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How To Increase Slow Steam Download Speed in Windows 10 in 2023 Fix Slow Steam Download Speed In Windows 10:

1. Stop Unnecessary Background Processes

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc that will open the Task Manager

2. Look at the programs and focus on CPU and Memory columns, next to it

You might be experiencing a slow download speed because of an outdated or wrong network driver. In that case, you can either fix this issue manually with the help of the steps mentioned in this blog, or you can take an easier route and install a third-party driver updater software.

Why Choose Smart Driver Care?

Here is an inside-out review of Smart Driver Care that will take you through its features, its working, and how it can help you fetch crucial updates as far as drivers in your computer are concerned.

Features of Smart Driver Care At A Glance –

Backup drivers before installing the update

You can schedule driver scans when you desire

Restore backed-up drivers should something go wrong with the updated drivers

Exclude drivers that you don’t want to include in the scan

You can update a single driver or multiple drivers at once

How To Update A Network Driver With Smart Driver Care?

1. Download and install Smart Driver Care

4. Wait for the process to complete

5. Restart your computer and check if the Steam download speed has improved

How Much Would Smart Driver Care Cost Me?

At the time of writing this blog, the cost of Smart Driver Care is US$ 39.95

3. Change Download Region In Steam

Steam has several servers scattered across the globe that can help you achieve the highest download quality. Changing the download region is one method that is known to speed up the Steam download. For this –

1. Open Steam

2. Select the Steam tab from the navigation bar

3. From the navigation bar select Settings

Now check, if you can see an increase in the download speed.

4. Don’t Share Bandwidth

One of the reasons why you might be encountering slow Steam download could be because your internet connection is being shared by other devices in your household. You should therefore ensure that no one else in your household is using internet-intensive apps while you are downloading games. This should help in increasing Steam download speed. You should also shut down any other applications and browsers.

You can use the Task Manager to speed up Steam Download by setting it on high priority. For this make sure that Steam is running and then follow the steps mentioned below –

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc

2. From the list of processes, locate Steam Client

6. Use Ethernet Cable

If you are using Wi-Fi, you can try increasing Steam download speed by attaching an ethernet cable to your router. This can especially be useful in fighting off physical factors such as walls that can mar internet bandwidth.

But, what if I am facing issues with my ethernet cable? Worry not! Here are some probable fixes.

7. Disable Firewall Temporarily or Antivirus Software

Sometimes, the firewall in your computer or security software can flag applications thinking of them as viruses. So, what you can do is temporarily disable the firewall in your computer or antivirus. Here’s how you can turn off Windows Defender Firewall –

1. Press Windows + I and open Settings

2. Select Update & Security

5. Then, turn Windows Defender Firewall on.

You can even try adding Steam to the Windows Security exclusion list by following the steps mentioned in this blog.

Were You Able To Speed Up Steam Download?

There you are! These are some ways that can help you increase slow Steam download speed just like they have helped several other users. You can also refer to ways mentioned in this blog to increase your overall internet speed which might further help in increasing the steam download speed as well.

Learn How To Enable Steam Family Sharing?

How to Fix Steam Overlay Not Working

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How To Increase Your Xbox One’s Download Speeds

How to increase your Xbox One’s download speeds






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

The Xbox One is currently one of the most popular gaming consoles out there. This Microsoft-owned console has many exclusive titles under its belt and can be used for a variety of things, not just gaming.

You can surf the internet, watch movies, look at pictures, stream online content, and more.

However, all of these things require that you have an Internet connection. In the case of online gaming and streaming 4K content, that Internet connection also needs to be very good.

If you want to make the most out of your Xbox One Internet connection, more precisely the download speeds, then check out this step-by-step guide that will show you how to accomplish just that.

How do I increase my Xbox One’s download speeds? 1. Close games and apps running in the background

Press the Xbox button

This will suspend any game or app you are running and return you to the home screen

Navigate to any game or app that is running, and select them

Press the Menu button

This has 3 horizontal lines on it

Select Quit

Do this by navigating over Quit and press A

By closing the app, you will free some of the bandwidth and increase both your download and your upload speeds.

2. Restart your Xbox

Press the Xbox button

Select the gear-shaped icon

Select Restart Console

Your Xbox should now boot with a fresh set of network settings. However, if this doesn’t work, continue using the method below.

In the Home Screen, go to My games and apps

Select Queued

Select an active download

Press the Menu button

Select Cancel

Select the Xbox Button

Go to the Store tab

Go to the game or app

Select Install

This will restart the download process

This method is similar to the last one, only that instead of rebooting the entire console, you reboot a download process.

4. Switch to a wired connection

Connect an Ethernet cable to the back of your Xbox

Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a router

Restart your Xbox using the methods described above

No matter how good a router is, a wired connection still offers more speed and stability compared to Wi-Fi.

By following any of these very easy steps, you should be able to increase the download speeds on your Xbox One. However, keep note that even with these methods, you download speeds depend solely on your Internet Service Provider.

If you are experiencing slow Internet connection speeds on your Xbox, check out this article for some quick fixes.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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How To Reset Steam Password And Recover Steam Account

Entering the wrong password too many times can leave you locked out of your Steam account. That’s the last thing any gaming enthusiast would want. There’s good news, however. It’s not hard to reset Steam password and recover the Steam account if you forget your login details. A Steam password reset takes a few simple steps.

Reset Steam password & Recover Steam account

With over 35,000 games for sale and more than 10 million concurrent players, the Steam platform is incredibly popular. This makes it a potential target for hackers and other types of cybercriminals. So, to keep your Steam account safe, it becomes essential to use a strong, unique password or update it periodically. In between this if you lose or forget your password, use this guide to reset it and recover your Steam account.

Choose the Forgot Your Password option.

Select I Forgot My Steam Account Name Or Password.

Enter your account name and the associated email address.

Hit the Search button.

Check your email.

Copy the code and paste the email code into the input box.

Hit the Continue and Change My Password button.

Enter and confirm a new password.

By resetting the password, you can get back to your Steam account without losing anything.

How do I get my Steam account back if I forgot my username and password?

Next, choose the Forgot your password option.

When directed to the Steam Support page, select the I forgot my Steam Account name or password heading.

Instantly, you’ll be directed to a new page. Once there, enter the account name and the associated email address.

A search button should be visible to you below the Enter you account name ….. input field. Hit the Search button to proceed further.

If what you entered matches a valid Steam account, hit the Email an account verification code To button, and open a new tab in the browser window.

When the email message arrives, copy the 5-digit code and return to Steam to paste it into the input box.

Hit the Continue and Change My Password button. Then, enter and confirm the new password.

In the end, hit the Change Password to finish the process.

Once you’ve reset the password, you’ll automatically get access to your account and thus have it, recovered.

Related: Can’t sign into Steam with the correct password.

How do I contact Steam?

It’s a very straightforward process. All you must do is visit the chúng tôi Steam Support page, and hit the Help, I can’t sign in button. Thereafter, to allow their support team to help with your issue, select the most relevant option on the page. The Help site will guide you to self-solve the issue or send a help request to the Steam Support team.

Can I recover my Steam account if the email was changed?

If someone hacked your Steam account and changed the email address, password, etc., then first try to self-recover your account using Steam Support. If that doesn’t work or you can’t complete the self-recovery process, then Steam Support can help recover the account for you using Proof of Ownership. You need to submit payment information (credit card or bank transfer) that you used previously on your account for the purchase or provide the retail product codes or retail activation keys that were activated through Steam.

Hope it helps!

How To Reset Steam Deck

Steam Deck is a gaming device launched by Valve Corporation. It is one of the most intuitive ways to spread and access Steam’s games. The device has gotten positive responses from gamers and has succeeded in achieving its goal to compete with Nintendo Switch. However, all the devices do face glitches, and crashing issues, and Steam Deck is not so different. Therefore, in this article, we are going to find out some methods to reset Steam Deck.

Multiple ways to reset Steam Deck

If you want to reset Steam Deck, look no further than the methods mentioned below.

Force Restart Steam Deck

Reset the Steam Deck using the Recovery feature

Reset Steam Deck to factory settings

Let’s get started.

1] Force Restart Steam Deck

As steam deck is a gaming device, there can be a lot of glitches or technical issues stopping you from smooth gameplay. In such scenarios, a simple restart will clear all the configurations, leaving you a blank slate to work on.

2] Reset the Steam Deck using the Recovery feature

If force restarting the Steam deck did not help in solving the issue concerning the device, it continues to crash or freeze, then we are going to perform a system recovery method. Doing so reset all the configurations, without compromising personal content and games. Follow the steps given below to do the same.

Download the SteamOS Recovery Image onto the PC from chúng tôi then plug in the USB driver.

Now, download Rufus and open it on your Windows computer, and follow the on-screen instructions to write the SteaMOS recovery file to the USB drive.

Connect the USB hub to the Steam deck.

Now, plug in the recovery drive, properly close the Steam deck, press the Volume Down button, and hold the Power button.

Re-image Steam Deck to perform a full factory reset

Clear Local User data to remove downloaded games as well as personal content.

The Reinstall Steam OS option will reinstall the operating system while preserving the games and personal content.

Recovery tools will allow you to change the Steam Deck boot partition.

Once selected, follow the on-screen steps to reset Steam Deck. If you do not want to delete all your files, the third option, Reinstall Steam OS, is the way to go.

You can now easily open the Steam Deck, log in to your Steam account, and download the games.

3] Reset Steam Deck to factory settings

SteamOS interface is another method through which we can reset Steam Deck. Without going for hard processes such as enabling Developer options or using the Desktop version. We don’t need any external drive this time, since, we will be using the built-in option of Factory Reset from the Settings of the device. Do keep in mind though, this method will remove all your personal files and you will have to download all your games from scratch. If you are fine with it, follow the steps given below to do the same.

Switch on the Steam deck and log in to the account.

In the Advanced section, select the highlighted Factory Reset button.

Again press the Factory Reset button to confirm the process.

Wait for some time and let the process finish. This will remove all the configuration, games, corrupted files, etc. Once done, enjoy the gaming session.

How do I restart Steam Deck stuck on the logo?

Steam deck getting stuck on the loading screen is one of the most normal things that its users face. However, fixing this issue is pretty as it only requires you to force restart the device. To do so, press the Power button for at least 12 seconds.

Also Read: How to install Windows 11 on Steam Deck

Is Steam Deck worth it?

Well, it actually depends on the gamer’s need. If someone wants to have their Steam games accessible everywhere at any time, then Steam Deck is worth every single penny, however, for normal gamers, it’s just Switch games on smaller devices.

Read: Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch: Which is the better?

How To Download Subtitles Automatically In Vlc

VLC is the undisputed king of video playback on PC. There simply is no equal, which is helped by the fact that despite VLC almost never changing its interface, it’s constantly being updated in small and thoughtful ways. Integrated subtitle downloading is one example of this.

It used to be the case that you had to download the extension VLSub to download subtitles on VLC, but the handy feature is now fully integrated into the player.

These instructions will show how to use the excellent Download Subtitle feature on VLC.

Download Subtitles on VLC Desktop

1. Open the VLC and load a video. Under the View menu, you should now see a “VLSub” option. (In some versions of VLC, this is called “Download Subtitles.”)

If you prefer, you can use the “Search by hash” button where it will calculate the hash for the video and find the subtitle that matches this hash. If you have converted the video from one format to another or modified it, the hash method won’t work well.

In the “Save As” box, choose the location where you want to download the subtitle file. (The default location is the location of the currently playing video.) Once that is done, you will be able to load the subtitle file in VLC.

Download Subtitles on VLC Android App

Other than the desktop app, you can download subtitles with its Android app too. The good thing about the VLC Android app is that you do not require any additional add-ons to download subtitles.

There is a built-in feature in the VLC Android app that lets you download subtitles pretty easily. Here’s how to do that:

1. Open any movie in the VLC Android app.

2. Tap on the screen to show the on-screen buttons.

3. Tap on the subtitle button located on the left corner of the screen .

5. It will automatically start searching for the subtitle based on the name of the video you are playing.

6. You can also manually search for the subtitle. Further, you can search by a specific season or episode if you want subtitles for a TV series.

If you’re looking for more VLC-related tips, here’s how to rotate a video in VLC and how to control VLC with your Android phone. We can also show you how to transcode media files using VLC Player.

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My work has been published on Android Authority, Android Police, Android Central, BGR, Gadgets360, GSMArena, and more. A Six Sigma and Google Certified Digital Marketer who is covering tech-related content for the past 2 years.

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How To Increase Your Sales Productivity

According to Salesforce, 68 percent of the average sales rep’s time is spent not selling. Think about that for a moment. If you can reduce downtime and double sales productivity, that’s the equivalent of doubling your salesforce without adding headcount. This is good for the company, and it’s even better for the employee who would much rather be in front of customers than doing non-value-added work at their desk.

All sales people are encumbered by myriad activities that take them “out of the field,” including keeping their CRM records up-to-date, staying on top of email, making appointments, securing special pricing, generating quotes, managing collections, gathering team members to do a demo, supporting after-sales questions and issues and keeping management updated. Many of these actions need to take place, but there is a clear distinction between value-added activities and non-value-added ones that could be delegated, streamlined or eliminated altogether.

2-in-1s Becoming the New Standard in Productivity

White Paper

2-in-1 devices are an emerging choice for mobile workers. Download Now

Productivity has been a priority over my entire career, starting with my days as a channel reseller representative and continuing until today in sales operations. My responsibilities include improving efficiencies and simplifying processes for our customers, partners and sales team. I believe productivity is even more challenging for channel sellers, since their role is to develop a complete solution for their customers, which involves putting together hardware, software and services from numerous manufacturers. This requires managing each vendor’s policies and programs to ensure they’re offering the right promotions, the best products, accurate pricing and an effective value proposition on your behalf. For solution providers to enhance work efficiency and make the most of their time, it’s crucial to follow these productivity tips.

1. Select the best vendors. Understand and communicate which vendors are simplifying the experience for your team — from enablement to resources, from demand to support. Give your vendors feedback on what is working and what you need from them to simplify every process and program for your channel sales reps.

2. Implement delightful technology. Deploy technology that improves productivity, along with business rules that make the technology delightful versus burdensome. These include:

A CRM that makes it easy to manage customers and opportunities.

Mobile tools to do the job any time, anywhere.

Security strategies that enhance productivity, but aren’t so overbearing that employees circumvent the policies.

3. Deliver insights and analysis. Provide information regarding assignments, customers, territories, market trends and predictive analysis. With tools and data, you can rapidly increase sales productivity. For example, letting reps know that “customers that buy x typically add y in 6 months,” or “this list of customers is ready for an upgrade,” saves hours of time and gives your reps a ready-made script.

4. Use incentives judiciously. Incentives can be used to prop up productivity: e.g., contests for completing tasks that are productivity basics, or spiffs for specific products. Using incentives wisely can focus your sales team on the critical few items for a specific time period.

5. Make resources available. Provide all the necessary resources — along with clear expectations of when and how to engage — in order to ensure optimal productivity for all of your teams.

Engineering: When should presales be used? What are the expectations for a sales rep before engaging presales? When can a rep engage a support engineer and how?

Management: Is the rep expected to bring executives into their top accounts on a regular basis or only when there is an escalation?

Marketing: Make sure your sales reps understand what they can expect from marketing — everything from pipeline contribution to value propositions, blitz scripts and special offers. A partnership between sales and marketing is a big productivity enabler.

Vendor information: Since channel reps need to compile pieces from many vendors into a complete solution for their customer, they need easy access to vendor resources.

Ultimately, building up a successful sales team for both vendors and channel resellers takes time, collaboration and investment in productivity — on an individual and enterprise level. Fast Company shares 15 habits, Entrepreneur offers 10 tips and Harvard Business Review has addressed this topic in many articles. No matter what source you go to for productivity tips, find a few that work so you and your team can close more channel sales this year. Good selling!

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