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Site owners may need to get permission from Instagram users before embedding their posts on a web page, according to a company statement.

Newsweek is currently being sued for copyright infringement by a photographer who’s Instagram post was embedded on their site without express permission.

The decisions made in this case could have long lasting implications for site owners when it comes to using media uploaded to Instagram.

Here’s more about the lawsuit, how it compares to a similar case from earlier this year, and the impact it could have for websites in years to come.

Newsweek Sued for Copyright Infringement

Newsweek reached out to a photographer for permission to use one of their photos.

After being turned down, Newsweek instead embedded the photographer’s Instagram post on their site. Now they’re being sued for it.

The publication defends its actions saying permission isn’t required because the photo was embedded from Instagram, rather then being uploaded directly.

Here’s What Instagram Says

It’s written in Instagram’s terms of service that users provide a copyright license to Instagram every time they upload a photo.

However, according to a statement provided to Ars Technica, that license is not extended to sites that display embedded Instagram media.

“While our terms allow us to grant a sub-license, we do not grant one for our embeds API.

Our platform policies require third parties to have the necessary rights from applicable rights holders.

This includes ensuring they have a license to share this content, if a license is required by law.”

This could bad news not just for Newsweek, but anyone who embeds photos from Instagram on their website.

A Precedent Set Back in April 2023

A precedent was set in a similar case back in April in which Mashable was being sued by a photographer for embedding an Instagram photo without permission.

Mashable ended up winning the case, as the judge decided the photographer “granted Instagram the right to sublicense the photograph, and Instagram validly exercised that right by granting Mashable a sublicense to display the photograph.”

The judge presiding over Newsweek’s case sees it differently, saying there’s not enough evidence to decide whether Instagram’s terms of service provide a copyright license for embedded photos.

The precedent set in the Mashable case could have been grounds to get the case dismissed, but Instagram’s statement to Ars Technica makes things more complicated.

Instagram is making it difficult for other sites to use Mashable’s argument by stating that its copyright license doesn’t apply to embedded photos.

Newsweek cannot claim it had a sub-license to display embedded media when Instagram explicitly states otherwise.

What Should Site Owners Do?

In order to stay on the safe side, the smartest thing site owners can do is ask for permission before using a photo from Instagram.

A simple direct message would do just fine. If they say no, then leave it at that.

Until a decision is reached in the lawsuit against Newsweek, it’s unclear what rights publishers have when embedding posts from Instagram.

Source: Ars Technica

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25 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers (Real Followers)

To buy real Instagram followers is fairly easy, you can make a payment to the website and you will have your following within a few days. The issue arises when you search for these websites, as not all of them are very trustworthy. You need websites that have been tried and tested by many so that you know your money will be invested in a good way.

Don’t go worrying now, we’ve got your back on this one. We have made a list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers so that you don’t have to scavenge through the web to find them. You can check them all out, find the one that suits your needs the best, and leap.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Viralyft was also one of the first companies to get in this game. Their features are such that it is evident they have been around for a long time and offer premium services at a reasonable price. Their followers are real people who will stay with your account for a long time after you buy them. It is one of the most trusted companies, making it one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. You can expect round-the-clock customer service which is very helpful in navigating any roadblocks you may have. 

They do not ask for any personal or sensitive information as they are very serious about protecting your privacy. Their payment gateway is secure and has multiple options. They even have money-back guarantees in case you are not happy with their services, which in itself is very unlikely as they are one of the best in the market. 

If you wish to go viral on Instagram with your content, definitely consider Viralyft to take care of the engagement process for you. All in all, it is a wonderful site to collaborate with and gain buy Instagram followers from.

GetViral is a popular choice to buy real Instagram followers. They provide speedy results and in no time will you see your page booming with engagement. Apart from followers, they also have services such as buying Instagram likes and views. You can also ask for a custom package that fulfills your goals if you do not like the plans that they

have displayed. Their payment channels are secure so you will not need to worry about your security. Once the payment is complete you are also given a tracking number that can track the progress of your order.

Their customers have been pleased with their services and mentioned that the site was legit. In no time did they buy followers from GetViral, did they experience a growth in their audience as their posts quickly jumped up in the explorers’ page and got more attention. They are a nice balance of quality and value, said, one happy customer. 

Another customer said that their customer support services were also quick to resolve any issues. It is truly one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers to give your business a supplement for its growth.

ViewsExpert is a good option for those looking to buy real Instagram followers. Their drop protection service is noteworthy, as it guarantees you a refill if you notice a decrease in your paid followers. So you can rest assured that your money will not go to waste with them. They also offer amazing plans for you to choose from, and secure payment gateways to protect your privacy. 

They also never ask for your password or other sensitive information, making it an ideal choice for many. They have been trusted by over 1 million Instagram users that says a lot about the valuable and trustworthy services they provide. 

It is completely safe to use this site, your accounts are never put at any risk. They are very confident regarding the retention rate of their customers, so anyone who wishes to try out their services for a small time can rest easy, as they will not be looking at other options once they see the results that ViewsExpert gets them. The company has also expanded its services into other sites like Pinterest, SoundCloud, Facebook, and whatnot. Your order typically takes a few hours or a few days to be delivered, depending upon the quantity. 

SocialPackages is another one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers as it has been around for many years and started to adapt to the social world way sooner than the others on this list. They have some of the best packages to buy Instagram followers and infuse your profile with life. Their website is easy to navigate with plans that are reasonably priced. 

They offer fast delivery and good customer support, but the best part is the refill guarantee. In case you observe a dip in the followers you paid for, you can always reach out to them and they will get the same amount of followers back to you. 

They also offer similar services for other social media sites like YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also track the status of your order easily on their website. To give you the helping hand you need to grow quickly, Social Packages has attractive plans that can be a confidence booster for many small and upcoming businesses and influencers. The payment gateway is secure, protecting your privacy. You will find yourself making a quick decision as their site is easy to comprehend and services, incomparable. is yet another marvelous site for you to consider when you want to buy real Instagram followers. They have one of the best pricing models and easy payment options so that their customers are comfortable with what they choose from. They are a well-established name in the industry so you can trust them to take care of your follower count as they know their success depends on their customer’s success. They have also expanded their services to include other social media sites like Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

This is a company that wants to make sure you are happy with their services even a month after you are using them. They have a great customer service portal that helps you out with any queries you might have and makes the whole process a whole lot easier for you. 

They have real people who work for them in following your accounts, so you can be sure that the growth will appear organic to the Instagram algorithm. As one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers, chúng tôi is a secure group of social media experts that you can trust with your profile. They can help you achieve your goals a lot faster if you decide to work with them.

Follower Packages is a great place for you to get all the follower benefits you need. They are slightly pricier than the rest, but make up for it in their vast expanse of services. They offer immediate results so you don’t have to wait around for a long time for the activity on your account to increase. 

They are a customer-focused company looking to increase their customer’s value and work hard to deliver everything that is required to ensure the best experience for the customer. Quality matters a lot to them, so all the followers you get from their website will be real people who will raise your profile on Instagram.

To buy Instagram followers, all you need to do is move the slider according to the requirement you have and make the payment through secure gateways. Instagram is a tool on which brand awareness is crucial, and the follower count drives that awareness. You need to go out there and make a strong impression so that your business can make money, and for this, you should buy real Instagram followers. Then you won’t need to concentrate on building an audience from scratch as you will soon see returns on your purchase.


One of the best sites to buy Instagram followers is Famups. They too have been in the game for a long time, so they have a loyal base of customers who are frequently using their services to get ahead on Instagram. Their customer support is so good that they are even ready to answer any questions you might have regarding the process and you can chat with one of their representatives online. They take pride in catering to every customer with reliable ideas and authenticity from their side to increase traffic on the customer’s profiles.

They offer on-time delivery and safeguard your privacy. They are a service with which you can build a long-term relationship for any boosts you might want on your social media pages so that you can be more successful in attracting new followers. Their costs are fairly reasonable and won’t put a strain on your pocket. Once you invest with them, you need not think further and you can just relax and concentrate on the products or services you offer. 


Are you looking for a site that allows you to customize your plans according to the requirement of your profile? Well, look no further because you have found it! Famoid allows you to customize your plans, making it a favorite among many. Famoid is a wonderful site for you to buy Instagram followers as they guarantee a full refund if there is any disruption in their service. 

They also ensure you have complete privacy and do not ask for sensitive account information. Their 24/7 customer support is eager and ready to solve any queries you might have and ensures your process on their site is smooth.

They offer instant delivery, depending on the quantity, and their quality is amazing. For a few bucks, you get the support of real followers to grow your business. Their real followers make your growth appear organic so that the algorithm ranks your page higher and makes your posts more visible to an active audience. They are passionate about providing the best service there is out there and wish to help you with your brand. The customer testimonials on their website, give you a very clear idea of their services and loyal fan base. 


InstaMama is a first-rate choice to go with when you wish to buy Instagram followers. They offer reliable services to take your business to the next level and know many things about the industry, so you can be sure that your account growth is in the right hands. They promise real followers, a high-quality engagement that can improve your overall Instagram game and get you noticed by many. They care very much about the quality of their services and how they benefit their customers, so you don’t need to worry about them being unavailable to you. They will always solve your issues at the earliest and ensure your experience with them is a happy one.

They have a high retention rate, which speaks about customer satisfaction for itself. They have a gradual delivery system so that Instagram does not flag the follower growth as abnormal. The delivery system makes the algorithm believe the growth was organic and makes your profile rank high on the explore page. They provide you with exclusive services and genuine followers which will help you grow your business. They are indeed one of the best site to buy followers on Instagram among many.

Media Mister

Media Mister is another good company that has been around for a long time, and a good option to buy real Instagram followers. They are an inexpensive option too and provide services of the best quality for their pricing. It is an excellent way to start for those people who have little to no budget to buy Instagram followers. They guarantee your safety and even have a money-back guarantee should you ever be dissatisfied with the way things are working. Their team of experts helps you figure out your goal and work towards it with all that they can offer.

Their only con is that the delivery of your order can take a little longer, but that’s not necessarily bad. Unless you are highly impatient, a few days won’t matter much to your business. The company is extremely trustworthy as they have been in this game for a long, and that can be proven by their customer testimonials. Their customers have never had to look back and wonder or at other companies to grow their Instagram following, once they started working with Media Mister.


Growthoid has had a rapid rise to the top with their consistent efforts to do their job the best. There have been no complaints from their customers, and they offer real followers, not fake bots. They offer engagement from these followers which will help you build an organic fan base and grow your business soon. Growthoid offers a vast range of services which can help you target your ideal follower and get their attention. Once you have a loyal fan base, you will surely thank your stars for Growthoid and all the help it did you.

They have different payment options and secure gateways through which you can you’re your purchase. Growthoid helps you find similar profiles according to your niche so your growth will be of value. They make sure that they can build long-term relationships with their clients so they do their best to make the experience a good one. It is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers and increase your reach. By doing everything right, you can soon find yourself on the top of the discovery page and witness huge engagement on your profile, just by your timely investment in a platform like Growthoid. 


Stormlikes is also a wonderful website from which you can buy Instagram followers. Their website is easy to use and they have secure payment gateways. But their best feature is certainly choosing the region from which you want your paid followers. You can be in control of the demographics of your profile, so you can market yourself better in a particular region. They offer high-quality followers and 24/7 customer support service, making sure that every customer of theirs feels valued. They won’t even ask for your Instagram password, which is amazing. 

You can get in touch with them to figure out how to proceed and any issues you might have with the plans they offer and you can expect a friendly representative that will show you the ropes around the site. Truly one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers, you can always reach out to them as customer satisfaction is their motto. They realize how valuable your time is and ensure that you do not need to concentrate on the social media part of business when you are purchasing their services, freeing you up to work on your product.

Goldstar Social

This company is known for being extremely timely with the things that they do. They can give you a large number of followers, likes, and subscribers. This means that they are able to provide engagement other than just a massive following. Therefore, they always take care to give you well-rounded growth for better improvement and visibility on Instagram.

The results that they give you can sometimes be seen within a matter of hours. The followers they provide are completely authentic and they give you maximum engagement every day. Today, many people have come into this place to look for higher interaction and they have been able to achieve that as well. 

Media Mister

The people here are very specific about the kind of services they provide. They take care of your needs and are able to customize their plans according to your account. This means that they will be able to find the perfect clientele for you which will eventually be able to convert into your customers. Even if you are a simple service provider- they should be able to meet your needs.

They are exceptionally good for simple influencers as well. If you are not a business but only a personal content creator even then this company should be able to help you out. They have shown through years of dedicated service- that the results they will provide are more than exceptional. There is absolutely no social media goal that they should not be able to accomplish. 


As the name suggests Upleap indeed boosts engagement on different social media platforms. Upleap is slightly different from other sites on this list as in order to provide engagement to your page their social media experts share your profile with their networks and website partners. Hence the audience that you’ll get from Upleap will engage with your content in the future as they’ll be actually interested in your content. Upleap also makes sure that they comply with the social media platform’s algorithms as well as their terms and conditions while providing their services; they don’t use any bots, tools, or software. 

They promise to offer organic engagement that will not just help you with your credibility but will also help you crack the Instagram algorithm. 

Upleap followers package starts from $4 (for 100 followers) and their costliest pack is $450 (for 50,000 followers). The delivery of your order depends on the size of your order, but you can expect it to have it delivered within 24 hrs. Apart from Instagram, they also offer services for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud. Plus, They can also let you have a targeted audience.

Task Ant

The best part about this site is that they will never ask you for sensitive information on Instagram. If there are some details that they need to know- then they will always keep them private and never disclose them to anyone. Today, this is a highly important factor since people are becoming more and more concerned about their online safety.

This site is focusing on giving real-time engagement. They know that it is not going to suffice if you only have followers that are not interacting with your account. You should take time to check their services so that you are eventually able to find the right package as per your needs. We recommend that you check what they have to offer today, in order to get an idea of the things they provide.


This company has the prime wish to make your account stand out. To achieve this they apply their most ardent efforts and improve your engagement. Every follower you will find on this site will be one that is real and able to improve your engagement. It goes without saying that the people here are very careful about keeping the process organic. 

They are careful about allowing you to keep an edge over the rest of your followers. People know that it is important to create content that stands out. Therefore, they also make posts that can be called distinct from the rest of your competition. This is one of the best features of this site which has made it a favorite among its users. 

Another great thing about this company is that the people here work with other social media sites as well. This means that they know what people on the web want at any given platform. They understand the kind of promotion needs, the kind of promotions travel needs, and the kind of promotion business needs.

Therefore, their strong understanding of such things has made them exceptionally renowned at the services they provide. People today are very particular about the content they find online. Hence, this site is very careful about making a target audience. 

Stellation Media

This site is also quite new. Because of this, they have been able to keep up with the changes that have come with the internet. They understand the online algorithm which has helped them improve their online performance.  Many of their clients have been known celebrities as well- which makes them even more reliable. They are very discreet and careful- clearly making them one of the best.

Their official website is a clear reflection of the kind of work that they do. They hire experts with decades of experience in social media. Although this site is new their employees are veteran experts who know how to handle social media. We are sure that once you use this site- you will be able to get some excellent results. 

The services they provide have been more than appreciated by people around the globe. They have been used by an international audience that has left some amazing reviews for them online. For people who want to reach a demographic which is not confined to your country- then make sure you use this site specifically. 

This site is absolutely trustworthy- meaning they do not engage in any suspicious activity. They have a very interactive site which makes their terms of service very clear. People have often mentioned how easy they found to discover various services and get the content they want. 


This site is relatively new but that does not mean that it is any less at the things that it has achieved. The clients of this company have been as happy with their services as any other. People around the globe have started to use this site for improving their profiles on Instagram. As a result, this has become one of the fastest-growing companies today in the market.

If this happens then people will be quick to see that you have bought followers. As a result, a large amount of your credibility will decrease on the web. Today, Instagram has become cautious about people who are using fake people to increase their engagement. Therefore, this company makes sure that they are not breaking any internet rules.

Moreover, this company knows that it has some strong rivals. Therefore, to stay on top of the game it makes use of the most cutting-edge technology. People here have an idea of consumer psychology and they are easily able to sell a brand.


Krootez is much more than just an average site to buy Instagram followers. According to them, the team behind the features comprises social media experts who come together and try to help their clients make a real difference through their profile growth. The site says that they have been in the Instagram growth game for many years till now, and they know well what they are doing.

After completion of a purchase, likes and views can be delivered instantly or at a slower pace. While purchasing likes and views, it’s always best to get them delivered at an average pace, decreasing the risk of getting flagged by Instagram. A large number of views and likes at a short time frame might look very suspicious. But other than that, it is the best site to buy followers on Instagram.

Grab Likes

This site will do everything in its power to help your account reach out to the maximum number of people possible. Today, there is a lot of content floating on Instagram- therefore to stand out you need to make some special efforts. This is precisely what this company ensures by making sure that you stand out in the content you have created. 

Because of their timely delivery- this site is considered one of the best in the market. Owing to this they have also become highly popular among its clients. The web is full of good reviews for this site and the services that it provides. We ourselves ordered followers from this company and got some great results. 

However, you should not just take our word for it. Instead, you should go ahead and try them out today itself to see if you really like what they are offering. This site is relatively new, but in the years that they have been working- they have taken over some amazing projects. Most of the work they have done has been rather exemplary.

Moreover, since they are new they are aware of the modern developments on the web. They are able to create some content that is hardly seen anywhere else- making them markedly different from the rest of their rivals. They also take care to follow all the guidelines given by Instagram to make sure that your account does not get banned. 

How to get followers on Instagram?

Gaining Instagram followers is a tedious task especially if you’re a newbie, but once you understand the method through which you can gain more Instagram followers, you can accumulate thousands of followers with ease. If you want to know the method, keep reading. 

Create engaging content

Let’s start with the most obvious thing one can do to get Instagram followers organically, and that is of course by creating engaging content. No matter what you do at the end of the day it all comes back to the content, it’s hard to stand out among all that noise if you aren’t posting unique, interesting, and engaging content. So do your best to stay up to date and use massively trending topics to attract a bigger audience. Plus, if your content is something that will make people feel responsible to share it (Call to Action), your brand will get even more exposure.

Your audience won’t ignore your content if they are getting some value or entertainment out of it. Make sure you aren’t just sharing about your product or brand since that can make your audience get bored. Try to understand your audience and see what valuable information you can offer, some useful insights, and entertainment to your audience.

Post consistently

The next thing that you need to make sure of is posting consistently. Whatever your goal is, whether it’s about gaining maximum engagement or grabbing your audience’s attention, you can’t achieve them without being consistent. And it’s totally normal to lose motivation when even after posting high-quality content you are seeing only 10-20 likes, but as we all have heard it “consistency is the key”. Okay, a quick question, will you follow a page that posts only once in a while, stop posting and then start posting again after some weeks? I guess not, I won’t follow either, so make sure you don’t make your audience feel ghosted and keep them updated. 

And you don’t have to spam your audience in order to gain engagement, 1 post (max 2 posts) will be enough for one day. But of course, we all might not have that much time to spare, and for that, there are various free scheduling tools out there that will let you schedule multiple posts in one sitting. So just spare some time to schedule 7 posts on weekends and those scheduling tools will handle it all for you. 

Plus, you can also check Instagram insights to observe the best time to post for your audience, and then schedule your posts accordingly. 

Cross-promote on other platforms

To make your audience familiar with your brand and to help them find your Instagram account, you’ll have to make sure you promote your page on different platforms. Creating awareness and familiarity about your page will help you portray your page as a legitimate and trustworthy page. So make sure you add social media buttons to your blogs and website, to help your audience find you. 

Other than that you can cross-promote your Instagram account across all other social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter. 

Experiment with Instagram features (Instagram IGTV, reels, live, stories)

Your Instagram feed helps people understand your brand better, but experimenting with Instagram features like Instagram live, Stories, and other features can help you sell better by hooking them up with something entertaining. 

Using Instagram live and interacting with your followers makes your profile appear more genuine and gain trust from the majority of your followers (because communication is the key). It might take some time to share live content, but it’ll definitely boost your follower count when you do go live. 

Another great thing about Instagram live is when you are done with broadcasting, your video will disappear and with its new features, you can collaborate with other users too. Whereas Instagram stories are basically a slideshow of images, videos, gifs, posts, and messages which will be visible for 24 hours, you can use Instagram stores to give your followers a shoutout or share some behind the scenes pictures with them. 

Whenever using these features, try to make your content more engaging, relatable, interesting, and entertaining to your followers. If you share the fun and playful side of your work, you can easily grab attention and also make your followers a part of it.  

If you want to make your audience feel excited and curious; master the art of storytelling since it lets you become an attention grabber (in a good way). You can add hashtags to your stories too, you can always shrink them or use a sticker or poll to hide them.

It’s been a while since Instagrammers started paying attention to their hashtags strategy, as it’s a powerful and useful tool that can help you grow your account organically. But for that, you need to make sure that you unleash its full potential. Hashtags can help you target your ideal audience no matter if they are following you or not (your page should not be private). And it’s been a while since Instagram’s new feature made hashtags even more powerful, as now you can follow a hashtag too.

According to past studies, the use of hashtags offers a 12.6% increase in engagement. The maximum number of hashtags allowed by Instagram is 30 hashtags per post. But yeah that doesn’t mean you have to use the limit, as if you are using irrelevant hashtags that don’t relate to your brand or product then you might end up getting ghost followers.

Put some time to research hashtags that are appropriate for your post so that you can become more discoverable to your target audience. This way you can target a specific group of people who have an interest in that particular niche. Instagram uses hashtags to sort and organize different posts. We suggest you find the most effective hashtags for your brand, rather than going overboard and using all the popular hashtags (do not do that). Otherwise, your post will disappear within a min or two in that cluster. 

And do make one unique hashtag for your brand. And use your spying skills to see what hashtags your competitors are using, there are various free tools that will help you know the rank of your keyword. 

Collab with influences or niche groups

Partnering with influencers is a great way to promote and boost your follower base on Instagram. It has been said that around 94% of the marketers on Instagram found success after collaborating with renowned social media influencers. Wondering why they found success? That’s simple because renowned influences have a large base of loyal followers. These days people trust influencers far more than celebrities when it comes to product endorsement and it has been proven that 82% of people are prone to purchase from the recommendations of their favorite Social media influencer. 

Instagram is the favorite platform of social media influencers, so if you want a cost-effective method of promoting your products on Instagram, then do your best to get in touch with renowned influencers on Instagram. 

But before you rush, do know that influencers do charge you for promoting your products, and these charges can go rather high if you pick the celebrity influencers. 

Engage with your audience

When you’re expanding your reach it’s important to make sure that your existing audience is interacting with your content. Since it’ll help your brand become trustworthy in their eyes. If you want to achieve that, do your best to make your audience a part of your journey by starting a conversation and sharing fun content that your audience will love. 

Instagram Stories and Instagram live are incredible features that will help you connect with your audience even better. And don’t be afraid to show the real you, as it will help your audience to relate with you even better. 

Host contests and giveaways

The best way to attract the attention of the vast majority of people towards your page is by hosting a giveaway or running a contest. Hosting a giveaway or contest will cost you a tiny bit but it will help you in retaining your existing audience and giving you exposure to an even bigger audience. Running contests or giveaways is a great way to appreciate your existing followers, get new followers, and spread awareness about your brand. You are giving something for free in return you’ll gain more Instagram Followers; which is a pretty win-win situation, right?. 

But before you jump the gun and start a contest or a giveaway, make sure that you do it right with an adequate amount of planning. You don’t want to give away expensive gifts with zero benefits for your brand now, do you?

Steps that you can follow while planning for any contest:

Always have a purpose behind hosting your contest or giveaway. 

Depending on your purpose form a few rules that are easy to understand and simple to follow. 

Pick a prize that you believe your followers are interested in. This prize can be related to your brand. 

Keep track of your performance, it’ll come in handy in the future.

You can run contests and giveaways any time of the year you don’t need to wait for a certain occasion. You can host a contest whenever you think you have enough resources, or whenever you are heading to launch a new product (it’ll help you create a buzz about it), or when you reach a certain count of followers. 

Make sure that your contest and giveaways increase enough excitement for your audience. These contests and giveaways should be simple and transparent, because if they’re too hard then your audience might ignore them.

Third-party services

After you’ve tried all the above methods and still failed to gain a good number of followers, it’s time to opt for third party services a.k.a Buying Instagram followers. Now one may not like it since it has its own pros and cons but buying Instagram Followers isn’t against Instagram terms and conditions. So there’s little chance of you losing your account by purchasing Instagram followers.  

But that doesn’t mean you can chill and purchase followers from anywhere; you’ll need to be extra careful while purchasing Instagram packages since there are a lot of websites that can rip you off and cause you to lose your account. 

One can’t easily tell which website is genuine and which is fake, but you can put some effort and check their reviews and terms & conditions before picking them. 

But once you find a genuine site, you can easily buy Instagram Followers. These sites can help you gain a large number of followers within a few days or weeks. So all that hard work will be definitely worth it.


Make sure the site is concerned about your privacy and safety and taking measures to guarantee it. When you have a good amount of following, right from the beginning, you can focus wholly on churning out content. Any person interested in your products will now have faith in you when they see your follower count and in no time you will boast of engaged and organic followers. If your Instagram profile has little or no people following you, it will be dead soon. So if you want to make a viable business out of Instagram, you need to buy Instagram followers.

We hope that the list of best sites to buy Instagram followers will prove to be beneficial for you shortly and aids you in climbing the ladder of success! 

Slashgear 101: Does Instagram Own My Photos?

SlashGear 101: Does Instagram own my photos?

The short answer is no, Instagram doesn’t own anything of yours (at the moment) – but once January 16th, 2013 rolls around, there’s a few more words attached to that simple assurance. What we’re talking about today is the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy updates to Instagram laid down this week that’ll be taking effect on the 16th of January, 2013, many of them put in place to better tie them up with Facebook as their new owner. What many have found right out of the box is a few key phrases that appear very much to have Instagram taking control of the entirety of your library of photos hosted with them – we’re going to talk briefly here about what their jargon actually has to say.

This means first that you, by signing into Instagram, agree that you’re posting your content publicly. The follow-up clause there simply states that users other than yourselves also have the right to access the content you share “consistent with the terms and conditions” of the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use – this is vague enough to fit many, many different models as the rest of the Privacy Policy text as well as the Terms of Use say many different things about your content that, taken alone, could mean very different things. Next is a piece of the 1 INFORMATION WE COLLECT segment of the Privacy Policy, right under “Information you provide us directly:”

This means, basically, that Instagram acknowledges the fact that they host the photos you post. Also in the Privacy Policy is a rule about what Privacy actually means, hinging it on the ability of an app (whichever app you’re using) to make it “private” and leaving it at that – this alleviates Instagram from fault should the app you’re using make your photo public on accident – or if Instagram prefers, public because the app in question hasn’t agreed with them on what “private” really means.

“Any information or content that you voluntarily disclose for posting to the Service, such as User Content, becomes available to the public, as controlled by any applicable privacy settings that you set.”

Added in this privacy section is a note on how your photos will likely live on forever, no matter what you do:

Then there’s the big doozy: in the Rights section in Instagram’s new Terms of Use, number one on the list essentially grants Instagram (and Facebook) rights over your photos from top to bottom. Note the vagueness of the limits and the pointing back toward the Privacy Policy which, again, is vague in and of itself enough to have you speaking in legal circles.

Then there’s the lovely pointed length of text guaranteeing the Instagram and Facebook team the right to use not only your photos, but your own likeness, name, username, and metadata as well to sell to “a business or other entity” of any kind “to help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions.” That’s the part where Instagram and Facebook own (and can sell) all of your photos.

And just for good measure, Instagram has made it clear that they don’t have to tell you when they’re working with paid services, sponsored content, or anything of the like:

“You acknowledge that we may not always identify paid services, sponsored content, or commercial communications as such.”

What do you think? Sound like a set of rules that might have you thinking twice about taking photos of your prized unique napkin drawing? Or do you just take photos of objects and people you don’t mind being sold without your consent and for profit with no monetary compensation given to you for the work?

Smart Energy Grids Need Protection From Cyber Attacks, Enisa Says

Smart grids, upgraded versions of electricity networks with two-way digital communication, should make the European energy system more efficient. But their dependency on computer networks, applications and the Internet makes society more vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks with potentially devastating results, European Network and Information Security Agency said in a report published on Tuesday.

Smart grids are built to enhance the communication between the power supplier and consumers to ensure a sustainable power system with low losses and high quality, security of supply and safety. However, connecting energy supplies as consumer solar panels and small wind turbines as well as smart meters to the regular power net information security problems.

The threats to the electricity grids are real. Criminals have been able to hack into computer systems via the Internet, enabling them to cut power to several cities in the U.S., the CIA unveiled in 2008. The hacks were followed by extortion demands, and in at least one case the disruption caused a power outage affecting multiple cities, according to the CIA at the time. In 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that cyberspies from Russia, China and other countries had penetrated the U.S. electricity grid.

Intrusions like these prove that software and hardware used for smart grids are high risk targets, ENISA said, adding that reducing barriers to information sharing is vital for the success of smart grids.

While cyber security is almost always considered an important topic in any smart grid project, it is often ignored because of project budgets, scarce funding and lack of expertise when it comes to a practical implementation, according to the report. Therefore it is necessary to have a robust and resilient grid infrastructure that is able to overcome potential attacks, especially denial of service (DoS) attacks, ENISA said.

An end-to-end security approach is needed from the lowest levels where the smart meters are to the upper layers that include application systems and integrations with corporate systems, ENISA said. Devising a standard centralized architecture for smart grids in the E.U. is a basic requirement to secure the system, ENISA said.

ENISA said an incident detection system for smart grids is also needed. That system should have security monitoring sensors using signature-based software distributed across the grid, able to process data in a monitoring centers that could perform research, write new signatures and study new threats. Those recommendations for secure smart grids should also be considered when discussing the creation of a pan-European entity to manage large-scale cyber incidents, ENISA said.

In total the report contained 10 recommendations to make European smart grids more secure. Besides solving technical difficulties, the European Commission and the member states should provide a clear regulatory and policy framework on smart grid security on a national and European level as this is currently missing, ENISA said. The Commission should also collaborate with ENISA and the private sector to develop a minimum set of security measures the same time as it is being defined, is the greatest revolution of the electricity power grids since their

Live Shopping On Instagram: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Instagram Live Shopping allows creators and brands to sell products during an Instagram Live broadcast, like a modern shopping channel.

Ever wanted to be the star of your own shopping channel? Good news: Instagram’s new Live Shopping feature is here to make you a shoppable star, baby!

Live shopping has already made it big in China over the past few years on platforms like TaoBao — like, $170-billion-market big. Now, Instagram has launched its own Live Shopping tool, giving Instagram users their own chance to get a piece of that delicious ecommerce pie.

With Live Shopping on Instagram you can:

Educate your audience: Share recommendations and reviews, do product demos, and answer questions to help shoppers build confidence that this is the right product for them.

Showcase new products: Live is the perfect way to share the latest and the greatest from your brand, with updates that drive real-time demand.

Collaborate with other creators: Team up with other brands and creators for live streams that drive sales and show off product collaborations.

Read on for your guide to getting started with Live Shopping on Instagram, and tips for maximizing your stream’s success.

Note: In February 2023, Instagram announced that they would be shutting down Live Shopping. Instagram’s other shopping features are still available, including Shops, tags and collections. Learn more about Instagram Shops.

Bonus: 14 Time-Saving Hacks for Instagram Power Users. Get the list of secret shortcuts Hootsuite’s own social media team uses to create thumb-stopping content.

What is Instagram Live Shopping?

Instagram Live Shopping allows creators and brands to sell products during an Instagram Live broadcast.

Think of it as an update to the old-school TV shopping networks — only more authentic and interactive. With Instagram Live Shopping, you can showcase your products, interact with your fans, and collaborate with other brands and creators.

Instagram Live Shopping is available for any Instagram Business accounts that have Checkout capabilities. These users can tag a product from their catalog to appear on the bottom of the screen for purchase during a Live broadcast.

Source: Instagram

Instagram introduced Shops earlier this year, which allowed approved accounts to upload a product catalog and create a digital ecommerce storefront right in the app. The Live Shopping feature pulls from that same product catalog to put your best buys front and center during a broadcast.

Who can use Instagram Live Shopping?

To broadcast an Instagram Live Shopping experience, you must be a U.S.-based brand or creator with access to Instagram Checkout.

To shop an Instagram Live Shopping experience, you just need to be a U.S. Instagram user in the mood to drop some coin.

If neither of these describe you, hang tight: it’s likely this feature will be rolling out globally in the future. Keep up with the latest Instagram updates here so you don’t miss when the news drops.

How to set up Instagram Live Shopping

Before you can start your Instagram Live Shopping stream, you should already have your Instagram Shop and product catalog set up. You can’t tag products if you don’t have products, after all. (We’re pretty sure that’s ecommerce rule number one.)

Need some help building your catalog? Check out our step-by-step guide to setting up your Instagram Shop here. Note that you can build collections of up to 30 products within your catalog for easy access to a curated group of goods.

Once you have your products in the system, here’s how to launch your Instagram Live Shopping experience:

Tap the camera icon in the top right corner

At the bottom of the screen, toggle to Live

Tap Shopping

Choose the products or the collection you want to feature

Tap the broadcast button to go live!

Once you’re rolling, you can pin one product at a time to the screen

As they watch, fans can tap on feature products to see the product detail page, or continue on to make a purchase. Let the shopping spree begin!

Tips for Live Shopping on Instagram

The raw, uncut nature of a Live broadcast makes it a different buying or selling experience than simply sharing a product in your feed or via Instagram Story.

Reveal a new product or collection

Making a big announcement is all the more exciting when it’s live.

If you’ve got a brand new product or collection that’s dropping, make an event of it by sharing all the details on a Live broadcast. You’ll be able to answer questions from fans, and really give the launch a personal touch, as you make a product available for sale for the first time.

Instagram even has product launch reminders to help build anticipation and set alarms for people to tune in.

Source: Instagram

Feature a product tutorial or how-to

Sharing pictures and videos of your product on the Instagram feed and in Stories is great, but doing a live, interactive demo or tutorial is even better for engagement.

Seeing how a product works in real-time is a great opportunity for fans to understand what you’re selling, or get inspired to make a purchase.

And as the seller, this direct line to your audience is a unique chance to ask for feedback or answer questions as you show off just what your product does best.

Source: Instagram

Embrace spontaneity

The best thing about Instagram Live is that it’s so real and authentic. Maximize that “anything could happen!” feeling by surprising your followers with flash sales and surprise demos.

These spontaneous broadcasts are an opportunity to reward fans who are paying attention… and have a little fun while you’re at it.

Team up with other creators

A Live broadcast is a great opportunity to cross-promote with other Instagram influencers, brands, or creators.

You could have a special guest host a Live Shopping event featuring a curated collection of their favorite products, or offer a special VIP rate to another brand’s fans. There’s plenty of opportunity for cross-pollination here.

Try a Q&A

Hosting a Q&A on your Live Shopping feed is a great way to help hesitant shoppers get over any concerns.

Marketing a livestream specifically as an “Ask Me Anything” session will bring out those curious folks who might not have yet taken the plunge. And because it’s such an intimate and casual setting, you’ll breed trust with your viewers in a way that a more polished feed post might not.

Switch things up

Instagram Live’s Shopping feature is an exciting tool for brands, absolutely — but don’t forget about the other ways you can use Live.

Constantly selling to your audience is a surefire way to burn them out. Ideally, you’ll balance product-driven livestreams with content-driven moments. Make those shopping moments special — an occasion! — so that people remain curious and excited to tune in.

For brands and creators with Checkout capabilities, Live Shopping on Instagram is one more ultra helpful ecommerce tool in your toolkit. Stock your virtual shelves and then get that broadcast going — your fans are waiting for you.

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How To Save Instagram Photos On Iphone With A Snap & Crop Trick

Have you found an Instagram picture you want to save to your iPhone? You have probably noticed that Instagram doesn’t offer a direct way to download photos, but if you want to save a picture for sharing, backing up, or setting as a wallpaper, there are a few ways to accomplish this in iOS.

By far the most immediate solution for quickly saving an Instagram photo on an iPhone is also the simplest and a decidedly low-tech solution using a snapshot and cropping it down afterwards, but we’ll discuss several other ways to save or download a photo from an Instagram page as well.

Saving Instagram Photos to iPhone with a Snap & Crop

The simplest way to save an Instagram photo to the iPhone? Snap a screenshot, then crop it down. Here’s how this works:

Navigate to the Instagram photo you want to save to the iPhone

Press the Power button and Home button concurrently to take a screen shot*

Go to the Photos app on iOS to find the screen shot, then crop the image down using the built-in iOS Photos tools

Enjoy your newly saved Instagram photo

Now that you have saved the image and cropped it down, you can set the picture as your wallpaper, share it, save it, print it, whatever you want to do.

* Some users have difficulty taking screenshots with iOS 10 but it’s the same sequence, though tapping the Power button ever-so-briefly before the Home button can be helpful.

What about third party apps to download and save Instagram photos?

Yes there are third party apps out there which claim to download Instagram photos to the iPhone for you, but many of them don’t work well, or they’re so cumbersome to use that they aren’t worth the time or effort. The screenshot method outlined above is almost always faster.

How can I save all Instagram Photos from a user?

If you want to save many Instagram photos from a specific user account, the best approach is to use a free third party tool.

Those interested can download Instagram photos to a computer using tools like Instaport via the web, it works well and is fast for most Instagram accounts, though it should be noted that Instaport will often time out if you’re trying to download a particularly large Instagram photo archive. One solution to avoid that time-out is to use the date tool provided by Instaport to download date segments at a time when trying to save large photo archives.

Overall, Instaport is an excellent and easy to use service that lets you easily export and backup photos from Instagram to your computer, and it’s perhaps the best service out there to do the job.

Why doesn’t Instagram allow you to save photos directly?

This is a good question, but Instagram does not allow you to save, export, or download Instagram photos from your account currently. While you can upload, and even take a picture with Instagram without uploading, you can’t download, making Instagram the Hotel California of social networks (get it? You can check out anytime you’d like, but you can never leave). Perhaps a future version of Instagram will allow users to export their photos easily.


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