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If Firefox is your main Internet browser and you are getting a network protocol violation error: “Firefox has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the network protocol was detected.” This article will show you several different things you can do to solve the problem.

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Just like every other Internet browser on the market, Mozilla Firefox is also prone to a range of different error messages and issues. Though they are far less likely to occur in Firefox than in other browsers. One of the most common Firefox errors getting around at the moment is Network Protocol error: “Firefox has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the network protocol was detected.”

Although this error message sounds quite complicated, and there are plenty of different reasons for it to occur, there are a range of different fixes you can use to solve the error and get websites to load correctly again, so follow along as we guide you through all the known fixes. To help solve “Firefox has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.”

For obvious reasons please make sure you have restarted your computer and Internet modem/router. Once you have done this, check to see if the problem has been resolved. More often than not these simple checks will solve most browser issues.

How do you fix Firefox has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.

Now that you have established that your Internet connection is working correctly, the next thing to do is force check for a Firefox update.

If there are any updates available, Firefox will automatically download and install them.

Now that Firefox is up to date check to see if the problem has been resolved. If it has, you can wrap this guide up here. If it hasn’t, continue with the solutions shown below.

Clear Firefox’s cache and cookies to fix network protocol violation error.

If the first two solutions don’t solve this problem, you will need to the Firefox cache and cookies on your device. This will remove any potential corruptions that are preventing certain pages from loading. If you aren’t sure how to do this, check out the guide linked below.

How to clear the cache and cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, & Brave.

Uninstall and reinstall Firefox on your computer to fix Network Protocol Error.

You're reading How To Fix Firefox Network Protocol Violation Error.

How To Completely Reboot Your Home Network To Fix Network Glitches

If you are a regular user of the Internet and have been for a while, you have probably encountered difficulty connecting your computer or mobile devices to the network at one time or another. Network glitches could appear when you are streaming a movie or a smart speaker no longer plays music.

These connection problems can usually be solved by a complete reboot of your network. It sounds intimidating, but it’s quite easy. The process does take a few minutes to complete, though.

Modem vs. Router

To reboot your network, make sure you know the difference between the modem and the router.

A modem is a device that connects your home to your Internet service provider (ISP). The connection is usually made through a coax cable.

The router manages all the information going to and from each device in your home and makes sure all the data ends up where it belongs.

In short, the modem brings the Internet into your house, and the router connects your devices to the Internet.

How to Reboot Your Home Network

As you reboot your network, you must follow the steps in the correct order, or you may lose the Internet entirely.

1. Shut down your computer and turn off all your mobile devices. This includes all items like smart speakers and printers that connect to your network. Do not push any buttons labeled Reset or Restart on any of the devices. That will send the device back to its factory default state, deleting any passwords, custom DNS servers, and settings that you customized.

2. Unplug the modem and the router. It’s possible they could be in one device. If so, just unplug it.

3. Disconnect the cable that connects to your ISP. This will usually be a coax cable.

4. Leave everything disconnected and turned off for two full minutes.

5. Reconnect the cable to the modem. Don’t plug it in yet.

6. Turn on your computer and mobile devices.

7. Plug in the router and wait a minute or two until the lights are steady.

8. If you have a switch connected to your router, turn it back on now.

9. Reconnect the power cord to the modem and wait until all the lights are stable. On most modems, the first three lights (power, receive, and send) will be on, and the fourth light (activity) will flash. If you have an Internet light on the modem, wait until it turns on before proceeding.

10. Turn your devices back on.

11. Access the Internet.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you are sure the issue is from your network, try searching online for the specific problem you are having with your connection and try some of the troubleshooting tips you find.

However, if you complete the entire process precisely as described and are still struggling with the connection, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask for their help. It could be something on their end causing the issue.

As you are completing this reboot, you may also notice that a particular device may be causing the problem. You may need to replace that hardware.

Completing a total reboot of your network will almost always fix any glitches and make connecting to the network more reliable. Some people perform this complete reboot every few months, but it is probably not necessary until you actually have a problem.

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How To Fix Error 0Xa00F4241

If you are trying to use your webcam on your computer, either a built-in one or an external one that you have recently connected. This article will show you several different things you can do to solve error 0xA00F4241 (CameraSwitchFailed) on Windows 11. A strange and unusual error message that prevents users from using their webcams.

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Download and install the latest drivers for your camera.

The first and most important thing you can do to solve this problem is to download and install the latest drivers for your camera. Just visit your computer or camera manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers from their support page. Once you have installed the new drivers restart your computer and everything should be working. If that doesn’t solve the problem proceed down the list of solutions.

Uninstall the last Windows update that installed.

This option may not be available for everyone but If you still have the option to uninstall the latest Windows 11 update that was installed on your computer do that. If you aren’t sure how to check out the article linked below. Sadly you may not be able to use this step but you should check just in case as it is a good option.

How to uninstall a bad Windows 11 update. Rollback a Windows 11 update.

Make sure your BIOS and motherboard drivers are fully up to date.

The next most important thing is to make sure that your motherboard drivers are fully up to date and your BIOS. To update your BIOS just visit your computer manufacturer’s website then go to the Support page and download the latest BIOS version. Alternatively, you can use any auto update/detection tool that are on offer. These generally make the entire process a hell of a lot easier.

Run the SFC tool to check for and fix any corruption. Once the SFC tool has been completed you will also need to run the DISM tool.

When you have Command Prompt open type the following command into Command Prompt and press Enter.

sfc /scannow

If any errors are found they should be repaired automatically. If it doesn’t complete properly Restart your computer in Safe Mode and repeat the process. If the SFC tool returned an error message, open Command Prompt as Administrator, then enter the following commands in order. Be patient, this process can take a while complete.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

How To Fix Firefox Not Responding On Pc And Mac

Mozilla Firefox has been around for almost two decades, with numerous stability and performance enhancements. However, it’s still not uncommon to encounter instances with the browser freezing right after launch, during routine use, or while performing specific activities.

If you’re having trouble with Firefox not responding on your PC or Mac, go through the fixes below to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Table of Contents

Restart Firefox Restart Your Computer Recreate the Places Database

On the File Explorer or Finder window that subsequently shows up, open your Firefox profile folder and rename the files below by adding .old to the end of the file name:



If Firefox is completely unresponsive, you can directly get to the profile folder via File Explorer or Finder.

Windows: Open File Explorer, copy and paste the following path into the address bar at the top of the window, and press Enter:


~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles

Update to Fix Firefox

Mozilla releases frequent updates to address known issues in Firefox. To check if the browser is up-to-date, open the Firefox menu and select Settings. Then, under the General tab, scroll down to the Firefox Updates section and choose Check for updates.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Again, open the Settings pane in Firefox and scroll down to the Performance section. Then, uncheck the boxes next to Use recommended performance settings and Use hardware acceleration when available.

If that helps, consider updating the graphics drivers or the operating system (more on that next) before reactivating hardware acceleration again.

Update the Operating System Clear the Firefox Cache

An obsolete local web cache is another reason for performance degradation in Firefox. Delete it to force the browser to fetch up-to-date site data.

To do that, go to Firefox’s Settings pane and switch to the Privacy & Security tab. Then, scroll down to the Cookies and Site Data section, select Clear Data, mark the boxes next to Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content, and select Clear.

Clear Firefox’s Startup Cache

If you have trouble visiting the screen above, you must refresh Firefox (more on that further below).

Clear Firefox’s Download History

If Firefox stops responding whenever you initiate a download, try changing the folder where the browser saves files by default.

Open Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode

First, close Firefox. Next, hold down the Shift (PC) or Option (Mac) key and relaunch the browser. On the pop-up window that shows, select Open to open Firefox in Troubleshoot Mode.

If Firefox works OK in Troubleshoot Mode, open the Firefox menu and select Add-ons and Themes. Then, dig into the Extensions, Themes, and Plugins categories and perform the following:

Activate each item until you isolate the problematic add-on or theme.

Remove the add-on or theme.

Update all remaining extensions and customizations (select the gear-shaped icon under each category and select Check for updates).

Refresh Firefox

Alternatively, open Firefox while holding down the Shift (PC) or Option (Mac)keys and select Refresh Firefox.

Set Up a New Firefox Profile

To rule out issues with a corrupt Firefox profile, open the Firefox Profile Manager, select Create Profile, and set up a new user profile. If Firefox no longer freezes or crashes after that, you may want to migrate the profile data from your old profile.

To access the Firefox Profile Manager, perform the following on your PC or Mac. If Firefox is already running, close it before you begin.

firefox.exe -P

/Applications/ -P

Reinstall Firefox Don’t Discount Malware

How To Fix Memory Error 13

Many players seem to be affected by what is called Memory Error 13-71 when playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare and WarZone on their Windows PC or Xbox. It is a strange error, one you may have never seen before, but we’ve managed to gain a deeper understanding of it after a short period of time.

What is a Memory error in WarZone?

Not long ago, several Call of Duty: WarZone players complained about seeing Memory Error 13-71 whenever they make moves to load the game or when they are being added to a Regiment. We understand this issue affects players on the Xbox and Windows 10 computers.

A while back, the folks at Activision claimed a recently released patch fixed the problem. However, many players are still being forced to deal with it nonetheless. So, as it stands, we cannot rely on the creators of the game; therefore, we will have to find ways to solve the issue ourselves.

Now, there are several reasons why Memory Error 13-71 might appear, and we are going to discuss them all in this article, so keep reading if you want to learn as much as possible.

Fix Memory Error 13-71 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and WarZone

Players of Call of Duty: WarZone who are affected by the ‘Memory Error 13-71’ should try the following fixes:

Delete the Regiment tag right away

Remove yourself from any active regiments

Disable the crossplay when in offline mode (Only for Xbox One/Series)

Contact Activision support for further help

1] Delete the Regiment tag right away

Chances are that the issue has only appeared after you’ve joined a Regiment or manually added the Regiment tag to your profile. If this is the case, then your best is to remove it. Yes, you may not want to, but right now, your options are limited.

Save the changes made to the game, and that should do it for getting rid of Memory Error 13-71.

2] Remove yourself from any active regiments

For those experiencing this problem while trying to play a custom Call of Duty: Warzone match, then there is a chance it is related to the Regiment bug. Furthermore, if you are playing split-screen, then the other person must also be rid of it.

Additionally, try and make sure there are no active regiment invitations linked to both accounts. So, let us look at how to get this done.

After doing all of that, navigate to the Regiment category, then go to Regiment Invitations. Delete all invites located there.

Perform the same actions with the second account, then check to see if Memory Error 13-71 is still a thing.

3] Disable the crossplay when in offline mode (Only for Xbox One/Series)

OK, so from what we have gathered, the Memory Error 13-71 problem sometimes appears due to crossplay being enabled while in offline mode. We can solve this particular problem quite easily on the Xbox One/Series line of consoles.

4] Contact Activision support for further help

If all else fails, then your only option at this time is to contact Activision for further support. You see, there are times the company might shadowban users without acknowledging they’ve done this. It is not good practice, but that’s just the way things are sometimes.

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How To Fix Outlook Error 0X8004210A?

To date, emails provide you an excellent media of communication over the internet.

You may be using the Microsoft Outlook as your email client and you are allowed to transfer important, documents or pictures through attachments with the assistance of these services.

Sometimes you may receive the 0x8004210a error due to corruption in the Email client application of Outlook.

This may be a very annoying issue as well. The problem may be quickly resolved by giving a fresh restart or some basic changes in the account’s settings.

Sometimes you may need some explicit outlook to check if there is any corruption in the PST file. Let’s discuss some of the methods to address the error.

Many users have reported that after they have repaired the corrupted Personal Storage Table (PST) file, the outlook error 0x8004210 got resolved instantly.

To accomplish the task, follow the procedure described below:

Step 1: Go to the File Explorer from the Task bar. And they get your Office Folder opened.

Step 2: Then choose chúng tôi and a window will get opened. From there select Browse and then the PST file.

Step 3: In case you cannot find the PST file,  type PST in the search box provided by Windows 10.

Step 4: Now, after locating the file, start a Scan procedure and then hit the Repair option. This process might take a couple of minutes, so wait till it gets completed.

You may get to meet this error 0x8004210a as your outlook may be blocked by the third-party antivirus firewalls. To get a steady recovery to maintain the utility of the firewalls, disable it.

Here I am providing you a complete guideline to execute the process. Please follow the steps:

Step 1: First go to Start and select Run in order to disable your third-party antivirus software.

Step 2: Now type chúng tôi in the Run Box and this will open the uninstaller of Windows 10.  Next Hit the OK button.

Step 3: Choose Programs and Features and from there search and find the required antivirus utility from the list.

Step 4: Next choose Uninstall from the given options. Confirm by pressing the Yes button.

Step 5: After you have removed the antivirus, give your Windows a fresh restart and check whether your problem gets solved this way. 

When you proceed to set up a new Outlook Profile you may not encounter the error in the new one. You can also take the help of the Microsoft Support or Recovery Assistant to check the error.

This is a very quick solution to the problem. Here I am mentioning some steps with which you can easily and effectively solve the problem.

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First go to the Control Panel and choose the Mail option.

Step 2: Now, go to the Show Profiles option and then choose the Add button. This will open a window for the  New Profile.

Step 3: Enter the username of the profile and then hit the OK button. Fill the detail information you are asked for. Next press the Finish option to complete the task.

By increasing the timeouts period of the server, you may try to solve the 0x8004210a problem.

To commence the task follow the below mentioned procedure:

Step 1: First of all select Account Settings from the  File tab of your Outlook.

Step 2: Now, select Settings of the accounts from the provided menu bar. Then go to the Email tab and choose your Outlook Profile next press the Change option.

Step 3: Select More Settings option and then move on the Server Timeouts bar.

Step 4: Now hit the OK button and save the settings that you have done.

After you have increased the timeout period of the server, give your Windows 10 a fresh restart and see whether this has checked your issue.

Sometimes you may have a separate third-party firewall. Some of the softwares like Glasswire, Comodo Firewall, or ZoneAlarm are some packages that can be the reason to block Outlook.

If you detect any software like those, proceed to remove them as early as possible. Check whether doing this you are able to resolve your problem.

Here you are! Hope by now you can find out the remedy for 0x8004210a error message.

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