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When Apple launched the iPhone App Store in 2008, few people recognized how revolutionary it was. Four years later, everyone can see that the App Store has uprooted the software industry, creating an app craze that has spread far beyond smartphones.

To find out how app stores are changing desktop software, PCWorld spoke to software makers and research analytics firms. Not surprisingly, many developers are enthusiastic about the easy distribution and streamlined billing that app stores provide, yet these stores also introduce challenges–some that are unique to desktops, and others that have plagued smartphones since the dawn of the iPhone App Store.

Desktop Apps vs. Mobile Apps: Same Model, Different Tastes

Although smartphone app stores have given rise to small-footprint, single-use programs, developers aren’t ready to write off desktop apps. The developers I spoke with believe that full-featured software is far from dead, and that it will continue to have its place in desktop app stores.

Bill Taylor, a product manager for voice-recognition software firm Nuance Communications, believes that the small scale and limited functions of smartphone apps are a byproduct of technical limitations, such as weak processors and low storage capacities on early handsets. More-capable devices, with more-powerful microprocessors and memory, he says, will lead to more-capable apps.

So far, Taylor’s instincts seem to be correct. On the Mac laptop and desktop, users are willing to pay more for great software. Among the top 100 Mac App Store applications, the average selling price is $22.54, according to market research firm Distimo. That’s about $20 more than the average price for the top 100 iPhone apps. The Mac App Store is the desktop equivalent of the wildly popular App Store for iOS devices, which aims to simplify the way Mac users discover and purchase applications for their computers.

Although app-store skeptics like to dismiss these stores as a place for silly diversions rather than serious desktop software, that stigma has more to do with the difference between phones and full-size PCs than with the app-store business model. On the iPhone, games are the dominant category, according to data from market researchers at Distimo and AppFigures. In the Mac App Store, however, utilities are the most popular, and productivity apps are among the top three categories (although, to be fair, so are games and entertainment apps). The data suggests that on desktop computers, fart apps and other time wasters aren’t such a hot commodity.

‘People Love Installing Software’

Healy Jones, vice president of marketing for OfficeDrop, noticed this shift away from the Web immediately after his company released mobile and desktop apps for its document-scanning service.

“We had a thesis that people did not want to install software; that the cloud meant that people could use a browser to interact with software and would never have to install anything. We were completely wrong,” Jones says. “People love installing software.”

Kevin Foreman, vice president of consumer and mobile applications for Inrix, wants to capitalize on the shift away from the Web. In the past, the company has licensed its traffic data to Web-based services such as MapQuest; but with Windows 8, Inrix will launch its first native app for desktops to help people avoid congestion before they get in the car.

Software Redux: The Web Is Out

“We used to live in a world of applications … and the world told us all, stop downloading apps, because you can get viruses and stuff, and we all moved to the Web,” Foreman says. “We’ve come full circle. Now we’ve moved back to an app-based world.”

I won’t get into the debate over the merits of native apps versus the open Web. Plenty of ink has been spilled elsewhere on that topic. But given what developers have discovered firsthand, we may see users clamor for native desktop apps, where they previously deemed Web apps to be sufficient.

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Why Mobile And Desktop Rankings Are Different

Google’s John Mueller answered an interesting question about why mobile and desktop search rankings can differ. Mueller offered several factors related to personalization to explain why the two kinds of searches sometimes are different.

Why Do Desktop and Mobile Search Rankings Differ?

The person asking the question was interested in learning how to diagnose the reason why a site might not perform as well in mobile search as it does in desktop search.

Here’s the question:

“Why… How are desktop and mobile ranking different when we’ve already been switched to mobile first indexing?”

Google’s John Mueller pointed out that indexing and ranking are two different things.

Just because we’re in a mobile-first indexing environment doesn’t mean that the mobile and desktop versions will be ranked equally because they were indexed as mobile.


“So, mobile first indexing is specifically about that technical aspect of indexing the content.

And we use a mobile Googlebot to index the content.

But once the content is indexed, the ranking side is still (kind of) completely separate.”

Mobile and Desktop Rankings Are Contextually Personalized

Mueller next explained that for some situations the context of the searcher and the device that is used can alter rankings.

He explained that for some searches the needs of the users are different depending on the device and that can influence rankings.

John Mueller Explaining Why Mobile and Desktop Searches are Different

“And it’s normal that desktop and mobile rankings are different.

Sometimes that’s with regards to things like speed.

Sometimes that’s with regards to things like mobile friendliness.

Sometimes that’s also with regards to the different elements that are shown in the search results page.

For example if you’re searching on your phone then maybe you want more local information because you’re on the go.

So we tend to show …a different mix of different search results types.

And because of that it can happen that the ranking or the visibility of individual pages differs between mobile and desktop.

And that’s essentially normal. That’s a part of how we do ranking.

It’s not something where I would say it would be tied to the technical aspect of indexing the content.”

Page Speed and Mobile Factors for Ranking Differences

The person asking the question next asked a follow up question about diagnosing these ranking differences.

He asked if lower mobile rankings are an indication that mobile page speed factors are the cause.

Google’s Mueller answered:

“…Mobile friendliness is definitely a factor.

There might also be other factors that play in there, specifically with regards to mobile and desktop.

These are kind of the differences that are always a bit around with regards to mobile and desktop search results.

Sometimes it’s also just because it’s a different device or a different connection to the Internet so we use different settings essentially for personalization.”

Difference in Rankings is Due to Personalization

Google’s John Mueller confirmed that mobile indexing is just indexing and separate from the ranking part of the algorithm.

He also revealed that personalization plays a role in the occasional differences in search rankings between the mobile and desktop searches.

Mueller explained that the needs of someone on a mobile device may be different from the needs of someone on a desktop device.

So if one is trying to diagnose why there are differences in ranking between devices then maybe it may be useful to see why the top ranked sites mobile versions might be preferable over the lower ranked pages within the context of a mobile device and personalization.

It’s possible there may be clues there to help diagnose the issues.


Watch John Mueller answer the question at the 49:10 minute mark

Application Migration: From Desktop To Mobile

Chief information officers are facing serious questions about how to mobilize their workforces with the applications they need. Yet many corporations have hundreds of internally developed desktop applications built for executives and staff, and they need a replicable application migration strategy to take these applications mobile.

From a Desktop to a Mobile Mindset

Because legacy desktop applications can lock businesses into outmoded thinking and technology stacks (“we’ve always done it this way”), moving a desktop application to mobile may mean a change in mindset for you and the business units you support.

When mobilizing an application, you can add features that enable workers to be more informed, responsive and productive, transforming how your company does business. For example, mobilizing a work order application can allow a dispatcher to send work orders directly to employees’ smartphones, saving both the company and its employees time and money by allowing workers to leave their homes and go straight to job sites instead of having to meet up at the central office for assignments.

Adding camera support to the newly mobile work order app enables workers to photograph or livesteam video of a damaged piece of equipment at a client location directly from the app. Field workers can now leave their digital cameras back at the office, and no longer have to trek through rush-hour traffic to spend time downloading photographs in the office at the end of their day.

With mobile apps, technicians in the field can also receive push alerts on their smartphones when their managers assign a new work order to them, and managers can establish alerts at important parts of a workflow that require attention from technicians in the field. The addition of alerts also benefits senior management and executives, as corporate back-end applications can send them notifications about major market shifts or events that require immediate management response and critical decisions. Mobility increases productivity by providing employees with crucial information right at their fingertips.

Executives also benefit by having real-time access on their smartphones to critical business decision data and applications. By building alerts into an application, they can have access to real-time data that is proactively sent to them, allowing them to make quick decisions and resolve potential issues before they occur.

Design Your Mobile App UI/UX Around Critical Info

Desktop applications are designed for a large screen, often with dashboards showing key data. Even if your employees are carrying a large-screen smartphone, you’ll need to redesign your app’s screen to focus on the critical pieces of information that a mobile worker needs to do their job. In the case of an inventory reporting application, you may want the mobile app screens to show surplus stock, low inventory or other information that requires direct action on the part of the user so that they can, for example, take immediate pricing action based on this data to reduce inventory.

Another option to explore is creating multiple job-based micro-apps to replace your desktop application, reducing data requirements even further. For example, a line manager may have an app on their phone that monitors the quota on the manufacturing line they supervise, and the executive over that manager may have two apps for pricing and sales. In the desktop days, both of these business users likely accessed the same application.

For some users, the case can be made to combine multiple applications into one mobile app. For instance, a field sales rep could benefit from one app that includes views into customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data from a single interface. It’s about helping employees work most efficiently based on the data they require.

Lastly, it’s important to ensure that you have a consistent user experience throughout all of the applications you build and deploy. The goal should be to have the users able to use the application with little to no training, so that when new applications are rolled out they know how to use them to perform their jobs.

Bridge the Divide With MBaaS

A major back-end consideration is how to get the legacy data from your enterprises to your new mobile app. You can use mobile-backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) or another cloud-based micro-service platform to transform your application data into a mobile-friendly REST API to bridge the gap between mobile and the legacy enterprise. Samsung has partnerships with several MBaaS providers including:

An MBaaS can manage your application’s database replication from on-premise to a cloud backend, opening data access to mobile users. These platforms include tools for secure app development and security policies, and you can integrate them with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

Making the changes to mindset, UI and database replication are key elements in application migration from desktop to mobile, enabling you to deliver mobile apps that are specific, quick and responsive to your business needs.

Our enterprise solutions and technologies are designed to provide the balance of security and productivity businesses need to keep up with an increasingly mobile workforce.

How To Animate Text In Canva (Desktop & Mobile)

How To Add Text Animations In Canva 

You are limited to only one animation per text line.

However, you can mix things up using a different animation on each text line. 

All of the animations available in Canva are split into three categories: Basic, Writing, and Exaggerate. 

Basic Animations

Basic animations are a great way to add a subtle touch to your text. These animations are perfect for when you want to catch your viewer’s attention but not be too flashy. 

Here are a few examples of Basic Animations: 


This animation is the most subtle of the bunch. It may not quickly grab someone’s attention, but it’s a peaceful animation that can make the viewer feel welcomed. 


This animation is quick and eye-catching. If you need to slap a quick animation on your text, Baseline should be one of the first on your list. 


This option is the perfect way to grab a viewer’s attention. Even if you apply it to part of your text, this animation should stop someone from scrolling. 

Writing Animations

These writing animations were specifically created for text (as opposed to the previous and future animations designed for text and graphics). When adding animations to text, these options should be some of the first ones you look at. 

Here are a few examples of writing animations: 

Type Writer

This animation is probably the most classic out of them all. If you can’t decide which animation to pick, you can’t go wrong with Type Writer. 


Roll is an excellent choice for a little more flair if you want to impress. 


This option is the most subtle one, similar to how Breathe works. It’s a welcoming animation that works best with smaller text. 

Exaggerate Animations 

These animations are meant to be unrealistic and have the greatest chance of stopping someone from scrolling if done right. 


A classic animation that gets the job done. Suppose you want to exaggerate your text but are unsure how then this option is for you. 

Neon Stomp

Try this option if you need an animation to grab someone’s attention immediately. Even without sound, you can hear the impact of your text landing. 

How To Adjust Text Animation Settings

Each animation you apply to your text can be adjusted differently, depending on the animation. Some animations will only have one option to change, and others will have multiple. 

Also, there are many adjustments that you can only make if you are a Canva Pro user. You will know if this is the case if there is a Crown Icon next to the adjustment. 

There are a handful of different adjustments you can make to your animations. Here are the most common ones: 


The Speed Slider determines how fast your animation plays out. 

Making your animation super fast may take away from the effect that you’re going for. 

Setting the speed lower for many animations will produce a better result. However, this all depends on the purpose of your design, of course. 


Some animations will allow you to adjust the direction of your animation with Arrow Buttons. You can change the path to the left or right, and sometimes up and down. 

If you have multiple lines of text, you can switch things up by having some text go one way and the rest of the text go the other. 


The Animate adjustment lets you decide when you want your animation to start. 

On Enter 

Your animation will start right away. 

On Exit 

Your text will remain static and start at the end of the animation cycle. 


Your animation will happen twice. Once at the beginning of the cycle animation and again at the end. 

Writing Style 

These adjustments will determine where your animation happens. 


Your animation will happen to each text character, one after the other. 


Your animation will happen to each word, one after the other. 


Your animation will affect every line of your text, one after another. If your text is only on one line, then your animation will only happen to that line. 


Your animation will happen to the entire text block at once. 

Adjust The Scale 

This adjustment will determine the size of your animation.

Adjusting the Scale Slider to the left will result in your text only expanding slightly. In most cases, this will be ideal for this animation. 

Adjusting the Scale Slider to the right will significantly expand your text. This is usually not preferred, but it all depends on the project you’re working on. 

How To Adjust The Time Of Your Animation

The default setting is five seconds. The lowest you can go is one second, and the highest is 30 seconds.  

How To Remove A Text Animation In Canva

Removing an animation is just as easy as adding one. In the Text Animations panel, scroll to find the Remove Animation button. 

How To Export Animated Text From Canva 

For animation, you have two choices:

MP4 – Pick this option if you need a high-quality video and don’t mind downloading a big file. 

GIF – Choose this option if your clip is short or you don’t mind the lower quality and need a smaller file. 

How To Animate Text In Canva Mobile 

A submenu at the bottom allows you to tap the type of animation you want to make things easier for you. 

Once you’ve decided which animation you want to use, tap it once to apply it to your text, then tap on it again to open up the settings. 

You will find all of the same settings that you would on the desktop version. Each adjustment works the same as the desktop version as well. 

To export your animation, tap on the Share button, then tap on Download. 

As on the desktop version, you will have two options to export your animation: MP4 Video and GIF. 

Free Software For Mobile Professionals

Given the economic drought we’re in, it’s inevitable that some free software-as-a-service tools would turn to dust. Last week, I mentioned that Jott Networks discontinued its free, basic Jott service. Yahoo plans to shut down its free Briefcase online storage service by March 30. And not long ago, Google announced it was no longer offering Google Notebook, its free Web page clipping tool, to new users.

Gmail: Web Mail, Online and Off

Over the past few months, I’ve transitioned from Microsoft Outlook for e-mail to Gmail, Google’s free online e-mail service. Gmail has lots of benefits for people on the go, such as the ability to use and search your messages from any Internet-connected computer or phone. You can also use instant messaging, send and receive SMS text messages, and carry on video chat sessions, all within the same interface.

Skype: Voice and Video Chat for Two

Skype’s free VoIP and video chat service is pretty phenomenal, when you think about it. Want to call a colleague in South Korea from the U.S. for free and talk as long as you want? No problem, as long as it’s a Skype-to-Skype call. (You can call cell phones and traditional landline numbers, too, but those calls aren’t free.)

Skype’s free video chats are limited to two people, but the quality is generally good, especially if you’re using a Logitech Webcam that supports high-quality video chats in Skype. Skype recently released an upgrade to its software, version 4.0 for Windows, that reportedly improves the quality of video chats, too, though I’ve not had the opportunity to test it.

Also, you don’t have to be sitting at your computer to make a free Skype call. For example, the free Fring iPhone app lets you make free Skype calls over a Wi-Fi network, though voice quality can be subpar.

TimeBridge: Schedule Meetings With Ease

When you propose a meeting, for instance, TimeBridge automatically e-mails the invitees up to five possible meeting times of your choosing. The invitees vote for the times that work best for them.

FreeConference: Free Confabs, but Toll Calls

I’ve used FreeConference for years to set up and conduct telephone conference calls. It’s easy to use, and it gives you lots of options.

Which Freebies Do You Use?

Have you found a free Web-based service or software tool that makes your life on the go easier? If so, please tell me about it.

Mobile Computing News, Reviews, & Tips

Wireless Data in the Air: British Airways is planning to offer limited in-flight cell phone use. At the moment, you can only send and receive text messages and surf the Web on your phone, on business-class flights from London to New York’s JFK. Other international carriers offering use of cell phones in flight currently include Air France, Emirates, and Qantas.

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How To Stop/Turn Off Reddit Notifications On Mobile And Desktop

Are you getting distracted by Reddit notifications on your desktop or mobile device? Turn the notifications off and Reddit won’t bother you anymore. You can enable and disable either all or certain Reddit notifications on your supported devices.

You might want to stop certain Reddit notifications if they pop-up every now and then on your device. And, you might be interested in turning off all Reddit notifications if you only use the platform to read content and not be notified about anything.

Table of Contents

Turn Off Reddit Notifications on Desktop

Since Reddit doesn’t offer an official desktop app, using Reddit on a desktop basically means using the Reddit website. You can turn the site’s notifications off in any of your web browsers.

Stop Certain Reddit Notifications

You can stop certain Reddit notifications, like the trending posts notifications, from the web version of Reddit.

Access Reddit in your preferred web browser on your computer. Then, ensure you’re logged into your Reddit account.

On Reddit, select your profile icon at the top-right corner and select User Settings from the menu.

On the following screen, select Notifications from the top menu bar.

You can now enable and disable various notifications for Reddit. To stop a notification, find that notification in the list and turn the toggle next to it to the off position.

Repeat that for all the notifications you want to disable.

Reddit automatically saves changes, so you don’t need to select any button.

Stop All Reddit Notifications

An easy way to stop all Reddit notifications is to block the site notifications in your web browser. This way, your browser will prevent the site from sending you any alerts.

Nearly all the popular browsers have the option to block site notifications. In the following example, we’ll use Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome on your computer.

Select the Chrome menu (three dots) at the top-right corner and choose Settings.

On the Settings screen, select Privacy and security from the sidebar on the left.

Select Site settings on the right pane.

Scroll down the Site settings page and select Notifications.

Select the search box at the top and type chúng tôi in it.

When Reddit appears in the search results, select the three-dots menu next to it and choose Block.

Reddit is now blocked from sending you any notifications in your browser. Know that Reddit will still continue to send notifications in your other browsers if you use the site in those browsers.

To unblock Reddit notifications, select Reddit on the Notifications screen in Chrome, select the three-dots menu next to it, and choose Allow.

Stop Reddit Notifications on Android

Reddit’s Android app offers all the notifications that you get to see on the platform’s web version. This means you can toggle any notification on or off right from your handheld device.

Disable Certain Reddit Notifications

You can selectively stop Reddit notifications on your Android device if you don’t want to stop notifications altogether.

Launch the Reddit app on your Android device.

When the app launches, select your profile icon at the top-left corner.

In the menu that appears, select the Settings option.

On the Settings screen, from under the General section, tap Account settings for username where username is your actual username.

Tap Manage notifications from under Contact Settings.

Reddit now shows all notification types on your screen. Select the toggle for any notification to turn that notification off. Tap the toggle again to turn on the notification.

Like the web version, Reddit for Android automatically saves your changes.

Disable All Reddit Notifications

If you don’t want to receive any notifications from Reddit at all, the best way to make this happen is to prevent Reddit from sending notifications in the Settings app. You can reverse this change anytime you want, though.

The option names below might slightly vary depending on your Android device.

Pull down from the top of your Android device’s screen and select the cog icon. This opens the Settings app.

In Settings, tap Apps & notifications.

Find Reddit in the apps list and tap it. If you don’t see the app, tap See all apps.

Select Notifications on the following screen to manage Reddit’s notifications.

At the top, turn off the All “Reddit” notifications toggle.

Your phone now blocks all notifications originating from the Reddit app.

Turn Off Reddit Notifications on iOS

Reddit’s iOS app offers the option to enable and disable any notification you want. If this doesn’t suffice, you can use the iOS Settings app to disable all notifications at once.

Disable Certain Reddit Notifications

Use the Reddit app itself to turn off select notifications.

Open the Reddit app on your iOS device.

Select your profile icon at the top-left corner.

Choose Settings from the menu that appears.

Select your username from the Account Settings section at the top.

Tap Manage notifications.

Here, find the notification you want to stop and tap its toggle. The notification will be turned off.

To turn a notification back on, tap its toggle again.

Disable All Reddit Notifications

The iOS Settings app offers an option to help you turn all Reddit notifications off.

Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.

Tap Notifications on the following screen.

Scroll down the Notifications screen and find and tap the Reddit app.

Turn off the toggle that says Allow Notifications at the top.

This change overrides any other changes you make in the Reddit app. For example, no matter what notifications you enable or disable in the Reddit app, the app won’t send you any notifications.

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