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Introduction to NestJS Alternative

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Top 10 NestJS Alternatives

Below is the list of NestJS alternatives

1. Ext Js

Ext Js is the best alternative for NestJS. It is pure JavaScript application framework used to build the cross-web application platform. To build the platform is uses DHTML, Ajax, and DOM scripting. Ext Js provides set of GUI-based controls to implement the web application. Text field, text area, dare picker, radio button, check box, list box, combo box, grid control, tree control, toolbars, tab panels, menu, slidebar, vector graphics chart are some of the controls provided by Ext Js. It comes in version, one is a modern toolkit and another is classic toolkit.

2. Jhipster

Another best alternative for NestJS is Jhipster. Its is free and open-source application generator which is used to develop modern web application and microservices using angular or react and spring framework. It is written in Java. Jhipster generate full-stack application and microservices. It also generates CRUD entities directly or by scaffolding. It provides various tools to generate a project with java stack at server-side and responsive web front at client side.

3. Angular

It is free and open-source web application framework written in typescript language. Angular components are the part of the module or we can say that module contains components that implement the business logic of the application and also they contain the template which is going to trigger when they invoked. Angular has improved over time in terms of performance, handling events, provide support for different browsers, and type checking.

4. Express.js 5. D3.Js

D3.js is the best alternative for NestJs. It stands for Data-driven documents, is a JavaScript library used for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. chúng tôi uses various standards such as. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and HTML5. It provides built-in functions which allows users to create SVG objects, select elements and style them and add dynamic effects and tooltip to them.

6. Moment.js

Moment.js is a JavaScript package that makes it simple to parse, validate, manipulate, and display date/time in JavaScript. chúng tôi allows you to display dates in a human-readable way based on your location. chúng tôi can be used in a browser using the script approach. It’s also compatible with chúng tôi and can be installed via the npm package manager.

7. Backbone.js

Another alternative for chúng tôi is chúng tôi It is a javascript library with a RESTful JSON interface and is based on the model–view–controller application design paradigm. It is designed to develop single-page web applications and for keeping the track of the various parts of the web applications. One of the best feature of the chúng tôi is its lightweight nature, as its only hard dependency is on one JavaScript library and chúng tôi plus jQuery for use of the full library. In contrast with declarative programming style chúng tôi adopts imperative programming style.

8. CreateJS 9. Chart.js

Another alternative is chúng tôi is open source javascript library used to visualize the data. It supports 8 types of chart namely Bar chart, line chart, bubble chart, pie chart, polar chart, scatter chart, and radar chart. It renders in HTML5 canvas across all modern browsers. It is known for best data visualization library. it provides clear visual distinction between datasets. Apart from these features, it also provides animation feature.

10. Ember.js

Ember.js is a JavaScript platform MVC (Model View Controller) for the development of big web applications on the customer side. It allows you to write ordered and structured code in contrast to other JavaScript MVC frameworks. This helps you to create “ambitious” software apps in conjunction with the chúng tôi website. The path is used as a model at chúng tôi The control template manipulates the data in the model, and views and controllers. chúng tôi is the right option for you if you’d like to create a one-page web application that pushes the bundle of what’s possible.

Conclusion – NestJS Alternative

Here in this article, we have discussed the various alternatives for NextJs such as Ext Js, Jhipster, Angular, Express JS, DevExpress, chúng tôi chúng tôi chúng tôi CreateJS, and chúng tôi Each has its own features and limitations. Based on your requirements and use you can choose one of them.

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List Of Krita Plugins Along With Features

Introduction to Krita Plugins

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List of Krita Plugins

In the latest plugin list of Krita, we can include Pigment.O, Buli Notes, Krita Reference Plugin, Spaceottercode/ Kritatoot, and so on.

So let us discuss them one by one in a fascinating manner.

1. Pigment.O

Definition: This plugin has its expertise as Color Picker and Mixer tool and offers several tools for achieving this good result.

Color Management: It can display your active color and your previous color. You can also lock Luminosity with this plugin.

Harmony Color Management: Harmony Colors are displayed in categories such as Active color and ARD, HSL, HSV, and HUE panels.

Harmony Rules: It has rules for Harmony such as Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous, Double Complementary, and Split Complementary Double.

Multiple Panels: It has the facility to display multiple panels such as the FGC panel, RGB panel, ARD panel, HSV panel, HSL panel, Hue panel, YUV panel, Gam panel, Dot panel, and Obj panel. All these panels are used for different purposes, such as using an FGC panel to display color temperature and harmony set.

Hex Code: It offers Hex color coding of independent color through which identification of color becomes easy for you; not only this, you can also lock the CMYK channel for stable mixing of color.

Adjustable and Scalable UI: Features offered by it are adjustable and Scalable for UI, which provides a smooth working environment for UI.

Setting/Quick access options: Settings for different parameters can easily do in it, and it has a quick options feature, saving you time in this software while working with it.

2. Buli Notes

Buli Notes also have several functionalities and characteristics for adding notes in the Krita file, which will be saved with the native file format of Krita.

Definition: It can be considered a note manager plugin of Krita, which can manage notes for addressing different types of components and will be embedded with the .kra file.

Notes Docker: All the notes made by this plugin in the .kra file will be available through docker, and in docker, you will have a List of defined notes, Add/Edit/ Remove notes option, Lock/Unlock notes option, Pin/ Unpin notes, and so on.

Three Types of Note Arrangement: It offers three types of notes Title, Description (you can describe anything in this note), and Color note.

Automatically Set Date/Time: One good thing is that it automatically sets the date/time on notes for the last modification and creation.

Text Editor: With Text Editor, you can choose font family, set font size, text weight, text style, and text alignment, and also add bullet points.

Hand Written Notes: It allows you to set handwritten notes on a scratchpad.

3. Krita Reference Plugin

You will also have some of the unique features in this plugin, which are as follows:

Definition: It is compatible with Krita 4.0.0 and uses for replacing removed reference images, docker, quickly in this version of Krita. One thing you must remember is that it is only for temporary removal.

Reference Image Tool: In Krita 4.1, the Reference Image Docker has been replaced with the Reference Images tool.

Zoom In/Out feature: If you want to Zoom In or Out, you can scroll the mouse wheel by holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard.

4. Spaceottercode/Kritatoot

Definition: This plugin is used for posting our images to Mastodon from inside of Krita, and it is ready to use the plugin because no external dependencies are required. It has an MIT license.

Post document directly into Mastodon: It is for Krita 4.x that allows you to post a copy of your current document directly on Mastodon.

Directly Export and Post Copy of Document: It always offers you to export and post a copy of the current document easily. By default, the exported image will be in PNG format if the current document has never been saved.

Privacy and Message setting: There is an arrangement for specifying messages, a privacy setting of your toot such as Public, Unlisted, Direct, and Follower-only.

Limitation: This plugin has some limitations: you can post one image per toot, and if you want to specify a focal point, it will not implement it. There is no input for alternate text only.

Features depend on Mastodon Server: One crucial thing about it is that the Mastodon server sets the maximum size and type of file.

After going through this article, you got information about some of the essential plugins of Krita software, and you can use anyone to have a solution for your work Krita software.


We have discussed all features and facts of the plugins of Krita so that we can have deep knowledge about them. Now you can choose plugins from our discussed plugin of this software to enhance the working ability of Krita software to get the desired result in your work. You can also try other plugins for this purpose because several others are on the market.

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 21H1 Preview And Here Is A List Of New Features

As already announced, this is a minor update and won’t bring major changes. Most of the important new features have been reserved for the larger 21H2 update.

List of changes:

Windows Hello multi-camera support to allow users to choose an external camera priority when using high-end displays with integrated cameras.

Windows Defender Application Guard performance improvements including optimizing document opening scenario times.

We fixed an issue that causes a one minute or more delay when you open a Microsoft Defender Application Guard (WDAG) Office document. This occurs when you try to open a file using a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path or Server Message Block (SMB) share link.

We improved Robocopy’s performance when copying files that total over 400 MB in size.

We fixed an issue that causes a WDAG container to use almost 1 GB of memory (working set) when the container is idle.

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy Service (GPSVC) updating performance improvement to support remote work scenarios.

We fixed an issue that causes changes that the Active Directory (AD) administrator makes to user or computer group membership to propagate slowly. Although the access token eventually updates, these changes do not appear when the administrator uses gpresult /r or gpresult /h to create a report.

Windows 10 version 2004 update is finally available for everyone

Microsoft very gradually rolled out the largest update of its operating system last year – the May update of Windows 10 (version 2004).

And only now, 8 months after the release; Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 May 2023 Update is finally ready for “widespread deployment.”

Gizchina News of the week

Microsoft initially didn’t provide Windows 10 May 2023 Update for all PCs. This version ended up with a long list of recognized issues; and the company blocked propagation to systems with certain parameters. Despite all the limitations, users faced Blue Screens of Death for a variety of reasons; refusing to work with the Google Chrome browser and other similar troubles.

Work on eliminating numerous critical failures was carried out for many months and only in January 2023; all locks and installation prohibitions were removed.

The “widespread” status also means that users can now directly install Windows 10 May 2023 Update on an earlier version of Windows 10, even if the PC has compatibility issues.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is gearing up to launch the next major update – Windows 10 21H1. We expect the release in May or June.

The new Windows 10X runs smoothly and flawlessly on the Surface Pro 7

Microsoft is currently finalizing its new Windows 10X operating system, with its first release expected in 2023. Meanwhile, screenshots began to appear on the network first, and then videos showing the OS interface.

Earlier demos used a traditional keyboard and mouse, but now you can see the OS control using the touch screen.

The video quickly guides viewers through the Start menu, settings and proprietary applications; it differ from their counterparts in traditional Windows 10. It also shows multitasking and fast switching between applications.

The first single-screen Win 10X devices should launch before the end of 2023. Models with two screens should appear next year.

Essential Versions And Features Of Coreldraw

Introduction to CorelDRAW Versions Versions of CorelDRAW

Below are the few versions and their features for CorelDraw:

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Version 1.11 (1990): This version includes support to import/export AutoCAD DXF added for working with 2D and 3D designs.

Version 2 (1991): This version included Print Merge for merging text files with graphics files and printing the result. Additional features include Envelope, Blend, Extrusion and Perspective tools for distorting and blending objects and shapes.

Two Years Later (in 1992): Corel Corporation came up with a bundle version, “CorelDRAW All-in-One graphics suite”, which includes the below softwares.

Corel Photo-Paint ASP (Bitmap editing)

CorelSHOW (Creating on-screen presentations)

CorelCHART (Graphic charts)

Mosaic and CorelTRACE (Vectorizing bitmaps)

Version X3 (2006): This is the first vector software included with a new tracing engine called “Corel PowerTRACE”, which converts bitmaps into vector graphics; another important feature in this version is that it has vector object cropping; in previous versions, it is only possible with bitmaps.

Version 4 or X4 (2008): This Updated with“live-text formatting” shows previews of text attributes before applying them. Other additional features like interactive tables, Camera Raw support for 300 cameras, independent page layers.

CorelDRAW 2010 Version or X5: This released with Corel® CONNECT – a full-screen browser that lets you peruse the suite’s digital content and search your computer, local network, or an external storage device to quickly find the perfect complement for a design, enhanced Mesh tool with transparency options.

CorelDRAW 2012 Version or X6: This enhanced &updated with Advanced OpenType Support, and it includes four new creative Vector Shaping tools for refining your vector objects, listed below.

Smear: shapes an object by pulling extensions or making indents along its outline.

Twirl: apply twirl effects to objects.

Attract/Repel: shape curves by attracting nodes or by pushing nodes away from other nodes in close proximity.

CorelDRAW 2014 Version or X7: These highlighted features are Quick Customization, Fountain Fills, Font Playground. A new feature like “Align and Distribute Docker”, which gives you easy access to all available alignment options so that you can position objects with precision. Another important feature is “QR codes” with this; you can create unique, artistic, and scalable QR codes by adding text, colors, and images.

CorelDRAW 2024 Version or X8: This updated with features like font List Box, Enhanced Knife Tool, enhanced photo-editing features. Added Support for Ultra HD 4k displays and Real-Time Stylus (RTS) support; below are additional features included

Selecting Adjacent Node: You can now select adjacent nodes on curves by using the Shape tool while holding down Shift.

Drop shadows with Gaussian Blur Feathering: You can create realistic drop shadows that have feathered edges.

CorelDRAW 2023 Version: This updated with features like Customize curve preview and editing, LiveSketch tool, Custom node shapes, Prominent interactive sliders

LiveSketch™ Tool: This tool uses an Artificial Intelligence technology called a neural network that gives users an entirely new way to bring their vector designs to life

Touch-friendly UI: Tablet mode support that makes it easy to sketch and make easy adjustments using touch or a stylus support

CorelDRAW 2023 Version: This released with a bunch of additional features like Symmetry mode, Block Shadow tool, Corner Control in Dashed Lines, Outlines, Pointillizer, Impact tool, Pointillizer effect, and PhotoCocktail effect.

Symmetry Drawing Mode: This Lets you create a range of symmetrical designs, from simple objects to stunning mandalas and complex kaleidoscopic effects.

Block Shadow Tool: It lets you add solid vector shadows to objects and text.

Impact Tool: It has two modes, Parallel for adding zoom lines that signify motion and Radial for adding an explosive burst of energy.

Pointillizer Effect: It can generate high-quality vector mosaics from any number of selected vector or bitmap objects using the Pointillizereffect.

PhotoCocktail Effect: This effect lets you create stunning photo collages more easily.

Latest Version of CorelDRAW: This was released in 2023 March, Non-Destructive bitmap effects.

Pixel-perfect Workflow: A series of new features take the guesswork out of creating crisper icons, dashboard images, and web graphics.

New Objects Docker: This new feature “New Objects Docker” included in Corel DESIGNER, DRAW and PHOTO-PAINT enables you to work smarter and faster by providing you control over the structure of a document and its components

Line Style Sets: Support for S1000D-compliant line style sets, including Thick line, Medium line, Thin line, Center or no line, are now accessible from the style of the object Docker or can be applied using the keyboard shortcuts.

New Shortcuts and Modifier Keys

Shortcut (A): You can Split objects with the Knife tool, and you can toggle between cutting modes, 2-point line, Freehand, or Bezier.

Modifier Shortcut Key (W): This lets you move an ellipse or an ellipse within a group along its thrust axis.

Shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V): This lets you paste objects in the center of the viewable area of your drawing so that you do not need to zoom out and pan to find them.

New! Find and Replace Docker: New Find and Replace offers a straightforward, intuitive interface that lets you locate drawing components and change their attributes faster than ever.

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Learn The Role And Basic Features Of Scrum Software

Introduction to Scrum Software

Scrum is the widely used methodology in the agile framework, and the main aim is to reduce the workload and distribute the work between the team members so that work should be completed on time. The other feature of this method is concerned has more pros than cons, which we will discuss further. Now if we talk about the scrum software which is the essential part of this method and used at large in the industries which work on the agile framework, the scrum software is a set of instruction which help the scrum master as well as the whole team to reduce the time of work and also help to increase the quality of work, so this whole collectively defines the scrum software by and large. So now we will discuss the other aspect of the scrum software.

Roles of Scrum Software

Scrum software is a tool that we can say is the panacea in the field of agile. As far as the role of scrum software is concerned, it plays a vital role by helping the entire team provide easy tools and an interface compatible with work.

The main problem of scrum master, which is handling of the entire process, is also sorted out with this particular software. With the help of this software, one can easily handle on or more than one process at one time, and also team management and allotment of work is also very easy. So, by and large, it has a very crucial role in the work.

Basic Features of Scrum

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Scrum provides the facility of multiuser, so a total of 12 Users may access the scrum software as a whole.

If we talk about the storage of the scrum software, so it comes with the storage of 5-10GB, which is partially the online storage and internal storage.

Scrum also provides the facility of multitasking; with this, a person can access or work on two or more tasks at one time, which eventually saves time and as well as resources.

It comes with a very good feature called the employee workload management tool, which is nothing but a tool that helps the scrum master keep vigil over the team and help him check the work status of the team members.

A tool which is a Task report, from time to time, update the user that how much work is completed and also shows the time required to complete the residue work.

Pros and Cons of Software

Below are some of the pros and cons of the scrum software, which are as follows:


Scrum software puts more emphasis on the workload, and the management tools of this software are quite work-centric and bind the user to work effectively.

The work distribution method and team management are two basic pros of the scrum software; these two tools make the work effective and also enhance the quality of work and reduce the time for work as actual required.

Scrum software comes with many updates, and also, if one wants to increase the storage capacity and user limit, he can easily subscribe to this facility by paying a nominal amount.

Team management and workload are the biggest challenges every manager faces, so this software eliminates this problem and provides an enhanced experience.

If we talk about productivity, it is more than good, and also, eventually, it helps the company to increase its profit.


The upper version of the scrum software comes with less user facility and less storage, so the user has to pay extra to enhance the user capacity and increase the storage of this software.

The facility of the auto tool is there, but the productivity goes decreases when the user uses this tool for some time. So this is not a good tool to use.

Every upgraded software comes with a debugging facility, but this particular software is the one that did not have this facility, which put the data under the threat of spying and Phishing.

The bundle of tools available in the software sometimes confused the user that which tool is to use or not to. So this basically is a negative thing for the work.

If we talk about the resolution and other display aspects, it is not as good as one expects per se.

List of Some Effective Tools

Now we will see some of the tools which are used in the scrum software and are very effective from the work perspective, so some tools are given below:

2. Jira: This tool is used basically for the debugging process and also tracks the bugs in the process so that the project should be saved from theft and spying.

3. nTask: This is a very effective tool in the scrum software, which is basically used to manage tasks; with the help of this tool, users can manage the no. Of task at one time and devote this time to other essential work.

5. Quick scrum: Quick scrum is the tool that helps the user find the effective tool for the process because due to lots of tools, users get confused, so mainly it enhances the efficiency of work.

Conclusion – Scrum Software

As we discuss above, Scrum software is very important software and helps a lot of the industries earn profit by quickly completing the projects. The market of scrum software is a very wide market, and the developers who create this software are really genius because it is very hard to arrange so many programs and algorithms to build Software. Also, it is not exaggerated that scrum software nowadays is the backbone of the industries and companies that rely on it.

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List Of Instagram Follow For Follow Groups

Last updated 4/25/2024

Firstly, let’s discuss the misconception between Instagram follow for follow groups vs. engagement groups.

As a result, the organic reach of their post will increase and it has a higher chance to hit the explore page.

However, Instagram engagement groups are hard to find and some of the groups have specific requirements needed in order to join them. Additionally, there are many drawbacks to joining an engagement group.

It takes up way too much time and you’ll be kicked out if you’re not actively participating. Also, the number of likes that you’re going to be getting each post will be very inconsistent – with extreme highs and lows.

Follow for follow groups, on the other hand, are much easier to find and there are no strict requirements to join them. Your likes will still remain fairly consistent in contrast to joining engagement groups if you use them correctly.

Hence, here’s a compiled list of Instagram follow for follow groups:



Followchain is a dedicated follow for follow community for Instagram. It works in 3 simple steps:

1. Share your Instagram username on the site. 

2. Follow other users that interest you on Instagram.

3. Direct message them that you’re from the platform for a follow back.


2. Reddit – r/Instagram

A weekly thread dedicated to expanding your follower base and find new people/content.

3. Reddit – r/Followback

This subreddit is a place for users to post their social media links (professional or personal) in order to gain followers; with the intention of the original poster to follow back.

4. Reddit – r/FollowForFollow

A subreddit where you can share your Instagram username with the intention of follow for follow.

Facebook groups

There are a lot of Instagram follow for follow groups on Facebook. Here’s a compiled list of the most active and English-speaking ones:

5. Instagram followers

Instagram followers is a quick and easy way to gain active followers. All you have to do is share your Instagram page link with a short description of yourself.

6. Instagram follow for follow

A community of Instagrammers supporting one another by engaging in follow for follow.

7. Instagram follow 4 follow back

A group where everyone follows everyone.

8. Instagram (From 0-100k Real Followers)

This is a place to network and support one another. Thus, this group encourages its members to discover and follow Instagrammers that interest you.

9. Instagram followers real users worldwide

This group was created in order to provide a platform where Instagram users can easily connect and share their knowledge and tips.

10. Instagram active followers and likes only

Find over 4000 other real active Instagrammers. Users can participate in follow for follow or like for like.

11. Instagram followers (2)

Active follow for follow Facebook group.

12. Get Instagram followers

Instagram promotion group.

13. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Etc. Worldwide Followers

You can promote your Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest handles.

14. Instagram Engagement and Promotion

This group welcomes Instagrammers from all walks of life to join their vibrant support community. As such, you can expect to gain a massive following, increase your engagement, and have fun.

15. Instagram/Snapchat Followers

A group where you can promote your Instagram/Snapchat handle.

Discord Groups

16. Instagram F4F

Description: Join us for more Instagram followers! It’s Follow 4 Follow.

17. Instagram

18. Promote yourself

Description: A new and welcoming server with self-promotion.

Share your: YouTube channel, Twitch, Instagram, Discord servers, Spotify, and more!

This server also has memes, voice and music channels, and self roles.

19. Instagram Follow for Follow

Description: Hey guys! You might be wondering how you can get legit followers for Instagram that are active! There is an answer to that! My partner and I launched a server in discord where many people follow each other and like each other’s posts. Many people have said this is a great idea! We even have amazing invite rewards for people that invite lots of their friends! So go on ahead and join our server so you can boost your Instagram followers!

Tumblr Groups

Tumblr Groups are pretty uncommon because they are relatively hard to find. Here are some known groups you can join:

20. Instagram follow for follow (Followchain’s official Tumblr chat group)

21. Instagram follows and self-promos

22. Gain followers and make friends

Which group should I join?

As shown in this list, there are several follow for follow groups available on the web. However, there are only a couple of groups that stand out from the rest – chúng tôi and Reddit – r/Instagram.

Both of these communities have decent people that are highly engaged. Hence, I’d recommend joining them both if you want to expand your follower-base rapidly.


Joining follow for follow communities on Instagram is an effective method for increasing your followers and engagement rates.

However, there are certain guidelines you’ll need to follow in order to utilize these groups properly. The article covers important tips and tricks when participating in these groups.

Author: Lim How Wei. Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain, a community that simplifies growth and networking for Instagram users. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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