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4 inspiring examples of B2B companies harnessing social media for B2B marketing

In our 7 Steps B2B Digital Marketing Guide we show the importance of tailoring planning and content generation and curation around the specific needs of business-to-business (B2B) buyers when positioning B2B products and services. In this post I will look at more examples of B2B companies making good use of social media.

Social media and business are two phrases that have sat uncomfortably for several years; I think for good reason. I think about my own use of social media going back before 2008 to when the major platforms developed into mass audience participation, real-time news and networking sites, and the ways in which people use them. Business applications of social media do appear to have been shoehorned in as an afterthought.

In previous posts, we talked about the importance of curating content and creating great original content and offered a number of examples of brands in B2B doing this well. When you have a well designed content plan in place, it makes social media far easier to plan for. For me,  content is the fuel needed to power effective social media campaigns that serve to inform, educate, entertain, persuade, engage and endure.

Enduring social media strategies go beyond broadcasting your own news and views and B2B marketers need to be ruthless about how, where and when they deploy social media. Without the stellar consumer budgets or mass market audiences, the pressures on return on investment are heightened.

Here’s a warning. Social media may not cost a lot, but it can suck time if not managed correctly. Don’t believe the books, gurus and bloggers that suggest you can manage social media in 10 minutes a day, because that’s not true. Even with the latest cutting-edge software integration, this is impossible. If you are going to use it effectively, it requires a change in your mindset.

Three strategic uses for social media in B2B

Social media can deliver many things, but for me, it offers business three key things.

1. It offers an opportunity to boost customer acquisition by expanding a brand’s reach, add scale to campaigns and enhance conversion through recommendations.

3. It also provides the opportunity to access a huge market to test, trial and crowd source new ideas about your products and services.

How to approach B2B social media in the right way

If social media is about engaging, adding value and showcasing expertise, how can you make sure you talk about the things that matter to the people that matter on the platforms that matter?

Use the CARE model to guide you in evaluating what Content you want to be associated with, what Audience/s you wish to interact with, how Relevant you are going to be, and how you might go about Evaluation of your activities.

Examples of B2B use of social media

Here are four examples of B2B brands that demonstrate these thought processes in their social media interaction.

Avery Dennison takes a great approach to social media online and has succesfully developed some platforms whilst showing a willingness to always try out others.

I think they do some interesting things on their Facebook page which help pull together lots of other elements of their marketing programme to provide a dynamic and rich content experience for Facebook page followers.

In particular, I like how they make a huge splash around their many global trade shows and bring the experience to the page with the use of snippets of video hosted on YouTube. It’s also good how they mine their history to continually tell the story of the business in an engaging way. A great content plan will help drive this. Visit the social media centre for links to other social media profiles.

PepperL+Fuchs use Twitter in a way that really helps the company to interact with its target audience. Unlike many large corporates with 10,000+ employees and a strict corporate tone of voice, there are several accounts. The corporate US account provides the news and product related broadcast tweets.

But what is interesting is their new account which looks like it will cover Europe. The social media team, admittedly in it’s infancy peppers (no pun intended) the usual broadcast stream with a healthy mix of tweets designed to engage and offer narrative. From simple ‘meet the team behind the tweets’ updates to use of mainstream hashtags to get involved in real-time real dialogue, you can see it is going to be focused on delivering information but in a very personable way.

Knauf Insulation has been showing through its use of social media in the UK how to stay on topic and remain relevant to its audience. In this case, Knauf are one of the founding businesses involved in the UK’s Green Deal project created to improve the insulation of older housing stock across the UK – benefitting energy consumers and the environment long term. Talking consistently about, and adding value to the debate around, a small number of issues means you are much more likely to have a more engaged audience.

Above, Knauf UK targeting #GreenDeal. Below, Knauf UK MD John Sinfield doing his bit with some direct to politician and media canvassing on the topic.

We know online a picture paints a thousand words. Companies in the business of design can profit from the emergence of image based social media applications like Pinterest, Instagram, even SnapChat, to build a profile and reputation and remain relevant and true to what they believe.

Milliken Carpets Pinterest page offers an interesting example of how to move far beyond the limitations of product features to accentuate the benefits and, in some cases inherent beauty of design, in products and their environment. The attractiveness of a Pinterest page lies in its simplicity; it can provide a very immediate visual inspiration and want people to seek out more. Keep in mind this business sells carpet tiles!

Image based marketing offers lots of opportunities to B2B marketers – think about your events, your blog posts, your product literature and more. Pinterest can also be a good place to host and find the latest data laden infographics too. The approach to boards makes it easy to project your people, your office, your interests, your work in ways that really draw people in.

B2B social media pitfalls

As we’re considering strategy, I thought I’d end this post by looking at some of the pitfalls that afflict B2B marketers when pulling a social media strategy together. Squarely the challenges fall into three categories; what to say, to who, where.

1. Don’t leave it to one person to handle. There needs to be a team effort to designing and implementing a social media strategy that may extend beyond different timezones, sectors, audiences and content.

2. Don’t leave it to the wrong person or people. That means don’t leave it to the new graduate or intern. Like most initiatives that require company wide engagement and buy-in, it needs senior level backing and resource..

3. Have a plan for content. Take a lead from Knauf and identify the dominant industry issue you can help with.

4. Set some metrics to measure success in social media. By tracking vanity metrics like fans, follows, like or using more sophisticated engagement data and tracking conversion through to specific calls to action. (The topic of a future post).

5. Select the right platforms. By this I mean the right watering holes. Where do your target audiences congregate chúng tôi where can you direct them if nothing currently exists?

6. Make sure your employees can participate. If you need to have a social media policy, keep it simple but give people a degree of autonomy to use sites in work time and to share content – especially through Linkedin Inshare to professional contacts.

7. Integrate social media with business goals and objectives. Sounds simple but how many companies do it? Consider existing customers, prospects, suppliers, employees, recruitment and other third parties you are already communicating with and consider how some platforms might make this easier.

8. Give it time. Remember the ‘social’ element. Lead generation won’t happen overnight. Accept building a brand reputation through social media is a long game.

What great examples of B2B social media have you seen? What challenges do you face in developing a B2B social media strategy?

You're reading Creating A Social Media Strategy For B2B Audiences, Products And Services

How Should I Start A Social Media Campaign For My Business?

Social media campaigns provide a wide range of business growth when used properly. It brings in potential customers within the business and promotes the same. Read on to know more about how should you start a social media campaign for your business!

This process will allow you to make an effective social media campaign without confusion, and by following it, you don’t have to go anywhere regarding social media marketing.

Set Your Goals

Everything starts with a goal, and so does marketing. So, before you create or think anything about social media marketing, set your goals. Do proper market research and industry analysis, and create your objective carefully. Also, set optimum standards that will define your social media campaign success. Marketing is a wide concept, and every business has different marketing goals. You have to make sure that each social media campaign has one specific goal. In simple words, a separate campaign should be created for every objective, like brand awareness, sales, lead generation, etc.

Choose the Channels

Social media is endless, and it has multiple channels. Now you can’t do marketing on all channels, and thus you have to choose some specific channels. You can choose anyone, but sometimes you can select your channels based on your market research, business requirements, and industry analysis. There are multiple channels, from Instagram to Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, and every channel has some special characteristics. All you have to do is identify the channel which suits your business requirements. The budget for social media campaigns also differs, so you must keep the budget in your mind while choosing the channels.

Make a Social Media Calendar

This is very important because timing and discipline matter a lot in marketing. Now when it comes to social media marketing, it becomes more important because here, you will come across different types of audiences from all across the globe. Social media calendar means you must decide how much time you will give to every channel in a day or week. You also must set a specific time for posting content and other stuff. You can select any random time, but the thing is, it makes you consistent and disciplined. After one or two campaigns, you can change the time if required. The main importance of a social media calendar is it helps you remain consistent and disciplined and smooth the process.

Choose Your Content Type

Content is everything. Now you have to work on your content. Great content requires a lot of things, but before that, you have to choose the content and, most importantly, stick to that type for at least some time. Content type simply means in what way you will show your thoughts, ideas, etc. Some popular content types include video, images, info graphics, text, visual data, etc. Now the selection of the content types depends upon various factors like business requirements, targeted audience, location, and latest trends. For example, short videos are currently trending everywhere and bring great user engagement and reach.

Choose Right Tools

Doesn’t matter which digital marketing module you have chosen; you have to take the help of tools; otherwise, you will not get desired results. Selecting the right tools is very important because tons of tools are available in the market. Also, you have to take care of the budget because to use these tools fully, you have to purchase their premium plans. From posting to creating content and tracking to guiding, you will find tools in every aspect of the social media campaign.


A social media campaign is not limited to creating and posting content; it’s all about connecting with the audience. So, when you have started your campaign, make sure to interact with the audience regularly. Ask for their preferences, feedback, and suggestions, and help them whenever they want. It plays an important role in the success of your social media campaign. So proper and effective social media management is necessary. It includes updating the content, following the trends, customer interactions, content management, etc.

Tracking & Analysis

Tracking your social media campaign is very important to measure the success of your social media campaign. By using a proper tracking system, you will get accurate metrics defining the success of your campaign against your predefined benchmarks. Only tracking will not help; you also have to analyze the data of the tracking system for improvements. The data helps you to make more effective and strong social media campaigns.

Final words

We have described the whole process of starting a social media campaign for a business. The process is suitable for every type of business, irrespective of its type and scale. The process not only gives you great results but also saves your time and ultimately makes the whole process conflict-free and smooth.

The Social Media Community And Its Role As A Unifying Factor


Even though terms “social networking” and “social media” can be used synonymously, social networking is typically understood to refer to users creating communities within those communities, whereas social media is more concerned with using social networking sites and related platforms to develop an audience.

What is a social media community?

Social media communities can either be a planned page, group, or website where fans of your company interact. Or a vague but vibrant follower base that is very involved in your organic content approach. Although the formalised Facebook group style will be the main emphasis of this essay because it offers more useful business insights, it’s still important to consider whatever the unknown “informal” social media community might resemble.

How does social media influence the community? What is the importance of community media in our lives and its role in development?

Social media Influences

Community media provide a way for people to actively engage in society, to showcase their own language and material, and to connect with the diaspora by sharing informative, amusing, and useful content.

While traditional media would mostly broadcast in the nation’s official language, which is not often readily understood by newly arrived people in particular, community media also allows migrants to broadcast in their own language. There are many interesting trials of multi-language radio broadcasts, which are quite successful in lowering barriers between various populations, despite the fact that one-language broadcasts may also be exclusionary. For the purposes of integration, the ability to build bridges between diverse groups—whether they be different immigrant groups or immigrant and “local” communities—is particularly crucial. This allows for the sharing of knowledge and the chance to respect one another’s cultures and traditions without aiming for one-way assimilation into host societies.

What are some examples of social communities? The Employee Community

Global Age has long been here, bringing with it constant access to the entire globe through the numerous modern forms of communication. Additionally, everyone is linked, including your team and employees. The manner in which employees go about their daily tasks has been impacted by smartphones, social media, and apps. They are using social media more frequently now to gather information, look for solutions, and generally carry out their tasks more successfully. You must accept and make use of the digitality of contemporary businesses if you want to capitalize on this trend.

The Customer Community The Insights Community

The final illustration of successful online social communities emphasizes insights as a way to gather information on a broad marketing scale. In the end, the line between success and failure is drawn by ideas and the actions you take as a result. Previously, we viewed customers through the lens of the typical consumer. There is no such thing as an average consumer, according to contemporary findings. For a more accurate and trustworthy representation of your potential market, insights rely on customer diversity and the anticipated profile of each consumer.

The Private Social Network Conclusion

Every person may have a significant impact on social media, and when this number increases, it has the potential to completely shift the game for any brand or company. Keep in mind that things don’t always sell, sell, sell! Utilize these social media networks to offer your clients value. Consider their suggestions and address them. They are the ones that truly matter, and by listening to their opinions, your brand may change with the times. This would facilitate the development of an active social media community for your brand and aid in brand exposure.


Q1. How are social media platforms used locally?

Ans. People join or start social communities with the intention of discussing a public problem. A business owner typically wants to hear diverse people’s opinions regarding their goods. A social media community is a place for conversation. People rarely know one another on this gateway.

Q2. What kind of positive effects might social media have on the neighborhood?

Ans. Stay in touch and up to date with family and friends all across the world. Find new acquaintances and groups to join; connect with those who have similar goals or interests. Join or support deserving causes; bring attention to critical issues.

Q3. What effect does the media have on the community?

Ans. People may experience poverty, crime, nudity, violence, poor mental and physical health disorders, and other catastrophic outcomes as a result of the harmful effects of the media on society.

How To Create Unique Username For Social Media

How often do social media accounts with unique usernames fascinate you? Social media profiles are meant to grab eyeballs. While if you have a personal account, posting your pics makes a good impression. But some out-of-the-box usernames are pretty intriguing. It makes your profile stand apart and puts an impressive appearance. You would find it challenging to come up with creativity in usernames. If you are thinking of how to create a unique username for social media, then we are here to help you out!

How to create a Unique Username for Social Media?

There are many ways to create unique usernames for your social media account. However, we will discuss the methods to help you make the most extraordinary usernames.

Below mentioned is a list of the same:

Use wordplay to create a unique username

Create a username using the things you love

Add some remarkable numbers to create a unique username

Describe your interest in creating a unique username

Use descriptive adjectives

Let’s look at how you can utilize them to create one username!

1] Use Wordplay to Create a Unique Username

Writing simple words in a complex way might seem absurd to some. However, it’s a beautiful way to add creativity to your creation and make it stand out from the crowd. You can adopt a similar approach with your usernames too.

Wordplay brings a lot of creativity to your username. So, when you think of creating a catchy and attractive username, then it’s a must-go option. You can use some related words or alliteration-type words to add to your username.

For instance, “marvelousmaria” and “cherrytheberry” are some usernames that use wordplay. You can use your first name, last name, or nickname.

2] Create a Username using the Things you Love

Some of you would be pretty obsessive about the things you love. There are possibilities that it becomes noticeable from your behavior. If you are an avenger fan or similar, you would discuss them all time, use the character stuff, and so on. You can creatively use such things to make a great username.

For instance, you can keep it “theawesomehulk” if you are a Hulk fan. You can also use the names of your favorite artists. Like, “thelastBTS” if you are a BTS fan.

3] Add Some Remarkable Numbers to Create a Unique Username

Some of the dates hold an important place in your knife. It may be your birthdate, birth year, or similar. Besides, it can also be your lucky number or the birthdate of someone special in your life. When you think of using anonymous usernames, you will find plenty of them. You can keep one similar suiting your likes. However, it’s pretty common and does not make it stand out. Often you would think of one, but the username would be unavailable.

Under such circumstances, you can add some remarkable numbers.

One such way is to keep the name as theyoungbiker01 instead of “theyoungbiker.” Here, 01 represents the last digits of the birth year. Similarly, you can choose a name and add significant numbers to it. You do not tend to forget usernames when you add numbers that hold particular importance.

Another example is keeping “thesuspiciousgirl002” instead of “thesuspiciousgirl.”

4] Describe your Interest in Creating a Unique Username

You would have some interests, food habits, or something you are fond of. These are unique for you, so you can add them to your username. Such usernames, including your name and interests, make it stand out from the crowd.

If you are someone who loves spaghetti, then you can keep it as “jennylovesspaghetti.” On the other hand, you can keep a name like “samlikeselena” if you are a die-hard of Selena Gomez. Similarly, you can substitute it with the personalities or interests and add your name.

5] Use Descriptive Adjectives

Adjectives perfectly describe everything. Similarly, people around you would use several adjectives for you too. Moreover, as you know yourself well, you can add descriptive adjectives that you like. Some of them include “themysterioussoul,” “missergophile,” “sarcasticsam,” “thecouchpotato,” “lazycreep,” and similar. You can also add adjectives to your names or some anonymous-type names which don’t reveal your identity.

If you find creating a catchy and attractive username challenging, you can use a name generator online tool. You can head over to it, enter your preferences, and it will craft one as per what suits you.


We have guided you well when you discover how to create a unique username for social media. You can indulge the magic of wordplay or use remarkable numbers like your birth date. At the same time, you would have some likes, some interests and would be fond of artists too. You can use them with your name and form a beautiful username.

You can add descriptive adjectives that work best to enhance creativity and attractiveness. If you find it tough to create a creative username, you can use the Nordpass username generator.

What’s a unique username?

A unique username is not used by anyone else. This can be accomplished by combining letters, numbers, and special characters. Sometimes, a unique username may be ten characters or more in length.

How do you make a good social media username?

There are so many online tools that help you make a good social media username. In this article, we have shared some tips and tricks that you can use to generate a unique username for your social media account. Whether you want to use it for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email account, you can use them without any problem.

Your Top Social Media News For June 2023

June was a busy month in the social media world!

Learn about these updates and more in this month’s social roundup:


Facebook announced a few new Facebook Live features. The platform will allow for two-person broadcasts (meaning two people in different locations will be able to broadcast at the same time). Also, users will be able to pre-schedule their broadcasts and have a virtual waiting room for attendees.

Learn More: News: New FB Live Features

The Facebook Like has a new look. The Like button, which is embedded on millions of web pages, is getting the “f” out and replacing it with the familiar thumbs up icon. The Like count will appear within the new blue button.

Learn More: Facebook Redesigns Like Button

Facebook will soon alter the way its 1.65 billion users discover stories in their News Feed. The social network will give preference to updates from friends and family over brands.

Learn More: Facebook News Feed Change: Goodbye, Publishers

Learn More: Facebook Gives Advertisers 3 New Powerful Tools


Instagram’s user-base has surged to 500 million active monthly users. Sixty percent of Instagram’s users, or an incredible 300 million people, now use the app every day.

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According to Bloomberg News, 150 million people use Snapchat each day, which surpasses Twitter’s average of 136 million active daily users.

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Twitter announced a new feature called ‘Stickers’ which are essentially a mash-up of hashtags, emoticons, and Snapchat filters all in one easy-to-use photo feature.

Learn More: Twitter Announces Searchable #Stickers: Are They The New Hashtag?

With the launch of a new desktop and iOS app called Dashboard, Twitter is trying to help busy SMBs engage with their current customers and reach new customers.

Learn More: Twitter Launches App To Get SMBs Tweeting More


YouTube announced it will be adding live streaming capabilities to the company’s mobile app. At first, the feature will be reserved for select YouTubers, but a wider release is expected to be coming in the future.

Learn More: Live Streaming Coming to YouTube’s Mobile App

Just as you have 140 characters per tweet, you can now share videos up to 140 seconds in length on Twitter.

Learn More: Twitter Increases Video Length to 140 Seconds

If your audience uses emojis, and you want to target those users with Twitter campaigns, now you can. Emoji keyword targeting is coming to Twitter Ads.

Learn More: Twitter Ads Now Allows Emoji Targeting

All image via their corresponding posts. Featured image via Paulo Bobita.

Selecting Social Media Listening Tools

Ideya’s new report shows the why, what and how of selecting social listening tools

Investment in social media monitoring (SMM) requires careful consideration since it is a long-term and potentially costly commitment. Understanding of the key SMM concepts, benefits and possible applications is of utmost importance. In order to realize the long-term value of SMM, SMM needs to become part of the business strategy and well-integrated with the business processes.

Only by having a clear understanding of how SMM supports your business, you can transition from experimental, tactical to a more strategic use of SMM.

There are many social media monitoring and management tools on the market and making an educated choice about which SMM tools can best address company’s needs and justify social media investment, has become a challenging task for organizations as social media technology business has branched out into a diverse set of technologies, data types and countless vendors confusing buyers.

This August 2013 comparison of social media monitoring tools by Ideya Ltd shows that there are at least 250 tools now available. Of these 199 are paid, with the remainder free or using a combined model.

New tools and services are emerging continually, while already established SMM companies are frequently improving their products by introducing new features and coverage to accommodate their clients’ needs.

Each tool offers specific set of functionalities and differs in focus, coverage and approach, with some focusing more on engagement, publishing and workflow management, while other offering strong analytics and reporting functions.

The 70 pages long report extract below has good detail on how to approach selecting tools, a listing of all tools and detailed profile of 11 tools (out of 250 profiles available in the full report).

How do social listening tools help in marketing campaigns?

SMM tool metrics and measurements are designed to evaluate company activities and inform an overall social media strategy. The metrics may involve statistics about the share, reach, impact and speed of conversations about the company. These parameters can be used to assess the company image and perceptions before and after campaign and measure campaign effectiveness, and identify trends that lead to new marketing and product tactics.

Ideya says that social media monitoring tools typically assist organizations in:

1. Acquiring real-time social marketing insights to inform social media marketing and communication plans

3. Developing social content strategies to promote products and services and engage with current and potential customers across social media channels in real time,

5. Making better decisions about campaigns and brand extensions with a clear understanding of the key factors influencing brand’s health – monitoring how key metrics across SM channels change before and after company’s campaigns, detecting drops or spikes in buzz or sentiments and drill down to examine the causes,

6. Supporting rapid social marketing engagement, and

7. Developing performance metrics.

Ideya’s SMM Tools report also examines other SMM tool applications such as Marketing, PR, Event Management, Search Engine Marketing, Market Research, Advertising, Investor Relations, Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Lead Generation, Product R&D and Innovation Management, Operations, Customer Services, Legal and Human Resources.

Requirements for social listening tools

So that’s the ‘why’ of social media listening tools, but how do you decide? Issues to consider when selecting social media tools are summarised in this chart.

Finally, here is the introduction to the report, we hope you find this alert useful.

Update the detailed information about Creating A Social Media Strategy For B2B Audiences, Products And Services on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!