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This article lists some best free Barcode Generator software and online tools. Using these free Barcode Generator software and online tools, you can create different types of barcodes. Some of these tools and software lets you create both barcodes and QR codes. Whereas, some also offer you an option to show or hide the data on the barcode. After generating a barcode, you can save it in multiple image formats.

Best free Barcode Generator software and online tools

We have the following Barcode generator software for Windows PC and some online tools in our list:


Barcode Designer

Aeromium Barcode Software

Zint Barcode Studio

Barcode generator

Online Barcode Generator

Free Barcode Generator from NiceLabel

Wasp Barcode Generator

Free Barcode Generator from Online Labels

Online Barcode Generator

Let’s see what features these free Barcode Generator software and online tools offer.

1] Bargen

If you want to hide the text from the barcode, deselect the Print Code text checkbox. In addition, you can also vary the bar width, bar height, resolution, and font size before generating the barcode.

You can download Bargen from its official website,

2] Barcode Designer

Barcode Designer is available on its official website, chúng tôi for download.

3] Aeromium Barcode Software

Aeromium Barcode Software is one more freeware to generate barcodes on this list. Its interface is divided into three sections, Preview, Barcode, and Image Dimensions. The barcode that you generate is displayed on the Preview pane. It supports only two types of barcode symbologies, namely Code 39 and I2of5.

To download Aeromium Barcode Scanner, visit

4] Zint Barcode Studio

Zint Barcode Studio is a free Barcode and QR Code Generator software for Windows 11/10. It comes with a wide range of symbologies. To generate a barcode, first, you have to select the desired symbology from the drop-down menu and then enter your data in the required field. As you enter the data, it starts displaying the barcode in the preview pane. You can save the generated barcode in three different formats, PNG, EPS, and SVG.

In the Appearance tab of the software, you will find the settings to customize your barcode. You can select the barcode foreground and background colors, change its dimensions, set its printing scale, show or hide the text in the barcode, etc.

5] Barcode generator

Barcode generator is a free Windows 11/10 app that lets you create Barcodes and QR Codes. Using this free app, you can generate only two types of barcodes, CODE39 and PDF417. The CODE39 barcode only supports the text input, whereas the PDF417 barcode supports multiple inputs like text, email, URL, etc. After selecting a particular type of barcode, select the type of input from the right side, and enter the required details to generate the barcode.

After generating the barcode, you can either copy it to the clipboard or save it as an image file. You can install it from Microsoft Store for free.

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6] Online Barcode Generator

Before generating a barcode, you can vary its dimensions, resolution, and text size. Deselecting the text checkbox will hide the text from the barcode. If you select the permanent link checkbox, the website will generate a separate link for each generated barcode. Opening those links in your web browser will display your generated barcodes.

You can download the generated barcodes in different formats, including PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, Microsoft Excel file format, etc. Apart from this, the Print option is also available, using which you can directly print your barcodes.

7] Free Barcode Generator from NiceLabel

Send barcodes to an email is a unique feature of this free online tool, using which you can send the generated barcodes to your email ID.

8] Wasp Barcode Generator

9] Free Barcode Generator from Online Labels

The Barcode Generator tool from Online Labels lets you download the generated barcode in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. It offers nine different types of barcode symbologies. After creating the barcode, you can download it in transparent PNG format or PDF format. The Show barcode data checkbox lets you select whether you want to show or hide the data on your barcode.

Visit chúng tôi to use this free tool.

10] Online Barcode Generator

Online Barcode Generator is another free tool to generate barcodes and QR online. Like other barcode generator tools and software on its list, this free tool also comes with a number of barcode symbologies. Before generating a barcode, you can customize it by selecting its front and background colors. It also has an option to generate the barcode in three different sizes, small, medium, and large.

The generated barcode can be downloaded in four different formats, EPS, PNG, PDF, and SVG. You can use this free tool by visiting its official website.

How do I generate my own barcode in Excel?

To generate barcodes in Excel, you have to use the =”*”&A2&”*” formula. After applying the formula, you have to change the font to Code 39. By default, the Code 39 font is not available on Windows computers. Hence, you have to download and install this font on your system.

Can I create my own barcodes in Word?

Yes, you can create your own barcodes in Microsoft Word. For this, you have to download and install the barcode font on your system. Windows does not have a barcode font installed by default. After downloading and installing the barcode font, that font will become available in Microsoft Word. Now, place a star mark before and after the text that you want to convert into a barcode, and then apply the barcode font.

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Best Free Vcard Creator Software And Online Tools For Pc

Here is a list of the best free vCard creator software and online tools. vCard or Virtual Contact File (VCF) is a standard contact file format to exchange contact details. A VCF file can contain information like name, website, email, phone, address, work profile, logo image, photo, social media links, and more.

Now, if you want to create a VCF or vCard file, you need a dedicated application designed for this purpose. In this post, we are going to provide you with a list consisting of multiple free software as well as online tools using which you can generate vCard files. These are very easy to use and require a few steps to create a VCF file.

Best free vCard Creator software and online tools

Here is a list of the best free vCard creator software and online tools:


vCard Editor

vCard generator

vCard Maker

Smart vCard


1] Contacts

Contacts is a free vCard creator software using which you can create VCF contact files. It lets you create vCard files in version 3.0 format. You can also import existing vCard files and edit them accordingly. It is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

How to create VCF files using Contacts?

To use it, simply download and install it on your PC, and then launch the application. You will be able to view various contact details fields on its main interface. Just start filling in the details of the contact you want to create, such as full name, email, phone numbers, address, city, state, country, zip code, birthday, etc. Once done, you can press the Add button to create the contact and add it to the list.

Download it from

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2] vCard Editor

It is a basic portable vCard editor software. You can get it here.

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3] vCard generator

The good thing is that it also lets you create QR vCards. This app is available on Microsoft Store. So, install and use it.

4] vCard Maker

vCard Maker is a free online vCard creator tool. It lets you quickly create VCF contact files online without putting in any effort.

How to create VCF files online using vCard Maker?

First of all, open its website in your web browser and scroll down a bit. You will see various empty contact fields. Simply enter the contact details you want to create. You can add contact information including First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Nickname, Organization, Role, Title, Work URL, Work Email, Home Phone, Work Phone, Home Address, Work Address, Birthday, Anniversary, Images (logo/ photo), Social media Profile Links, and more.

Check it out here.

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5] Smart vCard

Another free online vCard creator on this list is Smart vCard. This web service allows you to generate beautiful and responsive HTML‑based digital business cards and vCards. You can share the contacts or host them on your domains. Additionally, you can also share contact details by a link or QR code. It is a really nice vCard tool with some interesting features.

How to create vCards online using Smart vCard?

You can open its website in a web browser and tap on the Create your own button to get started. Now, you can provide image attachments including the brand logo and profile picture. After that, start entering your vCard information which may include first name, last name, gender, job title, business name, business address, business description, etc.

Now, you can add many more fields to your vCard as per your requirements. These information can be phone numbers, email, websites, calendars, locations, and much more. You can even add some secondary details like Discord ID, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more social media links.

Furthermore, you can insert media, text, embed code, product details, etc. As you add details, you can view its preview in a dedicated section. If all is done, you can press the Save Contac button to export the contact details in a VCF file.

It is one of the best free vCard generator tools that allows you to create vCards with tons of details about a contact.

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ZAPPED can be another alternative to a vCard creator. It is a free online vCard generator tool that lets you make vCards online. It lets you create responsive and elaborative vCards with a lot of contact details. To use this web service, you first need to register an account on its website. After that, sign in, press the Create vcard button, and start creating your own vCard files without any hassle.

You first need to enter the URL, contact name, and description, and then press the Create button. It will then provide you with several other fields to enter contact information. It lets you select the desired vCard theme. Also, you can add details like logo image, favicon, background, name, company, job title, birthday, etc.

It also provides a handy feature to generate a vCard QR code. You can download the QR code image in PNG format. Or, if you want to directly print it out, you can do that too.

It is another great vCard generator tool using which you can make responsive vCards.

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Where can I create a vCard? How do I convert a CSV file to vCard?

To convert a CSV file to vCard, you can use this free software called CSV to vCard. You can download and install this software, and then open it. After that, browse your locally saved CSV file containing contact details. It will read all contacts fields and data automatically. You can then select the vCard property for each CSV field. Once done, you can press the Convert button to convert CSV to a VCF file. The converted VCF file is in vCard version 3.0 (RFC 2425) format.

Hope this article helps you find a good free vCard creator.

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Family Tree Maker Free Genealogy Software And Online Tools

Gone are the times when we used to draw the family tree with pen and paper. Modern genealogy is all about tech. The family tree today is made using software and online applications. Many Family tree maker freeware and online tools are now available on the web, which let users create their family tree online. Also, you can trace if any of your ancestors are tagged in some family tree online.

You can use the free online family tree tools or download a piece of family tree software for the same. Online tools allow you to share your family tree with others or add contributors to your family tree. The downloadable software is also a bit tricky to use, especially for beginners. In this post, we will learn about some good Family Tree maker freeware and online tools.

Family Tree maker free software & online tools

Here is a list of some tools that you can use to manage your family tree.

RootsMagic Essentials freeware

Family Tree Builder freeware

Ensure you try each of them to find out what works best for you.


WeRelate is one of the best-known websites to make the family tree online. It has a simple interface and is best suitable for beginners. You need to upload your GEDCOM file with all your entries, and the website integrates the information into a family tree. There are different tabs here like Overview, People, Families, Warnings, Places, Sources, Family Matches, Updates, and Imports.

The ‘People’ tab shows the list of all people added to your list, and the ‘Families’ tab shows the list of husbands and wives with their marriage date and links to the possible matching pages on WeRelate genealogy. However, users are allowed to exclude the wrongly matched pages. The ‘Warning’ tabs warn you if there are any errors in your data input. Users have to resolve the warnings to continue with the data upload. ‘Places’ tabs show the countries and cities in my data. However, it is not necessary to add the places. It is an optional feature. The website also notes if there is a matched place in the chúng tôi database. Sources is again an optional feature that shows the information sources added in your GEDCOM file. Family Matches is an essential tab as it helps you trace your family tree in the chúng tôi system. The system will link you to the matched family pages with matching information and details according to your data. Users can, however, look and decide if the match is actually from their family tree or not. It checks for duplicate people and merges the entries.

Please note that all the information you enter here is public, and hackers can any time hack your account and change your family tree information; however, you can revert the changes at any time.

This is a sharing website that provides you a forum to upload your family details and information. Being a non-collaborative website, chúng tôi keeps your data safe and private. People seeing your family tree will get read-only access, and no one can edit your data until. It allows you to make your family tree private or public. The private family trees may appear in the search results, but the family details are not accessible to anyone. On the other hand, general family trees may provide unauthorized access to hackers.

As you enter your details, the Ancestry system starts looking for possible family matches. The website adds leaves to your family tree as a hint of potential matching discovery. The system claims to have billions of records and millions of family histories, so who know you might get a childhood picture of your grandma or great-grandma here. Users have to enter all they know, and the website will help them fining their family matches further.

Unlike WeRelate, this website has no feature of detecting duplicate people or merging identical profiles. The website allows users to make changes in the tree or delete it if required.

RootsMagic is a downloadable software that is easy to learn and use. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface and has an unlimited capacity for holding the data. You can enter whatever you know about your family and ancestors. Unlike most common family tree-making tools, RootsMagic Essentials has a feature of tracking multiple relationships like foster parents, adoptions, and more.

The explorer of this Windows freeware lets you find your family members in the system. You can add images as well as videos to make your family tree livelier. It has a vast database and comes with customizable listing options and web hints from genealogy sites. Some of the powerful features of RootsMagic Essentials include merge techniques, Soundex calculators, and potential problems lists. It is highly compatible and can import your family tree details directly from various popular genealogy sites. It is a free genealogy program associated with the award-winning RootsMagic family tree software. It is the easiest way to trace your family tree online. RootsMagic Essentials is freeware, and you can download it from here.

It is a genealogy freeware for Windows by the MyHeritage family tree-making website. This is an easy tool for beginners to create a family tree and map out their ancestors. This freeware comes with innovative match technology and record matching technology which automatically discovers historical records of your ancestors and helps users trace their family members. This tool uses a set wizard to add your family members and their details and finally comes up with a nice-looking 3D family tree. The detailed privacy features let users control every aspect of security and privacy.

What is the best offline family tree software?

Like everything else, there are many family tree applications, and there is no one best software. Instead, the best way to find out what works best for you to is to give it a try, experiment with sample data, and see if you like the results.

Do you use any? Any observations?

5 Best Midjourney Prompt Generator Tools Right Now!

With the abundance of AI tools, creating artwork is no longer a challenge as long as you enter the right prompts that compile all of your inspirations and thoughts into text form. While that may seem like an easy task, sometimes you may hit a roadblock if your initial spark of inspiration may have faded or you’re unsure of where to go next. 

The easiest tool to generate prompts on Midjourney is Promptomania (website). The tool lets you start your prompt with your desired concept that you can add via text or an image URL or both. After you’ve entered the input text, you can add other details to the prompt by selecting a “Base image” that you use to choose further styles and details.

You can find and select your preferred art medium, camera configuration, color palette, dimensionality, resolution and display characteristics, shapes and geometrical styles of subjects, lighting types, additional materials, and other intangibles within the “Add some details” module. If you don’t prefer customizing these values, Promptomania allows you to mimic a certain artist’s style based on your selected base image. 

Additionally, you can further customize the prompt with different Midjourney parameters and image sizes. Once you’ve chosen the desired styles and parameters, you can scroll to the top of the page to view and copy the generated prompt onto Midjourney. 

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Noonshot’s MJ Prompt (website) tool is a close alternative to Promptomania as it also offers a stack of preset settings and styles that you may need to create an AI art of your choice on Midjourney. You can start by entering your main concept inside the text box at the top and then follow it up by choosing different options and values to style the image in your own way. 

MJ Prompt hosts around 100 different options to help you find a style for the image you want to create like 16-bit, 1800s, cartoon, coral, cyberpunk, futuristic, pastel, pixel art, tropical, and more. You can add one or multiple styles for your prompt and the tool lets you set the accuracy level for each of your selected styles. 

In addition to styles, you have options to set a preferred lighting, camera view, artist’s style, color palette, materials, aspect ratio, depth of field (blur effect), quality (less or more detailed), and stylize (less or more artistic). Furthermore, you can customize your prompt with your own image to get inspiration from and add negative prompts to avoid seeing certain elements inside the creation. The final prompt will then be generated at the top of the page from where you can copy and paste it onto Midjourney. 

If you want a prompt generator that’s not clouded with many options but is more user-friendly, Jrnylist (website) might be perfect for you. You can start by adding a prompt in the text box at the bottom of the screen and then choosing an art style from the tabs at the top – Artistic, Illustrations, and UI & Icons. 

In terms of art, Jrnylist lets you select multiple medium types including B&W, oil painting, mixed media, vector art, and more. You can then combine them with your preferred styles from Nature and Landscape, and Portraits sections. Unlike the prompt builders above, your options are limited when you use Jrnylist as the tool aims to be simplistic and easy to use. 

Besides art, you can get prompts for creating illustrations, t-shirt graphics, UI mockups, and even icons with this tool. The only option to customize your prompt comes in the form of the Modified tool which lets you apply from an existing list of aspect ratios. 

Hugging Face’s Prompt (website) Generator might probably be the most minimal of the offerings listed here. When you load up this tool, you should see two boxes – the one on the left is where you enter a general idea or concept for the image you want to create and the one on the right is where you see all the prompts that are suggested by the tool based on your input. 

You can type in the basic concept for the AI art in English and when you submit it, Hugging Face will show you several versions of your idea inside the “Generated Text” box with different styles and elements in it. You can then copy any of the suggestions from this section onto Midjourney to find what kind of AI art is created using the input prompt. 

You can start by typing your concept inside the Main Idea box and then add secondary objects, negative prompts, and image URLs to structure the AI art around. You can then style your art with a set of tools including custom descriptors, camera view and setup, art medium, film adaptation, artist inspiration, game theme, color tone, lighting, and depth of field. 

(Bonus) PromptHero : Find prompts for the Midjourney images you like

While it may not essentially be a prompt generator, PromptHero (website) is a platform where you can browse through thousands of AI-generated images created on MidJourney with user-submitted prompts. You can use it to gain inspiration from the vast library of images available on the page.

That’s all you need to know about the best Midjourney prompts generator tools out there. 

Best Free Animation Software For Windows 11/10

Animations are everywhere, right from TV to Computers to Movies. If you are looking for free animation software for your PC, then this post will help you. Here, we discussed some of the best free 2D and 3D animation software for Windows 11/10/8/7.

What is Animation, and Where is it used?

Animation involves the manipulation of still images to appear as moving images are used extensively in short films, special effects, video games, and other media that are fanatical in displaying the moving images. While the traditional animation involved the painting by hand on transparent sheets like cells later exhibited in the films, present-day animation has moved to CGI or Computer Generated Imagery.

Small companies and individual freelance artists can now produce professional grade featured films, arts, and games from their home computers using animation software. Thanks to the increased availability of CGI software and computer network speeds that have contributed to creating class-leading animations.

Moreover, independent video games (indie games) are on the rise. The close association of the animation industry with the gaming industry has only given rise to the immense demand for CGI software. Software like CGI  helps the small-term animators in generating these indie games that are created by small teams without significant financial support.

Computer animations can be 3D computer animation or 2D animation. If you are planning to create animation by yourself, you may be looking for proper animation software. Earlier, we have seen a free Pencil animation and cartoon software for Windows, which is a good tool for beginners planning to learn animation.

Free Animation Software for Windows PC Free 2D Animation Software 1] Plastic Animation Paper

The software is useful for everyone, be it a professional animator or even an independent team; it offers an easy interface to create animation from the home system. The software is available for free download on Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows PC. Download it here.

2] Stykz

Stykz is a freeware tool for generating 2D animations. It is available for free download for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. The software offers an easy and powerful interface that aids in generating animations all from your home desktop. Stykz is a frame-based software that allows you to customize individual frames and alter the previous frames using Onion skins.

The Stykz is a tool that will assist in sketching the characters and the landscape before moving on to the next steps. The interface is user-friendly and also intuitive at its best. The software allows you to save the files in .stl format, which is compatible with other animation tools. Download it here.

3] Pencil2D

Pencil2D is a freeware animation software that offers a user-friendly interface to generate 2D animation. It is an open-source tool that can be used in Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.  It is basically a Pencil application created by Pascal Naidon that uses a bitmap/ vector drawing interface. While it offers fewer features compared to other tools, this is extensively used to generate 2D drawings comprehensively. The software uses Vector and bitmap graphics to represent the images in computer graphics. Download it here.

4] Victorian Giotto

Giotto comes packed with more than 50 great animated effects that can be applied to both shapes and text without coding! Play with Flash effects through the effect editor, and see the amazing animations immediately on the screen. It is a lightweight application having an interface similar to Adobe Flash. Giotto requires no coding or animation script to make effects and can be used to make attractive effects to your website by integrating flash effects. Download Victorian Giotto here.

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Free 3D Animation Software 1] Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker is a free animation software that offers templates to add graphics assets to create animations. This tool is for everyone, a professional filmmaker or an individual, and provides high-end templates to develop animations. The software offers extensive preloaded effects and features that can be used to create complex animation and also a simple presentation.

Auro lets users add their own logo and watermark to the images. Aurora 3D Animation Maker is also used for creating 3D video titles and texts as well. Additionally, features like duration and the playback rate help Users to make cool animations. Other captivating effects include fireworks, flames, and movements like bounce and twist. Moreover, the software also supports a ton of file formats, including GIF. Download it here.

2] Blender

Blender has a relatively small installation size and runs on several popular computing platforms. It has a large feature collection providing high-level tools for 3D modeling, Animation, Effects, and much more. Its features include basic non-linear video/audio editing. Blender’s animations system supports a variety of techniques and tasks, allowing the creation of complex animations.

It is good for 3D animation and post-processing tool which offers a plethora of features. It is excellent for learners and experienced animators and offers real-time 3D/game creation, 3Dwrapping, Edge rendering, and collision simulation. The software is an open-source tool that lets users make changes and even add new features. It is available for free download here.

TIP: Take a loot at Express Animate too.

3] Clara.IO

The tool is available in different browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. chúng tôi permits editing by multiple users through simultaneous collaboration and versioning. It offers easy sharing, VRay cloud rendering, a modern interface, and offers a user-friendly multiplatform. Additionally, The tool also allows users to export and import files from other formats like Blender, Babylons, STL, FBX, and more. Download it here.

4] Anim8or

Anim8or is a lightweight, portable application for 3D animation. Anim8or is very simple to install and run.  It is composed of a single executable file that can be put anywhere on your disk.

Anim8or’s interface is separated into four sections, each with its own toolset:

Object editor

Figure editor

Sequence editor

Scene editor.

Anim8or is completely open-source and can be downloaded as a zip file here.

Which is the best free 2D and 3D animation software for PC?

Pencil2D and Anim8or are among the finest. Pencil2D offers a user-friendly interface to generate 2D animation. Anim8or is a lightweight, portable application for 3D animation.

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7 Best Pdf Reader Software (Free And Paid)

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

It’s nearly impossible to discuss anything related to PDF without mentioning Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Undoubtedly the most popular PDF viewer out there, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has long been the de facto solution for everyone’s PDF reading needs. And in its latest iteration, it’s better than ever.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a reliable and cross-platform PDF reader application, go for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It’s tried, tested, and the gold standard of PDF viewer programs.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, and 7; Mac OS X 10.9 and later

Price: Free


Foxit Reader

Bursting at the seams with all kinds of features, Foxit Reader is an impressively capable PDF reader software that is more than enough for all your PDF viewing needs, and also wields some great PDF editing features.

Having a lean and modern UI, complete with the Ribbon menu and tabbed support for multiple PDF documents, Foxit Reader is definitely a looker. Even the heaviest of PDF files are no slouch for it, and numerous standard viewing modes (e.g. Fit page, Fit width) are supported. It’s possible to add all kinds of extra information, such as textual notes, callouts, and other annotations to PDF files, and you can also highlight selected part(s) of the PDF documents. There are multiple reading modes available, along with form filling functionality, and everything from attached files to document security settings can be accessed from a simple sidebar on the left. Foxit Reader even lets you share your PDF documents via email or Evernote, so that’s a good thing too.

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful PDF reader software that also has quite some editing and sharing prowess, Foxit Reader is an absolute must have. It really is that good.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista; Mac OS X 10.8 and later; Linux



When it comes to the sheer number of features (at least as far as PDF viewers are concerned), there’s hardly an application that can even come close to SodaPDF. You can spend hours exploring everything that’s crammed into it, which includes features that go beyond simple PDF viewing and editing.

Talking about the basics PDF viewing features, from multi-document tabbed viewing and reading modes, to form-filling and annotation/highlights, SodaPDF has just about everything taken care of. In addition, it also lets you add geometric shapes, textual stamps, and sticker notes to your PDF documents. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. SodaPDF makes it easy to create PDF documents from a truckload of different files, and supports batch mode for bulk creation as well. Apart from that, you can use it to reverse convert into other document formats such as HTML, TXT, and RTF. And there’s more. The application includes the ability to securely sign PDF documents, and as one of its unique features, includes a bunch of (paid) plug-ins, that can be be used to convert images to PDF (via OCR functionality). And did we mention that SodaPDF can connect to numerous cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive, thus making it possible to manage even the PDF files that you’ve stored online. Now that is awesome!

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, and 7

Price: Paid versions start from $59.00, 14 days free trial available


PDF-Xchange Viewer

Bottom line is, PDF-Xchange Viewer is a lightweight but still extremely capable PDF reader software, that also packs in a nice set of quirky extra features. However, its free version is quite restricted, which is a bit of a downer.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

Price: Paid version costs $79.50, Restricted free trial available

Nitro Reader

There might be users out there who find the overabundance of features in applications like SodaPDF and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC confounding, and would rather prefer a PDF reader that’s a bit toned-down, but still sufficiently capable. If that includes you, Nitro Reader is what you need.

Go for Nitro Reader if you want a well rounded PDF reader software application, with decent editing features. That being said, don’t expect it to go against the likes of SodaPDF.

Price: Free


Expert PDF Reader

On the hunt for a basic PDF reader application that can handle the occasional annotation and editing tasks, without becoming bloated? There aren’t many programs that can strike that balance, but Expert PDF Reader comes pretty close.

Expert PDF Reader is perfect if your PDF editing needs are basic, and you’re largely concerned with just viewing PDF files. Other than that, it really doesn’t offer much.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

Price: Free


Sumatra PDF

What if you don’t really care for fancy features like annotations, form-filling, document signing etc., and just want a simple PDF reader application that lets you view PDF files? You’re in luck, as that’s exactly what Sumatra PDF is all about.

For those who just want a solid PDF reader software, Sumatra PDF is definitely worth checking out. That being said, it’s also a bit too basic, and doesn’t really contain any unique features apart from the earlier mentioned multi-format support.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


Honorable Mentions: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox

Surprised at seeing web browsers mentioned as PDF readers? Well, don’t be. Believe it or not, all modern web browsers include the functionality to view PDF files, baked right into them. So if you all need is a simple solution to view PDF files every now and then, you don’t even need to bother with installing a third party PDF reader applications. For those using the latest Windows 10, Microsoft Edge can open up your PDF files just fine. On the other hand, if your browser of choice is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can use them to view PDF documents.

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Simplify the way you read PDF documents

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