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Introduction to CorelDRAW Versions Versions of CorelDRAW

Below are the few versions and their features for CorelDraw:

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Version 1.11 (1990): This version includes support to import/export AutoCAD DXF added for working with 2D and 3D designs.

Version 2 (1991): This version included Print Merge for merging text files with graphics files and printing the result. Additional features include Envelope, Blend, Extrusion and Perspective tools for distorting and blending objects and shapes.

Two Years Later (in 1992): Corel Corporation came up with a bundle version, “CorelDRAW All-in-One graphics suite”, which includes the below softwares.

Corel Photo-Paint ASP (Bitmap editing)

CorelSHOW (Creating on-screen presentations)

CorelCHART (Graphic charts)

Mosaic and CorelTRACE (Vectorizing bitmaps)

Version X3 (2006): This is the first vector software included with a new tracing engine called “Corel PowerTRACE”, which converts bitmaps into vector graphics; another important feature in this version is that it has vector object cropping; in previous versions, it is only possible with bitmaps.

Version 4 or X4 (2008): This Updated with“live-text formatting” shows previews of text attributes before applying them. Other additional features like interactive tables, Camera Raw support for 300 cameras, independent page layers.

CorelDRAW 2010 Version or X5: This released with Corel® CONNECT – a full-screen browser that lets you peruse the suite’s digital content and search your computer, local network, or an external storage device to quickly find the perfect complement for a design, enhanced Mesh tool with transparency options.

CorelDRAW 2012 Version or X6: This enhanced &updated with Advanced OpenType Support, and it includes four new creative Vector Shaping tools for refining your vector objects, listed below.

Smear: shapes an object by pulling extensions or making indents along its outline.

Twirl: apply twirl effects to objects.

Attract/Repel: shape curves by attracting nodes or by pushing nodes away from other nodes in close proximity.

CorelDRAW 2014 Version or X7: These highlighted features are Quick Customization, Fountain Fills, Font Playground. A new feature like “Align and Distribute Docker”, which gives you easy access to all available alignment options so that you can position objects with precision. Another important feature is “QR codes” with this; you can create unique, artistic, and scalable QR codes by adding text, colors, and images.

CorelDRAW 2024 Version or X8: This updated with features like font List Box, Enhanced Knife Tool, enhanced photo-editing features. Added Support for Ultra HD 4k displays and Real-Time Stylus (RTS) support; below are additional features included

Selecting Adjacent Node: You can now select adjacent nodes on curves by using the Shape tool while holding down Shift.

Drop shadows with Gaussian Blur Feathering: You can create realistic drop shadows that have feathered edges.

CorelDRAW 2023 Version: This updated with features like Customize curve preview and editing, LiveSketch tool, Custom node shapes, Prominent interactive sliders

LiveSketch™ Tool: This tool uses an Artificial Intelligence technology called a neural network that gives users an entirely new way to bring their vector designs to life

Touch-friendly UI: Tablet mode support that makes it easy to sketch and make easy adjustments using touch or a stylus support

CorelDRAW 2023 Version: This released with a bunch of additional features like Symmetry mode, Block Shadow tool, Corner Control in Dashed Lines, Outlines, Pointillizer, Impact tool, Pointillizer effect, and PhotoCocktail effect.

Symmetry Drawing Mode: This Lets you create a range of symmetrical designs, from simple objects to stunning mandalas and complex kaleidoscopic effects.

Block Shadow Tool: It lets you add solid vector shadows to objects and text.

Impact Tool: It has two modes, Parallel for adding zoom lines that signify motion and Radial for adding an explosive burst of energy.

Pointillizer Effect: It can generate high-quality vector mosaics from any number of selected vector or bitmap objects using the Pointillizereffect.

PhotoCocktail Effect: This effect lets you create stunning photo collages more easily.

Latest Version of CorelDRAW: This was released in 2023 March, Non-Destructive bitmap effects.

Pixel-perfect Workflow: A series of new features take the guesswork out of creating crisper icons, dashboard images, and web graphics.

New Objects Docker: This new feature “New Objects Docker” included in Corel DESIGNER, DRAW and PHOTO-PAINT enables you to work smarter and faster by providing you control over the structure of a document and its components

Line Style Sets: Support for S1000D-compliant line style sets, including Thick line, Medium line, Thin line, Center or no line, are now accessible from the style of the object Docker or can be applied using the keyboard shortcuts.

New Shortcuts and Modifier Keys

Shortcut (A): You can Split objects with the Knife tool, and you can toggle between cutting modes, 2-point line, Freehand, or Bezier.

Modifier Shortcut Key (W): This lets you move an ellipse or an ellipse within a group along its thrust axis.

Shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V): This lets you paste objects in the center of the viewable area of your drawing so that you do not need to zoom out and pan to find them.

New! Find and Replace Docker: New Find and Replace offers a straightforward, intuitive interface that lets you locate drawing components and change their attributes faster than ever.

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8 Essential Features You Need In A Business Router

A router is the heart of your network, so it deserves to be chosen carefully. Any router will share your Internet connection amongst your computers and other networkable devices (smartphones, tablets, and so on), but better models provide features that will enhance your network and its performance. Whether you’re seeking a business- or consumer-class router, here are the eight most essential features to look for.

1. Wi-Fi access point

Most routers targeted at the consumer and SMB market have a built-in Wi-Fi access point (AP) to provide wireless network connections for PCs and other devices equipped with Wi-Fi adapters. You can purchase additional APs to extend the router’s range. A stand-alone AP can also add wireless capabilities to a wired router. There are several wireless standards in use, with IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g considered to be legacy standards. IEEE 802.11n is the latest ratified standard, and 802.11ac is in “draft” mode with final ratification expected late this year or early next. There is a remote chance that devices based on this standard won’t be compatible with the final standard, but most people in the industry consider that event highly unlikely.

Wireless routers operate on one of two frequency bands: 2.4GHz or 5GHz. The 2.4GHz band provides only three non-overlapping channels, so it can become crowded very quickly. There are 23 non-overlapping channels available on the 5GHz frequency band, so you’ll encounter much less interference when operating a network there. Routers and access points capable of operating on both the 2.4- and the 5GHz frequency bands are described as “dual-band” products. 

If you’re buying a router today, pick a model that’s based on either 802.11n or the draft version of 802.11ac.


2. Guest Wi-Fi access

Some consumer-class routers include what vendors typically refer to as wireless guest access. This feature allows you to broadcast a separate wireless network name (SSID) with different security settings from your main wireless network. Since the two networks are virtually separated, guests can’t see the traffic or access computers on your main network. This lets you easily offer visitors, contractors, and even the public wireless access while keeping your private network secure.

3. Virtual LANs and multiple SSIDs

Many business-class routers go beyond offering a simple wireless guest feature. They will allow you to create multiple, separate customized networks using what is commonly called virtual LANs (VLANs). They’ll also enable multiple SSIDs to offer virtual wireless networks.

You can for instance, create a VLAN for management where sensitive company information can be shared, a VLAN for regular employees to share files, and a VLAN for guests providing limited Internet access. And then you can assign the router’s Ethernet ports to the desired VLAN and broadcast a separate SSID for each VLAN. Or if you use 802.1X authentication you can assign users to a VLAN and they’ll be dynamically connected to their VLAN when plugging into any Ethernet port or when connecting to a single SSID.

4. VPN Server and Client

Some business-class routers include a virtual private network (VPN) server and/or client. Many vendors market these devices as VPN routers. A built-in VPN server allows users to securely access your network and files while they’re on the road or working from home. With a built-in VPN client, you can connect one router to another router with a VPN server to securely connect two networks together via the Internet, enabling you to share network resources and files between two or more physical locations.

Some consumer-class and business-class router include a USB port so you can share a USB printer or external drive with the network. This is useful if you don’t already have a network-ready printer that can be used among all network users, or a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance for centrally storing and sharing files.

6. Malware and spam protection

Business-class routers that include additional security features are commonly called unified threat management (UTM) gateways. They typically include antivirus, anti-spam, and content filtering to block dangerous or inappropriate sites and email. Although individual computers should still have an antivirus tool installed, a UTM gateway can help catch malware before it reaches individual computers, providing double protection. Sometimes UTM gateways provide intrusion detection and prevention features to help block additional local network or Internet threats.

A business-class router that includes two WAN/Internet ports (or 4G support) gives you another Internet connection for backup or load balancing. Connect the router to two cable or DSL lines from different service providers, or plug in a USB 4G adapter, and you’ll have a backup connection if one fails. Some routers allow you to increase your Internet bandwidth using both Internet connections simultaneously. This is commonly called load balancing.

8. RADIUS server

A few business-class routers include a built-in Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) server, enabling 802.1X authentication so you can use the enterprise mode of WPA or WPA2 security for the Wi-Fi. This is more secure than the pre-shard key (PSK) security that consumer routers provide using services such as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Using RADIUS, you can assign each user a unique user name and password and then change or revoke access in the event a user leaves or loses their Wi-Fi device.

Routers on the market

Now you should have a better idea if you want a consumer-level, off-the-shelf router from a store like Best Buy or Fry’s, or a business-class router available from online retailers. Remember, consumer-level routers typically provide simple Wi-Fi access, as well as possibly guest access and USB printer and drive sharing. But business-class routers might also include VLAN and multiple SSID support, built-in VPN, malware and spam protection, support for two Internet connections, and an integrated RADIUS server.

For example, these two consumer-level routers are on the market now:

D-Link Xtreme N450 Dual Band Gigabit Router (DIR-665): Dual-band wireless router with a wireless guest feature and a USB port for sharing a drive or printer.

Netgear N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router: Dual-band wireless router with a wireless guest feature and a USB port for sharing a drive or printer.

Here are several business-class routers and APs to consider:

Cisco Wireless Network Security Firewall Router (RV220W): Dual-band Wi-Fi and gigabit ethernet router providing several VPN options, VLANs, and multiple SSIDs.

Netgear ProSecure UTM Firewall with Wireless N (UTM9S): A UTM gateway offering dual-band Wi-Fi and gigabit ethernet, offering anti-virus and anti-spam, content filtering, and intrusion protection. It also has dual WAN support, several VPN options, VLANs, and multiple SSIDs.

802.11a/b/g/n Business Access Point (NWA3160-N): An AP that can serve as a traditional AP, managed AP, and an AP controller to manage up to 24 APs. It supports VLANs, multiple SSIDs, and has an embedded RADIUS server.

Guide To Lists Of Latest Ssrs Versions

Introduction to SSRS Versions

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

SSRS versions

The reporting SQL services of 2023 is released on 24th June 2023, and the product version is 15.0.1102.911

Here they fixed a flaw for registering an instance of report server to provide Power BI feature via pin. They solved an issue in screen readers when reading the additional rows and columns for a table when it is exported in HTML with an original HTML document type.

The product version 15.0.1102.896 and it is released on 7th April 2023 which fixed many issues. This release solved an issue where the screen readers viewing the additional column and row for tablix when shipped to MHTML and solved the Teradata that depends on data resources that have a NULL value. This new release fixed the shortcomings in SSRS MHTML render in the old released HTML document type.

The SSRS 14.0.600.1669 released on 31st August 2023 fixed security updates and attachment support which doesn’t enable PDF documents.

The SSRS version 14.0.600.1572 released on 6th April 2023 fixed case-sensitivity URL, Jquery updated from U1 to 1.12 and fixed placing parameters in the right one. It also solved the string which is not functioning at the rendering of HTML5. The libraries of analysis services client updated the address from TLS 1 to 1.1

The SSRS version released on 13th November 2023 was 14.0.600.1451 which fixed paginated reports that don’t function correctly when snapshot enabled in filter options. The browser role and its user settings don’t have rights to download the excel sheets are fixed in this version. It fixed the failure of the Power BI report server to SSRS at the time of upgrade. After the upgrade, an invalid character appeared in the header message is also fixed. It solves the configuration components which cancel the modal windows in the database column restart the reporting services. It fixes the property of the border tool in the textbox manages the area which is not rendered in Excel format. The issue with pagination is fixed when it gets few reports struck with rendering the exact page without getting to the last report page.

The SSRS release of 14.0.600.1109 on 12th February 2023 fixed many toolbar and deadlock issues. It fixed the snapshot of the cache report which has changed the schedule to report schedule after the modification of the subscription plan. It solves the toolbar equals to false which is not operating in Express edition. Few Thai alphabets render incorrectly when exported to PDF from paginated reports. The notification that occurred during deadlock follows the data-driven policies which are fixed in this version. The embedded pictures are not showed in few scenarios when the parameter toolbar=false is implied. It fixed security updates and linked the reports UI which is not displayed. The edited subscription which is organized at irregular intervals is solved in this version. The irregular fonts and unwanted whitespaces in paginated reports are solved in nested tablix. The header row becomes blank when it’s expanded which is fixed in this version.

The SSRS version 14.0.600.892 released on 31st August 2023 fixed the behavior changes in browser role and updated the runtime of mobile reports. In the parameter area, the missing scrollbar is fixed and it aligns the header column when scrolling at bottom of the report. The deadlock is fixed when it has occurred at the execution of CRM.


Hence these are the few latest version of SSRS released to upgrade the system services by fixing the shortcoming of the previous one.

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List Of Nestjs Alternative And Features

Introduction to NestJS Alternative

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Top 10 NestJS Alternatives

Below is the list of NestJS alternatives

1. Ext Js

Ext Js is the best alternative for NestJS. It is pure JavaScript application framework used to build the cross-web application platform. To build the platform is uses DHTML, Ajax, and DOM scripting. Ext Js provides set of GUI-based controls to implement the web application. Text field, text area, dare picker, radio button, check box, list box, combo box, grid control, tree control, toolbars, tab panels, menu, slidebar, vector graphics chart are some of the controls provided by Ext Js. It comes in version, one is a modern toolkit and another is classic toolkit.

2. Jhipster

Another best alternative for NestJS is Jhipster. Its is free and open-source application generator which is used to develop modern web application and microservices using angular or react and spring framework. It is written in Java. Jhipster generate full-stack application and microservices. It also generates CRUD entities directly or by scaffolding. It provides various tools to generate a project with java stack at server-side and responsive web front at client side.

3. Angular

It is free and open-source web application framework written in typescript language. Angular components are the part of the module or we can say that module contains components that implement the business logic of the application and also they contain the template which is going to trigger when they invoked. Angular has improved over time in terms of performance, handling events, provide support for different browsers, and type checking.

4. Express.js 5. D3.Js

D3.js is the best alternative for NestJs. It stands for Data-driven documents, is a JavaScript library used for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. chúng tôi uses various standards such as. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and HTML5. It provides built-in functions which allows users to create SVG objects, select elements and style them and add dynamic effects and tooltip to them.

6. Moment.js

Moment.js is a JavaScript package that makes it simple to parse, validate, manipulate, and display date/time in JavaScript. chúng tôi allows you to display dates in a human-readable way based on your location. chúng tôi can be used in a browser using the script approach. It’s also compatible with chúng tôi and can be installed via the npm package manager.

7. Backbone.js

Another alternative for chúng tôi is chúng tôi It is a javascript library with a RESTful JSON interface and is based on the model–view–controller application design paradigm. It is designed to develop single-page web applications and for keeping the track of the various parts of the web applications. One of the best feature of the chúng tôi is its lightweight nature, as its only hard dependency is on one JavaScript library and chúng tôi plus jQuery for use of the full library. In contrast with declarative programming style chúng tôi adopts imperative programming style.

8. CreateJS 9. Chart.js

Another alternative is chúng tôi is open source javascript library used to visualize the data. It supports 8 types of chart namely Bar chart, line chart, bubble chart, pie chart, polar chart, scatter chart, and radar chart. It renders in HTML5 canvas across all modern browsers. It is known for best data visualization library. it provides clear visual distinction between datasets. Apart from these features, it also provides animation feature.

10. Ember.js

Ember.js is a JavaScript platform MVC (Model View Controller) for the development of big web applications on the customer side. It allows you to write ordered and structured code in contrast to other JavaScript MVC frameworks. This helps you to create “ambitious” software apps in conjunction with the chúng tôi website. The path is used as a model at chúng tôi The control template manipulates the data in the model, and views and controllers. chúng tôi is the right option for you if you’d like to create a one-page web application that pushes the bundle of what’s possible.

Conclusion – NestJS Alternative

Here in this article, we have discussed the various alternatives for NextJs such as Ext Js, Jhipster, Angular, Express JS, DevExpress, chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi CreateJS, and chúng tôi Each has its own features and limitations. Based on your requirements and use you can choose one of them.

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The Family And Their Macs: Essential Tips

Setting Users and Groups

Users and groups allow you to have multiple people to use the same Mac in their own unique way. This is perfect for families that have just one Mac. This is regulated in the setting preferences section of your Mac. With users and groups, you have a section for the admin. This is the person who regulates all of the user rules and controls. In a family, the admin would be the parents or guardians of the children and guests. The other user setting is perfect for children, this group uses the applications pre-installed by the admin and can also surf online but they can’t delete or download more applications. Groups also are there for families who want a central account. Perfect for multiple admins (like both guardians).

Safety Controls: Protecting Children

The Mac has many settings that can help protect the little ones that use the family Mac. One major way that can protect children is with parental controls. These parental controls can set standards on what the child can view online, delete and download, and more. Under the safety controls settings, you can change access settings for applications, the Internet, People, and more. The application setting is where you want to go to set limits for the Finder feature, the hub of the Mac. Depending on the settings you set, the user will have to get the admin password to access the Finder.

Like all forms of entertainment, applications have ratings based on age. Instead of having to go through each and every application to block download, you can set which can be downloaded or not based on what their rating is. If you child does come to you for a password before download, don’t fret too much. There can be a case where the application could be perfectly safe, but restricted. For example, Opera the Web Browser was blocked to all under 18 due to the potential to view compromising information. However, a web browser isn’t one of the things out there that we feel would be harmful to children. So take each request with a grain of salt.

The settings area also allows you to set limits on what they can and can’t view online, including limiting adult content and other websites that can be considered inappropriate for younger audiences. In addition, if Facebook isn’t a website you feel your child should have access to, you can add it to the list to restrict your kid access.

Setting Timed Limits

From online games to watching funny television shows online, it can be easy for time to fly for your child while online. This makes it more important than ever to set limits on not just what they can view online, but also how long they can stay on the computer. In the settings tab, the time limit section allows you to set a certain number of hours each day that they can enjoy their Internet allowance. You can also set based on the day of the week, so you can set a more lenient rules for the weekend. To prevent your child from sneaking on after their bedtime, you can set a time to prevent logging in after a certain time. Once that time arrives, they are logged out for the rest of the evening.

The Issue With Multimedia

One thing that I should have reiterated more is that when you have an account, the account only includes your personal stuff and not others. That means that your seven year old won’t be able to access your files and move them to the trash. Everyone’s information and applications are kept separated. For content that you want to make available to all, a great way is to create shared folders. However, it’s important to remember that when something is shared, that means that everyone has the same ownership of that folder. So, when a file is taken away or added, everyone sees it. This may be one point that can encourage or discourage you from going through this route. Because if your family member(s) aren’t disciplined not to tamper with the folder, then everything from vacation memories to your costly iTunes playlist can be in the dust.

Your Mac and It’s Content

Lastly, let’s cover the task of saving your content. It is more important than ever to make sure that your content on your family Mac is backed up. You have many factors that go against you if you don’t do this. First, your Mac is more prone to water spills and mess-ups when children have their hands on the Mac. In addition, your family photos are most likely on there. When we are in a day in time when scrapbooks and family albums are now digital, a dead Mac can result in lost memories as well. That is why you should set your Mac up with Time Machine. This is the Mac’s dedicated backup software. With Time Machine, your Mac can periodically back up your information onto your external hard drive. Alternatively, you can also look into backing up some of your memories in the cloud, such as the iCloud or Dropbox for very low rates, and even free.

What are the ways you use to protect your family members on your Mac?

Ari Simon

Ari Simon has been a writer with Make Tech Easier since August 2011. Ari loves anything related to technology and social media. When Ari isn’t working, he enjoys traveling and trying out the latest tech gadget.

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Learn The Role And Basic Features Of Scrum Software

Introduction to Scrum Software

Scrum is the widely used methodology in the agile framework, and the main aim is to reduce the workload and distribute the work between the team members so that work should be completed on time. The other feature of this method is concerned has more pros than cons, which we will discuss further. Now if we talk about the scrum software which is the essential part of this method and used at large in the industries which work on the agile framework, the scrum software is a set of instruction which help the scrum master as well as the whole team to reduce the time of work and also help to increase the quality of work, so this whole collectively defines the scrum software by and large. So now we will discuss the other aspect of the scrum software.

Roles of Scrum Software

Scrum software is a tool that we can say is the panacea in the field of agile. As far as the role of scrum software is concerned, it plays a vital role by helping the entire team provide easy tools and an interface compatible with work.

The main problem of scrum master, which is handling of the entire process, is also sorted out with this particular software. With the help of this software, one can easily handle on or more than one process at one time, and also team management and allotment of work is also very easy. So, by and large, it has a very crucial role in the work.

Basic Features of Scrum

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Project scheduling and management, project management software & others

Scrum provides the facility of multiuser, so a total of 12 Users may access the scrum software as a whole.

If we talk about the storage of the scrum software, so it comes with the storage of 5-10GB, which is partially the online storage and internal storage.

Scrum also provides the facility of multitasking; with this, a person can access or work on two or more tasks at one time, which eventually saves time and as well as resources.

It comes with a very good feature called the employee workload management tool, which is nothing but a tool that helps the scrum master keep vigil over the team and help him check the work status of the team members.

A tool which is a Task report, from time to time, update the user that how much work is completed and also shows the time required to complete the residue work.

Pros and Cons of Software

Below are some of the pros and cons of the scrum software, which are as follows:


Scrum software puts more emphasis on the workload, and the management tools of this software are quite work-centric and bind the user to work effectively.

The work distribution method and team management are two basic pros of the scrum software; these two tools make the work effective and also enhance the quality of work and reduce the time for work as actual required.

Scrum software comes with many updates, and also, if one wants to increase the storage capacity and user limit, he can easily subscribe to this facility by paying a nominal amount.

Team management and workload are the biggest challenges every manager faces, so this software eliminates this problem and provides an enhanced experience.

If we talk about productivity, it is more than good, and also, eventually, it helps the company to increase its profit.


The upper version of the scrum software comes with less user facility and less storage, so the user has to pay extra to enhance the user capacity and increase the storage of this software.

The facility of the auto tool is there, but the productivity goes decreases when the user uses this tool for some time. So this is not a good tool to use.

Every upgraded software comes with a debugging facility, but this particular software is the one that did not have this facility, which put the data under the threat of spying and Phishing.

The bundle of tools available in the software sometimes confused the user that which tool is to use or not to. So this basically is a negative thing for the work.

If we talk about the resolution and other display aspects, it is not as good as one expects per se.

List of Some Effective Tools

Now we will see some of the tools which are used in the scrum software and are very effective from the work perspective, so some tools are given below:

2. Jira: This tool is used basically for the debugging process and also tracks the bugs in the process so that the project should be saved from theft and spying.

3. nTask: This is a very effective tool in the scrum software, which is basically used to manage tasks; with the help of this tool, users can manage the no. Of task at one time and devote this time to other essential work.

5. Quick scrum: Quick scrum is the tool that helps the user find the effective tool for the process because due to lots of tools, users get confused, so mainly it enhances the efficiency of work.

Conclusion – Scrum Software

As we discuss above, Scrum software is very important software and helps a lot of the industries earn profit by quickly completing the projects. The market of scrum software is a very wide market, and the developers who create this software are really genius because it is very hard to arrange so many programs and algorithms to build Software. Also, it is not exaggerated that scrum software nowadays is the backbone of the industries and companies that rely on it.

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Update the detailed information about Essential Versions And Features Of Coreldraw on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!