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Something that may not be well known to the general masses (although likely well known to iDB readers) is that you can listen to full albums for just about every popular musician if you know how to search for it on YouTube.

Musi is a streaming service that lets you listen to anything you can find on YouTube as an audio playlist. Now, you can listen to spaghetti western soundtracks all the live long day…


The main screen shows your current playlists, including your song library. Don’t be confused by the word “library.” It is not in reference to your iPhone’s music library, but the library of YouTube videos you’ve imported.

You can also see the selection of songs that you’ve added to your playlist with a thumbnail of each. After you’ve imported songs, there will be a “New” banner next to them until you listen to them. This makes it easier for you to find new songs to add to a playlist if you’ve imported them recently.

When a song is playing, you can see an image, the name of the song, and the username of the person who uploaded it. You can also access the playback controls from here. You can fast forward, rewind, and pause or play music. Plus, you can access the AirPlay features to stream the music through a compatible speaker.

If you have friends who also use Musi, the app can connect them to you so you can share songs. Or, you can post a link to the YouTube video on Facebook and Twitter.

App Use

I find that YouTube is a wealth of media for the kinds of things you just can’t get anywhere else. For example, I can listen to the audio of every single ride at Disneyland and the music that plays in different locations of the theme park. I do this regularly. I love Disneyland and have been there enough times that I know where each part of the ride is, based on the audio.

With Musi, I can add my favorite audio clips of those rides and listen to them for hours, and I have. In fact, I’m currently listening to The Haunted Mansion.

To add music to your library, first tap “Playlists,” and then tap “My Library.” Then tap the search bar at the top of the screen. As soon as you start typing, you will see a list of YouTube tracks. Select the ones you want and search again. At this point, it is smart to add as much music as you possibly can. You will be creating playlists later and will need this music.

After you have music in your library, you can create a new playlist to add these clips to. Select “Create” from the upper right corner to create a new playlist. Name it. Then, tap the new selection to add music. The playlist can only be generated from music that you’ve added to your library, which is why it is a good idea to import as many YouTube videos as you possibly can.

After your new playlist has music, you can drag and drop tracks to order the songs however you like. You can also rename the tracks to make them easier to identify. If you change your mind and want to remove a song from your playlist, swipe the song from right to left and tap “delete.” You can also share songs by swiping from left to right.

If you have friends on Musi, you will be able to directly send them a link to a YouTube video. The app will access your contacts and let you know who is already using the service. If your friends aren’t using Musi yet, you can invite them.

You can also share a link to the YouTube clip you are listening to on Facebook and Twitter.

Rinse. Repeat. Create as many playlists as you like. The more content you have, the longer you can listen to any music you’d like.

The app connects to the Internet to stream these YouTube clips, so be sure you are on Wi-Fi so you don’t eat up all of your cellular data while listening to tunes.

The Good

I love creating my own playlist of songs. There are hundreds (even thousands) of full albums of some of my favorite artists on YouTube. This app makes it possible to stream hours of music on one playlist.

The Bad

I love creating my own playlist of songs. There are hundreds (even thousands) of full albums of some of my favorite artists on YouTube. This app makes it possible to stream hours of music on one playlist.

The user interface is fairly awkward. You have to import YouTube tracks to your library before you can add them to a playlist. If you accidentally tap on a song, it will begin playing. However, in order to edit a song title or move a track, you must touch the song, so accidentally playing it will happen regularly. Editing and moving tracks should require a different set of gestures.

There is also a glitch that would not delete songs. Oftentimes, I’d want to remove a song from the playlist. I’d swipe to access the delete feature and tap it. Nothing would happen. Then, after a few minutes, I’d try again and the song would be removed from the playlist.


The best part about Musi is that it is free and not ad supported. You have complete access to all of the features without having to pay for an in-app purchase. This app offers days of audio entertainment with a price of zero dollars.


Basically, download it. Musi is a great app with high quality streaming audio directly from YouTube. You can find music fast and easily with almost no lag whatsoever. Creating multiple playlists makes it possible to listen to music of any kind all day long. There is no reason not to have this app in your music folder. Download it in the App Store today.

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Saurik’s New Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Queue Up Music In The Stock Music App

It’s fairly rare when the mastermind behind Cydia decides to create his own jailbreak tweak, but when he does, the masses take note. That’s exactly what happened when Cyueue was dropped in Cydia recently. Cyueue is a new jailbreak tweak from Saurik, which adds a new queueing option in the stock Music app.

If you’re throwing a house party, then Cyueue is the perfect answer for you. It allows you to keep the current song playing, while still queueing up the records you’d like to hear next. Take a look inside to see how it works.

As you can see, with Cyueue installed, you get new options to Play Now, Play Next, or Play Last. Play Now works just like the Music app does without Cyueue installed, in that it will immediately stop playing the current song, and go to the song you want to play. Play Next, will queue your song up to play right after the current song is finished. Play Last will place the song you select at the end of your Queue. Once you get used to the way Cyueue works, you can use double tap gestures to quickly enable the Play Now, Play Next, or Play List items.

As you might guess, Cyueue uses a playlist to manage its queue, and this playlist can be seen by venturing over to the Playlist section of the Music app. The difference with the Cyueue playlist when compared to other playlists, is that the Cyueue playlist is totally dynamic. It clears itself out each time you start a new Music listening section; that way, you don’t have old songs from your prior listening session in the same playlist.

Cyueue uses a dynamic playlist to manage your queue

If you’re ever having a party, or even a small social gathering, then Cyueue can help in a major way when it comes to keeping folks entertained. No longer will you have to suffer through the jarring experience of switching to a new song while in the middle of another song. Cyueue can make you a better MC.

Why did Saurik decide to take on this project? He answers via the tweak’s Cydia description:

In April of 2012, iOS 5.1 had been out over a month with no jailbreak in sight. It is at times like this when there is suddenly time to “build new things”.

Usually, I spend that time building new developer tools or working on new features of the Cydia payment backend system, but I got the itch to Substrate.

After doing some research into “what would users actually want to see”, I came across a pattern of users having issues with the iPod/Music application.

In fact, every few weeks, people had been asking for the same extension: a way to queue songs up without having to stop your currently playing song.

Of course, I didn’t actually know much about the iPod/Music app’s internals, so I needed to spend some time first improving my development tools ;P (dusting off my old “Aspective-C”).

Fate, however, was not kind to this project: just before I was able to get it all put together, my time was stolen by the release of Rocky Racoon, the iOS 5.1.1 untether exploit; pulled out of the moment, I never managed to return.

To this day, people ask for this very feature, and it has been burning on my mind (nay, my soul) that I had never released the project: I couldn’t stand it.

Meanwhile, the demand behind this concept has only increased: instead of once every few weeks, I see this idea come up a few times every week.

Of course, in the world of iOS hacks, code often rots; but I found my old designs and prototypes: amazingly, everything was still working on iOS 6.1.

Finishing this project and getting it out was thereby cathartic: extracting a dangling thread from my mind that was bothering me every day for a year.

Some interesting insight into what makes Saurik tick. Whatever your opinions about him are, you certainly can’t deny the guy’s passion for this stuff.

How To Share Playlists In Apple Music On Iphone & Ipad

Apple Music allows you to create, manage and share your playlists with other users, similar to any other major music streaming platform that’s available today. If you are an avid music listener, then there’s a pretty good chance that you have already curated some playlists on your iPhone or iPad, and you might want to share those Apple Music playlists with other people too.

Mastering the art of playlist curation is no easy task as it requires a lot of patience and effort to keep your playlists constantly updated as your music preferences change with time. Regardless, it can be key when it comes to organizing all the songs in your music library and what you want to listen to.

If you’re an Apple Music user who’s pretty good at curating playlists, you might be interested in sharing one or more of your playlists with your friends to impress them. In this tutorial we’ll be discussing exactly how you can share playlists in Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad with friends, family, coworkers, or other people.

How to Share Playlists in Apple Music on iPhone & iPad

Although you don’t need to be an Apple Music subscriber to create and manage playlists on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to pay for the service if you ever want to share your playlists with your friends. So, if you’ve already subscribed to the service, simply follow the steps below to learn how to share a playlist.

In the “Playlists” menu, tap on any playlist that you want to share, similar to how we’ve indicated in the screenshot below.

Here, tap on the “triple-dot” icon which is located right above the toggle for shuffle.

The “More” menu will pop up from the bottom of your screen. Simply tap on “Share”.

Now, you’ll notice the option to share your playlist with other iOS users via AirDrop or send your playlist URL on other social networking and messaging platforms.

Additionally, if you’re looking to show off the playlist on your Apple Music profile for your followers to see, simply tap “Edit” at the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap once on the toggle right next to “Show on My Profile and in Search” for making your playlist visible on your profile. Now, just tap “Done” to confirm your action.

That’s pretty much all you need to do in order to share your Apple Music playlists with your friends and other users.

The recipient who receives your shared playlist must also be subscribed to the Apple Music streaming service in order to playback the full song. However, if they aren’t a subscriber, they can still listen to a 30-second preview of each and every song in the playlist, which in most cases should be good enough to get a rough idea of the song.

Considering how Apple is pursuing the idea of socializing music and “Music + Friends” perhaps to compete against the likes of Spotify, we might expect Apple to add more features to the Friends section in the music app down the line. As of now, you’re limited to being able to see what your friends are listening to, view their shared playlists, and following your contacts though.

So, create a playlist in Apple Music and share it away! Curate a great playlist of hits and pass it around, enjoy the music and share that enjoyment with others thanks to the Apple Music service.


Google Passwords Manager Lets You Securely Access Your Passwords From Anywhere

Not everyone knows that Google has its Password Manager, which lets you access your passwords from anywhere using any device. To have a secure online account, it is essential to keep a strong password, and, even more critical. It is to keep different passwords for different online accounts. But the problem comes when we have to remember all these passwords. Strong passwords are impossible to remember, and that too when you have various accounts to manage.

We usually use a password manager in such a scenario. But the issue with a password manager is that it is stored on our PC and what if we are out of town and need a password urgently? It is where the Google Password Manager becomes a savior.

You can save all your login details to Google Passwords Manager whenever you log in to any website using Google Chrome. Chrome, the web browser, stores all your passwords and usernames, and you can access them from anywhere using any of your devices just by signing into your Google account. Yes, you at least have to remember one password for your Google account.

Smart Lock Google Passwords Manager

Smart Lock doesn’t only save your passwords but also helps you keep signing in to some apps by bypassing the login screen entirely. It auto-fills your login details on apps and websites viewed with Chrome. So there is no need to remember the passwords anymore.

However, you can turn the auto-sign-in off if you are uncomfortable with it. Remember that not all of your Android apps are supported by Smart Lock.

How does Smart Lock Google Password Manager help

The feature saves your login credentials, recognizes them, and auto-fills all your login details across devices. So even if you buy a new device and download the apps anew on art, Lock helps you log into all your accounts quickly.

Every time you open an app for the first time to log in, you will notice a blue Google sign-in bar beside it. It is a gateway to connect your Google account to the apps or services securely. It reduces your burden to fill in the login credentials separately in each app.

How to check passwords with Google Passwords Manager

Chrome Mobile Apps:  Password manager also syncs with Chrome mobile apps so that you can check all your passwords on your Android or iOS Apple devices. You will need the Chrome browser app for this.

Does this mean anyone who knows your Google account password can access all your passwords?

Yes, anyone knowing your Google account password can quickly check all your login details using chúng tôi but there is a way out.

Since all your passwords are synced to your Smartphone, too, Smart Lock intense recommends using a security lock of pin or password on your Smartphone.

Head over to  chúng tôi to check out the free service.

What are the rules for Strong passwords?

There should be at least 12 characters, but at least 14 would be better.

Symbols, lowercase letters, and numbers combined.

Neither a dictionary word nor the name of a person, character, product, or organization.

Passwords that are significantly different from those you used in the past.

What are the main risks of using a password manager?

It is possible to hack password managers if your device is infected with malware. It will be possible for cybercriminals to obtain full access to stored data as soon as the master password is typed.

How To Live Stream Iphone/Ipad’s Screen To Youtube

For all those folks who had been craving for a much-awaited feature to live stream video directly from their iPhone/iPad’s screen using YouTube, there is good news! You can now stream iOS games and apps from your iPhone or iPad to YouTube without having to use any third-party app, thanks to Apple’s ReplayKit. To live stream ReplayKit apps, your iPhone must be running iOS 10.2 or later. Head over to get started with it!

How to Live Stream Apps and Games on iPhone and iPad Directly to YouTube


You need to ensure that your YouTube channel is verified.

Make sure you have no live stream restrictions in the last 90 days.

Make sure your channel has over 100 subscribers and must have the latest version of the YouTube app.

ReplayKit supports iOS device with a 64-bit chip. Hence, you won’t be able to stream your game through YouTube on devices like iPhone 5/5c or iPad 4

These are some of the ReplayKit-compatible apps such as Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Star Trek Timelines, Goat Simulator, Lumino City, Into The Dead, Procreate, Asphalt 8: Airborne, or Mobile Legends: Bang bang, etc.

Step #1. First off, you have to launch your favorite ReplayKit compatible app on your iOS device. In this test, I’m going to launch Modern Combat 5. Open this cool game and start a new mission. Then, tap on the pause button.

Step #2. Next, you need to tap on the broadcast button and hit Start Broadcasting.

Step #3. Allow the app to access your device’s camera and microphone.

Step #4. Now, you will have to select YouTube.

Next up, you will get a popup saying, “After your stream ends, you can go to Video Manager on YouTube to review the attached video on your computer and change the privacy setting and other controls.”

Step #5. Now, the YouTube app will open and tap on the capture button.

Then, it would help if you allowed the app to access your device camera and microphone. I asked you will have to verify your channel.

Step #6. Select GO LIVE.

Note: In case you don’t have a channel, you will be asked to create one.

Next, you have to create a suitable title and select the privacy setting.

Step #7. Next, you will get some optional settings.

You can add the description, enable or disable live chat. There is also an option to enable or disable age restriction for your stream.

You can also make it clear whether your stream consists of paid promotion. Check out the option to add a paid promotion disclosure.

Next, tap on the back arrow, and then you have to select next to capture a photo of your thumbnail.

You also get the option to stream in landscape mode. To do so, hold your iOS device in landscape mode. (You need to ensure that screen rotation lock is off on your device.)

Manage Your Live Chat: One thing you need to know that Live chat is enabled by default. It is located to the right of the video player when the event is on. Your viewers are limited to 200 characters and a maximum of 3 submissions every 30 seconds. Besides, they are not allowed to post special characters like URLs or HTML tags.

Sep #8. To share your stream, tap SHARE. To end the stream, tap on Finish, then OK.

Once the stream ends, an archive of the live stream will be created on your channel. Then, you can edit the privacy setting.

If you don’t like to keep the stream, you can delete the archive on my videos page.

Wrapping up

YouTube for Android has got the screen-streaming feature for quite some time. Google had to add support for the Apple ReplayKit API to YouTube to make this feature available on iOS devices.

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

Quicktextpaste Lets You Paste Pre

Are you tired of typing the exact words and phrases again and again? Here is the solution. QuickTextPaste is a free tool to insert or paste pre-defined text using a keyboard shortcut in Windows. No need to copy the exact text every time. The free portable tool also allows running programs and commands via assigned keyboard shortcuts. 

QuickTextPaste will save your time in writing good emails, text messages, reports, or documents over and over again. You can save a long string of words into your document. The same as the clipboard manager does is in MS Word. 

The main window of QuickTextPaste shows three panes where the upper pane contains the default set of links, the second pane is a window where you can add text up to 4000 characters, and in the third pane, you can add the menu text for your text. The preference tab includes buttons like ‘delete’, ‘copy’, and ‘edit’ for deleting, copying, and editing your text.

The tab at the bottom allows you to assign shortcuts to your text. The program does not let you define your shortcuts. You have to select anything from the drop-down list of the program, which contains a list of combinations for your shortcut.

Paste text with hotkey using QuickTextPaste

If you want to create a shortcut for a command, type- run: “command” .exe. For example, you want to get a shortcut for Chrome, add run:chrome.exe, select the shortcut keys and hit ‘Add’.

From the menu-text you can give your shortcut any particular name. You can provide one shortcut to multiple programs, and when you press the hotkey, you will stack all programs you added. Select the program you want to run.

The tab at the bottom has an option of selecting the hotkey (left Win key, Right Win Key, or Ctrl+Alt) and a number, letter, or any F key. Try not to conflict with the default Windows shortcut keys like (Win+D= desktop, Win+L= Windows Lock Screen, etc.)


Minimal program 

Selection of text fields by single hotkey

Multiple commands as a selection (program starts) by single hotkey 

Arbitrary Windows shortcut – Inserting text with multiple lines.

Launching programs from the command line (keyboard shortcut) 

Paste anything you often type – Low CPU usage – Portable – Multilingual.

Although the program is fast and portable, it lacks a ‘Help’ section. There are no specific instructions or guidelines to use the program. Clear instructions or a more intuitive user interface might have benefited users more. The developer should have attached a short information file or ‘ReadMe’ text with the application – it would be a big help!

QuickTextPaste free download

If you would like to check out QuickTextPaste, you can do so here.

How to paste plain text without using any software?

There are a couple of ways to do it and keep the formatting away. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V or open Notepad and paste it there. From there, you can copy-paste to anywhere else. While most document editors offer a direct way to paste anything without formatting, Notepad works like a charm everywhere. If you are using Mac, you can use Command+Option+Shift+V  to paste without formatting.

How do you paste text using the keyboard?

Ctrl + V is the keyboard shortcut used to paste the copied text on Windows computers. Windows 11 has an improved clipboard. Windows 11 Clipboard can keep multiple copied entries. You can select them from the clipboard by using the Win + V keys. The Clipboard also has the option to paste the copied text as plain text.

That’s it. I hope this helps.

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