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No two apps are made alike and this applies to social media apps as well. Although TikTok has managed to garner a huge audience around the globe by serving short-form videos, the platform has currently been put under a scanner after concerns regarding the privacy of its users and data security.

With the world living in isolation, the absence of a video sharing platform like TikTok might affect a ton of people and if you’re already wondering if TikTok might get banned in the region that you reside in, then you should prepare yourself to move away from it.

Regardless of whether you’re passing your time by scrolling through a feed of videos or you’re someone who makes those videos and you want to do either of them without depending on Facebook-made services or without settling for an unestablished platform, then Snapchat is something you should consider. If you’re wondering if Snapchat Chinese-made and if you can depend on it, then this post should help you figure it out.

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Is Snapchat a Chinese App?

No. Snapchat is developed by Snap Inc., an American company based in Santa Monica, California.

Not only is Snapchat a non-China-based app, but the platform is also actually banned in China along with a bunch of other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This is because China censors most of the things online as a means to prevent views from the rest of the world affect their own people.

Snapchat vs TikTok

While it started as a personal messaging app with self-destructing images and videos, overtime the app has gained several social media features, most of which have also inspired other platforms.

Just like TikTok, Snapchat also lets you post short-form videos inside Stories, that can then be broadcasted to everyone who follows you. You can create a sequence of “stories” in chronological order to attract more audience and your videos will then be available on your followers’ screens, like videos in TikTok’s “Following” tab.

Swipe left from the camera on Snapchat and you’ll be taken to the Discover page that lets you view clips from popular publishers like major brands and influencers, some of which might also be based on your interests. If you ever used TikTok, you’d understand that Snapchat’s Discover page correlates to the former’s “For you” page, showing you broadcasted stories from top brands, content creators and influencers.

Why did TikTok get banned

At the end of last month, India, TikTok’s biggest international market, decided to implement a ban on the social video-sharing platform along with a bunch of other China-based applications.

At the time, India’s IT Ministry officially confirmed that such a move was taken after TikTok and other Chinese apps were found to be “engaged in activities, prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India” and that there were concerns of data security and user privacy.

Following the India ban, the US government is also reportedly considering a ban on TikTok and other Chinese apps, after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested that this was a serious concern to the country as well. Such a move will further heighten the tension between the US and China which previously suffered over concerns reviving around trade, technology, and national security.

Will Snapchat get banned?

If you haven’t yet learned in your many years online, you should know that nothing available online is fully safe and secure. That applies to Snapchat as well which has, in the past, found itself amidst several controversies.

In its years of existence, the platform has been found to have security vulnerabilities, misrepresented privacy and user confidentiality policies, calling out India and Spain as “poor” markets, doctoring growth metrics, and more. Like TikTok, Snapchat has also been reported to spy on its users after Snap employees were found to abuse their power to access Snapchat user data.

Snapchat’s most recent controversy involves the app is being used for disseminating revenge porn of underage girls and how its self-destructing message creation allows assailants to share and spread nonconsensual, pornographic content without any consequences.

Although the government’s main focus is to clear out Chinese apps like TikTok for now, there’s no guarantee that Snapchat might not get banned by authorities around the world.

How to get TikTok despite the ban

After reading all of this, if you’re still looking for ways to use TikTok, then you might want to use Chinese TikTok. Just like Tencent has the Weixin app instead of WeChat for its native Chinese users, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance also has a China-only version of TikTok called Douyin.

Douyin is the official version of TikTok in China with over 400 million daily active users, that’s over two-thirds of the mobile social network space in China. If you wish to try Douyin, we have already prepared a guide for you to download and get the Chinese TikTok on your phone.

▶ How to get Chinese TikTok

Are you going to use Snapchat instead of TikTok? 


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Is Your Snapchat Freezing? Try These 7 Fixes

Snapchat is an extremely popular app used to connect with friends, quickly share images, and post stories to showcase on your profile. Just like any other app, though, Snapchat can run into issues. One of the more common problems Snapchat users run into is experiencing the app freezing. This is when you may get stuck on a screen in the app, can’t tap anything, or the screen goes black.

This can be very frustrating to experience, especially on Snapchat, where the app may not save the photos or videos you take before being sent. If you’re dealing with Snapchat freezes, there are quite a few things you can try to fix. Here are some easy ways to fix this problem.

Table of Contents


Restart the App

When freezing occurs, try restarting the app. This is different from exiting your homescreen and tapping the app again. Follow these instructions to restart Snapchat.

On iPhone:

Go to your app switcher screen by double-pressing the home button or swiping up from the bottom of your screen, depending on your iPhone model.

Find the open Snapchat app, and swipe up to close it.

Wait a few seconds, then tap on the Snapchat app to reopen it.

On Android:

Find the open Snapchat app and tap on it.

Tap on

Force restart

and confirm.

Return to your home screen and tap on the Snapchat app to restart it.

Now you should be able to use the app normally. If not, continue to the next fix.


Check for Updates

An outdated Snapchat app can freeze suddenly. You can quickly check if the app is outdated on your smartphone’s app store.

On iPhone:

Head to the App Store and tap on the search function.

Search for Snapchat, and find the app listing.

Next to the app icon, you should see a blue button. If the app needs updating, it will read


. Tap on this button to update the app.

On Android:

Open the Google Play Store.

Tap on your profile icon in the top right.

Tap on

Manage apps & device


Snapchat will appear if it has an available update.



to update Snapchat.

If this is a recurring issue for you, there is a way to have apps automatically update on both iPhone and Android. This can keep Snapchat running smoothly in the future.

On iPhone:

Head to your


and tap

App Store


Tap on the slider next to App Updates to have apps update automatically when one is available.

On Android:

Go to the Google Play Store.

Go to your profile and select



Tap on



Choose how you want apps to update automatically, then select



Updating Snapchat can fix a lot of issues. Having automatic updates is a good idea to avoid running into problems in the future.


Clear Your Cache

If your issues with Snapchat still haven’t cleared up, you may want to try clearing your cache within the app. Also, doing this won’t delete any of your saved photos or chats.

Here’s how to do this on Snapchat.

Tap on your profile icon in the top left.

Tap on the settings icon in the top right.

On iPhone, select


. On Android, select



After this, Snapchat will clear your cache, and it will restart.


Uninstall and Reinstall

When the other methods aren’t working, uninstall and reinstall the app. This can help clear out any issues Snapchat may be running into on your phone.

On iPhone:

On your home screen, find the Snapchat app. Tap and hold on it until it begins to move.

Tap on

Remove App

and then

Delete App


Once deleted, head to the App Store and tap on your profile icon in the top right.

Search for Snapchat, tap the download icon, and wait for the app to download.

Head back to your home screen and launch the app once downloaded.

On Android:

Go to the Google Play store and tap on your profile.

Tap on


, then tap



Find Snapchat and select



Once Snapchat has reinstalled on your smartphone, you may need to log into your account again, so make sure you have your login information handy.


Restart Your Phone

Restarting your smartphone could also help with freezing issues on Snapchat, especially if the issue is less from the app itself and more of a problem with your phone. Here’s how to restart your phone for both iPhone and Android.

On iPhone:

Scroll down to

Shut Down

and tap on it.

Wait for your iPhone to turn off, then wait about 10 seconds.

Press and hold on the power button on the right side of your iPhone until the Apple logo appears.

Wait for your iPhone to start up, then reopen Snapchat.

On Android:

Press and hold on the power button until the power menu appears.

Select the



Wait for your phone to shut down and restart, then reopen Snapchat.

Once you open Snapchat, ensure the freezing issues have subsided. Ensure you don’t reopen Snapchat too quickly after your phone starts up again, as you may notice some lagging. A good 30 seconds from the time your phone powers back on is a good rule of thumb.


Check Your Network Connection

Something else that could cause Snapchat to freeze on your smartphone is if you’re dealing with a bad internet connection. To fix this, reset your network connection. Before you do this, remember that you’ll need to make sure you have your network password so you can reconnect to it.

On iPhone:

On Android:

Confirm your choice to reset your network settings. Then, your phone will restart.

Once you reconnect to your network, open Snapchat and see if your problems are still occurring. If the network reset worked, you should have no more issues.

7. Check With Snapchat Support

If you’ve attempted everything on this list but are still experiencing freezing on Snapchat, your next step should be to contact Snapchat support. On the Support main page, you can select Contact Us to submit a request to the support team. From there, they can address your issues more specifically and get the app functioning normally.

Use Snapchat Again With These Fixes

Having difficulties occur when using Snapchat can be frustrating, but by going through each method outlined here, you should be able to fix the freezing problem. Then, if it ever happens again, you’ll know how to keep your app working smoothly.

What other kinds of issues have you run into using Snapchat? Tell us about them below.

How To Slow Down A Video On Snapchat

With the inception of smartphones and mobile applications, a lot of the tools that gave professional cameras a superior edge over its mobile counterparts have shifted to the other side of the camp. You can now professionally perform almost any kind of editing to your photos and videos from your mobile device and one of them involves being able to create slow-motion videos.

Not only can you shoot slow-motion videos from your device but you can also edit your videos to have a slowed-down effect after you’ve shot them. If you’re someone who uses Snapchat, then it’ll be easier for you to slow down videos to post them to your stories as the app features Speed Modifiers for the videos that are available in your gallery.

The following guide will help you slow down a video on Snapchat so that you can create fun slow-motion videos and share it to your friends and family on Snapchat.

Method 1: Using Snapchat

The following method can be used to slow down an already captured video from directly within Snapchat.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and tap on the gallery button below the Shutter icon.

Step 2: If the video was captured using Snapchat, select the Snaps tab at the top. Otherwise, tap on the Camera Roll tab.

Step 3: Select the video you want to create the slowed-down effect on.

Step 4: Once the video open in full screen, tap on the 3-dot icon at the top right, and select the ‘Edit Snap’ option from the popup menu.

This will open the video editing screen with options to add stickers and filters to the selected video.

Step 5: In this screen, swipe from left to right to change filters, one of which will feature a ‘Snail’ icon. Select this filter to apply the slow-motion effect on the video.

Step 6 (Optional): You can perform other editions to the video by using any of the tools on the right side of the screen like crop, cut, stickers, text, and sketch.

Step 7: Tap on the ‘Send to’ button on the bottom right to share the slowed-down video to your friends on Snapchat.

Method 2: Using Slow Motion Video FX

Since Snapchat allows only one setting for its slow-motion videos, you might want to use another app for slowing down videos and sharing them on Snapchat. In this guide, we’re using the Slow Motion Video FX app which is pretty straightforward in the way it works. We selected the app for one neat reason and it is that you can select how slow you want the video to be.

Step 1: Download and install the Slow Motion Video FX app from Google Play. Once the app is installed, open it.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Start Slow motion’ option on the home screen and select ‘Choose movie’.

Option A: Slow down the entire video

Step 3A: When the gallery opens, select the video that you want to slow down and tap on Simple.

Step 4A: Here, you can select the speed you want the video to switch to by sliding through the speed adjustment slider. You can manually choose any speed between 0.25 and 1.00 to make a slow-motion effect on the video. Selecting a value above 1 will fasten the video.

Step 5A: Once the slowed-down video is ready, tap on the Save button at the top right and then select Start Processing.

Step 6A: Once the slow-motion video is fully rendered, you can share the video on Snapchat by tapping on the hamburger icon, then tapping the Share icon, and selecting Snapchat from the Share menu.

Option B: Slow down sections of the video

Step 3B: After Step 2, select the video that you want to slow down and tap on Advanced.

Step 4B: To change speeds of certain parts in the video, select the points according to the speed you want them to run on. Customize the slow-motion effect by considering the following options:

Slide all four points on the graph below the half-way line to slow down the entire video.

Select the start and end points that are positioned on the extreme left and extreme right. In addition to selecting the speed for the start and end points, you can use them to cut out unwanted sections of the video at the start or at the end.

Slide the two points in the middle below the half-way line and keep them at different speeds (anywhere between 0.25 and 1) to give different sections of the video different slow-motion effects.

Step 5B: Once the slowed-down video is ready, tap on the Save button at the top right, and then select Start Processing.

Step 6B: Once the slow-motion video is fully rendered, you can share the video on Snapchat by tapping on the hamburger icon, then tapping the Share icon, and selecting Snapchat from the Share menu.

Did the above guide help you slow down videos on Snapchat? Let us know what you often do to create slow-motion videos when sharing on Snapchat.

What Is Snapchat Score And How To Increase It

What Is Snapchat Score And How To Increase It

Snapchat Score is a pretty amazing feature since it assigns you points based on the amount of activities you do on Snapchat and is being loved by users as it is new and not been released by any other social media platform.

What Is a Snapchat Score?

Number of Snapchat stories you post

Number of Snaps you have sent

Number of Snaps you have received

Other factors.

Having said that you must have understood by now that the more the number of the above mentioned factors, it will help you to increase your Snapchat score. However, no one knows how frequently Snapchat refreshes and recalculates the score.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

Now that you know what is your Snap score?, let’s see how to see your Snapchat score.

1. On your smartphone, launch Snapchat.

2. eft corner of the main Snapchat screen.

4. Here, you will see the many options like profile name, Snapchat username, Add Friends etc. If you look closely, you will find a number displayed next to the Snapchat username.

5. This is what your Snap score is.

7. The number displayed on the left, shows the snaps sent while the one on right denoted the snaps received.

Note: Since Snap Score also has two more factors, if the total snap score does not match the addition of these two numbers, it means your Snapchat score has been increased due to the extra points you earned in respect to the other activities you performed on Snapchat.

How To Increase Your Snap Score?

Till now you have known what is Snapchat Score and how to see your Snap Score. r Next you need to know how to get your Snap score up.

How To Increase Your Snap Score?

We all must be keen to know how to increase snap score

How does your snap score go up

How to get your snap score up However, Snapchat has not laid any proper guidelines quoting how to increase your Snap score.

However, what is mentioned is that you get trophies based on your activities on Snapchat. This means that the more active you are on Snapchat and how much you explore it, Snapchat will reward you with more trophies.

It can also mean that if you have a large number of trophies which in turn is related to your Snap score, you may be given access to some special features of the app like the premium lenses features etc.

While these are just assumptions, you can still work on increasing your activities and learn effectively how to increase your Snap score.

Wrap up:

While we do not know the exact calculation behind your Snap score, learning how to increase your Snap score is always fun. There are different tasks you can do and check if Snapchat increases your Snap score based on them.  These can be:

Making more friends on Snapchat by sharing username links or scanning their snapcodes.

Experimenting new lenses and sharing them to your friends so that they can post them as their Snapchat stories.

Sending and receiving snaps more frequently.

Maintaining you Snap streaks, etc.

That’s it

Snapchat is used by people to send and receive snap and have fun. While this can be fun for some people, there are people who might want to know what is Snapchat score or how to increase Snap score. Read the article and know how to get your Snap score up.

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Comprehensive Overview Of Chinese Projectors

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Does Your Organization Need a Short-Throw Projector?

Short throw projectors are game-changers when it comes to setup and image quality. Previously, you had to position the projector to fit the room and hope the picture was still viewable. Because of the way you have to set traditional projectors at the back of the room, you may end up with space issues.

Nowadays, many projectors are created especially for small viewing areas or come with a short-throw setting. This is more common in home theater setups, and consumers are a little confused about how and when to use them. Basically, they allow you to get a comparable image size and clarity from a short distance between projector and screen. This eliminates the problem of poor image quality or dealing with an image that bleeds beyond the limits of the screen size when the projector is top close to the screen.

As far as technology and other specifications, you’ll want to compare some of the same criteria as you would for a traditional long-throw projector. Short-throw projectors are built with high-quality lenses and responsive chipsets that enable long-throw clarity at a short distance from the screen. They’re also great for gaming and home viewing.

Other benefits of using a short-throw projection system include:

Reduction in glare and rainbow effect from the lens, which inhibits viewing enjoyment and hurts eyes

No distracting shadows between the projector and screen

Brighter images with lower lumen output, which isn’t possible with traditional projections systems

Reduced heat emissions

Fewer on-screen hotspots

Easy installation with less need for cables and extensions

There are a few drawbacks you should know about as well. These projectors can be relatively noisy to operate in close quarters, and they’re a little more expensive than classic projection systems. You’ll also have less flexibility. That should all change as the tech improves.

So, how do you compare this type of projector ?

Gizchina News of the week


Lumens are the distance in feet that a light is viewable from the source to the human eye. A standard 100W incandescent light bulb has a lumen count of 1600, meaning someone with average eyesight can see it burning from 1,600 feet away.

Higher lumens translate to brighter images. However, the way short-throw systems are built, you can achieve comparable brightness at a short distance without needing a higher lumen output. Short-throw models are measured in a unit called ANSI lumens. You should consider the amount of ambient light you can control, the room size, and how far away you can set your projector when looking at lumen output.

In general, a small room where you can control lighting through lack of windows or outfitting with blackout curtains allows you to get away with a lumen output of as little as 1000; large rooms or areas where you can’t always eliminate extraneous lighting will need a lumen output of 1500 – 3000.

Throw Ratio

The throw ratio is the distance of the projector to the screen and the width of the screen. If the lens movement is tightly controlled, the throw ratio will be higher. That means you can view from further away. Short-throw projectors allow you to obtain a comparable picture quality with a relatively short ratio. Ultra short-throws have a ratio of as little as 0.38. You should know the exact screen size you’ll be working with before buying a projector for optimal viewing.


The lens construction and quality are what makes the biggest difference between short and long-throw systems. Long-throw projectors can get away with a cheaper build because they’re farther away and rely more on pixelation and brightness to project images. Short-throw lenses are specifically built to be responsive, enabling bright images from as little as three feet away that will still fill a 100-foot screen. If you move a classic projector that close, the image will spill out beyond the screen, resolution will suffer, and the picture will become unviewable. This makes them a bad choice if you’re in a small apartment or classroom setting.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast reflects picture quality, and it can be affected by all other factors. A higher contrast doesn’t necessarily mean sharper images, but it will change the value of the colors and contrast between lights and darks. If you have a small viewing area with little to no ambient light, you can get away with a contrast ratio of 1,500:1.

Final Thoughts

Even a modest investment in business equipment requires some consideration. Remember, you get what you pay for. That being said, you can find some high-quality short throw projectors at very budget-friendly prices as long as you know what to look for in a system. Our goal is to sift through the details so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

A Look At The Google Messages App For Android. Is It Any Good?

When it comes to Android, you have a very wide selection of messaging apps to choose from. Since the Android OS is a Google product, the odds are pretty good that your phone will come default with the Google Messages app (also known simply as Messages).

If you don’t have it on your phone, you can download and install Messages from the Google Play Store.

Table of Contents

With so many Android messaging apps available, like Facebook Messenger, Pulse SMS, and EvolveSMS just to name a few, is Google Messages good enough to use as your default messaging app?

Let’s take a closer look at the features you’ll find in the Google Messages app for Android, and you can decide for yourself.

The Main Google Messages App Window

The main message window in Google Messages is what you’d expect a messaging app to look like. You’ll see a log of all of your sent and received messages, and a Start chat button at the bottom to send a new message to someone.

Before we get to that, take a look at the menu options by tapping the three dots at the upper right corner of the window.

There you’ll see the following options:

Mark all unread messages as read (useful to unbold short messages you can read in the log window)

Open Google Messages for the web

Change the theme between light or dark

View your archived messages

View messages you’ve marked as spam or blocked

Open the settings window 

Get help or provide feedback to Google

If you haven’t heard of the web based version of Google Messages, it’s a very useful feature if you don’t always have your phone with you when you’re working on your various computers and other devices.

Google Messages for Web

When you select Messages for web in the menu, it’ll open a new window where you can tap QR code scanner to scan a QR code provided by the Google Messages for web page.

To do this, visit chúng tôi If it’s the first time you’ve used the site and haven’t synced your phone yet, you’ll see a QR code. After tapping QR code scanner, just scan the QR code on the screen using your camera.

This will sync your phone message with the cloud based Google Messages app. Now you’ll see your incoming and outgoing message log on the page.

You can select any of the messages in the log to continue the conversation just as you would on the phone.

You can tap the three dots at the top of the window to access the same menu that you accessed on your phone above.

Any settings you change in any of these menus will get synced with your phone. All of the same settings are available in a single long menu on the web page.

Consider this web app like a cloud based version of the messaging app on your phone.

It’s a great way to not miss any important incoming messages even if you’ve left your phone in your car or sitting in a drawer where you can’t hear any notifications.

Google Messages Setting Menus

One good way to fully understand the features provided by Google Messages is by exploring the Settings menus.

The main Settings window is where you can adjust features such as:

Whether you want the app to make a noise when you send outgoing messages.

Set your current country or have Android auto-detect it.

Enable or disable auto-correct and auto-suggest in Messages. You can also make these settings apply to Google Assistant.

Enable or disable web link previews in the chat window.

Enable verifying business senders so Google can block spam that doesn’t come from a verified business.

Enable or disable Google Messages intelligent algorithms to block spam

When you select Chat features from the settings window, you can configure all of the following Google Messages functionality:

See whether the Google Messages app has connectivity.

Have the app use Wi-Fi for messages if mobile data isn’t enabled.

Allow others to see whether you’ve read their messages (read receipts)

Enable whether others can see if you’re typing (if their own messaging app is compatible).

Enable or disable whether you want Messages to automatically download files people send you, even if you’re only on mobile data.

Selecting App notifications from the settings menu lets you configure whether you want to see notifications on your phone or on the web when you receive incoming messages. 

It also lets you set up how you want to get notified, enable spam protection, and whether you want to be notified when a file is being downloaded via the app.

Searching and Sending Messages on Google Messages

Whenever you receive a new message from someone you’ve never received a message from before, Google Messages will ask you what you want to do with that new contact. 

You can either select Add contact to add that person to your list of contacts, or select Report spam to mark it as a spam sender.

Google Messages also has a powerful search feature so you can search your entire history of messages for any of the following items:





This is extremely useful for those times when you know someone sent you a picture of their baby several months ago, but you don’t want to scroll through hundreds of old messages to find it.

Right under the texting field, you can search for GIFs, find emojis, send your current location, share one of your contact details, or send the person a file from your mobile device or Google Drive.

If you select the small camera and picture icon to the left of the text field, a new window will appear under that field. There you’ll see a small preview window showing your current camera view, and a Gallery link you can use to find images on your device.

The camera preview lets you snap a quick picture while you’re texting, without having to switch over to your camera app to take it. It’s very convenient.

Whether you decide to go with Google Messages or not is up to you, but the Google Messages app is well worth a try. It has all of the features of most major messaging apps out there, and is constantly updated with useful new features you’ll love.

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