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If you have been using Instagram Reels to post video content straight to your Instagram feed, this article will show you how to save recorded Reels to your drafts folder instead of posting them straight away. This will allow you to store a stockpile of Instagram reels that you can upload at a later date or time which better suits your needs.

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Reels on Instagram are a cool new way you can upload video content to your Instagram feed that aims to compete with TikTok’s currently viral platform. Instagram Reels work in a very similar way to Stories on Instagram but are grouped in an entirely unique way and will also appear in your profile feed just as photos and other regular content does. 

Unlike posting standard images to Instagram, the process for posting reels gives you the option to edit your posts, then save them to your drafts folder for posting or reviewing at a later time. Once something has been saved to your Reels Drafts you can leave it sitting for as long as you like without posting it, there aren’t any requirements to schedule a post during the process. You can find the quick steps for saving Reels to Drafts below, you proceed on further for the detailed instructions.

    Open Instagram.

    Record a new Reel (as you normally would).

    Edit your new Reel. 

    On the Share page, tap Save as Draft below Share.

    How do you save Instagram Reels to drafts so you can edit them later rather than posting them straight to your feed?

    To record and save Instagram Reels rather than posting them straight away, you’ll need to do the following. First, make sure your Instagram app is up to date. 

    Next, start creating an Instagram Reel as you normally would by tapping the + icon at the bottom of the Instagram home screen, then scroll across and tap Reel.

    Now start recording a video or upload some video footage from your device, edit the content to your liking using the usual tools then tap the arrow to move forward.

    This will take you to the next area where you will see the standard Share option in blue. Instead of tapping this tap the Save as draft option below it.

    Where do you find your draft Instagram Reels to post delete or edit them?

    Now that you have a draft Reel saved on Instagram you’ll want to know where it is saved to. If you thought it would be stored on your device, you’re mistaken. 

    Instead, open Instagram, then change to your profile page. Here change to the Reels tab and you’ll see your saved Reels listed in order from newest to oldest. Any Reels that you have saved as drafts will have the word Drafts across the middle of them so you know it’s not live.  

    Finally, tap the thumbnail and you’ll be able to edit, delete, share, or save as a draft again. If everything is good to go, you can tap Share to post your content to your feed. 

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    How To Duet On Instagram Reels: Workarounds Come To The Rescue!

    Since the pandemic started, companies have been working in overdrive to introduce new and improved features to their platforms. Facebook is no different — and it recently released a TikTok-lookalike in Instagram Reels, now also available in the US. Instagram Reels allow you to post short-form videos to Instagram, a format that Instagram heavily borrows from TikTok. Considering the confusion around Tiktok, many people are looking to make the switch to Reels. But does Instagram Reels support Duet videos? Let’s find out!

    Does Instagram Reels support duet videos?

    Sadly no, Instagram Reels comes with many major features offered by TikTok but not all — and you certainly miss the duet feature on the Instagram app. This means that you can not post reactions, collabs, and more on Instagram Reels. While this may seem like a dealbreaker to many users, there are some nifty workarounds that you can use to overcome this restriction. Let’s take a look at them.

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    Workarounds to make Duet videos for Instagram Reels

    While Instagram Reels does not support duet videos, you do get the ability to upload videos from your gallery. This allows you to create your duet videos using an editor and then upload them to Instagram Reels. Let’s take a look at how you can do this on your mobile device.

    How to make Duet videos for Reels on iPhone and iPad

    Things you will need

    How To Guide

    If you are looking to upload a duet video to Instagram Reels then you are probably going to download and add a third-party video to your creation. Hence we have divided the guide into two sections.

    But in case you wish to record and use those videos, simply skip to the section titled ‘Creating duet videos on iOS’. People that already have the videos they wish to use on their local storage can also skip the downloading section.

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    Downloading videos

    Start by downloading the ‘Documents’ app to your iOS device. Once downloaded, open the app and tap on ‘Next’ to initiate the setup.

    Continue tapping on ‘Next’ until you are at the trial screen.

    Now activate the premium trial if you wish to or skip it by tapping on the ‘X’ in the top left corner of your screen. Tap on the browser icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

    Now visit the link for the video you wish to download to your local storage.

    You will now be asked to specify the location of your download. Let everything be at its default values and tap on ‘Done’ in the top right corner of your screen.

    Once your download is completed, tap on ‘Close’ in the top left corner.

    Now tap on the ‘Folder’ icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

    You should now be back to the File Manager in the app. If not, ensure that ‘My Files’ is the active tab in the bottom left corner of your screen.

    You should find the video that you just downloaded in this folder.

    Now go back to your home screen and launch the native ‘Files’ app by Apple.

    Note: If you do not have the app by any chance, you can download it from the App Store using this link.

    Once you are in the ‘Files’ app, tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon in the top right corner of your screen.

    Tap on ‘Edit’.

    Now enable the switch for ‘Documents’.

    Tap on ‘Done’ in the top right corner of your screen.

    Tap on ‘Documents’ to access the video you just downloaded.

    Tap on the video you downloaded to view a larger thumbnail.

    Now tap on the ‘Share’ icon in the top right corner of your screen.

    Tap on ‘Save video’.

    Your video will now be not only saved to your local storage but also the Photos app.

    Creating Duet videos on iOS

    Open iMovie on your iOS device and tap on the ‘+’ icon to create a new project.

    Now tap on ‘Movie’.

    Select the video you just downloaded from your local storage.

    Tap on ‘Create movie’ at the bottom of your screen.

    Now place the playhead in your timeline at the start of the imported video. Tap on ‘+’ in the bottom left of your preview window once you are done.

    Tap on ‘Video’.

    Note: In case you wish to use an audio clip, choose ‘Audio’ and if you wish to add a static image then tap on ‘Photos’. We recommend you you use a static solid color image. If you are looking for the native TikTok look, then you should use a plain black image. 

    Tap on ‘All’.

    Now tap on the video you wish to place side by side with your downloaded video. If you wish to create a lip sync battle or a dance duet video, then now would be the perfect time to add your creation to the clip.

    You will now see three icons as soon as you tap on the video. Select and tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon.

    Tap and select ‘Split Screen’.

    The video will now be automatically added side by side with your existing timeline in a duet format.

    Note: If one of your videos is longer than the other one, then simply change its duration by selecting it and dragging it inwards from the concerned end.

    Now add any effects or changes that you need to make to your video.

    Note: Ensure that the focus of your video or the subject of your video is properly centered. You can change the position of each video in the split-screen by first selecting them by tapping on them in the timeline. Once selected, tap on the preview and select ‘Zoom’ from the right corner. You can then use the pinch and swipe functions to reposition your videos individually.

    Once you are happy with the video, tap on ‘Done’ in the top left corner of your screen.

    iMovie will now save your project and display a thumbnail to you. Tap on the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of your screen.

    Tap on ‘Save video’.

    Now select the final quality of the video and tap on it.

    iMovie will automatically start exporting the video and save it to your library once done.

    How to make Duet videos for Reels on Android

    If you are an Android user, then things will be a bit easier for you. Let’s take a look at how you can create duet videos on an Android device.

    Things you will need

    The two videos that you need in your duet video

    How To Guide

    Download and open Kinemaster on your Android chúng tôi on the ‘+’ icon to create a new project.

    Select ‘9:16’ as your aspect ratio. Instagram has a portrait format for Reels so this is the best choice for you.

    You will now be shown the internal storage of your Android device. Navigate and select a random photo on your device.

    Note: Using this photo is a workaround that helps us bypass the crop restrictions on parent clips in Kinemaster.

    Once the photo is added to your timeline, extend it by dragging it from the right side. Ensure that the length is enough to incorporate both the videos you wish to use in the split-screen.

    Now tap on the ‘tick’ in the top right corner to confirm your changes.

    Tap on ‘Layer’.

    Select ‘Media’.

    Now navigate to the video you wish to add to your duet video and tap on it. Tap on the ‘Screen Options’ icon in the left sidebar as seen below.

    Select the split-screen mode, where the white section is on your left.

    Now use the pinch gesture to zoom and reposition your video on the left side.

    Once happy with the position, tap on the ‘tick’ in the top right corner.

    Now tap on ‘Layer’ again.

    Select ‘Media’.

    Now insert the second video you wish to add to your duet video.

    Tap on the ‘Screen Options’ icon again.

    This time select the split-screen option where the white section is on your right.

    Now again, drag and reposition the video according to your preference using the pinch gesture.

    Once you are happy with the placement of both the videos, tap on the ‘tick’ in the top right corner of your screen.

    Play the video once to ensure that everything is as intended. You can also add different effects or voiceovers to the video depending on your needs.

    Once you are done, tap on the ‘Share’ icon in the top right corner of your screen.

    Select your desired quality, bitrate, and frame rate. Once you are done, tap on ‘Export’.

    Your clip will now be exported by Kinemaster and you should be able to find it on your local storage.

    How to make Duet videos for Reels on PC

    If you do not have a powerful mobile device, then you might want to use your desktop instead to edit high-quality videos. Thankfully, Kapwing offers a nifty online tool that will help you

    Things you will need

    Internet Connectivity

    Desktop System

    Both videos to be used in the duet video on your local storage.

    How To Guide

    On the right, under ‘Output size’ select ‘9:16’.

    Upload the first video from your local storage.

    Now use the crop tool to focus your video on the subject completely. You can also use this function to Zoom in to a particular section of the video.

    Note: Ensure that you keep in mind that the video will be displayed on the right or left side of the screen. This can affect certain orientations so make sure to take that into account.

    You will now be taken back to the main page for your project where now the cropped video will be overlaid on the project. Use the protruding corners to resize the video to only one half of your screen.

    Now repeat the steps above to add your second video to the project.

    Kapwing will then process and export your video. This will take some time which usually depends on your network speed and the current bandwidth available to you from the Kapwing servers.

    Uploading the duet style video to Instagram Reels

    Now that you have created your duet video, it is time to upload it to Instagram Reels. Follow the guide below to get you started.

    Open Instagram on your device and swipe to the right on the home feed to open the ‘Camera’. Now tap on ‘Reels’ at the bottom of your screen.

    Tap on the ‘Gallery’ icon in the bottom left corner.

    Now select the video you just created in iMovie. Trim and align the video according to your needs in the timeline below. Once happy with the outcome, tap on the ‘Tick’ in the bottom right corner of your screen.

    You will now be taken back to the Reels camera page. Tap on the ‘right arrow’ beside the shutter button.

    Add any stickers or text that you wish to add to your Reel.

    Tap on the ‘right arrow’ in the bottom right corner to proceed.

    Write a caption and change the settings according to your preferences.

    Once you are done, tap on ‘Share’ at the bottom of your screen.

    What about the audio sync?

    Audio syncing is another step in this creative process that can go especially wrong if you do not have the same audio tracks at hand. Here are some tips that will help you sync the audio of both the videos.

    Extract audio

    This is a great and easy method to sync your audio. If both your videos are using the same audio track which is the case in most dance duets, then you should extract the audio from one clip and then use it as your only audio source. You can then sync both your videos to the same audio track simultaneously which should help you cut down significantly on your editing times.

    Use a clap

    If you are recording videos yourself, then the best way to sync an audio track to videos is to make use of audio claps. Have a reference audio track for the other video when shooting and before starting to use a loud sound or clap. This sound will help you pinpoint a time on your audio timeline which will help you sync the audio tracks for both your videos.

    Find a clap

    If you are sitting at the editing table currently and can not go back to the drawing board, then you should start by finding a loud audio source in one of the audio tracks. The distance between this sound and your syncing point can help you sync audio tracks from both the videos easily.

    If nothing works, stick to the basics

    If nothing seems to be working for you then stick to the basics and get the audio synced to your video as much as possible. Then, use effects, filters, or speed changes to your videos to mask the out of line audio and video tracks. This will not solve your issue, but help you develop a final product that will be much better than your initial out of sync result.

    Will there be native support for Duet videos by Instagram in the future?

    Given Facebook has unashamedly copied most of TikTok to Reels, we do think they will bring the Duet feature too to Instagram sooner or later. Don’t forget they also brought you Snapchat’s Stories feature to both Instagram and WhatsApp, which does back up this theory very well.


    How To Save Instagram Photos On Iphone With A Snap & Crop Trick

    Have you found an Instagram picture you want to save to your iPhone? You have probably noticed that Instagram doesn’t offer a direct way to download photos, but if you want to save a picture for sharing, backing up, or setting as a wallpaper, there are a few ways to accomplish this in iOS.

    By far the most immediate solution for quickly saving an Instagram photo on an iPhone is also the simplest and a decidedly low-tech solution using a snapshot and cropping it down afterwards, but we’ll discuss several other ways to save or download a photo from an Instagram page as well.

    Saving Instagram Photos to iPhone with a Snap & Crop

    The simplest way to save an Instagram photo to the iPhone? Snap a screenshot, then crop it down. Here’s how this works:

    Navigate to the Instagram photo you want to save to the iPhone

    Press the Power button and Home button concurrently to take a screen shot*

    Go to the Photos app on iOS to find the screen shot, then crop the image down using the built-in iOS Photos tools

    Enjoy your newly saved Instagram photo

    Now that you have saved the image and cropped it down, you can set the picture as your wallpaper, share it, save it, print it, whatever you want to do.

    * Some users have difficulty taking screenshots with iOS 10 but it’s the same sequence, though tapping the Power button ever-so-briefly before the Home button can be helpful.

    What about third party apps to download and save Instagram photos?

    Yes there are third party apps out there which claim to download Instagram photos to the iPhone for you, but many of them don’t work well, or they’re so cumbersome to use that they aren’t worth the time or effort. The screenshot method outlined above is almost always faster.

    How can I save all Instagram Photos from a user?

    If you want to save many Instagram photos from a specific user account, the best approach is to use a free third party tool.

    Those interested can download Instagram photos to a computer using tools like Instaport via the web, it works well and is fast for most Instagram accounts, though it should be noted that Instaport will often time out if you’re trying to download a particularly large Instagram photo archive. One solution to avoid that time-out is to use the date tool provided by Instaport to download date segments at a time when trying to save large photo archives.

    Overall, Instaport is an excellent and easy to use service that lets you easily export and backup photos from Instagram to your computer, and it’s perhaps the best service out there to do the job.

    Why doesn’t Instagram allow you to save photos directly?

    This is a good question, but Instagram does not allow you to save, export, or download Instagram photos from your account currently. While you can upload, and even take a picture with Instagram without uploading, you can’t download, making Instagram the Hotel California of social networks (get it? You can check out anytime you’d like, but you can never leave). Perhaps a future version of Instagram will allow users to export their photos easily.


    Instagram Lets Creators Schedule Posts And Reels In The App

    It’s finally coming…

    The wait is over for Instagram creators about scheduling the post and reels from the app itself.

    Until now, creators are using outward tools to schedule posts on Instagram. Hootsuite is the dominant software in this realm.

    The only caveat is necessary, you should have a professional Instagram account to schedule posts on this platform. If you use Instagram for business, you’re well-positioned to leap to the benefit of a new feature.

    However, upgrading from a standard account to a professional is completely free and simple. So, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s the best time.

    According to the “Creators” – official profile of the community, they released a note saying “You’ve been asking for it and we’ve listened! We’re rolling out content scheduling tools right in the Instagram app” along with snippets of walkthrough how it works and a new update feature ‘achievement’ to reward creators for their impressive efforts.

    Let’s learn how creators can use the new ‘Schedule post on Instagram’ feature in the app.

    How To Schedule Posts On Instagram App?

    The new feature update rolling out to Instagram will help creators avoid using third-party schedulers or desktop solutions like Meta Business Suite.

    With that note, creators, right from the interface, could be able to schedule post relatively coming periods but not more than 75 days.

    Here’s a breakdown of the steps for scheduling Instagram posts in the app.

    Step 1 – Create the desired post and select it in the app to upload. Step 2 – Before sharing the post, tap on the “Advance setting” option to access the scheduling tool. Step 3 – Upon tapping, you will ask to select a time and date to go live on their feed. Step 4 – Simply, navigate back to the Instagram post interface. Step 5 – Tap on the “Schedule‘ button to enable the action.

    Jumping on to the next minor update “Achievements” creators will get something for performing extraordinarily in their content. It is deployed to celebrate the effort that creators put into their reels, for entertainment and information, to encourage their followers.

    The achievements coming with the updates can be unlocked by taking specific actions when creating a reel such as:

    Collaborating with another creator

    Engaging with their community more interactively

    Joining the conversation by using the hit-signature audio or effects

    In the end

    The update will soon be rolled out. Keep checking the store marketplace for notifications of updates.

    Tell us… will you find it helpful for your content?

    !!Comment down!!

    How To Save Battery On Apple Watch

    Apple Watch has a battery life expectancy of 18 hours per day. And from my experience, I can attest that it usually far exceeds that number. But of course, it all depends on your usage. Depending on what you do with it, you might see better or worse battery life.

    22 Apple Watch tips to improve battery life

    Important: Keep in mind the goal here is not to disable as many features as possible. The goal is to be aware of the different ways you can save battery depending on your Apple Watch usage.

    1. Adjust screen brightness 2. Use a darker watch face

    Black pixels require much less energy than other colors on OLED displays, which probably explains why there is so much black across the Apple Watch user interface. One simple way to save battery life is to use watch faces with as much black as possible. The more black you have, the more battery you can retain. So that cute Mickey Mouse watch face you’ve been showing all your friends, it’s likely costing you a few battery points every day.

    3. Turn off Background App Refresh 4. Use complications that don’t ping your location or require updates

    Some complications (also known as watch face features) may require to ping your location to provide updated data. While the impact is probably minimal, it can add up quickly if you have several of these features on your watch face. Complications that may ping your location are the Moon Phase, Weather, and Sunrise/Sunset. In addition, note that the Stocks complication doesn’t ping your location but pulls updated data from your iPhone, which can also impact your battery life.

    5. Lower or mute sounds 6. Reduce haptic feedback

    Just like sounds can take a toll on your Apple Watch battery, the vibration from the Taptic Engine, although minimal, can also contribute to lower battery life at the end of the day. By going to the Sounds & Haptics tab from the Settings app on the watch or from the companion app, you can adjust the haptic strength and turn off Prominent haptics.

    7. Be conservative with notifications

    Apple Watch is a great way to stay in touch, but it can become a distraction if you have too many notifications set up to be pushed from your iPhone to your wrist. Even worse, these distractions can have a negative impact on your battery. On the Watch app on iPhone, go to the Notifications tab and turn off everything you don’t need. Not only this will improve your battery life, but it will also keep you more focused.

    8. Turn DND on if you don’t need timely alerts

    In a meeting or at school? Turn Do Not Disturb on in order to save a little battery by not being pinged with incoming notifications. Not only it will prevent the Taptic Engine from using the battery when providing haptic feedback, but you will also save battery life by not raising your wrist and waking the screen to look at notifications.

    9. Turn off “Hey Siri” 10. Turn off wrist raise 11. Delete apps you don’t use

    Now that the novelty has worn off, it’s time to do a little Spring cleaning on your Home screen. Take a few minutes to figure out what apps you really need and those you don’t. Even if you don’t use them that much, there may be data transfer between the apps on iPhone and on the watch, leading to slow battery drain.

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    12. Use Power Saving Mode during workouts 13. Stop sending your heartbeat

    Just like measuring your heartbeat during workouts is a power-hungry feature, sending your heartbeat to your friends can have an impact on your battery level at the end of the day. The fix here is simple: just refrain from sending your heartbeat to friends. It’s creepy, and it drains your battery.

    14. Disable heart rate and fitness tracking altogether 16. Reduce motion 17. Reduce transparency 18. Avoid playing games

    We’re approaching the obvious tips zone here, but it needs to be stated as some sort of reminder. There is a handful of games available for the Apple Watch, and these things will just suck the life out of your battery in less time than it takes for you to answer a Trivia Crack question. I’m guilty of it too of course, but I try to limit my usage of games unless I have 3 minutes to myself and let my iPhone on the coffee table. You know, the Trivia Crack emergency.

    19. Take it easy on calls

    Still, in the obvious category, it should be noted that, according to Apple, talk time (aka phone calls) is the best way to deplete your Apple Watch battery. Try to keep your inner Dick Tracy in check, and unless it’s absolutely necessary, try placing phone calls directly from your iPhone. This is its primary purpose, after all.

    20. Take it easy on music streaming 21. Get in Power Reserve mode

    When everything else fails, and maybe more importantly, if your watch must go through the day to tell the time, just turn Power Reserve mode on. This will shut down every feature of your Apple Watch, but it will keep telling the time, which I guess is its basic function anyway. On your watch clock screen, swipe up to reveal the Control Center, and look for the battery percentage, then tap Power Reserve.

    22. Reboot from time to time

    If you’re experiencing what appears to be an abnormal battery drain on your Apple Watch, remember that this device is basically a miniature computer, and like every computer out there, it actually helps to sometimes reboot it. Even if you don’t see any battery problem, it’s actually not a bad idea to reboot from time to time. To restart, simply press and hold the side button to power off, then press and hold again to boot it up.

    Do you have tips on how to save battery on Apple Watch? Please make sure to share them with us.

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    How To Create Group Chats On Instagram.

    Just like Facebook and Snapchat, Instagram also includes the ability to create group chats between friends and family. If you are unfamiliar with how to create a group chat in Instagram or didn’t even know the option existed, this guide will show you how to make your own personal group conversation in Instagram.

    How to Reply to Instagram Stories With your Own Photos and Videos.

    If you are only just finding out about the existence of Group Conversations in Instagram, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. A large portion of long term users don’t even realize the feature exists. As with most platforms that offer group conversations, Instagram isn’t much different, allowing users to send messages and photos as well as the usual assortment of other material.  

    How to Create Private Groups in Instagram For Sharing Photos and Messages.

    In the past, you have more than likely used Instagram’s Direct feature to send private messages and photos to an individual person. Instagram have expanded on this feature somewhat, so you can now use the same option to create group chats with as many people as you like, all of whom have the ability to send pictures and messages.  

    To start using the Group Chat feature on Instagram, tap the paper plane icon in the top right-hand corner to open the Direct Message tab. From the newly opened tab, tap the small Plus icon (+) you will now be able to see a list of all the people you can send a message too. To start a group conversation all you need to do is tap the circle next to the username of anyone you wish to be included in the conversation.

    Even though you have created a group, you won’t be able to name the chat until you have sent your first message, either a text message, picture or an emoji will be enough. After the initial message has been sent to break the ice, you will be able to name the group, unfortunately, the name of the group can’t exceed more than 20 characters which is rather limited.

    Group conversations in Instagram work in almost the exact same way as in Facebook Messenger, you can write text messages as well as send private photos and emojis. If you would like to add more members to the group at any stage, tap the (i) icon in the top right-hand corner and select the new people you wish to add from the list.

    If at any stage the group becomes too much for you, or the conversation has come to an end you can leave the group chat by tapping the (i) icon in the top right-hand corner and selecting leave group. You will need to confirm the exit, in case you have accidentally selected the option. Once you have exited a group you will no longer to able to view the conversation and won’t receive notifications. Although this feature in Instagram isn’t anything revolutionary, it does save you having to switch between different apps to keep in touch with all your friends.

    Update the detailed information about How To Save Reels As Drafts On Instagram Instead Of Posting Them. on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!