where parts of multiple servers support a single website. This means that users have access to

near-unlimited resources

needed to run their website and that these resources can easily be adjusted to the needs of the website. This is especially valuable for websites that experience spikes in traffic on a regular basis. 

On the other hand, VPS runs multiple instances of servers on a single physical server. This means that while the websites hosted by the physical do not battle over resources, if that single physical server fails, all the websites that are linked to that server would experience downtime. 

It’s also significantly more difficult to scale with a VPS server because the resources allocated to each website are predetermined, which means that while these servers are going to be able to perform much better than shared servers, there is still a chance that your website’s load could exceed the amount of resources allocated for your website. Despite this, VPS hosting tends to cost less than cloud hosting.

Should You Use Cloud Hosting?

While hosting your website on the cloud does sound like the future, it isn’t as tried and tested as traditional web hosting options. Whether you’re willing to take a risk or not depends on what you use your website for. If you use your website as a means of earning money, then betting on something that isn’t tried and tested could prove to be

catastrophic if it fails


Otherwise, by all means, opt for a cloud hosting service.

7 Best Bike Computers For Cycling Enthusiasts

Looking for a bike computer but don’t know where to start? The best cycling computers today come with a great number of features. They help you collect important data to track your performance and improve your health. 

Table of Contents

Price: $399


A smartphone turned into a bike computer

Beautiful bright screen

Great integration with other apps

Long battery life

SIM-card slot

28GB of memory for saving your routes & maps


Steep price

Bigger and heavier compared to other bike computers

Karoo 2 by Hammerhead is what you’d expect from a 21st Century bike computer. In fact, it’s more like a cycling smartphone. It runs on the Android OS and has a SIM-card slot for data connectivity. However, you can still use most Karoo 2 features without the SIM card. 

The selling point of this bike computer is its beautiful bright screen. Karoo 2 has a high resolution 3.2” display panel that delivers high-quality visuals. If you love looking at maps and routes while you’re cycling, this computer will take that experience to a new level for you. And with 28GB of storage available to download new maps, you don’t have to worry about your device running out of space. The scratch-resistant anti-glare panel on top of the screen is the perfect finishing touch, especially if you’re someone who often rides off the road. 

Karoo 2 is one of the smartest bike computers out there with its ability to integrate with various cycling apps like Strava, Training Peaks, Ride with GPS, Kamoot, and MTB Project. You can sync your routes from these apps with the Karoo 2 or upload any routes in GPX, FIT, TCZ, KML, KML file formats. 

Our Verdict: Best Overall. 

Price: $599.


Beautiful touchscreen

Excellent navigation (both on- and off-road)

Good battery life

Quick setup if you’ve previously owned a Garmin device


More expensive than other bike computers in this tier

Takes up a lot of space on your handlebar

For best integration, you need to be a part of the Garmin ecosystem

If you have a history of owning Garmin devices, Garmin 1030 Edge Plus is an excellent option for you. It’s a can-do-it-all bike computer packed with useful features and impressive 24-hour battery life. 

The 1030 Edge Plus also excels in the navigation field. It comes pre-loaded with detailed maps of your home region and the ability to download more maps as well. The big bright touchscreen allows you to zoom in and out the map, so you can get your turn-by-turn directions both on- and off-road. 

However, if you want to make the most out of this cycling computer, you need to be a part of the Garmin ecosystem. If you’ve previously owned a Garmin bike computer, you can sync all of your data with 1030 Edge Plus and complete the setup process in minutes. You can also pull this data from Garmin Connect. 

Unfortunately, the integration won’t be as smooth if you aren’t part of the Garmin ecosystem and prefer third-party apps. In that case, we’d recommend you take a look at a different cycling computer. 

Our Verdict: A solid runner-up. 

Price: $249. 


Affordable Price

Crisp color display

Performance on the same level as the more expensive Garmin Edge 830 


No touch screen

Shorter battery life (claimed up to 20 hours)

Looking to join the Garmin data team but don’t want to splash out on a 1030 Edge Plus model? Garmin Edge 530 offers all the same basic features as the more expensive 830 and 1030 models but for a mid-range price. The only big downside here is the absence of a touchscreen, but if that’s not an issue for you, then the 530 is the best value option on the list.

As for the navigation, you’ll mostly have to stick to the pre-planned courses as navigating maps using the external buttons can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Our Verdict: Best value option.

Price: $229.


User-friendly setup

Aerodynamic design

Good battery life

Third-party app integration


No touchscreen

You have to connect your Wahoo computer to your smartphone on setup

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt also has an interesting “take me anywhere” feature, where you can use your smartphone to find a destination, and then your bike computer will take you there. The only downside of this cycling computer is that you have to have a smartphone to set it up and configure it later. 

Our Verdict: Best mid-range option.

Price: $99. 


Low price

Small and simple

Old-school design


Expect only the basic features

Looks chunky

Lezyne Mini GPS is the perfect cycling computer for those looking for a neat and straightforward device that won’t take up too much space on their bike and is easy to set up and use. 

This computer covers all essential functions like collecting your training data (speed, distance, time, elevation, calories, heart rate, etc.) and navigation using the Lezyne smartphone app. It’s compact, lightweight, and is an excellent option for anyone looking for a budget bike computer. 

Our Verdict: Best budget option.

Price: $59. 


Simplistic yet attractive design

Cheap price

Extensive battery life


Limited functionality

No connected features

Cateye Quick is the most simplistic cycling computer on our list. If you’re looking for something basic with a minimalistic design, this is the unit for you. 

This compact and lightweight bike computer comes with a battery that will last long enough that you don’t have to worry about charging it daily or even weekly. However, the number of features on this bike computer is somewhat limited. The Cateye Quick will show you your current speed and the distance, but there’s no GPS tracking or connected features. That means you can’t record or export your data from this computer. 

Our Verdict: Best minimalistic option.

Price: $249.


Bright colored screen

Customization options

Secure mount system


Limited navigation functions

Need to use a smartphone app to preload the routes

If you’re looking for a solid unit that can survive anything, including mountain biking and off-road biking, you’ll enjoy using the Stages Dash M50. It comes with the most secure mount system possible, made from metal and not plastic.

Another attractive feature of the Stages Dash M50 is its screen. It’s bright and easy to read no matter the lighting conditions. You’ll only find a better screen on Karoo 2 from this list. 

The downside of the M50 is its limited navigation. The computer can only handle turn-by-turn navigation of preloaded routes that you have to create using the Stages Link app or import from a third-party app like Strava or Ride with GPS. The M50 only allows you to follow the pre-loaded course and will reroute you if you get off the path, but nothing besides that. 

Our Verdict: Best for mountain biking and off-road riding. 

The Best Gift for a Bike Enthusiast

A cycling computer is undoubtedly the best gift for anyone serious about cycling. Any bike enthusiast in your life will probably enjoy the bike computers above as a gift. And yes, if that person is yourself, it still counts as a holiday present. 

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