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If you’re encountering the error code 0x8007045b when trying to install certain updates or after a failed upgrade to Windows 11/10 from an older Windows version, then this post is intended to help you. In this post, we will identify the possible causes as well as provide the appropriate solutions you can try to remediate the issue. The Error String Description could be:

0x8007045B -2147023781 – ERROR_SHUTDOWN_IN_PROGRESS

You might encounter the Windows update error 0x8007045b due to one or more (but not limited to) of the following known causes;

System File corruption.

Windows Update glitch.

3rd party security software interference.

Fix Windows Update error 0x8007045b

If you’re faced with this Windows Update error 0x8007045b issue, you can try our recommended solutions in the order presented below to resolve the issue.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Perform SFC and DISM scan

Disable/Uninstall 3rd party security software (if applicable)

Clear the Windows Update cache

Perform a Fresh Start, In-place upgrade repair or Cloud Reset

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

This solution requires you to run the inbuilt Windows Update Troubleshooter and see if that helps to resolve the Windows Update error 0x8007045b issue.

2] Perform SFC and DISM scan

If you have system file errors, you may encounter the Windows Update error 0x8007045b.

The SFC/DISM is a utility in Windows that allows users to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files.

For ease and convenience, you can run the scan using the procedure below.

Press Windows key + R.

In the Run dialog box, type notepad and hit Enter to open Notepad.

Copy and paste the syntax below into the text editor.

@echo off date /t & time /t echo Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup echo ... date /t & time /t echo Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth echo ... date /t & time /t echo SFC /scannow SFC /scannow date /t & time /t pause

Save the file with a name and append the .bat file extension – eg; SFC_DISM_scan.bat.

Restart your PC.

On boot, try updating again. If the error persists, continue with the next solution.

3] Disable/Uninstall 3rd party security software (if applicable)

Firewall and antivirus are important for your system safety, but sometimes these programs can interfere with Windows 10 and cause this error to appear.

McAfee, AVAST, and Comodo are all known to cause this particular issue. In this case, to fix this issue, you’ll have to remove all third-party antivirus programs from your PC using the dedicated removal tool to remove all files associated with your antivirus program.

If removing the antivirus fixes this error, you can now install the same antivirus again, or you can switch to an alternative software or better still stick to Windows 10 native AV program – Windows Defender.

4] Clear the Windows Update cache/components

The Software Distribution folder in Windows 10 operating system is a folder located in the Windows directory and used to temporarily store files that may be required to install Windows Update on your computer. This solution requires you clear the contents of the Software Distribution folder and then retry the update process again. If the error is still unresolved, continue with the next solution.

5] Perform a Fresh Start, In-place upgrade repair or Cloud Reset

At this point, if the error is still unresolved, it’s most likely due to some kind of system corruption that cannot be resolved conventionally. In this case, you can try Fresh Start, In-place upgrade repair to reset every Windows component. Also, if you’re running Windows 10 version 1909 and later, you can try Cloud Reset and see if that helps.

Any of these solutions should work for you!

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How To Fix Update Error 0Xc1190011F On Windows 11.

If you’re experiencing error 0xc1190011f on Windows 11 and don’t know how to fix it, this guide is for you. We’ll take you through a series of troubleshooting steps that will help you restore normal Windows 11 updates and get your system running smoothly again. Our guide is easy to follow and has been proven to be effective in solving update issues. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to this frustrating update error, read on and get started.

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Are you getting the dreaded Update Error 0xc1190011f or a similar error message when trying to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 11? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This guide will take you through a variety of troubleshooting steps to help you fix the issue and get your updates running smoothly again.

First things first, let’s talk about updates. Back in the day, updating your operating system was a real pain. You had to find the update, make sure it was the right one, and then install it. And if you picked the wrong one? Back to square one. But now, with automatic updates, it’s a breeze! Or at least, it should be…

Unfortunately, even with automatic updates, things can still go wrong. But the good news is, most of the time, these issues are just minor hiccups that can be easily fixed with a few simple steps. So, let’s dive in and get those updates running like a well-oiled machine!

How do you fix update error 0xc1190011f on Windows 11?

Nine times out of ten, when an update fails, using the Microsoft Update Catalogue is the way to go. Head to the website and find the update you’re having trouble with. Don’t worry about picking the wrong one, Windows will detect a conflict and cancel the installation. You can’t really make any mistakes.

Microsoft Update Catalogue

Use the Windows 11 Troubleshooter.

Clear Delivery Optimization Files.

This one might seem like a long shot, but it’s worth a try.

After the process completes, restart your computer and check to see if the problem has been solved.

Fix Corrupted System Files.

Time to bring out the big guns! Open Command Prompt as an administrator and enter the following commands:

sfc /scannow

Wait for this command to run and complete its checks and fixes. If you receive any error messages Google them and follow any suggested solutions. However, if everything comes back fine. Run the next set of commands.

dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth

dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Restart your system and you should be good to go!

Uninstall the Last Windows 11 Update

If all else fails, you can try uninstalling the last update installed on your computer. Check out the article linked below for more information on how to do this.

How to uninstall a bad Windows 11 update. Rollback a Windows 11 update.

And there you have it! With these troubleshooting steps, you’ll be back to updating Windows 11 in no time. At least until the next issue arrives! And they always do!

Fix 0X8004De40 Onedrive Error On Windows 11/10

After updating Windows to a new build, you might notice that when you try to sign in to OneDrive, you encounter the error message There was a problem connecting to OneDrive with an error code 0x8004de40. In this post, we will identify the potential cause, as well as provide the most suitable solutions you can try to successfully fix this OneDrive error code.

When you encounter this issue, you’ll receive the following full error message;

Try again

This OneDrive error means the app is having difficulties connecting to the cloud. And the major cause of this is a poor or unstable internet connection.

However, it does not seem that the culprit of the error is actually the Internet itself. According to affected users, everything else (Outlook, Edge, Chrome, Store, etc.), except the OneDrive app works.

Fix OneDrive error 0x8004de40

If you’re faced with this issue, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Check Internet Connection

Modify Internet Properties

Disable Proxy settings (if applicable)

Reset OneDrive

Reset Winsock Catalog

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Check Internet Connection

Refreshing your Internet connection is the first maintenance procedure to try. If you are using Ethernet cable, try unplugging it and re-establish the connection. In case of Wi-Fi, try power cycling the modem and check if that helps to resolve the OneDrive error 0x8004de40.

Do the following:

Switch OFF the modem, router, and computer.

Switch ON the modem only and wait till the lights on the device are stable.

Now switch ON the router and wait till the lights in the router are stable.

Finally, switch ON the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

2] Modify Internet Properties

Do the following:

Press Windows key + R, to invoke the Run dialog.

In the Run dialog box, type inetcpl.cpl, and hit Enter to open Internet Properties applet.

In the applet, switch to Advanced tab.

Now, check the following options:

Use TLS 1.2

Restart your computer.

See if the issue is resolved. If not, try the next solution.

3] Disable Proxy settings (if applicable)

A Proxy server could trigger this error due to some interference that blocks communications between the OneDrive app installed on your Windows device and the internet/cloud. In this case, you can try to remove any proxy server from your computer and see if that resolves the issue.

4] Reset OneDrive

You can try resetting OneDrive and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

5] Reset Winsock Catalog

This solution requires you to reset Winsock and see if that helps.

I hope this helps you fix this OneDrive error.

How do I fix OneDrive sync issues in Windows 11?

If OneDrive is not syncing files/folders in your Windows 11 system, then connect your OneDrive account to Windows using the Settings app and then restart the sync process. If this doesn’t help, check if all folders you want to sync are selected. You need to use the Choose folders section in the Account tab of OneDrive settings for it. You can also unlink your PC and sync once again or reset the OneDrive to fix sync issues.

How do I fix a corrupted OneDrive?

If you are having trouble using the OneDrive app on Windows 11/10, you can reset it to fix your problem. For Microsoft 365 subscribers, there is a Restore your OneDrive feature that can be used to undo all actions on files and folders within the last 30 days (Yesterday, Three weeks ago, custom date and time, etc.). So, if your OneDrive files are infected with some malware, corrupted, overwritten, etc., you will be able to restore your OneDrive account.

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Fix 0X8007054F Windows Update Error

Many Windows users are complaining that they cannot upgrade their computers, when they try to do the same using Windows Update Assistant, the following error message and Windows Update Error 0x8007054F pop up.

You can contact Microsoft support for help with this error. Here is the error code 0x8007054f.

In this post, we are going to talk about this issue and see what you can do to resolve it.

What is Error 0x8007054f?

Error 0x8007054f is a Windows Upgrade error and is caused if there are some corrupted files on your computer. Usually, it’s the Windows Update files that are corrupted, but sometimes, the corruption can be related to some other system files. However, they can be easily resolved using various methods. Some might work for you, some don’t. So, it would be better if you go through the solutions one by one and try to resolve your issue.

Windows Update Error 0x8007054F

If you are seeing Windows Update Error 0x8007054F when using the using Windows Update Assistant, try the following solutions:

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Clean Software Distribution Folder

Reset Windows Update Component

Check Windows Update Services

Run SFC and DISM

Run Windows Update in Clean Boot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Let us start by running Windows Update Troubleshooter and see if it can detect and fix the cause of the problem. It is a built-in tool, that when deployed can not scan and repair the issue. To run the troubleshooter, follow the prescribed steps.

Windows 11

Open Settings from the Start Menu.

Windows 10

Open Settings.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

If Needed: Windows Update Troubleshooter not working 

2] Reset Software Distribution and catroot2 folders

SoftwareDistribution folder contains temporary files that when corrupted and cause issues for you. We are going to clear the folder and see if the issue persists. But before that, we need to stop some of the services. So, run Command Prompt as administrator and run the following commands, one at a time, and hit Enter.

net stop


net stop bits

Now browse to the following location:


Delete all the files and folders inside it.

If the files are in use, restart your device. After rebooting, run the commands above again. Your Windows Store App needs to be closed.

Now you will be able to delete the files from the mentioned Software Distribution folder. Now in the Command Prompt windows, type the following commands one at a time, and hit Enter:

net start


net start bits

Finally, restart your computer and see if the issue persists.

Now you need to clear the contents of the catroot2 folder. The SoftwareDistribution folder is not the only Windows Update component responsible for causing this issue, there are some components that require a reset. You can use FixWin to clear the Software Distribution as well as the catroot2 folder.

Reset Software Distribution folder

Reset Catroot2 folder.

Your issue should be fixed.

3] Reset Windows Update Component

Reset Windows Update Component and see if that helps you.

4] Check Windows Update Services

Open Windows Services Manager and check the Windows Update related Services like Windows Update, Windows Update Medic, Update Orchestrator Services, etc are not disabled. The default configuration on a standalone Windows 11/10 PC is as follows:

Windows Update Service – Manual (Triggered)

Windows Update Medic Services – Manual

Cryptographic Services – Automatic

Background Intelligent Transfer Service – Manual

DCOM Server Process Launcher – Automatic

RPC Endpoint Mapper –  Automatic

Windows Installer – Manual.

This will ensure that the required Services are available.

Apart from the direct service, you should find the dependencies of Windows Update service and ensure if they are running or not.

5] Run SFC and DISM

You may also see the error code in question if the system files are corrupted. There are various factors that can corrupt the system files, but, you can easily repair the files using SFC command or DISM Tool.

Launch Command Prompt as an administrator and run the following commands.

sfc /scannow

If that doesn’t work, then try the next command.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

After executing the command, restart your computer, and retry updating your system or running the Windows Update Assistant.

7] Run Windows Update in Clean Boot

You may also see the error code in question if your update component is interfered by a third-party application. You should perform Clean Boot and try downloading the update or running the Windows Update Assistant. If you are able to install the update, manually enable updates one by one and you will stumble upon the culprit, just remove that program and your issue will be fixed.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

How do I fix a Windows Update that won’t update?

If Windows is not installing the updates, no matter what, then there are several steps you can take to fix the problem. First, try running the Windows Update Troubleshooter to detect and fix common issues. If that doesn’t work, you can reset Windows Update components by stopping the Windows Update service, deleting the contents of the “Software Distribution” folder, and then restarting the service

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Fix 0X8024A21E Windows Update Error

When some users try updating their Windows Operating System, they receive Windows Update Error 0x8024a21e. In this post, we will talk about this issue and see what you can do to resolve it. Following is the exact error message users are seeing.

There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: 0x8024a21e)

What is Windows Update Error 0x8024a21e?

There are various reasons behind the update error. Most of the time, it is just the fact that Windows Update services are disabled. You can easily enable them the issue will be resolved. However, it is not the only reason, one of the other major causes for the update error is corrupted files. Either your system files are corrupted or the update files are corrupted. The good news is, even they can be repaired and we are going to show how hereinafter.

Fix Windows Update Error 0x8024a21e

If you encounter Windows Update Error 0x8024a21e, try the following solutions and suggestions to resolve the issue.

Make sure that BITS and Windows Update Services are running

Start Windows Defender Service

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Clear Software Distribution folder and Catroot folder

Reset Windows Update Component

Manually download the update from Microsoft Update Catalog website.

Let us talk about them in detail,

1] Make sure that BITS and Windows Update Services are running

2] Start Windows Defender Service

If you have any third-party antivirus software and firewall installed, temporarily disable them and make sure that the Windows Firewall is turned on.

Now open Services Manager and locate Windows Defender service in the services list.

Verify that the Status is Started.

If you get error trying to force start the Windows Defender service, try to change the Startup Type to Automatic, and then restart the computer.

Now see if you can install Windows Updates.

3] Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Next up, let us deploy the Windows Update Troubleshooter, which is a built-in utility that will scan what’s wrong with your Windows and prompt you to allow it to fix those issues. So, since we are having trouble with the same, why not use it to repair the cause? If you want to use the Windows Update troubleshooter, follow the prescribed steps.

Windows 11

Hit Win + I to open Settings.

Go to System.

Windows 10

Open Settings.

Hopefully, this will do the trick for you. If the troubleshooter failed to recognize and resolve the issue, move to the next solution.

4] Clear Software Distribution Folder and Catroot folder

The Software Distribution folder contains information about Windows Update. However, if the folder gets corrupted, you will not able to check for updates and when doing so, error code 0x8024a21e will appear. In order to resolve the issue in this case, first of all, we need to stop some services. To do the same, open the elevated Command Prompt window. Then, execute the following commands.

net stop


net stop bits net stop cryptSvc net stop msiserver

After executing the commands, open File Explorer and go to C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution. Next, delete all files and folders inside the SoftwareDistribution folder. Now, do the same to C:WindowsSystem32catroot2. There is nothing to worry about as all the files will be created next time you check for updates.

After deleting the content of the SoftwareDistribution folder, we need to restart the services we stopped earlier. So, launch CMD as an administrator and run the following commands.

net start


net start bits net start cryptSvc net start msiserver

After completing all the steps, reboot your computer and check if the issue persists.

5] Reset Windows Update Component

Software Distribution folder is not the only Windows Update component that you need to reset, although it is the most important and vulnerable one. So, if after clearing the Software Distribution folder, your issue persists, reset Windows Update Components using our guide and see if that helps. Hopefully, this will flush out the corrupted fragment of Windows Update to resolve the issue error code in question.

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6] Manually download the update from Microsoft Update Catalog

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We hope that you can resolve the issue using the solutions mentioned in this post.

How to fix Windows Update not installing?

If Windows Update is not installing or downloading, you can try the solutions mentioned in this post. Most of the Windows Update errors are similar and sometimes, can be resolved by simple solutions. However, we would recommend you check our guide to see what to do when Windows Updates are not installing or downloading on your computer.

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Fix : Bad_Module_Info Error In Windows 10/11

When the computer is low on resources, like physical and graphic memory, the error “bad_module_info” can pop up, crashing your application. Due to this, you might lose any progress on the application/games.

To fix the crash, you should know the error that is displayed in the crash-dialog box. If the error says “bad_module_info has stopped working”, you can find a few of the causes and their solutions below.

Bad_module_info is a type of error that can show up while running games or applications. Low memory on the graphics card can lead to these crashes while running some graphics-heavy tasks. Corrupted files can also cause your applications or games to crash mid-session.

The main reason we see the “bad_module_info” is if the computer is low on primary memory (especially RAM) and graphics memory. Now, let us get to some reasons your computer is low on resources. 

Multiple graphics-heavy tasks in the background

Full-screen optimization enabled

Problems with Windows update

Outdated graphics driver

Application not compatible with the Windows version

Game mode and Xbox game bar enabled

First, make sure that the computer has enough primary and graphics memory to run the application. Check the minimum system requirements for the applications. If the application still crashes despite having enough resources, you can opt for any of these solutions.

When any game runs on maximum FPS (Frames Per Second), it uses a lot of physical and video memory. Try limiting the in-game FPS for less resource consumption. For most games, you can limit the maximum FPS in video settings. 

The Fullscreen Optimization feature in Windows allows you to improve the FPS and performance of your game when it runs on full screen. This option is on by default for any games that run on full screen. However, this can also be one of the reasons for the error message. So, to disable this feature, you can follow these steps.

The executable file will be a .exe file with no shortcut sign on the icon. To find the executable file follow these steps.

A file explorer dialog box will now appear. Some games will have the .exe file on this dialog box. If you cannot find it, search inside the folders for the file.

Note: Your in-game FPS will decrease once you disable this feature.

While you are on this screen, enable the run as administrator option. Running a program as an admin gives the computer more resources to run the application.

If the application is old, it might not be compatible with the latest Windows. The Compatibility Mode allows older applications to operate on newer versions of Windows. To run a program on different compatibility modes, follow these steps.

Sometimes a bad Windows update can cause some incompatibility issues between the OS (Operating System) and the application. You can use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to find and fix any issues with the Windows update.

Restart the computer once it finishes the troubleshooting process. If the game still crashes with the error bad_module_info, you can revert to the previous stable version.

If the Windows Update Troubleshooter did not fix your issue with the update, you can always uninstall the recent updates. Follow these steps to uninstall Windows updates.

If you have some graphic-heavy process running in the background, the computer can run out of physical and graphics memory. To close the background applications, you can follow these steps.

Some applications may not be compatible with your Windows, which can cause the bad_module_error. The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter checks and repairs your program that is incompatible with the version of your windows. Follow these steps to run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. 

Game Mode is a feature in Windows that boosts your in-game performance by limiting the resource used by the background process. Xbox game bar is a tool that streams your gameplay, captures your gameplay with a press of a button. 

Sometimes, a Windows update or any driver update can cause the Game mode or Xbox game bar to malfunction which causes the error. You can follow these steps to disable the Windows Game Mode and Xbox Game Bar.

When a game runs on full-screen windowed mode, it doesn’t use high resources. Therefore, you can run your games with a slight decrease in performance.

To enter a full-screen mode in any game, go to video settings and select display mode to Windowed Fullscreen.

If a computer running an application runs low on memory, you might get the bad_module_info error. If you have an outdated driver, updating it might help with resource management. To update your GPU drivers, you can follow these steps.

If you face the bad_module_info crash on Fortnite, you can disable the full-screen optimization of the Epic Games launcher. As Epic Games runs in the background while running Fortnite, disabling this option can solve the issue.

To go to Epic Games Launcher executable file, follow these steps.

When the crash error pops up, check if the game still runs in the background. If it does, you can follow these steps.

Go to video settings once the game opens. 

Change the window mode to windowed fullscreen. 

Apply the settings and close Fortnite.

Open Fortnite. (the crash will pop up again. Ignore this and set the crash message dialog box to the side)

Again change the Window mode setting from Windowed Fullscreen to Fullscreen.

This will put Fortnite in the foreground and the crash message in the background. This will make your game playable even with the crash.

Validating any steam games will repair any corrupted files and check if all files are up-to-date. These corrupted files can cause errors, like loading screen glitches, crashes (bad_modle_info). To validate your steam games, please follow these steps.

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