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A report from Google looks into search data to discover what careers people are pursuing following a record number of resignations over the past year.

The report begins by highlighting that the “Great Resignation” isn’t limited to USA.

Based on searches for “how to leave your job,” the top countries participating in this movement include (in order):


South Africa




In an effort to learn what workers are planning to do next, Google analyzed searches around the phrase “how to become,” such as “how to become an SEO.”

That’s just an example, as SEO isn’t among the top 10 career paths.

Though that may be good news for people currently in the field, as they won’t suddenly be competing with an influx of aspiring search professionals.

The top career paths people are turning to are more traditional, in fields such as real estate, skilled trades, and public services.

Here are some highlights from Google’s report.

Top 10 Jobs People Want According To Google Search Data

The most-searched “how to become” jobs — from January 2023-January 2023 — include:

Real estate agent

Flight attendant





Personal trainer


Physical therapist


“People in the South and Midwest were interested in becoming a notary (with the exception of several Appalachian states). Large portions of the Northeast, Northern Midwest and Western U.S. were interested in real estate careers.

Notably, only two states’ most-searched jobs did not include notary, real estate agent, electrician or pilot: New Mexico, where people were most interested in becoming a flight attendant, and Montana, where people sought information about personal training over any other profession.”

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Top Trending Professional Certifications & Training Programs

These are the top trending professional certifications and training programs in the United States, based on search data from January 2023-January 2023:

Google data analytics professional certificate

NCMA certification

Child development associate certification

Eyelash technician training program

Electrician training program

Real estate training program

Barber training program

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SEO Tips For Employers

Are you seeking candidates for positions in any of these top trending fields?

You can make it easier for people to find opportunities by utilizing structured data for job postings.

Can candidates apply for the job directly on your website?

If you offer a short a straightforward application process, you can make your job postings stand out even more.

In addition to the standard structured data for job postings, you can use a special type of markup specifically for postings that offer easy online applications.

Is the job remote? There’s specific structured data for that too.

Use job posting structured data with caution, however, because Google has strict rules around it.

For example, if you’re no longer seeking candidates for a position, then you have to remove the job posting markup or your site could get a penalty.

Source: Google

Featured Image: Screenshot from, February 2023. 

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Top Trending Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2023

The trillion dollar crypto market is made up of thousands of cryptocurrencies, so it can take a lot of work for investors to find the ones that will bring them significant gains, especially if they are new to the crypto world.

So where should investors start? Well, it’s always a good sign when a token is trending, meaning that it has caught the eye of a lot of people. That’s why, today, we will explore the top five trending crypto tokens in 2023 that are worth buying.

Trending Cryptocurrencies in 2023

In our search for the top trending crypto tokens, we have singled out the following five as the best ones that have fantastic growth potential:

Collateral Network – First Web3 Peer-To-Peer Lending Platform for Real-World Assets on the Blockchain

Solana – Energy-Efficient, High-Performance Blockchain Platform for Smart Contracts

Arbitrum – Affordable, Ethereum-Based Scaling System

Ethereum – One of the Biggest Decentralized Blockchains for Creating and Building DApps and Smart Contracts

Optimism – Scalable, Layer 2 Blockchain on the Ethereum Mainnet

Now, let’s cover our top five picks in more detail and see what each offers.

Collateral Network (COLT)

Collateral Network is the first Web3-based decentralized lending platform that enables people to use their real-world assets as collateral and borrow money against them on the blockchain. Currently, in its presale phase, experts believe that it will revolutionize the crowdlending industry, and investors have had their eyes peeled on the upcoming token.

The existing lending protocols on the blockchain only lend against digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which are highly volatile and risky for lenders and borrowers.

Well, that’s precisely where the Collateral Network steps in, enabling borrowers to obtain crypto loans against tangible assets.

Borrowers can put up their real estate, watches, collectibles, and other valuable assets as collateral and unlock funds they need.

COLT Is the utility token of the platform and provides holders with many benefits.

Borrowers that are token holders can use the COLT token to get and the more tokens they hold, the lower the interest rate will be.

On the other hand, lenders that are token holders can use their tokens to get discounts on trading fees in the marketplace.

The key benefit is the COLT token holders only auctions where the community get the opportunity to buy distressed assets at below market value.

Overall, the Collateral Network’s future looks promising, as experts believe that the token has a 3500% growth potential, expecting its initial price of $0.01 to reach $0.35 during its presale.

The platform plans on listing on major DEX and CEX, experts say that the token will rise 100x when it lists. 

Solana (SOL)

The Solana blockchain platform was launched in 2023 by Solana Labs. It uses a proof-of-stake mechanism to offer users energy-efficient and scalable smart contract functionality.

In essence, the goal of the Solana platform is to provide the most censorship-resistant network in the world. The platform’s founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, devised a system called proof-of-history which allows blockchain nodes to validate numerous transactions simultaneously. This makes the platform able to complete transactions much faster.

Additionally, the Solana platform’s native token is SOL, which investors can also buy in smaller denominations that are called Lamports. Also, investors can stake SOL coins to make the transaction process faster and more efficient. Also, SOL holders can vote on changes that the Solana developers suggest.

Experts praise Solana for its ability to handle high-traffic network volumes, which enterprise-level applications use. Additionally, users can design applications on Solana from the start due to the vast ecosystem of connected services it offers.

The high scalability of Solana helps keep transaction costs low, which results in lower fees for users.

There are many things that people can use the Solana network for, including creating DeFis, lending protocols, NFT marketplaces, games, and Web3 apps.

Token Details






Solana (SOL)

Total Supply


Accepted Currencies


Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling software that sits on top of the base layer, i.e., the Ethereum blockchain and serves to make Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper.

It provides the same security as Ethereum and uses its proprietary software stack called Nitro to power its solutions. Additionally, the Nitro next-generation rollup architecture enables Arbitrum to provide 7x more output than Ethereum and lower fees.

The Abitrum solution announced the launch of its new ARB token on March 23rd, 2023. ARB tokens will allow token holders to vote about important Arbitrum decisions on the Arbitrum DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Also, token holders will be the ones to elect the Arbitrum Security Council.

In essence, Arbitrum is designed to enable developers to run unmodified Ethereum Virtual Machine contracts and transactions on a second layer while still getting the excellent security of the Ethereum layer 1.

Token Details






Ethereum (ETH)

Total Supply


Accepted Currencies


Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain that securely runs application code or smart contracts. It is used to build apps, hold assets, perform transactions, and communicate.

Ethereum gives its users full ownership and transparency into transaction data. Also, all transactions on Ethereum are paid for using its native token, Ether, which is the second-biggest cryptocurrency on the market, only falling short of Bitcoin.

Users can create two types of accounts in Ethereum: Externally Owned Accounts (EOA) and Contract Accounts.

EOAs are controlled by a private key and have no associated code. Also, EOA users can send transactions. On the other hand, contract accounts have an associated code that executes when it gets a transaction from EOA. Additionally, since EOAs must always originate all contracts, contract accounts can’t start transactions independently.

Token Details






Ethereum (ETH)

Total Supply


Optimism (OP)

Optimism is an extension of Ethereum, i.e It is a layer 2 blockchain on the Ethereum mainnet. It provides faster and more affordable scaling of Ethereum apps while providing the secure environment of the Ethereum mainnet.

Optimism consists of many companies, communities, and citizens working together to build a better and more sustainable future for Ethereum.

Optimism is an open-source rollup that is MIT licensed. The Optimism blockchain is specifically designed to align with Ethereum so that developers can start creating and innovating on Optimism immediately without needing to learn new skills.

On Optimism, users can do all the same things as on Ethereum, but faster and significantly cheaper, including interacting with DeFi apps and buying, selling, collecting, and minting NFTs.

Additionally, Optimism has its own native token, OP, which token holders can use to vote on important decisions regarding the platform or trade with others.

Token Details






Ethereum (ETH)

Total Supply



Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as various industries use them for everyday operations. So, it’s no wonder they attract many investors looking to increase their gains.

Of course, there are numerous cryptocurrencies available in today’s market. However, out of all of them, Collateral Network might be the most impressive, our number one pick from our top trending cryptos list.

Collateral Network has a fantastic system that will provide exclusive benefits to its token holders, regardless of whether they are borrowers or lenders. In essence, it shows great promise as the world’s first lending marketplace for real-world assets on the blockchain.

And experts believe that this token will increase 35x in price, delivering 3500% for its token holders.

Find out more about the Collateral Network presale here:

Google Offers Image Search Indexing Tips

In a Google Webmaster Hangout, a publisher asked if it makes a difference whether an image is published using a regular image tag or by displaying an image via CSS as a background image.

Mueller’s response was interesting because it could explain why some images don’t perform well in Google image search. Here is what he said:

“…from our point of view, for image search, we would use the image tag with the source attribute pointing at the image… and as far as I know we don’t use CSS images at all for image search. So for normal web search it doesn’t matter. You can use whatever works best for you. If you want to have these images indexed in image search then I would definitely use a normal image tag for that.”


If that’s true, then for publishers who wish to keep an image out of Google’s Image Search, this represents yet another way to do that. The images are still indexed, but they won’t be found in Google Image Search.  But for publishers who do want to have their images displayed in Google Image Search, this is a wake up call to use standard image tags and avoid using CSS to display images as background images.

Will This Harm My Featured Snippets? Implications for Site Auditing

I don’t know how many search marketing professionals check how images are displayed, via regular HTML image tags or CSS background images, but this may be yet another issue to look into.  I myself am going to pay increased attention to the default image handling by CMS themes. If you or your client want your images to be indexed by Google Image Search, then you may wish to check how those images are coded.

What is Google Image Search and Should I worry?

Google image search is one of several kinds of specialized searches Google provides. For some publishers it’s an important source of traffic. But for many it’s not a big concern. You may wish to review your traffic logs and traffic analytics to see how much traffic is coming from Google Images and if that traffic is important.

Screenshot by Author, modified by Author

Google Now Integrating Twitter Into Its Search Results

Twitter suddenly becomes more important to marketers with the latest integration – now rolled out to desktop as well as mobile

Importance: [rating=5] For Digital Marketers, Social Media Marketers and SEO consultants

Recommended link: Google’s original announcement of new Twitter Integration

So, they’ve made up! You may remember how Google used to partner with Twitter and take their firehose to display tweets in near real-time – I remember it was sub ten seconds. Then they fell out and this feature disappeared back in July 2011. Well a new form of the integration is back as has been previewed over the last few months. I’ve been taking a look to see how significant it will be for businesses. It looks like a great deal for Twitter to me and an acknowledgment by Google that Twitter, not Google+ is THE source for real-time updates as it had hoped.

What marketers need to know about Google’s Twitter integration

1. The new ‘Popular on Twitter’ feature was available on mobile only to start with, now on desktop too.

This integrated was first launched in mobile on the 19th May 2024, when we originally announced it, but we’ve updated this post since it’s now live on desktop as well, meaning it has finished rolling out worldwide.

Google announced the rollout with a Tweet to Twitter, and Twitter was pretty happy about it!

You got it, @google. We’ll bring the Tweets. ?

— Twitter (@twitter) August 21, 2024

One example of the importance of this change shows in this example of a brand or navigational or search, which you’ll know is one of the main ways people reach sites when they’re already aware of the business.

You can see that Twitter is now in second natural position after the Google Sitelinks and displacing Facebook to third even though this is more important.

If you update your Twitter regularly it will populate results straightaway – within seconds and displays the time of the update with an image to help show your brand as more dynamic.

In some cases, as here for a celeb, the carousel appears right at the top of the listing. I’m surprised about this since I’m not sure this is what users will want, but it does vary by type of search and Google’s OneBox featuring different types of content such as images automagically changes position depending on how popular it is.

3. It’s typically displaying for ‘trending topics’ only not for product or brand information. As would be expected, it only displays for when something is being shared actively on Twitter. This means the ‘Popular on Twitter’ often displays below the ‘News’ box when that is triggered. Adding a hashtag also makes the carousel more likely to appear.

So it looks like it’s should encourage more ‘Real-Time marketing’ where brands look to be involved in broader conversations.

Google’s intro post suggests this too:

‘It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. And it’s another way for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments’.

Brands may appear if Twitter is added to the search string:

4. It was in English only originally but it is being rolled-out to all languages. Google say:

‘To start, we’re launching this on chúng tôi in English in the Google app (on Android and iOS) and on mobile browsers, rolling out gradually. We’re working on bringing it to more languages and to desktop, so stay tuned’.

Google Search Glitch? 100% Ads – Zero Organic Links

What is Google Shopping Actions?

“Today’s consumers don’t just want answers; more and more, they’re craving relevant, meaningful, and immediate assistance in completing their day-to-day shopping tasks.

We see this in our data: mobile searches for “where to buy” grew over 85% over the past 2 years. Moreover, 44% of those who use their voice-activated speaker at least weekly say they use the device to order products they need like groceries and household items at least once a week.”

It’s clear that people want helpful, personal, and frictionless interactions that allow them to shop wherever and however they want… they want an easier way to get their shopping tasks done.”

Google’s Danny Sullivan Suggests this is a Glitch

Danny Sullivan also Tweeted that he passed along these examples for review:

It’s All About Satisfying User Intent

In the past Google decided to not show web directories and shopping comparison sites in their search results. The reasoning was that it didn’t make sense to send users from a list of ten websites to another list of ten websites. Google decided it was a better user experience to send users directly to the answer that satisfies the user intent.

Google Shopping Actions is devised to satisfy user intent faster and conveniently. As Google states in their announcement, Google Shopping Actions delivers “frictionless interactions” that allow users to buy products easily directly through Google apps and services.

Google Shopping Actions Do Not Replace Ads

This is apparently not a test because many users can see it. But as Danny Sullivan suggests, this may be simply an edge case.

Screenshots by Author

Yahoo & Google Big Announcement This Afternoon : Search Partnership?

Yahoo and Google are planning a massive announcement this afternoon on the same day that Yahoo has announced that they are no longer entertaining offers from Microsoft.

Microsoft and Yahoo had been in discussions about partnering on certain offerings, more or less paid and organic search, and those discussions led to nothing :

Discussions with Microsoft regarding a potential transaction — whether for an acquisition of all of Yahoo! or a partial acquisition — have concluded. The conclusion of discussions follows numerous meetings and conversations with Microsoft regarding a number of transaction alternatives, including a meeting between Yahoo! and Microsoft on June 8th in which Chairman Roy Bostock and other independent Board members from Yahoo! participated. At that meeting, Microsoft representatives stated unequivocally that Microsoft is not interested in pursuing an acquisition of all of Yahoo!, even at the price range it had previously suggested.

With respect to an acquisition of Yahoo!’s search business alone that Microsoft had proposed, Yahoo!’s Board of Directors has determined, after careful evaluation, that such a transaction would not be consistent with the company’s view of the converging search and display marketplaces, would leave the company without an independent search business that it views as critical to its strategic future and would not be in the best interests of Yahoo! stockholders.

Today’s announcement from Yahoo and Google, which may lead to the official announcement that the current head of the Yahoo Network, Jeff Weiner, is leaving the company, is probably going to have something to do with expanding the Google AdWords and Yahoo Search partnership, not handing over or outsourcing search to Google.

Last month I wrote that Yahoo should focus on its proprietary search technology and enter negotiations with Microsoft and Google about farming out its sponsored search to the better company, concentrating on Yahoo’s core offerings in behavioral, post search and profile ad targeting across the Yahoo Network.

Such a move would let Yahoo keep its core Yahoo Search Technology and then syndicating Microsoft Search Ads and/or Google AdWords in its sponsored links area; further leading to a more efficient Yahoo which isn’t tied down to competing with Google AdWords anymore in the paid search arena, which they have had problems with fully monetizing to its potential for years.

Yahoo may be able to in fact increase its revenue from search or sponsored search by working on a very Yahoo favorable revenue share split from either company, forcing a bidding war between Google and the new Microsoft owned & operated Yahoo Search Marketing (or a long term Google partnership).

I also think Yahoo has a lot to learn by looking at the AOL model.

What do you think the announcement will be?

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