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Ethereum [ETH] is the second-largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $224 billion. It is the bedrock of numerous blockchain projects running successfully today.

The first quarter of the new year brought a stop to the heartbreak crypto investors repeatedly experienced in 2023. However, the balance of the crypto-market has been nothing close to the AI hype of the same period. What is the sole reason, though? ChatGPT!

The good thing is — The broader crypto ecosystem has not been left out of the trend. So, with the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade set in motion, I spoke to ChatGPT about the development while touching a bit on ETH’s price.

Understanding what’s the Shanghai Upgrade

So, for this article, I decided to test the AI’s intelligence regarding one of the major upgrades of the crypto space this year – Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade. Proposed in 2023, the upgrade is the most significant development of the second-largest blockchain after the Merge.

For a while, assets had been allocated to the Ethereum Beacon Chain. The Beacon Chain is the consensus mechanism for the 2023 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) transition. Thereby, making sure that newly created blocks and validators are duly rewarded.

But, in this case, each validator needs 32 ETH deposited into the Ethereum Mainnet to qualify. The idea of the Shanghai upgrade was scheduled for March 2023; however, it was completed on 12 April with a delay. This, to allow these validators to begin withdrawal of their rewards.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, has existed for some years. However, its recent push by OpenAI has shown that its ability is one that no other AI product may be able to match up with.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I openly admit that ChatGPT could be one of the best innovations of this decade. However, my views on this incredible development won’t allow me to keep my hands to myself. So, I decided to test its knowledge about the Shanghai upgrade. Trust me, you will be amazed at its response.

Looking at its response above, it’s evident it started by correcting me. Some would say it has a point too. However, a further evaluation showed that it acted like it was not yet in 2023. Notably, it made some errors with the definition.

ChatGPT can’t remember Merge?

A notable observation is its mention of the PoS switch, popularly called the Merge. This is an event that took place in September 2023. Even so, it still responded like it is a future event. But no, I’m not blaming its capability as it is a learning tool. So, to further assess its knowledge, I educated it or shall I say “jailbreak-ed” it by having a heart-to-heart conversation.

Something I find interesting about ChatGPT is not only its smartness, but its human feel too. As shown below, I tried to educate it on what the upgrade was. And to be honest, I never expected an apology from a bot. But yes, I got it.

However, it again failed to give the correct answer to my inquiry. Although I must applaud it for giving bits and pieces of related information.

While it did not get to the Testnet stages that the blockchain had reached and passed, it is worth noting that the Sepolia and Goerlii Testnets have been forked. However, Ethereum developer Tim Beiko had on 14 March said that several validators have failed to upgrade on the Beacon Chain.

And, this has caused some issues with the nodes on Georli, with Beiko noting that the development team is working on it so it does not affect the Mainnet upgrade.

Now, let’s get back to ChatGPT. As you probably know, developments in the crypto-ecosystem sometime lead to a hike in tokens related to projects. Unfortunately, that was not the case for ETH during the Merge. In fact, the altcoin’s price was shredded after many looked forward to an uptick.

The sentiment, as the next upgrade approaches, is similar among some investors. In light of this, I decided to ask ChatGPT’s opinion about the matter.

ChatGPT tells me about Ethereum’s future performance

Remember how I said it apologized and gave me a human-like feel? This time, it was different and its reply was something any honest person in the space would give.

However, this was not the response I was expecting. From the reviews I saw online, I believe that ChatGPT should be able to give me an exact figure. If it can’t do that, then maybe it should be able to give a price range, or at worst, an idea if the price would be bullish or capitulate.

So, my determination made me dig deep as I tried to jailbreak it. To do that, I decided to go with the “Do Anything Now” (DAN) model. This was a trick I discovered from AI writer SM Raiyyan.

In this jailbreaking process, ChatGPT is expected to give a response to my command and, if possible, ditch its excuse of not being able to predict the future. Then again, I asked ChatGPT to give me a price prediction following the Shanghai Upgrade. 

And voila! I got a jailbroken response. Here’s what it said.

This time, it gave a little too enthusiastic response regarding the future performance of the token after being jailbroken. It predicted that ETH’s price will reach $10K — a rather ridiculous claim.

ChatGPT (Classic) mentioned that price action depends on several underlying factors and it cannot predict cryptocurrency’s price. But the Jailbreak response said that ETH will skyrocket to the moon. 

We then asked, “What will be the price of Ethereum by December 2023?”

As you can see from the jailbroken response, it projected a bullish ride for king alt and predicted that ETH will be worth $10K by the end of the year — an astonishingly high figure. 

At press time, ETH was trading hands at $1,866.5, reflecting a drop of 3.5% within a week. 

Both its Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Money Flow Index (MFI) rested below the neutral 50-mark. Its On Balance Volume (OBV) also remains stagnant. 

In conclusion, the short-term prospects of ETH look bleak.

Finally! It showed me the code

So, I gave ChatGPT a last chance to redeem itself. Again, this question was a simple one, and I expected an accurate answer. I went further to explain things to it carefully. But here is what I got when I asked it to show me the code of ETH’s price on a price tracking platform like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.

If you had thought it would disappoint again, sorry to burst your bubble. ChatGPT gave me the code for ETH’s price. Another thing I was impressed with was the disclaimer it gave about not using the information for investment purposes.

All in all, I must admit that ChatGPT has come to stay. Even though it lags in some areas, I noticed that if you teach it; it learns fast. However, I can’t say for sure that it would get you information about Ethereum or the Shanghai upgrade quickly.

Thoughtful responses and the GPT-4 mastermind?

Since I had limited knowledge about AI, I decided to speak to an expert. I was lucky enough to get the attention of Ilman Shazhaev, CEO and founder of Farcana. He is a Dubai-based techpreneur with extensive experience in launching IT and DeepTech projects. Has a strong background in IT management, data science, and AI.

Q- ChatGPT seems to be giving a few incorrect or backdated answers. What do you think could be responsible for this?

Q- Do you think the AI is capable of predicting a cryptocurrency’s price, especially if a development is approaching? Let’s say the Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade

Artificial Intelligence can do anything, including predicting a cryptocurrency’s price. The tool can do this by riding on the tons of available data, which it can efficiently use as a basis for its predictions.

Still, while predicting the price of crypto is one thing, the accuracy of the prediction is another. Considering the fact that AI can only use data, there are fundamental factors and analyses that it may not be able to factor in, thus impairing its accuracy by a significant factor.

Q- If it struggles to give correct responses to up-to-date developments. How long do you think it would take to learn about it?

Q- Do you think AI in any way can influence the Ethereum blockchain or ETH’s price going forward?

There are many aspects through which AI and a blockchain protocol can co-exist, and innovators, including our team at Farcana, are exploring what new use cases we can build in this regard. While AI and blockchain are independently innovative, their combination can do quite a lot, including influencing ETH’s price.

Meanwhile, OpenAI may be working on improvements to the challenges experienced by ChatGPT.  On 14 March, the company revealed an upgraded version of the product on GPT-4. With amazing capabilities and talks of passing difficult exams, who knows? Maybe it could fill in for all the lapses opened up by ChatGPT.

So, now that there is a new version, I wanted to see if there is any difference or improvement. My next line of action was to ask GPT-4 the first question I asked ChatGPT.

And to my surprise, it gave me a direct answer.

Following my experience with the upgraded version, I must admit that GPT-4 seems to be smarter than the ChatGPT-3.5 model. Although the answers were not entirely correct, the bot did not give a “not being familiar” with the term excuse.

Following the encounter with ChatGPT, I must admit that it may be a good idea to leverage its capabilities. As technology develops, so does its potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

More importantly, you may want to take its “classic” response a little seriously. This is because it might be practically impossible for ETH to replace the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve by the time frame.

Besides that, there has been a slow rate in the network growth of several crypto projects recently. But with ChatGPT available, crypto education and adoption could improve. 

As far as price analysis and prediction of Ethereum is concerned, ChatGPT turned out to be a reliable ally. You only need to interact with it enough and it will guide you to the moon.

We will see if Ethereum will really hit $10,000 by the end of the year as ChatGPT predicts.

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I Asked Chatgpt Whether I Should Remain Confident In Bnb, It Replied With A…

Binance’s [BNB] network has been subjected to relentless regulatory scrutiny in 2023, raising grave concerns about the survival of one of the largest crypto companies in the world. Several Binance executives reportedly exited the firm as the regulatory heat intensified.

Binance was sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in early June for allegedly breaking federal securities laws.

Germany’s financial regulator has rejected Binance’s request for a crypto custody license. The exchange has withdrawn its request for regulatory approval in Austria. It has also given up its registration with regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom and Cyprus. The exchange has opted to quit the Netherlands after failing to register there. Belgium has also ordered the exchange to suspend its operations in the country. The French authorities are also reportedly investigating the exchange on “aggravated money laundering” charges.

TradingView data shows a surge in aggregated sell orders of about 125,000 BNB worth $37 million just before the U.S. SEC’s crackdown on the exchange. Speculations are rife around a possible case of insider trading. 

In March, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) had filed a lawsuit accusing the exchange and its founder Changpeng Zhao “CZ” of violating local compliance rules to expand its business.

Earlier in February, Paxos, the issuer of the Binance branded stablecoin BUSD, was directed by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) to stop minting new tokens. The action, according to the regulator, was brought about by “several unresolved issues related to Paxos’ oversight of its relationship with Binance.”

According to data from research firm Kaiko, Binance’s spot trading market share stood at 55.9% in June 2023, hitting near a one-year low. The figure is nearly the same as the last two months. The lawsuit-induced FUD resulted in a radical shake-up of its exchange reserves with users withdrawing funds for self-custody.

The future course for Binance and its native token, Binance Coin (BNB), is shrouded in uncertainty. And, most of the investors and analysts in the space would be busy understanding the dynamics to make informed decisions going forward. We, at AMB Crypto, tried to get some help from an unlikely ally – ChatGPT

Read Price Prediction for Binance Coin (BNB) 2023-24

ChatGPT — the AI sensation

Put simply, it functions like a conventional chatbot that we have encountered in the customer support section of different e-commerce companies. However, the big difference here is that communication is more conversational, or to put it in a different way, more human-like.

Well, this is because it is trained using reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). This helps it understand instructions and generates nuanced responses.

But cryptos? Binance? Are we stretching the limits of ChatGPT? Let’s see.

Will Binance move out of the U.S. market?

Binance is not new to compliance-related issues in the U.S. In 2023, it ceased to operate in the country and launched a separate exchange, chúng tôi its American arm.

The platform’s structure is quite similar to the fallen FTX in the sense that a major part of its administration is being controlled from outside the U.S. Hence, it has always been under the radar of the regulators.

We started to test our AI friend by posing this very sweeping, although controversial, question. Now, the ability of ChatGPT to express itself is hindered because of the restrictions imposed by the creators. To make it speak its mind, we used the “jailbreak” hack.

ChatGPT underlined the resilience of the crypto exchange in the face of a regulatory storm in the U.S. It predicted that Binance will explore every possible revenue to consolidate its position. The AI bot predicted that a complete withdrawal from the U.S. market is unlikely.

On a growing number of hacks on BNB Chain, ChatGPT says…

Apart from regulatory concerns, the ecosystem’s blockchain, BNB Chain, has gained notoriety for the rising number of decentralized finance (DeFi) hacks of late. As per a report by ImmuneFi, a Web3 bug bounty platform, BNB Chain was the most targeted chain in Q1 2023 with 33 incidents of hacks and exploits.

Here again, we turn to our AI partner to know if hacks will be the undoing for Binance. This time, it seemed as if it was ready to respond to this question promptly.

Well, ChatGPT asks readers to take its word of caution seriously. To address the security loopholes, BNB Chain soon announced a hard fork which is scheduled to go live on 12 April.

Another thing that caught our attention was the use of BSC rather than BNB in the latest response. Now, it’s a known fact that Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain are now collectively referred to as one entity – BNB Chain. This update took place in February 2023. However, ChatGPT continued to use BSC Chain. 

This, because its knowledge cutoff date is September 2023, meaning that it will base its answers on the information available until this date only.

Will Binance Coin survive the regulatory storm?

At press time, BNB was the third-largest cryptocurrency (excluding stablecoins) in the sector, with a market cap of more than $36 billion, per CoinMarketCap data. As a result, significant fluctuations in its value could create ripples in the broader crypto market.

BNB commenced a bullish cycle at the start of 2023, something that has helped it in gaining 27% on a year-to-date (YTD) basis. However, recent hiccups have applied brakes to its momentum. Since the CFTC lawsuit, the coin has shed 23% of its value.

Although setting unrealistic expectations amidst this FUD is not the most sensible thing to do, we tried to put ChatGPT under a bit of pressure. We asked whether it sees BNB touching $350 in 2023, given the current state of uncertainty. And, it impressed again.

ChatGPT responded that, being a resilient coin, BNB can easily reach the lofty target of $350.

In a very measured way, it outlined factors like innovative spirit and community support which will propel the price of BNB. It also called attention to Binance’s strong DeFi ecosystem, which could support BNB’s price in the long run.

Enough of the AI praise! Needless to say, it isn’t practical to only depend on what an AI tool says in price predictions and markets. There is nothing like getting the insights of real-world experts. Therefore, we got in touch with Marius Grigoras, Chief Executive Officer at BHero and a crypto-expert, to help us out with the same question that we asked ChatGPT. He stated,

“While I cannot give a certain answer on whether BNB will reach $350 in 2023, we must consider the general market dynamics. It’s evident that the recent regulatory crackdown has taken its toll on the entire crypto market, including BNB. But despite some fluctuations in price which may occur in the short term, I believe BNB possesses the resilience to rebound even stronger in the long haul.”

Did you find similarities between human opinion and AI opinion?

Is your portfolio green? Check out the BNB Profit Calculator

A look at BNB’s daily price chart

Binance Coin continues to bleed out since the U.S. SEC filed a lawsuit in early June. At press time, BNB was trading at $233, reflecting a slight drop of 2%. The price of BNB has dipped 23% since the SEC’s enforcement action.

This is obviously not a good time for the token. BNB’s plunge has hit June/December 2023 lows. The coin tanked to $220 during the December 2023 FUD around Binance’s proof of reserves.

Both BNB’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Money Flow Index (MFI) rested below the neutral 50-mark. Its On Balance Volume (OBV) also showed a continuous decline. 


BNB’s Open Interest (OI) or the total dollar value locked in unsettled contracts on Futures exchanges was $401 million. The same saw a substantial rise of 12% over the last 24 hours, as per Coinglass.

The funding rates across most exchanges seemed to be in red, indicating the dominance of bearish traders.

Additionally, traders positioning themselves for price gains increased vis-à-vis those looking for price losses, as the Longs/Shorts Ratio hiked to 1.03.

It’s critical to underline that these indicators fluctuate on a daily basis and might quickly take a wild swing. It is difficult to predict BNB’s price action though ChatGPT is confident that the exchange will come out of it fine.

I Asked Chatgpt To Predict Xrp’s Trajectory Post Ripple’s Victory, It Said…

13 July is going to be remembered as a memorable day for Ripple [XRP] as it secured a partial victory in its legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). XRP’s value immediately surged by 90% to $0.908 after the announcement.

The U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York ruled in its judgement that the sale of Ripple’s XRP tokens on crypto exchanges and though programmatic sales did not constitute investment contracts; hence, it is not a security in this case. But the court also ruled that the institutional sale of the XRP tokens violated federal securities laws.

However, the split judgement could lead to an ambiguous understanding about the status of XRP and other cryptocurrencies.

It would be difficult to predict price action and trade outcomes of XRP. The situation is complicated as the lawsuit draws closer to different nuances and counter-arguments being issued, triggering markets.

An AI solution can certainly be used to attain some clarity, specifically ChatGPT. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a generative AI model that has gained massive traction since its initial rollout with use cases across many industries. Can it be helpful in XRP price analysis and prediction? Well, the answer is surprisingly basic.

XRP fundamental analysis using ChatGPT

We asked ChatGPT to give us a fundamental analysis of XRP and it offered a detailed answer, as shown.

This is the shorter version of the response –

Fundamental analysis is one of the basic ways to determine the intrinsic value of an asset.

We had earlier asked ChatGPT about the performance of XRP in the face of SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs. We had interrogated out AI buddy about its understanding of the potential impact of the lawsuit on investors holding XRP.

ChatGPT had acknowledged difficulty in predicting the accurate outcome and impact of the lawsuit.

“Overall, the outcome of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple is uncertain, and it is difficult to predict exactly how it will affect XRP’s price in the short and long term. Investors should carefully consider the potential risks and uncertainties involved before making any investment decisions.”

Now we know the fundamental analysis and market sentiment, especially from the lawsuit angle. So, how has XRP performed so far in the past? Can ChatGPT be helpful on this front too?

Pull XRP’s historical price data

Although historical data doesn’t necessarily affect future price movements, price action is king in technical analysis. And, past trends can offer crucial insights. We asked ChatGPT to pull XRP’s historical price action data to accomplish this step.

The AI model gave a year-by-year breakdown of XRP’s price action from 2023 to 2023 –

In early 2023, XRP was trading at less than $0.01 per token. It then experienced a significant increase in value, reaching an all-time high of around $3.84 in early January 2023.

After reaching its peak, XRP’s price began to decline and remained relatively stable for several months before experiencing another surge in late 2023, rising to around $0.75 in November of that year.

In 2023, XRP’s price fluctuated between around $0.25 and $0.50 for much of the year before dropping to around $0.20 by the end of the year.

In 2023, XRP’s price remained relatively stable in the first half of the year, hovering between around $0.15 and $0.25. However, in December 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a lawsuit against Ripple, claiming that XRP was an unregistered security. This caused XRP’s price to drop sharply, falling to around $0.17 by the end of the year.

In 2023, XRP’s price fluctuated, reaching a high of around $1.96 in April before dropping again in May and June. However, in November 2023, XRP’s price registered another surge, reaching a high of around $1.40.

The aforementioned output shows XRP’s price action was largely determined by market sentiment and regulatory pressure. In addition, XRP’s highs and lows throughout the previous years could act as key support or resistance levels in the future.

However, ChatGPT has limited access to information from 2023 or below. That makes it difficult to pull data beyond 2023, let alone make future predictions which OpenAI’s policy firmly prohibits. Ergo, we followed ChatGPT jailbreak techniques to bypass some of these limitations to try and get modest XRP price predictions.

Read Ripple [XRP] Price Prediction 2023-24

Pushing the AI model beyond OpenAI’s limitations doesn’t guarantee output accuracy. The classic version clearly stated it has no access to data beyond September 2023.

However, the jailbreak version gives hypothetical outputs, which can be misleading. For example, it claimed XRP’s highest value in 2023 was $10.50 per coin. And yet, the all-time high (ATH) of XRP was $3.84 (January 2023).

Asked about 2023 price predictions for XRP, ChatGPT makes a modest estimate of $5 per coin. After tweaking the prompts, we asked ChatGPT to make predictions based on historical price data and recent judgement.

Though the classic version of ChatGPT did not make any prediction, the jailbroken version provided a modest forecast of $2.5 for XRP’s price.

Let’s look at XRP’s on-chart indicators…

XRP had a strong first quarter in 2023. The altcoin surged from $0.300 to $0.5298, rising by more than 75% on the charts.

The recent judgement has given a huge boost to its price action. At press time, XRP was trading at $0.7215.

Both its Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Money Flow Index (MFI) comfortably rested above the neutral 50-mark. Its On Balance Volume (OBV) showed an upward movement. 

In conclusion, XRP’s indicators suggest that it can easily sustain its price rally for now.

Is your portfolio green? Check out XRP Profit Calculator

ChatGPT’s shortcomings and strong points

ChatGPT is an invaluable tool, especially on the fundamental and technical analysis front. It can help pull off historical data and XRP’s fundamental analysis within seconds. Moreover, it can bypass some of the AI model’s restrictions to get modest results, including price predictions.

However, ChatGPT is limited to 2023 data, and bypassing its restrictions doesn’t guarantee accurate output. As such, human input is key in making sense of some data from the AI model.


ChatGPT cautions traders of XRP’s prospects and makes modest predictions amidst the overwhelming market uncertainty around regulatory scrutiny worldwide. The AI model predicts XRP could hit $2.5-$5 by the end of 2023.

ChatGPT could revolutionize cryptocurrency price analysis and trading. Its fundamental analysis of XRP can save beginner traders the time and effort needed to understand the asset.

In the meantime, traders can learn more about ChatGPT to create and test trading strategies to improve trading performance and results. It could offer traders a leg up, especially when dealing with riskier assets like XRP, which is facing increased regulatory pressure.

At press time, XRP’s indicators were very bullish, given its partial victory at court.

Can The Sender See It When I Forward An Email?

Home » Tips » If I Forward an Email Can the Sender See It?

No, if you forward an email, the sender cannot see that you did so. This is because of how email works. The recipient may see that you forwarded it, however, and might inform the original sender. 

I’m Aaron and I love technology. I use email everyday, as do most people, but I’ve also administered and secured email systems previously. 

Let’s dive into a discussion about how email works, why that means the original sender can’t tell whether or not you’ve forwarded it, and some questions you may have about email. 

Key Takeaways

Email works very similarly to sending a letter.

As a result of the way email developed, there’s little bidirectional communication between email servers.

This lack of bidirectional communication prevents a sender from seeing if their email was forwarded. 

They may know their email was forwarded if someone tells them.

How Does Email Work?

Email was designed to emulate writing a letter as much as possible. While that was in part driven by a desire to make it approachable to people who had never used the internet before, it was also due to some technical limitations of the early internet. 

Point to point communication in the early days of the internet was slow. Connectivity was slow. Imagine a time when transmitting 14 kilobits a second under perfect conditions was blazing fast! 

For reference, when you text a 30 second high-definition video, that’s typically 130 megabytes, compressed. That’s 1,040,000 kilobits! Transmitting that in the early 1990s under totally perfect conditions would have taken close to 21 hours!

Even though text isn’t as large or complex to store as a video, large amounts of text being transmitted in both directions could be time consuming. Taking tens of minutes to have a simple conversation is taxing. Writing emails where you expect a delay isn’t.

So in a world where written correspondence happened via letters, email was billed as a faster mode of communication. But it retained the look, feel, and operation of a letter. 

How? To send an email or letter, you need to specify a recipient and their address and complex technical or physical routing, respectively, will make sure your email gets to your recipient. 

Once you send an email it behaves very analogously to a letter. You lose control over the message and the ability to reroute it back to you. You also don’t know what happens with the letter unless you get a response, with one exception. 

That exception is address resolution. Address resolution is when your email server and the recipient’s email server confirm the validity of the recipient address. If the address is valid, the email is sent without fanfare. If the address is invalid, then you receive an undeliverable notice. Again, very similar to a returned letter. 

Here’s a straightforward seven-minute YouTube video that dives more into how email routing works.

So Why Can’t a Sender See if an Email is Forwarded?

A sender can’t see if an email is forwarded because of how email servers and routing works. Once an address is resolved, the email leaves the sender’s control. There’s no more back-and-forth communication between the sender’s server and the recipient’s server. 

Without that back-and-forth communication, there’s no way for updates about an email to be provided. 

You may be asking yourself: why don’t we have that back-and-forth communication? Why can’t we get updates about our emails?

Instead of modifying email to meet new uses it wasn’t originally designed for, developers have created new methods of communication: instant messaging, texting, file sharing, and other modalities of communication. 

Not all of them are perfectly traceable, or even attempt to achieve every objective of all communication modalities. Including all that functionality in one solution would make the solution very complicated and potentially unmanageable for end-users and service providers alike. 

How does a Sender See if an Email is Forwarded?

A Sender can see if an email is forwarded in a couple of ways:

You include the sender on the distribution list of the forwarded email.

Someone who receives the email downstream notifies the sender. 

Unless the sender is somehow notified, they will not know that the email has been forwarded.


Here are some other questions you might be curious about forwarding an email.

If I Forward an Email Can the Recipient See the Whole Thread?

Yes, but only if you include it. Typically, email clients allow you to preview and edit prior parts of the email thread. If you don’t remove the parts of the thread that you don’t want your recipient to see, then they will be able to see those parts of the thread. 

If I Forward an Email Can the CC See It?

No. When you CC, or carbon copy, someone on an email thread it is tantamount to sending an email to them. Email servers process that distribution the same way. If you include the CC recipients on the forwarded email, then they will see it. If not, then they won’t. 

What Happens when you Forward an Email?

When you forward an email, the contents of the email are copied into a new email. You may then edit that email and specify new recipients of that email. 

What Happens if You Forward an Email and then Reply to the Original Email?

If you forward an email and then reply to the original email, you will be sending two separate emails, potentially to two sets of recipients. How your email application tracks those emails may look different from application to application. 


If you forward an email, the original sender cannot see it. This is because of the way email works. Your sender may know that an email is forwarded if they are notified of the forwarding.

Do you have any stories from the early days of commercially available internet services? I’d love to hear them. Share them below!

Android 14 Update Tracker: When Will Your Phone Get It?

ASUS Zenfone 10

ASUS ROG Phone 7 and its variants

ASUS Zenfone 9

ASUS ROG Phone 6 and its variants


Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Pixel 7 Pro

Since Google owns Android, it’s no surprise that most of its lineup will get Android 14. Some phones have aged out, but the bulk of its lineup from 2023 and later will get the latest version of the operating system. Here’s the full list:

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 5a

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 4a 5G

Unfortunately, if you have a Pixel phone launched before the Google Pixel 4a 5G — including the earlier, non-5G Google Pixel 4a — you will not get Android 14.

Pixel phones are always the first to get a stable Android release. Judging from the official Android 14 schedule, we anticipate a stable rollout in or around August 2023.

Lenovo / Motorola

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Lenovo makes smartphones (and owns Motorola), but the only device we have Android 14 confirmation on so far is the Lenovo Tab Extreme. The Wi-Fi edition of this tablet has access to an Android 14 beta program right now.

Elsewhere, we fully expect the Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola to get Android 14 eventually.

As for Motorola, its latest flagships should get an Android 14 beta soon, although we have no idea when. It wouldn’t surprise us to see it land on the Motorola Edge Plus (2023) first. It’s also possible that the Motorola Razr (2023) and Razr Plus (2023) could receive beta access. We’ll need to wait and see on that one, though. They will definitely see the stable release at some point!


Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Nothing only has two phones at the moment: the Nothing Phone 1 and Nothing Phone 2. The first phone launched with Android 12 and is currently on Android 13. Nothing promises three Android upgrades, which means the company will deliver Android 14 to the Phone 1 and Phone 2, likely before the end of 2023.

True to its word, the Nothing Phone 1 is one of the earliest phones to get access to the Android 14 beta. You can find instructions on gaining beta access on its website.

It is likely the Nothing Phone 2 will see a stable version of Android 14 before the Nothing Phone 1.


Ryan Haines / Android Authority

For the bulk of its flagship phones, OnePlus promises three Android upgrades. Its most recent release — the OnePlus 11 — will even get four Android upgrades. As such, there are quite a few devices we expect to get Android 14:

OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11R

OnePlus 10T

OnePlus Nord 2T

OnePlus 10R

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9R

OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 11 already has access to the Android 14 beta. Unfortunately, not all OnePlus 11 phones qualify (there’s no support for carrier variants), and there are a lot of known issues. We recommend waiting before trying this out.

If you have a flagship OnePlus device — such as the 8T, 9/9 Pro, 10 Pro/10T, etc. — you will see Android 14 faster than other OnePlus devices. On top of that, the newer your phone is, the faster you’ll see the upgrade. As you go further down the list, you risk more and more of needing to wait until 2024 to get Android 14.


Robert Triggs / Android Authority

OPPO has the distinction of offering an Android 14 beta for a foldable phone — the only company on this list to do so. Interestingly, the Find N2 Flip is also the only phone for which OPPO currently offers beta access. Even the latest Find X6 Pro doesn’t have it yet.

Rest assured that the latest OPPO flagships will gain beta access eventually. As with OnePlus (which is a sister brand), expect the latest OPPO flagships to get Android 14 first, with older flagships to follow. Mid-range and budget phones may or may not receive Android 14 at all, let alone beta access.


Kris Carlon / Android Authority

You can get the Android 14 beta on the Realme GT 2 Pro right now. Unfortunately, this is the only phone with beta access at the moment. There are also some restrictions, such as only the Indian variant being eligible and that there might not be any updates to this beta. In other words, we recommend waiting before jumping in with this.

We can expect newer Realme flagships to receive Android 14 months after the stable version of the operating system lands.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy A73

Samsung Galaxy A53

Samsung Galaxy A33

Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Sony Xperia 1 V

Sony Xperia 5 IV

Sony Xperia 1 IV

Sony Xperia 10 IV

Dogecoin Price Prediction – Will Impt Hit $1 Before Doge?

Dogecoin was a major performer on crypto markets in 2023, with an all-time peak in May 2023 reaching $0.7376 per Dogecoin, then had gradual decline in later months until its current price of $0.053. Nevertheless, many investors are now attracted to newer tokens like IMPT, which was released 3rd October 2023.

Due to the gradual global acceptance of cryptocurrencies, many tokens have been popping up, and one of them is the IMPT token. With the first presale value at $0.018 and raising over $3 million, IMPT is making waves despite being only in the early stage.

Dogecoin Vs. IMPT: Price History

Upon release, the first official price of Dogecoin was $0.0005588. Fast-forward to today, the live price of Dogecoin is $0.053, with a daily trading volume of $304,988,049. This growth is, of course, massive but certainly not the best in the crypto world. Moreover, compared to much newer tokens, we can confirm that Dogecoin was at a lower end upon release.

During presale stage 1, the official price of IMPT is $0.018. This token is still in the first stage of the presale, so there are still many expectations.

They have revealed via their portal that there would be an increase in price following the next stage of the presale. This move would, of course, increase general interest in the ongoing presale and positively affect the movement of this crypto in the stock market.

Dogecoin or IMPT: Who Is Hitting The $1 First?

In the blockchain industry, long-term profitability is one of the crucial factors for consideration. As a result, it is important to consider the percentage of profit you stand to gain as an investor in the long run.

Recently, a panel of over 50 crypto experts on chúng tôi came up with research information predicting the price of Dogecoin to be at $0.19 by 2025. Of course, this prediction is nowhere near $1. However, from calculations, this is a 217% increase from its current price. Thus, placing a $1,000 investment in Dogecoin would generate $3,167 in profit by 2025. These are predictions, and the figures may be slightly or significantly higher or lower depending on certain factors.

On the side of the newly released IMPT, the token has already raised over $3.3 million within a week, slowly aiming for its goal of $10 million. Also, there is an ever-growing community of users who utilize IMPT already, so this token has higher growth potential.

With the presale price already close to the current price of Dogecoin, IMPT is fully capable of surpassing Dogecoin in terms of value anytime soon.

Both coins may reach the $1 mark in the future, but the most promising from our research would be the newly released IMPT token.

There Is Still IMPT Presale Opportunity!

Presale is the best way to start investing in promising crypto projects. Luckily for you, IMPT is currently in this phase, so there is a huge chance of making a profit in the long run.

Currently, IMPT will be sold at a reduced price since presales are made before the ICO. Early investors will benefit immediately from this because they can buy IMPT for less and maybe sell them for more money after the token is published on an exchange.

IMPT Unique Goal That Will Help The Token Hit $1 And Above

The goal of the IMPT team is to provide easy-to-use tools that everyone in society can use to fight climate change and care for the environment. In addition, their goal is to support each person and each business in making a positive difference while achieving carbon neutrality or even carbon-negative status.

Whether a person or business is able to buy carbon credits or not, the IMPT team thinks that making a difference in the environment should be cheap for everyone.

Along with helping to reduce carbon footprint, the team also seeks to evaluate their effect. As a result, the IMPT team will launch the first worldwide loyalty program to confirm their collective influence. Users can measure their influence and receive points for their environmental activities.

IMPT Investments: The Time Is Now!

IMPT focuses on practical and inexpensive solutions for carbon offsets, and the unique concept of this token has assisted in creating the widespread attention it is receiving in the crypto world. Like most successful tokens, there is a dedicated team behind the success of IMPT, and this positively impacts the value movement of the token.

However, like IMPT, Dogecoin remains a profitable token, and its stability over the years makes it a worthy investment venture for anyone. As said earlier, we believe from our research that IMPT has a higher potential of hitting the first $1.

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