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Playlists are a big part of the Spotify experience. The service makes it so easy to create them that most of us often get caught up in making endless playlists. The trouble with doing this is that duplicate songs may slip in. They’ll keep coming up if you’re listening on shuffle, and they always seem to pop up at the worst possible moments. We’ve listed a couple of the fastest methods to remove them using your computer (or mobile). Read on to find out more.

Using Your Computer to Remove Duplicate Songs

Thanks to the hard work of some developers, there are a number of different programs online that will remove the duplicates from your device for free.

For example, Jose M. Perez – whose main focus is building apps that extend Spotify’s functionality – has created the Spotify Dedup: a website which easily lets you get rid of duplicates from your playlist. Here’s how to get started.

    Input your account/email and password.

    Allow the program to process your playlist information.

    Depending on the number of playlists associated with your account, you may need to wait a few seconds.

    The results will be listed for you.

    If you have any issues with the program listed above, here’s a link to another that works well. The steps are quite similar to the ones described above. You simply have to log in with your Spotify account, then allow the site to process your data.

    Once everything is done, you have the option to “Clean all” playlists or remove just certain songs.

    It’s a quick and easy method, but you can always do it manually, with the optimal method to do so listed below.

    Removing Spotify Duplicate Songs Manually

    It may take a little longer, but you can easily delete the songs manually from your playlist on your computer. (Within reason – it will take forever if you have thousands of songs on your playlist.)

    In Spotify’s desktop client, tap on the “Your Library” tab.

      Select “Playlists” to bring up all your playlists.

        Go through the list and delete any duplicates by tapping on the three dots next to the song and pressing on the “Remove from this playlist” option. It shouldn’t take that long and will give you more space for new songs.

        Frequently Asked Questions 1. Can I remove Spotify playlist duplicates using my mobile device?

        You can. Just keep in mind there are no dedicated apps to achieve this. You can, however, access one of the websites we linked above from your browser and proceed from there. Since you’re already logged in to your Spotify app, you won’t have to do so in a browser.

        2. Does this apply to Blend playlists?

        It doesn’t. Blend playlists are special playlists that mix together your tastes with that of a friend’s. You can’t add additional songs to these playlists, which means you don’t really need to worry about this issue.

        3. How can I continue to enhance my playlist experience in Spotify?

        There are many ways to expand your Spotify experience. Start by learning how to change a Spotify playlist picture on Android and transfer a Spotify playlist to Apple Music.

        Spotify has revolutionized how we consume music, and it’s nice to know that there are a few easy ways to get rid of duplicate tracks on the same playlist. On the other hand, if you want to try something else, you might want to take a look at our list of the best Spotify alternatives. We also recommend reading all about creating Spotify codes to share songs with others.

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        How To Make A Spotify Collaborative Playlist

        With a Spotify collaborative playlist, you can team up with your friends to build a big list of your favorite songs. It’s simple to set up a Spotify collaborative playlist but the creator has limited control over who gets to access the playlist so make sure to follow our guide so that disagreements in song picks don’t turn sour.

        A collaborative playlist on Spotify can be created on both desktop and the Spotify app so follow the instructions below, depending on what device you use. Make sure to show your friends this page too so that they have guidance on how to add their own songs.

        Table of Contents

        Spotify is the only streaming service to offer collaborative playlists, but they do have one benefit over the competition. Whilst the creation of Spotify collaborative playlists is exclusive to Spotify premium members, the great thing is that once a playlist has been created, you can share it with anybody and even free Spotify users can add songs and edit the playlist.

        What Can You Do With a Spotify Collaborative Playlist?

        Anybody that has the link for a Spotify collaborative playlist can add songs, change the order of songs in the playlist, and delete songs. Because of this, make sure you only share it with those you want to have access to the playlist. Only the owner of a Spotify collaborative playlist can delete the playlist or change the playlist description, image and title.

        How To Create a Collaborative Playlist On Spotify Desktop

        We are going to assume that you might not already have a playlist ready. If you do, you can skip the first two steps.

        How To Create a Spotify Collaborative Playlist On Mobile Or Tablet

        To create a collaborative playlist on the Spotify mobile app, follow the steps below. If you already have an existing playlist you’d like to switch to collaborative mode, you can skip the first three steps and simply tap on the playlist in your library.

        First, tap your library at the bottom of the app.

        Next, tap Create playlist on the playlist tab.

        Give your playlist a name, and you’ll then be taken to the new playlist page.

        On the page for your playlist, tap the three dots in the top right of the display and then tap Make Collaborative. 

        To share the playlist, tap the three dots again, scroll down and tap share. You can then use any of the sharing options based on the apps you have installed, such as Instagram Stories or Twitter. 

        Alternatively, tap Copy Link so that you can share it anywhere. Remember, anybody with the link can add, rearrange and delete songs so make sure to share it cautiously.

        If you want to add songs to a Spotify collaborative playlist on mobile, make sure you add it to your library first if you’re not the owner. You can do this by tapping the follow button underneath the playlist name. To add any song to a collaborative playlist, tap the three dots on a song, then tap Add to Playlist, then choose the right playlist.

        If you want to move the position of songs in your playlist, you can follow the steps below.

        Tap your library and then tap the playlists tab.

        Find the right playlist and tap it.

        On the playlist page, tap the three dots at the top right.

        Tap Edit playlist.

        Tap and hold your finger on the three stacked lines next to any song you want to move.

        Move your finger to move your songs to a new position.

        Once finished, make sure to tap save at the top right.


        We hope that this guide has shown everything you need to know about creating and using Spotify collaborative playlists.  

        How To Remove A Sim Card From Your Android Phone

        Are you trying to switch phones or carriers? You might need to swap SIM cards for that, and we can understand how confusing this process can be if you haven’t done it before. Today we’ll show you exactly how to remove a SIM card from your Android phone.


        To remove a SIM card from your Android phone, you’ll need to locate the SIM card slot. It is usually along the edges of the phone, and there’s a pinhole next to it. Insert a SIM ejector tool into the pinhole and put pressure on it. The SIM card tray will pop out. You can pull it out and remove the SIM card.


        How to remove a SIM card from your Android phone

        How to insert a new SIM card in your Android phone

        What is an eSIM?

        How to remove a SIM card from your Android phone

        C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

        To remove the SIM card from your Android device, you must first identify where it is. Look for it along the edges of the phone. The slot can be easily identified because it will have a pinhole right next to it, or somewhere within it.

        Once you find it, get your SIM ejector tool ready. It’s a pointy piece, usually made of metal, and it usually comes in the box whenever you buy a new phone. If you don’t have one, any pointy and small object will work. We’ve used unfolded paper clips, needles, earrings, and other objects to do this. You can also buy SIM card ejector tools from Amazon, and they are very cheap.

        Insert the SIM ejector tool, or whatever you’re using, into the SIM ejector pinhole. You’ll need to push with a fair amount of pressure. The SIM tray will pop out, and you can now use your fingers to pull it out and remove the SIM from it.

        Important: Do not mistake one of the secondary microphones with the SIM ejector pinhole. If you try inserting a SIM ejector tool into one of these, there’s a high chance of damaging it. To identify the right pinhole, make sure the hole is right next to the SIM slot. You can always check your phone’s manual to ensure the SIM slot’s exact location.


        While eSIM technology has now been around for some time, it hasn’t entirely replaced physical SIM cards just yet. So far, all Android phones still have a physical SIM card slot, and use it in conjunction with eSIM technology, leaving the option to you. This might not be the case for long, though. Apple has started removing physical SIM card slots with the launch of the iPhone 14 series, and other Android manufacturers might start doing the same soon.

        Additionally, some carriers use CDMA technology, depending on the country you live in. CDMA phones don’t need a SIM card, so CDMA-specific phones might lack the SIM card slot.

        SIM cards can be swapped to different phones at will, unless the carrier doesn’t allow it for some reason. This is very helpful if you switch phones or own multiple devices.

        It’s common to have SIM card issues when you’re moving them from phone to phone. A common cause for this is that the SIM card wasn’t placed correctly or it’s dirty. Pull it out, clean it, and ensure it fits snugly in the tray and is inserted fully. If you’re still having issues, you might have a faulty SIM card, and you’ll need to request a new one from your carrier.

        Yes. SIM cards come in standard SIM, Micro SIM, and nano-SIM configurations. The main difference is the size and shape of the SIM card, though. The chip is the same.

        How To Instantly Remove All Apple Pay Cards From Your Device At Once

        You can remove a payment or transit card from Apple Pay at any time, but the option to remove all cards at once from your device is hidden in plain sight. But worry not, girls and boys, iDownloadBlog comes to the rescue. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how you can remove all Apple Pay cards from your Apple device in one fell swoop.

        This will be of particular importance if your device gets stolen or lost and you’d like to quickly disable Apple Pay payments for all of the cards instead of immediately canceling your cards.

        TUTORIAL: How to set up Transit Express on Apple Pay

        Here are all the different methods of removing your Apple Pay cards from a single device:

        Apple ID account — Use the Apple ID web interface to remotely remove your Apple Pay cards from any Apple device that’s signed in to iCloud with the same account.

        iOS Settings — Use the Settings app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to remove your Apple Pay cards from that device or from any other device that uses Apple Pay.

        Find My — The Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac allows you to remotely put any of your devices in Lost Mode, which also disables Apple Pay for security reasons.

        Other ways — You have indirect methods at your disposal to kill Apple Pay.

        As you know, Apple Pay is managed on a per-device basis.

        Cards you add on one device don’t automatically become available on all your other devices using the same Apple ID or iCloud account, and the same goes for removing your cards. As an example, removing all your cards from Apple Pay and Wallet on your iPhone won’t remove them automatically from your Mac or iPad, and vice versa.

        The methods listed above remove the following cards from Apple Pay and Wallet:

        Credit cards

        Debit cards

        Prepaid cards

        Student ID cards

        Express Transit cards

        Credit, debit and student ID cards are removed immediately even if your device is offline, but your Express Transit and Suica cards are removed the next time the device goes online.

        Any cards you remove from a device can be added back in Wallet settings.

        How to remove all Apple Pay cards at once

        Read on for all the ways you can remove your Apple Pay cards from an Apple device.

        Apple ID account

        Logging in to your Apple ID account on the web allows you to adjust its features as well as remove all Apple Pay cards from any device that uses that account.

        1) Using a desktop browser on your Mac or PC computer, sign it to your Apple ID account.

        Apple notes that this method may take a few minutes to remove all the cards associated with Apple Pay and Wallet, which will render them unavailable for payments on this device.

        Thankfully, any removed Apple Pay cards can be easily re-added in the Wallet app.

        iOS Settings

        Your Apple Pay cards can be removed from any device through the Settings app on iOS.

        1) Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

        2) Tap your Apple ID name at the top of the list.

        3) Scroll down to the list of devices that are signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID user name and password, then choose a desired device.

        After a few minutes, any listed cards will no longer be available for payments with Apple Pay on this particular device. You can add your cards back at any time in the Wallet app.

        You can remove all of the cards you’ve added to Apple Pay and Wallet on your device by using the Settings web app on chúng tôi as outlined below.

        1) Using a desktop browser on your Mac or Windows PC, log in to chúng tôi with your Apple ID user name and password.

        If you don’t see the My Devices section, that’s because your account currently is limited to iCloud web-only features. You can gain access to other iCloud features by setting up iCloud on your iOS and iPadOS devices or Mac.

        Don’t see any cards listed in the My Devices section? That’s almost certainly due to the fact that you haven’t set up Apple Pay or other cards on that device.

        You can also remove all your Apple Pay cards added to your device by removing the device from your iCloud settings. To do so, choose a device in the My Devices section, then tap “x” next to its name in the left column. As evidenced by the screenshot embedded right ahead, you’ll see a warning saying that removing this device will automatically disable Apple Pay and remove all of the cards that you have previously added to it. It will also sign out the device from iCloud and won’t be available for two-step verification codes.

        Your payment cards are removed from Apple Pay and Wallet on the selected device within 30 seconds. Transit cards are removed when the device is online.

        macOS System Preferences

        You can also remove your Apple Pay cards via System Preferences on your Mac.

        1) Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.

        3) Select a device in the lefthand column.

        Find My

        If an unfortunate event of your device getting lost or stolen, you can remove all your cards from Apple Pay remotely provided you have enabled the Find My service.

        1) Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac or visit its web counterpart at chúng tôi a desktop browser on your Mac or Windows PC.

        3) Now select a desired device.

        4) On iOS, tap Activate below the Mark As Lost heading and the onscreen instructions.

        As a security precaution, Lost Mode instantly disables Apple Pay and remotely locks your device with a custom passcode. Any credit or debit cards set up for Apple Pay, as well as your student ID cards and Express Transit cards, are suspended for that particular device.

        Apple Pay and student ID cards are suspended even if your device is offline while Express Transit cards are suspended the next time your device goes online.

        “You can resume using suspended cards on your device after you unlock it and sign in with your Apple ID,” notes Apple in a support document. In other words, if you had any cards suspended when you put your device in Lost Mode, disabling Lost Mode and signing back in to iCloud will permit you to use them again.

        Other ways to remove all Apple Pay cards at once

        Aside from the aforementioned ways of removing all your Apple Pay cards from a device at once, you have a few other methods at your disposal, too.

        Call the issuers of your cards: Place a call to the support department of your bank or financial institution that issues your payment cards and ask them to disable support for Apple’s mobile payment feature.

        Sign out of iCloud: If you sign out of iCloud on the device, all payment and transit cards will get removed from it. Beware, as a logged-out device won’t be able to use iCloud services and receive two-step verification codes until you sign back in.

        Disable Face ID, Touch ID or passcode: If you disable Face ID or Touch ID authentication on iPhone or iPad, or your remove a passcode from your iOS device or Apple Watch, all your Apple Pay credit, debit, prepaid, transit, student ID and Suica cards will be removed from that device.

        Contact Apple Support: You can also reach out to Apple via phone, mail or chat and ask them to remove all your cards from a particular device.

        If you’re unable to remove all your Apple Pay cards from a device, there might be a problem with the service. In that case, check the status of Apple Pay on Apple’s System Status page.

        If there’s an issue, try to remove a card again after the issue is resolved.

        Apple Pay and your privacy

        Want to see more details about how Apple Pay is protecting your privacy?

        Last but not least, read Apple’s support document on the web providing the Apple Pay security and privacy overview or review the iOS Security Guide and Apple’s complete privacy policy.

        Need help? Ask iDB!

        How To Download And Use Spotify On Your Mac

        Whether you’ve recently switched from a Windows machine or want to start listening to your Spotify playlists on your Mac instead of your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can install Spotify on a Mac for online and offline listening.

        There are a few different ways you can use to listen to podcasts or play your favorite tracks from the Spotify music library. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you all of the different methods to use Spotify on a macOS device.

        Table of Contents

        How to Use Spotify Web Player on Your Mac

        The easiest way to use Spotify on your MacBook is to use the Spotify Web Player. This option is perfect if you don’t like installing new apps on your computer or don’t have enough storage space for them. After you log in to your Spotify account, you can use Spotify Web as you would use a regular app, i.e., use all of the features of the Spotify app from the browser.

        The only downside of this method is that you need an internet connection to use Spotify. If you only use Wi-Fi to listen to Spotify, this method is for you.

        Spotify Web Player is available for both free users and those with Spotify Premium accounts. Here’s how to use Spotify Web on your Mac computer:

        Open a web browser on your Mac.

        In your browser, go to chúng tôi to open Spotify.

        Once you’re logged in, you can use Spotify Web Player to play high-quality music from Spotify playlists.

        How to Install Spotify Progressive Web App on macOS

        If you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on a Mac, you can use the option to install websites as apps. This method allows you to install the Spotify Web Player on your computer as a Progressive Web App or PWA. Note that with this app, you’re still limited to online usage only.

        To install the Spotify PWA on your Mac, follow the steps below.

        Open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on your computer.

        Go to chúng tôi

        In the pop-up window, select


        to confirm.

        How to Download and Install Spotify App on Mac

        For those of you who need offline playback and the ability to download Spotify music, the best way to use Spotify is to install the Spotify desktop app on your Mac.

        If you tried looking for the Spotify app on the Mac App Store and failed, don’t worry. The app is free and available to download from the official Spotify website for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices.

        Here’s how to download and install the Spotify desktop app on your Mac.

        Open the official Spotify website in a web browser and select


        , or head to chúng tôi

        Select the

        Download button

        . This will download the

        Spotify Installer

        on your Mac.

        Open the extracted

        Install Spotify

        file. In the pop-up window, select


        to confirm.

        Wait for the installer to download and install the app on your Mac.

        How to Get the Most Out of Spotify

        Now that you know how to use Spotify on your Mac, make sure to learn special Spotify tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Including how to adjust audio quality or how to stop Spotify from opening on Mac startup.

        Not a fan of Spotify? Try one of the alternative music streaming services, like YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, and others.

        How To Remove Emoji Button From Iphone And Ipad Keyboard

        Not everyone loves emojis, even if they’re used every day to inject emotion and humor into conversations. Currently, it isn’t possible to remove the emoji button from your iPhone or iPad keyboard without removing the whole emoji keyboard, ultimately disabling emoji on your device.

        But you may still want to remove the emoji button. Some of the reasons you may want to remove the emoji button include if you find yourself hitting the emoji button accidentally or if it irritates you. Maybe you never even use it. Disabling it from your keyboard may be a relief if you don’t want to use it anymore.

        What Happens When You Remove the Emoji Button?

        Whatever your reason is for wanting to get rid of the emoji button, there’s a consequence for this. By removing the emoji button, you won’t be able to access the it again, as it turns off emojis until you re-enable it.

        Even if you disable the feature, you can still gain access back by reversing the settings on your device if you wish to use it sometime in the future.

        If you do remove the feature, you can still see emojis sent through messages from those in your contact list, as the iPhone or iPad will still render and display emojis.

        How to Remove Emoji Button on iPhone and iPad

        To do this you’ll need to disable and remove the emoji keyboard using the steps below:

        1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings.

        3. Tap Keyboard.

        4. In the corner of the keyboard settings, tap Edit.

        5. Tap the minus (-) button near “Emoji.”

        6. Tap Delete. This removes the emoji button from the iPhone or iPad keyboard.

        7. Tap Done (or exit Settings).

        Once you follow the steps above you can open any app on your iPhone or iPad that displays a keyboard, for example Notes or Messages, and find the emoji button is gone.

        How to Restore the Emoji Button

        If you wish to get the emoji button and keyboard back or if you disable it accidentally, you can restore it easily using the steps below:

        1. Go to Settings.

        3. Select Keyboards.

        4. Choose “Add New Keyboard.”

        5. Tap Emoji to add the button back to the keyboard.

        Note: the changes can be reversed or adjusted at any time.

        Image Credits: Apple

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