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Michael Kors has released a Smartwatch called the MKGO, and it has created a great deal of excitement. Any Smartwatch is only as good as its apps, and the ability to install them is a question that all users must be able to solve. Here is how to install apps on Michael Kors MKGO Smartwatch.

Getting Apps on Your MKGO Smartwatch

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to wake up the watch if the screen has gone dim. Make sure to tap on the screen, and this should light up the screen. Now that you can see the screen, you can install apps on the Smartwatch. The next step will be to press the power button for a few seconds. This will allow you to see the list of apps that are available to you.

After that, you should scroll down to the Google Play Store and then tap on it. The next step is important – scroll down and look for the ‘’Apps on your phone’’ heading list. Choose the app that you want to install and then press the option that is listed as ‘’Install.’’

It really is that simple because the MKGO Smartwatch has been made with the user in mind. It is important to remember that phones that have Wear OS are compatible with the MKGO Smartwatch that is running on Android 4.4+ or iOS 9.3 +. This doesn’t include the Go edition for Android.

Setting Up Your Michael Kors Smartwatch

To set up the MKGO Smartwatch in the first place, you should try and do the following. Go to the Quick Start Guide, and it will show you the following steps. To connect the charger, all you have to do is place it against the reverse side of the smartwatch. Magnetism will hold the two devices in the correct place, so don’t worry.

The charger should be plugged into a USB outlet. Download and install Wear OS and then follow the prompts as they’re given to you in order to pair or match your Smartphone to the MKGO Smartwatch. This will allow you to use your device to its full potential. The maximum distance between these two devices should be about 10 m or 30 feet.

The Classic Michael Kors Design

For those looking for a fashionable looking smartwatch, then the MKGO Smartwatch is what you’ve been waiting for. It integrates smoothly with Apple’s hardware components, and the only real difference is that the MKGO Smartwatch looks far smarter than the Apple watch.

You might be surprised by the weight of the watch itself, and you’ll definitely feel its presence when you’re wearing it. Another attractive feature is that the Smartwatch has a round face, unlike the Apple watch has a rounded square face that looks awkward and isn’t very attractive.

After you charge your phone and turn it on for the first time, it’ll take around one minute to warm up and become functional. Be patient at this stage. To select the options that you want, simply scroll up and down as you please. There is only one button to choose from, and that is the power button on the right-hand side of the watch.

Be Careful with the Language Setting

A word of caution –  if you select the wrong language, then you’ll have to reset the Smartwatch from the very start. Recharging times can take up to 5 hours, so you’ll have to make a habit of recharging your phone every night just to be on the safe side.

Whether you’re looking for a useful fashion accessory or a device with real functionality, the MKGO Smartwatch is a world in itself that will doubtless see many improvements in the years to come. Expect prices to start from $245, but they can go much higher than that.

We’re sure there will be many imitations in the near future. But MKOR will go down as the first to make a Smartwatch both beautiful to look at and easy to operate.

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Michael Kors Access Sofie Review: A Polished Piece Of Connected Jewelry

With the power of Android Wear 2.0 fueling it, the super stylish Access Sofie is a prime example of how to appropriately implement wearable technology into everyday accessories.

Wearables aren’t quite the hot commodity they used to be—but at least the Michael Kors Sofie, an Android Wear 2.0 watch from the eponymous fashion house, brings some bling to a flagging tech trend.

Michael Kors was an original purveyor of the Android-as-fashion proposition with its first generation Access line. And now we have the Access Sofie, which possesses quite a bit more pizazz than its predecessor. It’s not a smartwatch made for everyone (if you’re a guy you may prefer the Dylan model), but wearing it will certainly make you feel like someone, if not for the sheer fact that everyone will be looking at your sparkly wrist. 

Quite a bit of bling

Florence Ion

The Michael Kors Access Sofie is a blinged-out smartwatch with all the power of Android Wear 2.0. 

Florence Ion

The Sofie’s metal watchband has removable links.

The Access Sofie is available in the silver-tone color shown here, and will eventually be available in gold, rose gold, and a sable-tone finish. This is a fancy watch for fancy people, and it may take an extraordinary level of confidence to rock this on a daily basis.

This is a fancy watch for fancy people.

That said, if you do like the look of this smartwatch, then you’ll appreciate that the Access Sofie is a genuine accessory. It’s weighty like a real mechanical watch, the kind you purchase for a lifetime. The 42mm stainless steel frame doesn’t feel overbearing on the wrist, either, and the side button doesn’t stick out so much that it will bump the top of your hand if you’re bending your wrist. I was comfortable wearing the Access Sofie for consecutive days, though I never slept with it. This is a heavy watch and one that requires an appropriate space on the dresser to charge up for the next day.

Florence Ion

The Michael Kors Access Sofie charges via a simple magnetic charging pad that connects to any USB charger. 

The Access Sofie comes with a simple magnetic charging adapter, which can plug into any USB-connected charger you have lying around. The metal-linked wristband is adjustable, too, though you’ll want to acquire the appropriate watch tools before attempting to remove any links. The Access Sofie is also rated IP67 for water resistance, but considering its nearly $400 price tag, it might be the kind of thing you keep away from the perils of the pool.

Stylish watch faces

Florence Ion

One of the Access Sofie’s watchfaces lets you use your Instagram or Facebook photos as a background, but they’re difficult to see in broad daylight.

The Michael Kors Access Sofie comes with 19 different watch faces, some of which mirror some of the brand’s actual mechanical watches. Frankly, they’re more attractive than Android Wear’s default bunch, and they match the design of device quite well. Some of the watch faces include smartly placed complications, and a few have animated backgrounds. You can customize the color palette for every watch face, and then save your configuration to wear at a later time. There’s even a function through the preloaded Michael Kors Access app that switches between the watchfaces throughout the day.

Florence Ion

A sampling of the Michael Kors watchfaces.

Of course, since the Access Sofie runs Android Wear 2.0, you’ll also reap all the benefits of features like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and dynamic notifications, as well as the platform’s mini QWERTY keyboard for replying to messages (it works quite well!).

Should you buy it?

Florence Ion

A pretty smartwatch for pretty people.

The Michael Kors Access Sofie is a stunning device that’s manages to marry form with function, though aside from the display, there’s nothing about this smartwatch that suggests it’s a piece of technology. Rather, the Access Sofie comes across as a polished piece of jewelry, and the abilities of Android Wear merely feel like value-added features. Its look isn’t for everyone, however, and considering it’s $350 starting price tag, the Access Sofie is a watch aimed at high-fashion tech-dabblers rather than tech-first enthusiasts.

But overall, the Access Sofie is a solid choice for an Android Wear smartwatch simply because it’s a good watch. It’s speedy, it charges fast, and its battery will last you through most of your busy days. The future of the Android Wear platform is clearly with the fashion brands, and the Access Sofie is a prime example of how this technology is being appropriately integrated into everyday accessories.

Error Reading From File When Installing New Software On Pc

Error reading from file when installing new software on PC [FIXED]






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Computer errors can appear at any time, but some errors such as Error reading from file usually appear while you install new software on your Windows 10 PC.

This error can prevent you from installing new applications, therefore it’s crucial to know how to fix it.

But first, here are some more examples of this problem:

Ableton Live 10 error reading from a file – This error usually appears when working with a music production software, Ableton.

Error reading from file verify that the file exists

Uppercut error reading from a file – Users of mobile utility software, Uppercut have also reported this issue.

Ableton Live 9 source file not found – The problem is as common in Ableton Live 9, as it is in Ableton Live 10.

Error reading file Maya – The problem also appears when working with AutoDesk’s modeling software, Maya.

Steps to fix error reading from file Fix – Error reading from file Solution 1 – Reset your security permissions

This error can occur while installing VIPRE software, and according to users, the issue is caused by your security permissions. If your security permissions are modified, you might experience issues while installing certain software, therefore you need to reset those permissions.

Several folders can be affected by this issue, and the list of affected folders includes the following:


C:ProgramDataGFI Software

C:ProgramDataGFI SoftwareAntimalware



%UserProfile%AppDataRoamingGFI Software

%UserProfile%AppDataRoamingGFI SoftwareAntimalware

To fix this issue you’ll need to check security permissions for these folders on a working PC and alter them on your PC. Keep in mind that some folders on the list are related to VIPRE software, therefore if you’re installing a different application you’ll need to change the security permissions for different folders.

Solution 2 – Download and install basic drivers

Users reported that an Error reading from file message appears while trying to install HP printer software on their PC. This can be a big problem because it can prevent you from installing your printer, but there’s a simple way to solve this problem.

If you can’t install HP printing software, you can still install a basic printer driver that doesn’t include the printing software. To do that, simply visit HP’s website and navigate to the download section. Locate your printer and choose the basic driver option.

After you download the basic driver, install it and you should be able to use your printer without any problems.

Update drivers automatically

If you don’t want the hassle of searching for drivers on your own, you can use a tool that will do this for you automatically. Of course, as you’re not able to connect to the internet at the moment, this tool won’t be useful.

However, once you get online, it will help you to keep all your drivers up to date, so you won’t be in this situation anymore.

An automatic driver updater tool will help you update drivers automatically and prevent PC damage caused by installing the wrong driver versions. After several tests, our team concluded that this is the best-automatized solution.

That being said, you can as well make use of dedicated driver update software that will install the latest drivers without any other issues.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

Solution 3 – Add Full control for SYSTEM

Expert tip:

To fix this problem, you need to give Full Control to the SYSTEM user over the Temp folder. You can do that by following these steps:

Instead of giving the Full control over the Temp folder, some users are suggesting giving Full control to your user account or to the Users group over the installation directory, so you might want to try that as well.

Solution 4 – Move the setup file to a different directory

Sometimes this problem can occur due to the location of your setup file. Windows Installer has a limit of 256 characters, and if the path to your setup file or the designation path contains more than 256 characters you’ll encounter this error. One of the simplest ways to fix this problem is to move the setup file to C: and try to run it from there.

Solution 5 – Be sure to extract all files from the archive

It’s not uncommon for setup files to be stored in an archive, but before running the setup file, be sure to extract all the files from the archive. After that, try running the setup file from the extraction folder.

In addition, be sure that the path to the extraction folder doesn’t contain more than 256 characters. You can avoid this problem simply by creating a new folder in C: and extracting the installation files to it.

Solution 6 – Make sure that the Read-only option isn’t enabled

If you’re getting an Error reading from file message, you might want to check if the Read-only option is enabled. This option can sometimes cause errors, therefore it’s best that you disable it. To do that, follow these steps:

Solution 7 – Delete installation folders from ProgramData

Users reported this error while trying to install Family Tree Maker software, and in order to fix this problem, you need to remove Family Tree Maker directories from the ProgramData folder. To do that, follow these steps:

Open File Explorer and navigate to C:.

Look for ProgramData folder. If you can’t find the folder, go to View tab and check Hidden items option.

Once you enter ProgramData folder, look for Family Tree Maker folder and delete it. Sometimes this folder can be located inside different folders in ProgramData, therefore be sure to check all folders that have random array of numbers and letters as their name.

After deleting Family Tree Maker folders, try to install the software again.

Although this solution works for Family Tree Maker software, you can apply a similar method to fix problems with other applications as well. If the application that you’re trying to install has some files in the ProgramData directory, be sure to delete them and try to install the software again.

Solution 8 – Check if your setup file is encrypted

Sometimes this error can appear if you’re trying to run a setup file that is encrypted by your PC. Users reported that their download folder was set to encrypt all downloaded files, and that caused the problem with the installation process.

To fix this issue, you need to move the setup file to a different folder and decrypt it. Alternatively, you can download the setup file to a folder that isn’t encrypted by your PC. After doing that, run the setup file and your application should install without any problems.

After doing that, you should be able to use the setup file and install the application without any problems.

Solution 10 – Create a download folder and move chúng tôi to it

According to users, this error occurs when you try to install VMware vCenter Update Manager. This problem can be easily solved by creating a new Download folder and moving the chúng tôi file to it. To do that, follow these steps:

Error reading from file message can affect almost any application, and in most cases, you can fix the problem by changing your security permissions or by changing the location of the setup file.

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Beginner’S Guide To Installing Lineage Os On Your Android Device

One of the wonderful things about Android phones is how many choices you have for which version of the operating system to use. If you buy a smartphone with terrific hardware, but the software doesn’t meet your needs, you can usually install something different (eat it, iOS!). Depending on the device, there are potentially dozens of versions of Android you can install. Some are created and maintained by a team of developers, while others have just a single developer overseeing all aspects. Best of all, they are all free.

The biggest and most popular custom Android experience is Lineage OS. Formerly known as CyanogenMod (and later just Cyanogen), Lineage OS is a close-to-stock version of Android with additional features that make your device more powerful and customizable. One of the best things about Lineage OS is that it lets you update many devices to the latest version of Android — even if stock updates for that device ended long ago. This breathes new life into otherwise-forgotten smartphones and tablets.

Installing a new operating system on your Android device might seem daunting, but if you break it down into steps, it’s fairly easy. There’s also a wide margin for error, so beginners don’t need to worry about breaking their devices. Here’s how to do it!

First, a primer

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Before you get all crazy messing with the software of your device, you should know some basics. There are some terms and protocols that many sites and walkthroughs will assume you already know, which could make things confusing if you don’t.

Here’s a quick glossary of terms for you to refer to later on if you’re confused:

ROM — Stands for “read-only memory.” This is where the core software of Android lives. Lineage OS will often be referred to as a “custom ROM,” as it is a customized version of pure Android.

Flashing — When you overwrite one piece of software with another piece of software, that’s called “flashing.” This guide you’re reading goes over how to “flash” Lineage OS.

Bootloader — When you power on a device, the first thing that turns on is the bootloader, which is responsible for starting up other processes. Most Android devices come with locked bootloaders — i.e., you can’t alter what it does. Luckily, most bootloaders can be unlocked, which allows you to then flash new software.

Wipe — Various parts of the flashing process will result in a “wipe” — the erasure of data from your device. A full wipe would eliminate all operating system files from your device, causing your device to boot into the recovery and then stop.

Packages — Lineage OS, Google apps, custom recoveries, etc., will usually download to your device in a “package” of some kind, usually in ZIP format. In most cases, you can simply assume “package” is equivalent to “ZIP file.”

ADB — Stands for “Android Debug Bridge.” This tool allows communication between a personal computer and an Android smartphone. In most cases, you will need ADB on your computer to complete a flash.

Fastboot — This diagnostic tool comes with most Android installs and allows you to flash a new ROM. You usually access fastboot through ADB. Some device manufacturers (including Samsung and a few others) use the term “Download mode” instead, but the functions are relatively the same.

Brick — If something goes wrong with a flash, in rare cases, it could cause your device to cease functioning. If your phone doesn’t even turn on, it’s as useful as a brick, hence the name. Some people will say things like “soft brick” to clarify that the device is unusable but has the potential to be fixed. It is very difficult to brick a device, and it usually only happens when people don’t follow instructions carefully (hint hint).

Flashing Lineage OS: The basics

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

When you flash Lineage OS (or any custom ROM), there are a set of steps you almost always follow. How you complete those steps — and the tools needed to do the job — differs from device to device. But overall, the basic steps are the same.

Here’s what you’ll need to flash a ROM:

Compatible Android smartphone or tablet

USB cable for that device

Laptop or desktop running Windows, macOS, or Linux

An internet connection

Time (this could take an hour or two, depending on how comfortable you are with the technologies involved)

Here are the steps one usually performs to flash a ROM:

Install necessary computer software (ADB, drivers, etc.)

Download packages (ROM, recovery, apps, etc.)

Backup and prepare device

Unlock bootloader

Flash custom recovery

Flash custom ROM

Install Google apps

Reboot and personalize

Step 1: Install the necessary software

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Some rare devices out there allow you to flash new ROMs without needing to hook up to a computer first. However, the vast majority of devices will require access to a PC running Windows, macOS, Linux, or even Chrome OS. This can be a ten-year-old laptop or high-performance desktop — it doesn’t take a lot of computational power to flash a ROM.

Usually, the software you need is ADB. Google hosts and maintains ADB, so there are no concerns about viruses or malware when downloading and installing the program.

Except in rare cases, you’re going to need ADB on your computer to do this.

Lineage OS has a guide for installing ADB. It doesn’t take long, and the instructions are very straightforward. Once you’ve installed ADB, you’ll access it through a command prompt on Windows or a terminal window on Linux and macOS. This might seem daunting, but don’t worry: the commands are simple and easy to copy and paste.

You’ll also need your computer to have the appropriate drivers for your phone. Google has a whole article about downloading drivers for OEM devices, so you should follow those steps for your system.

Pro Tip: Eventually, you’ll hook your Android device to your computer to connect to ADB. When you do this, make sure you use the USB cable that came with the device. If you can’t access that, use a high-quality, short-and-thick cable. Cheap cables you get for $1 each could cause problems with flashing, so don’t use them.

Got the packages! Now what?

You can leave the other five packages alone, as they have short and manageable names.

Don’t forget to move them to the ADB folder (for Windows, that’s %USERPROFILE%adb-fastbootplatform-tools). Once the files are all organized, you’re ready for the next step!

Pro Tip: Your device has a code name that Lineage OS will use to identify it. The code name is shown on the Lineage OS compatible devices list — use this to search for compatible packages; that way, you know you’re always downloading the right one!

Step 3: Back up and prepare device

There are many different ways to back up your Android phone. There are free and paid apps on the Google Play Store and free and paid software for personal computers. There’s no one right way to back up your device. Figure out whichever method works best for you and make the backup.

After you’ve backed everything up, you need to do two things on your device before you move on to the next step: enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking. These are two toggles in your device’s settings panel, hidden in a section called “Developer Options.”

Pro Tip: Do not skip anything in this step. This stuff is here for a reason. It could take you hours to reinstall all your apps, log in to all your accounts, move over all your photos, and all that. You also don’t want to risk losing any important data. Be safe!

Basics for unlocking a bootloader

Once you are sure the bootloader is unlockable, head to the Lineage OS installation guide for your particular device. There you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to unlock your bootloader.

Remember: this will wipe your device’s data.

In most cases, to unlock the bootloader, you hook your device up to your computer using a USB cable and then run a few ADB and fastboot commands to unlock the smartphone or tablet:

An ADB command to make sure your device is properly connected

An ADB command to reboot the device into fastboot mode (see glossary above)

A fastboot command to check that the device is in fastboot mode and properly connected

A fastboot command to unlock the bootloader

Flashing additional partitions

Most modern phones use A/B partitions. This semi-new feature of Android requires some additional flashing before you can move forward. First, make sure you have USB debugging enabled on your phone. Then, follow these steps:

Boot into the bootloader again by using the adb reboot bootloader command from earlier.

Once in the bootloader, type the following commands into your prompt:

fastboot flash dtbo dtbo.img

fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img

You’re ready for the next step.

Pro Tip: YouTube is your friend! A quick YouTube search could net you a video walkthrough of how to unlock your device’s bootloader. Watch it, and this whole process will likely be so much easier!

Flashing your Lineage OS recovery

Pro Tip: There are numerous YouTube videos and online tutorials on how to flash a custom recovery. In fact, there’s probably a video specific to your device! Search Google for “flash Lineage recovery on [device name here] video” and see if you can watch someone else go through this process first so you’ll have a better idea of what to do.

Step 6: Flash Lineage OS

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

You downloaded the appropriate Lineage OS file to your computer way back in the second step. Remember that it needs to be in the ADB folder and renamed to

From the main menu of Lineage recovery, tap Factory reset, and then tap Format data/factory reset. Lineage will warn you this is serious business, but since you made a backup in the third step you have nothing to worry about (right?!). Follow the prompts and complete the format process.

After you get a “Data wipe complete” message at the bottom of the screen, hit the back button until you’re back at the recovery’s main menu. Hit Advanced and then hit Enable ADB. Now you’ve factory reset Android and are ready to use ADB commands again.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to flash Lineage OS.

Moving files and flashing

Pro Tip: If sideloading your Lineage OS file isn’t working, make sure the file is in the same computer directory as ADB. If the Lineage OS package is on your desktop and ADB is in its own folder, ADB won’t know where the file is when you type in its name. All the files you are pushing and flashing should be in the same folder as the ADB program. Refer back to the second step if you’re confused!

Pro Tip: If you want to root your device, you can also flash a root file at this stage (before rebooting into the system). There are multiple root methods and files available for different devices, so I’m not going to go over them here. If you want root access, this would be the perfect opportunity to flash that file too.

Pro Tip: This is a great time to restore all the apps you backed up in the third step. You can also manually re-download them all if you skipped that step. We’ll talk to you in a few hours.

Msi Dragon Center Is Not Installing

MSI Dragon Center is software that comes pre-installed on all MSI gaming devices. It lets users monitor and optimizes their systems. If you uninstall MSI Dragon Center from your system, you can reinstall it by downloading its latest version from the official website. Some users have reported that they cannot install MSI Dragon Center on their systems. If MSI Dragon Center is not installing on your system, you can try the fixes described in this article.

MSI package installation is not completed

MSI Dragon Center is not installing

When you install or uninstall software, it is necessary that you follow the correct method. Improper installation and uninstallation cause several issues. The main cause of this problem is an incorrect or improper uninstallation process. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all the traces of the software from your system and try again. Apart from this, there are other causes too that can trigger this issue. We have listed some possible solutions to resolve this issue. If you face this problem, go through these troubleshooting methods to fix the problem.

Run as administrator

Remove all residues and try again

Disable your antivirus temporarily

Create a new user account

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Run as administrator 2] Remove all residues and try again

When we uninstall software, its residues are left on our system. Sometimes, these leftovers cause problems while installing the software again. According to the feedback of the users who experienced this issue, the problem was occurring due to the residues of MSI Dragon Center.

You can use any third-party tool to completely uninstall MSI SDK from your system. Revo Uninstaller is free software that will help you uninstall MSI SDK and remove all its residues from your system including the entries in Windows Registry. Install Revo Uninstaller and run it to completely remove MSI SDK and Dragon Center from your system.

After the Revo uninstaller completes its task, close it and restart your system. Visit the MSI website and download the latest version of MSI Dragon Center. Now, you should be able to install it.

3] Disable your antivirus temporarily

Sometimes, antivirus prevents genuine software from getting installed on a Windows computer. This happens when the antivirus considers the program a threat to your system. If you have installed a third-party antivirus, it might be conflicting with the MSI installer due to which it is not getting installed on your system. In this case, turn off your antivirus and then install MSI Dragon Center. If the installation gets completed successfully, you can turn on your antivirus again.

4] Create a new user account

You can try one more thing. Create a new user account on your Windows 11/10 system and then try to install MSI Dragon Center from that account. It may help.

To create a new user account, follow the instructions provided below:

Open Windows 11/10 Settings.

Read: MSI Afterburner not detecting GPU on Windows 11/10.

Why can’t I install Dragon Center?

The major cause of this problem is the MSI SDK residue or leftover. To resolve this issue, you have to completely remove MSI SDK and Dragon Center from your system. To do so, you can install free program uninstaller software that looks into your Windows Registry and deletes all the entries created by the MSI Dragon Center. After removing all the residues, your MSI Dragon Center should get installed.

Where is MSI Dragon Center installed?

MSI Dragon Center is installed on your C drive inside the Program Files (x86) folder. To locate it, open File Explorer and go to the following path:

C:Program Files (x86)

There, you will find the MSI folder.

I hope this helps.

Read next: How to download & install MSI Motherboard drivers for Windows.

7 Ways To Use A Smartwatch For Business

Smartwatches can be an asset to businesses of all kinds, helping employees and owners efficiently juggle an array of assignments and tasks.

Smartwatches can help employees keep up with calls and texts, and make it easier to take notes throughout the day.

You can load your favorite productivity apps onto smartwatches, helping you stay organized and manage your time.

This article is for smartwatch owners who want to use their devices to improve their work efficiency. 

That smart and tech-savvy computer on your wrist is good for more than counting your steps and reminding you when to get up from your chair. Your smartwatch can be an effective business tool – an always-connected digital assistant that can boost productivity while helping you juggle the workday’s unending tasks. 

Whether you have an Apple Watch, Android Wear device or one of Samsung’s popular Galaxy watches, you’ll find a powerful companion to assist with everything from notification management to staying abreast of current events. We’ll explore seven smartwatch business uses to improve efficiency and streamline your workday.

Here are seven ways your smartwatch can act as an indispensable business tool. 

1. Smartwatches can make sure you never miss a call.

One of the initial appeals of a smartwatch is that you’ll never miss a crucial work call because you can’t get to your phone. For business owners, sales professionals, and IT teams, missing a critical call can cost an organization dearly. 

How extensively you can use your smartwatch to take calls depends on your wearable device model. For example, the Apple Watch Series 7 offers cellular connectivity – you can wander as far away from your phone as you wish.

If Apple isn’t for you, there are other choices. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the LG W150 also offer connectivity and work with both iPhones and Android devices.

However, keep in mind that cellular connectivity is going to cost you. With most carriers, you’ll pay $10 extra per month for your watch to access the mobile network. It’s a bit steep considering you’re not going to use much data, but for those who want to stay connected, the price might be worth the freedom.


If you use an Apple Watch, an array of Apple Watch bands for business can help you outfit your wearable for a professional environment.

2. You can take notes with smartwatches.

Inspiration can strike at any time. Smartwatches allow you to dictate a quick note so you can expand on your thoughts later. Apps such as Evernote and OneNote enable you to dictate voice notes while on the go.

You can also check current notes or get reminders from several different services without taking your phone out of your pocket. Use the Apple Reminders app or your favorite third-party service to ensure nothing slips your mind. No matter what watch brand you use, there are apps and services to ensure your fleeting thoughts are documented for later use.

Did You Know?

Aside from being an excellent note-taking tool, OneNote is one of the best apps for remote business collaboration, letting teams sync and share notes across devices. 

3. Smartwatches are a key travel tool.

If your business or career takes you on the road, a smartwatch can take the stress out of business travel by extending the information you usually get from your phone. 

Updates from watch-accessible services such as TripIt can ensure you don’t miss any critical itinerary details. Also, regular calendar alerts – and the ability to pull up a map – help make travel information more easily accessible. 

While you can access your business travel details via your phone, accessing the best business travel apps on your smartwatch can save you time and be a much more efficient and convenient way to stay on track. 

4. Smartwatches make great task managers.

Smartphones have eliminated the need to scratch out your daily to-dos on paper; however, it’s not always convenient to reach for your phone, especially if your hands are full.

In that case, a smartwatch is an ideal companion. With a glance, you can check what you need to accomplish or pull up essential meeting notes on your wrist with apps and services like Todoist and

If you have an Apple Watch, iPhone business apps with task-management capabilities can organize your day. If you use an Android smartwatch, there are excellent Android apps for efficient workday planning that will sync seamlessly with your phone. No matter your ecosystem, you can also use Google Calendar to access all your appointments from your wrist. [Learn more tips and tricks for using Google Calendar.]

5. Smartwatches make communication convenient.

Such a tiny screen won’t replace the convenience of messaging from a smartphone, but your smartwatch is still an excellent messaging tool. For example, you can subtly glance at your wrist to find out when your next meeting is – while you’re currently stuck in a different meeting. 

Apple Watch, in particular, makes it easy to sketch out a note or reply with a preprogrammed phrase while you’re otherwise occupied. While it may not be the most polite way to keep in touch, it’s an efficient option when necessary.

A smartwatch strikes the right balance between using your smartphone less while not missing any important calls or notifications.

6. You can stay abreast of current events with a smartwatch.

A smartwatch makes it possible to stay informed about what’s going on in your industries, your region, and the globe. With a range of available smartwatch applications, you can download your favorite social media or news apps and enable notifications. 

While reading a full news story on your wrist isn’t ideal, glancing at headlines on your smartwatch is an efficient way to stay abreast of developing or breaking news in situations when it’s not possible to read a news article on a computer or phone. 


Many small business productivity apps have smartwatch versions that you can use in tandem with your smartphone to help with time management, collaboration and communication.

7. Smartwatches help you pay bills on time.

Missing bill payments at work or in your personal life can cause enormous distraction and hassle. You can use your smartwatch to stay on top of your home and business expenses, and to pay pending bills quickly. 

Smartwatches make it possible to manage bills and expenses without using a cell phone, computer or wallet. They also include tip calculators, making it easier to calculate gratuities for business lunches and ride-sharing services. 

Derek Walter and Adam Uzialko contributed to the reporting and writing in this article. 

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