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Definition of Jira Tool

We know that essentially the Jira tool is utilized to deal with the whole improvement cycle of the task, as well as gives the various types of elements to the client to deal with the whole work process of the venture. In other words, we can say that the Jira tool depends on deft philosophy like Scrum and Kanban, or we can make another novel board according to our necessity. The dexterous load-up gives various types of elements to the client, like excesses and guides; we can likewise have the option to produce reports; at times, we want to incorporate different apparatuses or applications, track the undertaking issue, and so on.

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What is Jira Tool?

It’s not unexpected to ask, what is the Jira tool? It started as an IT gadget, but by and by, it maintains many purposes, from the ordinary assignment of the board to an IT labeling structure. It covers the endeavor and the board basics with an intensive gadgets suite, for instance, project orchestrating, task creation, and the leaders and enumerating.

The Jira tool stage supplements facilitated projects for the project manager. Use the Jira tool connected with the adroit capacities to exploit the contraption.

I every now and again projected my gathering’s Jira tool task list on a screen when we met for run organizing and other deft events, and it worked flawlessly to get the gathering incomplete understanding while at the same time streamlining these assigned tasks.

In programming improvement explicitly, the standard undertaking of the chiefs has been built up by new techniques, for instance, Agile, which revolves around the consistent transport of working things to clients. The agile organization is an umbrella term, and several subordinate methods have emerged. The two most prominent sub-strategies are Scrum, which emphasizes structured work in short iterations, and Kanban, which focuses on a continuous work flow with limited work-in-progress, resulting in reduced assumptions.

Consistent conveyances (made possible by iterative work runs) give the client progressive transports of working things. Subsequently, with client reviews, these persistent things convey license gatherings to surface deviations from essentials and various issues before the improvement cycle, which can help avoid cost or resource attacks.

Jira tool has various limits, and accepting its inclination the deficiency of a component you truly need, add it by visiting the Atlassian Marketplace. In this web-based store, you can find outcast programming to upgrade the Jira tool’s middle capacities.

One endeavor in the board model is the Trello-Jira tool consolidation. This part allows gatherings to execute projects with their inclined toward contraption, and data normally changes between the stages. Now let’s see why we need the Jira tool as follows.

The Jira tool provides the following aspect as follows.


The Jira tool is based on the agile methodology and effectively manages defects during project development as shown in the screenshot below.



The Jira tool’s workflow plays a fundamental role in project management as it facilitates key functions such as displaying the entire organization’s course, providing control over tasks, and tracking issues. During the development stage, a single task progresses through the stages of upcoming, in progress, and completion as the work is finished. So the Jira tool device permits us to deal with the whole work process according to the association’s necessity. To audit the stage then, we can add the survey stage.


Find effortlessly. Assume we have finished with an undertaking toward the start of January, and its variant is 2.0. Presently, we move to form 2.1 and finish toward the finish of January. We are adding new variants. Through the Jira tool, we can realize what occurred in the prior adaptations, the number of imperfections in the previous activities, and the gains we accomplished from the prior projects.



An assignment guide is a remarkable wellspring of information outlining orchestrating goals, requirements, and progress made for a long time. It’s a graphical, huge-level action plan that changes your gathering and various accomplices around your targets and guides out indispensable stages to achieve them.

Jira Export

At the point when we are dealing with a commodity, a lot of get-togethers can be a basic piece of your day. In ordinary stand-ups or numerous weeks audits, reports are integral for giving updates and showing the social affair and the associates where we are in the movement of a thing. Preferably, we acknowledge that these reports should show the information we truly need to show in the way we need to.

The uncovering choices in neighborhood Jira, such as board indicating and standard dashboard revealing, are restricted and lack flexibility.  Atlassian comprehends that innumerable of its clients will require more.

Jira tool also provides the API. Fundamentally, we know that with the assistance of JIRA API implies a blend of REST API JIRA instruments, we can construct various applications according to our necessity. On the opposite side, JIRA relies upon the multiple phases of JIRA. We can say that JIRA gives the cloud-based REST API to foster applications according to our prerequisite.


With the help of the above article, we try to learn about the Jira tool. From this article, we learn basic things about the Jira tool, and we also see the integration of the Jira tool and how we use it in the Jira tool.

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#Smx West 2014 Recap: The Integration Of Search And Social

The integration of search and social is extremely significant and two SMX sessions addressed the subject in varied ways. The first of two was focused on top social tactics for the search marketer. Featuring Lisa Williams (Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Discovery), Ric Dragon (CEO, Dragon Search), Lisa Buyer (CEO, The Buyer Group), and Jennifer Lopez (Director of Community, Moz), an emphasis on creating checklists was weaved throughout.

Top Social Tactics for the Search Marketer

Lisa Williams kicked off the panel will a recommendation for The Checklist Manifesto and proceeded to offer an array of checklists that can help keep online marketers accountable for completing checklists.

For example, one such list might be a channel integration checklist:



Top 15 questions

Content mapping

Define gaps

Channel segmentation grid

Ric Dragon followed a similar trend and noted that each company’s approach to social varies based in vertical – if you’re a big brand, you’ll have different tools than small businesses.

One of Ric’s lists covered five big approaches to social media:

Brand maintenance



Thought leadership

Big splash

Social Media and PR

Lisa Buyer focused primarily on social media and PR, offering some unique insight to the field. Lisa highlighted many lists focused on what’s “in” and what’s “out” in regard to the current state of PR, along with “dos” and “don’t” for today’s news releases.


Mingle and pitch media in social

Sharing third party content

Visual storytelling

Google+ hangouts with media

Twitter chats


Dated newsroom

Press releases without images

Press releases for SEO

Sharing buttons not branded

Blogs without real authors


Create visual press releases with a headline

Exclusive news via Google circle

Social, paid and blog versions

Brands act like publishers


Publish it and forget it

Text only

Same content on all channels

Forget to put media contact

When surveyed, 80% of responders conveyed it’s important or “very important” for companies and organizations to have an online press room. Sprint and Toyota are two large companies getting it right.

An online newsroom checklist would include providing news coverage, integrating an RSS feed, and being mobile friendly. If all of these factors are put into motion, it can have a great impact on both search results and social media presence.

The checklist for measuring the success of search and social could observe:

Social network referrals

Conversion tracking


Lead generation

Building credibility

The Importance of OpenGraph

Jen Lopez kicked off her segment with, “What you think about from the search perspective is not the same as what you think about from the social perspective.” She relayed this point, quite humorously, by showcasing several examples of how certain decent-seeming SERPs translate when shared across social media channels.

For Twitter, you can set up Twitter cards. The code is similar to that of OG, and the Twitter Card Validator serves a similar purpose to the Facebook Debugger as it allows you to check and make sure everything looks right. Twitter also just rolled out analytics for Twitter cards which provides a variety of data about the links shared.

Social Meets Search: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?

The second search and social section featured Ruslan Belkin (Senior Director of Engineering, Search and Relevance, Twitter) and Duane Forrester (Senior Project Manager, Bing). This session complemented the former one nicely since it covered similar topics but presented it from the other side, from how the search engines and social networks themselves rank social content.

Bing indexes half a billion tweets from Twitter and over two billion status updates from Facebook every single day. That means, that in one week, more data is ingested into Bing than the number of webpages that existed in 2005.

Social allows users to influence the people who in turn influence search engines. They’re able to easily assess those without credible value, such as those that auto follow people to increase their numbers. Duane noted that, if you follow 100,000 people, you’re probably not able to follow along many conversations, so while you may have all those folks following you back as well, it still discounts your value.

Bing also uses social signals to figure out what people want. He showed a search results page for Joan Rivers and showcased how they provide information, images, social media icons; things they know their users are interested in.

Today’s integrations – you want in?

Twitter – be relevant, share a lot, grow your followers organically

Linkedin – keep your profile clean, current, and complete – be an expert

Klout – grow your ranking – follow their suggestions and take actions that make sense

Facebook – manage your page, share useful content, grow your following

What makes you relevant in each space can help you appear in social annotations. There is no single “tool” for inclusion. You have to be relevant. As with so many things, it’s all about quality, not about quantity. If you try for shortcuts, you’ll get found out. Build a legit social community and the search engines amplify your goodness for all to see.

“The way to get forward is to be authentic. We’re looking for voices that are in demand.”

Ruslan from Twitter discussed matters related to Twitter’s search functionality. An interesting tidbit that I didn’t realize is that everyone’s search results are personalized, assuming they’re logged in. Two people who search for the same thing on Twitter will likely get different results based on who they follow, their interested, with whom they converse, etc. Twitter knows that you follow and interact with people that you want to follow, so everything customized accordingly.

Twitter Discovery is a component they’re always monitoring and looking to better. Content discovery and Twitter search has improved by 120% over the last couple years. They’re able to pick up on trends based on peoples’ tweeting habits, and they’re able to make a lot of sense in terms of events (such as the recent Academy Awards and uber-popular #Oscars hashtag).

They plan to continue experimenting with ways to surface breaking news and events. Any time something big happens, people go to Twitter to search, and customizing each’s intent allows the platform to ensure the “top tweet” provided to each user satisfies their desire for each particular search.

Thanks to all for the great insight!

First image from Shutterstock, screenshots and other photos taken by author 3/13/2014

Integration Of Pedometer In Swift Ios Development

Pedometer Introduction

Pedometeris one of the iOS feature which can measure, track, calculate distance. It can calculate and count the steps for walking, staircase, heart rate calculation, orientation, rotation, and altitude of the person.

Pedometer measures mainly all accelerometer and gyroscope. Which helps to identify many things. Core motion is core library that is used to be used to calculate various properties of accelerometer and gyroscope.

This library is designed in such a way that it will be fully supported by apple hardware because whatever calculated by code it depends on hardware also. Both hardware and software communicate with each other provide the appropriate data to the users.

Pedometer Framework iOS

Core Motion

Health kit

Use of Library

Walking, Moving, and running distance calculation.

Heartbeat tracking.

Counting steps per day.

Data can be kept secure for 6-7 days.

Historical data can be maintained for various activities.

Finding and Calculate the rotation altitude and acceleration of the device when users are moving from one place to another

Motion detection

Direction calculation and finding the compass

Perquisite for Pedometer integration

Framework added in the build settings Properly

Plist file needs to configure properly for settings

Important things for Pedometer

CMPedometer:- It will capture the data with an inbuilt motion sensor in the device and shared in the software system.

CMPedometerData:- It is supported by a hardware device that detects the step counting overrunning, walking and moving. Provide data from hardware to software. It validates and captures the moving data from hardware in iOS devices.

CMPedometerEvent:-  iOS device monitors the distance moved by users step

CMStepCounter:-  iOS has the capability to count the steps taken by user’s but it is possible only when user carry the device with

Code Steps to implementation

1. Step count will be done in the view will appear where calculation will be done with time and date

override funcviewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) { super.viewWillAppear(animated) guard let startDate = startDate else { return } pedometerStepsCountUpdate(startDate: startDate) }

2. Pedometer will start updating the data the step count and motion count

@objcPublicfuncdidTapStartButton() { pedometerStartUpdating = !pedometerStartUpdating pedometerStartUpdating ? (pedometerStart()) : (pedometerStop()) }

3. Authorization needs to provide from app side where user will get popup message to confirm the

PublicfuncpedometerStart() { pedometerAuthorizationState() pedometerUpdate() }

4. Pedometer can be stopped and start from the app side to reset the settings from the app.

PublicfuncpedometerStop() { stopUpdating() }

5. Pedometer can be updated from the app side where activity indicator will be running over the code

PublicfuncpedometerUpdate() { if CMMotionActivityManager.isActivityAvailable() { startTrackingActivityType() } else { chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" } if CMPedometer.isStepCountingAvailable() { startCountingSteps() } else { chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" } }

6. Pedometer authorization is denied or approved from the app side where pedometer can be authorized.

PublicfuncpedometerAuthorizationState() { switch CMMotionActivityManager.authorizationStatus() { case CMAuthorizationStatus.denied: pedometerStop() chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" chúng tôi = "Pedometer available" default:break } }

7. Pedometer stop updating the step count and reset the event activity.

PublicfuncstopUpdating() { activityManager.stopActivityUpdates() pedometer.stopUpdates() pedometer.stopEventUpdates() }

8. Handle error to find the pedometer activity.

Publicfunc on(error: Error) {

//handle error


9. Pedometer Steps Count can be Updated with hardware to software so that it will reflect the count in the UI.

PublicfuncpedometerStepsCountUpdate(startDate: Date) { pedometer.queryPedometerData(from: startDate, to: Date()) { [weak self] pedometerData, error in if let error = error { self?.on(error: error) } else if let pedometerData = pedometerData { DispatchQueue.main.async { self?.stepsCountLabel.text = String(describing: pedometerData.numberOfSteps) } } } }

10. Pedometer tracking activity calculated with moving, walking, running and Stationary by step count.

PublicfuncstartTrackingActivityType() { activityManager.startActivityUpdates(to: OperationQueue.main) { [weak self] (activity: CMMotionActivity?) in guard let activity = activity else { return } DispatchQueue.main.async { if activity.walking { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Walking" } else if activity.stationary { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Stationary" } else if activity.running { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Running" } else if activity.automotive { self?.activityTypeLabel.text = "Pedometer Automotive" } } } }

11. Pedometer step can be calculated and counting with the help android application development services.

PublicfuncstartCountingSteps() { pedometer.startUpdates(from: Date()) { [weak self] pedometerData, error in guard let pedometerData = pedometerData, error == nil else { return } DispatchQueue.main.async { self?.stepsCountLabel.text = pedometerData.numberOfSteps.stringValue } } }

Blockchain Is The Magic Tool Untangle Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain is a complicated but well-figured source of developing revenue. After the outbreak of Covid-19, every sector got jeopardised as human-to-human contact got stopped. But the technology sector opened its door wide enough to let everyone in. 

What is supply chain?

Supply chain is the distribution of specific product to buyer by forming a network between the company and suppliers. The process of supply chain involves fulfilling growing consumer demands, multiple channels to market, international complexities and many other factors. A supply chain has the responsibility to hold a multitude of changes, international locations, hundreds of invoices and payments, have multiple parties involved, and extend over a long period of time.

At the time of pandemic when everyone switched to the online mode of living their lives, supply chain became extremely difficult due to stuffing workload. The supply chain was heaped with multiple times its usual work as people took the online market to fulfil their demands. 

Challenges faced by supply chain during the pandemic

Supply chain is suffering to cope with its general cycle of increasing sales, reduce cost and complexity of manufacturing processes, decrease fraud and accelerate production and distribution due to sudden external and internal pressures. The pressure involves increased complexity, the volatility of demand and a changing retail market. 

Transparency plays a vital role in supply chain as consumers go to companies that provide transparency to the source of their products even when it comes at a high cost. Transparent supply chain increases trust and satisfaction in customers along with an increase in sales. 

When the world is facing a pandemic, manufacturing houses were on a standstill due to ceased production. To add up to this trouble, the process of transporting was also blocked. These two changes brought supply chain to a broken stage. 

Supply chain that could adapt to new changing trends in sales and platforms attract customers more. Customers look for a shopping experience at various channels as per their need. To subsist with this is the supply chain that could speed up the process and adapt to situations and customers demand real quick.

By referring to all the transformations the supply chain has gone through comes an immediate solution. Blockchain technology could play a vital role in addressing all these challenges and fulfil the customers at the same time. 

Blockchain overhauls supply chain challenges

By applying blockchain to the supply chain, it aids benefit by forming a history for product modification, documentation of transaction from manufacturing to sales. This will permit anyone who has authority to trace transactions if necessary.

A survey concluded with 84% of respondents saying they are actively involved with blockchain and Gartner forecasts that blockchain will generate an annual business value of US $ 3 trillion by 2030. Blockchain reduces cost, increases speed and reach to customers by merging with supply chain. 

Automation of data in blockchain to form a network and keep close track on analysis will help the integration of blockchain technologies.

Blockchain is an evolving source. By adding that to the supply chain to maintain good business involves getting educated with new updates in the blockchain market. Keeping up with the trend is the easy way to control technology and gain profit through it.

Using The Google Drive Form Feature As An Organizational Tool

Google just never seems to stop putting their hands in our business. Just about everything you want to do can be accomplished with one Google product or another. They do more than you might even realize, as sometimes the features are hidden, such is the case with the Form feature in Google Drive.

The Form feature is clearly designed for surveys and quizzes, but a little experimentation can come up with some additional uses as well. When I looked through it, I saw a decent organizational tool.

Creating a New Form

Perhaps the best part of anything related to Google Drive is that you don’t have to download anything. It’s all right there online. And if you want to use it on a mobile device there are apps for that. To access Forms, sign in to Google Drive, and pull down on the download symbol in red next to the word “Create.”

As a nice aside, you can add an attractive background to your form. You can go with the Default of a light blue background, or you can choose a number of different ones. I chose to go with the red and pink flowered background as I’m creating a form to help me organize what I need to buy for my daughter’s graduation party in a few months.

Adding Content

This is what throws people off and makes them think Forms is only for creating surveys and quizzes. After filling in your heading and description, you’re presented with a field that asks you for a Question Title and for the Question Type. Don’t let this fool you. It doesn’t have to be a question.

I just input the items I need to buy for my daughter’s party. I can then put the choices of stores/shops to buy the item in the Question Type under Text. You can in put anything in this spot from paragraph text to a grid to multiple choice to a scale. You can see why it’s particularly good for surveys and quizzes. I put the stores of where I want to buy the first item in as multiple choice to get them to come up in a list fashion. I can go back and fill in the others as I get closer to making that decision.

To personalize this a little to my daughter, I added a picture of her. It’s a picture I’m considering having on her cake and invitations. While Forms provided an option for adding photos you have stored locally, it wouldn’t let me add photos I have stored on my iPad. I had to manually add the photo to my Google Drive first to then be able to add it into my Form.



Again, the best part of anything Google is that it connects with all its other apps and you can access it anywhere. I can access the Forms function on my Mac Mini at home or on my iPad. I can even access it on my iPhone when I’m shopping as I narrow down my choices. Most people will see it as a tool for creating a survey or quiz, but it doesn’t really have to be so.

Image Credit: Moumou82

Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site’s sponsored review program.

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Drivescrubber: The Perfect Pc Tool To Completely Wipe Off Data

[Review] DriveScrubber: The Perfect PC Tool To Completely Wipe Off Data Looking for a shredding tool for Windows PC? Erase everything with DriveScrubber!

What is DriveScrubber?

DriveScrubber, in literal sense, means a tool that securely wipes off the data stored on your computer making it irrecoverable by any means. DriveScrubber by ioloSystem permanently erases files that you no longer want to exist on your system. It further ensures that the files you have deleted using this tool can never be restored once gone. Wondering why using DriveScrubber is beneficial? Well, there are several reasons that make it important. Here are listed a few of them:

Helps you restrict any intruder to access your system’s private files and data.

Helps you securely delete unwanted files so that they are made irrecoverable.

Eliminates the chances of serious invasion of privacy.

DriveScrubber is Good- How?

Download Drive Scrubber Here

DriveScrubber: Features At A Glance


Erase private files, pictures and documents permanently.

Lets you securely wipe all the drives before selling, donating, or recycling your computer.

Restore your drives to like-new after virus or spyware damage

Wipe PC drives, flash drives, memory sticks, cameras and more.

1. Ironclad Security:

DriveScrubber ensures providing high-end security to the files and programs that are present or have been removed from your system. DriveScrubber by ioloSystems uses distinct wiping methods that were previously employed by the US Department of Defense.

2. Customization Options:

Since this wiping tool stands out of the crowd, it further ensures offering a full range of customization options that can be considered to access the different security levels. You can choose wiping strength depending on the confidentiality of the files removed from your system.

3. Scalable Options:

There are wiping tools that are user-friendly, easy-to-understand, and offer multiple simpler options. But DriveScrubber ensures that the interface is pretty much convenient for anyone to understand even if they do not have strong technical knowledge or computer skills. It allows batch file options to clear multiple drivers at once. You can anytime pause and resume the process as you feel like.

4. Speedy Tool:

DriveScrubber is a speedy tool that utilizes the wiping methods that are optimized well for the PCs. The military grade technology offers faster scrubbing speed as compared to all the available data shredding tools online.

Technical Specifications

Operating System: Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP (SP3)

Price: $23.96

Key Features: Military-grade data removal, For use on All your home PCs, 20 years of PC performance innovation, 30 day money-back guarantee, Free product support, and a lot more.

Wrapping Up

From everything that has been discussed above, it can be derived that DriveScrubber is one of the most amazing data shredding utilities with strong security layers that ensures all the sensitive information is secured and kept away from prying eyes. Try out DriveScrubber today itself, and worry not it offers you complete assurity with 30-days money back guarantee if you somehow didn’t like the product.

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