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Definition of Corporate Governance

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Example of Corporate Governance

There are several examples available to describe it. But first, let us look at two cases that epitomize two ends of the corporate governance spectrum.

Example #1

Let us start with the illustration of this issue with Enron. In this case, the problem was that its board of directors (BoD) ignored major corporate governance red flags (conflict of interest). They allowed the company CFO to create independent private entities that carried out business with Enron. These private entities were used to put Enron’s debt obligations and other liabilities under the veil, positively impacting the company’s profit margins. This is a clear case of a lack of corporate governance. In an ideal scenario, Enron’s management should have prevented the CFO from creating these pretentious entities that helped hide the losses.

Example #2

Let us take PepsiCo’s example, which has consistently upheld good governance. In 2023, PepsiCo incorporated inputs from the investors while preparing the proxy statement. The inputs were primarily about the board’s composition and the company’s leadership structure. Consequently, the proxy statement had a section describing the current leadership and compensation structures.


All important company information should communicate to the stakeholders in a timely manner. These company stakeholders include employees, vendors, customers, lenders, etc.

The BoD should outline the ethical code for conducting business activities.

Follow all necessary procedures while appointing new directors and make the process transparent to the stakeholders.

All the stakeholders should entitle to fair treatment from the management.

The management should exhibit accountability, transparency, and fairness in all its business activities.

An auditor should assign to review the management decisions, and the auditor directly reports to the BoD.


There have been several instances in the past where the management had breached corporate governance and misused the power given to them by the shareholders. Hence, strict regulations have been introduced to ensure these companies take corporate governance seriously.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act:

It was ordained in 2002 by the US Federal Law to improve it by raising management’s accountability for internal controls and boosting investor confidence in financial reporting. It was enacted to protect investors from scandals like Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco International.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act:

 It was enacted in 1999 by the US Federal Law mandating financial institutions to disclose how they protect private customer information. The Safeguards Rule outlines the primary data protection propositions, while the additional privacy requirements are covered under the Financial Privacy Rule. This act helped restore public faith in the financial systems.

Conflict Management in Corporate Governance


Key Takeaways

Some of the key takeaways of the article are:

It refers to the guidelines, principles, and practices governing an organization’s day-to-day work.

A company’s BoD plays a pivotal role in establishing good corporate governance.

The underlying principles that lay the foundation of corporate governance include accountability, fairness, and transparency.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act are two regulations that help boost investors’ confidence in the financial system and protect them against corporate scandals.

While good corporate governance can enhance the economic viability of a business, inadequate corporate governance can deteriorate a company’s reputation and business.


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7 Principles For Changing Behavior From @Danielpink: #Sxswi 2023 Recap

As I spoke to a fellow SXSW attendee in the shuttle earlier in the day, I mentioned I was planning to attend behavior expert Daniel Pink’s session about fear, shame, empathy, and more ways to change behavior. The gentleman’s response was, “Is that a presentation, or a therapy session?”

Although I didn’t quite know the answer at the time, Pink’s topic ended up being thoroughly enticing and the audience walked away with a number of valuable takeaways applicable to both business and life.

I’d heard of Daniel’s books, Drive and To Sell is Human, but didn’t know much about him beyond that. He has a lot of tangible experience “in the field” and was able to provide actual, first-hand examples to all of his assertions.

In addition to holding a degree in linguistics, Daniel is the co-producer of NatGeoTV’s show Crowd Control, which is an “undercover science invention show.” In it, Pink and his team strive to change behaviors of people in common, everyday scenarios.

Here were his seven principles for behavior change:

1. Fear Can Be Good For Business

At first, this may seem counter-intuitive. But, when you think about it, there’s a lot of truth. For example, if a company isn’t doing well, a CEO can inject fear by noting, “we need three more deals by end of the month or we are going out of business.” You bet this will have a greater impact than a boss simply conveying to employees that they should make more sales.

Pink shared a case study they did with people on a simulated flight. Most of us don’t pay attention during the safety schpeals airlines give at the beginning of every flight.

In the conducted test, the stewardesses running the presentation used verbiage like, “Pay attention, or you are significantly more likely to die.” The safety information cards used in this simulation also showcased more vivid imagery of people catching on fire.

While this exaggeration of a common situation was humorous, the study did indeed show that explicitly invoking fear sparked greater attention and action on behalf of the participants.

2. Persuade with Questions

Pink highlighted Raegan’s use of the question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” during the 1980 U.S. presidential election.

Questions like these are effective as they cause people to come up their own reasons for doing something and believing in you for asking the question.

That said, only utilize this tactic when the facts are clearly on your side. When presidential candidate Mitt Romney proposed Raegan’s same question to Barack Obama during a debate in 2012, the notion was immediately abandoned. Most individuals were not better off four years prior, in 2008, when the economy crashed.

Pink also shared a personal anecdote as an additional example. He (“hypothetically”) has a 16-year-old daughter, Elisa, who tends to have a messy room. Simply telling Elisa to clean her room doesn’t typically invoke action.

However, Daniel turned the tables by posing the question: “On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to clean your room?” Elisa’s answer? “Two.”

This may not seem like a desired response, but it actually opens the door to additional conversation that can be productive.

Pink suggests following up with:”Let me ask you another question, why didn’t you pick a lower number?” This forces the other person to start coming up with their own reasons for doing something. Therefore, much more likely to do it.

3. Use Social Proof

Pink shared another study conducted during Crowd Control – one involving hotel towels. How do you get people to re-use their towels?

In leaving a simple “Help save the environment” message, only 35% of individuals opted-in to re-using their towels.

When the messaging shifted to, “Join your fellow guests in helping to save the environment,” the number increased to 44%.

When a third similar, yet slightly more specific message was employed, only edited to suggest that 75% in room XXX re-used their towels, the number rose even more.

Pink highly suggested Robert Cialdini’s book Influence. In his book, Cialdini refers to the above scenario as “social proof.” You want to convey the idea of “this is how we do things around here.” If others are behaving a certain way, that’s your ticket.

Another example here involves cell-phone walking lanes in Washington D.C. There are two parallel lanes side-by-side, one for walkers on their cell phones and the other for those not on their cell phones.

When Dan’s team hired actors to wear orange vests and encourage compliance, people got really upset about being told what to do.

Tweets even started pouring in stating the “government was going too far” in mandating people to walk in a certain lane based on whether or not they were on their phones.

When they shifted the use of the actors, though, things changed. When the actors took off their orange vests and simply blended in with the crowd, walking around in the appropriate lane based on whether or not they were using their phone, people started following along.

This further drove home the notion of social proof and that people will willingly partake in something if they believe their direct peers are, too.

4. Make Time to Rhyme

This was a fun example that brought Dan’s linguistics background into the mix.

A study was conducted wherein two groups were shown the same proverbs, only one was presented in a rhyming manner, while the others were not.

When asked if they agreed with the proverbs, the individuals with the rhyming ones astoundingly agreed with the messages, while the folks with the non-rhyming ones disagreed (even though the same message was conveyed in both cases).

Rhyming has been shown to enhance “processing fluency” which allows people to absorb the message better. The same is true of alliteration.

Haribo is a brand that does this well. They’re a gummy bear candy available in numerous countries. In each language in which they market themselves, they always use a rhyme.

5. Make It Easy for People to Do Something

In the next study, students were asked to identify who is least and most likely to donate to a food drive. These actually tend to be pretty accurate; your peers are strong gages of you.

After students were polled, letters were sent both groups of students (those deemed likely to donate and those deemed likely not to). Two sets of letters were sent out: a general one that simply opened, “Dear Student…” and more personal ones that were directed to the student’s specific name and contained a more personalized message.

Unsurprisingly, those deemed not likely do donate and who just received the general letters did not donate.

But, those who received specific letters, in both groups, were substantially more likely to donate as a result.

What is most fascinating is that thee was 3x pick up rate among those less likely. This provides a big lesson in influence and behavior change.

“When we try to predict people’s behaviors, we always over weight the importance of personality and underweight the importance of the context.”

The best way to change peoples’ minds is to give people a reason to act. Make it easy for people to do something.

6. Put a Face on It

The next experiment involved handicap parking spaces. After noticing that many were unjustly occupying handicap parking spaces in Austin, Dan and his team conjured up a more practical way to stir up empathy.

They added actual faces of wheelchair-bound individuals to the conventional blue-and-white handicap parking sighs to convey that parking in these spaces isn’t a victimless crime.

Incorporating the principles of rhyming, these images were accompanied by, “Think of Me. Keep it Free.”

A hidden camera caught various vehicles pulling into these spaces, then immediately pulling out. In fact, 100% of non-handicapped individuals who pulled into the spaces left. Not a single person parked illegally. Then, just two days after removing the new signs, there was a violation.

The point here was to put a face on your message.

“Don’t make it abstract; make it complete.”

7. Try Stuff!

Finally, Dan discussed the bicycle theft problem in New Orleans. Stealing bikes has unfortunately become common in NoLa so they were curious as to whether there may be a way to attempt to deter this behavior.

A study has shown that men with larger faces (relative to the face’s width:height ratio) tend to be more aggressive. So, they found an actor with a large face to dress up like a police officer and take some intimidating photos.

They then created a large number of life-sized, cardboard cutouts of this officer, and placed them around bike-heavy places.

Good news and bad news. The good news is, bike theft was indeed deterred by the mere presence of these cut outs. The bad news? The thieves stole the cut outs instead.

Dan’s point here was simply to “be empirical and try stuff.” It may turn out differently than expected, but it can make a valid social experiment nonetheless.

Which of the seven principles do you think can make an impact on your personal or business life?

All photos taken by author.

Principles Of Inheritance And Variation


Genetics is the most essential study in the biology that refers to the process of understanding the available attributes of distinguishing factors and similarities in a species. Both variation and inheritance are connected with genetics in biology. Due to inheritance, different traits or characteristics are transferred among species whereas due to the variation, different characteristics can be distinguished and determined in different living beings.

Incomplete Dominance

Figure 1: Incomplete dominance

The situation when neither two alleles are dominant and the phenotype of the heterozygote does not correspond to any of the parents is known as incomplete dominance. The heterozygote represents a medium or a combination of the traits of two parents.

For instance, a flower colour inheritance of snapdragon or dog flower. Due to the procedure of true breeding RR and rr flower which seems red and white colour, the result will be the generation of flowers that are pink coloured in F1. According to the Mendel’s Law of inheritance, self-pollination will give red: pink: white flowers in the ratio of 1:2:1 in the process of F2 generation.


Co-dominance is the situation when both the alleles represent themselves cooperatively as separate. For instance, the inheritance of the blood group ABO available in the human is managed by the gene I. Moreover, gene I contains three forms of allelic, they are IA, IB and i.

Figure 2: Co-dominance

When a character is controlled by more than two alleles it is referred to as the multiple alleles such as the ABO blood group. Similarly, when a character is controlled by independent genes, it is known as polygenic inheritance. Additionally, when many phenotypic traits are controlled by a single gene it is referred to as pleiotropy.

MCQs on Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Q1. If a hybrid expresses a character, what is it called?

(a) Epistasis

(b) Dominant

(c) Co-dominant

(d) Recessive

Ans. (b) Dominant

Q2. How many gametes will a plant produce when it has genotype AABbCC?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

Ans. (a) 2

Q3. Which of the following is linked with coloured blindness with the connection of recessive trait?

(a) X chromosome

(b) Y chromosome

(c) Z chromosome

(d) None

Ans. (a) X chromosome

Q4. In the most common species, what will be the mitochondrial DNA passed from?

(a) DNA

(b) Mother

(c) Father

(d) Both option (b) and (c)

Ans. (b) Mother

Q5. Where are the genes for cytoplasmic male sterility discovered in plants?

(a) Chloroplast genome

(b) Cytosome

(c) Mitochondrial genome

(d) None

Ans. (c) Mitochondrial genome

Q6. What is referred to as the type of trait whose phenotype is influenced by more than one gene?

(a) Oncogenic Trait

(b) Polygenic trait

(c) Monogenic trait

(d) None

Ans. (b) Polygenic trait

Q7. What is an individual’s collection of genes called?

(a) Genotype

(b) Phenotype

(c) Trait

(d) None

Ans. (a) Genotype

Q8. What is the inheritance known in the case, where both father and mother do not have any inherited disease; however, among their children a few sons suffer from a disease?

(a) Sex-linked dominant

(b) Sex-linked recessive

(c) Autosomal dominant

(d) None

Ans. (b) Sex-linked recessive

Q9. What is called when a trait that overpowers, hides another trait?

(a) Overpowering trait

(b) Complex trait

(c) Dominant Trait

(d) Recessive trait

Ans. (c) Dominant Trait

Q10. Why is haemophilia a disease more commonly witnessed in males?

(a) The disease is Y-linked

(b) Due to Autosomal dominant

(c) It’s an X- linked disease

(d) Both options (a) & (c)

Ans. (c) It’s an X- linked disease

Q11. What determines sex in human children?

(a) The size of the fertilised eggs

(b) The size and available number of sperms in semen

(c) Sex chromosome of the father

(d) Sex chromosome of the mother

Ans. (c) Sex chromosome of the father

Q12. What is the trait of the male pattern of baldness?

(a) Influenced by genetics

(b) Due to chromosomal issues

(c) Due to the X-link

(d) None

Ans. (a) Influenced by genetics

Q13. Which of the following is a recessive trait determined by Mendel in the pea garden?

(a) Violet flower colour

(b) Yellow pod colour

(c) Tell stem height

(d) Axial flower position

Ans. (b) Yellow pod colour

Q14. What is the ultimate source of allelic variation?

(a) Mutation

(b) Natural selection

(c) Recombination

(d) Drift

Ans. (a) Mutation

Q15. What resembles in the case of the co-dominance, the F1 generation?

(a) Dominant parent

(b) Recessive parent

(c) Both options (a) & (b)

(d) None

Ans. (c) Both options (a) & (b)

Q16. What is the reason for sickle cell anaemia?

(a) Non-disjunction of autosome

(b) A point mutation

(c) A chromosomal aberration

(d) Reaction from the blood transfusion

Ans. (b) A point mutation

Q17. How many different genotypes do human ABO blood types contain?

(a) Six

(b) Five

(c) Four

(d) Three

Ans. (a) Six

Q18. What is the Sex determination chromosome among the male birds from the followings?

(a) XO

(b) XX

(c) ZZ

(d) None

Ans. (c) ZZ


Variation requires having suitable knowledge of the inheritance and its procedure. Different types of variation is useful in understanding whether the process of inheritance is successful or not. Heredity is also defined as the type of variation to some extent.


Q1. What is Turner’s syndrome?

Ans. The situation when one X chromosome is missing from overall 45 chromosomes. In this situation, females are sterile, short height and has under-progressive sexual qualities.

Q2. What is down syndrome?

Ans. Due to the genetic disorder, the creation of the trisomy of chromosome 21 is called down syndrome. Moreover, different symptoms are visible to detect down syndrome such as mental retardation, short height, and opened mouth partially.

Iphone Scam That Fooled An Entire Company

Huamai Tech paid over 70 million (about $152,000) for the iPhones but all the products that arrived were empty boxes.  The report reveals that in 2023, Huamai Tech negotiated with Lin Yang, the then deputy general manager of the corporate management department and legal affairs department of the Xi’an Telecom Branch, in the office of the Xi’an Telecom Branch, to purchase Apple mobile phones. The signed contract reveals that Huamai Tech will receive the following

1,000 sets of iPhone 7S

2,000 sets of iPhone 7 Plus

4,000 sets of iPhone 8

The total price of the iPhones is 48 million yuan (about $104,000).


However, in this transaction, Huamai Tech was defrauded. According to the info shown in the relevant ruling, Lin Yang signed the “Tripartite Agreement” and “Confirmation of Receipt” with Huamai Tech by stealing the cover and forging the seals of Xi’an Telecom and Tianyi Shanghai Branch. At the same time, Lin Yang handed over the iPhone box bought online as a real mobile phone to Huamai Tech and Nanjing Huaxun for acceptance. At the same time, he arranged for others to pretend to be staff of Xi’an Telecom to conduct false acceptance, and forged the receipt confirmation. Moreover, Huamai Tech was not the only company that faced similar incidents, there were other victims as well.

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Popular iPhone scams

The iCloud Scam:

This is one of the most common scams, which involves hackers using phishing emails to obtain the login credentials of iCloud accounts. Once the scammers have access to the account, they can lock the phone and demand a ransom payment to unlock it. In some cases, scammers will threaten to wipe the entire phone if the ransom is not paid.

The Upgrade Scam:

This scam involves fraudsters contacting users and claiming to offer an upgrade to their iPhone. They will ask for the user’s current iPhone model and promise to send a new one in exchange. Once the user sends the old iPhone, they will receive nothing in return.

To avoid this scam, users should only buy from reputable retailers and never trust offers that sound too good to be true. They should also avoid sending their iPhone to anyone they do not know or trust.

The Fake App Scam:

This scam involves scammers creating fake apps that mimic popular iPhone apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. The fake app will look and function like the real one, but it will steal the user’s personal information and login credentials. In some cases, the fake app will also demand a payment to unlock certain features.

To avoid falling victim to this scam, users should only download apps from the Apple App Store and read reviews carefully before installing any app. They should also check the app’s developer and make sure it is legitimate before downloading.

The Warranty Scam:

This scam involves fraudsters calling users and claiming to be from Apple or an authorized Apple dealer. They will inform the user that their iPhone warranty has expired and offer to renew it for a fee. The scammers will then take the user’s credit card information and disappear.

To avoid this scam, users should never give their credit card information over the phone to someone they do not know or trust. They should also verify the caller’s identity by contacting Apple directly.

The Text Message Scam:

Final words

A Beginner’s Guide To Four Principles Of Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Analytics Insight lays down a beginner’s guide to four principles of Explainable AI

Artificial Intelligence is creating cutting-edge technologies for more efficient workflow in multiple industries across the world in this tech-driven era. There are machine learning and deep learning algorithms that are too complicated for people to understand besides AI engineers or related employees. Artificial Intelligence has generated self-explaining algorithms for stakeholders and partners to comprehend the entire process of transforming enormous complex sets of real-time data into meaningful in-depth insights. This is known as Explainable Artificial Intelligence or XAI in which the results of these solutions can be easily understood by humans. It helps AI designers to explain how AI machines have generated a specific kind of insight or outcome for businesses to thrive in the market. Multiple online courses and platforms are available for a better understanding of Explainable AI by designing interpretable and inclusive Artificial Intelligence. There are four main principles of Explainable Artificial Intelligence to interpret predictions from machine learning models. A series of models for Explainable AI is available into these categories— user-benefit, societal acceptance, regulatory and compliance, system development as well as owner benefit. Explainable AI is essential for implementing Responsible AI for AI model explainability as well as accountability.  

A Brief Description: Four Principles of Explainable AI

Principles of Explainable AI are a set of four guidelines that help Explainable Artificial Intelligence to adopt some fundamental properties efficiently and effectively. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has developed these four principles for a better understanding of how Artificial Intelligence models work. These principles apply individually and independently from each other to be evaluated in their own right. Explanation: This is the first major principle that obligates an Artificial Intelligence model to generate a comprehensive explanation with evidence and reasoning for humans to understand the process of generating high-stakes decisions for businesses. The standards for these clear explanations are regulated by the other three principles of Explainable AI. Meaningful: This is the second principle of Explainable AI that provides meaningful and understandable explanations to human stakeholders and partners of an organization. The more meaningful explanation, the clearer understanding of AI models. The explanations should not be complicated and need to be tailored to stakeholders, both on a group or individual level. Explanation Accuracy: This is the third principle that orders to accurately explain and reflect the complicated process of Artificial Intelligence for producing meaningful outputs.  It helps to impose accuracy on a system’s explanations to stakeholders. There can be different explanations accuracy metrics for different groups or individuals. Thus, it is essential to provide more than one type of explanation with a 100% accuracy level. Knowledge Limits: This is the fourth and last principle of Explainable AI which explains that the AI model only operates under specific conditions as per its design with sets of training data— the knowledge is limited for the black box. It should operate within its knowledge limits to avoid any discrepancy or unjustified outcomes for any business. The AI system is required to identify as well as declare its knowledge limits to maintain trust between an organization and its stakeholders.

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Seo And Web Marketing Company

Side note, I am talking about reputable SEO & Web marketing companies and consultants in this post. Do your homework.

If your business is considering working with an SEO and Web marketing company (or consultant) I have 12 suggestions below that  could help your business relationship remain a good one.

I think there are times that businesses don’t realize that their behavior is offensive to those they are working with – this can be from a lack of understanding or after dealing with many employees & vendors they forget how to respect others.

I can tell you that this is one industry that has no issue with firing clients and here are a few reasons why:

What we do makes our clients a lot of money. We make you a lot more money than you pay us and when we don’t get respect we have no reason to stay involved.

There is always another client that will appreciate what we do and treat us right.

Life is too short to be stressed and irritated over a client. We have families for that and we don’t need it at work.

1). Show Respect, the More the Better.

We have the skills to create a very stable foundation for your online marketing efforts, improve your business reputation and make you a lot of money. The only way to get skills such as these is years of study, practice, work and implementation.

You are paying not only for the knowledge and skills we have to help you succeed, you are also paying for the knowledge that prevents your campaign from failing. Believe it or not these are two different skills.

2). Don’t be Condescending!

When you behave in a condescending manner you doom the relationship from the start. No one likes being spoken down to and if a consultant or company doesn’t end the relationship over this type of behavior they will have no reason to work hard for you. You want people like us to work hard for you. You want us to work harder because we enjoy the business relationship and appreciate the respect we receive. This applies to any industry!

Oh, and don’t let members of your staff be condescending either. They can kill a business relationship that you need and appreciate.

3). Remember, You Have Responsibilities Too.

Let me review some of the things clients tend to forget:

Website projects cannot get done without content and images. If you are late the website launch date will be late. Adding and formatting content takes a lot of time. The optimization takes a lot of time. Editing, uploading and placing images takes a ton of time. None of this can be done at the last minute.

Don’t be late for meetings because you are wasting our time and costing us money. Who says we don’t have other things to do? We have meetings after meetings with you, we have work to do and projects to finish. When you are late you are literally taking money from us.

Campaigns cannot be started without the data we need to do the research required to create a successful campaign. If you don’t provide the data in a timely matter do not expect the services you need to be done on time.

Read the emails, completely, from your marketing company. There is nothing more irritating than sending a client an email with information and then having the client email 3-4 times asking for and/or about information that was already sent in a previous email.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are consistently late providing the data needed to complete a project you will almost certainly be put on the back burner behind new clients that have their information ready.

4). Don’t Be an Email or Texting Bully.

There are those that think they are big and bad when they are writing emails and texts. They say rude and insulting things because they are agitated at the moment, but when meeting in person they never have the “you know whats” to tell anyone off. This type of behavior is unprofessional and kills a relationship. Before you go off on your vendor consider all you have to lose if you that vendor walks away.

5). Don’t Expect Hand-Holding & Unlimited Time

We get paid by the hour typically and we know what we need to make to keep the bills paid. So for example, if you are paying for 5 hours of my time in a week I will have other clients taking up the other 35 hours. This is done to ensure I make a proper living.

Paying for 5 hours of work time does not entitle you to 10 more hours of phone calls, emails and meetings. If you want that extra time you need to pay for it and not get upset when the person you are working with doesn’t give you all the extra time you want. Time is money, for you and for us.

If you need hand holding and extra time tell your consultant or company ahead of time and be prepared to pay for the time you need.

6). Don’t Treat Your SEO or Web Marketing Person Like an Employee

Employees work for you. You can behave how you want, talk to them how you want and have unrealistic expectations with employees. When you are paying for a service that we offer you have no right to create expectations that were never discussed or agreed upon.

We also don’t have to reply to a phone call or email within an hour to please you because WE ARE NOT your employee. We work for ourselves and we have other clients, meetings and work to do. You may have to wait a few hours or even an entire day to hear back. Additionally, we do not need to answer the phone or emails when work hours are over. You are important, but you are not the only client…which brings me to my next point.

7). Keep in Mind, You Are Not THE ONLY Client

As I said above, we have several clients. Everyone needs our time and we have a responsibility to each client. We cannot give you 100% of our time, respond to your calls in minutes and we cannot chase you around to get the information we need from you so projects are finished on schedule (this is not our job). Always keep in mind that you are not the only one and cannot expect to be treated as the only one (unless you pay for it).

Oh and in the wise words of my business partner, “Your emergency is not our emergency.” If your computer stops working or the web is loading slow for you this is not something we can fix for you and these are certainly not reasons to stop our work.

8). Listen. Open Your Mind and Listen.

If we say something is wrong with your website design, layout or coding it is because there is something wrong. I usually tell people that if they don’t use my company I suggest they find someone to fix it because it isn’t about the money, but about what is best for the client’s business.

Information offered about SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and other forms of online marketing is all for your best interest. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, but questioning integrity will offend and you could possibly lose the one truly talented person that can do this work in your area.

Just try to listen.

9). Don’t Burn Bridges.

I have had 5 clients who have ticked me off to no end and I have walked away. Four of those clients have come back and requested (some begged) for my work and I refuse to work with them. Once I am burned it is over. I prefer clients that appreciate what I offer and are smart enough to care about the business relationship. I deserve to be treated like a professional and a human.

10). Don’t Expect Advice for Free.

11). Don’t Ask Your Friends What They Think About What We Are Doing.

I actually had one client say that he wasn’t going to be happy with his website until everyone that was sitting at Starbucks with him said they liked it too. OK moron, are the people in Starbucks your target audience? I think not.

All of our plans whether it is PPC, SEO, Social Media or a website design are aimed at meeting the needs of your target markets and beating your competitors. Your “friends” most likely won’t be looking at things like we do. If you don’t like something please tell us, but leave your friends out of it please.

12). Remember, Nerds and Geeks are Smart.

I know when people think of geeks and nerds they think of people like Bill Gates, Sheldon Cooper and George Lucas. What do these three people have in common? They are super smart.

If you hired the right company or consultant I can almost guarantee you that the person you are looking at is extremely smart. Have some faith and remember the following items I mentioned above:

Show Respect

Don’t Be Condescending


Because they are very smart they pick up on things (behaviors) most people don’t, so make sure you treat them right. Remember, we analyze (and it isn’t just data). Don’t take a chance on burning a bridge with someone that can help your business reach new and better levels. If members of your staff are intimidated by people that know more than them about any subject you may want to consider excluding them from interactions with your web marketing specialists.

In Conclusion

If you are lucky enough to find a consultant or company that has the skills you need please find a way to cherish the quality work they offer and cherish the people themselves. Fact – there are A LOT of people out there offering the services we offer and they have no clue what they are doing. When you find someone good you want to make sure you always have the opportunity to work with them in the future.

Respect is key.

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