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If you’ve ever paid attention to the market share statistics for desktop operating systems you probably know that Linux is most frequently pegged at about one percent.

Functionally this works just fine for users. The problem is that it makes it too easy for software and hardware vendors, makers of device drivers, and critics of all kinds to discount Linux’s importance in the marketplace. That, in turn, makes it less likely that new software will be ported to Linux, for example, or that key drivers will be created for the operating system; in short, it slows Linux’s growth.

What can you do about it? Well, if you use Linux already, you can make it known at DudaLibre, which maintains its “We are more than one percent” Linux counter to prove that the operating system accounts for more than the standard estimates suggest.

Next time you’re in the market for a new machine for your business, however, another way to help prove Linux’s market worth is by buying the distribution you choose preloaded. Not only will it save you the trouble of installing it yourself, but it can also help make sure everything “just works” out of the box, with support for any glitches that may arise.

Perhaps even more important, though, is that since there is a vendor keeping count, your purchase is sure to be included in the next batch of market data.

There are a number of very good vendors that will preload a computer with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions. Here are some of the best Linux-friendly vendors to check out.

1. System76

Specializing in Ubuntu-powered laptops, desktops and servers, Colorado-based System76 is particularly notable because its success has just recently prompted it to start serving the United Kingdom as well. With a commitment to the ideals of open source software, System76 aims to help make it easy for consumers, businesses, schools and governments to make the transition to the world of open source software through world-class hardware, software and support. System76 ships to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



California-based ZaReason will install a variety of free and open source operating systems on its laptops, desktops and servers, including not just Ubuntu but several of its derivatives along with Debian and Fedora. International shipping is available.



Based in Atlanta, EmperorLinux has been supplying Linux laptops since 1999 to corporate, government, academic, and individual users. Customers can choose the hardware, the Linux distribution, and even the partition setup on their machine, which will be ready to use out of the box with full hardware support under Linux. International shipping is available.



Also specializing in laptops, California-based LinuxCertified offers a variety of installation, customization and training services as well, with support for a variety of Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE. International shipping is available.


Los Alamos Computers

With a long list of high-profile customers, New Mexico-based Los Alamos Computers offers both workstations and laptops with the customer’s Linux distribution of choice preinstalled, though it recommends Ubuntu, Debian, and gNewSense in particular. International service is available.



Though it has a somewhat mixed history with regard to Linux, it would be remiss not to mention Texas-based Dell, which has been offering Ubuntu preloaded on select machines since 2007. As of this writing, one minitower and one Inspiron laptop are listed on the company’s U.S. site preinstalled with Ubuntu.

Wherever you end up, though, know that your purchase will not only get you a powerful machine loaded with what’s arguably the best operating system on earth; it will also help create some long-overdue realistic market statistics.

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Where To Buy A Rolex With Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a customary payment method. And while in 2010 you could only buy pizza with BTC, now the list of things you can get with Bitcoin is longer and includes luxury items.

Many Bitcoin holders decide to invest in some luxury items to avoid a BTC price crash, scared they might leave money on the table.

If you also want to buy a Rolex with crypto or invest in other luxury items with cryptocurrency, read this article. We will cover everything you need to know about this topic, including where to buy a Rolex with crypto and how to buy it. We will also answer the most common questions about buying watches with crypto. 

So, let’s go! 

Where to buy a Rolex with crypto – Overview 

Crypto Emporium

– Overall the best website to buy a Rolex with crypto.

Prestige chúng tôi – a renowned luxury watch shop that accepts Bitcoin.

Jura Watches – one of the best places to buy a Rolex with crypto in the UK.

Here is more about each website.

Crypto Emporium

Crypto Emporium is the world’s first and only e-commerce store that only accepts crypto as a payment method. In the store, you can find a variety of high-end products like cars, watches, yachts, property, motorbikes, merch, and more.

The main goal of Crypto Emporium is to make crypto what it’s supposed to be – a digital currency used for transactions and as a payment method. You can shop at Crypto Emporium from 125 countries worldwide.

Crypto Emporium also has a rewards program, allowing you to earn great rewards while shopping. Moreover, you can also become an affiliate partner or seller on the platform. Other than Bitcoin, you can also pay with Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, Dash, and Dogecoin. 

Prestige Time

Prestige Time was one of the first online shops to offer Bitcoin as a payment method. The shop has a simple process in which you can buy a Rolex with crypto in a few easy steps. You can connect the following wallets to your cart and make a purchase:

Copay Wallet

Mycelium Wallet

Electrum Wallet

Bitcoin Core (Satoshi client) Wallet

BRD Wallet

Airbitz Wallet

Besides Rolex, you can find brands like Longines, Hublot, Breitling, or Chopard on Prestige Time. The shop has operated since 1999, and you can find a wide range of watches for women, men, or preowned watches from different brands.

Jura Watches

Established in 1979, Jura Watches is a family-run luxury watch shop that sells luxury brands like IWC Schaffhausen, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Gucci, Grand Seiko Bell & Ross.

This is also the biggest retailer in the UK that offers free shipping on all orders and a gift with every order. If you want to buy a Rolex with crypto, or any other watch, you should choose Bitcoin as your payment method on the checkout page. Except for Bitcoin, you can also pay with ETH, Tether, BNB, and more. 

What is the Best Place to Buy a Rolex with Crypto?

Trusted Since 2023

Competitive Prices

Delivery To 125+ Countries

Certified Authentic Products

24/7 Customer Support

Order Tracking via Email & SMS

How to buy a Rolex with crypto on Crypto Emporium?

Buying Rolex is straightforward. Follow the next steps.

In the categories section, choose watches and then Rolex. 

You will be redirected to the collection page to browse Rolex watches. 

You will get a new window asking you to continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

You will be asked to scan a QR code to send the coins to Crypto Emporium’s wallet.

And that is everything. You bought a Rolex with crypto!

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is becoming an often payment method as many online stores accept it for transactions.

Many luxury items, including Rolex, can be bought using BTC in a few easy steps. The best place to buy a Rolex with crypto is Crypto Emporium – the first crypto-only e-commerce store. So, visit the shop and buy your Rolex today.

Frequently Asked Questions: Buy a Rolex with crypto Can you buy a Rolex with BTC?

Buying a Rolex with BTC or any other crypto has never been easier. More and more online stores are now introducing crypto as a payment option. All you have to do to buy a Rolex with BTC is to have your digital wallet and a sufficient amount of BTC, and you’re all set.

Where to buy watches with Bitcoin?

Crypto Emporium is the best place to buy watches with Bitcoin. This online store is a crypto-only platform, and you can purchase various luxury items with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more cryptocurrencies.

How can I buy a Rolex immediately? 

You can buy a Rolex immediately at Crypto Emporium. The process is simple:

Scan a QR code to send the coins to Crypto Emporium’s wallet and finish the order.

How To Install An Ftp Server On Ubuntu With Vsftpd?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another over a TCP-based network, such as Internet. An FTP server allows users to upload and download files over network, and it is an essential tool for file sharing and remote file access. In this article, we will guide you through process of installing an FTP server on Ubuntu with vsftpd, one of most popular FTP servers available.

Step 1: Install VSFTPD

The first step in installing an FTP server on Ubuntu is to install vsftpd package. You can do this by running following command in your terminal −

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install vsftpd

This will download and install vsftpd package along with any necessary dependencies.

Step 2: Configure VSFTPD

After installing vsftpd, you need to configure it to suit your needs. configuration file for vsftpd is located at /etc/vsftpd.conf. To edit file, open it in your favorite text editor with root privileges, like this −

sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

This will open configuration file in Nano text editor. You can make any necessary changes to file to configure FTP server as you wish. For example, you may want to set FTP server to run in standalone mode, enable anonymous FTP access, or limit number of concurrent connections.

Step 3: Start FTP Service

Once you have configured vsftpd, you need to start FTP service. You can do this by running following command in your terminal −

sudo systemctl start vsftpd

This will start vsftpd service and enable it to accept incoming connections. You can verify that service is running by checking its status with following command −

sudo systemctl status vsftpd

If everything is working correctly, you should see a message indicating that service is active and running.

Step 4: Configure Firewall Rules

By default, Ubuntu comes with a firewall called UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) that can be used to manage network traffic. If you have UFW enabled on your system, you need to allow FTP traffic through firewall. You can do this by running following command −

sudo ufw allow ftp

This will allow incoming FTP traffic on default FTP port, which is port 21.

Step 5: Test FTP Server

Once you have completed installation and configuration of your FTP server, you can test it by connecting to it from another machine. You can use any FTP client of your choice, such as FileZilla or WinSCP, to connect to FTP server. To connect to server, you will need to know its IP address and username and password that you set up during configuration process.

Step 6: Configure SSL/TLS Encryption

FTP by default is not a secure protocol, and all data transfers are sent in plain text. To improve security of your FTP server, you can configure SSL/TLS encryption to encrypt all data transfers between server and clients. This can be done by obtaining an SSL/TLS certificate and configuring chúng tôi file to use it.

Step 7: Set Up User Accounts And Permissions

By default, vsftpd allows anonymous FTP access, which means anyone can connect to your FTP server without a username or password. However, this can pose a security risk, and it is recommended to disable anonymous access and set up user accounts with proper permissions instead. You can create user accounts and set their permissions by using command-line tool “adduser” and “chmod” respectively.

Step 8: Monitor FTP Server Logs

It is a good practice to monitor your FTP server logs regularly to detect any suspicious activity or unauthorized access attempts. You can view vsftpd logs at “/var/log/vsftpd.log” by using “tail” command, which shows last few lines of file in real-time.

Step 9: Use SFTP Instead of FTP

FTP is an old protocol and has some security vulnerabilities. If possible, consider using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) instead, which is a more secure and modern protocol that uses encryption and secure shell (SSH) to transfer files. SFTP uses same SSH port (22) as SSH and can be enabled on same SSH server.

Step 10: Use Passive FTP Mode

FTP uses two modes, active and passive, to transfer files between server and clients. In active mode, server initiates data connection, and client listens for incoming connections, while in passive mode, client initiates both control and data connections. Passive mode is more firewall-friendly and allows clients to connect to FTP server even if they are behind a NAT (Network Address Translation) or firewall. To enable passive mode in vsftpd, you can add following lines to chúng tôi file −

pasv_enable=YES pasv_min_port=1024 pasv_max_port=1048

These lines will enable passive mode and specify range of passive ports that vsftpd will use for data transfers.

Step 11: Limit FTP User Sessions

To prevent overloading your FTP server and ensure better performance, you can limit number of concurrent FTP user sessions that are allowed to connect to your server. You can do this by adding following line to chúng tôi file −


This line will limit number of concurrent FTP user sessions to 50, and you can adjust this number to suit your needs.

Step 12: Use a Dedicated FTP Client Step 13: Automate FTP Transfers With Cron Jobs

If you need to transfer files regularly between your FTP server and other machines, you can automate process by using cron jobs. A cron job is a Linux command that runs automatically at specified intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. You can set up a cron job to run an FTP script that transfers files to or from your FTP server automatically, without requiring any manual intervention.

Step 14: Use Chroot Jail

A chroot jail is a security feature that restricts users to a specific directory and prevents them from accessing other parts of file system. By using a chroot jail, you can enhance security of your FTP server and limit damage that can be caused by a compromised user account. To set up a chroot jail for vsftpd, you can add following line to chúng tôi file −


This line will restrict users to their home directory and prevent them from navigating to other directories.

Step 15: Enable IPv6 listen_ipv6=YES

This line will enable vsftpd to listen on IPv6 addresses.

Step 16: Backup FTP Server Data

Like any other data storage system, an FTP server can be susceptible to data loss due to hardware failure, system crashes, or other unforeseen events. To prevent data loss, it is essential to regularly backup your FTP server data. You can use tools like Rsync or SCP to transfer files to a remote location, or use cloud-based backup services like Amazon S3 or Google Drive.

Step 17: Harden Your FTP Server

To enhance security of your FTP server, you can implement several security measures, such as −

Disable root login

Enable SSH access

Use a firewall to block unauthorized access

Implement password policies

Install security updates regularly

Use intrusion detection and prevention systems

By following these security measures, you can protect your FTP server from security threats and ensure that your data remains safe and secure.


In this article, we have shown you how to install and configure an FTP server on Ubuntu with vsftpd. With this setup, you can easily share files between computers on your network or remotely access files from anywhere in world. By following these steps, you should now have a working FTP server that you can use for your file sharing and remote file access needs.

How To Access A Windows 10 Computer Remotely

Are you are working remotely from home and need access to some files from your work computer? In this situation, whether it’s because the office is closed for the day, you live too far away from your job, or you are quarantining, you can’t access your work PC physically. Lucky for you, if you have a Windows Operating system, Windows thought this one through for you.

From a handy Windows feature to a tech-driven IP address technique, whichever method you choose, if you are a Windows 10 user, you’ll have no problem connecting remotely.

Remote Desktop Protocol

Remote Desktop Protocol has been a feature of Windows since XP Pro. This feature makes it easy to connect one PC to another for desktop support and file access. Since this feature is disabled by default, the first step is to enable RDP to use it.

First confirm that you have Windows 10 Pro. If not, upgrade from the home version first.

Enabling Remote Desktop on Windows 10 Pro

There are two different ways to enable Remote Desktop on your PC.

The first option brings you through Settings.

Go to Settings.

Toggle to enable Remote Desktop.

Search for Advanced System.

Then select Allow Remote Connections to this computer.

Keep the Network Level Authentication box checked in order to ensure the security of your PC.

Finally, enable incoming remote connections on the PC you’re connecting.

In addition to configuring system properties, you will need to set up the local router to allow for remote connections. You will also need the IP address for both computers.

Determining Your Public IP address

Follow these simple steps to find your IP address.

First, open your preferred web browser.

Search for “What’s my IP.”

Your IP address is the first result.

Configuring a Static IP Address

Setting a static IP can prove a ‘techy’ task. However, if you are using a remote desktop regularly and are not using Remote Desktop Protocol, you should use a static IP address.

To set a permanent IP address to your PC:

Go into your Change adapter settings.

On the menu that appears, select Properties.

Under Properties, go to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

If in this window you do not see that Obtain an IP address automatically is selected, your computer already has a static IP. You do not need to do anything else.

If it is not chosen, select Use the following IP address and follow the steps to specify each of the following: IP address; Subnet mask; Default gateway; DNS server. Be sure to write down the information that existed in the boxes beforehand and what they are now.

Establishing the remote connection

The time has finally come to establish the connection between your two PCs! Whether you enabled Remote Desktop Protocol or went with a static IP address, the procedure to finalize the connection is the same.

Download the Remote Desktop App from the App store and launch it.

From there, go to your Desktop settings.

Under PC name, specify the TCP/IP address of the computer that you’re trying to connect to.

Go into Show more and select whatever additional settings are necessary.

Under the Saved Desktops section, select the computer you want to connect remotely.

Check the Don’t ask about this connection option and Connect.

Once you have finished using the Remote Desktop Connection, ensure you close the app and confirm it is closed.

After you complete these steps and set up the correct configuration, you should have remote access to the needed PC.

Please note that configuring the remote desktop can allow malicious and viral attacks on your computer. It also opens up unauthorized access to your device by hackers. Please make sure you have strong passwords and always disable the remote desktop service immediately after you are finished using it.

How To Use A Portable Browser On Any Computer

In a world that is increasingly mobile, you may find yourself on a trip, needing to access the Internet on a PC. But maybe you are worried about using a public machine to do personal searches or work on an online app. One way to fix this is to have access to a portable browser that you can use anywhere.

Advantages of Portable Browsers

If you are on the go for work or vacation and need to use a public computer, you will not be able to install any new software on the machine. So, having a copy of the browser handy you want to use makes accessing the Internet easy.

Using a portable browser means there is no need to install the software on the machine, which saves you time. Portable browsers are lightweight and run faster than the regular version of the software without slowing the computer down. Portable software also does not leave any traces of the activity on the Windows Registry.

And you probably don’t want to use the installed version of a browser for fear of leaving personal information behind. Portable browsers are great for this because when you use a portable browser, all of your info is saved on the storage device, not on the computer.

Examples of Portable Browsers

Some portable browsers are versions of popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. They have the same functionality and performance as the original software.

How to use Portable Browsers

There may be slightly different methods for downloading any given portable browser, but it should work like this one:

1. Visit the application’s download page. You can use any of the links above to reach the browser you would like to use.

3. Browse to the location of the “AppNamePortable_xx.paf.exe” file you downloaded.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts.

6. When you come to the screen that asks where you want to save the file, you will need to change this to your USB drive.

To use the program on another computer:

1. Insert the USB drive into the computer port and browse to the directory where you installed the program.

3. Now, sign in and use the app as you would the regular version.

If you want to have the Internet on a PC at your fingertips without worrying about giving away personal information, choose your favorite browser, and download the portable version to a flash drive or other portable storage. Then you can take it with you everywhere you go. Don’t forget to also check out some other portable apps you can use on Windows.

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Tracey Rosenberger spent 26 years teaching elementary students, using technology to enhance learning. Now she’s excited to share helpful technology with teachers and everyone else who sees tech as intimidating.

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How A Quantum Computer Tackles A Surprisingly Difficult Airport Problem

At first glance, quantum computers seem like machines that only will exist in the far-off future. And in a way, they are. Currently, the processing power that these devices have are limited by the number of qubits they contain, which are the quantum equivalent of the 0-or-1 bits you’ve probably heard about with classical computers. 

The engineers behind the most ambitious quantum projects have said that they can orchestrate together hundreds of qubits, but because these qubits have unique yet ephemeral quantum properties, like superposition and entanglement, keeping them in the ideal state is a tough task. All this added together means that the problems that researchers have touted that quantum computers could be better at than classical machines have still not been fully realized.

Scientists say that in general, quantum machines could be better at solving problems involving optimization operations, nature simulations, and searching through unstructured databases. But without real-world applications, it can all seem very abstract. 

The flight gate assignment challenge

A group of researchers working with IBM have been crafting and testing special algorithms for specific problems that work with quantum circuits. That means the broad category of optimization tasks becomes a more specific problem, like finding the best gate to put connecting flights in at an airport. 

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Here are the requirements for the problem: The computer needs to find the most optimal gates to assign incoming and connecting flights to in an airport in order to minimize the passenger travel time. In this sense, travel time to and from gates, number of passengers, the presence of a flight at a gate or not—these all become variables in a complex series of math equations. 

Essentially, each qubit represents either the gate or the flight. So the number of qubits you need to solve this problem is the number of gates multiplied by the number of flights, explains Karl Jansen, a research physicist at DESY (a particle physics research center in Germany) and an author of the preprint paper on the algorithm. 

How a ‘Hamiltonian’ is involved

In order to perform the operation on a quantum device, first they have to integrate all of this information into something called a “Hamiltonian,” which is a quantum mechanical function that measures the total energy of a system. The system, in this case, would be the connections in the airport. “If you find the minimal energy, then this corresponds to the optimal path through the airport for all passengers to find the optimal connections,” says Jansen. “This energy function, this Hamiltonian, is horribly complicated and scales exponentially. There is no way to do this on a classical computer. However, you can translate this Hamiltonian into a quantum circuit.”

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Superposition, entanglement and interference

It’s important to note that controlling these machines means that the best minds across a wide number of industries, from applied math to chemistry to physics, must work together to design clever quantum algorithms, or instructions that tell the quantum computer what operations to perform and how. These algorithms are by nature different from classical algorithms. They can involve higher-level math, like linear algebra and matrices. “The fundamental descriptions of the systems are different,” says Jeannette Garcia, senior research manager for quantum applications and software team at IBM Research. “Namely, we have superposition and entanglement and this concept of interference.”

Although it is still to be proven, many researchers think that by using superposition, they can pack more information into the problem, and with entanglement, they could find more correlations, such as if a certain flight is correlated with another flight and another gate because they’re both domestic.

Every answer that a quantum computer gives is basically a probability, Garcia explains. A lot of work goes into formulating ways to combine answers together in a creative way to come up with the most probable answer over many repeating trials. That is what interference is—adding up or subtracting waveforms. The entanglement piece in particular is promising for chemistry but also for machine learning. “In machine learning datasets, you might have data that’s super correlated, so in other words, they are not independent from each other,” Garcia says. “This is what entanglement is. We can put that in and program that into what we’re studying as a way to conserve resources in the end, and computational power.” 

And while the new algorithm from Jansen’s team can’t really be used to make airports more efficient today, it can be translated to a variety of other problems. “Once we found really good ways of solving the flight gate assignment problem, we transferred the algorithms and improvements to these problems we are looking at for particle tracking, both at CERN but also at DESY,” Jansen said. 

In addition, you can apply the same formulation to other logistics problems such as optimizing bus routes or traffic light placements in a city. You just have to modify the information of the problem and what numbers you put into the coefficients and the binary variables. “For me, this was a good attempt to find a solution for the flight gate assignment problem,” Jansen says. “Now I’m looking at other instances where I can use this mathematical formulation to solve other problems.”

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