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The XRP v. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit has been unfolding for almost 9-months now. With new developments occurring frequently, the case shows no signs of concluding anytime soon. And now, the largest decentralized exchange, Uniswap and its developers, are now under the SEC’s radar.

As highlighted in an earlier report, the SEC is looking into how investors utilize Uniswap, how it is marketed and its operational procedures. The investigation is said to be in its nascent stage for now, and would likely not lead into formal prosecution anytime soon. However, as soon as the aforementioned news broke, it did have a fair amount of negative impact on the token.

Uniswap’s price had rallied by almost 20% in the three-day period between 30 August to 1 September. However, the DeFi token shed close to 11% of its value since then. At the time of writing, UNI’s valuation was exactly a dollar short of the $30 benchmark.

Assessing the current state

Well, the state of UNI’s on-chain metrics portrayed quite a few emerging tendencies at the time of writing. For starters, Glassnode’s data with respect to the number of active addresses depicted a riveting trend.

This metric was at its one-month low [1708] towards the end of August. However, the same registered a dramatic rise over the last couple of days and explicitly stood at 2573 at the time of writing.

Well, does this unforeseen uptick in the number of active addresses mean that dormant users have been cashing out after familiarizing themselves with the aforementioned SEC-related development? To answer the question, it becomes essential to do a temperature check and see whether or not the UNI market has encountered excessive selling pressure of late.

Interestingly, at the time of writing, the exchange net flow remained remained negative [-412k]. The same essentially indicated the emergence of buying interest, and highlighted that UNI tokens were being moved from exchange wallets to private wallets and cold storage.

Further, as per data from IntoTheBlock, buy orders have been exceeding the number of sell orders lately. For instance, over the past 12 hours, more than 200k additional UNI tokens have been bought.

In addition to this, most of the traders remained bullish about the token’s short-term prospects. For instance, the funding rate on all major exchanges, by and large, remained positive. The same on Binance, Phemex and OKEx, reflecting values of 0.08%, 0.15% and 0.07% respectively, at the time of writing.

Current levels imply that long traders were funding or paying the short traders, and the same is an optimistic sign for UNI’s price.

Additionally, not much change was witnessed in the perpetual swaps Open Interest. As seen from the chart above, they’ve been revolving well above $420 million of late. This means that new money is flowing  more or less at the same pace into UNI’s market, like before.

The total value locked, on the Uniswap protocol has also been surging. Curiously, the same stood at its 3-month high [$7.2 billion] at the time of writing. By and large, this signals that the overall health of the UNI market has been in good shape lately.

Apart from the initial hiccup, the UNI market has successfully been able to bring itself back on track. Keeping in mind the not-so-deviated state of most of the metrics, short-term traders can stick to their usual trading strategies and have nothing much to worry about at this point.

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Attract Investors With The Right Marketing Strategy

For any business, a good marketing strategy is often the difference between landing the next customer and closing shop. As the number of new business ventures continues to rise worldwide, marketing strategy is quickly becoming one of the most crucial factors in landing investors.

While new businesses fuel the economy’s growth, they are also gradually establishing a fiercely competitive funding environment, with each new entrant fighting to secure capital from a limited number of investors. One of the few tools available for businesses that want to find and attract investors is an outstanding marketing strategy.

Just like customers, potential investors can’t find you unless you put the word out. They also won’t invest in a business that hasn’t figured out its customer acquisition strategy – a key goal of any sound marketing strategy. 

To help you find and appeal to the right investors, we’ll explore some general marketing best practices along with nuanced investor-focused marketing tips. 

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How marketing can help you attract investors

Marketing is about identifying your target market, understanding the needs of people in that market, and communicating how your company can solve their problems. Typically, companies do this to find potential customers. 

However, you can also use marketing skills with the end goal of convincing people or organizations to invest money in your company. Here are five steps to take if you want to market to investors. 

1. Discover investor needs.

The first step is finding out what potential investors need or want in a business investment. Investors tend to focus on a few crucial factors: 

Is the company profitable?

Is the company in an industry on the upswing?

Will the company’s executive team be able to take it to the next level?

Is the company offering a unique product or service difficult for competitors to replicate?

Depending on your specific business, product, or industry, investors may look for additional factors, including strategic alliances, technical know-how, a critical mass customer base, or intellectual property.

Figure out what factors are most crucial to your potential investors. 

2. Ensure your business is strong in areas critical to investors.

When you’re ready to sell your house, you might enhance the landscaping and declutter the interior to make it more appealing to potential buyers. You’ll go through a similar exercise with your business when trying to secure private investors. Once you know what investors are looking for, it’s time to ensure your business is vital in those areas. 

Follow these steps to shore up your business: 

Analyze your business performance. Make changes to strengthen your profit margin, build your customer base, and increase sales.

Hire the experts you need. If you don’t already have the right expertise on your team, bring on people who can fill the gaps. For example, hire a digital marketing expert, social media manager or bookkeeper if necessary.

Protect your intellectual property. Take steps to protect your intellectual property with patents and trademarks, if applicable.

Enhance your website. Ensure your website design is attractive and that the site functions well and is filled with quality content.

Check your other marketing materials. Ensure your general and specialized marketing materials and strategies are effective. For example, ensure your email marketing campaigns are correctly targeted.


If you need to grow your customer base, consider sending out free or discounted products to generate buzz, and highlight positive reviews, customer feedback, referrals, and testimonials.

Did You Know?

Angel investors are high-net-worth investors who generally focus on local startups. They have skin in the game and often develop an emotional attachment to the companies they fund.


Use one of the best social media management and marketing tools to develop specific strategies, track mentions, and update and maintain your social media accounts.

The Bees Behind Your Morning Coffee Might Be In Big Trouble

The best coffee grows in the mountains, where it is cool. The plants need low temperatures to thrive, which is why growers often put shade trees in their fields. But the mountains are getting hotter. And the higher you go, the less room there is to grow coffee. This is one reason scientists predict coffee will suffer in a changing climate.

New research suggests the fate of coffee may be worse than previously thought. Earlier projections underestimated the effects of climate change, specifically in Latin America, and failed to consider the consequences for coffee-pollinating bees, according to the study, which appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This is bad news, and not just for coffee lovers. It portends economic disaster for vulnerable farmers whose incomes depend on the crop. Most coffee growers in Latin America are small farmers whose food security relies on cash earned by selling coffee. In countries like Guatemala and Mexico, coffee is an important source of income for indigenous communities.

“Climate change threatens the primary livelihoods of millions of people in vulnerable communities around the world,” said Taylor Ricketts, director of the Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont, and coauthor of the study. “In all, probably 100 million people are involved in its production, most of them rural and poor. So there is more at stake here than the price of a nice espresso in New York or Paris.”

The models also suggest that climate change will drive out multiple species of bees in some places. About 80 percent of growing areas “currently have at least ten [species of bee], and that drops almost in half in our future scenarios,” Ricketts said. Though, he noted that just five species are “likely to be sufficient.” This is the first study to examine the combined effects of both climate and pollination and how they will change under global warming “in ways that will hit coffee producers hard,” Ricketts said.

Coffee production depends on pollination, “so the question is whether we can still count on bees’ contribution,” said Pablo Imbach, an agronomist with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in Hanoi, and the paper’s lead author. “Productivity increases with the number of bee species.” Moreover, bees can offset some of the harmful effects of climate change by boosting coffee productivity, scientists said.

“It’s a David and Goliath situation,” Imbach said. “There is the enormously powerful force of climate change that the world is trying to rein in, but bees — these comparatively tiny creatures — can, in some areas, actually play an important role in limiting the impact of climate change on coffee farms.”

The findings were not all bad. The scientists projected a slight increase in coffee-growing suitability in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica, mainly in mountainous areas where the temperatures are expected to stay cool enough to support both coffee growth and hearty bee populations.

The study emphasized the importance of preserving tropical forests, which are habitats for bees and other pollinators. Many coffee-growing areas are located within a mile of tropical forests, researchers said.

The projected change in the number of bee species across Latin America by 2050 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

“Bees are vital to the integrity of coffee plots,” Imbach said. “Without the services they provide, coffee yields will drop, and this will directly affect the incomes of the smallholder farmers. If there are bees in the coffee plots, they are very efficient and very good at pollinating, so productivity increases and also berry weight.”

To improve coffee growth and bee pollination, the researchers recommended expanding bee habitats near coffee farms. Also, they urged that tropical forests be protected, and suggested more shade trees, weed strips and native plants that provide food and nesting for bees and other pollinators.

“Wild bees are a precious natural resource we should celebrate and protect,” Ricketts said. “If managed with care, they can help us continue to produce billions of dollars in agricultural income and a diversity of nutritious food.” Rickets stressed the importance of protecting pollinators from climate change. The consequences of not doing so could prove disastrous.

“Two-thirds of the most valuable commodities on earth rely on bees and other pollinators to produce well,” Ricketts said. “That’s easily worth tens of billions per year, every year. These crops also contribute essential nutrients to diets around the world. Ongoing declines in pollinators puts all this at risk. Pollinators are the essential and silent heroes of our global food system.”

Marlene Cimons writes for Nexus Media, a syndicated newswire covering climate, energy, policy, art and culture.

Ripple Demands Disclosure Concerning Sec Employees’ Xrp Holdings

Ripple recently filed a motion to compel the United States Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] to reveal policies and information regarding its employees trading in cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. This motion will add to Ripple’s fair notice defense.

As per the filing provided by attorney James K. Filan, Ripple wants SEC to provide,

“… anonymized documents reflecting trading preclearance decisions with regard to XRP, bitcoin and ether, or alternatively, for that information to be produced in aggregate form.”

Further, documents relating to SEC employees’ XRP holdings were also mentioned in the motion filing.

“Defendants also seek certifications concerning SEC employees’ XRP holdings – again, either with redactions of personal information or in aggregate form. We met and conferred with the SEC on this issue on July 8, July 15, August 18 and August 25, without progress.”

Earlier in June, the court had granted Ripple’s motion to compel the SEC to produce its trading policies regarding digital assets. Post that the SEC produced a policy dated 19th January 2023 titled “Ethics Guidance Regarding Digital Assets.” Ripple pointed out that until 19th January 2023, the SEC did not view digital assets as securities and its employees were, therefore, “free to buy, sell, and hold XRP without any restrictions by the SEC.”

In the abovementioned document it was also stated by the defendants that,

“This evidence provides strong corroboration of the Defendants’ defenses in this case and undermines the SEC’s claims. Specifically, the now-acknowledged fact that the SEC itself did not restrict its own employees from selling or buying XRP, notwithstanding its longstanding regulation against its employees engaging in securities transactions without preclearance, indicates that the SEC had not concluded, prior to at least January 2023, that sales and offers of XRP were securities transactions.”

within the SEC’s securities trading ban, BTC, ETH, and XRP never appeared on this list. The “Watch List” created by the SEC for identifying assets that are subject to case-by-case reviews rather than a blanket prohibition, added XRP only after 13th April 2023.

This meant that “any SEC employee transactions in XRP after April 13, 2023, were evaluated on a case-by-case basis – again through the preclearance process.” Ripple claimed that the SEC has refused to produce this crucial information to the case and was now seeking to pressurize it through the Court.

The court has given the SEC until 3rd September to respond to this motion. However, what if SEC refuses to cooperate once again?

As noted in a response to Filan’s twitter update,

“The SEC can absolutely decide to not follow the courts order. What happens after a period of time is the judge will issue sanctions against them. If the SEC continues to ignore the order, then it can ultimately lead to the case being dismissed”

As Ripple and SEC continue their back and forth, the crypto community awaits the 31st August, fact discovery deadline. Moreover, since the court has already granted the involved parties’ joint request to push the deposition of Ripple’s CEO and Founder, Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen’s deposition, the lawsuit seems to be far from reaching a conclusion.

Top 3 Tokens For Investors To Dive Into This Altcoin Season

As the cryptocurrency market experiences an altcoin season, investors are presented with numerous opportunities to explore alternative coins with promising growth potential. Let’s delve into three top tokens analysts strongly recommend for investment: InQubeta (QUBE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Solana (SOL). Each of these tokens offers unique features and compelling reasons to consider them as the best crypto to invest in during this altcoin season.

QUBE: Unleashing the Power of AI

InQubeta (QUBE) has garnered significant attention as an emerging altcoin with incredible technology and strong growth potential. Here are some notable features that make QUBE an attractive investment option:

Advanced AI Technology: QUBE leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to bridge the gap between blockchain and AI. By combining these transformative technologies, QUBE opens up a world of possibilities in various sectors, such as healthcare, finance, and logistics. This integration positions QUBE as one of the top crypto coins to consider.

Fractional Investment Opportunities: QUBE offers investors the chance to participate in AI startups through fractional investment opportunities. This innovative feature allows individuals to gain exposure to the potential growth of promising AI projects, even with a relatively small investment. By democratizing access to AI investments, QUBE facilitates portfolio diversification and the potential for substantial long-term returns.

Deflationary Tokenomics: QUBE’s deflationary tokenomics contribute to its potential for exponential growth. With a 2% buy and sell tax directed to a burn wallet and a 5% sell tax allocated to a dedicated reward pool, the circulating supply of QUBE tokens gradually decreases over time. This reduction in supply, coupled with increasing demand, has the potential to drive up the value of the token.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Building on Bitcoin’s Legacy

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a prominent altcoin that has gained recognition for its unique features and potential growth prospects. Here’s why BCH stands out as a top crypto to buy during this altcoin season:

Scalability and Lower Transaction Fees: Bitcoin Cash offers improved scalability compared to Bitcoin, allowing for faster and cheaper transactions. This feature makes BCH a practical choice for everyday transactions and positions it as a contender for wider adoption.

Increased Block Size: Bitcoin Cash increased the block size limit to 8MB, enabling more transactions to be processed within each block. This enhancement enhances BCH’s transaction capacity and overall network efficiency.

Community Support: BCH enjoys a dedicated community that believes in the vision of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. This strong community support, coupled with ongoing development and improvement efforts, contributes to the long-term viability of Bitcoin Cash as a valuable cryptocurrency.

Solana (SOL): Empowering High-Speed Decentralized Applications

Solana (SOL) has gained significant attention for its innovative blockchain technology approach and potential to support high-performance decentralized applications. Consider the following features that make SOL a compelling investment option:

Scalability and Speed: Solana’s unique architecture and consensus mechanism enable high-speed transaction processing, making it capable of handling thousands of transactions per second. This scalability and speed position SOL as a platform for building decentralized applications with real-world use cases.

Low Transaction Fees: Solana’s efficient design allows for low transaction fees, enhancing its appeal for users and developers alike. This feature makes SOL an attractive option for projects and applications that require frequent and cost-effective transactions.

Thriving Ecosystem: Solana has fostered a vibrant and rapidly expanding ecosystem, attracting developers, projects, and investors. The growing community and increasing number of decentralized applications built on Solana contribute to its long-term potential and make it a top crypto coin to watch.


In this altcoin season, investors have an array of options to explore beyond the traditional cryptocurrency market leaders. Analysts strongly recommend considering QUBE, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Solana (SOL) as potential investments. 

Big Eyes, Ethereum, And Uniswap: The New Favourites Of Top Crypto Analysts

Big Eyes: Simplifying DeFi Assets For The Average Investor

Big Eyes is a recently launched meme coin that is inspired by memes based on the life of a cat called Big Eyes, whose biggest complex was his eyes. Whenever he was called cute because of his big eyes, he thought it made him look meek and weak. After living a comfortable life in Washington DC, he was treated to a rude shock after being abandoned by his owners. What followed was a series of unfortunate events and a year of traveling that made him look at his life differently. He realized that his big eyes and cuteness were a strength that could make him rich through viral memes. And, the rest as they say is history. The underlying aim of designing a meme coin like Big Eyes was to bridge the gap between regular investors and decentralized finance (DeFi). Big Eyes seeks to encourage more people to benefit from DeFi protocols by making them less confusing and more accessible.

To facilitate various kinds of transactional purposes on its network, the platform has also launched a native token called BIG. The token has a supply of 200,000,000,000 units and will be available on presale. It can be used for purposes like staking, financing marketing campaigns for the platform, liquidity pool transactions, and for distributing rewards. The platform has set aside 90% of the token supply for presale. Also, no tax or charge would be levied at the sale or purchase of BIG Tokens.

If you are interested in purchasing BIG Tokens, you can use cryptocurrencies like BNB or ETH for this purpose. If you don’t have these cryptocurrencies, you can purchase them with a debit or credit card. The next thing that buyers need to ensure is that their digital wallet is compatible with Wallet Connect and is activated. The Big Eyes team recommends MetaMask for buyers using desktops and Trust Wallet for mobile phone users. In the last step, buyers have to select the payment method and make the payment. The purchased tokens will be made available after the presale ends.

Ethereum’s EIP 4844 Status Upgraded

Ethereum is among the most widely used blockchains in the world. The technology powers thousands of dApps, virtual machines, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens. It’s also the underlying technology of Ether cryptocurrency. The network has its native token called ETH which is the key cryptocurrency for the platform. The platform recently switched to the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm in a major software upgrade that was called “The Merge’. With the upgrade, the blockchain was able to reduce its energy costs by up to 99%. In a recent development, Ethereum has been in limelight because of its upcoming upgrade – Proto-danksharding or EIP 4844, which is a part of Ethereum’s rollup-centric scaling plan. On November 24, 2023, Ethereum Foundation’s Tim Beiki announced that the blockchain’s core developers have decided to change the status of five proposals including EIP 4844 to “considered for inclusion”.

Uniswap Allows NFT Trading On Its Network

Uniswap is a decentralized trading protocol for swapping cryptocurrencies and building user-friendly dApps. With Uniswap, developers can get access to Ethereum-compatible tools. Plus, there are starting guides, a Javascript software development kit, and documentation to help them with the protocol. As the platform has an open-source code, they can also tweak it according to their requirements. Its native token is UNI and it facilitates all kinds of transactional uses on the network. Recently, Uniswap announced that its users would now also be able to trade NFTs on its network across major marketplaces. It would be airdropping USD Coin worth $5 million for experienced Genie users and offer gas rebates to the first 22,000 buyers.

As far as cryptocurrency analysts who have reviewed the three options go, many are putting their weight behind Big Eyes because of the meme coin’s potential for growth over the long term. It has been garnering favourable reviews because of its functionality and is expected to smash many crypto records over time, as per these analysts.

Learn more about the Big Eyes Token:

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