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The Magical Stories & Facts Behind Lepakshi Temple

Among the numerous temples in South India, Lepakshi stands out for the untold mysteries and tales intertwined with its adjoining temple. Lepakshi is an ancient and finely built temple from 1583. Sage Agastya created the temple and later re-constructed it during the rule of King Achutya Devaraya. Virupnna and Veeranna constructed the rebuilding of this temple.

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The aesthetically pleasing designs throughout the temple are remarkable examples of sheer beauty. The cave-like chambers and hanging pillars are the main attraction of this place. According to Hindu mythology, the name Lepakshi known as Jatayu (the Hindu epic’s deity), has fallen in the exact location.

When Shree Ram and Laxman visited the location, they found an injured Jayatu suffering from pain. They asserted” Le Pakshi,” which in the Telugu language denotes “Rise Bird.” Therefore, came the name of the temple Lepakshi.

The legendary spot gains further distinction due to the notable presence of a significant footprint on the temple, believed by Hindus to be Sita’s footmark.

Things To See In Lepakshi 1. Nandi Statue 2. Main Lepakshi Temple

After entering, you will find two massive walls welcoming you to join Lepakshi Temple further. There are three gates at the entrance. The main entrance to this temple is known as Gopura, the northern gate. On both sides of the passage, there is a well-structured mandapa. The direct access to the circular boundary is near the north. Furthermore, this northern entrance has two parts. You can see the Dwajasthamba and Balipitha from this spot.

Lepakshi Temple classifies into three interior sections-

Natya Mandap– It is one of the significant spots of the Lepakshi temple. The massive 100-pillared structure of Natya mandap is genuinely a pleasant sight. It is also known as Ranga Mandapa or dance hall. The art and design craved in Natya Mandap represent the exceptional expertise of the artisans during the Vijaynagar dynasty.

You will be captivated by the lifelike statues of deities playing stringed instruments that decorate the core pillars of the mandapa. Shiva’s dancing postures, Brahma beating the drum, and Narada playing his favorite Tambaru create a magical scene of divine theme in the walls of this Natya Mandap.

Ardha Mandap– The beautiful sculptures of DWarkapalaka is on the entrance pillars of Ardha Mandap. The magnificent artwork on the ceiling depicts Lord Shiva in his 14 avatars. The Veerbhadra painting on this wall is around 24 feet tall. It is considered a giant mural in India. The core interior portion of this temple is the Garba Griha. This area is the connection to the Ardha Mandap.

Kalyan Mandap (Unfinished) – The open area marriage hall, also known as Kalyan Mandap, is created with 38 strong pillars. It is famous for the belief that Shiv and Parvati got married here. Hence, you can watch unique sculptures of the wedding on these pillars.

3. Hanging pillar 4. Shivalinga

Towards the southeast area from the main temple of Lepakshi, one can find the famous Shivalinga, a solid granite-based sculpture. The hood shape forms an umbrella along with seven coils and a hood shape forming an umbrella on the Shivalinga. This structure was carved out by talented artisans quickly during their meal breaks. A huge lord Ganesha structure is present beside this Nagalinga.

Location Of Lepakshi Temple

By now, you must be curious about the location of this mysterious temple. The village in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, was named Lepakshi after the temple. From Hyderabad, the distance is around 450-480km, and the same from Bangalore is about 118-120km. It can be the perfect weekend gateway option for many tourists. If you want to travel via train, the nearby railway station is Hindupur.

Starting from the footprint of Ma Sita, the giant Nandi murti, cave-like chambers, and hanging pillars – the Lepakshi premises is full of mythological facts and wonders. The best time to visit this religious place is from October to February.

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Teachers Need To Share Their Stories

I am going to connect a couple of dots here in thinking about personality and teaching. Stay with me — and please let me know what you think.

Early last Sunday morning — as in 4:15 a.m. early — I had just gone through the security check at my home airport in Portland, Maine. I was booked on the 5:38 a.m. flight to Atlanta. I settled into one of the rocking chairs scattered throughout the departure area and pulled out my book.

Soon after I sat down, an older couple came along. The man nodded to me in passing, and I nodded back. Experience has taught me that 4 a.m. at the airport tends to be a time and place when and where folks are most comfortable staying within themselves. This makes communication — beyond the nod I had shared with this gentleman — rare, and I reasonably assumed the nods would be the end of it. But when his wife headed for the restroom, this fellow strolled over to me and said, “Hello, I’m George Johnson, of Bailey Island, Maine,” or something pretty close to that.

Suffice it to say, within 20 minutes I knew that George had been fishing lobster for 64 years and is still, between his boat and a nephew’s, fishing over 1,000 traps. I knew that his first wife had died of cancer 15 years ago. I knew that several years after his wife’s death, he had headed out of state to track down his current wife — a former flame from high school days who had been widowed — and that they had been married some seven years ago. I was told about his home and that the property had been in the family for generations.

I soon knew that he was recently featured in Esquire magazine as one of its “What I’ve Learned” voices. I knew that the location of his house has drawn more than a few folks from far away, who, having driven as far as they can toward the Atlantic, are bold enough to ask if they can take a look at his view of the rocky Maine coast. This, in fact, is how he ended up in Esquire. You see, a certain editorial type from the city stopped in uninvited, was met with hospitality rather than hostility, and, like me, received the gift of getting to know George.

Arriving home, I was thumbing through a current edition of a magazine belonging to my wife and I saw an article that began with something like, “If you want to go places in your job, don’t simply bear down harder on the tasks at hand — try being more friendly and smiling more” — and that reminded me of George.

Here was a man who has lived a long and rugged life. Trust me; lobster fishing in Maine for 64 years would wear most anyone down. And yet, he was outgoing and cheerful — not Pollyanna-ish, but clearly upbeat and positive. He was willing to come right up to me, smile, and say, “Hello, I’m George Johnson, of Bailey Island, Maine.”

Classroom teaching makes for long and rugged days. String a bunch of them together and you’ll have, like George has had, a long and rugged life. And schools, just like airports at 4 a.m., tend to be places where teachers, like bleary-eyed passengers, keep within themselves. Besides friendships with close colleagues, the only connections we often have to other teachers are those nods in passing as we move through the halls en route to class.

And what about your student-teacher relationships? Are they limited to little more than nods in passing, or do you, from time to time, stop and say something along the lines of, “Hello, I’m George Johnson, of Bailey Island, Maine”?

Hello, my name is Jim Moulton, and I’d like to hear your story.

9 Websites With Scary Stories To Read Online

Maybe you’re a fan of horror and can’t get enough terrifying tales of monsters, serial killers, or ghosts. You’ve streamed every horror movie online and you’re running out of options. Why not take some time to read scary stories online?

Even if you’re a fan of the titans of horror like Stephen King, Clive Barker, or Anne Rice, it is possible to find tales of fear outside of the bookstore. These could be stories written by well-known authors and available as a free eBook, or tales told by little-known online writers who have unique writing skills.

Table of Contents

The following are 9 of the best websites with scary short stories that you can read online right now. 

9 Websites with Scary Short Stories

If you’re ever in the mood for a scary story, you may not have time to run to the library or bookstore. Sure, you could download an eBook from Amazon or purchase an audiobook on Audible. But why add that expense when you can use the sites below to read a spooky tale for free?

No list of sites where you can read creepy short stories would be complete without listing Creepypasta at the top. This site is filled with reader-submitted stories. These include fictional tales about hauntings, ghosts, possessions, and more. Sometimes they are told in the first person, but rest assured that the site owners only accept fictional stories.

You can use the Creepypasta Stories menu to browse stories by category, length, author, rating, and more. For the best stories, use either the Top Ranked or Famous Creepypasta menu items. 

If you’d like to submit your own story, make sure to visit the submissions page (select Submissions from the menu). Follow the editorial guidelines and you could have your own story featured on the site!

Scary for Kids is a website that features a wide range of scary content, geared toward kids. Content on the site includes scary pictures, videos, games, movies, and stories.

Select Scary Stories from the menu to access the area of the site where all of those stories are collected. On that page you can browse scary stories by categories like Halloween stories, urban legends, ghost stories, and more. 

Since this site is for kids, expect spooky stories, but nothing that’s too gory or disturbing for younger children (or for easily scared adults).

The Darkest Blog takes horror short stories seriously. The owner of the site urges visitors to send in their scariest stories, true or fictional. The menu offers special categories like witch stories, ghost stories, “dud” tales (mind-bending), or creepy stories about dreaming.

The site design is somewhat outdated and plain, but that’s not why you’re there is it? You’re there to be spooked! 

The stories here are very good. You may spot a grammar error here and there since most of these are written by first-time authors without an editor. However, those don’t take away from the scary nature of the stories themselves.

The focus of Oldstyle Tales Press is to publish critical essays about all classic horror authors like Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. If you are a big fan of classic literature, browsing these critical essays is actually very interesting. However, the site also publishes “The Yellow Book”, a journal of horror and ghost stories written by modern authors. You can read the journals in PDF format for free. Access these in the Originals section.

The first journal was published in 2014 and the last in 2023. There are no new journals, but that means there are four years’ worth of some of the best horror stories for you to read for free!

Hauntu is a website run by the owners of Colle Eastern Hotel in Malaysia. They run a “real haunted house experience”, complete with actors, special effects, and more. Visit the blog section of the site to read a wide range of stories about haunted places around the world (not only in Malaysia!)

If the small collection of scary stories at other sites just isn’t cutting it for you, then you’ll love the endless supply of them available at Reedsy Prompts. This website runs a weekly writing contest, where writers submit their stories to win the top prize of $250 (or more) and get featured on the site.

Ready for the largest collection of scary stories anywhere? Select Stories from the top menu and the Horror category from the left menu. There, you will find a very long list (175 pages worth) of the award winning horror short stories. Since these are the authors who won the top prize, you can be sure that the writing will be top quality and the stories will be truly horrifying.

Housecreep is a creative way to find stories to freak yourself out. These aren’t fictional horror stories authored by some online writer. No, these are actual horror stories that took place in your own backyard.

Just type the name of your town or city in the search bar and you’ll see a list of the properties nearest to you where the site has a record of a terrible crime (usually murder) that happened there.

These are all very short tales (usually a single paragraph), but the events they detail are no less terrifying because they actually happened.

You may already know that Medium features a very wide range of content written by online writers. Since there’s so much published there, it makes sense that there would be large categories of stories. There are so many horror stories there, in fact, that Medium created several “collections” that fit the bill.

Visit the Medium Collections page, and you’ll find collections of stories covering strange spiritual stories (Radical Spirits), Monsters, Near-Death Experiences, and evil (Damned Souls). Browse these collections to get your scary story fix, or just use the Medium search field to find scary stories on Medium outside of these collections.

Wattpad has an entire “horror” tag where you’ll find all of the horror stories contributors have published. Not all of them are great writing, but you can find some really good horror stories here. Look for those that are or were featured as paid content before transitioning to free.

Get Your Scary Fix

Fans of horror stories don’t always have the easiest time finding entertainment. There are only so many horror movies and TV shows you can stream. Eventually, you’re going to run out. Finding scary stories to read online is a great alternative that can keep you creeped out on those long, dark, rainy nights when you’re looking for something spooky to do.

5 Interesting Benefits Of Automatic License Plate Recognition

Over the past few years, we have seen several improvements within the security industry – one of which is automatic license plate recognition. ALPR technology works by reading registration numbers in seconds.

Firstly, the image is captured and enhanced with various manipulation techniques. Then, OCR (optical character recognition) is used to read the different letters and numbers.

While some of us may have seen a plate reader in action, not many know their different uses. From assisting the police force to collecting tolls – you would be surprised at how frequently we cross paths with them.

Want to learn more? In this article, we will talk about five interesting benefits of automatic license plate recognition.

Let’s get started.

24/7 Monitoring

If you pair it with video surveillance, you have even better security. All of which can be used to assist law enforcement (which we will discuss further below).


Alongside using ALPR to assist with breaches and monitoring, it’s also a great preventative measure. For example, most criminals are less likely to target a facility with sound technology installed.


We all know how frustrating congestion can be in a crowded car park. By using an automatic reader, vehicles will be able to enter at a much faster rate, improving traffic flow significantly.

Efficiency can also be shown in the requirements of security personnel. Instead of having to walk around the entire premises, they can easily monitor who is inside via included CCTV footage.

Law Enforcement Assistance

Law enforcement offices use ALPR in many different ways. As well as gathering evidence for cases, it can be used to check vehicle registration quickly.

It’s also important to note that these systems are incredibly accurate. Eyewitness reports aren’t always the most reliable, but with ALPR, you can easily find the license plate number, vehicle make, and color involved in a crime.

Cost-Effective Solution

While you might think that implementing this type of technology is more expensive, that’s actually not the case. In most situations, you’ll be able to reduce the need for physical security personnel, thus cutting down your wages.

Final Words

As you can see, many great benefits are associated with automatic license plate recognition. In fact, it will be interesting to see how far this incredible technology will go in the future!

How To Fake Your Gps Location On Iphone

iOS uses several technologies and data—Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular information—to determine your location. Sadly, your location can hinder you from using some iOS apps or accessing their features.

We’ll show you how to fake your iPhone’s location so you can bypass location geo-restriction and access geo-blocked content. You could also do this to fool your friends and make them believe you’re in another country.

Table of Contents

How To Fake Your Location on iPhone

There’s no way to change your iPhone’s location within iOS natively, so you’ll need the help of third-party applications. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can partially change your iPhone’s location, but excessive battery drainage and high data consumption are two major downsides of VPN apps. Also, VPNs won’t fake your iPhone’s location in dating websites/apps, ride-hailing apps, geolocation-based games, etc.

Download the app’s setup file from the developer’s website and run the installation file as an administrator. The setup file is less than 1 MB, but the installer wizard will download the files needed for iTools to work properly. Post-installation, iTools will also install certain drivers (at least 100MB) on your device. So, make sure your PC is connected to the internet before and after installing iTools.

Launch iTools and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. You may need to unlock your iPhone for the app to detect your device.

Head to the Toolbox tab and select Virtual Location.

Select the Developer mode. That’ll prompt iTools to download the Developer Disk Image file, which you’ll need to fake your location on your iPhone.

Pro Tip: If you’re getting a “Developer Image Load Failed” error at this stage, restarting your computer should fix the problem.

Next, select Move here on the map to stimulate your device to adopt the fake location.

You’ll see a notification page where iTools recommends changing your iPhone’s location once in one minute. The app also warns against switching to a place that’s more than 100 meters away from the previous location. The aim is to prevent certain apps from detecting that you’re faking your location.

Select Got it to proceed.

Close the virtual location window and select No when asked to stop the simulation.

Your iPhone will now use the fake location even when you disconnect/unplug it from your computer. To use your real location, restart your iPhone or return to the virtual location map and select Stop Simulation.

We were able to fake the location of our test device (an iPhone 12 Pro) with iTools multiple times without any issues. The app is free but only for 24 hours. After that, you’ll be prompted to purchase a license.

An iTools premium license for 1 PC or Mac costs $30.95. You can also purchase custom licenses for multiple devices.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC, select your device, and select OK.

Enter the fake location/address you want to simulate in the search box and select a region from the results.

Review the location and select Move to proceed.

You’ll get a warning to close geolocation-based apps before switching your iPhone’s location. Close any app that might be using your device’s location and select Move to proceed.

Select the right-facing arrow icon and confirm the current location in the “Change Your Location” sidebar.

Your iPhone will use the new virtual location, even when you disconnect it from your computer.

Close AnyTo and select Quit Directly to use the fake location. Otherwise, select Restart Device to go back to using your actual location. That’ll restart your iPhone.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location app is available for both Windows and macOS computers. New users can use the app for free for 2 hours, after which you’ll have to pay a subscription fee (starting from $6 per month) to remove all limitations. We encountered some difficulties setting up the app on our Windows PC (perhaps because the app isn’t well-optimized for Windows 11 yet), but the macOS version worked perfectly.

Unlock your iPhone, plug it into your Mac with a USB cable, and launch the chúng tôi Virtual Location app.

Select Get Started.

Select your iPhone and select Next to continue.

Select Virtual Location on the app’s dashboard.

Select a location on the map or enter a location/address in the search box. Select a location from the search suggestions to proceed.

You can also select a location directly on the map. Select Move Here in the pop-up box to continue.

That’ll immediately change your iPhone’s location to the virtual location set in the chúng tôi Virtual Location app. Your device’s time and timezone will also change to reflect the new location. Go through the following section to learn other ways to check your iPhone’s location.  

How To Check Your iPhone’s Location

You should check your iPhone’s new location after using any of these tools. That’ll help confirm if they truly faked your iPhone’s location or not. You can check your iPhone’s location from the iOS Settings menu, Find My app, or via Apple Maps.

1. Check iPhone’s Location From the Settings Menu

When you change your location to a new country or region, your iPhone will immediately adopt the date and timezone of the new location. Check your iPhone’s lock screen or status area to see if your device’s time reflects the fake location.

2. Check iPhone’s Location Using the Find My App

Launch the Find My app, select your iPhone in the “Devices” section, and you’d see your iPhone’s location below the device’s name.

3. Check iPhone’s Location on Apple Maps

Open Apple Maps, tap the blue circle/dot on the map, and check your location/address information in the “Details” section.

Limitations of Faking Your iPhone Location

Some gaming apps and websites frown against changing your device’s location. It’s against their usage terms and conditions. Using a fake location might get your account banned or restricted on such apps or websites. It’s also important to mention that changing another person’s device location without their consent is illegal.

What Are “Stories” On Social Media?

Facebook, Skype, and YouTube all saw the “story” format of media added back in 2023. Coming from seemingly nowhere, these little bite-size pieces of content have been a bit of a hit with social media users. For people who haven’t been keeping up with the newest developments within social media, they can be a little confusing! So, what are stories, where do they come from, and what’s the best way to use them?

Story Origins

People who are familiar with SnapChat may find it weird to hear stories as a “newest development;” after all, they’ve had the feature available to them since 2012! It wasn’t until 2023, however, where the story format started to creep into Facebook, Skype, and YouTube, where some people had their first encounter with the format.

The name “stories” is a little misleading, as these aren’t actual stories. In fact, stories depend more on visual elements such as photos and stickers than text-based stories. Regardless, they’ve become a popular feature, so much so that other social sites are adding their own story-based features.

What Do Stories Do?

Stories are a little weird compared to regular content. For one, they don’t show up directly in users’ feeds by default. If someone wants to view the stories you create, they have to manually access them. Different apps and sites have different ways of displaying new story notifications; for instance, Instagram has icons of users who have created stories along the top, and users can tap them to see the stories.

Secondly, any stories you do make aren’t around forever! Twenty-four hours after posting, the stories automatically delete themselves. This is what makes stories a little more unique than regular status updates –their lack of permanence means they fit a difference niche than normal updates.

When Is It Best to Use Stories?

If you’re thinking about using stories yourself, it’s a good idea to use them properly so you don’t get disappointed with them. When used correctly, they can be a lot of fun!

Stories Are Great For:

Small daily updates. Did the waiter bring you some good-looking food? Find a cute cat on the street? Snap it and upload it as a story. It won’t clog up your follower’s feeds; only those who actively seek out your dailies will see your beautiful lasagna.

Silly images. Stories typically come with stickers and filters to make your photos a little more fun. If you feel like making funny photos and sharing them with your friends, stories are perfect for this. Not only do they let you do fun things with your images, but it keeps them off of your friend’s feeds so they’re not inundated with you wearing silly shade stickers!

Updates you want to delete later. Are you hanging out at a specific place for a short period of time and want others to know? Make it a story, and it’ll delete itself after twenty-four hours. Some sites with stories allow you to manually post them to your timeline, so you can get all of the attention and none of the permanence.

Stories Aren’t So Good For:

Serious updates. Because they don’t appear on the main feed, people can easily miss them. Then, after twenty-four hours, they’re gone for good! It’s best to use a proper status update when you want to say something to all your friends and ensure they catch it.

Long text-based updates. Stories can support text, but their main forte is photos. If you want to share a quick text update, stories can do the job fine. Anything longer and you might want to consider using a regular update instead.

Anything you want to save for longer than twenty-four hours. Think you’ll want to go back to this memory at a future date? Put it on your timeline proper so that it’ll still be around when you need it.

Sussing Stories

Stories have been around for a little while, but it was only recently adopted by other, larger social websites. Now you know what stories are and how to best use them.

Do you think you’ll get good use out of stories? Let us know below!

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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