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Online dating is often seen as the easiest and quickest way to meet someone. But what if you don’t want to use online dating or just don’t have access to it? You can still find someone special in your life. In this blog post, we’ll explore different ways to meet people without relying on online dating, from making new friends to getting out of your comfort zone. Whether you want a serious relationship or just someone fun to hang out with, plenty of alternatives can help you find the right person for you. Read on to learn how!

Method 1: Attract the right person with your hobbies Step 1: Join a club

One way to meet new people by pursuing your hobbies is to join a club or group that is focused on that hobby. For example, if you are interested in photography, you could join a photography club, where you can meet other photography enthusiasts and learn new skills.

Step 2: Attend events or meetups

Another option is to attend events or meetups related to your hobby. Many hobby-based organizations host events or meetups where people can come together and share their interests.

Step 3: Flaunt on social media

You can also consider social media as your ideal bet for connecting with other people who share your hobbies. You can also find a local group or people with the same interest by searching online.

Step 4: Join workshops

Additionally, you can take classes or workshops in your hobby. These classes are a great way to meet people who share your interests, and you can learn new skills from the instructors and other participants.

Method 2: Strike up a conversation with interesting people

Initiating a conversation with a stranger can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some proven tips for how to make it an easy affair with someone you don’t know −

Step 1: Comment on your surroundings Step 3: Share something about yourself

You can also start a conversation by sharing something about yourself. For example, you could mention something you’re reading or working on and ask the other person if they’re familiar with the topic.

Step 4: Comment on what they’re doing

Remember, not everyone you approach will be interested in talking to you, and that’s okay. The key is to stay friendly and respectful and not to take it personally if the other person is not interested in chatting. With some practice and patience, you will become more comfortable to start a conversation with random people.

Method 3: Ask your friends to play cupid

Asking your friends to play cupid and set you up with someone can be a great way to meet new people. Here is the step-by-step guide for how to go about it.

Step 1: Be clear about what you’re looking for

Make sure your friends understand the type of person you’re interested in. Provide them with some basic information, like what you’re looking for in a partner and what kind of person you’re attracted to.

Step 2: Meet with an open mind

Keep in mind that your friends may not have a perfect match for you in mind. Be open to meeting different types of people and don’t have too many expectations. Most importantly, keep your mind open, as you never know who could be your perfect match.

Step 3: Show gratitude

If your friends set you up with someone, thank them and let them know how it went. Even if things don’t work out, you must show appreciation for their efforts.

Method 4: Try speed dating

Speed dating is a fun and efficient way to meet new people. Here’s how you can organize a speed dating event offline −

Step 1: Find a venue

Look for a venue that is comfortable and can accommodate a large number of people. Consider renting a space at a bar, restaurant, or other location.

Step 2: Be prepared

Come prepared with a list of questions and conversation starters. This will help you to keep the conversation flowing and make the most of the short time you have with each person.

Step 3: Start the conversation

Since the conversation is the most essential aspect of the event, you should prepare some talk to help the other participant get to know you better.

Step 4: Be respectful

Remember that rejection is a part of dating. Be respectful of the other person’s feelings, and don’t take it personally if they’re not interested in getting to know you better.

Step 5: Follow up

After the event, you can email or message to the participants you met and liked to check in and see how the event went for them. You can also provide a way for them to connect after the event if they want to.

Step 6: Make a note

Make a note of the people you met and liked. You can also write down something you remember from the conversation. This way it will be easier to remember the people you met and what you liked about them when you decide whom to follow up with.

Method 5-Make eye contact with people while you’re out

To meet that special one in your life without online dating, you have to put yourself out there and interact with people in the real world. One of the best hacks that dating experts suggest is to make eye contact with people while you’re out and about.

Here are a few tips on how to make eye contact −

Step 1: Be comfortable with yourself

Before you can make eye contact with others, you need to be comfortable with yourself. If you’re feeling anxious or self-conscious, it will be harder to make eye contact. Try to relax and focus on the present moment.

Step 2: Start with small amounts of eye contact

If you’re not used to making eye contact, it can be helpful to start with small amounts of eye contact. For example, you can make eye contact for a few seconds at a time and then look away. Gradually increase the amount of time you make eye contact as you become more comfortable.

Step 3: Practice in different settings

Make eye contact with people in different settings, such as at work, at social events, or when you’re out running errands. The more you practice making eye contact, the easier it will become.

Step 4: Use your eyes to show interest

When you’re making eye contact with someone, use your eyes to show that you’re interested in what they’re saying. This can include nodding, smiling, or raising your eyebrows to show that you’re engaged in the conversation.

Step 5: Don’t stare

Remember not to stare. It can be uncomfortable and off-putting. Making eye contact is important, but it’s also important to give the other person space and let them look away if they need to.

Step 6: Look at the person’s eyes

When making eye contact, focus on the other person’s eyes. It’s important to stick to their eyes and not look at other parts of their face, like their nose or mouth, as it can make the other person feel uncomfortable.

When you make eye contact as a part of building connections with others, it helps you to convey your confidence and interest in the other person. With practice, making eye contact will become more comfortable, and it will be a valuable tool for improving your communication skills.


Meeting someone without the use of online dating can be daunting, but it is definitely possible. With a little effort and some creative thinking, you can find new ways to meet people and make meaningful connections with others. From joining clubs or classes that share your interests to attending local events in your area, there are many opportunities for meeting people in person where you can get to know one another better. The key is just to keep an open mind and try different avenues until you find what works best for you.

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How To Add Another Account In Google Meet

The rise and rise of competition in the virtual conferencing sphere has pushed Google to fine-tune its own Meet app. Ever since its release in 2023, Google’s virtual conferencing tool has continually been updated to offer useful features and quality of life improvements. But unlike other apps like Zoom, Google insists on you logging in to an account before using Google Meet. This is an important safety requirement that we don’t think Google will easily compromise.

But what if you’ve already logged in to Google Meet with an account and want to join the meeting with a different account? It’s simple – add another account. Here’s how to add and switch between accounts on the Google Meet app as well as the browser. 

2 Ways to add Another Account in Google Meet

The basic requirement of having logged into an account to access Google Meet provides an extra layer of security to video conferencing. But if you’re already logged in and need to attend the meet with a different account, here’s how to do so:

Method #01: On the Google Meet app

Open the Google Meet app and tap on your profile icon at the top right corner. 

Then tap on Add another account.

Enter your account credentials and hit Next.

Go ahead and confirm any authorizations and agreements that come up. And just like that, your account is now added to Google Meet. 

Method #02: On Google Meet website

Then enter your login credentials and hit Next. 

Once you’re signed in, your account will be added to your list of Google Meet accounts. 

How to switch between accounts on the Google Meet app

Google Meet doesn’t switch you automatically to your newly added account. This has to be done manually. Here’s how you can do so on the app. 

Method #01: Using the down Swipe gesture

Open the Google Meet app. Then simply swipe down on your profile icon at the top right corner to switch to the next account.

Cycle through the accounts with up/down swipes until you get to the account that you want to switch to.

Using the gesture feature is the easiest way to do so, especially if you can tell the accounts by the profile icons alone.

Method #02: Using Profile Pic icon

If you don’t know which account is which, tap on the same Profile icon. 

Then find the one that you want to switch to.

Now you also know which account is linked to which picture icon and can simply swipe down on it to easily switch between accounts in the future. 

How to switch between accounts on Google Meet on website

There are a couple of different ways to switch between Google Meet accounts on the browser as well. 

Method #01: From the profile icon

The new Google Meet account will open in a new tab with an extended URL.

Method #02: Using direct URLs on the website

Another way to switch between your Google accounts is to do so by altering the website’s URL.

When you’re logged in to an account, the website URL will have a number at the end of it which looks something like this:

Depending on how many Google accounts you’re logged into, the number at the end of the URL may be different. Every one of your Google accounts is associated with a number based on the order in which they were added (note: not created). And just by changing the number at the end, you can switch to a different account.

Of course, this convenience is only afforded if you know which account was added when, or the number associated with it. To know this, open your Gmail account and check for the number in the website’s URL. 

That’s your account number. Number 0 means this is your primary account. Number ‘1’ means this is the second account, number ‘2’ third, and so on (thing Whole numbers). 

Once you know your account order, just go to the Google Meet website URL, change the number at the end, and hit Enter to switch to that account. 

If you don’t see any number, just add the following at the end of the chúng tôi URL:


Change “(number)” to reflect the account that you want to switch to.

Do you always remain logged in with all the accounts?

Once the accounts are added, you remain logged into them. Even if you switch away from an account, it remains active in the background and can still be contacted. Just as you receive emails on all your Gmail accounts, so will you be able to receive calls on all your Google Meet accounts as well.

Having an account requirement for Google Meets is Google’s way of keeping it well within the Google Suite environment while also ensuring that the security features (and your privacy) are not compromised. But since most of us already have Google accounts, the account requirement shouldn’t be much of a concern. 

How To Install Software Without Admin Rights

User Access Control (UAC) is a critical security feature on Windows that protects the system from malicious software and viruses. When you attempt to install new software or make any significant changes to the system configuration, UAC will prompt you to confirm for assigning the admin rights.

However, there are some workarounds that users can use to avoid the UAC elevation prompts. We will discuss these escapes in detail in today’s article and suggest how you can install software without Admin rights. 

For a normal user, Windows will provide a standard user access token if they need administrative access to perform a task. Such tokens are temporary in nature and will be needed each time you need admin rights (For instance, while installing software). 

You can enable the Administrator account to get away with this access token requirement. This will grant you the Full administrator access token, giving you full control over the system without getting the UAC prompts. There are other methods as well that are available for installing software without Admin Rights. 

Microsoft Store has a decent amount of apps in its library for you to install. If you find a relevant application in the store, you can install it without any requirement of administrative rights. Since the apps in the Microsoft store are certified by Microsoft, they are quite safe to install too. 

As already discussed, Windows operating system has an admin account that lets the user have elevated privileges and gain full control over the system. If you enable the Administrator accounts, you can install the software without the UAC prompt.

Here’s how to do it. 

Invoker, a penetration-testing utility, is the most convenient way to bypass the UAC. This makes the software installation possible without any administrator access. You can use the invoker as a batch file to run when the installation file is launched. 

UAC is responsible for notifying the users when they try to install something on their computer or make any modification to the system. You can reconfigure the UAC settings not to notify you while you are trying to install any software over your Windows device.

Windows sandbox is a desktop environment that lets you run different software on it without exposing the main Operating system to the risks associated with such applications. On Sandbox, you don’t need Administrator rights to install any software. 

Here’s how to use this Virtual Machine to install software without any UAC prompts. 

Note: Sandbox is only available on Pro and Enterprise Windows Versions.

Windows OS records all the usernames and passwords registered in the system in a database known as the SAM file. As a last resort, users can also modify this file, clear the credentials, and install their desired software without requiring admin rights. 

You need a Bootable Linux USB drive to perform this step. We’ve used Linux Mint as a reference here. However, the procedure is the same across all Linux distributions.

Note: This method will not work if the system volume on Windows is encrypted.

Disclaimer: This method is only recommended for educational purposes for users who want to install software without requiring administrative privileges. It is not to be used with malevolent intent.

How To Install Drivers Without Internet Connection

How To Install Drivers Without Internet Connection

Alike many users, you might face a situation where after a clean installation of Windows 10, you may not be able to access the internet

It could be that you have a power cut in your locality because of which you cannot access your internet connection

Note: Before heading on with any of the steps mentioned below, we recommend that you download a Driver Updater Tool like Driver Booster 8 which is capable of installing and updating drivers even if you don’t have access to the internet. We have outlined.

How To Install Drivers Offline Or Update Them?

Let’s quickly get down to some of the best ways to install drivers without an internet connection.

1. Look For a Computer That Has An  Active Internet Connection

In case you have no internet connection, and you want to install a driver urgently, you can contact a friend, colleague or family member who has an active internet connection. Using their internet connection, download the device driver. Then using your smartphone, flash drive or any other device copy the device driver onto your computer. Here are some prerequisites to keep in mind when downloading the desired device driver –

Gather complete information about the hardware you are acquiring the driver for (PC model, graphic card configuration, the model of your network card, etc)

Using the above information, download the driver from the manufacturer’s website

You can use a utility like IObit’s Driver Booster that enables you to download and install required drive drivers even if you don’t have an active internet connection.

1. Download and install IObit Driver Booster 8

4. You will now be able to save dbd file on the desired location

6. Once information is parsed, a new window will appear where you can configure –

System Type

OS Version

Driver Type and

The driver package save location as per your needs

3. Install Driver With The Help Of  CD

Almost all devices which require a driver to communicate with your computer’s operating system come with a driver CD. If you have a driver CD handy, you are in luck because then you can use the CD to install the required driver. The basic steps to install a driver for a device from CD remain the same. For example when installing a driver for a printer from CD, here are the steps you are most likely to follow –

1. You first install the printer driver on your computer and not connect the printer to your computer

2. Choose the mode of installation

3. Select printer model

4. And, finally follow the on-screen instructions

Wrapping Up:

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Flying Up To Meet Asteroids

Partly to help explain solar eclipses, the ancient Egyptians had a story about the serpent god Apep, the Uncreator, who tried to swallow the sun god Ra as he crossed the sky.

Apep — the Greeks called him Apophis — personified death, destruction and chaos. His opponent was the goddess Ma’at, who represented all that was light and truth.

Now, a group of NASA scientists is hoping Ma’at will once again help humans ward off the harbinger of destruction.

The MAAT satellite — Measurement and Analysis of Apophis Trajectory, a conveniently descriptive acronym — is still just an idea. But if it’s built, the modestly priced probe could help illuminate one of the solar system’s most famous and most misunderstood asteroids.

A few months after its discovery in June 2004, asteroid 99942 Apophis was briefly thought to pose a serious threat to Earth in either 2029 or 2036. But further calculations showed it is unlikely to hit the planet, unless it passes through a gravitational “keyhole” that might send it swinging Earthward seven years after its initial visit.

This would be bad, explained David Morrison, director of the Lunar Science Institute at NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif.

Apophis is about 1,000 feet across and roughly the size of a 25-story building. The 1908 Tunguska meteoroid, which caused a massive fireball and flattened a forest in Siberia, was about 10 times smaller and about 1,000 times weaker in terms of energy. “Where Tunguska would have destroyed a city, something like Apophis is rather worse. It would ruin your whole day,” Morrison said. “That’s big enough to destroy a state in the U.S., or a small country. It’s not something that you would want to sit back and (ignore).”

Thankfully, Apophis is not likely to hit Earth, but it’s worth studying because it comes so close and there are many other asteroids like it, Morrison said.

It does seem like a good starting point for missions to understand these sub-kilometer asteroids,” he said.

As of Saturday, March 21, there were 6,163 known near-Earth asteroids, about 770 of which are a dangerous half-mile in diameter or wider, according to the Near Earth Object Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Their paths around the sun occasionally bring them across Earth’s orbit. With enough warning — and so long as we know about the asteroid’s existence, we’d have some warning — humans could send a spacecraft to a threatening rock and kick it away by slightly altering its trajectory.

The MAAT probe would be designed to match Apophis’ orbit and tell us if we need to move it. More cost studies are needed before NASA has a price tag, but Morrison said the mission is intended to be relatively inexpensive, around $100 million. It will piggyback onto a satellite going up to a geosynchronous orbit, about 18,000 to 22,000 miles above Earth, and continue until it hooks up with the asteroid. It won’t land or crash, unlike previous asteroid missions such as Deep Impact, but it will shed some light on the space rock by flying in formation with it.

It would carry several cameras, a radio system and a laser range system to measure the distance between MAAT and Apophis so scientists can determine the asteroid’s mass and trajectory. “If we ever face one that will hit us, the first question they are going to ask is its trajectory. It’s only in Hollywood that asteroids change orbit. Once you determine the orbit carefully, then you can predict where it will be in the future,” Morrison said.

Scientists hope a refined understanding of Apophis’ path around the sun will erase lingering worries about its odds of striking Earth. “It would be nice to have a press conference and tell you for sure it’s not going to happen,” Morrison said.

The number was soon revised down after a flurry of observations; as of now, the chances of Apophis hitting Earth in 2029 are about 1 in 45,000. In 2029, it will pass within about 18,000 miles of Earth, well within the range of geosynchronous satellites, but scientists at JPL say its trajectory won’t endanger the satellites.

That’s where it gets interesting, however. Earth’s gravity will dramatically affect Apophis’ orbit, leaving scientists to estimate where it will end up next.

If Apophis passes at 18,893 miles above Earth, it will pass through a gravitational “keyhole” about half a mile wide, which would nudge it just enough to send it on a course for collision with Earth seven years later, on April 13, 2036. MAAT will provide more data to check these estimates and tell us whether we should do something to move Apophis from that keyhole using a solar sail, some added weight or a space tugboat of sorts. It’s also a way to test a type of asteroid- tracker that might be really important someday.

We don’t know exactly where Apophis is going to go, but it’s very unlikely that it will end up on an impact trajectory,” Morrison said. “But it is a prototype of the type of object that we might have to deal with.”

Scientists at JPL are confident further observation will show Apophis will pass about 49 million miles from Earth on April 13, 2036, which happens to be Easter Sunday.

That date is one of many numerological coincidences that have helped make the asteroid famous: For one thing, Apophis is Near Earth Object 99942 — 999 upside down is 666, the “number of the beast,” a number associated with the end-times prophecy in the New Testament chapter Revelation. It is expected to pass Earth the first time on April 13, 2029 — a Friday the 13th. What’s more, 2 + 0 + 2 + 9 = 13.

Feeling unlucky yet? Maybe the probe named for goodness and light will be able to help illuminate this dark nomad of the sky.

Near-Earth Asteroid Talk

How To Grant Permission To Share Screen In Google Meet

There is no denying that ever since the pandemic, the video calling life has become the norm to a really great extent. In fact, we have become desensitized to just how invasive the whole activity really is. Consent works differently when one considers an in-person meeting versus when one needs to give access to one’s screen for a video call.

Of course, as a means to assuage this invasion, video-calling apps like Zoom and Meet have permission processes set in place so that there are no violations. So there is no doubt that as a host, it is important to have an understanding of how permission works on Google Meet. 

How to grant permission to share screen in Google Meet

The additional steps that require a host to grant permission do not occur in the case of a Google Meet presentation. 

As a host, if you want to ensure that a protocol to give/seek permission is set, then it is best that you set it verbally or via the chat feature. You can even consider using the hand raise feature as a medium that can be used to grant permission if you’re using a Google Workspace account.  

What to do if you are unable to present as a host?

If you are unable to present as a host, then there is very likely a permission issue with either your browser or the device that you’re using. These issues can be fixed by changing/editing the settings for the source and you’ll be good to present again. 

What to do when you’re unable to share screen after permission has been granted?

Whether you are a host or a participant in a Google Meet, once the meeting has begun and everyone has been admitted to the meeting, the problem of consent should ideally not occur. but if it does, then the problem lies on your end whether you are a host or a participant, and must be fixed accordingly. Here are the fixes that you need to try when screen sharing is restricted even after all permissions are in place from the host. 

Check the browser 

Generally, the browser is not the root cause of these sorts of issues, however, if they are, then it’s possible that this is happening because you don’t have the latest updated version of the browser or your browser requires permissions that haven’t been given.  

Google Chrome

The most likely reason that you’re facing an issue on Google Chrome is that it hasn’t been updated. Here’s how to update the browser.

Once your Chrome browser is updated check whether you’re able to present, the issue will be resolved by now. 

Mozilla Firefox

MacBook users face issues when it comes to Mozilla Firefox and the ideal thing to do is give permission to share the screen from within the browser itself. Here’s how: 

Launch a meeting on Google Meet and join the meeting. 

Locate the Share the Screen option and checkmark the Use Default option. If this checkmark has already been checked, then uncheck it and recheck it again. 

Microsoft Edge 

In the case of Microsoft Edge as well, the most likely reason you are unable to share your screen is that the browser requires an update. Here’s what you need to do. 

The browser should launch normally after this and you will be able to share your screen comfortably.

Check the system settings  

On a Mac

Mac users are the ones who are mostly facing an issue with Mozilla Firefox. In such a scenario, make sure that your Macbook has allowed the browser to present. Here’s how you must go about it. 

In System Preferences, select the Security and Privacy option.

Check the box adjacent to the browser application that you want to enable for screen-sharing on. After doing this, quit the browser and launch it again. 

On phone

Like on a desktop, you can also share a screen on Google Meet from your phone. While there are no added permissions to grant inside the Settings app on either iOS or Android, you will be prompted for access to your screen immediately after you tap on “Share screen”. This prompt will look like this on Android while iOS users get a similar popup asking users to start broadcasting their screen. 

If you’re unable to share your screen from your phone, then make sure you update the Meet app from the Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple devices. In case you’re still unable to share your screen after updating the app, then uninstall and reinstall the app. Launch the app after reinstalling it and you should be able to share content from the screen of your device without any issues. 

On Windows 10

In the case of  Windows 10, the screen recording settings have to be done from the native video calling browser/app that you are using. If the browser is misbehaving, then consider uninstalling the app from the Windows settings and reinstalling it again. 

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