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Nearly everyone with an iPhone has heard of Paper Monsters. The adorable 2-D platformer won our hearts three years ago for being one of the best in the genre at the time.

Crescent Moon Games pulled their beloved title from the App Store earlier this week and has replaced it with the PC and Wii U version, Paper Monsters Recut. One of the best aspects of this new title is that it does not feature in-app purchases. We’ve got a game review of Paper Monsters Recut for you today.


As traditional platform games go, this one is the traditional-y-ist. It features a cardboard hero out to save the day by collecting golden paper clips. This redesigned version uses Apple’s Metal framework so it is even more robust than the 2012 title.

This new title also has a bunch of brand new levels, a space-themed world, and new power ups. My favorite new feature is that the game is also MFi compatible, which makes it play like a full console platformer.


Using a cartoonish array of rainbows, blocks, and pipes, the game brings you into a paper filled world where T-Rex monsters are squashed into pinwheels and you can find secret paper clips by walking though walls. The handmade paper craft design adds to the charm of the game, making it easy to immerse oneself into the world. The catchy soundtrack is perfectly matched for the upbeat storyline.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that, at times, you are able to transport into the background of a level and collect items before heading back to the forefront.


The goal of each level is to find all three golden paper clips. There are also secret, hidden golden buttons, as well as the basic buttons to collect. The more you find, the higher your point score. The paper clips unlock new levels.

For gamers that have already had their fill of the original Paper Monsters, this game has been completely redesigned. For example, instead of automatically jumping to the next level, players explore different areas in the Paperland Overworld. It is like a map of the different worlds and levels, but you interact with it, and even find hidden paperclips that unlock even more content.

Even aside from new maps and worlds, every level has been tweaked a little to offer a completely different experience from the original iOS title. The graphics have improved, the design has been updated and the basic gaming mechanics are more exciting.

The Good

If you thought the original Paper Monsters on iOS was good, you will really be impressed with this completely redesigned version. It is just all around better – as if your favorite wallet, the one that was starting to look a bit old and worn out, was suddenly brand new again, and had extra pockets for more stuff, and was magically thinner than ever before.

I love that this game is MFi compatible. It makes the game truly a console quality title.

The Bad

If you have already invested more than $0.99 on in-app purchases, you might feel a bit slighted that you’ll have to spend new money for this new game. However, it really is practically a brand new game. As I mentioned above, even existing levels have been completely redesigned with new content.

In the process of redesigning, the developers decided not to speed up the action of this game, so it still suffers from feeling a bit too easy.


Paper Monsters Recut costs $4.99 and it does not include any in-app purchases. It seems like more and more game developers are choosing the premium model over free-to-play, which is a good thing. This five-dollar version includes additional levels, power ups, secret mini games, and a whole new space-themed level.


If you have already played Paper Monsters and loved it, this new version will bring a smile to your face, but you may not want to pay for it considering you have already invested in the original one. However, because every bit of the game has been redesigned with new mechanics, I don’t think you will be disappointed to pay up it. If you’ve never played Paper Monsters, but enjoy good-looking, charming platform games, this is a pleasing addition to the roster. This game is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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It reminds me a bit of the PlayStation game LittleBigPlanet. If you like platformers, you have to check out Leo’s Fortune.

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How To Disable Focus Assist On Windows 11. (Remove Taskbar Moon Icon)

If you have recently updated to Windows 11 and are currently going through the process of configuring the operating system to match your requirements. This article will show you how to remove the Focus Assist icon from the Windows 11 taskbar. That’s the little moon icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the taskbar.

Related: How to fix white or blank icons on the Windows 11 Desktop or Taskbar.

The official release of Windows 11 into preview builds this week has been quite the eye-opener as it is very different to the leaked release from several weeks ago. Changes go far deeper than everyone release making Windows 11 a lot less like a Windows 10 reskin and more like a new operating system. Although there are still a lot of features from Windows 10 left behind, they seem to be the ones worth keeping, at least at first glance.

If you aren’t familiar with Focus Assist, it’s pretty much a slimmed-down version of the Windows 10 Action Center and acts as a hub for system-wide events and notifications. Most people will probably mistake the icon for a weather widget at first, which is pretty understandable consider most weather icons are either a sun a moon or a cloud. Although I prefer the new Focus Assist concept more than the Action Center, I can’t see myself using it.

So as I generally like to personalise my Windows builds to a minimalistic state, without any stuff that I don’t have a use for, the first icon to go after the Search icon and Widgets icon is the Focus Assist icon (the moon in the taskbar). Although some people may find this icon useful it doesn’t really serve enough of a purpose for me to keep around long term. So if you find yourself want to remove the focus assist icon as well let’s get started.

How do you remove the Focus Assist (moon icon) from the Taskbar on Windows 11?

To remove the Focus Assist icon from the Taskbar on Windows 11, you’ll need to do the following from the Settings menu.

Next, change the option from Priority only or Alarms only to Off. This will completely remove the icon. If you change it to anything else it will still remain visible, just its internal processes will change.

As soon as you make the change it will take effect.

If you enter this menu and decide you might keep it on, you can further adjust its settings. Using the options under the Automatic rules area.

Other ways to Personalise Windows 11? Customising Windows 11.

How to personalise Windows 11 with or without activating it.

Bloomberg Launches On Apple Tv Globally With 24/7 Live News Stream, On

Following Apple’s steady release of new content and features for its existing Apple TV platform in recent months, this week it adds yet another as Bloomberg becomes the first channel to live stream business news 24/7 to Apple TV customers. We spoke with Bloomberg’s head of mobile Oke Okaro who told us all about the new Apple TV app.

The majority of the content you’ll find in the new app is the same Bloomberg TV content you’ll find on its website and in its mobile apps but specifically optimized for the larger screen. That includes a live stream of business news, on-demand content with a mix of full TV show episodes and clips, and a special live stream that will appear only for events and breaking news. While there is similar news programming already on the Apple TV through apps like The Wall Street Journal and SkyNews, Bloomberg will be the first to have a 24/7 live stream of business news. That’s compared to the WSJ app which often only live streams content on certain hours throughout the day. It’s also going beyond the other news apps by offering all of its content for free in full-length form in addition to integration with its iOS apps coming in a future update.

While it won’t be available in the initial launch this week, in the coming weeks an update to the app will bring a playlist feature that’s integrated with Bloomberg’s iOS apps. You’ll be able to sign-into your Bloomberg account on any device (including the Apple TV), create playlists, and quickly pick up where you left off on another device by signing-in and accessing your playlist. There isn’t a sign-in or account creation process needed to access Apple TV content, but when playlists roll out users will have the option to create an account and sign-in to access the feature.

After success with video content in its iOS apps and a 113% YOY of growth of video streams consumed online, Apple TV is Bloomberg’s first move into connected devices, set top boxes and smart TVs, but the company hinted that it’s considering bringing its content to other similar devices in the future.

The app is launching globally, just about everywhere Apple TV is available, and users will automatically get a live stream depending on their location. Users in the UK visiting the app will automatically be served Bloomberg TV’s UK stream, for example.

Apple has been adding new content partners to the Apple TV just about every month ahead of what many rumors suggest will be a refresh to the hardware in the near future. Since pushing out an update back in June that included HBO Go, WatchESPN, SkyNews and more, it’s added channels from Vevo, The Weather Channel, Disney, Yahoo, PBS, and Major League Soccer.

In addition, Apple has added a number of its own services including iTunes Radio, the iTunes Music Store, iMovie Theatre, and new features such as the ability use your TV as a second display through its wireless AirPlay Mirroring feature on the Mac.  Apple is expected to soon introduce integration with Time Warner to bring its TV shows to the platform.

In addition to Bloomberg, Apple TV picked up Crackle, Watch ABC, and more.

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Evidence Of Life On Jupiter’s Moon Europa Could Be Just Inches Below The Surface

As it turns out, you can literally scratch the surface of Europa to find life.

In a paper published today in Nature Astronomy, a group of JPL researchers make the claim that even areas exposed to the harshest radiation, you may not need to dig down more than 20 cm, or a little less than eight inches, into the icy surface to find evidence of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Europa is one of Jupiter’s four large moons, is known to have an ocean underneath it, and is considered one of the best places to have life within our solar system. But the moon is also exposed to immense amounts of Jupiter’s intense radiation, which extends for beyond the planet. While life below Europa’s thick ice shell would be well-protected, the researchers wanted to know if one could still find evidence for life on the surface or if it would be destroyed by radiation.

“We’ve known for a long time that the radiation on the surface of Europa is really dominant on the surface, like sitting inside a particle accelerator,” Tom Nordheim, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory research scientist and lead author of the paper, says.

Here’s a rough picture of how evidence of life would get from the ocean below to the surface above: Europa is known to have a few active “plumes,” something like an ice geyser that sprays ocean water a few miles into space before it falls back to the surface. That ocean water may, like our own, be filled with microbes and other chemicals directly related to life. Microbial life is unlikely to survive the brief off-world excursion. But byproducts of life might. The study wanted to know how much of those byproducts would survive and whether they might be detectable by a future NASA mission.

The study examined where Jupiter’s radiation hits hardest. In those areas, the surface is too continually battered by radiation for some amino acids—the building blocks of proteins—to persist. But about 4 to 8 inches down, those amino acids are a bit more protected. It could work like this: amino acids from the interior ocean get ejected into space, change due to the radiation, fall back to the surface, and become covered by more ice deposits on a timescale that allows some amino acids to survive. In turn, a future lander would just have to take a core sample deep enough to find the amino acids and confirm that Europa is ripe for life. In areas outside the harshest parts of the radiation, the amino acids might be literally right under the surface.

“Even in the harshest radiation zones, you really just have to scratch the surface to find material that has not been destroyed,” Nordheim says.

This has big implications for NASA’s future plans around Europa. In 2023, NASA will launch the Europa Clipper toward the Jupiter system. In order to protect the probe from the radiation it would experience were it to stay in Europa orbit, the Clipper will actually enter orbit around Jupiter and swoop by Europa for several close flybys. Congressional appropriation language calls for a lander to be part of the mission, though NASA has, for the most part, been concentrating on the orbiter design. This study shows that it’s not a tall order to find biosignatures with a lander—whether in 2023 or on a Europa mission more down the line.

Preliminary plans for the lander indicated that it might be able to drill 10 centimeters into Europa, but those plans were released last year and are subject to change.

“This signifies that we can drill, and we can drill at marginally shallow depths,” Kimberley Warren-Rhodes*, a SETI Institute scientist who studies planetary habitability, says. “That really ups the ante of being able to go and look for habitable environments.” (Warren-Rhodes was not involved in the study.)

Even though plenty of people might like to explore Europa in person, robotic exploration is currently our best option. While the radiation strikes some areas of Europa harder than others, no matter where you land, the all-encompassing radiation would be positively lethal to human beings. “It would certainly be much more beneficial to be outside those radiation zones, but I don’t think standing on Europa anywhere is a benign environment for human beings,” Warren-Rhodes says.

The next steps for the team involve taking a deeper look into how Europa’s magnetic field and ionosphere interact with and possibly push against Jupiter’s radiation belts. Data on Europa is somewhat hampered by the failure of the high gain antenna aboard NASA’s Galileo probe that orbited Jupiter in the 1990s and 2000s, but Nordheim says there’s enough to go off of to build good models for Europa. If those models do find that Europa’s magnetic field protects the moon from radiation, it could paint an even sunnier picture for finding biosignatures on the moon, and perhaps even identify ways the search could be done by an orbiter.

No matter how those future studies pan out, the search for life in the solar system is still a deep, heavy question. Fortunately, today’s study shows that exobiologists might not have to dig quite as deep as they thought to answer it.

Correction 7/27: An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Dr. Kimberley Warren-Rhodes as Dr. Amy Warren.

Controller Games Unblocked: Top 7 To Play On Browser

Controller Games Unblocked: Top 7 to Play on Browser Check out our list on the best browser games with controller support








Shooting games have always been in demand and are a large gaming niche, but may be out of range for budget-seeking gamers.

Even though there are a ton of browsers that support FPS games, we strongly recommend Opera GX since it’s a gaming-oriented browser and offers excellent performance.

Find out what are the best controller games online that you can play right now.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

The genre of shooting games has always been popular amongst enthusiasts. Over the years, accessing popular titles has become costly, and the games do not offer the same thrill. So, we decided to list the best FPS games with controller support you can play on the browser.

Browser games have become an alternative for many budget-conscious gamers. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy them. All you need is an average computer and a stable internet connection to get started.

In this article, we will list out the most exciting browser FPS (First Person Shooter) games with controller support for you to try out today.

What browsers have controller support?

While there are several browsers that offer controller support, Opera GX is undoubtedly the best. It is the first browser dedicated to gaming and offers numerous features that transform an online gaming experience into a real treat.

What browser games can I play with a controller?

There are several controller games online that you can play with a gamepad. This includes War Brokers, Bullet Force, Doom 3D, Superhot, and Krunker, amongst others.

If you have been looking for exciting browser FPS games with controller support, here are the 7 best ones you should try right away.

What are the browser games with controller support?


Wolfenstein 3D



War Brokers

Bullet Force

Mini Royale 2

Superhot immerses you in a sci-fi environment where they will manipulate time. As you fight against hordes of AI warriors in this FPS game, you gain the power of time.

Additional features:

Excellent mobile and PC compatibility


Multiple challenges


⇒ Play Superhot

You can now play the original Wolfenstein 3D, the best browser FPS game with controller support. The legendary vintage title makes a comeback as a web game, bringing back memories for older players.

Wolfenstein 3D takes place in a World War II setting when Nazi Germany conquered the world. You play as a prisoner and must successfully escape the Nazi hideaway while fighting the opponents.

We like it since it is a smooth and vibrant game. It has a vintage feel, which makes you nostalgic.

Additional features:

Stealth mode

Realistic gun-sounds

Realistic death animations

⇒ Play Wolfenstein 3D

Doom is a classic game and the storyline revolves around a post-apocalyptic environment on Mars.

The devils have taken over Mars in the game, and all of your allies have died. The goal is for you to return to Earth and rescue Mars. However, there are stumbling blocks along the route and a pit stop in Hell.

Even after two decades, Doom aficionados will never be disappointed with the 3D edition. The visuals have a nostalgic feel to them and take you away from the current extremely high-resolution games.

Additional features:

Cross-platform integration

Realistic gun sounds

Realistic kill sounds

⇒ Play Doom 3D

Expert tip:

In addition, as compared to other web-based games, its Aim mechanism is more smooth and responsive. It also has an ADS system, which seems similar to Call of Duty.

Krunker is one of the best controller games unblocked if you like customization and fast-paced action.

Additional features:



More than 1000 items and maps

⇒ Play Krunker

Bullet Force is one of the best games on the list and offers everything you could ask for from a browser game. It’s seamless, has a plethora of in-game items, and the graphics are excellent, considering that it’s a browser-based game.

There are also various maps and modes available to keep the players glued. So, if you haven’t yet, try Bullet Force today. It is a great choice if you’re looking for unblocked controller games on the browser.

Additional features:

Smooth gameplay

Several modes available

⇒ Play Bullet Force

Another fast-paced battle royale game where only 10 players compete at a time on the map. Though the graphics aren’t great, they are comparable to the other FPS browser games with controller support.

You may encounter minor server-related issues, but these are generally resolved quickly, and shouldn’t affect the gaming experience.

Additional features:

Small map

Fast-paced gameplay

Feature loaded game

⇒ Play Mini Royale

How do I use a controller with my browser?

It’s really simple and you don’t have to put in any extra effort whatsoever. Whether it be the Xbox controller or the PS4 controller, just connect it to the PC as you usually do, and it should start working on the browser games.

Also, this works for both the wired and wireless ones and on all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. You might have to reconfigure the in-game controller settings since several users reported the sensitivity to be low, but that’s up to you.

So, these were the best browser FPS games with controller support. Check them all out today!

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Outsystems Launches Cloud Accelerators For Aws

Modern application platform announces new resources for developers ahead of Cloud Innovation Summit with AWS

BOSTON–  May 10, 2023 —

Digital Identity Verification: Provide an onboarding experience with identity verification workflows, including face matching for opted-in users, which compares a photo or selfie with an identifying document such as a driver’s license, built on Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Video Call Validation: Deliver video engagement for a variety of use cases, including identity verification during customer onboarding, or field services support using Amazon Kinesis or Chime.

Self-Service Chatbot: Reduce pressure on call centers by providing AI-powered chatbots and the ability to escalate to a human support agent as required, powered by Amazon Lex and Amazon Comprehend.

Customer and Employee Engagement Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA): Offer new ways to engage with customers and employees using voice and VPAs such as Amazon Alexa.

Multilingual Chatbot: Provide chatbots that are able to communicate in any language, using Amazon Translation Services, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Transcribe.

Multilingual Video Interaction: Deliver real-time video interaction to support new customer engagement use cases, powered by Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Translation Services, and Amazon Transcribe.

Personalized Streaming Experience: Provide superior workplace innovation experiences such as employee onboarding and training, built on Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3.

“OutSystems Cloud Accelerators are built upon our existing relationship with AWS to help every organization innovate through software,” said Patrick Jean, OutSystems CTO. “The past year has put tremendous stress on businesses and compounded decades-old software challenges, hastening the need for innovation. We’re launching these capabilities to provide developers across all company sizes and industries with an accelerated path to building modern cloud applications fast, right, and for future change.” “OutSystems has an ongoing commitment to arm development teams with the best capabilities to build modern applications in the cloud,” said Paulo Silva, Partner at everis, an NTT DATA Company. “As a global partner with over 350 OutSystems-certified professionals, we’ve experienced first-hand the combined power of the OutSystems development platform and AWS services to simplify digital transformation. Expanded resources like the Cloud Accelerators will help us as we continue delivering projects to our global customers and further address complex business requirements across many industries and use cases.”

BOSTON– May 10, 2023 — OutSystems , a global leader in modern application development, today announced the launch of new components and resources called Cloud Accelerators for Amazon Web Services (AWS) aimed at accelerating innovation as fast as business imperatives change. Announced ahead of the OutSystems and AWS Cloud Innovation Summit , these Accelerators enable developers to leverage the power of AWS in the OutSystems platform for key digital transformation initiatives. OutSystems is initially delivering seven Accelerators that target crucial areas of digital transformation: customer experience transformation, workplace innovation, process optimization, and technology modernization. The Accelerators combine components, samples, and training to help developers quickly and seamlessly build and evolve scalable applications that leverage key AWS services to support the following use cases:“OutSystems Cloud Accelerators are built upon our existing relationship with AWS to help every organization innovate through software,” said Patrick Jean, OutSystems CTO. “The past year has put tremendous stress on businesses and compounded decades-old software challenges, hastening the need for innovation. We’re launching these capabilities to provide developers across all company sizes and industries with an accelerated path to building modern cloud applications fast, right, and for future change.” “OutSystems has an ongoing commitment to arm development teams with the best capabilities to build modern applications in the cloud,” said Paulo Silva, Partner at everis, an NTT DATA Company. “As a global partner with over 350 OutSystems-certified professionals, we’ve experienced first-hand the combined power of the OutSystems development platform and AWS services to simplify digital transformation. Expanded resources like the Cloud Accelerators will help us as we continue delivering projects to our global customers and further address complex business requirements across many industries and use cases.” Cloud technologies are a critical part of any organization’s digital transformation journey, and these Accelerators combine the power of AWS and the OutSystems platform to drive scale, resilience, security, and flexibility in every step of the software lifecycle. For more information on OutSystems Cloud Accelerators, please visit: chúng tôi About OutSystems – OutSystems was founded in Portugal in 2001 with the mission to give every organization the power to innovate through software. The OutSystems modern application platform’s high productivity, connected, and AI-assisted tools help developers rapidly build and deploy a full range of applications anywhere the organization requires. With more than 435,000 community members, more than 1,500 employees, 350 partners, and active customers in 87 countries and across 22 industries, OutSystems has achieved global scale while helping organizations change the way they develop applications.

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