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If you have been using social networking websites, you might be very well aware of the term ‘Selfie’. A ‘Selfie’ is a picture that one has taken of oneself, with a smartphone or webcam to upload to social media websites. The term Selfie was coined back in the year 2005 and was declared as the word of the year for 2013 by Oxford, although it has never been as ubiquitous as it is today.

How to take a good Selfie?

Tilting the phone at a 45-degree angle just above your eye line, finding a suitable light source, and striking a flattering pose are just small examples of what a little care can do to improve your selfies.

How to take a Selfie with a front camera

Choose the correct angle- Shoot a


from a little above and also sticky your neck a little to look slimmer and hide the bugle under your chin. Focus on your face and tilt your neck a bit to get an attractive



Find your good side- Everybody has a good and a bad side, check which side of your face gives you good selfies.

Good light plays an important role- Avoid using flash to take selfies, use natural light rather. It is always the best idea to take selfies outdoors.

Be Casual- Don’t try too hard and avoid over-expressions to get a good, natural, and attractive



How to take Selfies – guys or girls

Girls should take their selfies taking their one hip way out, this makes the body look slimmer.

If you want to show cleavage, prop yourself up with elbows in a bed or the floor.

Girls can show their duck lips and guys can focus on their ironman pose.

Use filters and photo editors on your selfies before you upload them on social networking websites.

How to take Selfies with Windows Phone

If you are a Windows Phone user, you can download the apps from Windows Store which helps you getting nice and eye-catching selfies.

Camera Timer Glam Me App

This app allows you to take a self-portrait with the main camera as well as the front camera. Features like slim face, eye brightness or contrast, smile enhancement, and smart Light make it a perfect app for taking selfies. Smart Light feature enhances the light quality of your picture automatically when you’re using the front camera of your Windows Phone. The Lumia phones sure can take out some great selfies!

How to take a Selfie with a DSLR

There are tons of selfies on the web taken from a Smartphone, but those do not compare to the ones taken with a DSLR.

To take a good


from your DSLR camera, you would first need a tripod and a light stand.

Set your DSLR camera on the tripod and adjust the light stand to a height as tall as your eyes.

How to take selfies without a front camera

Don’t worry if your Smartphone doesn’t possess a front camera or it is not a good one. Following apps can help you to take good selfies without front camera-

General Tips on How to Take Good Selfie

Use a decent camera.

Proper light is very important.

Choose the background carefully.

Don’t try hard, smile, and be natural.

To make your features look sharper, keeping the light source at a 50-60 degree angle above your face level, may help.

If you are on the fatter side, taking a selfie with your arm at a raised position may make you look slightly thinner and hide your double chin, if any.

Have a look at some of the best Selfie Sticks for Android, and iPhone.

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How Do You Take Screenshots On A Toshiba Laptop?

How do You Take Screenshots on a Toshiba Laptop? Use the keyboard combination described below right away




Screenshots help you save a great amount of information without having to note them manually.

If you are using a Toshiba laptop, then this guide gives you a bunch of ways to take screenshots on it, including making use of the Snipping Tool.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Taking a screenshot helps you in a situation when you wish to save a good amount of information. In place of typing and saving the information, you can simply take a screenshot and be done with it.

If you have a Toshiba laptop, then there are a bunch of different ways to take screenshots on it. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop.

What are the benefits of taking a proper screenshot?

You can report an issue: If you are facing an error on our PC, then you can quickly take a screenshot of the error message and report it to the support team to get further assistance in resolving it.

Save important information: Say you wish to save flight information but it is too much to write down, you can simply take a screenshot and save all the information.

Explain something to someone: You can take a screenshot and guide someone on how to navigate through a bunch of options with clear instructions, to make their life easier.

Create instant and custom memes: You get meme templates on the internet, with screenshots, and you can personalize and customize them to match the situation that you wish to explain. We have a list of some of the best meme-creator software if you are interested.

How can I take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop? Take a screenshot on Windows 11 1. Use the PrintScr button

Taking about the usual way of taking a screenshot, you can make use of the PrintScr button on your keyboard.

Pressing the Fn + PrintScr button will take a screenshot of the entire screen. If you wish to take a screenshot of a particular window, then you need to press Alt + PrintScr.

2. Use the Snipping tool

Windows operating system comes with a bunch of essential tools one of which is the Snipping Tool. Using this tool, you can easily capture a screenshot and save it on your PC.

It also features some other editing tools to finalize your screenshots and make them send-ready. You can choose the option to take a rectangle screenshot, an oval screenshot, etc., and also capture a part of the region you wish to capture.

Take a screenshot on Windows 10


For those using Windows 10 on their Toshiba laptops, they can also try taking screenshots by pressing the Windows + PrintScr keys.

1. Use the PrintScr button

Taking about the usual way of taking a screenshot, you can make use of the PrintScr button on your keyboard.

Pressing the Fn + PrintScr button will take a screenshot of the entire screen. If you wish to take a screenshot of a particular window, then you need to press Alt + PrintScr.

2. Use the Snipping tool

Windows operating system comes with a bunch of essential tools one of which is the Snipping Tool. Using this tool, you can easily capture a screenshot and save it on your PC.

Expert tip:

Take a screenshot on Windows 7


For those using Windows 7 on their Toshiba laptops, they can also try taking screenshots by pressing the Windows + PrintScr keys.

1. Use the PrintScr button

Taking about the usual way of taking a screenshot, you can make use of the PrintScr button on your keyboard.

Pressing the Fn + PrintScr button will take a screenshot of the entire screen. If you wish to take a screenshot of a particular window, then you need to press Alt + PrintScr.

2. Use the Snipping tool

Windows operating system comes with a bunch of essential tools one of which is the Snipping Tool. Using this tool, you can easily capture a screenshot and save it on your PC.

It also features some other editing tools to finalize your screenshots and make them send-ready. You can choose the option to take a rectangle screenshot, an oval screenshot, etc., and also capture a part of the region you wish to capture.

If you are using Windows 11, then you can refer to our guide on how you can take screenshots on Windows 11 in 4 quick ways.

In case the PrintScr button on your Toshiba laptop isn’t working, we have a guide that lists some of the effective solutions to resolve the issue.

We also have a guide on the best and easy ways to convert screenshot into JPG format in Windows 10.

If you are facing issues where the Snipping Tool isn’t copying images to the clipboard, then you can refer to our guide which lists some dedicated fixes. Also, we have a list of some of the best snipping tools for your PC.

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How To Determine When To Take Vacation

The chúng tôi community asked how to know when is the right time to take a vacation. We went looking for answers.

There’s no question that the United States has an unhealthy vacation culture. U.S. Travel Association research found that U.S. workers didn’t use, on average, 33% of their earned vacation time in 2023.  

Despite numbers like these, the importance of taking time off is no secret. The Framingham Heart Study found that men who don’t take vacations are 30% more likely to have a heart attack, and women are 50% more likely.

Unfortunately, there is no secret algorithm that tells you the best time to leave your office. However, your industry, company size, and strategy all play a significant role in determining your optimal time off. Here are a few vacationing trends that can make your decision easier. 

When to consider taking a vacation During the offseason

Dayne Shuda, founder of Ghost Blog Writers, suggests that the best time to take a vacation in the business world is when other businesspeople are also taking vacations. If other workers are vacationing at the beach in the summer or traveling for family gatherings, you can afford to take some time off, too.

“The holiday season in late December is a good time,” Shuda said. “It also seems that the Fourth of July week is less busy in the U.S.”

But for hospitality and retail, the holiday season is often the busiest time of the year. Don’t be afraid to discuss with your manager which seasons are least busy, or when they prefer you to request time off.

Amid a lull

A good time to request PTO may be when your colleagues are scheduled to work. It’s also essential to ask your manager for time off early so they have time to reassign your work while you’re out.

Lisa Chu, founder of Black N Bianco, said her company takes employee vacation very seriously because employees should have a happy and balanced work life. “We put in place a very simple vacation-request policy.”

Marielle Smith, vice president of people at GoodHire, asks that employees give as much lead time as possible when requesting time off. If the vacation is a week or longer, she asks that they at least give a month’s notice.

“The best time is when other team members aren’t taking off, so it’s best to put requests in early and coordinate with others if possible,” Smith said.

In between jobs

Regardless of industry, a great time to vacation is when you don’t have to request time off or leave unfinished assignments behind. Experts say you should take at least a week off between jobs if you can afford to skip a paycheck. The Balance Careers suggests waiting six months before asking to take time off from a new job, so it might be your last chance for time off for a while.

If you are happy with your current position and don’t foresee a career shift in the near future, initiate a conversation with your supervisor about your plans.


Even companies with unlimited PTO can have blackout dates for vacation time. Always check with HR or your manager to figure out the best time to take time off.


If you are planning a British beach vacation, here are the best value hotels by the beach.

To encourage physical health

The mind and body work so closely together that if one is unwell, the other will be too. 

“Working without an extended break can make you quite unwell,” said Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love. “Stress can cause a number of physical and mental health problems, and it can also cause interpersonal problems in your marriage and with your family. Being a workaholic shouldn’t be a virtue, especially when it very often obliterates productivity as burnout hits.”

How to maximize your vacation days

We all look forward to taking vacations, and there are some great ways to maximize your vacation time. Million Mile Secrets offers some insight on making the most of your vacation days. 

1. Plan ahead.

Planning your vacation brings more satisfaction than you realize. You’ll have something to look forward to, and the planning process allows you to visualize your trip. Nonstop flights may be a little more expensive, but they can save you a lot of time of actual travel. The time you get to spend at your destination makes up for the additional cost of the flight, as long as it’s within your budget. 

This is especially true for entrepreneurs running a one-person show, or with only a few employees. They still need to get away and unwind, but the planning is more important. 

2. Travel during the offseason.

Consider traveling during times that are not popular for your destination. If you travel at off-peak times, it can save you from long lines and delays, and possibly even score you some deals. Consider how much time you have for a specific vacation when planning your trip. If you have more time available, you might consider going to places that are more difficult to access. For example, you’d save a trip to Australia for when you have plenty of time, whereas a stateside beach trip can be relatively quick.

3. Go over a weekend.

Lifehacker recommends taking seven to 11 days of vacation per year. If you work it correctly around a weekend, you can use less actual work days for your vacation. Depending on how many vacation days you get per year dictates how many days you can actually take, but you should try to wrap your days around a weekend and holiday so you can make the most of your time off. Lifehacker’s Patrick Allan warns not to take all of your days at one time, no matter how enticing it might be. You should space out your vacation days so you can find some balance. 

4. Leave the guilt behind.

Part of maximizing your vacation days means actually enjoying the days you take. If you’re constantly worried about what you’ll walk back into when you return to work, or if you feel guilty, enjoying vacation can be hard. 


Paid time off (PTO) policies exist for a reason. Employers should establish and communicate a clear PTO policy to ensure employees feel comfortable using their allotted time.

“I think the guilt that coincides with taking time away from work is our society’s obsession with productivity,” said Ravi Parikh, CEO of RoverPass. “Our society often measures a person’s worth with how productive they are on a given day. This is unhealthy and unsustainable. We must remind ourselves to prioritize our mental and physical well-being and take vacations when we can and want.”

Carlyann Edwards contributed to the writing and reporting in this article. Some source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

How To Take And Edit A Screenshot From Google Chrome On Android.

If you use Google Chrome on your Android device and usually just take screenshots using your phones screenshot buttons. This article will show you how to take a screenshot using Google Chrome, then edit and save it. A new feature in Chrome that saves you having to take a screenshot and edit it in another app.

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For the longest time, we’ve all been taking screenshots on our mobile devices using the screenshot button allocated by our phones manufacturer and cropping or editing them using third-party apps. After soon long using this process, it seems odd that Google has added a default (native) screenshot option to the Android version of Chrome that has an edit and crop feature.

Although I wasn’t convinced of the usefulness of the feature at first, it’s grown on me quite a lot and saves a decent amount of time for browser screenshots. It does take some getting used to though, as your mind constantly reverts to using the hold screenshot option out of habit. Unlike most other screenshot options, this one isn’t as easy to find as you’d expect. So follow along as we guide you through the process of using the Screenshot option in Google Chrome on Android to edit and crop screenshots before sharing them.

Note: Although this feature is rolling out internationally at the same time, there may be a slight delay in your region, so check back soon.

Where is the new Google Chrome Screenshot, edit, and crop tool on Android? Native screenshot option in Chrome Android?

To begin, using the new screenshot option in Google Chrome, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your Android device. Once you have this, the rest of the process is easy, though as always… Not where you’d expect to find it.

Open Google Chrome on your Android device, then visit a website you’d like to screenshot (ours works great). Once you are on the page tap the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Next, tap Share, then choose the new Screenshot icon in the bottom corner of the screen (it may have moved slightly in newer versions).

This will open the webpage you are visiting in a new window and allow you to Crop, Text, or Draw on the image. Obviously, you can do all of them if you need to.

That’s it! You can finally take screenshots, edit them, then send them using Google Chrome. Like I mentioned earlier though If you’ve been using the traditional method on your device for a long time, you’re going to force yourself to get used to this feature. As I take a lot of screenshots to write guides I’ve accustomed myself to using it pretty quickly.

Before you go make sure you take a few minutes to read the following guide on disabling FLoC in Google Chrome. This is Chromes new cookie alternative and one that every single other browser is refusing to adopt. For some much unity in a space that is usually arguing with each other, FLoC doesn’t sound like it’s good anyone but Google….

How To Take, View, And Share A Screenshot On An Apple Watch

But while the Apple Watch does allow you to take screenshots just as seamlessly as on an iPhone or iPad, the procedure can be complicated or confusing for first-time users. The same goes if you want to view or share them.

Table of Contents

So if you’re just getting used to the Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy), you’ll figure out everything you need to know about taking, viewing, and sharing screenshots on your Apple Watch below.

How to Enable Screenshot Taking on Apple Watch

By default, the Apple Watch prevents you from taking screenshots because of how easy it is to press the screenshot button combo (more on that later) accidentally. But you can activate the function whenever you want by diving into the Watch app on your iPhone. Or, you can choose to do that via the Settings app on your Apple Watch itself.

Enable Apple Watch Screenshots Using iPhone

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Switch to the My Watch tab (if you aren’t already on it) and tap General.

Note: If you use more than a single Apple Watch, tap the All Watches option (located at the top-left of the My Watch tab) and pick the correct smartwatch.

3. Scroll down the screen and turn on the switch next to Enable Screenshots.

Enable Apple Watch Screenshots Using Apple Watch

1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to bring up your apps.

2. Open the Settings app by tapping the gear-shaped icon.

3. Tap General.

4. Scroll down the screen and tap Screenshots.

5. Turn on the switch next to Enable Screenshots.

How to Take Screenshots on Apple Watch

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to be precise about pressing both buttons simultaneously. You can hold down the Digital Crown first and immediately follow that by squeezing the Side button (or vice versa).

Note: If you take a screenshot using the button combination above on the Workout app, that shall also prompt the Apple Watch to pause your workout. You must press both buttons again (or manually swipe to the left of the app and tap Resume) to resume it.

How to View Apple Watch Screenshots

You can’t view your screenshots on the Apple Watch itself since the Photos app on your smartwatch only syncs the Favorites album from your iPhone. But if you want to, you can mark an image as a favorite (long-press the screenshot thumbnail and tap Favorites), and it should show up on your Apple Watch momentarily.

Alternatively, you can set Recents as the default album on your Apple Watch. That should prompt any screenshots to sync back from the iPhone to your Apple Watch automatically. 

To do that, open the iPhone’s Watch app and select Photos within the My Watch tab. Follow by picking Recents next to Sync Album. You may want to set a lower photo limit under Photos Limit to prevent the internal storage on your Apple Watch from filling up faster.

How to Share and Edit Apple Watch Screenshots

You can share your screenshots just like any other image from your iPhone. Just long-press an image thumbnail and tap Share. You can then choose to share it over AirDrop or an app such as Messages, WhatsApp, or Mail via the Share Sheet. 

Alternatively, you can long-press and select Copy and follow that by manually pasting it elsewhere (such as an attachment in an email or to a storage location within the Files app).

If you want to share multiple screenshots simultaneously, tap Select to the top-right of the Photos app screen. Then, select the items and tap the Share icon to the screen’s lower-left to invoke the Share Sheet.

You can also edit your screenshots before sharing them. For example, you can zone in on a specific area that needs attention by cropping or marking the image. Just tap an image and select Edit to gain access to your photo editing tools.

However, you can’t share screenshots (or other images) via your Apple Watch, even if you’ve chosen to sync them to the device via your iPhone.

Can’t Take Screenshots on Apple Watch? Here’s Why

If your Apple Watch screenshots fail to appear on the iPhone, that’s likely due to communication issues between the devices. You can confirm that by bringing up the Control Center on your smartwatch (swipe up from the bottom of the screen). Also, if you see a red-colored iPhone symbol at the top of the screen, the device lacks a connection to your iPhone. 

You can fix that by moving the Apple Watch and iPhone close to each other and ensuring that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are active on both devices. Once everything’s okay, you’ll see a green-colored icon on the Apple Watch’s Control Center. Any screenshots that you’ve already taken should then show up within the iPhone’s Photos app.

Finally, some apps or areas on the Apple Watch may stop you from capturing screenshots by design. That could be due to the presence of sensitive information or copyrighted content.

Start Capturing Your Apple Watch’s Screen

How To Take Screenshots In Windows 11

Screenshots are an easy way to capture any important information on our screen in an image for future use. Also, taking screenshots in Windows 11 is undoubtedly very easy. But many users still don’t know how to do this.

Even if they know, they use only one way all the time to capture screenshots. Thus, we’ve created this guide explaining how to take screenshots in Windows 11. It shares all the possible methods to take screenshots in Windows 11.

4 Ways To Take Screenshots in Windows 11

Here in this guide, we’ve shared four different ways to capture screenshots in Windows 11. Read ahead and try all the ways on your Windows 11 PC or laptop to take screenshots:

1. Using the Snipping Tool

The latest Windows 11 comes with an integrated screen-capturing tool called Snipping tool that lets you capture your Windows 11 system’s screen in an image and video. We’ve mentioned the steps to capture screenshots on Windows 11 using the Snipping tool below:

1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the search box and type Snipping in it.

3. Once the Snipping tool is opened, you’ll see four options in the Snipping tool’s menu bar: Rectangular mode, Freeform mode, Window mode, and Fullscreen mode. You can read the below-mentioned information to know what these options do:

Rectangular Mode: Rectangular mode lets you capture any part of your system’s screen into a rectangular image. You simply need to select the area using your cursor.

Freeform mode: Freeform mode allows you to capture any part of your computer’s screen with a free hand. There won’t be any symmetry maintained in the screenshot.

Window mode: Window mode lets you only capture an active window on your system into an image. You need to go to the window you want to capture and use the shortcut.

Fullscreen mode: The Fullscreen mode enables you to capture an entire window in an image. To capture a screenshot in this mode, open the window that you want to capture into an image, and it’ll automatically take the screenshot and save it on your system.

2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Another easy method to capture screenshots in Windows 11 is by using keyboard shortcuts. There are five different shortcuts to take screenshots of a Windows 11 system’s screen. We’ve listed all the shortcuts below, so check them out and take screenshots:

1. PrtSc

The first shortcut or key to take a screenshot in Windows 11 is the PrtScn key. PrtSc is also spelled as Print Screen. The key takes the screenshot of the current window and copies it into the system’s clipboard. You can then paste the screenshot anywhere using the Ctrl + V shortcut.

2. Windows Key + PrtSc

Pressing the Windows Key + PrtSc keys combination opens the Snipping tool on your Windows PC. Once the tool is opened, you can use it to capture screenshots and record screens.

3. Win + Shift + S

The Win + Shift + S shortcut is another easy method to open the Snipping tool in Windows 11. You can check Method 1 to know how to use the Snipping tool on Windows 11.

4. Alt + PrtSc

You can use the Alt + PrtSc keyboard shortcut to screenshot your entire Windows 11 system’s screen. This shortcut automatically copies the screenshot to your system’s clipboard.

5. Windows Key + Alt + PrtSc

Using the Windows + Alt + PrtSc keys combination, open Xbox Game Bar on your Windows 11 PC or laptop. We suggest you check Method 3 to capture screenshots using Xbox Game Bar.

3. Using Xbox Game Bar

Windows 11 comes with Xbox Game Bar that enables you to capture videos and screenshots while playing games. The best part is that Xbox Game Bar also supports programs, not only games.

So check the below-mentioned instructions to use it to take screenshots of any tab or window:

1. Press the Windows + G keyboard shortcut at the same time to open Xbox Game Bar.

Tip: You can also open Xbox Game Bar using the Windows Search Box by typing Xbox Game Bar in it.

4. With Third-Party Apps

Other than Windows 11’s built-in utilities, there are plenty of other third-party screenshot programs that let you screenshot your Windows 11 PC’s screen and record them. You only need to do your research and choose the best screenshot software for your PC.

Where Do All the Screenshots Save in Windows 11?

Whenever you take a screenshot on your Windows 11 PC or laptop using any of the methods mentioned above, they directly save in the below-listed path in the File Explorer utility:



How Do You Screenshot on Windows 11?

You can use Windows integrated Snipping tool to take a screenshot on your Windows 11 PC or laptop.

Why Can’t I Take a Screenshot on windows 11

It could be possible that your Windows 11 system’s keyboard drivers are outdated or have some glitches, which is why you aren’t able to take screenshots using the keyboard shortcuts. Another possible reason could be an issue with Windows Explorer’s functioning.

What Are the Ways to Take a Screenshot on a PC?

You can take screenshots on a Windows 11 PC using the keyboard shortcuts and the built-in Snipping tool. Not only this, but you can also use Xbox Game Bar to capture screenshots.

How Do I Take a Screenshot Without Pressing Windows?

You can open the integrated Snipping tool on your Windows 11 PC using the Windows Search Box and take screenshots without using any keyboard shortcut or even the Windows key.

Take Screenshots in Windows 11 With Ease

Taking screenshots in Windows 11 is very easy. Yet many people still don’t know how to take them. Thus in this tutorial, we shared all the possible methods to take screenshots in Windows 11.

Hopefully, the mentioned methods helped you easily capture screenshots on your system. So, this was it for this tutorial. If you liked this tutorial, share your thoughts about it. Also, share it with others who need to know these ways to capture screenshots in Windows 11.

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