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Fifty Nine Great Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts CATEGORY Keyboard Shortcut Function

BASICSCtrl+NCreate new document

Ctrl+OOpen document

Ctrl+WClose document

Ctrl+SSave document

F12Save document as

Ctrl+PPrint document/print preview

Ctrl+F6Switch between multiple Word documents

Alt, then F, ROpen Recent (file, recent)

Alt+Ctrl+PSwitch to Print Layout view

Alt+Ctrl+OSwitch to Outline view

Alt+Ctrl+NSwitch to Draft view (used to be normal view)

Ctrl+scroll mouseZoom in and zoom out

Alt then w, qOpen Zoom Menu (no native shortcut exists for zoom in/ zoom out)

Alt+Ctrl+SSplit the document window

Alt+SpaceOpen the window menu

Alt+F4Exit Word

PARAGRAPHSCtrl+1Set line-spacing to single-space

Ctrl+2Set line-spacing to double-space

Ctrl+5Set line-spacing to 1.5

Ctrl+0 (zero)Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph

Ctrl+RRight-align paragraph

Ctrl+LLeft-align paragraph

Ctrl+ECenter-align paragraph

Ctrl+JJustify-align paragraph

Ctrl+Shift+NApply Normal style

NAVIGATEArrow Left/Arrow RightJump one character to the left / to the right

Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow RightJump one word to the left / to the right

End/HomeJump to the end of a line / beginning of a line

Arrow Down/Arrow UpJump one line down / one line up

Ctrl+Arrow Down/Arrow UpJump one paragraph down / one paragraph up

Ctrl+End/HomeJump to end / to beginning of document

Alt+Ctrl+ZGo back to previously edited location in document (up to 4 places)

Shift+F5Go to the last change or revision; will work after opening document, as well

FIND AND REPLACECtrl+HOpen traditional find and replace window

Ctrl+H, then Alt+DOpen traditional find window

Shift+F4Repeat last find after closing find window

Ctrl+TabJump between find menu and document

Alt+Space, Arrow keys and EnterMove find menu window

EscClose traditional active search window

SPECIAL FIELDSAlt+Shift+DInsert current Date Field

Alt+Shift+PInsert Page Number Field

Alt+Shift+tInsert current Time Field

Ctrl+F9Insert an empty field

F11/Shift+F11Go to the next field/ previous field

Ctrl+Shift+F9Unlink a field

Ctrl+F11/Ctrl+Shift+F11Lock a field / Unlock a field

MERGING MAILAlt+Shift+KMail merge preview

Alt+Shift+NMerge a document

Alt+Shift+MPrint merged document

Alt+Shift+EEdit a mail-merge document (data only)

Alt+Shift+FInsert a merge field

REVIEW DOCUMENTSF7Choose the Spelling command (Review tab).

Ctrl+Shift+ETurn change tracking on or off

Alt+Shift+CClose the Reviewing Pane if it is open

Ctrl+Shift+*Display nonprinting characters

Ctrl+Shift+GOpen the Word Counting dialog box

Hopefully there was one or more shortcuts on the list that you can use!

Lori Cline

Lori is a web content creator (fancy title for freelance writer), a self-professed tech nerd and personal computer tech; some people regard her as “tech obsessed”. She’s a phone addict; you will see her with a new smart phone in her hand every other month and living mobile tech to the point of panic if she can’t take her phone to bed with her.

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90 Control Key Shortcuts For Microsoft Word – Webnots

The Windows keyboard has two important keys to quickly complete tasks using shortcuts. One is alternate or ALT key and the other is control or CTRL key. We have listed out more than 450 useful alt code shortcuts under the article alt key shortcuts for Windows. And in this article we listed 90 useful control key shortcuts for Microsoft word. These shortcuts are tested with Word 2023 and mostly work with many other Office packages like PowerPoint and Excel.

Control Key Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

The default Microsoft Windows keyboard will have two control keys. You can hold any one of the control keys and then press other key combinations together to apply the shortcuts. For example, press CTRL + ALT + C to insert the copyright © symbol at any place in the document.

Control Key ShortcutsFunction

Ctrl + 0Add or remove line spacing before paragraph

Ctrl + 1Set line spacing to 1

Ctrl + 2Set line spacing to 2

Ctrl + 5Set line spacing to 1.5

Ctrl + =Subscript

Ctrl + [Decrease font size by 1 point

Ctrl + ]Increase font size by 1 point

Ctrl + ASelect all content in a document

Ctrl + Alt + 1Convert selected text to Heading 1 style

Ctrl + Alt + 2Convert selected text to Heading 2 style

Ctrl + Alt + 3Convert selected text to Heading 3 style

Ctrl + Alt + .Insert an ellipsis …

Ctrl + Alt + CInsert copyright symbol ©

Ctrl + Alt + HomeOpen browse options box

Ctrl + Alt + IPrint preview mode

Ctrl + Alt + KStart auto formatting

Ctrl + Alt + NSwitch to draft layout mode

Ctrl + Alt + OSwitch layout to outline mode

Ctrl + Alt + PSwitch layout to print layout mode

Ctrl + Alt + RInsert registered symbol ®

Ctrl + Alt + SSplit or combine the document window

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + SOpen styles pane

Ctrl + Alt + TInsert trademark symbol ™

Ctrl + Alt + VOpen paste special dialog box

Ctrl + Alt + ZMove to last four edited places on the document

Ctrl + BChange the selected text to bold

Ctrl + CCopy the selected content to clipboard

Ctrl + DOpen “Font” dialog box

Ctrl + ECenter the element

Ctrl + EnterInsert a page break

Ctrl + FSearch document

Ctrl + F1Expand or collapse the ribbon

Ctrl + F2Open print menu

Ctrl + F3Cut the selected text (not to clipboard)

Ctrl + F4Close the active document

Ctrl + F6Switch between documents when multiple documents are open

Ctrl + F9Insert a special text within open and close curly brackets

Ctrl + F10Resize or maximize document window

Ctrl + F12Open an existing document

Ctrl + F12Launch open dialog box

Ctrl + GGo to particular part of any page in a document

Ctrl + HFind and replace

Ctrl + IItalic font

Ctrl + JJustify text

Ctrl + KInsert hyperlink

Ctrl + LLeft alignment

Ctrl + Left ArrowJump word to left

Ctrl + MIncrease indent or tab

Ctrl + NCreate a new document

Ctrl + OOpen an existing document

Ctrl + PGo to print options

Ctrl + Page DownMove to next browse object set in browse options

Ctrl + Page UpMove to previous browse object set inn browse options

Ctrl + QRemove formatting from a paragraph

Ctrl + RRight alignment

Ctrl + Right ArrowJump word to right

Ctrl + SSave document

Ctrl + Shift + +Superscript

Ctrl + Shift + Decrease font size by 1 point

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Page DownSelect till the end of current visible window

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Page UpSelect till the start of current visible window

Ctrl + Shift + CCopy formatting from the selection

Ctrl + Shift + DDouble underline words

Ctrl + Shift + Down ArrowExtend selection till the paragraph end

Ctrl + Shift + EToggle tracking on or off

Ctrl + Shift + EndSelect till the end of the document

Ctrl + Shift + EnterInsert a column break

Ctrl + Shift + FOpen font dialog box

Ctrl + Shift + F9Remove hyperlink

Ctrl + Shift + HomeSelect till start of the document

Ctrl + Shift + KConvert selected text to capital or small letters

Ctrl + Shift + Left ArrowSelect word by word from right to left

Ctrl + Shift + NRemove formatting

Ctrl + Shift + NConvert the selected text to body text format in the document

Ctrl + Shift + Right ArrowSelect word by word from left to right

Ctrl + Shift + SOpen apply styles pane

Ctrl + Shift + Up ArrowExtend selection till the paragraph start

Ctrl + Shift + VPaste formatting style from previous selection.

Ctrl + Shift + VApply copied formatting to the selection

Ctrl + Shift + WUnderline words excluding in-between spaces

Ctrl + Space BarDisplay or hide the language bar in the task bar

Ctrl + TCreate a hanging indent for paragraph

Ctrl + UUnderline

Ctrl + VPaste from clipboard

Ctrl + WClose the active document

Ctrl + XCut the selection

Ctrl + YRedo

Ctrl + ZUndo

Why Won’T Microsoft Word Open?

You may find Microsoft Office not opening, or you cannot open a particular Word file.

The problem is common among the users and can be fixed easily.

In this article, I have discussed some ways to solve the problem and open Word again. Have a look.

Sometimes Microsoft word is bugged and refuses to open.

Also know: How to read an unreadable Word content.

When Word is not opening, follow the methods described below.

When MS Word is not opening or responding, restart your Computer. A fresh restart can often fix temporary glitches.

Turn off your PC and disconnect from the primary power source. Wait for some time and reconnect everything.

Turn the Computer on and try to open Word. If Word still does not respond, then go to the next step.

Safe mode provides minimum functionalities. If Word could not open due to extensions or add-ins, then opening it in Safe Mode will load the app without templates or add-ins.

Here is how to open Word in Safe Mode:

Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Enter winword /safe in the Run dialog box and press the Enter key.

To exit Safe Mode, close the window and restart the Office application again. This will start Office in normal mode.

If a particular Word file is not opening, then you can repair the file following the steps given below:

You can also use the Open and Repair feature to open the corrupted Word file.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

Make sure not to open the file from the Recent section.

When Microsoft Word won’t open, Repair, or Reset Microsoft Office.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

Select Apps from the given options and scroll down to find Office from the installed apps.

When you choose to Repair Office, the app’s data won’t be affected.

If you choose the Reset option, the app’s data will get deleted.

Choose either the Repair or Reset option as per your choice and wait till the process gets completed.

Sometimes the extensions or ad-ins are the culprits that cause problems while opening Word.

Under the Manage option, open COM ADD-ins.

From the dialog box, uncheck the checkboxes next to the add-ins.

When you cannot open Word, update Office along with Windows update to fix the problem.

To do that, follow the steps given below:

Next, check the box for Receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update the Windows option.

If none of the steps has worked for you and Word is still not opening, reinstall MS Office.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

Open Run utility and enter chúng tôi in the Run dialog box.

Press the Enter key to run the command.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Reinstall Word with the installer or by inserting a CD.

How do I fix it when a Word file doesn’t open?

When a Word file doesn’t open, restart Word, restart PC, repair Office, update Office and reinstall Office.

Why is Word not opening?

Word may stop responding if it is bugged. Sometimes the add-ins get corrupted and cause the problem.

Restart your computer, repair Office, update Office and Windows, and reinstall Word to fix the issue.

How do I fix Word not responding without losing data?

I hope the above guide could help you to fix the problem when Microsoft Word is not opening.

Using Text Shortcuts On Mac

Previously, we have shown you how to use text shortcuts on your iOS device for quick and efficient type. The same feature is also available on OS X which allows you to use small “phrases” or “a bunch of letters” as a replacement for a larger phrase that’s automatically entered when you type in the shortcut. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to set up text shortcuts on Mac, along with how to save and restore any text shortcut settings you have.

Setting up text shortcuts on Mac

To setup text shortcuts, follow the steps detailed below:

3. Here you’ll see two main columns, “Replace” and “With.”

The string of text or phrase you want to use as a shortcut will be entered in the Replace column. For example, if you want to use “brb” as a shortcut for “Be Right Back,” enter in “brb” in the Replace column.

And “Be Right Back” in the With column.

Similarly, apart from common shortcuts to use in your composing, you can use initials in the Replace column to replace a full name or address that you’ll enter in the With column.

You also have the options to use smart quotes and dashes and select the apostrophe type for double and single quotes. It’s quite useful, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Once you have all your text shortcuts set up, you’ll notice that any time you type a shortcut into various apps such as Notes, OS X will automatically expand into the full word or phrase.

Saving/Backup Text Shortcuts on Your Mac:

If you use multiple Macs in your workflow, or would like to have the exact same shortcuts on your work computer as you have at home, you can also back up the Text Shortcuts and use it on another Mac.

In the same window, select any one of the entries in the columns, and press “Command + A” on your keyboard. All entries will be selected, as shown below:

Drag and drop these entries on your Desktop.

You’ll notice that OS X will create a new file named “Text Substitutions.plist.” This property list file contains all of your text shortcuts in a single file.

Restoring Text Shortcuts On The Same / Another Mac

You’ll see all your text shortcuts automatically added to your Mac.

So that’s quite an effective way to save time / manage your efficiency while composing or messaging someone on your Mac, whether it’s a document, email, or whatsoever.

Do let us know as always in the Comments below if you have any confusion or query; we’ll be sure to help you out!

Shujaa Imran

Shujaa Imran is MakeTechEasier’s resident Mac tutorial writer. He’s currently training to follow his other passion become a commercial pilot. You can check his content out on Youtube

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2013 Tragedy Impetus For Running To Help Others

2013 Tragedy Impetus for Running to Help Others BU students to race in 2023 Boston Marathon

Rachel Blauner (COM’17), a former captain of the BU women’s soccer team, will be competing in her first 26.2-mile race when she runs the 121st Boston Marathon Monday. Blauner is running to raise funds for the Boston Bruins Foundation. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

Four years ago, Rachel Blauner was watching the Boston Marathon near Fenway Park, surrounded by her teammates on the BU women’s soccer team. Matthew O’Connor had just returned to his dorm on Bay State Road and was unwinding from a long day outside.

Then it happened.

Two explosions went off at the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon, sending Blauner (COM’17), O’Connor (SAR’16,’18), and the rest of the city into a state of confusion and panic, injuring more than 300 and killing 3, one a BU student from China, Lu Lingzi (GRS’13).

“Cops pulled in front of the runners and stopped them from going farther, then told everyone to evacuate the street,” Blauner recalls. “We ran up to our friend’s apartment and turned on the news to see what had happened, and phone lines were off, so I couldn’t call my parents. Then our coach picked us up and brought us to campus to be safe.”

In the days and weeks that followed, the Boston community came together in an outpouring of support for the victims, galvanized by the slogan “Boston Strong.” From the city’s recovery, a dream was born for both students, who were freshmen at the time.

“Seeing how the city came together after with so much pride and so much love for each other, I really wanted to run,” says Blauner, a South Shore native who will be running her first marathon. “I wanted to run it for Boston.”

For O’Connor, who grew up in rural New York, the city’s resilience confirmed for him that Boston was home.

“I didn’t feel the city was really my home in the first semester of college, and even in the spring I was struggling,” O’Connor says. “After I saw the intense unity created by the entire city in support of everybody who had been hurt and in light of all the bad things that had happened, I was in. It made sense for me to be here, and it felt like every time I came back, I was coming back home.”

Motivated by the 2013 bombings and its aftermath, Blauner and O’Connor will each run in the 121st Boston Marathon on Monday. Blauner is running for the Boston Bruins Foundation, O’Connor for Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries Running for Great Kids team. The Bruins foundation supports local charities that benefit children, and the Goodwill team is raising money to support Goodwill’s Youth Initiative.

O’Connor, a member of the BU Triathlon Team, ran his first marathon, in Philadelphia, in November. Last year, he worked at the Boston Marathon finish line, helping runners who needed medical attention get to the medical tent.

“It was exhausting. It was a long day, but it was a ton of fun,” he says. “I was happy to give back a little bit. Even now, it feels like small act, but I ended up connecting with a lot of individual runners who had just finished the race.”

O’Connor was disappointed in his finish at the Philadelphia Marathon, but says that his continued training has prepared him well for his second attempt. “I think I have a lot more in me to offer, and I’m grateful to get a second chance in what I think is going to be the coolest race of my entire life,” he says.

Blauner says she’s so eager for Monday’s race that she’s going to have to be careful to pace herself.

“From the sense of being there in 2013 and having so much support from my friends and family the last couple of months, I think it’s going to be really emotional,” she says. “I think I’m going to be really excited from the start, which I have to be aware of so I don’t sprint the first couple of miles.”

A marathon like Boston, one of the largest in the world (with an estimated 30,000 runners this year), requires runners to either make the qualifying time cutoff or earn a place on a charitable organization’s team; there are 32 such teams running this year.

O’Connor was familiar with the coach of the Goodwill team, so he had a good feeling about his chances to land with them. For Blauner, who wanted to run for a charity involving children and sports, the application process was a little more wait-and-see.

“I think I applied to three or four teams,” she says. “The Bruins’ application process was basically just what your experience was as a runner and why it’s important for you to run for charity. I coached kids growing up and have gone through youth athletics, and we do a lot of community service through soccer here at BU. I thought, having all of that stuff, I would hopefully be a good candidate. I was so excited when I heard back.”

O’Connor too is excited about his choice. “I pass a Goodwill store on my walk to and from class every single day,” he says. “Goodwill does a lot for the city of Boston, and their big thing is representing underserved populations.…It’s been an honor to raise money on their behalf, and I’m pumped to run with the blue Goodwill emblem on.”

Both Blauner and O’Connor say that Monday will be about celebrating the city they’ve come to love, not about running times.

“This city does such an amazing job of bringing everybody together and making it a citywide holiday, where we’re celebrating Boston,” Blauner says. “I just can’t wait to see my family and friends at the end at the spot where the bombings happened and see all the other runners finish. I think it’s going to be an unbelievable day.”

Other BU students running for Goodwill’s Running for Great Kids team at this year’s marathon are Hannah Libby (COM’18), Nicole Strauss (Questrom’17), Ameera Hammouda (SHA’18, Questrom’18), and Maura Feltault (SHA’17).

The 121st Boston Marathon, on Monday, April 17, begins in Hopkinton, Mass. The prime viewing is along Beacon Street from East Campus through Brookline. The first runners should hit that area sometime after 11:30 a.m. The finish line is in front of the Boston Public Library on Boylston Street. Check out this online map to track the marathon.

Find Blauner’s fundraising page here, and O’Connor’s here.

Taylor Raglin can be reached at [email protected].

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A Complete Guide To Cubase Shortcuts

Introduction to Cubase Shortcuts

Start Your Free Software Development Course

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Shortcut of Tools of Tool Panel of Cubase

Given below are the shortcut of tools of tool panel of cubase:

Drumstick Tool (0): For making drumstick tool active we should press zero numeric key of keyboard.

Select Tool (1): By pressing 1 numeric key of keyboard we can have select tool active.

Range Tool (2): For accessing range tool quickly you have to press 2 numeric key of keyboard.

Split Tool (3): Press 3 numeric key of keyboard for having split tool.

Glue Tool (4): By pressing 4 numeric key of keyboard you can access Glue tool.

Erase Tool (5): Press 5 numeric key of keyboard as shortcut key of Erase tool.

Zoom Tool (6): 6 numeric key of keyboard can use as shortcut key of Zoom tool.

Mute Tool (7): By pressing 7 numeric key of keyboard we can have Mute tool active.

Draw Tool (8): Shortcut key of draw tool is 8 numeric key of keyboard.

Play Tool (9): 9 numeric key of keyboard can use as shortcut command of Play tool.

Previous Tool/Next Tool (10): 10 numeric key of keyboard can use as shortcut command for previous tool or for next tool selection.

Shortcut Keys for Audio Settings

Adjust Fades to Range (A): For adjusting fades on selected range we can press A key of keyboard.

Crossfade/Fade (X): By pressing X key of keyboard we can have Crossfade for editing propose.

Direct Offline Processing (F7): Press F7 functional key of keyboard for direct processing of your editing in offline mode.

Shortcut Keys for Automation

Given below are the shortcut keys for automation:

Toggle Read Automation for all Tracks on/off (Alt + R): By pressing Alt + R keys of keyboard you can make on or off all tracks for toggle reading automation purpose.

Toggle Write Automation for all Tracks on/off (Alt + W): By pressing Alt + W keys of keyboard you can make on or off all tracks for toggle writing automation purpose.

Automation Panel (F6): Press F6 functional key of keyboard for enabling automation panel for different purposes.

Shortcut Keys for Chords

Given below are the shortcut keys for chords:

Shortcut Keys for Device

Given below are the shortcut keys for device:

MixConsole Lower Zone (Alt + F3): For lower zone of mixconsole we can press Alt + F3 functional key of keyboard.

Mixer (F3): By pressing F3 functional key of keyboard we can have Mixer device active.

Virtual Keyboard (Alt +K): For having Virtual keyboard we can press Alt + K keys of keyboard.

VST Connections (F4): We can press F4 functional key of keyboard for having VST Connections device active.

VST Instruments (F11): Same as VST connections we have shortcut command for VST Instruments that is F11 functional key of keyboard.

VST Performance (F12): F12 functional key of keyboard will make VST Performance device active.

Shortcut Keys for Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo

Cut (Ctrl + X): By pressing Ctrl + X key of keyboard we can cut our selected element for audio editing process.

Copy (Ctrl + C): Same as cut command we can copy our desired element by pressing Ctrl + C key of keyboard.

Cut (Ctrl + V): For pasting any copied or cut element we can press Ctrl + V button of keyboard.

Shortcut Keys for Edit Command

Given below are the shortcut keys for edit command:

Activate or Deactivate Focused Object (Alt + A): For activating or deactivating focused object of editing process we can press Alt + A key of keyboard that means first time when we press these keys it will make this command active and when we again press these keys it will deactivate this command.

Auto-Scroll On/Off (F): Press F key of keyboard and it will enable or disable auto scroll feature of this software.

Delete (Delete): If you want to delete your selected element then you can simply press Delete key of keyboard.

Duplicate (Ctrl + D): If you want to make duplicate copy of your desired element during editing process then you just have to select that element and press Ctrl + d key of keyboard.

Expand/Reduce (Alt + E): For expending or reduce layer length you can press Alt + E button of keyboard.

Insert Silence (Ctrl + Shift + E): Press Ctrl + Shift + E keys of keyboard and it will insert Silence at your selected area.

Invert (Alt + F): Press Alt + F key of keyboard for invert command.

Left Selection Side to Cursor (E): Press E button of keyboard for making selection at the left side of the cursor.

Write Selection side to Cursor (D): Press D button of keyboard for making selection at the right side of the cursor.

Mute (M): Press M key of keyboard for mute the audio during working with it.

Mute/Unmute Objects ( Alt + M): Same as Mute we have command for making objects mute or unmute and you can do this by pressing Alt + M keys of keyboard.

Conclusion – Cubase Shortcuts

These were some of the important shortcut keys of tools as well command of this software and you can start using them during working on any project in this software. These shortcuts will help you in enhancing your working skill and also provide you efficient working ability.

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This is a guide to Cubase Shortcuts. Here we discuss shortcut of tools of tool panel of cubase, shortcut keys for audio settings, device & edit command. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

Update the detailed information about Fifty Great Microsoft Word 2013 Shortcuts on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!