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Jeremy Burton has fought both sides of the employee communications battle. As executive vice president of the data management group at Veritas, he tried to ban e-mail between employees on Fridays. That was in 2004, before the company merged with Symantec.

A lot has changed in Burton’s world. Serena recently began encouraging its employees to use Facebook as a kind of alternative intranet for team building, and it has done so despite concerns over enterprise security.

With the popularity of BlackBerry devices and social networks, he said, “kicking people off e-mail is so 2004. Facebook fills the missing link between e-mail and talking to someone directly. You find what people are interested in,” said Burton. “I didn’t know my head of mashup development’s favorite book is War and Peace; now we’ve got something to talk about.”

He also said it’s particularly useful to have a service like Facebook that lets employees at Serena’s multiple offices communicate better. “We’re geographically dispersed, so being able to share a common interest with someone or simply find out more about people you work with is big.”

Serena gives employees a free hour each Friday to update their Facebook profiles with pictures and other personal information and to check out their colleagues’ profiles. It’s not a fixed time, just a suggestion. The company also sanctions a few minutes each day to update Facebook.

However, not all companies are as open as Serena when it comes to social networking on the job.

Security firm Barracuda Networks said an analysis of its customers’ Web filtering indicated a growing concern over the use of social networks in the enterprise. Many companies restrict access to sites like Facebook and Myspace outright, while others issue warnings that viewing them is not approved.

Barracuda CEO Dean Draco said Serena’s policy sounded “pretty bleeding edge.”

“You won’t see a lot of financial institutions running to get their employees on Facebook. Maybe someday; but not now. The real issue is about who has access and control of the information on these sites. There’s also a lot of potential for the wrong information about a company to be released accidentally.”

Burton, who also held executive positions at security software leader Symantec and has been at Serena less than a year, said he isn’t worried.

“Will employees post confidential information? If we have any devious employees there are plenty of other ways they could get information out without Facebook,” he said. “I think employees are generally honest, and if you treat them like adults and trust, they’ll take responsibility for what they do.”

Analyst Sara Radicati, CEO of the Radicati Group, said social-networking tools like blogs and wikis are becoming increasingly useful to businesses, but most would prefer they operate more securely behind the firewall.

“It depends on what kind of business you’re in. You want employees to interact, but you also want to protect sensitive information,” she told chúng tôi

A chúng tôi customer, Serena already outsources a big part of what traditionally would be internal IT infrastructure; Burton sees Facebook as an extension of that thinking.

“As we build out our collaboration, I prefer the Software-as-a-Service model than have our IT department have to maintain it all,” he said. “I certainly believe in certain information being kept private, but I don’t think you have to be behind the firewall to do that.”

While Burton emphasizes collaboration and team building as the reason for spreading the Facebook gospel, he said a secondary reason is that Serena is building mashup and Web 2.0 tools for the enterprise.

“The last 20 years, the big technology revolutions in the enterprise reached consumers later. Now the opposite is happening, and I think getting an injection of Web 2.0 is super important.”

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Enterprise Software And The Database Proxy War

Two recent news items, however apparently disconnected, highlight an

interesting turnaround for the otherwise dowdy database market.

On the same day that Microsoft announced a newly enhanced SQL Server

database — with the clear intention of challenging Oracle and IBM in the

high-end of the market — Computer Associates announced it was spinning

off majority ownership of its Ingres open source database line to a

private-equity firm. And with those two announcement, the database market

became the official proxy for the next battle royale in the enterprise

software market.

Here is what’s happening with databases… Oracle is the market leader in

databases, and is angling to be the market leader in enterprise

applications, as well. Hence, the companies that sell databases — IBM

and Microsoft — want to outsell Oracle in the database market, while the

companies that sell enterprise software — such as SAP and Microsoft —

want to knock Oracle out of the applications market.

The problem is that Oracle is a little two well-ensconced in both markets

to be taken out by a frontal assault. That’s where the database-as-proxy

comes in.

The database proxy battle has two founding principles. The first is that

Oracle differs greatly from SAP and Microsoft’s high-end Axapta

enterprise software line — as well as most of the rest of the enterprise

software market — in its requirement that Oracle applications customers

use the Oracle database. The second is that a large number of SAP and

Microsoft applications customers — too many if you ask these vendors —

run on the Oracle database.

If Microsoft and SAP could get applications customers to eschew Oracle in

favor of SQL Server (the Microsoft alternative) or anything-but-Oracle

(the SAP alternative), the result would be pretty dramatic, as long as

the Oracle replacement database was less expensive and equally robust.

Such a shift would dramatically lower the total cost of ownership for

non-Oracle applications and isolate Oracle as the high-cost, low-choice

vendor. With Oracle’s applications locked into running on a significantly

more expensive database platform than the competition, SAP and others

could potentially blunt Oracle’s market dominance plans.

This makes the timing of Microsoft’s new SQL Server extremely propitious:

with Steve Ballmer claiming that SQL Server is ready for the high-end of

the market, database proxy number 1 is now in the field.

The Computer Associates announcement gives a hint of what proxy number 2

will look like: an open source database. While this doesn’t mean that

Ingres will be SAP’s Oracle killer, it sets the stage for what to watch

for, not only at SAP but at every other enterprise software vendor that

counts Oracle as a database of choice for its customers. The key fact is

that open source databases, combined with low-cost server hardware, can

give Oracle a run for its money in many, if not most, enterprise

applications implementations.

So where does all this leave IBM?

Sitting in the cat-bird’s seat, no matter how the battle turns out.

Remember, IBM Global Services makes more money in implementing and

servicing enterprise software than IBM Software makes in databases. So if

an open source or SQL Server database become the market leader in

enterprise software one day and blunts Oracle’s plans for dominance, IBM

will still be chortling all the way to the bank.

And if Oracle remains dominant, so what? Oracle is IBM Global Services’

largest ISV partner, and there still will be no particular threat to

IBM’s overall bottom line.

What’s important to bear in mind is that the cost and complexity of the

database side of enterprise applications is highly vulnerable to a

paradigm shift. It’s vulnerable because of the ”get-Oracle” mentality

in both the applications and database side of the market, and it’s


The database proxy war is only just heating up, and there certainly will

be more proxies to follow. Disconnecting applications customers from the

Oracle database is something a lot of vendors are very hot to see happen

in the next couple of years.

It will be interesting to see Oracle’s response. Applications may be

interesting to Oracle, but the database is literally its lifeblood. Don’t

expect Oracle to give up without waging a proxy war of its own.

Transforming Enterprise Data Through Crowdsourcing

To establish a baseline of consistent data quality, many companies use a Center of Excellence model for information governance with a small group of stakeholders; however new technologies allow for more modern approaches by leveraging machine learning and AI capabilities. The result? The rise of crowdsourced information governance — empowering a company’s hundreds or thousands of business users to collectively improve the value of overall corporate data — and using it as key driver for business transformation.

Leverage Organization-Wide Tribal Knowledge

As large organizations have thousands of possible business data contributors throughout their various departments worldwide, the potential for capturing the value of individuals’ tribal knowledge is immense. By first establishing a centralized information governance initiative with standardized processes, data processes, definitions and rules, companies are streamlining the way all members of their organizations interact with and curate data across various systems and departments.

Once all business users are speaking the same data language, savvy organizations can take this foundation of information governance to the next level by applying machine learning. The result is a “synthetic consultant” – an algorithm that synthesizes and curates business users’ collective knowledge and data best practices to help an organization establish and benefit from repeatable processes that build on its resources’ ever-evolving knowledge bases. Applying crowdsourced automation also allows organizations to improve their ability to scale data management best practices and ensure corporate data is reliable and up to date across all departments. This generates a reliable and validated body of corporate data that can be trusted to inform better business decisions and outcomes.

Create World-Class Crowdsourced Information Governance

Establishing a world-class crowdsourced information governance initiative requires a dedicated effort and targeted business processes across an organization. This includes establishing a baseline community of interest within the organization that aligns with business goals and setting proper information governance policies and enforcement to drive intended results across the organization. It also means setting up processes for identifying data errors, assigning ownership to relevant business data owners, and establishing effective and rapid remediation procedures.

Once the internal community of interest is established, organizations may wish to expand their crowdsourced efforts by incorporating the deep guidance realized from other companies in similar industries. For example, if an organization specializes in the finance and banking industry, it will be required to adhere to numerous IFRS and GAAP regulations. With a crowdsourced information governance initiative that connects into aggregate data libraries from similar organizations and perhaps even third-party industry experts, companies can more effectively stay in the loop on the latest industry challenges and regulations by loading specific industry policies, benchmarks and rules into their machine learning environment.

Ultimately companies that take a crowdsourced approach to information governance are able to utilize the collective knowledge of their business data contributors to elevate the impact of their organizations’ business transformations. Rather than approaching business transformation from a siloed, department-specific view, these organizations are successfully employing automation to plug business users into the transformation effort and give them a real stake in its long-term success.

About the author:

Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, BackOffice Associates

Hp Pro C640 Chromebook Enterprise

Änderungen vorbehalten. Neben der gesetzlichen Gewährleistung gilt für HP Produkte und Dienstleistungen ausschließlich die Herstellergarantie, die in den Garantieerklärungen für die jeweiligen Produkte und Dienstleistungen explizit genannt wird. Aus den Informationen in diesem Dokument ergeben sich keinerlei zusätzliche Gewährleistungsansprüche. HP haftet nicht für technische bzw. redaktionelle Fehler oder fehlende Informationen.

1. Die Multicore-Technologie dient zur Leistungsverbesserung bei bestimmten Softwareprodukten. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Die Nummerierung, Marke und/oder Benennung von Intel ist kein Maß für höhere Leistung.

2. Optionale Funktion, die zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs konfiguriert werden muss.

4. Der HP Total Test Process stellt keine Garantie der zukünftigen Leistung unter diesen Testbedingungen dar. Für versehentliche Schäden ist ein optionales HP Care Pack zum Schutz gegen versehentliche Schäden erforderlich.

6. Basierend auf internen Produkttests mit und ohne HP Extended Range Wireless LAN.

7. Lädt den Akku innerhalb von 90 Minuten auf bis zu 90 % auf, wenn das System ausgeschaltet ist oder sich im Standby-Modus befindet. Dabei sollte das im Lieferumfang des Notebooks enthaltene Netzteil verwendet werden und es sollten keine externen Geräte angeschlossen sein. Wenn eine Ladekapazität von 90 % erreicht ist, wird wieder mit normaler Geschwindigkeit geladen. Die Ladezeit kann je nach Systemtoleranz um +/-10 % variieren.

8. WLAN Access Point und Internetdienst sind erforderlich und separat erhältlich. Die Verfügbarkeit öffentlicher Wireless Access Points ist begrenzt. Wi-Fi 6 ist abwärtskompatibel mit älteren 802.11-Spezifikationen. Die Spezifikationen für Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) befinden sich in der Konzeptphase und sind nicht final. Falls die endgültigen Spezifikationen von den Konzeptspezifikationen abweichen, kann dies die Kommunikation des Notebooks mit anderen 802.11ax-Geräten beeinträchtigen.

9. Separat oder als optionale Ausführung erhältlich.

10. Separat erhältlich. Die Service-Level und Reaktionszeiten bei HP Care Packs variieren je nach geografischem Standort. Der Service kann ab dem Kaufdatum der Hardware in Anspruch genommen werden. Es gelten möglicherweise gewisse Einschränkungen. Details finden Sie unter chúng tôi Für HP Services gelten die anwendbaren allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen für HP Services, die dem Kunden zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs bereitgestellt oder genannt werden. Der Kunde kann möglicherweise gemäß länderspezifischen Gesetzen zusätzliche Ansprüche geltend machen. Diese Ansprüche bleiben durch die HP Geschäftsbedingungen des Service oder die HP Herstellergarantie des HP Produkts unberührt.

11. Internetzugang erforderlich und separat erhältlich. Einige Anwendungen müssen ggf. separat gekauft werden.

12. Bis zu 256 GB sind optionale Ausstattung, die beim Kauf konfiguriert werden muss. Bei Speicherlaufwerken gilt: 1 GB = 1 Milliarde Byte. Die tatsächliche Kapazität ist nach der Formatierung geringer. Bis zu 8,1 GB stehen dem Benutzer nicht zur Verfügung.

13. Basierend auf internen Analysen von HP, bei denen die Dicke aktuell erhältlicher Chromebooks am Scharnier gemessen wurde (Stand: Januar 2023).

14. Wi-Fi® mit Unterstützung von Gigabit-Geschwindigkeiten kann mit Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) erzielt werden, wenn Dateien zwischen zwei Geräten übertragen werden, die mit dem gleichen Router verbunden sind. Erfordert einen separat erhältlichen Wireless-Router, der 160-MHz-Kanäle unterstützt.

15. Erfordert einen Intel® Core™ i5- oder i7-Prozessor, mindestens 8 GB RAM und 128 GB Speicher. Einjährige Lizenz für Parallels® Desktop. Nach dem einjährigen Lizenzzeitraum ist für die Verwendung eine Lizenzverlängerung erforderlich. Chrome Enterprise Upgrade erforderlich und nicht im Kaufpreis enthalten. Microsoft® Windows-Lizenz erforderlich und nicht im Kaufpreis enthalten.

17. Für die Funktionen der Intel® Iris® Xe-Grafikeinheit muss das System mit Intel® Core™ i5- oder i7-Prozessoren und Dual-Channel-Arbeitsspeicher konfiguriert werden. Mit Intel® Core™ i5- oder i7-Prozessoren und Single-Channel-Arbeitsspeicher funktioniert die Intel® Iris® Xe-Grafikeinheit nur als UHD-Grafikeinheit.

18. Basierend auf internen Analysen von HP, bei denen die Dicke aktuell erhältlicher Chromebooks mit 14 Zoll Diagonale, auf denen Chrome Enterprise Upgrade vorinstalliert ist und die Tests gemäß MIL-STD durchlaufen, am Scharnier gemessen wurde (Stand: März 2023).

The Enterprise Mobility Management (Emm) Market

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the collection of processes, technologies, and people responsible for managing remote devices and mobile networks for enterprises.

EMM solutions allow enterprises to control and set use policies for employee- and corporate-owned mobile devices that have access to company data.

See below to learn all about the global EMM market:

See more: The Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Market

In 2023, the EMM market was valued at $200.3 billion. It is estimated to be worth $233.7 billion by 2028, following a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.95%.

Several geographic regions are driving growth in the EMM market:

The U.S. market

is estimated to reach $48.53 billion by 2027, following a CAGR of 26.8%

The Asia-Pacific market is predicted to maintain a CAGR of 24.2% from 2023 to 2027

The China market is expected to reach a value of $1.8 billion by 2027

Japan is expected to maintain a CAGR of 25.5% from 2023 to 2027

The banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry is expected to hold the largest market size for the EMM industry from 2023 to 2026. Other industries in particular creating EEM demand include:


Retail and consumer goods

Health care

Life sciences

EMM tools are used to monitor work-related activity, apps, and data on mobile devices owned or given to employees. It can be considered an umbrella term, combining various features and applications depending on the company’s needs:

Mobile device management (MDM) software allows companies to track and manage the life cycle of their employee-owned devices. MDM solutions cover everything from laptops and tablets to smartphones and smart gadgets.

Mobile content management (MCM) tools manage and control the access privileges of employees to company content through their personal devices. MCM solutions aid the company in achieving its security and privacy goals.

Mobile identity management (MIM) software offers zero-trust, access management, and identity verification features for employees using personal and company-issued devices. MIMs use multiple verification strategies, from multi-factor authentication (MFA) to biometrics and device-specific information. 

Mobile application management (MAM) solutions allow for the deployment, monitoring, and patching of company mobile apps that employees regularly use for work. This includes app configuration, app life cycle management, license management, and inventory management.

Using EMM solutions come with benefits for enterprises, in terms of security, privacy, and centralized control of company assets. 

Other EMM benefits include:

Enhanced security and privacy

Increased employee productivity

Reduced operations costs

Fast and efficient access to information

Centralized management of employee devices

Allows for bring your own device (BYOD) programs

“Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a solution designed to help enterprises manage mobile devices on their networks,” says Robert Morcos, a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

“Settings are set from a single device and pushed out to any and all devices on the network. There is no need for third-party staging, since the EMM platform manages devices remotely.”

See more: Mobile Security Trends

EMM tools and solutions are highly flexible and can adapt to a company’s specific device management needs.

Here are examples of how companies are using EMM tools:

Brookstone is a chain of retail stores in the U.S. and China. It offers a variety of goods for its consumers, ranging from furniture and home accessories to electronics and smart gadgets. 

As a brand, Brookstone is dedicated to providing the best possible shopping experience for its customers. With over 200 stores in the U.S., Brookstone’s IT team was looking for a centralized solution to improve the visibility and management of mobile devices. 

With Cisco Meraki, Brookstone’s IT team is now able to log into a single management dashboard to gain complete visibility into all device locations and working conditions.

“My goal as an executive is to bring our services to a higher level and do it better, faster, and for less: the Meraki tools allow us to do that,” says Doug Reczko, operational VP of IT, Brookstone.

“[Brookstone’s team] fell in love with the Meraki technology, especially the ease of use, accessibility, and how simple it was to set up.”

Garuda Indonesia is the official airline of Indonesia. It serves over 40 domestic and 36 international destinations as one of the world’s leading regional airlines. Annually, the airline sees more than 25 million passengers.

Garuda Indonesia has an “iPad in the Aircraft” approach, where the pilots of a couple of plane models use tablets to access apps by Airbus and Boeing. It sought a solution to help it keep track of the added devices on flights.

“IBM MaaS360 provides a reliable and sophisticated way to manage mobile devices and content. Productivity increased by nearly 50% for our pilots and 30% for operations staff,” says Sulistyo Nugroho, operation publication control coordinator, Garuda Indonesia.

“Pilots can find the information and perform calculations in five minutes that before might take 10-50 minutes.”

With IBM, Garuda was able to increase productivity by 30% for operations staff and FAA and IATA regulations.

Some of the leading vendors in the EMM market include:











See more: Top UEM Software

Maxusdt Limited – The Pioneering Firm Behind Groundbreaking Cloud Mining And Defi Hardware

Cloud mining enables users to remotely mine cryptocurrencies using shared processing power. Utilizing a remote data center is employed. This method allows users to mine Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies without having to manage the hardware. The mining company owns the facility that houses the mining rigs. Registration is required for mining contracts.

Cloud mining is a method for generating new coins for circulation. With cloud mining, you can earn money without making an initial investment. To build a mining rig, you need an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) or a graphics processing unit (GPU).

The objective of a cloud mining network for a miner is to add individual blocks to the blockchain by solving complex mathematical problems that demand a substantial amount of computational and electrical power. While numerous miners compete to add each block to the blockchain, the miner who solves the problem will add the block and its approved transactions. This miner’s account is credited with the reward. In addition, MAXUSDT Limited is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy companies in the cloud mining industry.

MAXUSDT Links MAXusdt(TRX) Registration Link (TRX) MAXusdtDeFi Registration Link (USDT) Telegram Channel Official Website Facebook Twitter White Paper License & Certificate


is an established and specialized crypto-mining platform that was launched in 2023. It provides excellent investment opportunities to anyone who is interested in USDT and TRON. MAXusdt(TRX) is releasing its most recent development in the realm of cryptocurrencies, which not only reduces the risk involved in investment activities but also makes the transition into cryptocurrency more straightforward. Over the course of their professional careers, the MAXusdt(TRX) team has accumulated over two years of experience working in cryptocurrency and capital investment.

It offers investors a high return on investment, a reduced risk, and an easy method for allocating their funds into cryptocurrency investments. MAXusdt(TRX) functions in the cryptocurrency market in a manner that is analogous to that of a mutual fund. It offers investors a wide variety of investment opportunities while simultaneously lowering the risks and challenges that are typically associated with trading in the cryptocurrency market. 

To start turning a profit from cloud mining, all that is required of you is to sign up for an account on the MAXusdt(TRX) website and choose a contract. After that, you will be able to start making money. The capacity, duration, and referral level of each contract are all uniquely different from one another. Do not overlook the significance of looking into the referral program; if you pass along useful information to your friends, you can earn bonuses. Do not overlook the significance of looking into the referral program. You have the opportunity to make up to 80 TRX for each new user who joins the platform as a direct result of your invitation. The maximum percentage rebate available on trades is 18%, while the maximum percentage rebate available on deposits is 15%.

The implementation of a brand-new Mining Cycle Model that was recently developed has made it possible for users to generate high returns in a relatively short period of time. This is due to the fact that users now have access to the most recent version of the model. If users have TRX tokens deposited into promotional accounts, then they are eligible to participate in the subsequent mining cycle. Users who make an investment in the new mining cycle are eligible to receive a daily return of between 2.5 percent and 11 percent for the duration of their investment, provided that the investment is maintained. This return is only available to users who maintain their investment. When the allotted amount of time has passed, users will be given the option to move the total mining returns from the promotion account to their own personal wallets. This option will become available after the time limit has been met.

MAXusdt(TRX) has a dedicated support team that is available to assist users in resolving any issues they may be experiencing and answering any questions they may have. MAXUSDT offers 12 hours of support (8pm to 8am UTC +8) daily. You can be in any part of the world and still receive appropriate and timely support when you use MAXusdt (TRX). This is made possible by the decentralized nature of the MAXusdt platform.

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