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Months after its official announcement and beta tests, the much beloved voice chat platform for gamers Discord has been released on Xbox consoles. Microsoft and Discord recently announced that all Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One users can finally voice chat with their Discord friends on their console. This means you will no longer have to rely on Xbox party chat or workarounds to speak with your PC friends while gaming. So if you have been dreaming of this day and are ready to use Discord on Xbox, let’s learn how to install the app, set it up, and then start voice calls with your friends.

How to Get Discord On Xbox (2024)

In this article, we will look at all the ways to integrate Discord to their Xbox console. We will go over all the required prerequisites that you need for this integration and also look at how it functions and performs. The integration is a little complicated right now, as it requires you to use multiple apps together. So to make sure you don’t get lost, use our table below to follow this step-by-step guide with pictures.

Prerequisites Before You Connect Discord and Xbox

Before we can start using Discord on Xbox, here are a few things you need to keep in mind to smoothly complete the setup process:

Firstly, remember that the Discord integration is only available on Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One consoles. You can’t use the voice chat platform on older consoles from Microsoft.

Secondly, even though it’s obvious, we suggest you install the latest updates for the Discord app and your Xbox console. The Discord voice chat integration went live with OS build 10.0.22621.1836 on Xbox.

Next, make sure to install the required applications you will need for this Discord-Xbox integration process using the links below:

Xbox app (Free, Android and iOS)

Discord app (Free, Android and iOS)

Also, we have included how to set up and link Discord to your Xbox account using the desktop app. So, download the Discord desktop app (Free) using the link here if you are going to use that regularly.

Make sure you have a valid account on both platforms and are logged in. This is an important point as Discord doesn’t have a full-fledged app on Xbox, meaning you will require a dedicated Discord app, either running on your phone or desktop, through which calls will be routed (explained below).

How to Link Your Xbox Account to Discord

Now comes the first important step, which entails that you link your Xbox account to your Discord. The process is simple, and as we have already mentioned, the only prerequisite is that you have both the Discord and Xbox app installed on your phone. Once you have done that, follow the steps below to link your Xbox account to your Discord profile.

On your phone, open the Xbox app. Once you are in the app, tap on the “Profile” icon on the bottom right.

Under the profile section, move to the Settings page by tapping on the cogwheel icon in the top right corner.

Now, once you are on your settings page, look for the “Linked accounts” option and tap on it.

This will take you to another menu, where you will get the option to link your Xbox account with multiple platforms. Look for the Discord option and tap on “Link” next to it.

Once you log into your Discord account, you will be redirected to a permission prompt that will ask you to authorize the Xbox app to access your profile information. Read through the permissions carefully and tap on “Authorize” if you’re satisfied with it.

After the authorization process, you will be redirected back to the Xbox app and asked to launch the Discord app. Now, to use Discord voice chat on Xbox, players must transfer their voice call from the Discord app to their Xbox, as explained in a separate section.

Alternate Method: Link Discord Account to Xbox App

In a similar way, you can also link your Discord account with your Xbox profile through the Discord app. Here is how it’s done:

On your iPhone or Android phone, open the Discord app. Then, go to your profile by tapping the “face” icon in the bottom navigation bar. On the profile page, you will see a “Connections” option. Tap on that.

You will now be taken to the Connections page, where you need to tap the “Add” option on the top right.

Tapping the “Add” option will present you with a list of apps and services you can link to Discord. Find the “Xbox” option in this list and tap on that.

After this is done, you will get one final prompt, asking you to install the Xbox Mobile app. If you already have it installed, it’s going to look something like this.

How to Use Discord on Xbox (Two Methods) Transfer Voice Calls from Discord Mobile App to Xbox (Android & iPhone)

Now that you have linked your Discord account with your Xbox profile, the process of transferring Discord calls to your Xbox is relatively quick and simple. Here’s how you can go about it:

The first thing you have to do is hop into a server and join a voice channel. Then, open your ongoing Discord call. Once you are in the call window, swipe up from the call options bar at the bottom.

After you swipe up, you will see a variety of options here. And if your Xbox integration was a success, there will also be the option to transfer the Discord call to your Xbox. So tap on the “Transfer to Xbox” option.

Once you select the “Transfer to Xbox” option, you will be redirected to the Xbox app and receive a confirmation prompt. You’ll be told that once you transfer the Discord voice chat to Xbox, it will no longer be under Xbox’s moderation. Now, tap on “Transfer Voice” to complete the process.

Once you have transferred your voice chat to Xbox, go back to your console and tap the Xbox button. Scroll right to the parties and chat window, and there you will see your Discord call in action.

Transfer Voice Calls from Discord Desktop App to Xbox (Windows & Mac)

In the above section, we explored how you can transfer your call from your Discord app to your Xbox console using your phone. But if your primary Discord device is not your mobile, but rather your PC. Well, then too, we have you covered. The Discord integration on the desktop app is similar to the mobile app, but there is a slight difference. Here is how it works:

The app will open to the same Xbox app screen that we saw earlier, giving you the option to move the voice call to your console. Just tap on the “Transfer voice” option, and you are done. The Discord voice call should now be active on your Xbox console.

Discord on Xbox: Features and Limitations

An important detail that Xbox users should know, and as we pointed out before, is that you don’t get a native Discord app on Xbox. Instead, it’s akin to an add-on or a plug-in; in the sense that not all Discord features are available to Xbox users. So what are these compromises? Let’s have a look.

Secondly, you will also not be able to move friends from one voice chat to another with ease. In Microsoft’s own words, what this means is that you can’t mix Discord friends with Xbox friends. Let me explain even further. If you are friends with someone on Discord and are talking to them in Discord voice chat on Xbox, but you now wish to move to Xbox party chat, then you can’t bring them along if you’re not friends with them on Xbox too. You can only talk with Xbox friends in party chat.

Adding to the disappointment, you can’t switch between Discord voice channels on the Xbox console. This means you will need to switch voice channels and re-transfer the audio from Discord to your console. Moreover, you can’t access Discord text channels on Xbox, which is kind of absurd.

Furthermore, if you are planning to stream your Xbox gameplay, the Discord voice chat will not be broadcast to your viewers. They might see the Discord overlay at the bottom right, which is seen over games but won’t hear other members of your party. So overall, you can see that the Discord integration on Xbox is half-baked and feels rushed in an attempt to beat the arrival of the much-awaited Discord app on PlayStation (PS5 and PS4).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix “Transfer didn’t work. Your console needs an update before it can connect to Discord” error while setting up Discord on Xbox?

Do I need to change privacy settings on Xbox to transfer Discord voice chat to the console? 

If you are seeing any kind of error message that asks you to update your privacy settings, check the following settings:

Discord Now Works on Xbox Consoles; Try It Out!

So that’s how you can connect your Xbox account to Discord, allowing you to have voice chats with your friends on an Xbox. The fact that this long-awaited feature is finally here on a console (Xbox for now) is something to be celebrated. Coming to the integration process, it’s not very feature-rich; in the sense that we only have voice chat support at the moment. You also don’t have chat features or the ability to link your Xbox chat at the moment.

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How To Stream Netflix On Discord

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Discord is a convenient way to interact and communicate with friends online, which includes streaming movies. Let’s take a look at how to use Discord to stream Netflix live.

How To Use Discord For Streaming Netflix – guide

To get started, you need to download the app on your Apple device or PC. You also need to install a VPN service on a PC. You can then sign up for an account with Netflix. After that, you should go to the settings menu and select the “My Account” option.

There, you’ll see the option to start watching movies and shows on Netflix. Now, you’re ready to start streaming Netflix on Discord.

Streaming Netflix using Discord is great as you can chat with friends at the same time as watching a movie together. This is a great solution if you live far away but still want to socialize. To stream Netflix on your Mac or Windows PC, open Discord and ensure it is connected to a server.

Stream Netflix On Discord with Audio

Audio issues are some of the more common problems among players and visitors on Discord. Discord requires administrative access to your computer to function properly.

If your audio drivers are not working, you won’t be capable of watching movies or being a part of the game.

If the audio drivers are corrupted it will result in images being seen but no sound. Screen share will be unstable, and even when working correctly, will create an issue with the audio. So always ensure the audio drivers are up-to-date.

Stream Netflix On Discord Black Screen Issues

To avoid black screens during streaming, make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. You should turn off your hardware acceleration settings, and clear the cache folder in Discord before starting a game or playing any kind of video.

If those still fail, you may need to reinstall Discord. Old computers can cause problems too, so you may want to get a new computer if Discord isn’t working properly.

Streaming on Android

If streaming on Android remember to create a login or account first then you can chat with your friends using voice or video calling. Public servers are great if you want to meet new players and learn new strategies. Private servers are better if you’re looking to play games with friends or watch movies through Netflix.

Streaming on iPhone

Discord doesn’t let iPhone users play games online while streaming. You can only use it to talk and make phone calls at the same time as streaming. Video and audio quality is great on all 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Watch Parties Firestick or Android TV

To watch Netflix with friends on Discord using a Firestick or Android TV you’ll need to set up the Netflix account first. Then, you’ll need to get an HDMI cord and plug it into your computer. That’s it!

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start streaming Netflix content to your TV. You can connect your laptop to the TV using an HDMI cable. Now select Cast device. Enter the IP address of your TV and press Connect. Your computer will now show up as a new tab on the screen of your TV. Select the app you want to stream from your computer.


So, that’s how to enjoy Netflix via live stream with Discord. You can also do this with other services such as Disney+, Hulu and HBO Max. Press play and enjoy!

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How To Install And Use Python In Windows 11

If we go by definition, a programming language is a language that allows us to communicate with a computer system. The first step that one takes after starting a coding journey is learning a programming language.

There are many languages available, like C, C++, Java, etc., that you can learn, but for this guide, we’ll talk about Python. Let us look at why Python should be your first language as a beginner and how you can install and use it on your Windows 11 PC.

Why Should You Prefer Python Over Other Languages?

Due to many reasons, developers and learners around the globe prefer Python over any other programming language. Here are some of them:

Syntax Simplicity:  Python is known for its simple and easy-to-understand syntax. Also, in Python, you write code for any complex problem in fewer lines when compared to any other language. Lesser lines of code also increase the overall code’s efficiency and make the code less prone to errors.

Rich Library and Framework Ecosystem: Python boasts a vast library ecosystem with thousands of source libraries and frameworks. You can use these libraries with a wide range of domains like website development, data analytics, machine learning, scientific computing, etc. Python’s library has pre-coded features and functions that are ready to use with any Python project. Thus, using libraries can also save you time and effort.

Versatility: Python is a highly versatile language that supports multiple programming standards like procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming. Its flexibility allows you to choose the best suitable approach for your project and adapt as needed. Because of its versatility, Python is one of the best choices for building complex applications or integrating with existing projects.

Development: The speed of development with Python is rapidly fast when compared with other programming languages. Fewer lines of code, simplicity in the syntax, and the rich ecosystem for libraries and frameworks are the reasons behind Python’s rapid fast development speed. The fast speed is beneficial for startups, research projects, and time-limited projects.

Community Support: Python’s community is known for its helpfulness and its extensive documentation. You can find a wealth of resources, tutorials, and forums that can assist any developer, from experienced to novice.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: With cross-platform support, you can design the code for one OS in Python and run it on all the other supported platforms without any significant modifications.

Career Opportunities: Last and one of the most important things is the demand for language in the job market. Python gives you a wide range of career opportunities in areas like web development, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. 

The above points make Python a compelling choice over other programming languages. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced dev; with the powerful and enjoyable programming experience that Python offers, you can achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

How to Install Python in Windows 11

Before installing Pything on your Windows 11 PC, here are some prerequisites that you should ensure that your computer has:

CPU with a clock speed of 1GHz or more

2GB or more available RAM

At least 32GB of free disk space

Internet connection

An IDE to write, run or debug Python code

Once you have all the things ready, let’s start the process. The first thing to do is download the Windows 11 installer for Python on your system. Follow these steps, to download the latest version of the Python installer on your computer:

1. Head to Python’s official download page.

The size of the file will be around 25MB. If you want to download an older version of Python, scroll down, and you can see the list of all the versions along with the current status( beta, stable, bug fixing, etc.). Once the download completes, locate the file in the File Manager app and follow these steps:

Now, wait for the installation to finish as it can take a minute or two, depending upon the specs of your computer, but once it’s done, it’s time to check if Python is correctly installed on your PC or not.

To do that, open the Command Prompt app on your computer, type the following command, and if you get an output like the one shown in the image below, Python is installed on your system with the correct settings.

python --version

How to Use Python in Windows 11

Here are three ways in which you can run Python codes on your Windows 11 computer:

Using Command Prompt

Follow the given steps to run your Python Code using the Command Prompt app.

1. Launch the CMD app, type Python, and press the enter key.

Using Python IDLE

If you’re not someone who enjoys using a command line interface, you may not like running codes in the Command Prompt app. Therefore, the next way to write and run a Python program is using the Python IDLE, that was installed on the system along with Python. Here’s how you can write and run codes on the Python IDLE:

1. Launch the IDLE app on your computer.

3. After writing the program, press the enter button on your keyboard, and you can see the output in the next line.

Using an IDE

Command Prompt app and Python IDLE are good for beginners, but once you start project development in Python, using an IDE will be a more beneficial option. An IDE or Integrated Development Environment will provide you with more features like auto-code completion, lining, debugging, profiling, etc., along with a better overall app user interface.

If you need help with the installation and setup of an IDE, check our guides on installation IDEs like VS Code, NetBeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse. For this guide, we’ll demonstrate how you can run your Python code in the Visual Studio Code IDE.

1. Launch VS Code on your Windows 11 PC.

3. Name the file with anything you want, but don’t forget to add the Python extension (.py) at the end of the name.

5. After creating the file, write the code in the given section.

7. After running the code, you can see the output in the Terminal below.

Develop Projects Using Python on Your Windows 11 PC

Installing and using Python on Windows 11 is a straightforward process that may open a world of possibilities for you. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can install and set up Python with the correct settings, along with verifying the installation and start writing and running Python code on your Windows 11 PC.

Moreover, whether you choose an IDE or a command line interface, Python offers immense flexibility and a rich ecosystem of libraries to support your coding journey.

Discord Emojis: How To Use Them And Add Your Own To A Server

Custom Discord emojis are easy to create and add to your servers. Here’s how to use them to make your Discord content stand out.

You may be familiar with Discord, the popular platform for hosting real-time text, video, and voice chat, but do you know about Discord emojis?

One of the coolest features of Discord is the ability to add emojis to your messages. Many Discord emojis are built into the platform, but you can also add your own custom emojis, turn off emojis, or even remove an emoji from a server altogether.

We’ll show you how.

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What are Discord emoji?

Discord emojis are small images that can be used to express ideas or emotions.

They are similar to the emoji you would find on your phone, but Discord emoji are platform-specific. You can use Discord emojis on your server or in messages you send. Emojis can be static or animated (you can even use a Discord emoji GIF), and there are thousands of them to choose from.

Unlike traditional iPhone and Android emojis, Discord emojis are more customizable. Depending on the channel you’re in, you’ll see custom emojis based on the server’s content.

For example, in The Fallout Network (a Discord server based on the video game series, Fallout), there are custom emojis based on in-game items, such as the Nuka Cola bottle or the Pip-Boy.

In the “Instagram” server (it’s a fan server, not owned by Instagram itself), there are lots of custom emojis with an Instagram theme, such as the camera emoji.

How to use emojis on Discord

Discord emojis are super easy to use.

If you’re on the Discord desktop app, you can use emoji shortcodes. All you have to do is type :emojiname: into a text channel or message, and the emoji will appear.

For example, if you wanted to use a cute Discord emoji, like the Instagram logo on the Instagram server, you would type:


Or, if you wanted to use a funny Discord emoji, like the Nuka Cola bottle in the Fallout server, you’d type:


Note: Custom channel emojis can be used on the Discord desktop app. But if you’re using Discord on your mobile device, you’ll need Discord Nitro to use custom emojis. If custom emojis are unavailable to you, you’ll see them in grey.

How to add custom Discord emoji to a server

Wondering how to make emojis on Discord? Custom Discord emojis are fun to use for a variety of purposes: from adding some personality to your server to showing off your brand.

To add a custom Discord emoji to a server, you need the manage emoji server permission, which can be granted to users with administrator server permissions.

If you want to create animated emojis, you’ll need a Discord Nitro account.

Here’s how to add emojis to Discord channels on desktop and mobile.

How to add emojis to Discord channels on desktop

Then, select the Emoji tab.

Next, choose Upload Emoji.

You’ll have the option to crop your file here. Once complete, hit Upload and the emoji will be available for use in Discord.

How to add emojis to Discord channels on mobile

Next, go to the Server Settings.

Then, tap the Upload Emoji button and choose the media file.

Discord emoji size and naming conventions

All custom emoji names must be at least 2 characters in length and under 256KB in size.

Emoji names can contain alphanumeric characters and underscores but no other characters.

Managing custom Discord emojis

Any custom Discord emojis you add to your server will be shown in reverse alphabetical order.

If any user on the server has Discord Nitro, they’ll be able to use your server’s custom emoji in any other server.

You can add up to 50 custom Discord emojis to your server.

Discord Nitro and Nitro Basic users have an additional 50 emoji slots available to them, for a total of 100 custom Discord emojis. Emojis created with Discord Nitro can be used on any server, even if you don’t have Discord Nitro yourself!

How to make Discord emojis

Now that you know how to add Discord emojis to your server, let’s learn how to make them.

You can create a custom emoji for Discord using any photo or image. You can even create Discord emoji GIFs!

To make Discord emojis, choose any PNG image with a transparent background. You can find these in Google search or make your own in Canva or Photoshop. Kapwing also has a custom Discord emoji maker.

Once you have your image, follow the steps listed above to add it to your Discord server as a custom emoji.

You can also download Discord emoji packs from sites like chúng tôi and chúng tôi chúng tôi even has its own Discord emoji server where you can find even more emojis, like anime Discord emojis or Discord emoji memes.

Just use caution when downloading emojis for Discord from the internet, as some sites may contain malware.

How to turn off auto emoji on Discord

Discord tends to automatically convert emoticons into emojis. If you don’t want this feature, it can be turned off.

How to turn off emojis on Discord’s desktop app

Then, select Text & Images from the tabs on the left.

Find the Automatically convert emoticons in your messages to emojis button and toggle it off.

You can now use Discord emoticons without them being turned into emojis.

How to turn off emojis on Discord mobile app

There is currently no way to turn off auto emojis on the Discord mobile app. Even the mobile browser option directs you to the App Store.

We even tried requesting the desktop site through our browser, but no luck. If you want to turn off auto emojis in Discord, you’ll need to use the desktop app.

Disabling discord emojis on single messages

Hey, maybe you want to use Discord emoticons in a single message but don’t want to turn off the auto emoji feature entirely. No problem!

Here’s how you do it:

Type a backslash (), and then type your emoticon code. For example, if you wanted to use the “thumbs up” Discord emoticon, you would type:


This will disable the auto emoji function for that particular instance, letting you use any emoticon you want without changing settings or disabling the feature.

How to remove Discord emoji from a server

If you’re the server owner or have authorized Discord permissions, you can remove Discord emojis from your server in just a few steps.

Here’s how to remove Discord emojis on desktop:

Open the Discord app and go to your server. Open your Server Settings and choose the Emoji tab.

Here’s how to remove Discord emojis on mobile:

Choose Emoji to see any custom emojis you’ve added.

If you loved learning about Discord emojis, check out some of our other guides on Snapchat emojis and secret TikTok emojis.

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How To Use Custom Themes On Windows 11. Install Third

If you are using Windows 11 and are sick of the two basic themes that are on offer you may want to consider using custom third-party themes from sources like Deviant Art. There are thousands of themes available that allow you to change everything about Windows 11, not just the simple light and dark options offered by default.

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Windows 11 theme options aren’t exactly anything special, just simple light and dark options coupled with some basic accent colours. When compared with the thousands of third-party themes currently available online, the default options are pretty uninspiring. While this isn’t much of a big deal for utilitarian Windows users, it is a major shortcoming for users who love to make their computers their own space.

Unfortunately, this process isn’t as simple as installing a theme and then just switching to it. There are quite a few steps involved in order to make everything work. On top of that some Windows updates will break themes so you will need to patch or reinstall them from time to time. Usually, it’s only major feature updates but some smaller updates can also cause issues.

How do you install custom Windows 11 themes from places like Deviant Art etc?

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a theme that you want to use. Deviant Art is pretty much the go-to location but you can source themes elsewhere. Once you have your theme picked out you will need to do a few more things. I’m currently using NORD – for Windows by Niivu.

First, download and install UltraUXThemePatcher. Make sure you restart your computer after you have installed it. This tool adds all the support that third-party themes need to function.

Now that you have it installed extract the theme you have chosen into a location on your computer. The contents of each theme will vary a little however, there is usually a single folder with a ton of theme files plus one other folder. It should look something like the example below.

All you have to do now is copy and paste all the theme files plus the single folder into the following location.


Adding custom icons to a Windows 11 theme.

Inside most custom Windows 11 theme folders you will also see a folder called 7TSP icons or something similar. These are the custom icons that go with your theme and need to be installed separately. To install them do the following.

First, download 7TSP GUI then rename the file from 7tsp GUI v0.6(2024).ee to 7tsp GUI v0.6(2024).exe. Accept the prompt to confirm the renaming of the extension file. Once you do this you will see the file get an icon.

Now go to the folder where the icon pack is installed and rename the file there as well. Usually, it will require you to remove something from the end of the file so that it finishes with .7z.

Start menu customisation part of the Windows 11 theme? Maybe.

If your theme also has a custom Start menu component you will see a folder called StartAllBack. This is will require you to install StartAllBack. The rest of the process is now up to you. StartAllBack is highly customisable and will require you to set it up exactly how you wish.

Does this entire process change much?

While most themes for Windows 11 follow this exact process, some do vary a little but nothing wild enough for you not to figure out pretty easily.

How To Download, Install, And Use Metamask In Brave Browser

MetaMask is a popular private crypto wallet that you can use to store, send or swap Ethereum based cryptocurrencies and tokens. It gives you a wallet address that you can use to connect and sign up and log in to Web3 Dapps (Decentralised Apps) as it allows these web applications to interact with Ethereum Blockchain.

The wallet does not require any KYC or any other identification from the consumer providing complete privacy and anonymity. It uses Private keys to set up the wallet you need to store safely to access it. If you lose your private keys, then even Metamask won’t help recover your account.

We will show you a step-by-step guide to set up your Metamask wallet in the Brave browser. We will take you through the process if you are new to Metamask or an existing user and want to import your Metamask wallet from another browser to Brave.

This guide will be for new users who are new to Metamask.

Step 1: Download the Metamask Wallet extension to your Brave browser.

Step 3: Go to Create New Wallet.

Step 4: You will be asked consent to collect usage data on the next page. You can choose to agree, but we recommend you choose No Thanks.

This guide will be for existing users of Metamask who want to move their wallets from Chrome or other browsers to the Brave browser.

Step 1: Download the Metamask Wallet extension to your Brave browser.

Once the download finishes, the Metamask setup page will open automatically in a new tab.

Step 3: Go to Import Wallet for existing users.

Step 4: You have to provide consent to collect usage data. You can choose I Agree but we recommend you choose No Thanks.

Step 5: Enter the Secret Recovery Phrase in the same order as it was shown when first setting up the wallet.

Your wallet will be imported to the Brave browser along with any funds saved in the wallet and it is all set to use.

Metamask wallet extension can be used to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies. It acts as your one-stop destination to manage your crypto. You can use Metamask for payments and to connect with Crypto exchanges, Dapps, Metaverse games, and NFT marketplaces and even use it to store any NFT that you have bought or minted.

Moreover, if you want to transfer funds from one crypto exchange to another, you will have to use a private wallet like Metamask.

We will show you the process to use and connect your wallet with sites like OpenSea on the Brave browser. If you have previously used Metamask in Chrome or Edge, the process will already be familiar to you.

Step 1: Open the site you want to connect with your wallet. We will use the popular NFT store Opensea to demonstrate.

Step 3: Choose Metamask when given the option to connect the wallet.

Step 4: Enter the password you created to unlock your Metamask wallet.

Now, your Metamask will be connected to that website. You can use it to make payments or transfer funds.

Earlier, trying to connect your Metamask with a website used to throw errors, like Metamask is not installed or transactions would not show up on Metamask. Sometimes it would just fail to load up.

We have been unsuccessful in trying to duplicate these issues, which indicates that the problem has now been addressed. But if you face any such issues, we recommend not to set up Brave wallet in the first place if you want to use Metamask or disable the Brave wallet.

As mentioned above, Brave comes with its native crypto wallet, which works almost identical to Metamask and also uses the Ethereum Blockchain network. So what are differentiating factors between them, and should you choose one over the other? Let’s find out.

It consumes additional CPU and RAM resources.

People can create fake version of it on the Web Store and trick you into installing it compromising your funds.

Installing it on non secure browsers make you vulnerable to Data leaks.

A browser native wallet overcomes all these issues as it will not consume additional resources, and since it comes pre-installed, you do not have to worry about installing a fake one.

There is no denying the popularity of Metamask. It has made its name for being reliable and gathered the trust of many over the years. This is why it is widely accepted among most web3 websites, crypto exchanges, Dapps and even Metaverse games.

Almost all of them accept Metamask to connect, log in, and make payments. Due to its multi-network support, you can also use it on other blockchain platforms, like Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain.

Brave’s wallet also added support for NFTs and multiple networks like Metamask but browser native wallets are not as widely accepted.

You can buy cryptocurrency with cash on Brave wallet using Wyre.

See Live market data and track your investments.

Operates on a truly open license.

Harder to spoof and consumes less resources.

Ability to import wallet data from Metamask.

If you find yourself leaning towards Brave wallet but already have an existing Metamask wallet, Brave wallet provides you with an option to import your data from Metamask. Here is how you can do it in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Go to Brave Settings.

Step 2: Head to the Wallet section.

Step 4: Enter your Metamask password.

Your Metamask wallet will be imported to Brave wallet with the same wallet address.

Metamask is one of the best options out there for newcomers since it has an easy to use interface and is compatible with almost all web3 Dapps out there. But it has its shortfalls and with all the security issues around the web, you must pair it with a privacy-centric browser like Brave to ensure more security for your funds and fewer chances of data leaks. Or you can opt to go with Brave’s inbuilt wallet if you prefer. I hope you found this guide educating and helpful.

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