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Best Insurance Blogs and Websites for insurance agents, brokers, consumers and other types of business owners to keep up to date on insurance industry trends and learn tactics to protect and grow their business.

We have compiled the Top Websites and Blogs about Life insurance, Health insurance, Car insurance, Home insurance, Travel insurance, Farmers insurance, Online insurance, Auto insurance and more for you, so you don’t have to search further.

Insurance Blogs and Websites

You can find many Best Insurance Blogs and Websites here:

Insurance Business America

National insurance news for USA insurance professionals. Read American insurance news, analysis, and interviews with leaders in the US insurance industry.

Location:  US

Insurance Information Institute

The Insurance Information Institute (III) is a U.S. industry association which exists “to improve public understanding of insurance – what it does and how it works.” Founded in 1959, the organization is based in New York City.

Location:  New York, US

Insurance Journal

Insurance Journal delivers the latest business news for the Property & Casualty insurance industry.

Location:  San Diego, California, US


The Allstate Corporation is an American insurance company, headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, near Northbrook, since 1967. Founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck and Co., it was spun off in 1993, but was still partially owned by Sears until it became completely an independent company in June 1995. The company also has personal lines insurance operations in Canada.

Location: Northbrook, Illinois, US

Accenture Insurance

The Accenture Insurance leadership discusses how to achieve high performance for life and property and casualty insurers. Latest industry research, blog posts and events for the insurance industry.

Location: Dublin, Ireland is a health insurance exchange website operated by the United States federal government under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act or ACA, commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, which currently serves the residents of the U.S.

Location: US

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Embroker is the easiest way to intelligently insure any business. By pairing technology and broker expertise, Embroker helps growing businesses save time and find the best value on the right coverage.

Location: San Francisco, California, US

The General Insurance

The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc., or simply The General, is a licensed insurance agency that is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp. that focuses on auto insurance. In 2012, the company was acquired by American Family Insurance; The General brand still remains as a separate brand.

News & Articles from ‘The General’. Also, features Car & Driving Tips, Company News, Auto Insurance 101, and Entertainment for customers and fans of The General Insurance!

Location: Nashville, Tennessee, US

MAPFRE Insurance

MAPFRE Insurance is headquartered in Webster, Massachusetts, United States. It was founded in 1972 as the Commerce Group.

MAPFRE Insurance writes property and casualty insurance in 19 states across the United States through a network of more than 4,200 independent agents and brokers. MAPFRE Insurance is the 19th largest provider of personal automobile insurance and the 20th largest personal lines insurer in the United States. MAPFRE Insurance is also the largest private passenger automobile insurer, homeowners’ insurer, and commercial automobile insurer in Massachusetts.[citation needed] MAPFRE Insurance provides a full range of insurance products, including coverage for automobiles, homes, motorcycles, watercraft, and businesses, as well as term life insurance. MAPFRE Insurance is part of the MAPFRE Group, an international insurer with business in 47 countries on five continents. The MAPFRE Group is the leading insurer in Spain. It is also the leading insurer in the non-life market in Latin America and the sixth-largest non-life insurer in Europe.

Learn more about car insurance and homeowners coverage, safety tips, and more with MAPFRE Insurance’s Blog.

Location: US

Life Happens

Life Happens mission as a nonprofit is to give you unbiased information to help you make smart insurance choices to protect your loved ones. Life Happens is focused on educating you about what life, disability and long-term care insurance are and how these financial tools, along with annuities, can help you put a strong financial foundation in place so that you and your loved ones, and even your business, can thrive financially.

Location: Arlington, Virginia, US


ARTEMIS is the online heart of the Catastrophe Bond, Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS), Alternative Reinsurance Capital, and Weather Trading market. Artemis provides a platform for information exchange and learning on the topics of weather derivatives, weather futures, catastrophe bonds, insurance linked securities, risk transfer and reinsurance.

Location: Brighton, England, UK

Merlin Law Group

Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog is written by the attorneys of Merlin Law Group and provides insights on Insurance and Policy for property owners.

Merlin Law Group is a national insurance claim litigation firm that handles commercial property insurance claims, residential property insurance claims and bad faith claims.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US

Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance broker, covering everything from classic and vintage cars, right through to heavily modified sports cars. The latest news, views and opinions related to specialist car and home insurance in Adrian Flux Blog.

Location: UK

Agency Height

Search for experienced local insurance agents near you by simply entering your zip code. Connect with agents of your choice instantly.

Agency Height is an insurance blog that offers insurance agents content about the insights and queries of the industry to make their work more efficient.

Information, Tips, and Innovative Ideas for Insurance Agents and Insurance Seekers Alike

Location: New York

King Price Insurance

King Price Insurance is a South African-based, privately held insurance company that offers short-term insurance. The company is best known for its monthly decreasing car insurance premium model.

Location: South Africa


Esurance Insurance Services, Inc. is an American insurance company. It sells auto, home, motorcycle, and renters insurance direct to consumers online and by phone.

Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

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Best Smartphone Insurance Providers & Plans Uk 2023

That’s a huge convenience, but it also means if you lose your phone or it gets stolen then you are without your main communication device – and perhaps are at risk of bank or identity fraud.

That’s why it’s probably best to buy a phone insurance plan to cover your smartphone for accidental damage, loss, or theft.

If insured, you can get a quick replacement for a phone affected by any of those things – smashed screen, dropped in the sea, pinched from the pub – but not all insurance policies cover all eventualities.

In the UK you can take out a phone insurance plan on a new phone very easily, but it’s also possible to buy cover for a phone or multiple devices at any time.

Phone insurance with UK mobile operators

Many of the major network providers in the UK provide insurance services. Damage, loss and theft coverage may even be included in your contract, so it’s worth checking with your carrier before you go to a separate insurance company:

EE  – From £2.40 per month for damage protection, or £4.80 per month for full protection.

Must purchase when upgrading or taking out a new contract.

O2 – From £3 per month, with protection against loss, theft and damage. Minimum excess of £10.

Must purchase when upgrading or taking out a new contract.

Three – From £4 per month. Some plans include protection against damage, loss, theft and more.

Must take out within 28 days of purchase.

Vodafone – From £6.50 to £8.50 for damage protection, worldwide; £9.50 to £13.50 for damage, loss and theft protection, worldwide.

Device must be less than 60 days old.

iPhone insurance with AppleCare

Apple doesn’t call it insurance, but that’s what AppleCare and AppleCare+ is.

If you buy a new iPhone direct from Apple (and select third party retailers) you can choose to also purchase AppleCare at the same time (or within 60 days of the iPhone purchase).

Prices for regular AppleCare start from £3.49 per month or £69 for two years for the iPhone SE (2024) and go up to £9.99 per month or £199 for two years for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This covers unlimited repairs for accidental damage, repairs that use Apple parts, express replacement service, and 24/7 access to AppleCare experts online.

You can also get AppleCare+ from £5.99 per month and £119 for two years, up to £12.49 per month and £249 for two years, which gets you all of the above plus full cover for loss and theft.

If you’ve bought your iPhone from Apple then we recommend AppleCare because it’s just so easy to get quick repair at any Apple Store in the country. The insurance is linked to your Apple ID too, so you don’t need proof of purchase when you attend an appointment at the store (it’s best to book at the Genius Bar before turning up).

Samsung phone insurance Best phone insurance providers

Protect Your Bubble – Good for low excess costs on older phone models with £50 for damage or breakdown claims, and £75 for loss or theft. Policies start at £15.99 per month to insure up to three gadgets with worldwide coverage. Protect Your Bubble allows up to two theft or loss claims per year, per gadget.

You must have bought your phone within the last six months. Be prepared to pay significantly more than the £5 starting prices for phones like the iPhone 14 and new Samsung models, though.

Gadget Cover – Good for shared phone insurance, because your policy is extended to cover damage while a member of your immediate family is using your device. Prices start from around £3.99 per month, with loss coverage an optional extra, with an excess of £50 for devices worth less than £500, £75 for those worth between £501 and £999 and anything over £1,000 has an excess of £100. 

Endsleigh – Good for quick replacements. If your phone is lost, stolen, or unrepairable you should get a replacement within one working day. Insurance cover starts from £3.99 a month.

Unlike most dedicated gadget insurers, Endsleigh factors in your age, occupation, and other details in calculating a rate, so prices vary – but loss is included by default, and devices can be just under 3 years old when you start the policy. They also have options for students.

Simplesurance – Good for long-term plans. Simplesurance does just as you’d expect from its name: it keeps things simple. Instead of a monthly fee, you’ll pay a one-off fixed price to protect your phone over one year, two years or three years.

You can add theft protection, too. Prices are very reasonable, and get better if you choose a longer term.

Other insurance companies worth checking out include So-Sure and Love It Cover It.

Phone insurance buying guide Different kinds of phone insurance

The first thing to decide when it comes to phone insurance is the level of protection you want. A few factors affect the price of insurance, starting with the assumed market value of the device you are insuring. Most insurance providers will have specific plans for particularly popular devices like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

A lot of policies cover damage like liquid damage and theft but be wary that most packages won’t cover loss, and some of the cheapest packages (cheap being around £3 per month) will even leave out theft entirely and you’ll only be covered for accidental damage. So be sure to check the fine print because sometimes a cheap price means you won’t be covered for everything.

Nowadays with cool tech like Apple Pay and Android Pay, there’s also the risk that if stolen your phone could be used for contactless transaction, so look out for e-wallet cover – Gadget Cover is one of the few companies that includes this as standard.

Price and risk

An example is Protect Your Bubble, which offers an excess charge for a claim of damage or breakdown of £50 for many phones, increasing to £100 for the latest and greatest.

Other plans can have excess costs of more than £100. You have to consider the balance you want to strike between peace of mind and then the likelihood of making a claim; if you think you will then make sure you’re happy with the excess costs before you sign up.

Consider multi-device policies

If you’re looking to insure more than one device (say you want to cover all of your family’s phones) then quite a few providers sell multi-device packages. Protect Your Bubble again is a good option, offering household gadget insurance for 4-10 devices from £12.99 per month.

Gadget Cover also provides simple, flexible household insurance policies that are worth considering.

You might already have insurance

If you aren’t worried about theft or accidental damage (although most people should be!) don’t forget that the majority of smartphone manufacturers cover device defaults for 12 months. iPhones certainly are (when bought new) so double check.

It’s also possible that your phone will be covered by your existing home insurance, or under an insurance policy that comes with your bank account, so make sure to double-check both of those before you commit to spending more money on a new policy.

Check the terms and conditions

While we think the providers and policies mentioned in this article are good choices for smartphone insurance, you should always check the terms and conditions and small print before taking out a policy – this is because it depends on your personal situation or preferences.

For example, your phone might only be covered from car theft if the car is locked and phone in the glove box.

Some insurers also don’t protect smartphones unless they are six months old or newer. All these little things could add up to an insurance headache, so make sure you check the fine print.

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Best Instagram Stories Viewer And Saver Apps And Websites

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stories that are present on your Instagram page? Well, now you don’t need to sit and strain your eyes on your phone screen to view them. In this article, we will cover the best apps and websites to view Instagram Stories and even save them. Some of them even let you do so anonymously!

What are Instagram Stories viewers?

The apps, websites, and extensions come in varied functionalities, from allowing the user to download other users’ posts, to viewing Stories anonymously it really depends on what you are looking for.

Are Instagram Stories viewers safe?

Well, it is in a bit of a grey area. Currently, Instagram does not condemn users’ accounts for using story viewers. That being said, some of these apps require you to input your Instagram account credentials. This is always a risky business and should be undertaken with caution. The other apps and services on the list simply let you type in a person’s name and view their story anonymously. In this case, your account information is not shared.

Best websites

Here are the best websites to view and download Instagram stories. The best part about using a web app is that you do not need to download any third-party application. You can access them from any browser.

Instagram Story Viewer

This web app is super easy to use and also free! It does not need you to download any third-party application. Instead, you can use it right in your browser. You also do not need to create an account to start viewing stories! However, if you do create an account you can save your viewed stories to your account.

The best part is that this Instagram Story viewer is anonymous! That’s right, your name will not show up in the list of viewers on the person’s account. Naturally, you can only view stories of users that have public profiles. As mentioned above, you can easily download stories, and save them right to your local storage.

Visit: Instagram Story Viewer


This web app lets you anonymously view Instagram stories, and even download them. It has a simple to use interface. You do not need to create an account on the website to start viewing stories. In fact, you don’t even need an Instagram account! Instastories lets you view and download stories from Public profiles on Instagram.

The web app even lets you view saved highlights from the person’s account. Additionally, you can view posts on the person’s profile and even download them to your local storage!

Visit: Instastories

Story Insta


Like the other web apps in this list, Instadp lets you anonymously view and download a user’s Instagram story. Additionally, you can also view and download a user’s profile picture in its original format and dimensions!

Instadp does not let you download posts though. It is only available as a web app, so you will need to access it through your browser. You do not need to create an account to use the function.

Visit: Instadp

Best apps

Here are the best mobile apps to view and download Instagram stories on your device.

Story Saver for Instagram

This handle little app lets you anonymously view Instagram stories. You do need to sign in with your account, but that is mainly to get access to your Following list. The app also lets you load up highlights saved by the user in your profile. You can view and download these without leaving a trace!

Download Story Saver for Instagram: Android

Story Saver – Download Story

This is an all in one Instagram Story viewer. Not only does it let you anonymously view stories on Instagram, but you can also download them discreetly to your local storage. The app even lets you copy Instagram captions, in case you come across some nice ones.

You can also download IGTV videos as well as Highlights saved to a user’s profile!

Download Story Saver – Download Story: Android

Story Assistant

Download Story Assistant: Android 

Story Saver

Here is another simple Instagram store saver app that does its job well. It has a clean interface and easy to understand UI. The app also has its own gallery, that lets you view all you downloaded content right within the app itself. You can browse stories from your own feed, or simply look up a particular account.

Download Story Saver: Android

Storized – Story Viewer for IG

Download Storized – Story Viewer for IG: iOS

Best Google Chrome Extensions

These extensions can be added to Google Chrome and act as Instagram Stories viewers! All you have to do is head to the Chrome Web Store and tap ‘Add to Chrome’ on your favorite Extension.


Chrome Extension: Hiddengram

Save IG Live Story

Chrome Extension: Save IG Live Story

Downloader for Instagram

This is a super easy to use Instagram Story downloaded. In fact, this Chrome extension adds a little download button right on the Instagram stories itself! So all you really have to do is tap the button to download the story to your device. You can also choose to download specific posts from a user’s profile with the same extension.

Chrome Extension: Downloader for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram is an anonymous Instagram Story viewer. This extension adds a download button right in your Instagram feed! And can we just say, it looks most convincing? You will notice a little download button right beside your ‘Send’ option on posts, and next to the user’s name on stories.

Chrome Extension: FastSave for Instagram

Story Saver

Chrome Extension: Downloader for Instagram


Applecare+ Theft And Loss Insurance Launches In France, Italy And Spain

Folks in France, Italy and Spain can now sign up for an upgraded AppleCare+ plan to ensure they get a replacement iPhone for a small fee in case of device theft or loss.

What’s happening? The upgraded AppleCare+ insurance with theft and loss coverage has launched in France, Italy and Spain. Counting this expansion, this optional warranty coverage is now available in eight countries around the world.

Why care? If you’ve already signed up for AppleCare+ (which doesn’t cover device theft or loss) and you’re increasingly concerned that you might lose your iPhone or have it stolen from you, then you should consider this upgraded insurance offering from Apple for your next device.

What to do? If you live in countries where the upgrade AppleCare+ theft and loss insurance is available, visit Apple’s website and read the fine print to determine whether this is something that you might need down the road.

Where is AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss available

The AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, as it is officially called, was available in the following eight countries around the world as of August 3, 2023.







United Kingdom

United States

The regular AppleCare+ insurance is available in a greater number of countries than AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, which debuted in the United States in 2024.

How AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss works

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss has all the perks of regular AppleCare+ (which also covers device damage), plus the additional benefit of theft and loss insurance. It’s available separately from and costs a bit more than regular AppleCare+.

In return, you get peace of mind knowing you can get one replacement phone every twelve months for a much smaller fee than paying for a new phone upfront. You must purchase your coverage up to 60 days following the purchase of your device. You can pay for it upfront or opt for rolling monthly coverage, whichever suits you.

The claims process will have you mark the device as lost and erase it before transferring ownership. Claims in all countries are handled by financial firm AIG and you’ll need to finalize your claim on its website. Claims are limited to a maximum of two per year. If you have AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss and would like to make a claim, be sure to read Apple’s support document explaining the process.

For further information and details on how AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss works, read the program’s summary and disclosures [PDF document].

How much is AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss in the US?

Prices of these plans depend on your iPhone model and country. In the United States, for example, AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss for the iPhone 13 Pro is priced at $13.49/month. By comparison, the same insurance for the third-generation iPhone SE is $7.49/month. Upgrading from regular AppleCare+ to theft and loss protection will set you back an additional $60 upfront or up to an extra $3/month.

In case of theft, a replacement iPhone of the same model will cost you up to $149. Like with regular AppleCare+, you also get coverage for screen or back glass damage ($29 service fee) and other accidental damage ($99 service fee).

How much is AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss in the EU?

In the European Union, AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss is priced at up to €229 upfront or up to €11.49/month if opted for rolling monthly coverage, depending on your iPhone model. In other words, it’s an extra €60 upfront or up to an extra €3/month compared to Apple’s standard AppleCare+ offering. A replacement device incurs up top a €129 service fee. Screen or back glass damage is subject to a €29 incident fee and other accidental damage is €99.

For the flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max, paying €129 for a replacement phone saves you a lot of money versus buying a new device for north of €1,200. To reiterate, this device/country-specific service fee is in addition to the cost of the insurance itself.

Is AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss worth it?

No insurance is worth the money until something happens to your insured item. So maybe you think you could be in danger of having your iPhone stolen from you because you live in a neighborhood where theft is commonplace. Or maybe you’re afraid you might lose your phone because you misplace your house keys all the time. Read: Windows to Mac: Getting used to new keys, names and more

You’re wholeheartedly recommended to at least consider the upgraded AppleCare+ theft and loss insurance. It does cost extra upfront or month-to-month compared to the standard AppleCare+ plan but it does privilege you with additional coverage against theft or loss every twelve months. Read: Should you get AppleCare+ for your MacBook Pro

15 Best Crowdfunding Websites For Fundraising

Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur, dream of creating a revolutionary tech gadget, or anything else, financial backing is always required to turn those ideas into reality. However, securing funding for “just” ideas is always difficult. And this is especially true for startups, which often find it tough to entice investors and venture capitalists.

Fret not, as that’s what we’re here to help with. Excited? Here’s a listing of the 15 best crowdfunding websites.

1. Kickstarter

Pros: Basically synonymous with crowdfunding, Maximum project visibility/traffic, All or nothing scheme means that backers aren’t charged if the designated funding goal isn’t completely met.

Limitations: Strict project approval process, Project creation restricted to only certain countries (See note below), Can’t be used for charity based funding.

Commission/Charges: 5% of total funding secured. In addition, (3% + $0.20) are charged per transaction, as payment processing fees.

Note: Project creation is restricted to – US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

2. Indiegogo

Easy to get started with and an extremely well known name among crowdfunding sites, Indiegogo has been used to raise funding for projects such as the Ubuntu Edge smartphone (although the funding goal wasn’t met). The website hosts innumerable funding campaigns, including everything from Community and Education, to Film and Writing. So far, more than $800 million have been raised via Indiegogo, and over 9 million people have backed up numerous projects hosted on it. It allows the campaign creators to choose from different flexible funding plans for easier fund collection. Indiegogo even has a sister site, Generosity, geared specifically towards securing funding for social and charitable causes.

Pros: Project creation available anywhere around the world, Less strict for accepting projects, Both Keep it all and All or nothing funding schemes available, Analytics support.

Limitations: Lesser project visibility as compared to Kickstarter, Reduced project success rates.

Visit Website

3. GoFundMe

If you want to secure funding for a charitable or community oriented cause, or wish to pledge financial support for such initiatives, there’s no better place to get started than GoFundMe. And although the website is primarily focused towards raising funds for social causes, it can also be used to collect financial support for personal life-events such as family gatherings. Getting started with a fundraising campaign is pretty simple. And if you’re stuck somewhere, GoFundMe has a 5-minute email support to help you out.

Pros: Easy to use, All secured funding can be kept.

Commission/Charges: 5% of each donation. In addition, (1.4%-4.25%) are charged as payment processing fees. 

Visit Website

4. JustGiving

Although primarily intended to be a platform for easy collection and processing of donations made to registered charities, JustGiving can be used to secure funds social causes supported by individuals as well. Pledging financial support is easy, and can be done directly via credit/debit cards. If the charity and donor are based in the UK (JustGiving’s home country), the donations can be sent via SMS too. Apart from that, the donations can also be directly sent to the charities after adding references to JustGiving, thus reflecting the amounts on the fundraising page set up for the charity. JustGiving operates on the Keep it All model, so funds can be kept even if goal isn’t met.

Limitations: Charities have to be registered with JustGiving, Restricted to (charities in) a handful of countries, with primary focus on UK.

Commission/Charges: 5% of each donation made. In addition, 2.95% are charged per transaction, as payment processing fees.

Visit Website

5. YouCaring

Pros: No commission charged by YouCaring for the donations, Multiple social causes supported.

Limitations: Nothing major that we could find.

Commission/Charges: YouCaring doesn’t charge anything. Only, (2.9% + $0.30) is deducted as payment processing fees.

Visit Website

6. Razoo

Following the usual approach of securing financial support via online fundraising campaigns, Razoo is catered towards everyone from individuals to non-profit organizations. Setting up a fundraising campaign is a trivial affair, and you can specify details such as target funding, deadline, and even set the impact level for specific donation amounts. Razoo also supports “Giving Days”, which are 24-hour long online fundraising events. The features of Giving days include scheduled donations, immediate fund transfer, and more.

Pros: Can be used for both personal and team-based charitable fundraisers.

Limitations: Relatively high platform fees, Information on the website a bit ambiguous.

Commission/Charges: 4.9% charged as platform fees. In addition, (2% +$0.30) are charged per transaction as payment processing fees.

7. Ulule

It may not be as established as some of the other names on this list, but Ulule (or more specifically, its impact) has been growing steadily. So far, it has secured close to $50 million in funding, having successfully backed over 11,000 projects (Want more numbers? Check out Ulule’s live stats page). The European crowdfunding website hosts projects spread across a diverse spectrum of categories such as Music, Technology, Heritage, and Games. Ulule follows the All or Nothing funding scheme, which means that if the funding goal isn’t met, the backers aren’t charged.

Pros: Moderated project approval reduces chances of fraudulent campaigns. 

Limitations: Project creation limited to countries in the European Union, Pricing structure slightly confusing.

Visit Website

8. Patreon

Just like the previously discussed Ulule, Patreon has also acquired quite a bit of popularity in a relatively short amount of time. It can be considered as a specialized crowdfunding platform that’s geared more towards Comic artists, YouTube content makers, Podcasters etc., as compared to budding entrepreneurs. Patreon allows artists to secure funding on a recurring basis. So if you’re an indie artist churning out artworks on a regular schedule, Patreon might be just what you need to get going. That being said, Patreon has been a target of a massive hacking attack in the past, so be a little careful while proceeding.

Pros: Recurring or per-creation funding options for patrons for easier continued support, No geographical restrictions.

Commission/Charges: 5% platform fees. In addition, 4-6% are charged per transaction as credit card fees.

Visit Website

9. CrowdRise

What’s (probably) most interesting about CrowdRise is that one of its co-founders is actor Edward Norton (Yep, The Incredible Hulk!). That out of the way, CrowdRise is a platform designed to raise funds for individual causes, registered charities, as well as popular events such as marathons. Once a fundraiser profile has been set up, it can be shared on social networks for better visibility. It even comes with services like custom branding and emails, redeemable reward points, and instant access to funds.

Limitations: None that we could find, except for the weird (although funny) questions sprinkled in the usual FAQ section.

Commission/Charges: (5% or 3%) out of every $100 secured in donation. This includes credit card fees as well.

Visit Website

10. GiveForward

Designed to be an easy way of securing donations for both individual and community focused social causes, GiveForward works pretty well for what it is. In addition to financial support, the website provides numerous ways of pledging assistance to the causes, like sending household items to those in need, and even organizing meals. Per its own stats, GiveForward has raised over $180 million for various causes. It operates on the Keep it All scheme, so donation amount can be kept even if the target isn’t met.

Limitations: Restricted only to the United States.

Commission/Charges: 5% platform fees. In addition, (2.9%+$0.30) per donation are charged as payment processing fee.

Visit Website

11. RocketHub

Pros: Popular and associated with big names and organizations, Wide variety of creative causes can be crowdfunded.

Limitations: Comparatively higher costs, especially if funding goal isn’t met.

Commission/Charges: 4% of donation (if goal is reached). 8% of donation (if goal isn’t reached). In addition, 4% are charged as credit card handling fees.

Visit Website

12. WishBerry

If you live in India and are a looking forward to securing funding for your next big idea, WishBerry is definitely something worth checking out. It can be used to gather financial support for a diverse array of creative projects. It follows a pretty strict approval process for projects, and only accepts them if they are somewhat complete (and not merely ideas). Other than that, WishBerry makes it pretty much mandatory for creators to offer rewards to (potential) backers, as this increases chances of successful funding. It follows the All or Nothing model, so if the target goal isn’t met, the funds are returned to the backers (minus processing charges).

Pros: Specifically geared towards India, but anyone around the world can contribute (credit cards supported only), Consulting available for making rewards, pitch videos etc., Analytics support.

Limitations: Mandatory duration deadline requirement (max. 60 days), No PayPal support.

Commission/Charges: INR 2,500 (~$36) to be paid on project approval. In addition, 10% commission is charged on funds secured. Further, 14% service tax is charged on platform fees (not on the total amount raised).

13. Ketto

Yet another crowdfunding platform for the folks living in India, Ketto lets you raise funds for both creative endeavors (e.g. Music, Fashion, Tech), as well as social causes (e.g. NGOs, charities). The platform has raised over $100 million for more than 4000 campaigns. As compared to WishBerry, Ketto’s approval process is a lot more relaxed. Project creators are provided with a personal account manager before a project goes live. In addition, Ketto also offers some unique services, such as a Cash on Delivery option for delivering gathered funds.

Pros: Keep it All scheme ensures funds are delivered even if target isn’t met, No hard deadlines.

Limitations: None in particular, apart from the ambiguous information regarding usage charges.

Visit Website

14. Experiment

Pros: Specific focus towards funding scientific research. Results of scientific findings are shared with backers.

Commission/Charges: 8% platform fee charged.

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15. Fig

In its own words, Fig is a curated platform that lets people crowdfund and invest in games. Fig is only a few months old (having launched in August 2024), but even then it challenges the “standard” crowdfunding approach. In addition to the regular “rewards” system available with other crowdfunding websites, Fig also allows early investors/backers of a game project to receive some part of the profits, once it’s released. The website has been gaining traction real fast, and only recently, successfully met the funding goal for the platform game Psychonauts 2, marking the largest funding goal achieved in video game crowdfunding history. How cool is that?

Limitations: Only available in the United States, Restricted to only one or two active projects at a time.

Commission/Charges: 5% of the total amount. In addition, 5% of game sales may also be charged based on specific deal terms.

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Get your creative idea(s) on the fast track with these crowdfunding sites

Best Bitcoin Casino Sites And Crypto Games In 2023

There are an increasing number of Bitcoin casinos, and the industry is rapidly expanding. The rise of Bitcoin casinos has transformed the entire gaming and casino industry.

It’s easy to see why this has so many fans. When playing at crypto casinos, more control, enjoyment, and money are all within reach. In this article, we’ll look at the top three Bitcoin casinos. Let’s get right to work and avoid any unnecessary chit-chat.

Top 3 Bitcoin Casino Games and Sites

mBit Casino: Overall Best Bitcoin Casino Website, Editor’s Pick

JustBit: Popular Online Casino Games and Bitcoin Slots

TrueFlip: Engaging Bitcoin Gaming and Sports Betting

#1. mBit Casino: Overall Best Bitcoin Casino Website, Editor’s Pick Overview

mBit Casino is a unique Bitcoin gambling platform that we had to notice. The mBit Casino is one of the most graphically attractive user interfaces ever. Its ethereal and whimsical design will take you to the realm of online casino gaming, where you’ll quickly forget that you’re sitting comfortably in your living room.

This reputable gambling platform offers a vast assortment of slots, baccarat, blackjack, and video poker games. If you wish to deposit Bitcoin into your gambling account, you won’t have to pay any fees to the provider. Your incredible VIP trip will begin once you have mastered the platform. After joining the VIP squad, you can quickly cash out large rewards from over 2,000 games.

Participants in the VIP program gain loyalty points and receive personalized presents, a dedicated VIP manager, and access to special incentives that are considerably more exciting than the original ones. Depending on your chosen coin, your VIP journey may take you to a different realm. 

Consequently, you could wind on worlds Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and eventually the Moon. Although other currencies offer special incentives, cashbacks, and bonuses, only the Moon offers personalized bargains to each customer.


Daily races on mBit are a fun opportunity to win some significant rewards. These three-hour races are jam-packed with adrenaline and don’t require a minimum bet, so your odds of winning are determined by multiplying your stakes rather than the original bet. Pick your favorite slot machine and hope for the best.

No matter how well you know your way around Google, you will surely enjoy the little quiz on mBit Casino’s website. Anyone who can answer all ten trivia questions correctly will be eligible to win amazing prizes in this entertaining and generous quiz game. You can earn a share of the 5,000 free spins if you correctly answer all the questions.


More than 2,500 games are available

Withdrawals are processed in a matter of minutes rather than hours

Great year-round incentives and incentives for referring friends and family members

Licensed and controlled by Antillephone N.V.


There are only six cryptocurrencies that can be used


The well-designed theme of mBitCasino is one of our favorite features. Seeing the bright neon hues of Las Vegas will put you right in the mood for gambling. In addition to its stunning aesthetics, the platform is incredibly user-friendly, so you’ll be up and running in no time. When learning everything there is to know about Bitcoin and Bitcoin gambling, mBit Casino has you covered with a comprehensive tutorial. 

#2. JustBit: Popular Online Casino Games and Bitcoin Slots


JustBit is where all the crypto gaming magic takes place. This fantastic platform ensures that your data is entirely secure to get you in the mood to play. The business accepts many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, Cardano, and Tron and has the most extensive online game library to keep your pockets full and help you with passive earnings. Just deposit and start playing your luck. 

When you join JustBit, you’ll quickly discover that you look forward to Mondays since you’ll receive a 15% cashback bonus. You’ll find a variety of slot reels and table games to indulge in. For casino lovers, just hit the option of “live casino”, choose your preferred game type, put your money in and start playing. With JustBit, a user can even watch live sports games with real-time updates. There are other game categories like instant games, table games, and jackpots to increase your chances of earning good money. 

The home page features all the top and popular games that fetch decent ROI for the game. On average every game fetches 45% cashback and they run on 30 FPS for a smooth gaming experience. 


JustBit offers a risk-free option to try out every game before you deposit real money through a game trial, whether you’re new to online gambling or just extra careful. Using this function, you may acquire a feel for each game without risking money. That way, you’ll gain a lot of confidence and experience, and you’ll be able to test out each feature before you get started with the actual thing.

JustBit comp points are unique benefits you receive for placing bets. For every game you play, you earn points that can be redeemed for real money anytime. All you have to do to spend your hard-earned bonus is head to the comp exchange, enter your favorite currency, and the number of points you wish to convert. Apart from cryptocurrencies, they accept local currencies as well. 


Spectacular everyday rewards

When a currency is not accepted, it is immediately changed to its equivalent in a currently active currency

Adheres to the rules of responsible gambling

The most popular and profitable games are highlighted

Over 7,000 games are available in the crypto ecosystem


You have to be 18+ to register on this platform. 


You need not seek any further than JustBit for a never-ending supply of fun and lucrative Bitcoin games. This site has more than 7,000 games to choose from, and each one comes with various prizes and incentives. 

This gambling business takes its duties to players seriously and goes above and beyond to educate potential consumers about responsible gambling. If you or someone is struggling with an addiction to online gambling, you may always reach out to customer service for support.

#3. TrueFlip: Engaging Bitcoin Gaming and Sports Betting


TrueFlip is an online casino platform where users can register and play to earn. All the games run on blockchain technology which makes the experience seamless and immersive. TrueFlip is the place to go if you want to combine the excitement of online gaming with the excitement of Bitcoin. You’ll find a wide variety of games at this online casino, from the more classic to the newest and most cutting-edge.

Gambling platforms that have been founded by a group of casino lovers and players are guaranteed to provide the utmost convenience for all other players. TrueFlip is the place to go if you’re seeking immediate payments, high-quality games, and excellent customer service.

To tickle the interests of the gamers, TrueFlip hosts occasional crypto tournaments that fetch exciting prices. Lucky winners receive cryptocurrency as a jackpot. From table games to live casinos, TrueFlip has it all! Just register yourself and get a weekly cashback of more than 20%. 


Additionally, TrueFlip’s year-long tournaments aren’t the only enticing offerings. New players can participate in a freeroll during their first week on the site. This offer is an excellent way to get started, so you can acquire a feel for the service and even win some prizes. The game has a loyalty program for regular players that provides them access to exclusive games, gifts and more. TrueFlip provides the maximum convenience of a quick exchange on the site, whether you are looking to buy Bitcoin or swap your crypto earnings for fiat cash or local currencies. You can purchase cryptocurrency with any major credit card and then convert it to your major currency. The platform accepts more than 10 local currencies so far. 


Using major credit cards, you can purchase crypto coins to start playing

Multiple cryptocurrencies can be used to play games and they’re in app purchases

More than 2000 games to choose from. All of them run on blockchain

Your winnings can be withdrawn immediately

The games run on 30 FPS for a smooth experience

Exceptional customer service


Only a tiny selection of poker games are available

The user must be 18 years or above to participate in the games.


A top-notch online casino that accepts cryptocurrency payments is TrueFlip, and it’s the only one you should consider. Designed to make you feel like you’re at a real-life casino, it has an excellent layout and visuals. Over 2,000 different games are available on this gaming site, so you’re sure to find your fortunate one. TrueFlip also offers the most basic and economic exchange, allowing you to swap assets at your convenience, whether you want Bitcoin or euros.

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing A Crypto Gambling Site Available games

Before you get too excited, you need to figure out which Bitcoin casino games you want to play. You’ll have to decide between virtual and live games, essentially. You can play virtual games directly on your computer or any preferred device. Virtual casino games include slot machines, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, keno, and bingo.

However, live dealer games allow you to experience online gambling more humanly because they are played in real-time. You and your dealer or host are usually linked by audio or video call. Live casinos are more expensive than most virtual ones since they include people, technology, and physical places. Various live dealer games are available, but the most popular include baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.


Just because you’re just starting doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the simple things while you learn about the world of crypto gambling. Finally, a gambling platform’s user interface can either make or break your experience with it. If you can’t find your way around the site or understand how to play a game, what use is there in having over 7,000 games?

As a result, it’s better to adhere to the fundamentals and focus on simple websites that are easy to use and navigate. Otherwise, you’ll be lost on a problematic platform with nothing to do but slog through it.

In addition to a straightforward user interface, you should seek out visually appealing platforms. A platform with a good sense of humor can lift your spirits and make your day a little more bearable.


When it comes to finding a trustworthy online casino, Bitcoin casinos are no exception. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution while entrusting your personal information and digital assets to others. When you play on trustworthy gambling platforms, personal information is protected by industry-standard algorithms and encryption techniques.

However, with online gambling, you must also be concerned about the safety of your money. For the most secure Bitcoin casino, you need to pay attention to the service’s method of depositing and storing your money. The best policy is to keep cash in cold wallets, which are impervious to hacking attempts, and use hot wallets, which are accessible online, exclusively for the daily transactions you must perform.

Game demos

Using a free game demo is the most excellent method to familiarize yourself with the new world of online and crypto gaming. Free demos allow you to play any game without putting money on the line. To get a taste of all the fun, you can use these tools to gain a good handle on a particular game and devise your strategy. As they say, practice makes perfect, so be on the lookout for Bitcoin casinos that provide no-risk practice versions of their software.

Payment methods and withdrawals

Before you hurry into a Bitcoin casino, it’s essential to consider the payment options they allow. They will likely accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies at many crypto casinos. In addition to accepting crypto payments, a few crypto gaming services still take fiat currency. BitStarz, for example, includes a built-in exchange where you can buy Bitcoins or exchange your crypto for a fiat currency, making it easier to withdraw your winnings.

Factors We Considered While Selecting These Crypto Casino Sites Welcome packages

All online gamblers want to receive their money’s worth from the top Bitcoin gambling sites, even if it’s just for a little bit of fun! And the crypto casino that offers the most acceptable welcome deposit bonuses provides the most value for its new customers. That’s why we put it at the top of our list of the best Bitcoin casinos.

Gaming Variety

To find the top Bitcoin casinos, you’ll need to find something for everyone. We granted more excellent marks in this study to Bitcoin casinos that offered the most variety of crypto casino games. We’ve also outlined excellent sportsbooks, live dealer tables, online slots, and horse race wagering choices. You’ll be able to get a place at one of the crypto casinos we’ve reviewed if you’re looking for an online gambling experience.

Bonuses & promos

All three of our best options have different welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spin bonuses, and free play incentives. However, we’ve reviewed them individually to make it easier for you to compare. The Bitcoin casinos with the biggest bonuses and the lowest wagering requirements received a higher score from us.

Banking option

To find the top Bitcoin casinos, we’re looking for casinos that offer a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options. All of the casinos on this list take Bitcoin, but we also emphasized those that accept at least six other cryptocurrencies. In addition, we paid particular attention to sites that paid off quickly.


In this category, you’ll find everything from the casino’s reputation, to its licensing status, to the security of its website, and more. You should only play at safe and trustworthy casinos, especially if you’re dealing with cryptos.

Bitcoin availability

Of course, a casino’s ability to accept Bitcoin payments and withdrawals was the first factor we looked into. Additionally, individuals that provide a variety of coins receive bonus points.

Customer support

If a Bitcoin casino is hesitant to resolve monetary difficulties fairly, it is not worth registering with. You won’t discover any sites featured in this review that don’t reply to gamers’ issues promptly. As a result, we assigned higher marks to websites that provide a variety of methods for contacting them, all of which are quick and dependable.

The Steps to Joining Online Bitcoin Casinos

If the above gambling sites have piqued your interest in crypto gambling, now is the perfect moment to give Bitcoin casinos a go. Also, despite the widespread belief that everything having to do with cryptocurrency is difficult and time-consuming, you’ll find that most crypto casinos are simple to operate. Then read our step-by-step crypto gambling guide before you place your first wager. It will save you time and frustration.

1. Get a wallet

When you “go” to a Bitcoin casino, you’ll need to bring your wallet with you, just as when you go to a traditional casino. We’re not talking about a regular wallet here but a customized crypto wallet. There are a wide variety of crypto wallets to choose from, depending on the device you intend to use to access them, how they handle your assets, and a host of other factors. 

Depending on the frequency of your transactions, you will only need to choose between a hot or a cold wallet. A hot or online wallet is recommended if you expect to transact frequently. On the other hand, it is the safest and most secure alternative if you want to keep a large portion of your earnings in a cold or offline wallet. Although many Bitcoin casinos even give you a crypto wallet, you don’t have to search for the most refined crypto wallet before you begin playing.

2. Acquire Bitcoin or other cryptos

The first step in gambling is to get your hands on some cryptocurrency. With the support of cryptocurrency exchanges or other trading platforms, this may be done fast. There are times when you won’t need to use another service, like BitStarz, because they have a customized crypto exchange that handles everything.

3. Register at a Bitcoin casino

Choosing a gambling site and creating your user profile are the next steps after acquiring your funds. With the help of the previous reviews, we feel that picking the best platform is quite simple while signing up for any of the featured casinos is a simple process that only requires a few basic details. Depositing funds to your account is as simple as that, and you may start having fun right away.

4. Game & win 

This is when the real fun begins. Once you’ve managed to fund your account with cryptocurrency, you’re free to participate in many online games with the potential to net you a sizable payday. Nevertheless, if your first game results in a substantial loss, we suggest you either go on to a different one or “hit the road” until your lucky star joins you on the gambling voyage.

5. Withdraw your winning

In addition to understanding when to call it quits while losing, you should also be able to leave the party when still in the lead. Withdraw your money and have a good time with it after you’ve had your daily dosage of fun, excitement, and maybe some good fortune and profit. Many Bitcoin casinos make getting your winnings back into your wallet easy. In contrast, others immediately let you swap them for fiat currency, allowing you to begin spending directly.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino Site Transparency

With crypto casinos, information is far more readily available than in traditional ones. Traditional casinos routinely conceal information from their customers, such as possible winnings. Traditional casinos have a reputation for exploiting inexperienced gamblers. 

Safe and secure

Most of the time, players at traditional casinos are required to divulge confidential information, such as credit card numbers. We all realize that releasing such sensitive information is a risky move. You don’t have to be concerned about this anymore because crypto casinos have eliminated this risk. The gambler’s personal information has been completely protected. 

You can begin playing once you’ve deposited money into a designated bank account. There’s no need to remember your username and password each time you want to play. You don’t have to worry about identity theft when using cryptocurrency because it doesn’t require personal information. In addition, your personal information is not tied to your crypto wallet, so no one can track your transactions.


Traditional casinos charge more money for deposits and transactions compared to Bitcoin casinos. Adding insult to injury, taxes, and tariffs significantly impact winnings. However, when it comes to crypto casinos, the story is quite different. There is no centralized authority that regulates the Bitcoin system. To put it another way, you have complete control over your finances. 

No one has the power to freeze or seize your digital assets. You have full control over your money and transactions. Because there isn’t any central regulating authority, transaction costs are either zero or low. Deposit and withdrawal fees are pretty standard.

Fast and convenient FAQs About Online Casino with Cryptocurrency Is crypto gambling safe?

If you play at reputable and trustworthy casinos, crypto gaming is secure. If you’re concerned about the platform’s security, you should always check the service’s standards and certifications. 

The best way to ensure that your personal information and digital assets are protected to the highest industry standards is to play at a casino that has been approved or regulated by a legitimate regulatory organization. If you don’t have the time to do the legwork, you can rely on our list of the safest platforms for crypto gambling.

Are Bitcoin casinos easy to cheat?

No. Cheating in traditional and new ways is unlikely to work in a Bitcoin casino. For the most part, this is because services that allow you to wager using cryptocurrency generally have more technical expertise than you have. To prevent scams, they already have a plethora of algorithms and other measures in place. Since the system is so intricate, any attempt to be creative will fail and may result in your suspension from the platform.

How can I know I’m dealing with a trustworthy Bitcoin casino?

To be called “trustworthy”, traditional online casinos that accept Bitcoin must have an operating license and offer games you can independently verify to be fair. You shouldn’t open an account with an online Bitcoin casino that doesn’t have a visible operating license. 

Players who sign up for unregulated online casino sites are putting their financial and personal information at risk because they are unaware of the dangers of doing so. You must know that every Bitcoin casino listed in our evaluations has a legitimate operating license. Customers can anticipate fair betting odds, trustworthy payments, and excellent customer service from the online casinos that we suggest.

Why should I play casino games with cryptocurrency? 

Bitcoin transactions allow players to remove their personal information from their online casino of choice. Just like with a bank transfer, it’s simple to make a Bitcoin deposit. Furthermore, because Bitcoin transactions are entirely anonymous, gamers have an even better chance of keeping their information private while wagering on crypto casino sites.

By depositing with Bitcoins, players get the opportunity to play crypto-exclusive titles and specialty Bitcoin games that can only be found at crypto casino sites. Withdrawals are also speedier and frequently free of charge when using Bitcoin deposits. When compared to many other online casinos, our top picks all accept cryptocurrencies in addition to fiat money.

Is it better to play with Bitcoin or cash?

Your decision is final. If the game is available in both conditions, the experience would be the same. An initial reading suggests that it is acceptable to experiment with both. Cryptocurrencies are typically volatile, so you should keep this in mind. This adds a new level of risk to any gambling. 

Consider the following scenario: You win a large sum of money using Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value plummets by 25% when you request a withdrawal of your winnings. Using fiat money, you would have gotten a quarter of what you would have if you had used cryptocurrency. On the other hand, if Bitcoin surges in value, you may be able to double or even triple your initial winnings.

Concluding on Best Online Crypto Casinos and Bitcoin Casino Sites

If you love gaming, Bitcoin casino are the best spot to get your adrenaline pumping every day. You will never be bored at home again because you have a limitless amount of games at your disposal. In addition to the thrills and spills of Bitcoin gambling, you could win a life-changing quantity of money if you’re lucky enough.

Playing at a Bitcoin casino is the best way to pass the time when you’re under lockdown. In the meantime, we wish you success with your next wager and encourage you to reconsider the gaming sites we’ve evaluated above. Also, when it comes to gaming, always proceed with caution.

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