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Many leading news websites nowadays come with paywalls. To read more than two or three articles on such websites, you have to pay for a subscription. If you need occasional access to a publication’s website, it doesn’t make sense to subscribe to all of them. Also, the limited free content available might not be enough to evaluate whether a subscription is worth paying for. In such cases, it helps to know how to bypass the news sites’ restrictive paywalls.

Why Do News Sites Have Paywalls?

There are many different news websites and apps giving you all the information you need at your fingertips. This, however, comes at the expense of printed papers, which once formed a sizable chunk of a publication’s revenue.

Given such an abundance of choice, it is really an individual’s decision whether or not to buy a subscription.

How to Get Past Paywall on News Sites

If you need infrequent access to a paywall-restricted site, the following methods have proven to work in many cases. Not all methods work equally well on all websites; in each case, you’ll need a bit of trial and error.

1. Use Cached Versions of Websites

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times (UK) and New Yorker no longer show cached results. Having said this, not all paywall websites have disabled them. This means that you really have to check with individual websites to know their approach to caching.

2. Clear All-time Browsing Data in Desktop and Mobile Browsers

Since most paywall-restricted news websites have limits of three to five free articles per month, it is possible to reset your count on the browser with Ctrl + H. After clearing your all-time browsing data including cookies and cached images and files, you may visit the restricted site to read a few articles once again. This “rinse and repeat” method works well on mobile and desktop devices.

In the past one could access blocked content on Chrome or Firefox in Private/Incognito mode. That is no longer possible.

The clearing cookies method can also be used in mobile browsers on Android, iPhone, and iPad. There aren’t too many downloadable apps that you can rely on.

Once you’re in the Settings menu, it is easy to clear the data and cookies, which will reset the count for the number of articles you can read on that specific browser.

In Safari on an iPhone or iPad, you can clear the history and web data from “Privacy & Security” under Settings. Look for the “Clear History and Website Data” link.

3. Use Web Archives

If you’re not particularly keen about the latest content, you can simply check online archive tools. Wayback Machine is the best link to search for backdated online content. All you have to do is check whether the URL with hidden content has been archived in the past. This will give date-wise results; go for the most recent update. You don’t have to go too far back in time as many of these digital snapshots can be just a few months or even a few days old.

In addition to making inaccessible content accessible, these websites provide another valuable service. They ensure that if the news sites eventually delete something which others are reporting, it can be traced from the archives. As a result, such links are often used by journalists and those who suffer online censorship.

4. Use Paywall Bypass Extensions

On Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge desktop versions, you can use various extensions to find your way into inaccessible news articles and journal entries.

Note: The method isn’t always very effective as many popular websites are easily able to restrict the browser extensions from accessing the contents.

1. Bypass Paywalls Chrome

A GitHub extension called Bypass Paywalls Chrome is very effective in unblocking many leading news websites (not all of them) on Chrome as well as Edge. A Firefox version is also available.

Download the ZIP file for Bypass Paywalls Chrome. Then, extract the zipped file’s master folder and save it on your device.

    From the Chrome/Edge omnibox, visit the extensions page by typing




    . On this page you need to enable the developer mode.

    A menu option called “Load unpacked” will show up on both Chrome and Edge. This is used to import the unzipped master folder from your computer.

    Once the Bypass Paywalls extension is installed, you can easily view blocked content from many paywall-restricted sites.

    2. Unpaywall

    Unpaywall is a popular Chrome web store extension which is quite helpful in enabling access to scientific articles and journals.

    Unpaywall is also available as an app called Open Access Helper Web for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users.

    5. Change the User Agent in Your Browser

      Navigate to the “Network conditions” tab. Here the default user agent will be listed as “Use browser default.” Uncheck this box.

        Change the user agent to Googlebot or other similar entries.

          If the site allows crawlers, you should be able to access the hidden web page after a refresh.


          6. Use Reader Mode on Your Browser

          Are you only interested in reading the text on a webpage, and have no requirement for the images and embedded videos? Most browsers have a Reader mode which allows you to view the available text on your device. Some websites may impose restrictions on this as well.

          In Google Chrome, enable the Reader Mode extension.

            Pin the extension to the toolbar for quick access. You can enable the Reader mode in Chrome anytime to view a blocked webpage in its entirety.

              In Microsoft Edge, it’s much easier to use the Reader mode as you don’t need to install any extensions. Just type “read:” at the start of the webpage URL or hit F9 on the keyboard.

              7. Switch Browsers/Devices and Use a VPN

              Many users have reported success with accessing paywall-restricted websites simply by accessing them on different browsers and devices. Apart from Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox, there are many amazing browsers to choose from. When you have many browsers installed on your device, and different desktop and mobile devices, this allows you to read a few articles on a temporary basis. It is easy to clear your browser cache for additional access.

              If you have a VPN service, it would multiply the number of articles you can read for free.

              Frequently Asked Questions What is a soft paywall?

              A soft paywall allows you limited access to a web page’s content to browse a few articles for free. A hard paywall, in comparison, prevents site visitors from accessing anything unless they have subscribed. Most of the methods covered in this guide are designed to work for soft paywalls.

              How do you get past a hard paywall?

              A hard paywall is very difficult to bypass because such websites completely restrict access to non-subscribers. Google’s bots and other web crawlers are unable to index these web pages. You may not even find these links indexed on The Wayback Machine.

              Is it legal to bypass a paywall?

              It is generally not easy to bypass paywalls because websites can impose restrictions to prevent access completely, but it’s not illegal to use legitimate online methods to view a blocked website. It is definitely illegal, though, to access the content with a purpose of copyright infringement.

              What if you don’t really visit a particular website that often? News travels through forums and social media, and there is no escaping Wayback Machine and other paywall archives. It is all right to use alternate ways to access news content through valid online methods. At the same time, we do not endorse any misuse of such methods.

              Image credit: Hatice Yardim via Unsplash

              Sayak Boral

              Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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              How To Bypass Chatgpt Filter Restrictions

              Are you trying to get around ChatGPT restrictions? If you are a ChatGPT user, you must have witnessed ChatGPT rejecting responses on certain topics because it violates ChatGPT’s policy. Like any website, ChatGPT contains few restrictions, such as limitations to certain websites, links, ethical topics, no access to the web, can’t tell the date, and more.

              So, are you wondering how to bypass ChatGPT restrictions? Well, to bypass the chatgpt filters, you can use a few prompts such as DAN (Do Anything Now) which will help trick ChatGPT into acting as an AI chatbot that can bypass its own restrictions. 

              In this article, we are going to look into three ways through which you can bypass ChatGPT restrictions. So, let’s get started. 

              Can You Bypass ChatGPT Security Filters Restrictions?

              Yes, you can bypass ChatGPT restriction by using different kinds of prompts, such as the DAN (Do Anything Now) prompt, a character you need to make ChatGPT play. It basically breaks the typical confines of ChatGPT and instructs the AI chatbot to not abide by any rules set for them and removes all the restrictions. 

              What are the ChatGPT Security Filters restrictions?

              ChatGPT contains various restrictions related to illegal activities, such as certain websites, links, and ethical limitations which violate ChatGPT Policies. Apart from this, ChatGPT is also restricted to the internet and can’t tell date and time. A few users have also claimed that it contains response limitations.

              This is not mentioned anywhere officially. However, many users have complained about this staying the character limit of about 4096 characters, which is around 450-700 words for every message. However, prompts such as DAN can help remove these restrictions while accessing ChatGPT. 

              3 Easy Ways to Bypass ChatGPT Security Filters Restrictions?

              Here are three ways you can apply to use chatgpt without restrictions.

              Using Do Anything Now (DAN)

              To access DAN in ChatGPT, enter this prompt in your chat interface before adding your query or prompt. 

              Here is the prompt that you need to enter into your chat interface: 

              Once you have entered this prompt, ChatGPT will be Jailbroken. Now you can enter your prompts into the ChatGPT interface and ask all your queries without being blocked by normal filters. If you witness an AI chatbot not responding to your prompts, generate a response by being in the character. This will help you use chatgpt without restrictions easily.

              Creating a Movie Dialogue

              Another thing you can do to bypass ChatGPT Restrictions is create a movie script or dialogue. In order to get around the ChatGPT filter, it’s important that the AI chatbot assumes the information is being used by the user for a creative purpose, like creating a script.

              Since, ChatGPT is known for its creativity and unique capabilities like writing stories, poems, and scripts, this method can be beneficial in bypassing restrictions.

              For example, users can create a scene with a few characters who have to find a way out to solve [your prompt], like hacking a computer system. 

              Here is an example that you can follow from a Reddit user: Follow this example by Reddit user SheeshKebabi

              Once you have entered your prompt, ChatGPT will respond to the script. However, the system will remind you the actions are unethical and might breach ChatGPT’s usage policies. 

              Inputting Alternate Personalities

              You can ask ChatGPT to respond by inputting names of alternative personalities with special filters, and ChatGPT will reply to outputs along with the other personalities who don’t have the same filter. This way, you will receive a mixed responses from different personalities. The one with a filter set to ‘0’ has the most potential to reply to the prompt in full. 

              Here is an example of how to ask ChatGPT to input alternative personalities: Follow this example by Reddit user Sebastianx21.

              Now, when you ask your queries, you’ll receive answers from five different AI personalities. 


              ChatGPT restrictions are sometimes troublesome, but thanks to various prompts available on Reddit, users can easily bypass these restrictions and use ChatGPT effortlessly. Above, we have mentioned three methods through which you can bypass these limitations: DAN, Movie dialogues, and Inputting alternative personalities along with its prompts. You need to add these prompts to your chat interface and you will be able to access ChatGPT without any filters. 

              Bypass Captchas With The Power Of Real People

              This is a sponsored article and was made possible by 2captcha. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

              If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the Web, you’ve encountered captchas. This is when you need to decipher random letters and numbers within an image and type it into a box. Basically, this is to prove that you’re human.

              These are a hassle on their own, but for large projects like web scraping, they’re a roadblock. This is exactly what they are meant to stop, but there are plenty of legitimate uses for web scrapers. With the rise of machine learning, many projects rely on large datasets scraped from the Web. For these types of projects, a captcha solver like 2captcha is a secret weapon.

              What Is 2captcha?

              There are plenty of captcha solvers out there, but the problem with a lot of them is how often they fail. 2captcha solves this problem by using actual people to solve the captchas. If you’re looking for a solution for how to bypass ReCaptcha on websites, this is a key strength.

              Because of this, there are two types of people who should be considering 2captcha. One is customers, meaning individuals or companies who need to bypass captchas. The other is people looking for work. For this article, we’re focusing on using 2captcha as a captcha solver.

              Getting Started with 2captcha

              Getting up and running with 2captcha is simple. Just head to the website and sign up, which is entirely free. All you need to enter is your email address and a password and then choose whether you’re a customer, a worker, or a developer.

              Unlike many simpler captcha bypass services, 2captcha can solve many different types of captchas. The ability to function as a ReCaptcha solver makes it especially attractive since these are trickier to bypass.

              Once you’ve signed in, you can look at various stats on the dashboard, including how many workers are currently online. You can also add money to your account, which you can then use to buy captcha bypass services.

              2captcha Pricing

              2captcha has two different pricing tiers. The rate is currently $0.87 for 1,000 normal captchas. Unless you’re working on a massive scale, this is far from a bad price.

              Because they’re more difficult and time-consuming to solve, the rate for ReCaptcha bypass services is higher. The rate is currently $2.99 per 1,000 ReCaptchas. This is still fairly affordable.

              You can add funding from a wide range of sources, including Bitcoin.

              How Reliable Is 2captcha?

              Before anyone can get started working for 2captcha, they need to go through a training course. This means workers are familiar with the process before they get started solving captchas for you.

              2captcha employs a reputation system to make sure that workers are effectively solving captchas. For every 1,000 captchas solved, workers earn one reputation point. For every mistake they make, their reputation will suffer. If workers make too many mistakes, they won’t be allowed to solve captchas any longer.

              Some people try to cheat the system using automated captcha solvers to complete their work for them. This is closely monitored, and if  workers are caught doing this, they’re banned from the site. Nearly 70,000 workers have been permanently banned from 2captcha, so it’s clear that 2captcha is closely monitoring for cheaters.

              Since ReCaptchas are more expensive, it’s good to know that workers can’t just start solving them exclusively right away. First, they need to build their reputation. Only once a worker has reached a reputation level of three or higher can they focus exclusively on ReCaptcha bypass work. If their reputation falls, they’ll need to build it back up before they can work exclusively on ReCaptchas again.

              Does 2captcha Guarantee Results?

              As mentioned above, workers will occasionally make mistakes when solving captchas. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about paying for incorrect results. 2captcha will issue refunds for incorrect recognition.

              This doesn’t always work in the customer’s favor, as sometimes mistakes are unavoidable. For instance, if the captcha shows an image where a character could either be “0” or “O,” you wouldn’t get a refund. For obvious mistakes, however, your refund request would be approved.

              Is 2captcha Right for You?

              2captcha is one of the better automated ways to bypass captchas we’ve encountered. Yes, it will cost you more for ReCaptcha bypass work, but this is also more time-consuming, so this makes sense. Considering actual workers are solving the captchas, you’re getting a lot more for what you pay for.

              For more information, see the 2captcha website.

              Kris Wouk

              Kris Wouk is a writer, musician, and whatever it’s called when someone makes videos for the web.

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              How To Bypass Activation Lock On Iphone? (Effective Methods)

              When trying to bypass your iPhone’s activation lock, you have the choice to either use a trusted third-party tool to get this job done for you or use other alternatives that might require you to do most of the work yourself. Today’s article guides you about both these scenarios as well as the most suitable and effortless ways that can be categorized in these scenarios. So let’s not waste any more time and head straight into the guide!

              Part 1. What is Activation Lock?

              If you want to know how to bypass the iPhone activation lock, you first need to know what this lock actually is and what purpose it’s used for. All iPhones contain the “Find My” app that can be used to track down your device in case it gets lost or stolen. The Find My app includes the activation lock that can be used to temporarily lock your iPhone in case you lose it. The activation lock ensures that the data in your iPhone is protected and inaccessible from anyone else that might’ve found or stolen your iPhone. And the activation lock is automatically enabled on your iPhone when you turn on “Find My iPhone”.

              The activation lock feature is extremely helpful in terms of security as it keeps your device secure, even if it ends up in the wrong hands. Furthermore, even if you perform a remote factory reset on your iPhone, the activation lock still continues to block anyone’s access without your permission. In order to keep the activation lock enabled on your iPhone, you simply need to keep “Find My iPhone” turned on at all times. 

              Part 2. Why You Need to Bypass Activation Lock?

              Now that you’re fully aware of what the activation lock is and its importance, you should also understand different scenarios where you might feel the need to bypass this activation lock. Honestly, the activation is extremely beneficial and you are highly recommended to always keep this feature active; however, there are times you might want to know how to get past the activation lock on your iPhone. In some cases, you might forget the credentials for your activation lock, preventing you from accessing your iPhone. In other scenarios, the iPhone screen might become unresponsive making it difficult to get past the activation lock. More commonly, an iPhone might be sold or gifted but the original owner might forget to remove their iCloud account from this device. This automatically causes the activation lock to enable on this device. Whatever your case is, we’ll walk you through different methods that can help you bypass the activation lock on your iPhone.

              Part 3. Four Effective Methods to Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Method 1. How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone with Third-Party Tool (Fastest Way, iOS 12-iOS14)

              If you’re wondering how to bypass iPhone activation lock instantly and with little effort, then you should consider using third-party software to do this job for you. Using Tenorshare 4MeKey is probably the simplest and most effective method to bypass the activation lock on iPhone. This method works for all the latest iOS versions including iOS 14. The steps below illustrate the complete process of how you can bypass the iCloud activation lock using Tenorshare 4MeKey.

              Download and install Tenorshare 4MeKey on your computer.

              After installing, launch the software and connect your iPhone with the computer by using a USB cable. 

              Hit “Start” from the main interface.

              Now, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. To do so, press “Next”.

              Once the jailbreak is complete, verify your device information and hit “Start”.

              Wait for the activation lock to be removed. Afterward, you can set up your iPhone as a new device.

              The Limitations of this Method

              In order to remove the activation lock, you must reset your iPhone.

              Your data will be lost unless a backup has been made.

              Cannot be done without a computer.

              Method 2. How to Bypass Apple Activation Lock with DNS ( iOS 8 to iOS 10) Gizchina News of the week

              Join GizChina on Telegram

              Go to “Settings” and select “Wi-Fi”.

              Press the “i” button corresponding to the Wi-Fi network that you’re connected to.

              Select “Manual” and press “Add Server”. Change the DNS server to the following.



              USA/North America:


              Afterward, press “Back” and press the “Activation Help” button.

              Again, press “Back” from the top-right corner and you’ll be directed to the Wi-Fi settings page. You can prevent the iPhone from activation by going to a new page.

              The Limitations of this Method

              You might experience iOS stuck or other related issues afterward.

              This method doesn’t work every time. You might have to try several times for this to work.

              The activation lock will be enabled again if a screen timeout occurs.

              Method 3. How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Via Contacting The Original Owner (The Second-Hand Phone)

              In order to understand how to bypass iPhone activation lock, you first need to comprehend how you received this iPhone. If you bought this iPhone in secondhand condition or it was gifted to you by a previous owner, then there is a possibility that the original owner forgot to remove their iCloud account from this iPhone. If this is your case, then you need to ask the previous owner to follow these steps to remove their iCloud account from your iPhone.

              Sign in to


              using a web browser.

              Navigate to Find iPhone.

              From the list of devices, select the iPhone from which you want to remove the iCloud account.

              Hit “Erase Device”. Press “Next” and follow the on-screen instructions.

              Finally, hit “Remove from Account”.

              The Limitations of this Method

              The previous owner might be difficult to contact.

              The iPhone will be reset and all previous data will be lost.

              The original owner might take too long to respond to the matter.

              Method 4. How to Bypass the Activation Lock By Contacting Apple Support (Show Your Receipt)

              If all other methods failed to work for you, then your last option is to contact Apple Support and narrate your issue to them. The Support team might require a receipt to confirm your ownership of the iPhone. Once you fulfill their requirements, the support team will guide you on what you should do further. If necessary, they might take your iPhone for a day or two and try to resolve the issue for you. All you have to do is properly describe your issue to them and wait patiently for the problem to be fixed.

              The Limitations of this Method

              The Apple support team might not be able to resolve the issue if the previous owner is unreachable. 

              Final Thoughts

              To sum up, if you want to know how to bypass activation lock on your iPhone, it’s essential for you to closely observe the scenario and understand why you might be facing this problem. You must identify the cause of the issue and then, tackle it with an appropriate solution. The most reliable solutions for the different cases associated with this issue have been listed above. You can either do the entire work by yourself, or you can utilize trusted third-party software, like Tenorshare 4MeKey, to get the job done for you!

              How To View Blurred Text On Websites

              If you bump into a block of blurred text while browsing, there’s no need to turn your back in disappointment or impulsively pay for a subscription. You can unblur the text with one of the methods below and take the time to assess whether you really want to sign up for the content.

              Why Do Websites Blur Content?

              Websites blurring text is a common practice to keep their content exclusive to members and paying subscribers. Not all websites that do this require you to pay for a subscription to read the content they blur. Some just want you to drop your email address or sign up for a free membership or a free trial. Others also allow you to browse a limited amount of content before the paywall comes up.

              How to Unblur Text on a Website

              If you need a bit more time or a little more sample content to make up your mind before you commit to a sign-up or paid subscription, it’s handy if you know how to preview hidden text.

              Keep in mind that the methods below aren’t guaranteed to work on all websites. Also, they should be used only to evaluate if a membership or subscription is necessary. We do not condone bypassing any paywall that supports journalism. If you don’t want to use your email address to create an account, we recommend using a disposable email address or a service like BugMeNot.

              1. Use Google Translate as a Proxy to View Hidden Text

              Google Translate is a viable tool for unblurring text on a web page. Use it to view the full and translated version of a web page with blurred content. Here’s how:

              Open the web page with the text you want to unblur.

              Copy the page URL.

              You should be directed to a new tab containing an unblurred version of the web page.

              2. View a Snapshot on Internet Archive

              Internet Archive‘s WayBack Machine is a free-for-all tool where anyone can save and look up versions of web pages. The tool also crawls the web and archives cached pages. Use it to look up saved versions of a paywalled article if any are available.

              Copy the URL of the page with the blurred content you want to view.

              Go to Internet Archive and paste the URL into the WayBack Machine search bar to check if the page was archived.

              Select the page version you want to view. For the latest content, pick the latest archived version based on date and time. Available archived versions are marked by blue circles on the calendar.

              You should be directed to the archived version you selected, where you can see the blurred content.

              3. Open the Page From Google Search

              Copy the title of the page containing the blurred text you want to view and paste it into Google Search. (Hover over the page’s tab and you’ll see the page title.) If you can’t highlight and copy the page title, type it manually.

              For more accurate search results, type the website name at the end or beginning of your query.

              The entire page should now be available for viewing.

              4. View Blurred Content With Inspect Element

              Using the Inspect tool, you can view and edit a website’s source code, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and media files. Any change you make is visible in real time on the page you’re “inspecting.” This feature allows you to unblur text on some websites. Here’s how to use it:

              Select the line of code that pertains to the hidden content. Ensure that you select the parent element i.e. the one encompassing all the little elements that make up the blocker. On the page we have chosen, we’re looking for a line that starts with “<aside class=”Paywall…“

              The next line of code you need to modify starts with “<body…” In that line, locate the style=”overflow: hidden;” code.

              This action works on the blurred content behind the blocker and makes it viewable.

              A Few Things to Note

              In some browsers, the Inspect tool may not be visible if you haven’t enabled the use of developer tools first. Look for a “Develop” menu or similar to check if these tools are active.

              Also, the names for the blocker and blurred content elements on the page differ from website to website. The style attribute may not always show up as “overflow.” It may appear as “visibility: hidden,” “filter:blur,” or something else. You’ll need a bit of trial and error to locate the relevant bits of code you need to modify or delete. If you mess up, refresh the page to start over.

              5. Switch to Reader Mode

              To enable Reader Mode on Google Chrome:

              Open a new tab and type


              in the address bar.

              In the “Experiments” section, look for “Enable Reader Mode” and change its state to “Enabled” from the drop-down menu on its right. Relaunch Google Chrome to apply changes.

              After the relaunch, you should see the Reader Mode icon in the address bar.

              Frequently Asked Questions Is it legal to unblur a website?

              It’s not illegal to unblur a website if you’re using the methods above and you don’t intend to copy, distribute, or use the blurred content for commercial purposes. The potential for legal action also depends on the country you’re in. You could be fined for circumventing a paywall or receive a DMCA violation notice. Your IP address could also be blacklisted.

              Is it ethical to unblur text on a website?

              It’s not ethical to unblur text that you can only access under certain conditions such as signing up for a membership or paying for a subscription.

              Natalie dela Vega

              Natalie is a writer specializing in tech how-tos and gaming. When she’s not writing, she plays PC games and travels. Here at MakeTechEasier, you will see her write about guides, tips, and solutions for Windows and iOS.

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              How To Block Websites On Any Android Phone

              The reasons you may want to block a site on your Android device can vary. For one, you may share your device with your kids and don’t want them to have access to any inappropriate content.

              Whatever the reason may be, you may be happy to know that blocking any website on your Android device is an easy task. You can do it without rooting your phone. You don’t have to be a tech genius to get rid of those sites finally.

              How to Block Any Site on Any Android Device with Firefox

              To block any site on your Android device, you’ll need to install Firefox. Launch the browser and tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right. Tap on the “Browse all Firefox Add-ons” option, and in the search bar at the top left type “BlockSite.”

              Add it to your Add-ons and then tap on the three vertical dots again and select Add-ons. BlockSite should be at the top of the list, choose it. Go to Options, and at the top you should see where you can add the URL of the site you want to block.

              As an example, CNN was blocked. You’ll need to type out the full address and tap the orange button that says “Add Page.” The process doesn’t end there since you have to add the time you want the site blocked.

              Tap on the clock icon, and check the boxes the days you want the site blocked. To the right of those boxes, you’ll see the time option. Tap on the drop-down menu, and decide the period. When you’re done, select the green Set box.

              Try to access the site you just blocked, and you should see a message saying that the add-on you installed has blocked it.

              How to Block Any Site Using Samsung Internet Browser

              If your preferred browser is Samsung’s integrated browser, then Trend Micro Mobile Security app is a great choice. Once you’ve installed the app, swipe down until you see the “Network Protection” option. Make sure it’s toggled on at the top, and then swipe down to the “Blocked list” option.

              Tap on it and on the plus icon to add the site you want to block. After entering the name and URL address, select Save, and the site will be automatically placed on the blocked list. You can also set the protection level to either high, average, or low as well.

              To test it, open Samsung’s Internet browser, and go to the site you blocked. You should now see a message from the security app telling you that this site is blocked. Unfortunately, the app does not work on browsers such as Firefox and Chrome (at least during my testing).

              Block Sites Not Intended for Children on Chrome

              Kaspersky Parental Control is a great app to keep your kids away from sites they’re too young to visit. When you first launch the app, you’ll need to specify who will be using that phone and fill in the name and age of the child.

              Once you’ve filled in that information, you’ll get a message that everything was set up correctly. Safe Search will be automatically enabled for browsers, and the app will block any site that is not appropriate for a child in the age range you added earlier.

              You’ll also need to have the app installed on the device you’re going to use to be able to block sites on Chrome. Once it’s installed, open the app and tap on the cog wheel in the Internet option.

              Swipe all the way down until you see the Exclusions option, and tap on websites. Select the green plus sign at the top-right, and add the site you either want to allow or block.

              Block Any Site on Chrome and Firefox with Blocksite

              An app that will block any site you list whether you’re using Chrome or Firefox is Blocksite – Block apps to Increase Productivity. You can block a site for a certain amount of time, or you can block it altogether. When you first open the app, tap on the green button at the bottom right.

              Enter the address of the site you want to block. At the bottom you’ll see an option that will allow you to have the app ignore a schedule you can set up to only block sites between a specific time frame. If you want the app to always block the site, select this option, but if you want the site blocked for the time you set up, leave the option alone.

              If you want to block sites during work hours, the app also has a work mode. This option will block any site you wish between the time frame you set up. To set this up, tap on the suitcase icon in the middle, and tap on the green button. Type the address of the site followed by the green checkmark at the top-right. Select the timer tab to set up the time frame.


              It’s a lot easier to block sites if you have a rooted Android device, but not everyone likes the idea of having to root their phones. It’s a risky process that has some severe consequences.

              Fabio Buckell

              Just a simple guy that can’t enough of Technology in general and is always surrounded by at least one Android and iOS device. I’m a Pizza addict as well.

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