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Given the economic drought we’re in, it’s inevitable that some free software-as-a-service tools would turn to dust. Last week, I mentioned that Jott Networks discontinued its free, basic Jott service. Yahoo plans to shut down its free Briefcase online storage service by March 30. And not long ago, Google announced it was no longer offering Google Notebook, its free Web page clipping tool, to new users.

Gmail: Web Mail, Online and Off

Over the past few months, I’ve transitioned from Microsoft Outlook for e-mail to Gmail, Google’s free online e-mail service. Gmail has lots of benefits for people on the go, such as the ability to use and search your messages from any Internet-connected computer or phone. You can also use instant messaging, send and receive SMS text messages, and carry on video chat sessions, all within the same interface.

Skype: Voice and Video Chat for Two

Skype’s free VoIP and video chat service is pretty phenomenal, when you think about it. Want to call a colleague in South Korea from the U.S. for free and talk as long as you want? No problem, as long as it’s a Skype-to-Skype call. (You can call cell phones and traditional landline numbers, too, but those calls aren’t free.)

Skype’s free video chats are limited to two people, but the quality is generally good, especially if you’re using a Logitech Webcam that supports high-quality video chats in Skype. Skype recently released an upgrade to its software, version 4.0 for Windows, that reportedly improves the quality of video chats, too, though I’ve not had the opportunity to test it.

Also, you don’t have to be sitting at your computer to make a free Skype call. For example, the free Fring iPhone app lets you make free Skype calls over a Wi-Fi network, though voice quality can be subpar.

TimeBridge: Schedule Meetings With Ease

When you propose a meeting, for instance, TimeBridge automatically e-mails the invitees up to five possible meeting times of your choosing. The invitees vote for the times that work best for them.

FreeConference: Free Confabs, but Toll Calls

I’ve used FreeConference for years to set up and conduct telephone conference calls. It’s easy to use, and it gives you lots of options.

Which Freebies Do You Use?

Have you found a free Web-based service or software tool that makes your life on the go easier? If so, please tell me about it.

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Essential Free Software Downloads For Windows

There are tons of free software applications that you can download for office productivity, Internet, multimedia, drawing, Windows utilities, etc, but if you’re not familiar with open source software, you might not know which program is the best out of the myriad of choices. That’s the only other downside about freeware: some of it contains junkware like bundled apps or annoying toolbars.

Table of Contents

In this article, I’m going to mention a couple of the websites that I visit quite often when looking for safe and clean freeware apps to download.

Gizmo’s Freeware Reviews

Gizmo’s Freeware Review site has got to be the best site on the net for finding great freeware apps. There are a bunch of sites that have huge lists of freeware programs with tiny little overviews of each program, but Gizmo’s site is insanely popular because they spend time writing detailed reviews and testing each program that they review to make sure it works as intended.

You can navigate directly to a category across the top of the page like Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, etc. Previously, they only used to cover Windows and Mac, but recently they have expanded to cover all the most popular operating systems.

In addition to all of that, the site has a blog with a huge number of articles on all kinds of useful technical topics. A lot of the articles they link to from their review pages and it gives you a very in-depth understanding of the topic.


Secondly, you should keep the installer somewhere on your computer instead of deleting it because running it again will automatically check all the freeware apps and download newer versions if available. If you already have the latest version installed, it will just skip that program. So using the installer is like having a free program that will update all your apps automatically too!

What I like best too is that it will install the 64-bit version of the software if I’m running the installer on a 64-bit operating system. This program is simply awesome and will save you a ton of time.


If you’ve read a decent number of my previous posts, you’ll know that I simply love the folks over at NirSoft. It’s basically a site with a bunch of tiny utilities designed for very specific tasks.

Want to copy video files that are stored in your browser cache? There’s a utility for that. Want to control the volume of your computer from the wheel of your mouse? There’s a utility for that. Want to see all the passwords stored in your browser? There’s a utility for that. You get the picture! There are over a hundred of these really useful utilities that work extremely well. They also contain no bundled crapware or anything else.


You got a USB stick right? So why not installed PortableApps on there! It’s all your freeware apps stored on a USB stick that you can use anywhere on any machine. They have up to 300 legal versions of apps that have been retrofitted to run portably on a USB stick.


FileHippo has been around for a very long time and it’s still one of the better sites for finding good freeware programs. What I end up using FileHippo more for than anything else is downloading older versions of programs. It’s not often, but there are times when you don’t want the latest version of a program. Maybe because it can’t run on an older system or because it has a bug that is causing problems on your system, so the only option is to download a earlier version.

Mentionable Sites

Outside of these, there are a couple of other sites I visit, but they tend to contain the shorter overviews with no real reviews or anything else. Still you won’t find spyware or malware on these sites.

MajorGeeks – Looks like it was designed in the 90’s and probably has been around since then, but a great site for a lot of tech tools. Lots and lots of tech utilities that are hard to find anywhere else.

FileForum BetaNews – You can normally find the latest freeware apps here first before they reach other download sites. Not sure how they do it, but you’ll find the newest software here.

Sites to Avoid

CNET is the worst because it makes you go through several screens trying to get you to install junkware before you can install the actual app you wanted to download. For me, it’s easy to avoid all of the junk, but a lot of people will end up with adware on their computer and have no idea why. Unfortunately, sites like chúng tôi which is the same as CNET, show up high in the search results, which makes them harder to avoid. Most anything on CNET you’ll be able to find on one of the sites I mentioned above. Enjoy!

Best Free Animation Software For Windows 11/10

Animations are everywhere, right from TV to Computers to Movies. If you are looking for free animation software for your PC, then this post will help you. Here, we discussed some of the best free 2D and 3D animation software for Windows 11/10/8/7.

What is Animation, and Where is it used?

Animation involves the manipulation of still images to appear as moving images are used extensively in short films, special effects, video games, and other media that are fanatical in displaying the moving images. While the traditional animation involved the painting by hand on transparent sheets like cells later exhibited in the films, present-day animation has moved to CGI or Computer Generated Imagery.

Small companies and individual freelance artists can now produce professional grade featured films, arts, and games from their home computers using animation software. Thanks to the increased availability of CGI software and computer network speeds that have contributed to creating class-leading animations.

Moreover, independent video games (indie games) are on the rise. The close association of the animation industry with the gaming industry has only given rise to the immense demand for CGI software. Software like CGI  helps the small-term animators in generating these indie games that are created by small teams without significant financial support.

Computer animations can be 3D computer animation or 2D animation. If you are planning to create animation by yourself, you may be looking for proper animation software. Earlier, we have seen a free Pencil animation and cartoon software for Windows, which is a good tool for beginners planning to learn animation.

Free Animation Software for Windows PC Free 2D Animation Software 1] Plastic Animation Paper

The software is useful for everyone, be it a professional animator or even an independent team; it offers an easy interface to create animation from the home system. The software is available for free download on Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows PC. Download it here.

2] Stykz

Stykz is a freeware tool for generating 2D animations. It is available for free download for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. The software offers an easy and powerful interface that aids in generating animations all from your home desktop. Stykz is a frame-based software that allows you to customize individual frames and alter the previous frames using Onion skins.

The Stykz is a tool that will assist in sketching the characters and the landscape before moving on to the next steps. The interface is user-friendly and also intuitive at its best. The software allows you to save the files in .stl format, which is compatible with other animation tools. Download it here.

3] Pencil2D

Pencil2D is a freeware animation software that offers a user-friendly interface to generate 2D animation. It is an open-source tool that can be used in Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.  It is basically a Pencil application created by Pascal Naidon that uses a bitmap/ vector drawing interface. While it offers fewer features compared to other tools, this is extensively used to generate 2D drawings comprehensively. The software uses Vector and bitmap graphics to represent the images in computer graphics. Download it here.

4] Victorian Giotto

Giotto comes packed with more than 50 great animated effects that can be applied to both shapes and text without coding! Play with Flash effects through the effect editor, and see the amazing animations immediately on the screen. It is a lightweight application having an interface similar to Adobe Flash. Giotto requires no coding or animation script to make effects and can be used to make attractive effects to your website by integrating flash effects. Download Victorian Giotto here.

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Free 3D Animation Software 1] Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker is a free animation software that offers templates to add graphics assets to create animations. This tool is for everyone, a professional filmmaker or an individual, and provides high-end templates to develop animations. The software offers extensive preloaded effects and features that can be used to create complex animation and also a simple presentation.

Auro lets users add their own logo and watermark to the images. Aurora 3D Animation Maker is also used for creating 3D video titles and texts as well. Additionally, features like duration and the playback rate help Users to make cool animations. Other captivating effects include fireworks, flames, and movements like bounce and twist. Moreover, the software also supports a ton of file formats, including GIF. Download it here.

2] Blender

Blender has a relatively small installation size and runs on several popular computing platforms. It has a large feature collection providing high-level tools for 3D modeling, Animation, Effects, and much more. Its features include basic non-linear video/audio editing. Blender’s animations system supports a variety of techniques and tasks, allowing the creation of complex animations.

It is good for 3D animation and post-processing tool which offers a plethora of features. It is excellent for learners and experienced animators and offers real-time 3D/game creation, 3Dwrapping, Edge rendering, and collision simulation. The software is an open-source tool that lets users make changes and even add new features. It is available for free download here.

TIP: Take a loot at Express Animate too.

3] Clara.IO

The tool is available in different browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. chúng tôi permits editing by multiple users through simultaneous collaboration and versioning. It offers easy sharing, VRay cloud rendering, a modern interface, and offers a user-friendly multiplatform. Additionally, The tool also allows users to export and import files from other formats like Blender, Babylons, STL, FBX, and more. Download it here.

4] Anim8or

Anim8or is a lightweight, portable application for 3D animation. Anim8or is very simple to install and run.  It is composed of a single executable file that can be put anywhere on your disk.

Anim8or’s interface is separated into four sections, each with its own toolset:

Object editor

Figure editor

Sequence editor

Scene editor.

Anim8or is completely open-source and can be downloaded as a zip file here.

Which is the best free 2D and 3D animation software for PC?

Pencil2D and Anim8or are among the finest. Pencil2D offers a user-friendly interface to generate 2D animation. Anim8or is a lightweight, portable application for 3D animation.

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11 Best Free Firewall Software For Windows (2023 Update)

Firewalls are software programs which are used to improve the security of computers. It protects a private network or LAN from unauthorized access. The purpose of having a firewall installed on your computer, phone, or tablet is to protect against malware threats that exist on the internet or other connected networks.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Free Firewall Software, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

Top Pick

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a firewall management software. It helps you to detect security vulnerabilities in the firewall policies. It provides real-time visibility into network firewall security.

Visit ManageEngine

Best Firewall Software for Windows (Open Source & Paid)

Name Free Trial Features Link

👍 ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Download for Free

• Network traffic and bandwidth monitoring

Learn More

TotalAV Download for Free

• It offers a secure way to surf the web anonymously and encrypt your internet’s traffic

Learn More

GlassWire Firewall Download for Free

• Detect malware and block badly behaving apps

Learn More

ZoneAlarm 30-Day Free Trial

• It guards your personal data.

Learn More

Avast Endpoint 30-Day Free Trial

• Most comprehensive reports of threats and malware

Learn More

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a firewall management software. It helps you to detect security vulnerabilities in the firewall policies. It provides real-time visibility into network firewall security.

#1 Top Pick

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


Firewall Policy Management

Real-time VPN and Proxy Server Monitoring

User internet activity monitoring

IDS & IPS for Security

Visit ManageEngine


Manages firewall policy effectively

Ensures that the policy changes are managed

Monitors the VPN and internet activities of users

Continuously monitors and generates various compliance standards reports

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is PCI DSS and ISO 27001 compliant.

You can diagnose live firewall connections.  

It can trigger alerts in real time for bandwidth usage.  

Import log files easily to the Firewall analyzer from your local host.  

Visit ManageEngine

Download for Free

TotalAV is one of the best firewall software protecting you from malicious viruses, malware, and dangerous websites. It provides real-time Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware protection.


Remote Firewall feature allows remote access to your devices

It offers a secure way to surf the web anonymously and encrypt your internet’s traffic

Real-time antivirus protection

Let you know if any of your passwords have been leaked in an online data breach.

It offers a highly secured Password Vault

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Protects only six devices at once.

You can quarantine potentially dangerous files. The safe search may not always function.

If you fall victim to identity theft, TotalAV guarantees $1,000,000 insurance.  

Download for Free

GlassWire is a free network monitor and security tool using a built-in firewall. This firewall software can see your past and present network activity.


Offers add-on Internet security to your computer or server by visualizing all past and present networking data

It helps you to keep track of your daily, weekly, or monthly bandwidth usage.

This software provides multiple remote server monitoring

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can block the connections of applications that do not behave well. It may slow down your device sometimes.

Receive alerts when a new app accesses the network. The free version doesn’t include a “Ask to Connect” feature.

It provides network usage statistics with granular data.  

You can set up different Firewall profiles for different use cases.  

Download for Free

ZoneAlarm is a free firewall that helps you to protect your computer against cyber attracts. It blocks unwanted programs and network traffic access to the internet.


You can work invisibly.

It guards your personal data.

Provides a secure browsing experience.

Offers WiFi protection.

It allows you to search safely and give you alerts for dangerous sites.

You can safely download documents from the internet.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Get real-time antivirus and anti-phishing protection for your computer. It is compatible with only MS Windows Defender

It can reconstruct files, remove threats, and deliver clean content. You have to uninstall any existing anti-virus to use Zone Alarm.

Get alerts if someone gains control over the operating system.  

It has a 30 days money-back guarantee.  

30-Day Free Trial

Avast Endpoint is a firewall protection tool that helps you to find out vulnerabilities in third-party applications. It also makes it easy to deploy patches from the Avast Business to your system.


Helps you to manage PCs, Macs, and servers from a single place

Prevent dangerous websites, set templates, and group devices

Most comprehensive reports of threats and malware

Invite other administrators and set personalized notifications

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It lets you manage multiple devices and add and remove users securely. Patch management is only available for Windows.

All its plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

It uses six layers of protection.  

This Firewall allows you to give access control and permissions.  

Visit Avast Endpoint

30-Day Free Trial

Macfree firewalls allow your PC and other devices and closely watch network traffic. It also allows you to capture malicious programs before they reach your computer.


Prevent various type of viruses, malware, and ransomware from infecting your computer and mobile devices

Helps you to secure our firewall and block hackers from accessing your home network

Helps you to store and manage all your online passwords in a single location

Keep sensitive files private by storing them on your system with 256-bit encryption

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can manage unlimited devices. No lost wallet protection for other plans except for Advanced.

It includes a file shredder feature. It doesn’t provide identity restoration except for the Advanced plan.

$25,000 is provided for ransomware coverage.  

30-Day Free Trial

Azure Firewall provides network security to protect your network resources. It also offers a feature of threat intelligence-based filtering. It also allows preventing traffic from malicious domains and IP addresses.


Provides high availability and unrestricted cloud scalability

You can create, enforce and log application and network connectivity policies

Allows source and destination Network Address Translation

Support for hybrid connectivity through deployment behind ExpressRoute Gateways and VPN

Offers integrated with Azure Monitor for logging and analytics

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It inspects traffic in real-time. The price may not always be competitive.

Azure has a huge number of certifications that include ISO/IEC, IRS 1075, HIPPA, etc It is not suitable for small businesses.

Once you complete 12 months, you will get over 55 services that are always free  

It provides a unified management that can manage security across all virtual networks.  

30-Day Free Trial

Norton AntiVirus Plus is ideal for 1 PC or Mac for offers real-time threat protection against malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. The software is designed to provide multiple layers of security for your PC or Mac, including firewall protection.


Real-time threat protection

Helps you to generate, store, and manage your passwords, credit or debit card information and other credentials

Helps you to monitor communications between your computer and other computers

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It includes parental control Norton backup cloud feature is available only on Windows

Norton provides VPN for up to 5 devices. Its safecam features are not available on iOS.

If Norton expert fails to remove the virus, you get a refund.  

It has a video supervision monitor.  

7-Day Free Trial

#9) AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall is used to protect your computer against hacker attacks. This firewall protection software helps you to secure your PC against malware, filter applications to prevent unauthorized intrusions.


Protect your PC registry every time any suspicious attempt to change the registry contents takes place.

Offers feature of parent control making a whitelist of URLs and websites that you wants to view and work with

Allows you to create your own personalize firewall rules for each program and application

It will also enable you to view and control the traffic volume.

View alerts when any application tries to connect to the net from your PC.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It is available in several languages. This application doesn’t offer continuous support for Firewall.

AVS Firewall comes with numerous helpful tools. It comes with a heavy footprint.

Get granular visibility into app connection and traffic.  

It is highly customizable.  

#10) Comodo Free Firewall

Comodo is one of the best free firewall software that provides the technology solutions that secure and preserve that experience. The tool offers a fast and hassle-free online experience for users.


Offers fast and hassle-free online experience

Manages traffic on your PC

Helps you to block all types of internet attacks

DDP-based security keeps you informed and make your PCs safe

Secures all connections when you are online

Monitors in/out connections

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It provides a complete history of malware. Its installation can be time-consuming.

Comodo learns your behavior to give personalized protection. It is not easy to navigate and find its features.

It has a lot of configuration options.  

This firewall comes with Deny Protection feature that works with feasible files.  

#11) Evorim

Evoriam is one of the best free firewall software that identifies threats and protects the privacy of your website. It is one of the best firewall for Windows 10 that controls every program on your computer by permit or denies access to the Internet.


Prevent your site invaders from gaining access to your computer

Regulate the access to the network and Internet according to a specific application

If a non-authorize program wants to access the internet, you will receive a notification immediately

Protects against tracking and monitoring of internet users with the help of cookies and other techniques.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It can block any kind of telemetry data transmission. It silently blocks apps by default, so it can be a task to permit them manually.

Evorim can filter programs, zones, and services.  

It is capable of blocking botnets.  

This firewall doesn’t collect any of your data.  

#12) Tinywall


Multiple and easy ways to whitelist programs

Offers firewall tampering protection

Easily create exceptions with the auto-learn feature.

Password lockdown of settings

Support for temporary and timed firewall

Hosts file protection

Offers an option to restrict an application to the LAN

Helps you to the recognition of safe software and frauds

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

TinyWall has no popups. It is not suitable for networks, servers, and headless machines.

This FireWall includes boot-time filtering.  

It uses almost no resources from your computer.  

#13) Untangle

Untangle NG Firewall simplifies network security with a single, modular, software platform designed according to the need of your organization.


Simplified management of your dispersed networks from a single pane of glass

It is one of the best free firewall for Windows that allows you to manger your backups, auditing logs, licensing and renewals

Integration with endpoint security partners

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It comes with WireGuard VPN. Its dashboard is not customizable enough.

You can download reports. The configurations can be hard to find.

Untangled has bandwidth control capability.  


Best Free Driver Updater Software For Windows 11/10

In this post, we will list some of the best free Driver Updater software for Windows 11/10 PCs. Having proper device drivers for your devices is very important for the proper functioning of a computer system as well as the attached hardware devices. Device Drivers are a key component of a computer system, but we often overlook them which may create various performance issues in the long run.

Keeping drivers updated to the latest version helps you get the best performance out of your hardware. But it is true, most of us do not update drivers unless they are offered by Windows Updates.

Free Driver Updater Software for Windows 11/10

Here is a list of the ten best free software to update your drivers and keep your Windows 11/10 PC running smoothly. These software let you update the device drivers easily without any difficulty, and are especially helpful for those who don’t want to visit the manufacturer’s website to download the driver or manually check for driver updates.

WinZip Driver Updater Free

Intel Driver Update Utility

AMD Driver Autodetect

Dell Update utility

DUMo Update Monitor

IObit Driver Booster Free

Double Driver

Snappy Driver Installer

Device Doctor

Driver Easy

Driver Identifier


1] WinZip Driver Updater

2] Intel Driver Update Utility 3] AMD Driver Autodetect 4] Dell Update utility

Dell Update utility will help you download or update Dell Drivers. Dell automates the whole process. It will detect the model and make of your device and components and see which drivers are required for it. To do this, you will have to visit the Dell website and install Dell System Detect.

5] DUMo Update Monitor

It includes bundleware – so remember to download the Lite version.

6] IObit Driver Booster Free

IObit Driver Booster Free is another good free Device Driver updater for Windows PC.

The free version offers the following features:

Automatically Scan & Identify Outdated, Missing & Faulty Drivers

Smaller Driver Package with New Driver Compression Algorithm

Safer Updating with Qualified WHQL Drivers ONLY.

The program helps you find the missing, outdated, or incorrect drivers on your Windows PC and also fixes them further.

7] Double Driver

Double Driver is a freeware to backup Windows Drivers. Some drivers are not easily available online, and there are times when we don’t have the Driver CD and want to back up some important installed driver, this is where Double Driver helps you. It is a very simple and useful tool that not just lets you check the detailed information about drivers installed on your PC, but also helps you take backups, restore and save the chosen drivers easily.

8] Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is a handy tool that lets you install and update the drivers on your Windows PC. It is the best application to use if you have recently formatted your PC or updated the OS because it can work offline and you do not really need an internet connection to work. If selected the option, this software also lets users know whenever an update is available.

9] Device Doctor

Device Doctor is a free software for Windows PC which scans the computer hard disk and checks if there are some new updates available for the drivers. The software is best known for its detailed scan as it can locate unidentified drivers which are usually not detected by the default Windows Device Manager. The database of Device Doctor includes almost all major hardware device manufacturers and currently has drivers for more than 13 million devices and PCs.

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10] Driver Easy FREE 11] Driver Identifier

Driver Identifier does not appear to have been updated for a while but works well on the latest Windows versions too. Download and install the application, start scanning, and download your drivers.

12] DriverHub

DriverHub is another fereeware that you can take a look at. It offers official drivers from official websites like HP, Acer, Dell, etc.

BONUS: DriversCloud

Do remember to create a system restore point first before you update your device drivers.

TIP: Read our DriverFix Review. This driver update software can automatically identify corrupt or outdated device drivers and offer to update them with their latest versions.

Windows machine needs to have updated drivers, no matter you have moved to a newer version of the operating system or not. Updating the drivers regularly helps you get the best performance of your PC and other hardware devices attached. If you feel the need, you can refer to this post, to identify computer hardware problems. Go here if you need to Troubleshoot & fix Device Driver Problems.

How do I update my Windows 11/10 drivers for free?

There are many ways by which you can update Windows 11/10 drivers for free. You can update your drivers via Windows Optional Update. Another way to update drivers is to download the update from the manufacturer’s official website. Moreover, official apps, such as HP Support Assistant, Dell SupportAssist, Intel Driver & Support Assistant, etc., are also available to keep your drivers up to date.

How do I fix Windows 11 drivers?

All the installed drivers are listed in the Device Manager. When a driver malfunction, the respective device stops working. In such a case, you will see a warning sign along with the error message for the particular device in the Device Manager. This error code and error message will help you fix the driver issues on your computer.

I hope this helps.

Best Free Vcard Creator Software And Online Tools For Pc

Here is a list of the best free vCard creator software and online tools. vCard or Virtual Contact File (VCF) is a standard contact file format to exchange contact details. A VCF file can contain information like name, website, email, phone, address, work profile, logo image, photo, social media links, and more.

Now, if you want to create a VCF or vCard file, you need a dedicated application designed for this purpose. In this post, we are going to provide you with a list consisting of multiple free software as well as online tools using which you can generate vCard files. These are very easy to use and require a few steps to create a VCF file.

Best free vCard Creator software and online tools

Here is a list of the best free vCard creator software and online tools:


vCard Editor

vCard generator

vCard Maker

Smart vCard


1] Contacts

Contacts is a free vCard creator software using which you can create VCF contact files. It lets you create vCard files in version 3.0 format. You can also import existing vCard files and edit them accordingly. It is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

How to create VCF files using Contacts?

To use it, simply download and install it on your PC, and then launch the application. You will be able to view various contact details fields on its main interface. Just start filling in the details of the contact you want to create, such as full name, email, phone numbers, address, city, state, country, zip code, birthday, etc. Once done, you can press the Add button to create the contact and add it to the list.

Download it from

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2] vCard Editor

It is a basic portable vCard editor software. You can get it here.

See: How to import Apple Contacts to Windows PC?

3] vCard generator

The good thing is that it also lets you create QR vCards. This app is available on Microsoft Store. So, install and use it.

4] vCard Maker

vCard Maker is a free online vCard creator tool. It lets you quickly create VCF contact files online without putting in any effort.

How to create VCF files online using vCard Maker?

First of all, open its website in your web browser and scroll down a bit. You will see various empty contact fields. Simply enter the contact details you want to create. You can add contact information including First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Nickname, Organization, Role, Title, Work URL, Work Email, Home Phone, Work Phone, Home Address, Work Address, Birthday, Anniversary, Images (logo/ photo), Social media Profile Links, and more.

Check it out here.

See: How to import Gmail or Google contacts into Outlook?

5] Smart vCard

Another free online vCard creator on this list is Smart vCard. This web service allows you to generate beautiful and responsive HTML‑based digital business cards and vCards. You can share the contacts or host them on your domains. Additionally, you can also share contact details by a link or QR code. It is a really nice vCard tool with some interesting features.

How to create vCards online using Smart vCard?

You can open its website in a web browser and tap on the Create your own button to get started. Now, you can provide image attachments including the brand logo and profile picture. After that, start entering your vCard information which may include first name, last name, gender, job title, business name, business address, business description, etc.

Now, you can add many more fields to your vCard as per your requirements. These information can be phone numbers, email, websites, calendars, locations, and much more. You can even add some secondary details like Discord ID, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more social media links.

Furthermore, you can insert media, text, embed code, product details, etc. As you add details, you can view its preview in a dedicated section. If all is done, you can press the Save Contac button to export the contact details in a VCF file.

It is one of the best free vCard generator tools that allows you to create vCards with tons of details about a contact.

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ZAPPED can be another alternative to a vCard creator. It is a free online vCard generator tool that lets you make vCards online. It lets you create responsive and elaborative vCards with a lot of contact details. To use this web service, you first need to register an account on its website. After that, sign in, press the Create vcard button, and start creating your own vCard files without any hassle.

You first need to enter the URL, contact name, and description, and then press the Create button. It will then provide you with several other fields to enter contact information. It lets you select the desired vCard theme. Also, you can add details like logo image, favicon, background, name, company, job title, birthday, etc.

It also provides a handy feature to generate a vCard QR code. You can download the QR code image in PNG format. Or, if you want to directly print it out, you can do that too.

It is another great vCard generator tool using which you can make responsive vCards.

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Where can I create a vCard? How do I convert a CSV file to vCard?

To convert a CSV file to vCard, you can use this free software called CSV to vCard. You can download and install this software, and then open it. After that, browse your locally saved CSV file containing contact details. It will read all contacts fields and data automatically. You can then select the vCard property for each CSV field. Once done, you can press the Convert button to convert CSV to a VCF file. The converted VCF file is in vCard version 3.0 (RFC 2425) format.

Hope this article helps you find a good free vCard creator.

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