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In this age of increased gender equality when women are doctors,

astronauts and Supreme Court Justices, the stats for women in IT are

surprisingly poor.

According to the American Association of University Women based in

Washington, D.C., women represent roughly 20 percent of IT

professionals, and receive less than 28 percent of the bachelors degrees

in computer science. That’s down from a high of 37 percent in 1984.

Computer science has the distinction of being the only field in which

women’s participation has actually decreased over time.

”The numbers for women trained in IT are down dramatically,” says Dr.

Telle Whitney, president and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute for Women,

a Palo Alto-based organization that provides a platform to allow women’s

voices, ideas and spirits to influence technology. Whitney received a

Ph.D in computer science from Cal Tech.

In engineering, the numbers are even worse. According to the National

Academy of Engineering, women account for only 19 percent of engineering


So while women make up about half of the U.S. workforce, why do they

make such a poor showing in technical fields? And more importantly, what

can and is being done about it?

Girls in Math Class

Problems in the American education system have been well documented.

Particularly in the field of math, warring educational philosophies have

meant that students generally score lower in math than their

contemporaries in other developed nations. To make matters worse, many

teachers don’t expect girls to excel in math, so they don’t focus on

them in class and they don’t push them to do better. Some girls pick up

this cue and don’t expect to do well either.

”At school, I was told that my B grades in math and science were really

good for a girl,” says Jasmine Noel, an IT analyst specializing in

network management for New York-based Ptak, Noel & Associates. Noel now

holds a bachelor of science degree from MIT and a master of science

degree from the University of Southern California.

Unfortunately, little has changed since she was in school.

A few years back, a career awareness survey was conducted by The Futures

Channel, a Los Angeles-based media company whose programming focuses on

education, engineering, technology and space. Young girls named teacher,

secretary and nurse as their main job possibilities.

”Students generally were very unfamiliar with the workplace and

opportunities available to them,” says Anne Prohov, education

coordinator at The Futures Channel. ”This was especially the case for

young girls. There was a surprising absence of awareness of engineering

and technology-type jobs.”

This year’s Lemelson-MIT Invention Index shows a new twist.

Instead of focusing on these traditional professions, girls appear to be

increasingly influenced by America’s seemingly celebrity-obsessed

culture. Now 32 percent say they want to be an actress, while 24 percent

want to be a musician and 22 percent want to be an athlete. Seventeen

percent want to be elected president. Only 10 percent want to get into

the field of science/innovation.

Fortunately, there are more organizations than ever intent on changing


The Anita Borg Institute, for example, just organized the Grace Hopper

Celebration for Women in Computing Conference with more than 900

participants from academia and industry. This represents a big gain over

past events which managed no more than 650 attendees.

”We often hear stories about students ready to drop out because they

are fed up being the only woman,” says Whitney. ”The conferences help

them to network with their peers and provide access to mentors. Most

return with a higher level of commitment to their course of studies.”

Another organization working hard to reverse the trend is the

Math/Science Network, based at Mills College in Oakland, Calif. The

organization’s members oversee a set of conferences known as ”Expanding

your Horizons (EYH) in Science and Mathematics.” The purpose of these

gatherings is to increase the participation of women in science,

engineering, and mathematics. EYH conferences are held in approximately

100 sites in 30 states each year.

”We need to spread the word to young girls about the importance of

taking all the math and science they can in high school in order to

maximize their career choices,” says Teri Perl, president of the

Math/Science Network. Perl has a Ph.D in mathematics education from

Stanford University. ”We also need to provide more role models through

conference workshops like EYH.”

Perl spoke at last month’s Grace Hopper Conference and utilized a series

of three- to five-minute micro-documentaries provided by The Futures

Channel. The films feature successful women discussing how they apply

mathematics and science in their careers.

Some of the women documented include, New York architect Frances

Halsband, whose team designed a new entrance to Penn Station; the work

of Beth Richards, an engineer working in photovoltaics at a U.S. Energy

Lab; Tracy Frankel, a sports photographer who speaks of images captured

in fractions of a second; entomologist Jan Dietrick who uses ratios,

statistics and biology in her work; renowned acoustician Elizabeth

Cohen, and Eileen Schnock, chief engineer at New York’s Department of

Environmental Protection, who is working 55 stories underground on a new

tunnel to bring water to New York City residents.

”I used the videos as an example to the audience of the kinds of

software that educators should use,” says Perl. ”These clips are

designed to answer students’ oft-asked question about subjects like math

and science — why do we need to learn this?”

Meantime, Perl continues to organize events. The Math/Science Network

celebrates its 30th anniversary at the Lawrence Hall of Science on

November 14, for example (details and an invitation are available at

Making a Difference

With such a wealth of well-supported activities addressing the

situation, and so many well-meaning individuals attempting to resolve

the issue, the hope is that more and more girls will be lured into

technical endeavors. While there is a long way to go, there also is

plenty of room for optimism. Noel points out, for instance, that when

she first attended IT conferences, she would be the only women in the

room. That doesn’t happen any more.

”I believe things are slowly getting better,” says Noel.

She notes that part of the problem is the perception that folks in IT

sit compiling code in an isolated room or fiddle with computers all day

long. That’s not an attractive proposition to the average teenage girl

thinking about her future. But IT is evolving beyond its ‘geeky’ origins

and business/communication skills are increasingly called for.

”That mix of problem solving, technical knowledge and interpersonal

interaction needs more emphasis if more women are to be attracted into

IT,” says Noel. ”In addition, we teach technology as a means of


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Elon Musk Not Joining Twitter Board

On Sunday, April 10, Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter tweeted Elon Musk will no longer be joining the social media company’s board of directors.

This comes less than one week after he was offered a seat after becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder.

— Parag Agrawal (@paraga) April 11, 2023

On April 4, the Tesla CEO acquired a 9.1% stake in Twitter. The company then announced he would be appointed to the 12-member board pending a background check and formal acceptance.

The position, which was not a top-tier one, would have become official on Saturday, April 9. That morning, Musk notified Twitter he would not be accepting it. He did not give specific reasons for his change of heart.

This comes just days after Musk indicated his excitement about joining the board, tweeting “Looking forward to working with Parag & Twitter board to make significant improvements to Twitter in coming months!”

Musk Shares In Twitter No Longer Limited

As per his agreement for a seat on the board of directors, Musk’s stake in Twitter would have been limited to 14.9% or less of common stock during his tenure, and for 90 days after.

The position also would have come with a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders, and Musk has been publicly critical of the platform in the past.

By rejecting the seat, Musk is no longer constrained by either of these requirements. However, as Agrawal pointed out in a note sent out to the company, “Elon is our biggest shareholder and we remain open to his input.”

Tesla CEO Now Free to Criticize Platform

In two since-deleted tweets from over the weekend, Musk directed further critiques at Twitter. One tweet suggested turning company’s San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter and another suggested everyone who signs up for Twitter Blue should be given an authentication checkmark.

What Does This Mean for Twitter’s Future?

Musk no longer has a cap on the number of shares he can hold, opening the door for a hostile takeover. As the world’s wealthiest man, he has the resources to buy any shares that hit the market.

In the wake of these announcements, Twitter’s stock price has fluctuated wildly, soaring by as much as 30% following news of Musk’s acquisition, followed by another 10% when his appointment to the board was announced. Following news of his reversal, shares dropped by as much as 4% in pre-market trading Monday before rebounding slightly.

Agrawal’s statement suggested the fallout from Musk’s actions could cause distractions within the company, but insisted goals and priorities remain unchanged.

Featured Image: G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

How To Create Content That Ranks

Sometimes quality content does not rank. Features such as depth, the authority of the author, how up to date the information is does not seem to matter. It’s not uncommon to see such high quality pages not rank in Google. The following is a strategy, a way of doing SEO, that in my experience ranking websites, has been useful to me for the past few years.

Reviewing the Definition of Quality Content

While quality factors are important to Google, in my experience, what is most important is how relevant that content is for answering the search intent that is latent within a search query.

There used to be a commercial for canned tuna featuring a tuna named Charlie. Charlie wanted to be selected by the picky and discriminating tuna company. So Charlie the tuna cultivates himself with fine clothes, a piano, and other signals of culture and good taste.

This is very much the position that publishers with high quality content can find themselves in. Focusing on traditional signals of “quality” is a good start. But there’s more.

Usually, what’s missing from a discussion about quality is the quality of how the content is useful to people who search on a particular search query.

Focusing on depth of content, how complete it is and so on can put a publisher in the same predicament as Charlie the tuna who was cultivating all the signals of good taste.

At the end of the commercial, a voice says, “Sorry Charlie. We don’t want tuna with good taste. We want tuna that tastes good.”

How to Write Relevant Content

In my opinion and experience, the better approach is to understand what those keywords mean to the people who are using them. This is what the meaning of relevance is today.

Relevance used to mean matching the keywords in a search query to content on a page. But for the past few years it has increasingly meant matching the content with the needs of the user who is typing in that search query.

Keyword research today means asking “What is Google ranking and why?”

Be Relevant to People

Firstly, I am not saying to abandon keywords. What I am saying is to expand on what you are currently doing by being relevant to people.

In 2023, almost three years ago, I wrote the following in an article about keyword research.  The concepts here are important to understand:

“Algorithms are tuned to satisfying user queries by answering questions. They are no longer merely matching search queries to keywords on a web page.

This does not mean that you should phrase your pages as questions and answers. It means understanding the user intent/search intent latent in the keywords and constructing your content so that it satisfies the user/search intent implicit in the keyword phrase.”

That first part is about being relevant to the people making the search queries, not to their keywords. Be relevant to the people making the search queries.

Now the second part is about how being relevant to people who can boost exposure of your web page with social sharing and boost rankings with links:

“Web pages rank because websites link to those pages. Websites link to those pages because those pages solved a problem, because it scratches an itch.

Nobody ever linked to a web page because of its keyword relevance. Only an SEO walks into a bar, a dive, a speakeasy. Nobody links to that.

…View your keyword list through the framework of user intent/search intent and then consider how the resulting content can be used to create a positive user experience.”

You see how being relevant to people works? It’s a killer strategy that in my opinion is tuned to how search engines rank sites today. There are many different approaches to this, including providing a good user experience, making your content easy to read and so on.

But at the heart of all of those actions that creates a path from the user to your content, it all  hinges on thinking in terms of being relevant to the user.

More Resources

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Fix Error 0X807A1007 When Joining Xbox Party

Xbox Party is a feature to invite your friends to chat while you are playing a game or watching a show on Xbox. You can invite friends to party from any device you have Xbox installed on. Using the Party features you can host open parties to let others join or host private parties for your friends. Some users are seeing error 0x807A1007 when joining an Xbox Party. In this guide, we have a few solutions to fix it.

Fix Error 0x807A1007 when joining Xbox Party

If you are seeing error 0x807A1007 when joining Xbox Party, the following methods can help you fix it.

Trying to join again

Check if your internet connection is working fine

Check Xbox Server Status

Turn on UPnP on your router

Restore router settings to factory defaults

Let’s get into the details of each method and fix the issue.

1] Trying to join again

A temporary network issue might have caused the error. Try to join the party and see if it helps. If not, restart your router and console, and then, try to join the party. This should fix the error 0x807A1007.

2] Check if your internet connection is working fine

Make sure your internet connection is working fine to its full potential without any drops in speeds. To join a party or to play games on Xbox you need to have a stable internet connection to connect to the Xbox network servers. Run speed tests using online tools on other devices connected to the same network. If there is any issue with the internet fix it to fix the error.

3] Check Xbox Server Status

You need to check if the Xbox server is working fine using the Xbox Status. If there is any outage on the server you need to wait until it is fixed. The error will be gone after that.

4] Turn on UPnP on your router

If the error 0x807A1007 has occurred due to NAT issues, you need to fix it by turning on UPnP on your router. It changes the NAT type to Open NAT which in turn lets you join Xbox Party without any issues. UPnP is turned on by default on routers if it is available. You have to turn it off, restart the router and console, then turn it on again and power cycle your devices to fix the issue.

To turn on UPnP on your router,

Log in to the router’s configuration page using the login address and credentials provided by the manufacturer.

Then, select Advanced setup and check the box beside Turn on UPnP. Save the changes and restart your router as well as the console.

Repeat the steps above to turn on UPnP and power cycle your devices by disconnecting the cables for a few seconds and connecting them again.

This should fix the error 0x807A1007.

5] Restore router settings to factory defaults

If none of the above methods helped you fix the error, you need to reset your router to factory default settings. Each router comes with a reset button or a tiny hole to reset. You can find any of them on your router. Hold the button or insert a paper clip into the hole for 10 to 30 seconds until you see the router lights blink. This will reset your router settings and fix the error.

Read: Double NAT detected on Xbox One

These are the different ways using which you can fix the error 0x807A1007 when joining a party.

Why is Xbox not letting me join a party?

If you have any network issues, or NAT-type issues, you cannot join a party until you fix them. You need to check if the Xbox server status is working fine, make sure your internet connection is good, and turn on UPnP to fix the NAT-type issues. Once you have fixed them you can join a party or multiplayer game without any errors.

What do you do when your Xbox party keeps saying error?

You need to check the status of your internet connection, Xbox server, and NAT Type in the Network settings of the Xbox console and turn UPnP on if there are any issues with the NAT type. If none of them worked, you need to open Xbox recommended ports using the Port-forwarding option on the router or reset the router to factory default settings.

Related read: NAT errors and multiplayer games issues on Xbox.

8 Inspiring Iranian Women Architects You Should Know

© KHIABAN COMPLEX, Habibeh Madjdabadi

Still, in the 21st century, due to gender inequality, women’s involvement in architecture and design has long been mainly disregarded. However, figures like Zaha Hadid, Denise Scott Brown, Neri Oxman, and more, who have significantly impacted international architecture, have questioned this “world of men” in the past. We have collected successful Iranian women architects and their projects.

Here is the list of 8 Iranian women architects who have burst down barriers that have restricted them despite society’s outmoded thinking.

Leila Araghian

© Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge by Diba Tensile Architecture, 2014 (Tehran, Iran)

Tabiat Bridge is Iran’s one of the largest pedestrian bridges. It links two public parks in Tehran and passes one of the city’s major motorways. The 270-meter-long bridge stands on three tree-shaped columns. It was inaugurated in October 2014 as Tehran’s third landmark. This bridge has won various prizes, including the Aga Khan Architecture Award in 2023.

Nasrine Seraji

Nasrine Seraji-Bozorgzad is an Iranian-origin French-British architect. Seraji arrived in Paris in 1989 after studying at the Architectural Association and working in London. Seraji was awarded the Knight of the Legion of Honor in 2011. She has taught and exhibited across Europe, North America, China, and Southeast Asia. She presently works as a Professor of Architectural Design at University College Dublin.

©  Paris-Saclay Campus by Atelier Seraji (2013 Competition 2rd)

Paris-Saclay Campus concept was a competition project by Atelier Seraji. Residence for 330 students and apprentices, common spaces, administration, university cafes, inter-institutional canteen, commerces, and parking in the southwest suburbs of Paris.

Marziah Zad

© Atlas Medical Office Building / Marziah Zad + Raha Ashrafi + Mohsen Marizad + Ahmad Bathaei, 2023 (Hamedan, Iran)

The Atlas Medical Office Building, located in Hamedan’s main commercial sector and situated between many mixed-use high and low-rise buildings, welcomed its first tenants in late 2023.

Marziah Zad is lecturing at Computational Design: NEXT 11 on 8-9th October 2023.

Mahsa Majidi

Mahsa Majidi graduated from Tehran University’s Science and Research Branch. She founded the interior design firm “Persian Garden” in 2001 after getting professional experiences in Iran and Dubai. She received the most prestigious Architecture Award in Iran, Mermar Prize, with many projects.

© Ghobadian Office / Persian Garden Studio, 2023 (Tehran, Iran)

Ghobadian Office is a place for a prominent cosmetics firm designed Persian Garden Studio. The 280 sqm area was inspired by outer space and designed as a location for work, engagement, and collaborative meetings to express the identity and aspirations of this corporation’s creative team.

Shiva Aghababaei

© Opal Trade Center Food Hall by Tarh Va Afarinesh Architectural & Engineering Consultants (Tehran, Iran)

Tarh Va Afarinesh Architectural & Engineering Consultants offered commercial design services to the Opal Trade Center‘s newest food court. The Opal Food Hall, with a total space of 2,300 m2, is located on the highest level of an upmarket commercial center in Northern Tehran, Iran.

Habibeh Madjdabadi

Habibeh Madjdabadi is a notable Iranian woman architect of a younger generation. She is an architect whose work is given much credit in the national and international media. After winning her first grand prize and starting her professional carrier, she established her own office in Tehran in 2003. She has been shortlisted for the Aga Khan Award 2023, the Worldwide Brick Award 2014, the Tamayouz Woman in Construction Award 2023, the Memar Award 2014 for House of 40 Knots, and the Chicago Award 2014.

Listen to PA Talks 04 – Habibeh Madjdabadi

© The 70 Peaks Multipurpose Complex by Habibeh Madjdabadi

The 70 Peaks Multipurpose Complex, with a building area of 10,000 sqm, was conceived as a commercial hub for tourists, complete with restaurants, cafés, and motels. It is situated on a 60,000-square-meter property adjacent to the motorway that connects the holy city of Qom to Arak, Iran.

Catherine Spiridonoff

© Tehran World Trade Center by Fluid Motion Architects

Tehran World Trade Center is Iran’s tallest office building; it has become an urban icon and a symbol of Tehran and Iran. So, to identify an appropriate geometry for this building, we looked into the Charbagh, an ancient Iranian architectural paradigm. The project has been named to the WAF Prize Glass Future Prize Shortlist 2023.

Sara Kalantary

Sara Kalantary studied at Tehran Azad University’s Central Branch. She and her partner Reza Sayadian founded TDC Office and won many National and International competitions in consecutive years.

© House No. 6 by Sara Kalantary and Reza Sayadian

House No. 6 examines the bygone metropolitan region and modern confused humans, creating a new place. The city is a bed on which dwellings sleep. Home soothes the heart and spirit; it is a place where life flows. The city comprises several layers, and while they are the most essential regions where human connection happens and social behavior forms, privacy and security are also developed.

Learn more 7 Iranian Architects Merging Technology with Contemporary Architecture

5 Examples Of Terrible Content That Ranks Remarkably Well

Google is constantly tweaking its ranking factors to ensure it shows only the best results to searchers.

Because only the most relevant, authoritative, and highest quality content ranks at the top of the SERPs. Right?


Not always.

Sometimes low-value webpages that offer little value to searchers still manage to rank well.

This article will highlight five of the most common types of content that, sadly, I come across too often in the organic search results.

1. Toxic Sites That Drive Traffic & Monetize It Through Banners

This page ranks well for such keywords as “seo techniques” and “seo tactics”.

The big problem with this page is that its major goal is to drive and monetize traffic through the swarm of banners placed everywhere on this website.

How does a user benefit from all of this? Unclear.

Alas this page isn’t the only one of its kind.

Here’s another example of a similar site.

Examples of this content type mentioned above demonstrate how a page can exist to fulfill only one purpose: to get as much organic search traffic as possible.

Often, this kind of websites blindly copy contents from other sites with higher authority. The script does it all, including all of the backlinks within the site.

Many SEO experts can remember the days when you could easily make a buck by creating a site like that and placing a couple of banners on it. The flow of traffic was outstanding.

Now Google does everything it can to eliminate such sites from the SERPs. But even artificial intelligence needs some time to locate and block all of these sites from the search results.

2. Tons of Pop-Ups & Zero Search Query Matches

As I was analyzing the search results for [CPA marketing] on Google, I noticed something interesting.

Check out this screenshot:

The page in Position 3 also ranks for a keyword that has more than 2,000 monthly searches, based on SEMrush data. Although the keyword here is “CPA marketing”, the content on this page has nothing to do with this particular subject.

It’s also hard not to notice the title of the third page mentions money twice.

Nobody argues that making a profit is important. But do you really need to be so blunt?

Apart from the author’s subtle humbleness and CTAs that whisper his accomplishments, there are several other issues with this page. Where to begin?

Content is locked out with tons of pop-ups.

You know who else is a big fan of pop-ups? Neil Patel.

That’s why, at times, I find it difficult to read his blog posts.

Because of the constant interruptions.

OK, let’s give Vladi here some credit. The post is decently written.

Yet, the content doesn’t match the search intent of “CPA marketing” (which is an informational search). The article covers how one can start making money by becoming a member of an affiliate network.

3. Poor Quality Content

More often than not, searching for a helpful article can be like taking a trip to a mall on a Sunday.


Take a closer look at this article:

While it’s miraculously resting on its laurels at the top of the SERPs, it is nothing but a digested and rewritten content, copied from other articles.

The keywords in this post are straightforward, hence it has a solid number of users coming to this page.

However, the quality of this content is low, to say the least, the post doesn’t even get close to explaining how to start making a killing on Snapchat.

Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketing blogs suffer from similar counterproductive content.

No doubt, your page may also get lucky and appear at the top of Google. But once a different page with higher-quality content comes around, your article won’t stand a chance.

4. Outdated Content

Do you ever see something that makes you say, “Am I really seeing this?”

Well, here’s another page.

Talk about a terrible user experience!

5. Poorly Structured Content

This post ranks in top three results for [ecommerce stats 2023] search term:

Fearing they might lose their readers too quickly, these guys decided to go all out for a win. They geared up with links, placing as many of them as possible.

Sure, they meant well, but the road to user experience hell is paved with good intentions.

Not all growth-hacking strategies are equally good, I suppose.

I have another example of an article that ranks well in Google:

Oh no, it’s me! Yes, I got caught producing something useless.

For some reason, online users don’t seem to enjoy reading my post. The bounce rate for that post is astronomically high compared to other pages:

Here’s the main search query that brings traffic is “best backlinks analysis tool”:

So what’s the problem with this post? I believe it’s mainly a result of poor structure:

There’s no summary table that would demonstrate the functionality of each tool featured in my analysis.

It lacks navigation and shortcuts to specific sections.

This post is for those few people who like to scroll and read lengthy studies. Apparently they haven’t found my article yet!


Even though these articles are doing strikingly well in terms of ranking and attract a lot of readers, I bet those readers don’t come back.

If you want to bring value to your online community and be recognized for good things, then create content that earns you readers’ trust and good business. And the traffic will come.

More Content Marketing Resources:

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by Alexandra Tachalova, May 2023.

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