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With iOS 16, Apple introduced a new feature called Focus, which lets you prioritize your notifications on iPhone – from whom and when you receive them. However, what happens when it doesn’t work as you intended it to? If unwanted notifications still get through or vice versa. Here’re some quick fixes to ensure Focus mode works properly on your iPhone.

1. Turn off Focus sharing across devices

Apple’s ecosystem binds every device operating on the same iCloud account. So, if you turn on a particular Focus mode in one of the devices, it’ll automatically reflect in all other Apple devices signed in with the same iCloud account.

This might be a reason why you’re facing issues with the Focus mode. To toggle off Focus sharing across other devices:

Open Settings.

Tap Focus.

Here, toggle off Share Across Devices.

That’s it! Now this device’s Focus mode won’t be synced across your other Apple devices. If this didn’t help, move on to the next fix!

While Focus mode prevents notification from distracting you, there are chances that an unwanted app or contact may have been whitelisted. In such a case, they won’t be bothered by Focus and can send notifications at any time. To check for the whitelisted apps and contacts:

That’s all! The respective app or contact will be removed from the whitelist and will no longer bypass Focus.

3. Disable time-sensitive notifications

With Focus, Apple has implemented a new machine learning technology to sense notifications sensitive to time and are meant to be delivered right away. These can include reminders, OTPs, emergency services, and other alerts from essential apps. However, if they are annoying you, follow the below steps to turn them off:

Open Settings.

Tap Focus.

Now, tap the Focus mode for which you wish to turn off these notifications.


Finally, toggle off Time Sensitive.

Now, time-sensitive notifications will no longer bypass your Focus mode.

4. Turn off repeated calls

Repeated calls from any contact can be one of the primary reasons that might make it seem like your Focus mode isn’t working:

Open Settings.

Tap Focus.

Tap the desired focus mode.

Now, tap People under ALLOWED NOTIFICATIONS section → Calls From.

Finally, toggle off Allow Repeated Calls.

That’s it! Now, no repeated calls will bypass your Focus.

5. Ensure the correct schedule time

If you’re using the scheduled focus modes, the scheduled timing might have been misinterpreted. In that case, verify your scheduled time to ensure it’s set at the right time.

Open Settings.

Tap Focus.

Here, tap the respective focus mode for which you’re concerned.

Scroll to the bottom and tap the time slot under TURN ON AUTOMATICALLY.

Now, toggle on Schedule, if not already, and double-check selected time period and days.

If everything seems fine, then consider turning off Focus and turning it back on. It should work now! If it doesn’t, don’t panic. We have more tricks up our sleeves. Keep reading!

6. Disable the silent switch

There can be a chance that the silent switch on the iPhone’s side might be enabled, thereby leading you to missed notifications. Hence, disable it if not already.

7. Restart your iPhone

If nothing seems to fix your issue, restart the device. Although the simplest fix, it usually is the most effective one to fix minor glitches. Hence, it may be a good time to restart your iPhone before moving on to the most extreme step.

8. Reset all settings

If none of the above fixes appear to resolve the issue, you must consider resetting your iPhone. It will clean up the iPhone from any kind of prevailing bugs. To reset your iPhone:

Open Settings.

Tap General.

Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Next, tap Reset.

Finally, select Reset All Settings.

There you go! I hope these fixes get Focus working back on your iPhone. If it doesn’t, check out the below most commonly asked questions.

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Excel Filter Not Working? Try These Fixes

If you’re dealing with a rather large database, then the filter function on Excel can come in handy. This function allows you to sort the dataset according to your set conditions. As a result, it makes analyzing and summarising data much easier. 

However, there might be instances where the filter function might not be working properly. Usually, such an error pops up when there are blank cells within the dataset. So, a quick fix to the issue is to delete these cells. 

But, what if the issue persists? In this article, let’s learn more about the potential causes and the fixes for the filter function not working on Excel. 

Why is My Excel Filter Not Working?

Here is a list of the potential causes of why the filter function might not be working in your Excel application. 

Blank or Hidden Rows between the dataset

Vertical Merged Cells

Data Value Error

Selected more than one worksheet (grouped)

The worksheet is protected

How to Fix Excel Filter Not Working?

Now that we know have listed out the causes, let’s jump right in with applying the troubleshooting methods for this issue.

Select All Data From Sheet 

If your dataset has blank rows or columns, it might not select the area (row or column) below or past these cells. As a result, Excel will fail to filter out all the data in your dataset. 

Remove Blank Rows/Columns 

Alternatively, you can also remove the blank rows by configuring the data on your Filter area. Here is how you can do so. 

Unhide Rows or Columns 

If you have hidden rows or columns on your dataset, then Excel won’t apply the Filter function on these data cells. You will have to unhide any hidden rows or columns from your sheet. 

Here is how you can do it.

Unmerge Cells 

Merged cells in your dataset can also create problems while you’re trying to filter your table. Excel tends to disregard the data on merged rows/columns. So, we suggest that you first unmerge all data cells before using the filter option.

 Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do it. 

Remove Data Errors 

If there are data errors in your table, then the filter function might not work on your data set. So, It is best to remove these data errors from the table.

 Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do it. 

Clear and Add Filter

In some rare cases, the current filter you’re setting up might not work on your data set. So, a quick troubleshooting method you can apply is to clear the previous filter and set up a new one. 

Here is how you can do it.  

How to Fix Filter Grayed Out in Excel?

Here are a few effective methods you can apply when the filter option is grayed out on your Excel Application.  

Ungroup Sheets  Unprotect the Sheet 

Another factor you should look out for is to check whether your sheet is protected or not. When you’re sheet is protected, Excel automatically greys out the Filter option. So, to unprotect the sheet, 

Related Questions  Why is my Filter by color not Working? How to fix Excel Not Grouping Dates in Filters?

In some instances, the grouping dates in filters might get disabled. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can enable it. 

Teams Camera Not Working? Try These Fixes

Imagine getting suited up for a meeting, and your camera isn’t working; you really don’t want the effort to go in vain. The Teams app has been around for quite some time. This has given us enough time to understand why the camera may not be working.

Camera issues can be difficult, however, difficult to understand. The issue can range from being extremely general to specific, so the user may find the diagnosis process a bit tedious.

In this article, we will be listing the causes of why your Teams camera may malfunction and how you can fix it. Stick around to get your camera working in no time!

Before you jump to the fixes, skim through the causes and determine the cause most relevant to you. You can find the fixes for each mentioned cause under this article.

Here is a list of causes for why your Teams camera may not be working:

Inadequate Permissions

Webcam Used by Other App

Hardware Problems

Application Bugs

Outdated Teams App

Camera Driver Not Updated

Operating System Not Updated

You can test several solutions to fix the camera issue on Microsoft Teams. Below, we’ve listed both the general and specific solutions to the issue. After you’ve gone through the causes mentioned above, apply any of these fixes.

You can start your fix by running a simple test call to ensure that your camera hardware is working properly. If you determine that the issue is actually in your device, you can simply repair or replace your device. However, you can only use this feature if you own the paid desktop version of Microsoft Teams.

Follow these steps to run a test call in Microsoft Teams to check if your device camera is working properly:

Although the update is automatic for the desktop version of the Teams app; you need to update Teams on your mobile phones and tablets periodically. When you leave the Teams app outdated for a long time, it will fail to establish a connection with your device hardware.

You can visit Play Store to update your Teams app if you own an Android mobile or tablet. For iPhone or iPad users, update the Microsoft Teams app from App Store.

Drivers are essential to bridge the gap between hardware devices and the computer system. If you’re a Mac user, all your drivers are installed and updated automatically while you update your macOS. However, you can manually update drivers if you’re a Windows user.

You can update your camera driver from the device manager utility on your Window. Refer to the steps mentioned below to update camera drivers on Windows:

Your camera may not work because another application may be actively using your camera. This can be one of the more probable causes for why Teams may not be registering your video during a video conference call.

Make sure you close all windows that you believe may be using your camera. It’s best to close all applications running in the background. This applies to both the desktop application and mobile application versions of Teams.

On Windows

On Mac

Teams cannot access your camera if you haven’t granted the app the necessary permissions. To access devices like your camera and microphone, applications need special permissions for security reasons.

You can grant these permissions from the settings of your device. Using the Teams web version, you can find these permissions in the Site Settings. Refer to the steps mentioned below to grant camera access to the MS Teams application:

On Windows

On Mac

On Browser

If you have more than one webcam connected to your PC, Teams could be actually using the other peripherals. You need to switch the webcam in use from the device settings in the Teams application. 

Here are the steps you can refer to while switching camera devices in MS Teams:

When some files go missing or corrupt in a program, certain functions in the application malfunction. It is possible that the problem is that the program files for your camera do not work like it should on the Teams app.

You can fix this issue by repairing or resetting the MS Teams application. Repairing the application will scan through the program files for any missing or corrupted files. Windows will replace the corrupted files with a new, functioning one. Similarly, it will add the missing files. 

Resetting the application will do the same, except it will also erase all data from the application. This eliminated the chances of any bugs that may be interfering with the features in the Teams app.

This feature is only available in Windows. If you own a Windows and wish to repair or reset your application, follow these steps:

When you leave your operating system outdated for long, it will severely impact the system. The system fails to maintain a connection between the software and the hardware. Your camera may not be working because your system may have failed to establish communication with your camera.

You need to update your operating system periodically. When you update your system, it not only maintains your system’s functioning but also protects it from any security vulnerabilities. Additionally, updates generally push resolutions to bugs from the previous update.

Follow these steps to update the operating system on your device:

On Windows

On Mac

13 Fixes For Chromebook Touchpad Not Working

Not everyone uses an external mouse to control a Chromebook. If you rely heavily on the touchpad, any issue with it could wreak havoc in your life. If your Chromebook’s touchpad isn’t working, or you are facing scrolling issues, this tutorial will help you learn how to fix the touchpad not working issue on Chromebook.

1. Restart Chromebook

The issues with a Chromebook touchpad not working is often resolved by merely restarting the Chromebook. However, please note that you need to actually reboot the Chromebook and not just put it to sleep or close the lid.

2. Reset Chromebook Hardware

In addition to the above method, you can try doing a hard reset on your Chromebook. This will not affect your files on the Chromebook but will restart hardware components like the touchpad and keyboard. Hopefully, the touchpad will start working after performing a hard reset.

Turn off your Chromebook using the “Shutdown” button in the Quick Panel.

Press and hold the Refresh key, and while holding it, press the Power key to turn on the Chromebook.

When the Chromebook boots up, release the Refresh key.

Tip: a hardware reset can also help fix keyboard issues on Chromebook.

3. Clean the Touchpad 4. Do a Drum Roll

The official Google support page recommends drumming your fingers on the touchpad for at least 10 seconds. This causes vibrations, which can loosen dirt or other unwanted material.

5. Press Esc Key Repeatedly

If Chromebook’s touchpad isn’t responding to input, try pressing the ESC key several times on your keyboard. This will stop the current page from loading, and if something isn’t working normally on that page, pressing the ESC key will stop that process, and the touchpad will eventually start functioning again.

6. Adjust the Touchpad’s Speed

If the touchpad’s speed is too slow or fast, you might have accidentally changed its sensitivity. Follow the given steps to keep the touchpad’s speed within an optimum range.

Open Settings on your Chromebook.

Go to “Device → Touchpad.”

Adjust the speed using the slider next to “Touchpad speed.”

7. Turn Off Reverse Scrolling

If Chromebook’s touchpad is scrolling in the wrong direction, it could be due to the reverse scrolling feature. You need to disable it to fix the Chromebook scrolling problem.

For that, go to “Settings → Device → Touchpad.”

Turn off the toggle next to “Enable reverse scrolling.” Check out other ways to fix scrolling not working on Chrome.

9. Enable Tap Dragging

If you are unable to drag items on your Chromebook by holding down the touchpad, your device’s tap dragging feature may be disabled.

To enable it, open “Settings → Device → Touchpad.”

Turn on the toggle next to “Enable tap dragging.”

10. Enable Touchpad Acceleration

Another setting that could be responsible for touchpad speed issues is Touchpad acceleration. If you feel that that Chromebook’s cursor is moving too quickly, it’s probably because of this setting.

To enable touchpad acceleration, open “Settings → Device → Touchpad.”

Turn on the toggle next to “Enable touchpad acceleration.”

If the touchpad still doesn’t seem to function correctly, it could be due to a bug in the Chrome OS. You must update the Chrome OS to the latest version to fix the issue.

For that, go to “Settings → About Chrome OS.”

12. Use a Different Chrome Profile

Sometimes the issues with a Chromebook touchpad not working is limited to one profile only. You must try using the Chromebook in guest mode or with a different account.

Note: you may not see the Guest mode option if you are using a Chromebook from school or work.

If the touchpad works fine in “Guest mode,” you should add a new user account on your Chromebook and delete the older one. Hopefully, that should fix the issue.

13. Reset Chrome Tips for Using Chromebook

We hope applying the above fixes helped you fix the touchpad problems on your Chromebook. After it starts working, check out the best tips for using a keyboard on Chromebook. Also, learn how to use and customize Chromebook’s shelf.

Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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Windows Troubleshooter Not Working? Try These Fixes

Windows has many features and functions, and if one of them fails, you can always use the Windows troubleshooter to identify and resolve the problem.

But what happens when Windows Troubleshooter itself does not work anymore? Is there any tool or method to diagnose the problem?

Fortunately, there is. And here’s our detailed troubleshooting guide to find exactly that.

A problem is preventing the troubleshooter from starting 0x80070002, 0x8e5e0247

Windows Troubleshooting error code 0x803c010b

An error occurred while troubleshooting 0x80300113

Besides, the troubleshooter itself might not work at all or get stuck. In any case, you will be unable to identify and resolve your issue with the troubleshooter.

Below we have a list of  15 fixes for you to try for when your Troubleshooter is not working in Windows. We hope you succeed in finding one that works for you!

Troubleshooter failing could indicate a corrupted system file. You can employ the System File Checker (SFC) and Deploy Image Service Management (DISM) tools to identify and fix any corrupted system files.

First use the DISM tool, restart the system, then use the SFC tool (usage outlined below).

DISM Tool SFC Tool

The Windows Troubleshooter will not work if Windows cannot locate the Temporary Folders, where it stores temporary files. If this is the case, you will need to set the Temporary Folders path. 

Old temporary files stored in your system could also prevent the Windows Troubleshooter from functioning properly. Run Disk Cleanup to see if that solves the issue.

Sometimes a simple Windows Update can fix some issues. You can try updating your Windows to see if this fixes the problem.

If the Cryptographic Services is not running, or if it has stopped for some reason, then Windows Troubleshooter will not function. If this is the case, you will need to start the Cryptographic Service.

You can boot into Safe Mode and see if you can run the troubleshooter from here.

Windows 11 Windows 10

Sometimes your antivirus software(s) and firewall service (other than Windows Defender / Windows Security) could be stopping the Troubleshooter from searching for solutions over the internet and communicating with Microsoft servers.

Try to disable your third-party antivirus software and firewall temporarily to see if this allows you to run the Troubleshooter.

It is possible that your Troubleshooter is unable to connect to the internet because of an outdated or corrupted DNS cache stored locally on your computer. To address the accessibility issues with Microsoft Servers, which the Troubleshooter needs to diagnose problems, you need to flush DNS in your computer.

Try clearing the DNS cache and see if this fixes the issue.

If you are getting “Troubleshooter has stopped working” error messages, the problem might lie with your group policy settings.

Some users have reported that repairing .Net framework installation resolved their issue with the Troubleshooter not working.

Some users have also found that making a change to their registry fixed their Troubleshooter problem.

Windows Troubleshooter could be malfunctioning because your account has been corrupted. To see if this is the case, create a new account and run the troubleshooter on it.

To create a new account:

UAC is an important feature of Windows Security feature that controls administrator access granted to applications. If you disable UAC, applications that you launch can run with full administrative privileges without prompting you to grant administrator access.

Thus, it is not recommended that you keep UAC disabled in your machine. However, in this case, it can be useful to disable the UAC temporarily to troubleshoot the Troubleshooter problems.

When you’re done, launch the UAC settings again and slide the slider back to the default position.

If you have created restore points in the past on your PC, then you can use System Restore to revert the system back to that point in time.

As a last resort, you can try resetting your PC to fix the Troubleshooter not working problem.

Windows 11 Windows 10

Iphone Touchscreen Not Working? Try These 6 Fixes

When the iPhone touchscreen is not working, it comes down to two fundamental reasons, hardware issues and software issues. If your phone had recently suffered fall damage or something similar, the pixels on your iPhone screen are most likely dead. 

When this happens, the only solution is to visit a repair store as we can’t manually fix dead pixels. But, you can attempt to fix the touchscreen if software-related causes are more likely to be the cause. 

Dead Pixels: You get anywhere from hundreds of thousands to several million touches on your touchscreen. After the expected lifetime ends or due to physical damage, it can cause dead pixels and the touchscreen stops working. 

Static Charge Buildup: A static charge is when the negative and the positive charges are not in balance. Our phone screens to have a lot of static charge buildup due to environment changes or contact with items, like wool, hair, or aluminum foil. As a result, the touchscreen can stop working. 

Water Damage and Corrosion: Corrosion is a result of water damage on your phone. This is when the internal hardware components on your phone slowly start to decay after not using the phone for a prolonged time. The touchscreen not working can simply be one of its symptoms. 

Before we explore the solutions, we suggest trying out some basic fixes. Take off the screen protector. Then, clean the screen’s surface with a microfiber cloth to remove excess dirt off your phone screen. If you find some moisture or water droplets in any area of your phone, use a cotton swab to dry it. 

Once you’ve made sure the screen is clean, we can proceed to test the touchscreen. We can now move on to other solutions: 

One of the easy fixes you can try is rebooting your iPhone. This is because sometimes app or system bugs can lead to your touchscreen crashing or not responding. So, restarting your phone will reset all background processes and help fix minor glitches. 

To force restart an iPhone without touching the screen, follow these steps. 

From iPhone 8 to iPhone 14:

Hold and let go of the Volume Up button. 

For iPhone 7:

Hold down the Volume Down key and the Power button together. 

Let go of all the buttons. 

For iPhone 6s: 

Let go of both the buttons.

Along with rebooting your phone, you can also remove your SIM card, memory cards, and such. Doing so can help your phone to restart properly. Now, you can try and check if the touchscreen is starting to work again.

To remove any static charge buildup on your phone, you can simply use a humidifier in your room. It’s also best to always moisturize your hands gently before using your phone. However, make sure not to over-moisturize your hands. Another option to neutralize static charge on your phone is by using a product, like a static eliminator. 

It’s a good idea to update the software on your phone to eliminate any bugs or glitches and fix the touchscreen error. You can directly use your Macbook to update your iOS version. Here’s how you can do it: 

Connect iPhone to your Mac using a lightning cable. 

Select your phone from the list. 

Install any available updates.

If you’re using a Windows PC, you can use iTunes to update your iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable and open iTunes. 

If your phone’s touchscreen is not working, but you need to complete a task on your phone, you can still use voice commands. You can either say “Hey Siri” and say a command out loud, like “Set a reminder,” “Call someone,” or “play music.”  

This method will require you to wipe all of your data. So, we recommend performing this step only if you already have a backup of your data or if no other solutions are working. You can easily restore your iOS using iTunes on a PC. 

Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to the PC. Usually, you’ll get a pop-up message to update your software right after opening iTunes. 

Finally, if you’re still having issues fixing your touchscreen, it’s best to leave it to a professional. You can take your phone to any local repair center and diagnose the problem. You can also look up some repair services online if it’s more convenient for you. 

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