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Homo sapiens , the modern man, is unquestionably a primate and a distant cousin of monkeys and apes. Few people, nevertheless, are aware of their link. A little, nocturnal, insectivorous animal is most likely where the early primates originated. The two species that are most closely related to primates are tree shrews and colugos, commonly referred to as flying lemurs. The tree shrew serves as a live example of how early primates, or primate ancestors, could have looked. Primates or their predecessors entered the trees and adapted to an arboreal habitat at some time.


Strepsirhini and Haplorrhini are the two suborders that makeup primates.


They were the first suborder of primates to emerge.

Additionally, they are called “Prosimians” and “lower Primates.”

Consists of a large, moist, hairless nose tip.

They are present throughout the majority of Madagascar’s islands’ tropical regions.

This group of lemurs consists of five lemur families.

Infraorder Family

Lemuriformes(lemurs) Lemuridae



Lorisiformes(lorises) Indriidae



Regarded to be “higher monkeys” and referred to as “Anthropoids.”

Monkeys make up more than 90% of them, with apes and humans making up the remaining 10%.

The most successful primates on Earth.


(Dry noses)

Infraorder Parvorder Superfamily Family



(New World monkeys)





(Old World monkeys,

apes and humans)


(Old World monkeys)


(apes andhumans)




Today, primates are often categorised according to their evolutionary past. This kind of classification is based on the scientific discipline of the phylogeny. It demonstrates how species are connected through shared ancestry. The phylogeny of primates is depicted in the tree below. At the top of the evolutionary tree are the conventional divisions of primates into prosimians and anthropoids for comparison. Several techniques are employed in analysing the phylogeny that is

Immunological Techniques

Molecular Approach

DNA Hybridisation

Mobile DNA Elements Approach

Major Events in Primate Evolution

The lineage from which contemporary lemurs and lorises descended split off from other early primates about 60 million years ago, marking the beginning of the first significant divergence.

It is believed that the common ancestor of contemporary monkeys, apes, and humans emerged approximately 40 million years ago. This event may have taken place in Asia as well. The first anthropoids, if they did originate in Asia, rapidly spread out into Africa.

At least 35 million years ago, the group of anthropoids that eventually gave rise to the contemporary New World monkeys diverged from their African relatives. The genus Aegyptopithecus, which existed between 35 and 33 million years ago, may have been the progenitor of Old World monkeys, apes, and humans.

By 23 million years ago, the Old World monkeys had separated from the group that now only consists of apes and humans. Proconsul africanus is a creature that may be the progenitor of both apes and humans.

The ultimate split between the chimpanzee and human lineages occurred in Africa some six million years ago. Not long after that, the first relatives of modern humans emerged.

Primate Evolutionary Trends

The development of the brain has been primates’ primary evolutionary tendency. Comparative studies reveal a consistent upward trend in intellect, starting with prosimians and continuing through New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, apes, and ultimately humans.

The neocortex, which is the area of the brain responsible for sensory perception, the creation of motor orders, spatial thinking, and conscious cognition, is the section of the brain that has grown the most. Primates have extensive cognitive abilities due to their huge brains.

Their usage of tools is one sign of this. Some primates create tools. To “fish” for edible insects, chimpanzees, for instance, remove the leaves from twigs and place the twigs into termite mounds. Additionally, they file down wood to make spears for hunting small animals.

The evolution of primates has also shown a rising reliance on intricate social behaviour. The most sociable creatures are primates.

They cohabit in paired pairs, small family units, or communities of up to dozens of people. All members of the group are more likely to survive if everyone works together.


The ancestors of primates, an order of generalist mammals with adaptations for an arboreal lifestyle, initially appeared between 55 and 65 million years ago.

Based on morphology, primates have historically been divided into two main groups: prosimians (lemurs, lorises, and tarsiers), and anthropoids (monkeys, apes, and humans). Primate phylogeny uses molecular similarities to group primates based on their evolutionary histories. The development of the brain, particularly the neocortex, has been the primary evolutionary tendency in primates. The capacity of primates to utilise and create tools demonstrates their highly developed cognitive powers. A further evolutionary pattern in primates has been a growing reliance on sophisticated social activity.


Q1. Where did primates first emerge?

Ans. Around the start of the Eocene Epoch, around 55 million years ago or a little earlier, the first true primates appeared. Their fossils have been discovered throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

Q2. What is the definition of a prehensile tail?

Ans. A well-adapted tail to hold or grasp objects is called prehensile. The primary function of this tail alteration is to help arboreal creatures grip food from trees. New World monkeys have prehensile tails.

Q3. What distinguishes a primate from a non-primate?

Ans. Primate animals have a big and sophisticated forebrain, whereas non-primate species have smaller brains. In addition, non-primates have an oestrous cycle rather than the typical menstrual cycle that a primate has.

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Current Trend Analysis In Your Power Bi

In this unique example, I want to show you how to project a historical trend in Power BI and repeatedly project it forward. This particular example came from a question in the Enterprise DNA support forum. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog.

An Enterprise DNA member needed to carry out this analysis in the real world using historical information, which could be for example, quarterly or half-year results. They then had to take that older information and project them forward for some years.

This is an excellent example of how you can reuse time intelligence functions in many different ways.

You can also enable this logic to be filtered by a particular region, a specific store or for a particular customer set.

The visualization for your trend analysis is practically useful when you have a grouping, a quarter, or a sales period and you want to project or predict the results going forward.

This solution that I have discovered can be applied in a number of different ways. The current example may be about predicting a quarter, but you could project anything continuously going forward using a similar technique.

There’s a lot of interesting ways to apply a trend analysis inside your Power BI report. Now, take a look at this table below.

Firstly, you can see the columns for the specific dates of the year and its corresponding total sales. But, I also need to showcase what day it is in a particular quarter. That is why I created the Quarter Day column. 

I’ve gathered that data from the Dates table. In this table, you can see the Quarter Day column. Let’s see how I worked this out.

A quarter day is a significant figure in business. It signifies the day that officially begins a three-month period of the year (a quarter). It is important to really work out this dynamic calculation of quarter day since I intend to project its trend every single quarter in every year.

So, in order to find out the quarter days, I used the formula below.

It’s just going to find any particular date, and then subtract it to the very start of quarter. Lastly, just add 1.

As I go down the Quarter Day column, you’ll see that it continues to go all the way up until about 92. And then, it goes back to 1 at the very first start of the next quarter. 

Now that I have calculated the quarter day numbers, I need to decide on the particular time frame that I want to project forward. To do that, I need to use the formula below for the Quarterly Forecast.

First, I use the CALCULATE function for the Total Sales.

The FILTER function removes ALL the filter in the Dates table initially, and then re-applies them to a very specific time frame, which is 2024 for year, quarter 3 for quarter, and the very same day of a particular quarter.

The MIN function actually evaluates to the quarter day of every single day as we move through any month into the future and evaluates their correct quarter day. 

So in any particular day in the future, it will always jump back to the 3rd quarter of 2024, on the same quarter day.

In this example here, I’m showing a very specific time frame instead of just repeating historic numbers. In the example visualization below, I’m actually comparing the quarterly forecast to the total sales.

The graph seems a bit busy so you can actually improve it a little bit. This is just one way to see it in a comparison perspective. 

Aside from that, you can also use a moving average measure inside it. This can help users to calculate moving averages of a specific time frame, and then just continually project that out.

Moreover, you can predict anything out aside from sales and that’s where measure branching comes in. Actually, you can also add factors and even percentages for your particular results.

To sum up, all these trend analysis can be done very efficiently within Power BI when you set up your calculations correctly.

The great thing about this technique is that I feel this is such a real-world application in Power BI. Likewise, it’s also about how efficiently you can create this sort of logic using DAX formulas. Moreover, you can showcase it in dynamic ways when projecting your trends forward.

Good luck with learning this one.


Reciprocal Linking: A Disturbing Trend In Search Engine Marketing

In the world of Internet Marketing, and Web site promotion, nothing changes faster than the parameters that rule good Search Engine rankings and placement.

This has led to a developed new science in the last few years, SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This new science, SEM, has been a boon to both Web Masters and the merchants that maintain Web sites as a way to increase exposure and revenue for their products and/or services.

SEM has become a much sought after entity, with SEM specialists, who focus on optimization of a site, routinely adding linking campaign management to their overall repertoire of services. This has resulted in a large influx of Web sites focusing on linking campaigns and reciprocal linking as it has been established that good, solid reciprocal linking campaigns increased traffic and visitors to a site exponentially.

However, like with everything else online, the idea of SEM and linking campaigns has spread like “wildfire”, with sites seeking links seemingly endlessly. This has led to what can only be termed, “linking explosions”, with many sites posting links to everything and anything in an effort to increase their Search Engine rankings and placements.

or placement of a site. Questions about whether linking campaigns increase revenue for a site are coming into play now.

The World Wide Web quite obviously has now become more utilitarian to consumers, and linking campaigns, as a result, may become more ineffective as time goes on. Linking campaigns, by their very nature, promote “browsing” and time-consuming “visiting” of many sites, before the product/item/service, is found by the consumer. As the Web progresses and consumers become increasingly discerning in their overall approach to the Web, they are now going right to the source, more often, via “search features” and direct navigation.

Accordingly, then, the “digging around” on other sites, has diminished over the past twelve months, and in all likelihood, will continue as a trend well into the future, hampering the effectiveness of linking campaigns overall. This trend reflects an international shift towards this method of finding information on the Web, and is not localized whatsoever, crossing many demographic and geographic barriers.

become more difficult for Web masters. In addition, the sheer volume of linking requests to pages with a high ranking, has also increased, to the point where higher ranked Web sites are inundated daily with linking requests, interfering with their ability to attend to their own business.

Web masters have now oftentimes taken to using any links whatsoever, as long as the links added have the appropriate Page Rank. Little thought seems to be given at times, to the theme of a links page or the relevance of links that have been added, leaving visitors to some sites confused and frustrated. This will in all probability lead consumers to turn to the Search Engines and direct navigation even more in the future, not less.

This could have dire consequences for many Web sites down the road, as those at the bottom of search listings could conceivably be forced out of business.

There are methods however that can aid in the retention of top rankings and listings with the Search Engines, in and above linking campaigns. These methods would also hold greater appeal for consumers in general, as they would add quality to a Web site, as well as content, something that will add “longevity of appeal” to a Web site:

1. The writing of good, content oriented copy which imparts value to a Web site. Good copy has always been utilized to establish good overall traffic and conversion patterns. Even Search Engines seem to understand this and routinely rank Web sites with good pertinent content, higher than other Web sites.

3. The submitting of a Web site to all possible, pertinent directories. Directories were always a good method of increasing rankings and placement, and they still, to this day, are a good choice.

rankings and placement.

5. The enhancement of traffic by offline marketing campaigns. This is one facet of Web site traffic management that many individuals neglect, but that can successfully increase rankings significantly.

7. The addition of keywords that are relevant to a site, throughout the copy, the title, and the meta-tags and any other text, such as articles and reports. Keywords are the “guides” that the Search Engines use to find a site and rank it. The addition of good relevant keywords always enhances rankings and placement.

Linking campaigns, as you can see, while having their overall place in effective rankings and placement within the Search Engines, are not the “be all and end all” of optimization or rankings. Many various fundamentally sound methods of optimization still exist, and should be utilized in any well-rounded Search Engine Marketing campaign.


Analyzing The Impact Of Video Backgrounds: A Trend In Web Design

Website design is a critical part of developing a new website as it helps to create a layout of the website. There has been constant evolution in website design techniques and methods that are making it possible to develop more beautiful and creative websites. Background videos are popular web design techniques, which are being used to enhance website UI/UX. Using videos as backgrounds in websites is a trend that emerged a few years ago and it’s still a subject of much discussion among designer communities. With the help of the right web design company, you can build a website with an attractive video background.

Video backgrounds are helpful to grab the attention of those online users who have little attention to begin with. Videos can run in background without being disruptive and promote high user engagement. However, for many designers, using background videos in a website is a sacrifice of usability in the hands of an appealing aesthetic. Moreover, video backgrounds can provide more dynamic and livelier UX when they are used wisely. In this post, we’ll explore the significance of using video backgrounds and their future.

Benefits of using video backgrounds

There are numerous benefits that you can reap with video in background for your website.

Aesthetically appealing

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Advantages of experiential marketing

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Improve SEO

If the visitors share your video on various sharing platforms, then it will have a positive impact on your site’s SEO. The more views and sharing your video will earn, the more it will help in getting the better search ranking on search engines. And, it is especially possible when visitors find your video worth sharing with others. Plus, adding the right keywords and transcript with your video will also enable the search engines read and discover your video properly. You can always hire a good web design company to build an SEO-compliant website.

Demerits of video backgrounds

Slow loading speed

Given the file format, videos embedded in a web page tend to slow down the loading speed of the web page. Though there are some ways to reduce this effect such as optimizing the videos for faster performance, they still load slowly as compared to images on a web page.

Nevertheless, the problem is that visitors leave a website that doesn’t load quickly as the attention span of a human being has become shorter than that of a goldfish. Therefore, website loading speed is important, and you should keep in mind while choosing a video background for your website.

Not friendly for mobile devices

Web browsers on mobile devices whether it is Android or iOS do not play videos automatically. On these operating systems this feature is blocked. Despite you create a trigger element to enable the video to play when visitors touch a specific area on the screen, it will still be ineffective. In fact, it will be an unexpected thing for users and they won’t respond properly to non-intuitive design. Further, a lot of mobile users use limited mobile data and videos playing online consumes more data bandwidth that will force visitors to leave your website due to such bad experiences.

Excessive elements on the page

Putting too much elements on a web page is bad design which not only slows a website’s loading speed but also make it confusing for the visitors. Similarly, if you put a background video which covers everything above the fold along with some non-readable text, then your website visitors will find it difficult to get your message. Thus, your site will fail to convey the message that it aims to. More and bigger is not always better as excessive elements on your site may spoil the impression that you want to create among the visitors. You can a web design company to get consultation and guidance to build the right UI/UX for your site.

Right strategy for video backgrounds

Using background videos can add value to your website or spoil it depending on how you use them on your site. However, they are not for everyone, and if you plan to use them because they seem a cool thing for you, then you should think about it carefully. If you still plan to do so then you need to make sure that you do it right. There are some tips below that can help you make the right use of background videos.

Pick videos that align with brand

Video is the medium that you use to deliver the message about your brand and present your offerings. Video you embed into your website should contain the subject matter that supports your brand offering. Make sure the content of the video is compelling and effective, plus it shouldn’t be too lengthy.

Video that only act as background

Video backgrounds are only used for backgrounds and they shouldn’t be the focal point of a site. This will create a distraction and you should choose an approach to reduce distractions. For this, you should use optimum transitions to avoid distractions to the eyes.

Short videos with better content

Instead of making longer videos, you must focus on creating short videos with compelling content. Lengthy videos will cause websites to load slowly as they have bigger data to fetch over the network and to be processed by a device. You should also optimize the video for mobile users.

Summing up!

Design is crucial for every website as it defines the layout of a website in terms of what elements it should have and appearance of those elements in it. The trend of video backgrounds brings a new way of designing website layouts by embedding videos as the backgrounds on home pages. While it may enhance your website user experience, it may have impact on its performance. Thus, you need to use videos wisely on your site to get the desired results. You can select a good web design company to create the desired website.


Emily White is an experienced PHP developer working at CSSChopper which is a prominent web design and development company delivering top-notch solutions across the world. Emily enjoys coding and an ardent PHP developer, she also loves writing quality content for her audience in her free time. She wants to educate her audience though her quality content.

Best Instagram Stories Viewer And Saver Apps And Websites

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stories that are present on your Instagram page? Well, now you don’t need to sit and strain your eyes on your phone screen to view them. In this article, we will cover the best apps and websites to view Instagram Stories and even save them. Some of them even let you do so anonymously!

What are Instagram Stories viewers?

The apps, websites, and extensions come in varied functionalities, from allowing the user to download other users’ posts, to viewing Stories anonymously it really depends on what you are looking for.

Are Instagram Stories viewers safe?

Well, it is in a bit of a grey area. Currently, Instagram does not condemn users’ accounts for using story viewers. That being said, some of these apps require you to input your Instagram account credentials. This is always a risky business and should be undertaken with caution. The other apps and services on the list simply let you type in a person’s name and view their story anonymously. In this case, your account information is not shared.

Best websites

Here are the best websites to view and download Instagram stories. The best part about using a web app is that you do not need to download any third-party application. You can access them from any browser.

Instagram Story Viewer

This web app is super easy to use and also free! It does not need you to download any third-party application. Instead, you can use it right in your browser. You also do not need to create an account to start viewing stories! However, if you do create an account you can save your viewed stories to your account.

The best part is that this Instagram Story viewer is anonymous! That’s right, your name will not show up in the list of viewers on the person’s account. Naturally, you can only view stories of users that have public profiles. As mentioned above, you can easily download stories, and save them right to your local storage.

Visit: Instagram Story Viewer


This web app lets you anonymously view Instagram stories, and even download them. It has a simple to use interface. You do not need to create an account on the website to start viewing stories. In fact, you don’t even need an Instagram account! Instastories lets you view and download stories from Public profiles on Instagram.

The web app even lets you view saved highlights from the person’s account. Additionally, you can view posts on the person’s profile and even download them to your local storage!

Visit: Instastories

Story Insta


Like the other web apps in this list, Instadp lets you anonymously view and download a user’s Instagram story. Additionally, you can also view and download a user’s profile picture in its original format and dimensions!

Instadp does not let you download posts though. It is only available as a web app, so you will need to access it through your browser. You do not need to create an account to use the function.

Visit: Instadp

Best apps

Here are the best mobile apps to view and download Instagram stories on your device.

Story Saver for Instagram

This handle little app lets you anonymously view Instagram stories. You do need to sign in with your account, but that is mainly to get access to your Following list. The app also lets you load up highlights saved by the user in your profile. You can view and download these without leaving a trace!

Download Story Saver for Instagram: Android

Story Saver – Download Story

This is an all in one Instagram Story viewer. Not only does it let you anonymously view stories on Instagram, but you can also download them discreetly to your local storage. The app even lets you copy Instagram captions, in case you come across some nice ones.

You can also download IGTV videos as well as Highlights saved to a user’s profile!

Download Story Saver – Download Story: Android

Story Assistant

Download Story Assistant: Android 

Story Saver

Here is another simple Instagram store saver app that does its job well. It has a clean interface and easy to understand UI. The app also has its own gallery, that lets you view all you downloaded content right within the app itself. You can browse stories from your own feed, or simply look up a particular account.

Download Story Saver: Android

Storized – Story Viewer for IG

Download Storized – Story Viewer for IG: iOS

Best Google Chrome Extensions

These extensions can be added to Google Chrome and act as Instagram Stories viewers! All you have to do is head to the Chrome Web Store and tap ‘Add to Chrome’ on your favorite Extension.


Chrome Extension: Hiddengram

Save IG Live Story

Chrome Extension: Save IG Live Story

Downloader for Instagram

This is a super easy to use Instagram Story downloaded. In fact, this Chrome extension adds a little download button right on the Instagram stories itself! So all you really have to do is tap the button to download the story to your device. You can also choose to download specific posts from a user’s profile with the same extension.

Chrome Extension: Downloader for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram is an anonymous Instagram Story viewer. This extension adds a download button right in your Instagram feed! And can we just say, it looks most convincing? You will notice a little download button right beside your ‘Send’ option on posts, and next to the user’s name on stories.

Chrome Extension: FastSave for Instagram

Story Saver

Chrome Extension: Downloader for Instagram


Daily Authority: Apple’S New Devices And Some Oddities, And More

Apple’s put its M1 chipset into everything. The new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the new 24-inch iMac join the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini with the M1 chipset.

No sign of a beefier M1 Pro or Plus or whatever the next upgraded chipset might be called. But also no 27-inch iMac, implying it might be in line for a bigger specs bump.

iPad Pro:

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro got the full round of updates: along with the M1 chip comes a Thunderbolt port, 5G. a wide-angle selfie camera that tracks and follows subjects in view, and now has up to 16GB of RAM and up to 2TB of storage though it is insanely expensive. 

Apple now calls the updated display its Liquid Retina XDR, which is the new Mini-LED tech, coming soon to more consumer electronics.

The 11-inch iPad Pro also got the specs bump but crucially misses out on the updated display, and seems to be left out in the cold a bit.


The 24-inch iMac was given a full revamp, the first refresh for the iMac since 2012.

It has a new thin style, new colors, four Thunderbolt ports, Ethernet in the charging brick. It starts at $1,299, and has a Touch ID keyboard accessory.

Actually it’s so thin, at 11.5mm, that it seems like Apple couldn’t fit a headphone jack on the back, as they need around 14mm of depth. Therefore, it’s sort of oddly stuck to the side.

It finally has a 1080p webcam in a Mac, something Apple touted as “its best ever” but really, really, really, should never have stuck with poor 720p webcams in its Macs this long.

Also, the bottom bezel is still pretty big, and not even one USB-A port, nor microSD port, means dongle life continues. 

Apple TV 4K:

Finally given a specs bump, the new Apple TV 4K has an improved remote and A12 Bionic chip.

That’s a decent jump from 2023’s A10X, and should help with gaming at 4K.

One nice feature, Apple is shipping a calibration tool to improve the Apple TV’s color presentation on your TV, using iPhone 12 sensors, if you have an iPhone 12 handy.

The 32GB version goes for $179, $199 for 64GB. 

You can also buy the new remote for $59 on its own, and it is backwards compatible, too.

Wednesday Weirdness

Just like CES each year and tech conferences around the world, auto shows tend to bring out amazing new ideas, wild new developments, and, well, concepts with varying degrees of usefulness, shall we say.

With in-person auto shows back in China, the Shanghai Auto Show has managed to return things back to its weird and wonderful equilibrium.

Now, to be fair, a bunch of cars at auto shows tend to be concepts that are never put into production. 

They explore ideas, get attention, show future concepts …and can’t move under their own power.

“Jing directly translates from Chinese as whale, and the company says the car follows a philosophy called Emotional Rhythm.”

…always wanted to drive a whale! 


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor

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